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Thursday 26 February 2009

Again! PKNP and its O&G Industrial Park

I have written 3 articles about the Tanjung Agas Oil and Gas industrial park. Readers can read them in this blog. They have attracted some comments. Most of them are suspicious of the project.

I have received an e mail from a writer who calls himself JackNicklaus. By the name, I am guessing he is an avid golfer. I am publishing the e mail here in its entirety. I feel this email should be shared by readers so they can judge the credibility of what is contained therein. As for me, I found the e mail, amazing in its hushed conspiratorial tones.

Dear Mr. Ariff,

I was told of your blog discussing on above mentioned topic (22nd & 24th Feb). I insist on writing because i feel maybe some people need to dig more just to be fair and also there are very very big possibility to know that there are more innocent people in this case.

I must say i had the chance to meet a close friend to the two gentlemen (so called hijackers). It seems that the story started even longer than mentioned, in which these two gentlemen could have been the originator of the project idea itself and definitely not hijackers... (one factor to be corrected).

There is no hijack case...simply a case where due to power craze and greed, the two gentlemen almost cornered out by empty promises and very forgetful people who uses high powered persons' names to oust them the kampung way.... (one factor with solid proof)

Theres is no land selling ie. buying dirt cheap and selling expensive..which budak darjah 5 pun tau nak buat... The mechanisme brought by two gentlemen is the 1st in M'sia which has proven right at countries who are much better managed and with much better income per capita.... (one big factor cancelling the PKFZ crazy issue)

PKNP do not sell the land, this time only leasing in which they will continue to get income for the next 30 + 30 years... and on top of it they would be getting extra income thru dividends (a real bonus actually) from the courtesy of the two gentlemen's idea....(this is real good deal for PKNP... oh yes, PKNP do not really have the risk at all)

I could spell out more about the gentlemen's story but hope the above is sufficient to at least raise a reasonable doubt about the negative comments hitting at the two gentlemen and PKNP.

So Mr Ariff, please do the right thing.

I know some might be just sour grapes, lack of journalists' experience and maybe just half glass empty thinkers'... but hey just give them a break and let see and hope they succeed... its going to be good for PAHANG...


Pahang Lover

Now compare this e mail with some of the comments found in response to my articles. The immediate difference is that while the email letter is only accessible as an email and therefore privy only to me, all the comments following my blogged articles were readily available for direct public access. For example the very spirited comments from one safhamas in very aggrieved tones:-

safhamas said...

From VERY reliable sources, I came to know that this idea/proposal was first submitted to PASDEC about two, three years ago by Zee Zee Offshore Sdn Bhd (Capt. Zee Zee [Zakaria Zainul Abidin] and his partner Idrus). After a few round of discussions/meetings with the MD of PASDEC, both parties came to some sort of mutual agreement to form a company which will have PASDEC and Zee Zee Offshore as partners. At this point due to lack of funds, Zee Zee Offshore invited Mohd Faidzal Ahmad Mahidin and Badaruddin Masodi to outsource financial arrangement for the new company (SPV) which has been registered by that time under the name of Pekan Petrobase Sdn Bhd.
After more discussions/meetings, PKNP decided that they are the ones that should get involved instead of PASDEC. And more meetings was arranged including two or three presentation to the MB. Finally MB agrees with the proposal and instructed PKNP to take the lead. Problems arises when the negotiations on the breakdown of shares was carried out. Both Faidzal and Badaruddin wanted equal shares same as the owners of Zee Zee Offshore Sdn Bhd.
…….to be continued……that is if you want me to….

Just in case if anybody ask whether I have evidence to back-up my claims; let’s put it this way, it’s for me to know and for you to find out, ok? I don’t want to be responsible if any of you out there are locked up for spreading sedition because in Malaysia anything can happen,eg. the ones who really “derhaka” are branded as “pejuang” but in reality this so called “pejuang” are the actual “penderhaka” assholes. Bottom-line my intention of bringing-up the matter is purely to warn you and your readers to be really on your toes if any of you intend to be involve in this project in whatever capacity better still DO NOT GET INVOLVED!!!.

23 February 2009 20:28

safhamas said...

It's not only Dato (MY ASS!) Lias that was involve in the hijacking, one asshole name Sabri, one woman (definitely not a lady) who is the legal adviser for PKNP and of course those two fucking assholes; Faidzal and Badaruddin and a few others that I can't mention because it might cause nasty things to happen to a few innocent people. Btw, if I'm not mistaken, the two of them (Faidzal & Bad.) were also involve in the Port Klang FTZ scandal.

23 February 2009 20:55

Problem is this two goons demanded equal shares for doing nothing at this juncture whereas both Capt and Idrus were the ones that handled the presentations and negotiations (Capt only handled the technical part). Negotiations became stuck when this two goons went behind both Capt and Idrus backs by making "arrangments" with that Dato' and the gang.
Anyway shit happens so it's nothing new. Ok, I think I better stop now before I start making mistakes that might cause problems for some innocent people. This will be final comments and I really appreciate the replies from all you guys. You all take care.

24 February 2009 00:45

safhamas said...

Tuan Ahli Umno Temerloh; tak pa lah, biarlah dia orang nak sangat project ni. Lagi pun baru-baru ni say berjumpa dengan Capt dan dia kata "biarlah ALLAH saja yang memberi pembalasan yang sewajarnya kerana yang beri project ni pada dia orang ni pun adalah ALLAH jua, ALLAH lebih mengetahui daripada kita insan yang hina ini". Camna pun thanks for the offer cuma saya ni kasihankan Capt sebab dia dah 75 tahun umurnya dan pengetahuan dan pengelaman beliau dari segi bidang marine oil & gas amat berharga sekali dan rugilah negara kalau kita tidak dapat munafaatkan ilmu ini pada orang muda kita. Beliau pernah bertugas sebagai master, offshore vessel di Bahrain, North Sea, Gulf of Mexico dan banyak location lagi.

24 February 2009 10:25

Which versions do you find believable? One is a hushed, conspiratorial and apologetic. The others (mostly) are laments of very aggrieved persons- motivated by a desire to get justice.

And now, let me add my own emotional response to this Jack Nicklaus bloke. If he is a golfer and working for PKNP, then that explains why PKNP is kaput on all fronts. Notice the patronizing way he avers to this project by PKNP being good for Pahang; we should be grateful and syukur to the courtesy of these two jokers. He mentioned that there is no selling of the land- only leased. Of course lah, you bloody cow dung! - Any land alienated to PKNP automatically becomes leased land. We want to know the lease term. If you leased it for effectively 60 years, you are effectively selling the tenured land.

Secondly, don’t give us this bloody shit about PKNP reaping the dividends. A long time ago, as a private citizen, I have heard all the fairy tales about PKNP receiving dividends. Remember the big con job involving the MEC city project? Remember the brick factory project of the infamous Highway Bricks where PKNP was promised not only dividends but was tricked into believing getting huge profits on the promise of Highway Bricks being LISTED? Perhaps PKNP then was salivating on the prospects of getting windfall profits out of the promised IPO. What did it get after that? It had to incur losses of more than RM100 million.

Sorry folks- I did say, it is my emotional response.


Anonymous,  26 February 2009 at 09:03  

Salam Dato',

whatever it's worth, u have my highest respect for highlighting this proposed mega project.
If it turns out to be a success, fine. but should there be any hanky panky involved, prevention is better than cure.
Accountability is never in the govt vocab.

kuldeep 26 February 2009 at 09:10  

PKNP do not sell the land, this time only leasing in which they will continue to get income for the next

No payments up front?No guaranteed rentals?And hopefully land will not be mortgaged for loan facilities...

Lets wait for Tiger Wood's comments
>>maybe more up to date.

Himpunan Blog Pahang 26 February 2009 at 11:00  

Salam Dato Sak,

Thanks for linking my blog (Himpunan Blog Pahang) to yours.

However, the link was not properly linked by you.

Here is the proper URL to be fixed:

Thank you Sir.

Anonymous,  26 February 2009 at 11:39  


"biarlah ALLAH saja yang memberi pembalasan yang sewajarnya kerana yang beri project ni pada dia orang ni pun adalah ALLAH jua”,

Safhamas, please tell your captain friend do not drag Allah into this problem. The problem with us Muslim is we always “instruct” Allah to rectify when things gone wrong. We are the servant not the other way around. Allah instructs us not we instruct Allah. If the captain feels he’s been unjustly coned, sidelined and if he suspects some kind of foul play or corruption, then please use all available avenues to get justice.

Dato’ Sak has opened the door, now the captain shall continue the war.

The Ancient Mariner 28 February 2009 at 05:44  

Salam Datuk,

This project stinks to high heaven like PKFZ, of which I have blogged extensively about.

Only a change of govt will put a stop to this daylight robbery. There is no other way.

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