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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 13 February 2009

KJ, It’s a matter of perception…

In the ongoing debate about KJ, two things stirred my interest. (a) the perception that because KJ is not liked by TDM and (b) perception that KJ is all the obnoxious things.

The two perceptions combined contribute to the list of minus points against KJ. But is perception more important than reality?

It is true that politics is largely about perception. Thus, if I understand this proposition, then there is no need to be actually religious but only to appear religious. Religiosity is all about perception. The purist when hearing this, insists and violently so sometimes, that we must go beyond things as they appear. Ah ha- when it comes to something they identify with, they beseech us to see the reality of things. In other words go beyond just sensory/visual perception.

The funny thing is, when it comes to KJ, external perception is sufficient and necessary to form an unchanging opinion. In other words, it is all right to be hypocritical. I ask again, why the inconsistent standard? In that case, if perception is more important that reality, I will sell you a tree trunk across the small river as a bridge!. After all, perception is all that matters.

Readers who read my articles will see that my style and my line of arguments are different from the bloggers forming a united front for KJ. They are called setiakawan I believed. This difference in style is expected because we arrived at our support for KJ independently of each other. One big difference I have is, while most of them are quite open with their quarrel with TDM, I do not broach that subject. That's because I have a very personal and deep-seated admiration for TDM. In one blog, I have even said that TDM is the best PM we have ever had. That belief will never change.

Which brings me nicely into the issue I want to raise. One commentator to my article says he has nothing against KJ- its just that TDM has got nasty things to say about KJ. To him, that must be right. In other words, Tun's perception of KJ is more important than the issue at hand.

To me this is a flawed method to employ when choosing the right leader for UMNO youth. The choice of KP UMNO becomes a function of the personal preference of TDM. Personal perceptions are ephemeral. We cannot base our decision of leadership on things ephemeral can we? Because, in a brief moment, a personal perception can change . TDM used to like DS Najib. He has now expressed negative reservations on DS Najib. Shall we then use, TDM's personal likes and dislikes to withdraw our support to DS Najib? TDM now likes TR Hamzah. Shall we all rise together and elect TR Hamzah- which coincidentally is my choice as the more right leader for UMNO and Malaysia?

Personal assessment is important but not to the extent of dismissing other objective rationale. A personalised perception has its limits. It is limited to the person's personal knowledge of the candidate, it is limited to only those within the circle and finally it limits our choice of leadership only to those perceived by the perceptor as one who can be a leader. This reliance and dependence on one person's opinion which by nature are ephemeral, cannot be a sustainable principle to choose a leader.

Those trenchant Molotov cocktail throwers in the form of anti KJ troops can say whatever they liked; but I am convinced that I have exposed the hypocrisy of using different standards where uniformity and consistency are demanded. The reality is, people manipulate perception to confirm the reality beneficial to their interests.

At this point in time( at 33/34 years of age?), KJ has studied political leaders and has worked hard at refashioning himself so that he might become one. For many of the Pemuda delegates, KJ is not only a powerful leader but a deeply charismatic one, who inspires them by evoking, time and again, the meaning and majesty of their mission. We may find his antics at leading demonstrations at the American Embassy, his `I come to bury Anwar' in Permatang Pauh, his recent speech in Ipoh, laughable but for the Pemudas, this is the kind of leader they know is right for UMNO.

You, the perwakilan pemuda must now realise that KJ is your Ketua Pemuda who knows how to use power. If he has used it before by leveraging on the PM, that shows he knows how to use power. By committing errors in judgement along the way, he will wise up and that is good for Pemuda. Better him than another who allows power to get into his head and eventually lost a bloody state. Better him than the other fellow whose ability to stir up passion is like expecting the lempeng kelapa to rise up.

Ask yourselves, what is the state of UMNO now? These are not normal times for UMNO. It has lost 5 states and one of them used to be led by the broom presenter who now wants to become your ketua. The other, a person mouthing change but does nothing of substance. UMNO has lost several by-elections, the leadership is in an imbroglio and it is rudderless. We are in the worse of calamities. These times are suited more for KJ; the greater the insecurity and despair, the more seductive his veiled scapegoating, his absolutism, and his messianism would become.

KJ plays by his own rules. By being engaging and colourful and dynamic--by staging bravura performances--he usually gets away with it on matters large and small. KJ has an enormous advantage in the political arena. He is free to say and do what he pleases, affording himself the kind of freewheeling latitude others can only fantasize about. That license goes unchecked, in large part, because what he does defies our most fundamental assumptions: one simply does not expect to find so consummate a young politician serving as ketua Pemuda UMNO. That offends many of us accustomed to business as usual. We have been accustomed to the placid personality and the visionless character whose only ambition is to once again become MB.


Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 20:48  

Those UMNO delegates whose perception may not have been influenced by what TDM said but have doubts on KJ, and especially if they have doubts on all three candidates to be good leaders of UMNO/ the country - can they not abstain from voting?

Has anyone thought of advising them along this line if they find that all three carry considerable baggage? Or is it a forgone conclusion that all delegates will vote as it will be beneficial for them to do so.

Perception and reality both count in politics, perhaps almost as much. Britain would have been swallowed by the Germans if the British knew the realities of their defences, with relatively poorly equipped Air Force and so on, and had not believed in their leader. Churchill would not have become PM if the British had not perceived him as a strong character. But he was, in reality, a strong character. Look at his record in the Admiralty prior to PMship.

We do not have much to go by in terms of KJ's performance. Perhaps what little there is would ordinarily be sufficient to create a good perception among people. But the negative aspects somewhat neutralise whatever good perception that may exist. The same goes for the other two candidates.

Yet Pemuda leadership paves the way for national leadership, the KP becomes VP. Those delegates who appreciate the importance of this should have a fourth choice - abstain, conscientious abstention.
One candidate would somehow get voted in by the others but if the abstention is sizeable enough, the leadership might change their perception of what needs to be done about the party as a whole.

kuldeep 13 February 2009 at 21:05  

KT is paying his dues and going one up on KJ by actually leading a demo against Karpal and being PICKED UP by police for questioning >> this guy is showing that he too got guts.

MM needs to be ISAed to beat that now.

Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 21:07  

Anon 20:48,

Fifth choice, undi rosak but I doubt if there's any fourth or fifth-choice vote. As Sak says the delegates' mentality is well-entrenched. It's a game of perception. Vote who you like and liking someone is highly subjective. Add in a bit of incentive, the liking turns to adulating. That's how you get crappy leaders. The scary thing is that this starts at the lowest rung of the leadership, from ketua cawangan to bahagian, upto to the kapitan.


Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 22:39  











Anonymous,  13 February 2009 at 23:28  

Pendekar Perak,

I echo your sentiment...that was what im trying to say in my earlier comments, but as usual the supporters of KJ came up with all this nasty provocation and along the way sounded so full of hatred to the other parties vying for the KP post..TDM wasn’t spared either. I have never said KJ should not be the KP nor did I support the other 2 guys…I leave that to the delegates. KJ might have his array of cyber troopers doing the attacking, defending and tackling just like a football team against his opponent in cyber space …but there exist some players that tarnish the image of him being our future leader. KJ should be more careful when selecting his players…the spectators are watching from inside and outside of UMNO.


Tambak Bunga 14 February 2009 at 00:17  

KJ is liabliaty to UMNO,and always be..with support from jerk like team setiakawan had prove nothings just bad influences to KJ.
i prefer Mukhriz to KP Malaysia soon.
'Berani Berubah'

Anak Jati Kedah.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 00:31  

Orang2 dulu kalau nak cari guru silat yang handal...selalu suruh kita tengok anak murid nyer...kalau bagus anak murid, bagus la tok gurunyer.

Kalau sekarang kita tengok anak2 murid KJ....mmmm memang fail...

P.S. jangan lah nak halau aku pulak..lepas ni...baru jer jurus satu..

walla 14 February 2009 at 01:06  

Kas: 'Actually, walla, it's quite simple.'

walla: 'It is?'

Kas: 'Yes. Shall we agree on two facts first?'

walla: 'Pray tell, what are they?'

Kas: 'Fact one, all three are bad.'

walla: 'Next.'

Kas: 'Fact two, KJ is the smartest of the three. In fact if Tun had studied at Oxford, the way Tun might have spoken if he was KJ's age would be the same as the way KJ has been speaking. Of the other two, i would think MT is slightly more field-tested in smartness than MM.'

walla: 'Tunggu sebentar. I need to take a puff to think what you said.'

Kas (eyes roll): 'Take your time.'

( stick of kretek later..)

walla: 'Ok, you said two facts:

bad: KJ = KT = MM
smart: KJ > KT > MM

is that correct, what you said?'

Kas: 'yes; that's about it. Now here's the question. Who would you vote for if you have only one choice?'

walla: 'under ceterus paribus, KT of course.'

Kas: 'why?'

walla: 'The smartest is the one who's going to have the highest probability of delivering good.'

Kas: 'Ah, that's the rub of things. Probability. But you forgot something, walla.'

walla: 'what's that?'

Kas: 'If the person is already bad, can you expect him to deliver good and if he's the smartest, won't he have the highest probability of surviving the longest to deliver bad?

In other words, will you vote for he who uses his smartness to continue the longest in being bad?'

walla: 'Shit, i need another kretek.

Wait a minute. What if after being voted, he becomes good and his being the smartest ends up magnifying the most his goodness? Hah, got you there. How you gonna answer that?'

Kas: 'That's why, walla, it's about probability. What is the probability of someone who's bad becoming good after being elected?

You already know the answer to that. The probability will tend to one (one hundred percent sure) if the person has shown the greatest change from bad to good. My question, should you choose to accept, is who of the three has shown that greatest change from bad to good, or maybe, half good?

KJ has continued to maintain his monolithic silo verbal bullyism based on opportunistic showy political calculativeness. No? Just think back a bit.

Both KT and MM have tried to jump into the same type of bandwagon and got impaled somewhat.'

walla: 'The way you say it - none of the three has shown any tangible change from bad to good.'

Kas: 'That's right. Which leaves one to conclude - that bad will remain, and smart will magnify bad so that one should think twice before voting for bad and smart.

Find a person who's smart AND good. That's the thing to do. In fact, read my lips, that's what the rakyat have all along been saying. If you vote for someone smart and bad, he's going to neutralise everybody he considers a threat to him. After all, that's the sort of quality which has caused him to be popular enough to gain attention. Do you think such a person will be able to get off the tiger he has been riding to gain his popularity?

In fact, that's exactly where the virus is. And i think Din saw it, isolated it, and tried to nip it. But smart and bad, as much as stupid and bad, have done everything possible to deny him that last nipping part.'

walla: 'shit. i need another kretek.'

Kas: 'take your time, walla. But you have less than a month.'

walla 14 February 2009 at 01:10  


walla: 'under ceterus paribus, KJ of course.'

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 01:27  


hehehe ..Im laughing all the way to the toilet..and i need a kretek (sampoerna hijau 14) my thinking there.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 02:57  

Your words reflects intellect, mischief and the wisdom of,maybe, hindsight. If you are to write up your own blog, I will be interested in reading more of your thoughts.( I did read your last few comments with interest.)


Mike Cheok

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 04:53  

RPK has posted a Malay Mail article on his Corridors of Power. In that article, there is clear mention of 'RPK's support of Perak’s Sultan Azlan Shah'.

I do not think RPK would have put that up on MT, if he did not agree with it himself.


1) The Sultan really is innocent and did not accept bribes and was "not" forced into the decision?

2) A decision he made with the best interest of the people of Perak in mind?

Will RPK answer the 2 questions above specifically in time or avoid it forever? If he does not know, why post that article on MT?

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 07:57  

Mike Cheok!
Exactly! I have been pestering the 'mighty' AYGGMY to produce his own blog and pen out his 'interesting' thoughts! Somehow hes been giving out a ton of excuses! I guess hes too chicken to create a blog of his own.To comment on Dato Ariff's blog is easier.To write an entry may unfortunately be too taxing on his pea brain!

Pendekar Perak!
You go and tell TDM not to interfere in the UMNO Youth fight. He gleefully criticises KJ knowing many will side and support his views! And then he expects KJ's boys to keep quiet?
Yeah, its a father's duty to fight and prop up his son MM.And hes taking full advantage of his record as an XPM.
Again, MM needs daddy's help to win.
For KJ. Pak Lah has never swooped in to criticise MM!He has got his own guts to stand alone!

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 09:45  


If what Pencawang Selatan says is true, teruk lah this country. In India so many corrupt and corrupt- minded fellows there that they almost allowed an Italian born to be their PM. Don't know what their constitution says but the US Constitution requires a US born to be President.

Reality must be more important than perception. That it is the other way round in Malaysian politics is I think due to the mindset of the people. This mindset has been moulded by unhealthy acts and omissions by leaders in the past. Can we change that mindset, that wrong perception? If so, how?

Trying to change people's perception about KJ and the other contenders I think does not help.

What does is changing people's perception of what constitues a good leader and that they must always try to choose good leaders.

Agree with you that these are not normal times for UMNO. UMNO and the country now need strong leaders. Again, what are the delegates' perception of a strong leader? Keris wielding at UMNO Assemblies, speaking loudly at, or even leading demonstrations (now KT is doing it) do not necessarily make one a strong leader.

I may be going against the tide but I think we should be talking about the qualities of and what makes a strong leader, whatever the mindset of the delegates may be as of now.

Best wishes.

kuldeep 14 February 2009 at 10:29  


its all about branding and marketting..if you are selling fridges to the Eskimos u have to incorporate an inbuilt heating element.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 10:52  


I agree with you there are some good things about KJ that our young generations can learn from.

Many Malaysians want to learn from him, a jobless guy, how he managed to secure millions of ringgits worth of loan from banks to buy over ECM-Libra shares.

There are many jobless mat rempits, would love to find out how. Me too.

And there are also many other ministers and deputy ministers want to learn from KJ how a mere, 'appointed' UMNO youth leader could make statements and answers on behalf of the government on the country's affair on the newspapers and other media?

I think, Dato', you and KJ will help many young generations to come if you both could help them on these two points I brought up. Future of 27million Malaysians and many more millions to be born rely on this great leader, KJ.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 11:29  

Anon 10.52
You're suffering from severe jealousy and blindness! And pretending to be very innocent and caring! You know what the deputy ministers and ministers are doing yet you pretend you tak tahu?
And why didnt you plan your life properly instead of blaming others for your lack of success in life!
You're a pitiful soul!Double-faced too!

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 11:59  

Dear Pendekar Perak,

there is a blog that fights the KJ smear. Its It answers all your questions there. also, the 3 candidates will be on Hujah tuesday nigh live.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 13:35  

AK47,,,,since you are an economist your mindset is based on perception rather than findings !.

The reat of us professional base our conclusion on facts and figures.

Two different thinking, maybe in this case its bias towards such thinking ?. Since its your blog !!! haha.

Ariff Sabri 14 February 2009 at 14:44  

anon 13:35

in your dreams. pls submit yr facts so that we can debate. and pls stop the snigerring- shows yr immaturity

kuldeep 14 February 2009 at 16:07  

I am not dissing anyone here..this is a genuine question on the perception of money politics in the UMNO elections..

I read that the disciplinary comm have got lots of cases reported...and thus far the actual inducements are only few hundred dollars>>definitely not big money considering the importance of their votes .

Now,the UMNO elections will be in that final stage with the big guns in presumably it will cost a lot to actually buy votes.

The UMNO voters for the GA are not poor ppl >>most can find their way blindfolded to Naza showrooms (and some dangdut joints?)...and wagyus and black angus at Prime is their nasi kandars..and they bcan just about manage with Rm 50K per month.Essentially,my point is that...their threshold/tipping point should be much higher.

My question is...wats that tipping point?is it Rm 1 mil and we can talk...or is it much lower?..or is it way higher?is there group buyouts resulting in block voting?Or maybe its all a big fallacy..a perception brought about by a few and isolated incidents of no real consequence to the final result anyway..and then exaggerated extravagantly by enemies within and without

I hope Dato with ur experience in Umno politics can shed some light here...

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 16:14  

Dear Sir,
Just my two cents.
I believe we all agree that Pak Lah is the big problem to M'sia and UMNO for the past few years.

Of the three candidates, only MM called this big Spade, a spade loudly in public way before anyone else did.(I think it was at some UMNO gathering thing).
For that I think we should give him full credit over the other two.

We may say because MM father was villified and what not was the reason he did so. The same could be said that KJ was quiet about the leaders performance because he is the PM SIL.
So let's take the "relationship" out of the equation

When the time came to say the King is Naked, only MM did so.
That takes leadership.


Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 16:35  

anymore of MM's bravado to make him look anytime better?
(apart from being the famous TDM's son of course! MM is so lucky he can rest on his father's achievements!And TDM can use his fame and fortune to make sure his son wins! So whats the worry right?)
KJ is an underdog.No need to bother bashing him anymore!MM is TDM's son!TDM is a shrewd and sly politician.Its KJ vs TDM(MM) for the Umno Youth Post!
Please reveal more of MM's successes (or rather TDM's whichever)!

Bourne 14 February 2009 at 17:02  



UDAH LEEE.......

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 17:21  

sibuk nak bagi arahan kepada Dato kenapa? Engkau tidak suka pegilah tulis blog engkau sendiri! Menyibuk masuk nak menenggek at Dato's blog!
Go and fly kite laah!
Sudah sudah laaah tak tahu nak argue cakap macam orang hilang akal!
Jangan biadap datang nak menjerit d blog Dato Ariff!
Bahlul macam tu lah gayanya!Pergi bergasak di blog lain! Jangan kotorkan blog ni!

Ariff Sabri 14 February 2009 at 17:45  


yr comments make the hunt more interesting.
i hv said it before- if kj is a lost cause like you want to have it, then there is absolutely no reason for you to be worried about, is there?
hey- you can argue for MM or KT until kingdom come, but its no skin of my nose.
lets see you write somthing for the other two so that i can demolish yr argumens if i can. who knows you may convert met eh DNL?

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 18:20  

guess its part of politics?.
,,,,its all a matter of perception.
valueble lessons from the obama winning in the US, it also utilized lots of blogging debates similar to these that gave the voters insight of the individual politician.
,,,,perhaps, KJ will win with such spin doc.statements?,,,,its just a matter of perception until he is in the position to prove his worth!.
just hope we are betting on the right horse.
guess that's why most of us are not politicians.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 18:49  

The less said about the Pemuda Umno and the rest of the sayaps the better. As for the candidate Mukhriz, well, one has to excuse him for he has more urgent matters to attend to which is the Palestinian issue. That’s more important than whats happening at home. Heck just look what the Jews are doing in Gaza!!!! As for the other candidates give them time, they’ve got another month of campaign to promote self interest…this royalty issue is not relevant to them. They’ll just let the ‘kucing kuraps’ do the menial work like going to the police station and making police reports.
Someone should think of what the Malay leaders did in gathering mass malay support against the Malayan Union in the 1940’s. That was massive and the result effective. Is there anyone today in umno or for that matter is there any malay bloggers, politicians or activist who cry out - for ‘Agama, Bangsa dan Negara’ has any will or capability to do similar to what our founding fathers did in the past? This time gather a nation wide rally in support of King, Country & Religion. And of course get a permit. I dread to think the answer.

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 19:10  

Hi dato,
I read your blog a lot. Lately you are writing only on kj. Can we move on already? I want to read your views on other things besides this kj.
Yeah, I'm one of these Msians who ENVY him, his wealth, his status, position, etc.

So can or not?


Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 19:30  

With your permission Dato,

Mike Cheok,

I’m flattered with your interest, but we are here to read Dato’s blog and the thinking that goes behind it. Dato’s blog is not the only one I visit but I pay more particular interest because I’ve met him few times before he was a YB and I know most of his family members. I even visited his mother’s house once.

First, the name SakmongkolAK47 sounds so mean and bold, last time I saw him he didn’t look like a tomoi guy at all…now maybe he has grown some muscle…I don’t know. I know he’s a neutral guy but yet not a fence sitter, he has been through the ups and down of politics and to remain cool and compose is exemplary. My point is, what better way to know what goes on in his mind, the intellect, the reasoning behind his conclusion than provoking the thought and having different views and perception about things he writes. That way he might convert you and me or vice versa.

To Anonymous at 07:57

Still no nick eh…..nevermind..

Please don’t call me “mighty”, that word is reserved only for god or maybe a mouse.
I do have my own blog and website but it got nothing to do with politics. And yes, the disadvantage of having a pea brain is that I cannot write a blog or enter politics or run this country. The other pea brains beat me to it……

Ariff Sabri 14 February 2009 at 19:53  

are you gonna go my way,

you intrigue me. pls tell me yr name. you can e mail me at this adress:

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 20:32  

"Orang2 dulu kalau nak cari guru silat yang handal...selalu suruh kita tengok anak murid nyer...kalau bagus anak murid, bagus la tok gurunyer.

Kalau sekarang kita tengok anak2 murid KJ....mmmm memang fail..."

Komen yang menarik daripada "Are You Gonna Go My Way". Saya bukan bermaksud untuk mencari musuh, tetapi ada kebenaran dalam kata-katanya.

Beginilah, buat penyokong-penyokong KJ yang saya hormati,

Anda berhak untuk memuji KJ. Pujilah sampai ke langit, saya tak kisah. Dan saya rasa ramai yang tak kisah. Akan tetapi, apabila orang usik, janganlah cepat melompat. Daripada elok ada budi bahasa, hilang entah kemana.

Anda secara tidak langsung mewakili KJ. Saya akui, KJ bijak. Akan tetapi, apabila antara kamu hilang budi bicara dan adab bahasa, itulah masanya imej KJ yang sepatutnya baik, jadi kurang baik. Saya antara satu yang cuba menganalisa kebaikan KJ, dan mungkin ada kalanya bertanya soalan yang sensitif. Kalau KJ itu baik, pertahankan dengan cara yang baik. Bukan memanggil orang itu bodoh, stalker, dan panggilan-panggilan yang negatif. Anda bukan sahaja membuatkan orang tidak menyokong KJ, tetapi membenci KJ, kerana sikap anda, bukan sikap KJ.

Nak anti mana-mana orang pun, apakah hak anda untuk memalukan orang itu? Persoalkan dengan cara bijak, bukan menghina. Yang buruk nanti, UMNO juga. Nak KJ pimpin UMNO yang dah buruk imejnyakah?

Cuba belajar sikit daripada PAS. PAS burukkan UMNO tu biasalah, dah nama musuh. Tapi saya susah sangat nak jumpa penyokong PAS memburukkan pemimpin PAS lain. Seteruk-teruk Mat Sabu yang mengutuk UMNO, saya tak jumpa penyokong PAS memburukkan Mat Sabu. Jika ada, silakan tunjuk. Boleh dibuat rujukan.


Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 20:44  

Amatilah betul2! Yang menggunakan bahasa kurang ajar bukan kami yang menyokong KJ tapi mereka yang bertalu2 mengkritik Dato' Ariff kerana menyokong KJ. Kalau kami tidak membantu Dato menghalau mereka yang biadap dan menggunakan bahasa kesat, awak pun tidak akan perduli kan? Kamai pulak di tuduh bukan2!

Ini blog Dato Ariff! Apa dia nak cakap terserah pada hak kebebasan dia! Kalau nak kritik tu janganlah kurang ajar! Apa? Makbapak awak semua tidak mengajar adab sopan santun ke? Tidak ajar masuk ke rumah orang berkelakuan elok2? Sedarlah!Janganlah berpura2 berlagak macam lebai menggeleng kepala!!

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 21:03  


Perhaps the best way is for you to moderate ala Kadir Jasin. Those that persist in using foul language, just omit their posting. Those that enjoy reading postings littered with 4-letter words, there are numerous blogs that cater to their fetish.

Ma Ha Dir

Anonymous,  14 February 2009 at 23:56  

Geeee,,,,everyone getting too emotional-lah.

azrul ahmad 15 February 2009 at 00:23  

I am one of those guys who have been won over by KJ. Used to hate the guy but in his recent quest to rebrand himself, I have found him to be the perfect leader for UMNO Youth. He definitely has the intelligence and though his demeanour can sometimes be perceived as too arrogant he is fast becoming an opinionated, original and forthright leader. He has shown both courage and wit in his showdown with Husam, something that is severely lacking in UMNO today.

MalayMind 15 February 2009 at 02:17  


As a youth leader, KJ should be able to manage TDM.

TDM in fact had been able to manage Tunku before. You know how bad Tunku disliked TDM.

For me, this is a fatal incompetency for a good politician.

Anonymous,  15 February 2009 at 03:34  

anon 20:44,
saya tahu ini blog Dato Ariff. Dan beliau telah mengutarakan pandangan beliau, dan seperti yang dijangkanya, akan ada respon yang kurang elok.

Jikapun orang lain guna bahasa kesat, apakah kita juga mesti gunakan bahasa kesat? Takkan mulut orang bau longkang, kita pun nak mulut bau longkang? Ini yang saya maksudkan. Nak pertahankan sesiapa pun, tunjukkanlah kita ni berbicara dengan akal, jangan terlalu ikut emosi. Itu sahaja.

Maaflah kalau mesej yang cuba disampaikan lain pula tafsirannya. Itu sahaja.

Saya minta maaf jika komen-komen saya tidak sesuai diberikan di ruang blog Dato. Saya cuma sekadar memberikan pandangan.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous,  15 February 2009 at 06:05  

I was watching KJ's evolution with interest, then he started his UMNO Youth rabble rousing antics again in Perak.

Then all my respect flew out the window.

Just another politician trying to win votes, like all the rest of them.

Anonymous,  15 February 2009 at 10:23  

There was a time when I just couldnt stand the KJ name. The rebranding exercise started and I read his interview, and wow, he has unusual views, I thought. Then the guy who has been variously called a monkey, made an ass of himself in Perak with his diatribes in front of his loons and goons. Thanks for straightening me out. I am back to breaking skin rashes at the mention of KJ.

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