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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 19 February 2009

Facetious Facial Expressions

When everything else fails, resort to tea leaves readings, decipher the meanings of chicken entrails, look at mounds on the face and forehead etc. when I see post comments of the interview ala Hard Talk on the 3 Pemuda UMNO candidates being reduced to interpreting facial expressions, body language, I say, these people have exhausted all their objections. All things trivial now become things exalted and deserving of great respect.

What's in a face? Don't tell us now the position of a ketua pemuda is determined by a person's face. KT's face has morphed from injun joe to a fresh faced, youthful looking and refined Clark Gable look alike. Perhaps that change can be attributed to copious intake of RM 18k a bowl of shark's fin soup caught off Pulau Ketam or injection of voluminous amounts of stem cells from sheep's fetuses. Who cares?

If everyone who is to become a politician must have a handsome face then let's fire dozens of them. Let's start with Ibrahim Ali for instance whose face is said to be more suitable as a deterrent for rodents in the padi fields. With a face like Bung Mokhtar, a woman will not get her orgasm in a lifetime, whereas in fact he may be our own version of King Mswait the 3rd ( who had 13-14 wives?). And let's ban Mat Sabu for life.

Brothers, let us argue on substantive issues please. For instance let us talk about this TUMBANG NYA POLITIK MELAYU, MAKA TUMBANG LAH ORANG MELAYU. What do we make of this?

If the applause came loudest when KT made this Dewan Bahasa declaration, then I can only hazard a guess that it comes mainly from KT's own supporters who were probably tipped off and paid. Second, they come from people who think their salvation is though an assertion of Malay rights. It is as though, a resounding articulation of Malay rights somehow confers on these poor fellows an automatic right to be cared for. For example, if you are a student, hiding behind the emotional war cry such as tumbang nya politik Melayu(UMNO?) maka tumbang lah orang Melayu, you have the right NOT to be fired for poor academic achievements.

Therefore we shouldn't place too high a premium to the decibel rating of applauses.

Here the facileness in the declaration- that somehow a Malay's destiny lies with a political party- in this case UMNO is a moot point. I have news for KT- UMNO is no longer the sole monopoly of Malay voice. Please remember in the 12th GE, UMNO secured slightly over 2 million votes from the 5.7 Malay votes. And because of that, do we see Malays dying in the streets and wasting away? That does not happen simply because what KT says when tumbang politik Melayu tumbang orang melayu is a load of crap! The ones who are about to tumbang are people like KT who had the presumptuousness to link up with the Prophet of Islam. No amount of showmanship or brinkmanship can shield the hypocrisy of KT. And this assertion of an accomplishment because he became the youngest MB after DS Najib is another lump of an unmentionable pile that has passed through the digestive system of a cat. He became MB simply because Tun Daim Zainudin brought his name to TDM.

The future of Malays depend on sound policies carried out by a good government of good people. The future of UMNO as the 3 contenders pointed out correctly, depends on a wholly reformed UMNO. This we shall discuss later. The future of Malays depends more on a leadership pushing for an efficient, determined and resolute government driven by results not rhetoric. The results in Khir's case, are kaput.


Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 11:50  

Khir's botox was permeating in the studio. It was oozing out of every orifice on his body. His eyes were so puffed up from the botox. it was disgusting.

Bro Jinggo 19 February 2009 at 12:18  

Khir langsung tidak memberi kredit kepada umno dan sikap yang tidak yakin dengan umno amat memalukan.

Apakah Khir tidak pernah melihat atau muhasabah dirinya sendiri yang mengakibat kekalahan UMNO di negeri yang paling kaya di Malaysia.

Toncet Biru 19 February 2009 at 12:19  


My observation from TV9's Hujah :

KT - A hypocrite, an ignorant and a liar. A hypocrite because of his defence of the people's right to demonstrate but only if it is instigated by UMNO. An ignorant because of his insistence that the government is still paying subsidies at the current crude oil price. Doesn't he know that we are now paying tax for every drop of petrol we purchase at the pump. A liar for saying that he was hounded off the official MB's residence. It's simply pathetic to compare himself with Tun M, Pak Lah and Rasulullah. And another thing is the more he talked the more he contradicted himself.

MM - Still riding on his dad's tailcoat. Should liberate himself and start being his own man.

KJ - Makes more sense but probably should drop those smirkings.. :-)

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 12:55  


Dato the statement above is a fair statement. I don't think we got anything else left.

As for the assertion of Malay rights as the salvation of the Malays, I don't fully agree with this but I don't think we have to be apologetic because we are a Malay and we have rights enshrined in the constitution. We don't owe anybody anything.

Nobody have a problem with this until Pak Lah and his ruling 4th floor entourage naive leadership let the dogs out and starts a free for all on the issue.

And KJ is in the center of this. Every dog has his days, KJ had his..

Forget about the corruption, cronyism, bla, bla, those I agree are the bane of UMNO problem but are separate issues that need to be urgently tackled.

UMNO perjuangan to me is ok, in fact more relevant now than ever looking at the current situation.

malay joeblow which u miss


Wong Pencen 19 February 2009 at 13:30  


When people commented on the face, it has nothing to do with being handsome or not. It is all about what message is KJ trying to put across.

Smirking and grimacing is a manner of communication. As we all understand, communication is not just about saying something. It is also in the manner you say things and the body language when you say things.

Many people can identify whether someone is saying what he means or just saying for the sake of saying by observing the body language. In short, many people would know when someone is serious or not. Lying or telling the truth.

Smirking and making faces is part of body language, which people read into.

Since you like KJ so much, please advice him to practice portraying a humble image and the next time he shows himself in public, apply what he practice and show that he is humble, despite his background and current position. It does not matter much, nowadays, whether he is truly humble, just show that he is or at least capable of acting humble.

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 14:51  

yes. actually some old ppl commented that khairy has frog eyes that can't open up properly and has not "fortune" to become PM....he also looked really stoned on the forum...his facial expressions are not normal for him...he is usually quite sharp and should take greater care of his health, and take what happened to the Japanese Fin Minister as an iktibar...

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 15:05  

Apa ni, nak tukaq jadi majalah KOSMO lak. Hangpa pi la posting kat Mamasita. Pasai baju ka, make up ka, masak ka hatta botox sekalipun. Bukan tak boleh, tak appropraite. Body language tu boleh komen, tapi hangpa ni anthropologist ka atau apa gist?
SatD, mana komen hang yang empirical tu? Bawak mai sini..

mamasita 19 February 2009 at 15:19  

R.P.ka Dato?
Nak apa yer? hahaha
Did you call me? Can I be of any selingan help?

Pak Zawi 19 February 2009 at 16:04  

Dato' Sak,
By the process of elimination as practised in Akademi Fantasia, KT is the first to go. One out, two to go.

Raison D'etre 19 February 2009 at 16:12  

Nak buat macamana folks... Smirks and grimace is classic KJ.

Me doth think you protest too much SM.

Still some way to go for all three, but in the end I think whoever gives the most moolahh will win.

I hope to be proven wrong, though I doubt so.

MM is most probably out of his league here.

Being neither here nor there is never good for anyone with pretense of leadership skills.

mekyam 19 February 2009 at 16:16  

excuse me tok sak, but it's a bit hasty to dismiss facial expressions as a serious message indicator. they form a substantial part of human communication.

in fact, it is widely accepted among communication experts that body language (facial expressions, gestures and personal space) makes up 55% of all visible human communications, while the spoken word comprises of only 7% and tone of voice, 38%.

and kinesics, the interpretation of body language, is actually a very legitimate branch of communication study and psychology.

kinesic experts are widely used in various fields where behavioral patterns are considered important such as criminology, for example. one may have also heard of kinesic evidence being presented in courts of law. guess if i want to be fanciful, i'd say it is probably used in espionage training also.

in the US where public speaking is considered an important feature of a politician's function, appropriate gestures and facial expressions, are considered as crucial to effective communication as tone and verbal content are.

all analysis of public speeches and debates involve both kinesics and forensic.

K L 19 February 2009 at 16:23  

Very worry that anyone of them becoming our leader ! Just look ta the remark by KT on Eli, KJ on Karpal........
By the way, KT can tell you why his face was so smooth after a few years as MB

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 18:01  

No, no, no. You guys are all wrong! KJ was fantastic! He could do no wrong! Not one wrong step, grimaces and smirks and all.

When are you all going to accept the fact that he will be the one who is going to save UMNO, the Malays and the country? There is no one better at the moment. If you can find someone better in UMNO Youth, then probably the stoned look, the grimaces and smirks will be negatives for KJ. Until then, he is Numero Uno.

Get it???


Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 18:56  

I'm sorry dato' but here comes another facetious facile comment:

Why was KJ smirking all the time? When someone else was speaking, he will have this smirk like it's saying: I don't have time for this.

I don't like kt's face either but i shall not dwell on it because as you say that's the face God has given him (err, lately with a bit of help from botox or ewe juice or whatever).

Can't someone tell KJ to wipe that smirk off his face? So being Melayu I surely say: menyampah tengok.
Kalau tu forum undi sms, sure saya tak beri kat kj. Based on his smirking cemik mencemik.

No hope from us pedestrians, ya dato!

Unknown 19 February 2009 at 19:17  

I didn't see the 3 Stooges last night. Awww!

Anonymous,  19 February 2009 at 21:44  

Salam Dato',

Maafkan saya kalau komen saya sebelum ini mengundang rasa 'geram' pada Dato'. Bukan maksud saya expresi muka (bukan raut wajah seseorang tapi expresi kepada perasaan )itu dijadikan faktor utama didalam menentukan seorang pemimpin. Cuma ia tetap mampu menjadi satu faktor.

Besar atau kecil faktor itu bergantung juga pada jenis audiens yang ada. Pada orang terpelajar, moden dan lebih terbuka pemikirannya ( seperti crowd Dato di sini ) mungkin menganggap ia isu remeh. Tapi di dunia nyata, ramai juga yang menganggap ia penting. Menganggap ia antara kriteria utama yang mencerminkan kejujuran dan sifat rendah diri, yang penting ada pada seorang pemimpin.

dalam sistem satu orang satu undi, setiap pendapat walau kita pro atau kon, harus diberi perhatian.
Dato' lebih arif dalam soal ini.

Dengan izin,
Wong Pencen, you said it best!

satD 19 February 2009 at 21:45  

Reverse Pyschology

Depa cita apa ni?

hang nak empirical...

ambik ni....

What species does baby bootle nipple is modelled after?

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 00:13  

Jed Yoong,

You clearly need to get laid.

Anonymous,  20 February 2009 at 01:56  

Dato' - the best and most creative description of KT's shiny face!Love it! Bravo Dato'. I think u are UMNO's Amir Muhammad, but someone who is more real and has his feet on the ground with the overdose of "liberalism", or whatever it means (and I really hope that u will not be offended with this comparison)

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