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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 27 February 2009

Sakmongkol AK47 speaks with Tun Daim Zainuddin(2)

Sakmongkol AK47 speaks with Tun Daim Zainuddin.(2)

This is part 2 of my rendition of the 45 minutes conversation I had with TDZ. Our conversation was carried out in both Bahasa Melayu and English. I must say this however. I did not take notes while we were talking as I wanted to savour the fullness of our conversation. But as soon as I got back, I quickly wrote notes in my own little Red Book on what transpired. Hence although the conversation we had, wasn't scripted and therefore organised, I think I managed to capture most of what were said. I must however say that what I write is chiefly my recollection and I will not insist on total acquiescence by TDZ. He retains the residual right to affirm or repudiate what I say here.

TDZ was talking in a very assured tone. I would have to say the tone was pleasantly hushed. You know, the manner by which supremely confident people talk. No need to shout to be heard kind of manner. Perhaps TDZ must have also realised that he was after all talking to an unknown entity such as I. I was thankful; he didn't show any irritation while we were conversing. To his credit and to my profit, TDM put me at ease; I was not intimidated by his presence.

I seem to recall that TDZ was always seen with spectacles on. Perhaps it was my faulty particular recollection. On this day, he wasn't using any. But I did notice a menacing looking pair of shades on the table on his right. The kind of shades you would see being used by Phil Knight- Chairman of Nike which is a kind of wrap- around shades.

UMNO and the need for change.

One of the first question I asked TDZ was- how does he see UMNO now?

He answered; you know the UMNO leaders are talking about change. But where are the changes are they talking of? Do you see any, he asked me.

He has been UMNO treasurer for 17 years he said (I am quoting him directly here); he knows what's going on with UMNO. Dr Mahathir, he said was busy and so left a substantial part of party matters to him.

He doesn't see any substantial changes taking place and from the way he said it (now this is my interpretation) he wasn't confident of seeing any. Leaders are just interested in securing places in the sun for themselves. Just the other day, TDZ mentioned that Azim Zabidi wanted TDZ to say something favourable so that he Azim could stand as candidate in Bukit Gantang, again!

We all know TDZ broods no political frolicking. I am not making this anymore painful than it is- suffice to say, that TDZ wasn't enthusiastic over Azim's gambit. Most likely therefore, the candidate for the coming Bukit Gantang by elections won't be Azim Zabidi.

He has had his chances; it's time to give others. Dah kalah, beri peluang kat orang lain.

UMNO's continued relevance.

That's one. Second, said TDZ- who does UMNO now represents? Is it the Malays? UMNO would be severely challenged at this claim. TDZ mentioned what I have said in my blogs. UMNO failed to secure the majority of Malay votes.

On hearing this I quickly added- yes Tun. In the last elections there were 5.7 million Malay voters and UMNO managed to secure somewhere in the region of 2 million votes.

There you are said TDZ- 3.7 million Malays did not support UMNO. And he then quickly added; you tahu, UMNO has what? 3 over million members kan? Why did it get only 2 million votes?

Then there are the young. What has UMNO planned to rope these people in? You can easily say, out of 10 young people, 8 will likely vote opposition.

And here is a clincher. Both TDZ and I agreed that UMNO now appears to be losing credibility. Whatever UMNO says is no longer readily believable. You have a situation, where Anwar Ibrahim even if he were to come out and say something or anything, people will believe him. Isn't that an irony?

UMNO is in the sorriest state now. I wanted Kadir Jasin to write something on this, but it didn't get off.

It would have been very interesting to read Kadir Jasin's take on the plight of UMNO now. I take it to mean, that if KJ ( Kadir Jasin ok?) had done so, that would have been more of TDZ there. Readers would not have to endure Sakmongkol's rendition of this conversation.

Tun Daim on leadership.

Tun, I said; you know I come from UMNO Bahagian Pekan. That's Dato Najib's place. Now, I have seen you a few times at Dato Najib's place in Jalan Duta. How do you see Najib?

Yes, Tun said; I meet up regularly with Najib. I sometimes have dinner with him. And I always talked candidly and with utmost frankness with Najib. And I say this: - if Najib does not lead- you know leaders must lead, he will falter. And Dr Mahathir will pummel him.

Dr Mahathir has told this to me. You know Najib has always been playing the neutral kind.

Ambivalent, I volunteered.

Yes, that will not do. Jadi leader, kita tak boleh lembik lembik. Najib has to be resolute and be more affirmative. First he has got to get rid of the deadwoods. Those MBs who have lost- he has got to jettison them. Those MIC and MCA people and others who don't seem to have the trust of their own community- Najib has to let them go. He cannot please everyone. Najib must be prepared to play hardball. He has to risk being unpopular. Najib must have that Dr. Mahathir trait. He must have some ruthlessness.

The function of a leader is always to lead. This means a readiness to take unpopular steps.

And you cannot discount Dr Mahathir. He is part of Malaysia. That's the mistake Pak Lah buat. I asked Pak Lah- go and see Dr Mahathir. Pi lah jumpa dia. Ask him what does he actually want. Dismiss Rafidah, Nazri? Just follow and in return ask Dr Mahathir to campaign for UMNO lah. But Pak Lah didn't want to. At the end of the day, Rafidah wasn't in too (in the cabinet).

I got the impression when TDZ said that, the unpleasantness could have been avoided had Pak Lah gone to see TDM.

Tapi Tun I said; how do you infuse assertiveness kalau Najib is of that constitution?

That's where he must have the support of assertive leaders and advisers. The advisers must be ready to say things honestly to Najib. I takut, he doesn't have that kind of advisers je.

Najib must LEAD. Kalau tidak.....

Kalau tidak Tun, I quickly added- the acronym RAHMAN becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, ending with N as PM.

Yes, said TDZ; N and in E-N-D. TDZ actually spelt out the letters for me. By the 13th General Elections, UMNO will be no more. Number 13 pulak tu.....hmmm

On Dr Mahathir.

TDZ refers TDM as DR. Mahathir. I can't quite tell you how he pronounced Mahathir in the nuanced Kedahan tongue...Something like Mahathier...not with the accentuated sound of dear.

Excuse me Tun, I said. I need to ask you this question. Masa you selalu bercakap dengan TDM, dia dengar tak cakap you? You know, he being a very forceful character and very on top of things...Ling Liong Sik dulu..mana ada bunyi bunyi pun...

He did, provided you must argue your point. If you are not prepared to argue and reason out, of course Dr Mahathir will insist on his way. You tahu, masa economic crises dulu, we discussed things, two, three of us....we must put up reasoned arguments. Argument kita bagus, dia dengak.....tak kuat, Dr Mahathir will insist on his idea...macam tu.

You see you must be prepared to engage Dr Mahathir with reasoned argument. Plus you must be assertive like Dr Mahathir. Did you see any of the present problems during Dr Mahathir's time? Component parties out in open defiance? NGO's very vocal? Takde kan?

To be continued......the Perak politics, managing the economy and Ketua Pemuda race.


de minimis 27 February 2009 at 07:55  

Excellent second instalment. Your candour on your private meeting with TDZ is to the benefit of the rest of us.

mantra-indeeptots 27 February 2009 at 08:32  

Salam Datuk

I am and will be following your posting on "Speaks with TDZ" very closely, simply because great minds discuss ideas... n I would like to vet thru how far you would and not just could, grasp his great minds.

Only if, if you wish for UMNO survival... lets see on the later part what would you grasp...

The rakyat is watching closely and so am I... Best of Luck UMNO!!

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 09:49  


I can see thousands of readers and blog owners flocking to Sakmongkol now..this is so so very interesting…

Can I expect part 3 & 4 by today?

kuldeep 27 February 2009 at 09:59  

Everyone seems to know what should have been done EXCEPT for Pak Lah..and it seems lots of unsolicited advise was also given to him by credible and experienced personalities.But he NEVER listens...And as TDZ said,with a well reasoned arguement even TDM changes his mind.

But Pak Lah,either he is utterly stubborn or he relied on his closest advisers (najib?kj?) instead of those outside the circle.

Anyway,thats the beauty of blogs>>you get to read things you would never have known otherwise.

Thanks SAK..i would gladly subscribe to your blog with this sort of quality blogging.

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 10:21  

Tun Daim was said to have advise Khairy to build up RM1 billion war chest.

That is the reason KJ went greedy raping everything in sight. The richest unemplyed, man.

Daim is believed to be the silent hand behind Pak Lah ascension.

His boys has been taking a hands-off stance in the TDM-Pak Lah clash.

They cited the lame argument of perpaduan melayu or in business-speak, lets not rock the boat.

Those that destroyed this country through corruption and money politics are three.

Daim is THE one obvious answer.

Then is Anwar who made money politics a business.

The third person now seen as voice of reason and moralist is Ku Li.

Those who remember the series of fight between Ku Li vs Musa and later Dr Mahathir will not deny that during those time money for Ku Li campaign is like water.

The fourth is Khairy on the advise of Daim!

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 10:52  

Won't be easy to build up a war chest of Rm 1 billion in the few years without awakening the people on top...
Thus,following ur logic ...shouldn't there be a fifth person too?

nightcaller 27 February 2009 at 12:02  

Now we are getting somewhere. Credit to u for managing TDZ to speak up on those issues.

Hope that in ur next installation, u would include the golden question "will Malaysia survive the 2 party system?" although I know that the "interview" is already over...u can still follow through with a call to TDZ, I hope...

No matter what others perceived TDZ to be, TDZ still cares alot about Malaysia or else he would not have engaged in these topics...

BTW, during the 45 min conversation, were u served capuccino or just plain tongkat ali? :)

Ariff Sabri 27 February 2009 at 12:16  

the 3rd and 4th parts will be there in due course. kalau semua sekali, tak sedap cerita.
dalam pada itu, ada isu2 lain yang excite me that i must respond- GLCs for instance.
TDZ will be abroad next week, i will try to get a 2nd lucky borak2 with him. this time kalau dapat, i will be more prepared and structured. yg ini is just my luck. he wanted to see the person behind the sakmongkol mask i think. he was just humouring me.

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 12:17  

Would be interesting to know TDZ views as to whether the present leadership is capable of managing the financial crisis?

The 10th March mini budget is my last hope...if the banks cannot be rangsanged to give my employers extension of existing too can bungkus lah.

TDZ,TDM come back pls


Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 12:50  

Too bad you didnt ask him if he could help generate the domestic economy by pumping back some of the money he simphoned during his tenure as FM. Tak payah banyak la RM 10 - 15 billion pun cukup.

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 15:02  

I bumped into him once at Wisma YPR. At first, I was not sure whether that person is Daim. Because he was driving a merely Proton Perdana with "entah hapa-hapa punya plat number". No driver. No bodyguard. No gf :), No kaki bodek. No broker. No, no one else. Just he alone. Drives his Perdana pass me and just about to park his car.

I was curious. Tak kan Daim kot? Sorang-sorang dia saja? Tak padan dengan kecik. Aku ketuk bagi pengsan, kidnap then hantar pi Siam baru dia tahu... haha

So... I waited awhile in the lobby, hoping that I can get a closer look at that person. When he walked pass me ... then only I was sure he is Daim the Man Behind the Enigma! Cilaka betui! Bawak Perdana saja?

True to what many people say about him, Daim is very low profile person. His moves are very swift and almost invisible in nature. Together with Aziz Shamsuddin and Megat Junid, they formed a solid shield which protect our beloved Tun Mahathir. Many issues and grievances were solved without much huh-hah and cheap publicity ... a far cry from Pak Lah's Khairy and his 4th Floor boyas.


Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 16:22  

Salam Tok Sak,
Wow! Part 2 didn't disappoint me at all! Looking forward to Part 3!!

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 17:12  

Salam Dato'
membaca blog dato kali ini merubat rindu kepada TDZ 'man of wisdom'. Memang rakyat rindukan pemimpn yang berpandangan jauh serta mampu memerintah...
Alngkah baiknya jika beliau juga menulis blog...

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 17:28  


It's getting more interesting. I'm perplexed for whatever reason AAB's refusal to see Dr.M. Don't you think at certain stage of your career when things are not going right you need to consult your elders for advice? Whether or not you do the follow-up is another issue.

Anonymous,  27 February 2009 at 18:15  

Eh folks, let's get back to reality from the politician's fan club.

If Alan Greenspan was the iconic figure responsible for the current global credit crisis, who was responsible for Msia's export-centric economy?

Take your pick: TDB, Daim or DSAI.

On the mini-budget, by the time it is announced by 10 March, the economy would have changed. No man can shift the gears of the unwinding global crisis.

Quantum Metal Consultant 27 February 2009 at 23:13  

Jangan ghairah sangat, Sakmongkol hanya jumpa TDZ dalam mimpi..

Sebab, realiti politik di luar sini, sedang kecoh - semuanya nak jadi 'king'.

Shahnon 28 February 2009 at 23:57  

That is why Tun Dr Mahathir is the best PM ever. :)

lordapes 1 March 2009 at 00:07  

"Tun Daim was said to have advise Khairy to build up RM1 billion war chest.

That is the reason KJ went greedy raping everything in sight. The richest unemplyed, man.

Daim is believed to be the silent hand behind Pak Lah ascension...."

assumptions. please state the source. these kinds of gossip is the one making our country a mess.

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