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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 5 February 2009

Perak's Political Pirouette.

The Perak Mess.
yesterday,was a very unsettling day. I first received an sms saying that PM2B is set to announce the formation of a new Perak Government. At 4 pm yesterday. next came smses that said Nizar, the Perak MB is announcing the dissolution of the PerakDUN. One sms ended with the caustic remark- sape cepat la beb.this of course refers to who will cross the line first. yesterday, the race was between the pengerusi perhubungan Perak and the Perak MB.
then yesterday night, we were entertained on TV with a beaming PM2B with the king of frogs( the man from Bota), the two PKR defectors and the emotionally hurt,deputy speaker of the Perak DUN. the writings are on the wall for the PKR government in Perak. the 4 friendlies entry into BN,3 into UMNO and 1 probably into MCA is just a formality.
I think those who subscribe to the ideals of democracy are a dying breed. nowadays, it seems that only romantics are keen to observe the niceties of democracy. by that i mean,subscribing to the idea that the way to displace a government is via the ballot box, where the rule of law is respected, the wishes of the majority observed. it looks like all these things are just garnishes and condiments. in the end, the ends justifies the means.
the majority of umno operatives are able to say unashamedly and facetiously, that it was anwar who started it. yes he did, that was why we denounced him for that. just because anwar did it, it is all right that we also do it?. that man has no scruples.
when i wrote the article UMNO's Hall of inFamy, i said the people will gravitate towards a Nik Aziz or will now adopt the lion of Jelutong as the political icon. it was he alone that resisted the idea of taking power through unconstitutional means,when anwar was floating the idea. i was clearly wrong here- there are so many right thinking people in Malaysia who find this latest sleight of hand political trick particularly loathsome.
The Perak pirouette on Najib.
my first reaction to the fall of the Perak government, was the PM2B accomplished what he could not by the ballot box through a politically devious means.he or his agents,must have done a threat of altantuya-ing, bala-eing, on these fellows. he has made Don Corleone looked like a sissy.
but my own assessment as to how Najib and BN achieved this end is closer to a local example. how the renegades were coerced is like the Chinese logger deals with forest rangers in Pahang.the chinese towkay invites the rangers and casually places on the table, a gun on one side and a wad of RM notes on the other. that is the local version of an offer nobody wants to refuse.
what does this episode show? it shows that Najib is nor partial to playing dirty. when it comes to the crunch, he will do it especially if it furthers his political interests. maybe the one redeeming feature of this episode in our political drama is, after this, sivaji Anwar will never underestimate Najib anymore. Najib has beaten anwar at his own game.
so i ask the pkr people, not to be bashful and sanctimonious. admit it; when the sivaji pedalled the idea of taking over the government by the crossovers of BN lawmakers, the PKR supporters regarded his maneuverings as deft moves. they were ready to elevate anwar into the most profound master tactician. and so, Najib should be accorded the same adulation.
with Najib, Anwar eats humble pie,managing only a dry remark, than the BN is trying to form a government by hook or crook, more by crook. why is it, that if the idea came from him,it is morally justifiable but from others, morally reprehensible? obviously, Anwar is not a good moral adjudicator.
this single move will increase the value of najib's political stock.this will erase his embarrassing defeats in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. that will establish his political dominance in UMNO not in terms of profound political thoughts or exemplary righteousness but in terms of political ruthlessness. undoubtedly,Najib will be seen as the man UMNO needs.
but before we go out to paint the town red and uncorking the wine bottles, let us analyse further.
indeed what Najib does is a political coup shaming and beating anwar at his own devious game. however, i wouldn't go as far as to elevate Najib to the status of a political grand conjurer. he was able to corner those 4 renegades simply because they have lent themselves, susceptible to political blackmail. thus to persuade and encourage people with a rotten core is fairly easy. the initiator who pushes the pillow to an already sleepy head, hardly merits to be called a sensational lullaby singer.
The man from Bota is easiest to handle. he was a former Feclra chairman, an institution better known for conferring sudden wealth to the post holder. is it a coincidence, that many Perakians served as chairman of Felcra?previous chairmen of Felcra are hardly moral luminaries- Hamzah Zainuddin is a known Najib's lackey, Nasarudin Bota and now Tajudin Rahman. the point here, these people have too many skeletons in their closets. if i were Najib, all i need to do, is to display Nasaruddin's Felcra's records and thereafter persuade him to do a pirouette. no big deal. the only thing is, all this while, i thought when snakes copulate, they entwined themselves literally into knots. now i know, those entwines are nothing compared to Nasaruddin's political pirouette.


Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 10:14  

It is a sad day for democracy. I feel sad for the future of the country. There are just too many power crazy, corrupted, self serving politicians. We are entering into a dark age where the rule of law is being dismantled little by little. God help us all.

nightcaller 5 February 2009 at 10:31  

U are correct there. It seems that both sides have no respect to the peoples' wishes but to achieve their own political goals in whatever means possible, including pitching, kidnapping, coercing, threatening etc.

And both sides have broken all the moral barriers separating the ideal from dirty politics. Now, both sides are not much better that roadside salesmen promoting their salesware unashamed of using whatever dubious means to get the sale.

No matter what...I cry for Malaysia and hopefully common sense will prevail. Just for once, can't politicians act like Nik Aziz, humble in winning, gracious in defeat?

Even if the sultan decides on dissolving the state assembly, no single party can claim "polical advantage" as I have written the reasons in

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

Raison D'etre 5 February 2009 at 10:32  


Your gun and cash example is chilling to say the least.

Where does all this cloak and dagger of those in power leave us the rakyat?

Are we to be content with living life as is even as the riff raff (your well used phrase) and hangers on continue to plunder the nation's wealth?

My wife has often accused me of being a foolish romantic and I believe many of the blogger are to do what we are doing now.

We are ever willing to hope that there are enough who still thinks moral, ethics and principles are sacred ethos to adhere to.

Are we blind fools?

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 10:36  

I hope that politicians will respect the constitutional process and the mandate of the people of Perak. If this grab for power is done in an unconstitutional manner, we are surely sliding into a dictatorial state.

The Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak continues to be the legitimate and functioning govt, even if the Mentri Besar’s request for dissolution of the State Assembly is denied by the Sultan. It is innapropriate for Najib to attempt to form a new Barisan Nasional state government in Perak.

Article 16(6) of the Perak State Constitution provides for the dissolution of the State Assembly after getting the consent of the Sultan OR if the mentri besar resign if he ceases to enjoy the confidence of the majority of the state assembly.

The determination of whether the Mentri Besar has lost the confidence of the majority of the state assembly could only be done BY A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the State Assembly. SO Najib must abide by the constitutioanl process and not by a claim OUTSIDE the State Assembly.

If Najib’s claim that the Barisan Nasional has the necessary numbers in the State Assembly to form the government, it still has to be proven by way of a motion in the State Assembly.

It is really scary how politicians disregard democratic principles and even so when they are in the higher echeleons of leadership. For the love of the country please respect the laws of the land.

mamasita 5 February 2009 at 10:59  

P.S. Dato' sak is currently unaware of this particular comment.
It should start with a capital letter for the begginning of every sentence right? Our dear Dato' was struggling to adjust with my daughter's old computer just now.His computer had 'frog fever' yesterday.It leapt from the table to the floor.Sincerely hope the typing today is tolerable and excusable..thank you.

Just had to explain!Sorry for any eye inconvenience.

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 11:10  

Your comments are backed by any evidence Dato?

This is politic where the fittest survive. Anwar started the game so Najib have no choice but play the same game at least for this one. Do not accuse Najib of using dirty tactic without backing it with evidence. What Perakian with Felcra have anything to do with this? Bringing the name of Dato Hamzah as some one of no moral into this matter show a bad taste on your side.

Najib only shows that he's getting better as a political tactician.

All Celebrity Bloggers beware including you Dato, especialy those getting rave reviews and have cult following. You might get the same RPK virus, you started out logical and impartial but ended being just another RPK..just walking on the moon.(syok sendiri) bahaya tu Dato. I cakap ni as a friend.

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 11:23  

Are you gonna my way,
you are so very blinded.Its good that you have your own 'brains' but dont threaten others!

Is that your clever thinking? To accuse Dato of being another RPK just because he can write well and can convince others?
Are the readers so stupid that they simply want to read his articles without their own evaluation?

Why don't you convince the readers otherwise?
We would like to hear your 'brilliant' arguments then!

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 11:47  

Once in a while its good of you to bring out your Ak47 ,cogged it and fire away at those scumbags called aduns.This scums has no moral fibres left in them.
Anom.05Feb.11.10,Well dato dont need facts on those corrupted souls .Everyone in Felcra knows it.It's been a goldmine for those top guys!

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 12:09  

Anon at are so clever. Wow your comments are so brilliant..i wish I could hug you now...and worship you I'll even set-up your fan club...

But since you're Anonymous and hence persona non grata...I don't give a damn..of what you say...

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 12:14  

Are you gonna go my way
That was an expected answer from a 'brilliant' commentator like you!
What else can you say? You can't even argue constructively? Shame on you!!

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 12:56  

Oops Dato'

Are you suggesting the Bota man got his goodies from both sides?


kuldeep 5 February 2009 at 12:58  

BN is like the prefects in school.The opposition are the notti boys who go to detention class every week.If prefects behave like the notti boys,then there will be chaos.No more role models left that is upholding the discipline and the higher moral standards.Monkeys becoming the zoo keepers?

You should notice that our DPM was in a Perdana when he went to see the Sultan this morning whereas Nizar came in a swank Camry.

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 13:27  

what is there to argue Mr.Annoyed ......?

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 13:33  

Are you gonna go my way.
Thanks for confirming your 'brilliant' brainpower!

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 13:53  

Don't ever say " if I was Najib..." You can say " if I can read Najib's tune etc etc"!
You may not be a very rich and powerful person but you are not even close to being him! You're better and greater in character and thinking!
And you're an ordinary guy!

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 13:59  

haha,,,now confirmed-lah, UMNO are all snakes and PKR are frogs.
SNAKE MAKAN FROG KAN ?.,,,,now i can see it in better clearity,,,more focus on Malaysian politics,,,,ular, katak but be carefull too,,,ada tutle or labi labi waiting to eat ular.

islandman,,,,sorry no blogging address, so pls remember me as,,,islandman saja-lah. ada orang kata blogging sama dgn bullying !

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 14:20  


Logic says that the 4 cross over with monetary gains thrown in. Everybody know that.

The money is with BN not Pakatan.

If BN take charge of Perak, just imagine how easy for a few ADUNs to
hold the MB by his b***s?
Could he sleep in peace then?


Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 14:30  

I join the chorus against Are You Gonna Go My Way.

We will regard it as a friendly advice only if you justify your statement, produce proof yourself, or at least say why Dato is wrong in stating his views, frank assessment or even feelings. It's all in the context of righting wrongs, la.

Otherwise you sound threatening and masquerading as an agent of the authorities.

President Obama to day admitted publicly that he made a mistake. Despite only 2 weeks in office. That's the mark of a real man, a responsible leader. Why can't our leaders and so-called leaders do so? Takut kena suruh resign?

Even Pak Det admitted he made a mistake putting up Pak Lah as PM. No doubt out of frustration, but the fact is he did admit. And he criticised many others, too.

Prodigal Maestro 5 February 2009 at 15:00  

Dato' Ariff,


1. I am aghast by the proceedings in Perak.

2. Two wrongs doesn't make it right.

3. Anyway, the right thing to do is to have an election again. Let the people decide on it once and for all...Democracy would live on...or do they?

4. However, when did politicians do the 'right' thing...scarce i must say...

5. Then, let's work to get back Perak...the democratic way for BN. Let's win the fight fair and square.

6. Nevertheless, is politics fair?

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 15:15  

hey,,,,you guys ref. my way or no way,,,whatever way???
remember this lah blogging is similar to bragging, so the Blogger can say whatever he/she wants to say,,,,yaa say only, doing anything i don't know lah. Talking or writing is the easy part,,,,but execution or taking action should be the important part to play,,,no play, play but betul punya kerja !!!
don't get annoyed with each other-lah,,,write your own blogg and feel good about it yourself,,,if you read others blogg site, appreciate saja lah, don't get annoyed nanti kena heart attack for no sebab. buat baik dgn wife/hubby lagi best kan,,,,hujan hujan ini peeee buat kerja o.k.
as for me, AK47 memang bestwrite up dia cas. he has back ground and inside info.
lagi pon dia punya english amat terror, kita boleh belajar cakap orang puteh, i-say-man,,,u listen properly to what me cakap kind of bahasa,,,best-nye, you make my day man!!!
o.k balik pada Ular ular and ulat ulat UMNO, King Cobra dulu DR M lah, Rattle snake Pak Lah,,,bunyi bising saja dalam diam diam, Ular Sawa sekarang si-Najib lah dan telan Katak Katak PKR, DAP and waiting to telan Turtle PAS kot ?,,,but be extra berjaga jaga,,,nanti tercekek dgn si-turtle nanti.
Jangan ingat TURTLE slow walking tak boleh menang race in politics yaa !!!,Bunny rabbit pon dah kalah dgn mr. turtle,,,penyuman.

o.k. bye,,,islandman

kuldeep 5 February 2009 at 15:35  

The Sultan should request or rather advise the 4 Aduns to resign with by elections to be held in the 4 Duns.BN will be represented by the 4 ADUNS and PKR or whoever else wants to stand for election will be free to do so.

Then,truly it will be reflective of the decision of the affected rakyats in the specific DUN i,e more representative then a snap elections for 59 DUNs.Maybe after all the 4 DUNs was elected on a personal basis and not cause they were representing PKR.

Its a simple ethical and fairly democratic solution?

Raison D'etre 5 February 2009 at 17:11  

Looks like its a done deal for a "BN and Independent" state government in Perak.

Will be interesting to see how they would fare with a Malay majority State gomen.

I pray that people will not take to the streets.

There's still the next GE, and if the rakyat really wants a PR state government, they should learn from this and give it a stronger mandate.

Or, vice versa, a strong BN and Independent (sorry, can't resist.. heh :) ) government instead.

Otherwise they'll see the same shit all over again.

Saya... 5 February 2009 at 17:55  

Islandman betui cakap you...

Btw Are You Gonna Go My pun coward hiding beind anonymity...samalah...

Sedih betul tgk masih ada pemikiran macam ni di kalangan pemimpin/orang kita...and the last vestiges of justice, the Sultan, seems to indirectly condone this action by his decree. What a letdown.

I am not a PKR fanatic. I support change, or a chance for change.

I never supported Anwar's illegal attempt at wresting power even though I loathe the UMNO politicians and to justify such action of blatant corruption and prostitution of the nation's resources and rakyat's mandate by Najib and company and the UMNO president is really beyond belief.

The economy is in crisis, people are losing their jobs, single mums are crying, unable to support their kids due to layoffs and here we have the fat UMNO leaders, bloated beyond recognition by greed and gila kuasa and insanity...DAH TAK DAK RUPA MANUSIA.



Saya... 5 February 2009 at 18:59  


Nizar came in swank camry to save people money in the long term...go to his house and see how he lives and what cars he has personally...then go to Najib's house and see what the hell he and Rosmah have...mana dapat duit personal sebanyak tu all these bloody UMNO politicians?

rakyat patut bangun and heret depa ni semua macam dictator Romania and stone them...dah terlampau meluat tak berubah2.

Saya... 5 February 2009 at 19:07  

celebrity blogger? dato is a blogger with brains.

yang celebrity blogger tu yang macam artist2 airhead kita...goyang kaki, melaram, hobnobbing je kerje depa...dah dibeli...posting pun buat orang berlaga..pikir sendiri lah yang mana.

typical lah dengki orang Melayu ni...tak boleh tengok orang pandai/nak maju sket...orang yang betul2 berwibawa la...

kuldeep 5 February 2009 at 19:18  


exactly the point >> with Mr Nizar pretense,no posing etc.With the UMNO guys they would like to believe that we are not aware of their opulent lifestyles (in keeping with their maybe questionable wealth) cos of that old Perdana front.

Anyway the Sultan have spoken and Jebat must die.

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 20:12  

seems like I cant even suggest or comment you Dear Dato...

Yes I might be Anonymous but I Met him before...and my comment is not against him...just treat it as the normal people voice...the untrained, the not well read kind of beings.Why so angry of my words...go to the will hear more nasty things. Being a blogger will put you in the centre of attraction , on the centre stage.....bloggers are bold and brave enough to express their piece of mind......

And they are also brave enough to withstand contradictory opinion. Its the readers that give comments that become so emotional..

cheers all...

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 20:28  


Party hopping became common in the Philippines since 40 years ago. Rampant corruption has existed in Indonesia since 50 years ago. Now party hopping is on the ascendency and rampant corruption is clearly established in Malaysia. Perak is the latest casualty.

We have not progressed. We have retrogressed. What corruption and corrupt mentality has done. Very, very sad.

Every year we have gone lower on the Corruption Perception Index. Many Middle Eastern and South Asian Muslim countries are also going to the lower end. War-ravaged Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine swell with corruption. The nuclear power Pakistan, too. But we in Malaysia used to be respected, corruption-wise.

In Africa things are worse than us. In South America, maybe also worse. But we must not compare ourselves with them.

We are lucky that our Armed Forces are responsible. In South America there used to be coup d'etat every now and then. Around us, Indonesia at one period of time, in Thailand, even as recently as some years ago. We must count our blessings and thank God.

But the fight against corruption and corrupt mentality must go on.
Foreigners are laughing at us. We become the butt of jokes among them at hotel lobbies and cocktail lounges.

We can put aside the foreigners'
jokes on us. But we cannot disregard the sufferings, the hardships, the injustices suffered by our own people at the hands of corruption and corrupt mentality.

We need to continue to do whatever we can, and pray, Ya Allah, tolong lah hamba-hamba mu ini. Timbulkan lah keazaman politik (political will) di antara pemimpin pemimpin politik di negara ini untuk menyembuh penyakit ini. Moga moga kerajaan bahru Perak menunjukkan keazaman dalam perkara ini. Ameen.

Best wishes.

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 21:03  

Many of us takut nak comment macam you tapi thats how most of us really feel.
Glad you are the bold kind.
We all takut kena digelar macam RPK pulak!
So thank you ma'am!

Saya... 5 February 2009 at 21:08  

Not angry at your words, but angry that you seem to think what happened is acceptable!!

IT IS NOT. Like sepadu said, we are regressing. It is horrible to watch such a blessed and enriched nation be raped and cheated of progress and the well-being of the people neglected for the sake of political games and self-enrichment.

It is an anger borne out of pain. Pain at the fact that people like you and Najib et al, masih tak nampak apa yang berlaku and the speed at which we are hurtling towards self-destruction.

We cannot wait until we reach the lows of Africa and Philippines etc.

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 21:35  

gajah lawan dgn gajah,,,,semut jadi mangsa !.
tapi sekarang ni baru belang ternampak,,,,ular nampak nya,
Ular Sawa Pahang telan Katak Ipoh mari,,,mana nak kenyang,,,banyak lagi binatang politik di negara ini, nak kena telan ???...babi hutan tu haram !,,,ingat.
Turtle dari East coast dah makan Kedah & Perak,,,masih tak kenyang lagi tau.
Katak estate telan Selangor.
Penang di-telan Berok Melacca.
Labi Labi dah lari dari Tony.
Oooooiiii,,,semut, bila kita nak makan binatang di-atas ? Tak-kan kena taik mereka sahaja ?.
Kita semut banyak in numbers-lah,,,,,masih menunggu masa kot.


Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 21:39  

Are you gonna go my way?
I am sure you wont mind going all the way to let Dato' know who you are?
I am sure you are not afraid to reveal your name instead of hiding your real name?
Oh you're scared to let him know of your name? Tellhim who you are.
Jangan depan kawan tapi belakang hantam!
That is not the way maaa!

Anonymous,  5 February 2009 at 23:25  

To Anonymous who addressed An-Nimr on 05 February 2009 21:03' -

It's good that you feel the bad situation in the country. It means that you have conscience. The world is made miserable by people who don't have conscience and not God-fearing.

It's also good that you did express it. It may be anonymously but most of us are anon, too. But if you use a pseudonym, easier to address you, unlike the way I write above. Any name at all - Risau, Concerned, Mahu Maju, whatever.

You can speak up. Don't worry. We are not like Singapore where Big Brother is always on the wall. So long as you don't break the law, incite others to do so, or become libelious - check the dictionary for its full meaning to get a better sense of the limit you can go to. This is not legal advice (I'm not a lawyer), but don't accuse specific persons unless you have witnesses or proven/ established facts. Usually using the word "alleged" before the corrupt practice or wrongdoing linked to him/her is safe.

You need to speak up. It lets out pent-up feelings and you would feel relieved. More importantly, you get counted among the people who want change, who want a better deal, who want a better life for all of us, our children and grandchildren. The corrupt people must be made to realise their bad deeds and those in a position to take concrete action be persuaded to do so.

No need to be as loud and as voluble as RPK. Just loud enough and frequent enough to be noticed and/or heard.

Even statements that are general in nature on the evils of money politics and corruption helps.


I'm glad to know you are another person who feels about corruption perhaps as strongly as I do and readily speak up against it. I'm proud of you.

I think the leaders know about
the extent of money politics and corruption, especially when lately more reference was made to the MACC. But its such a huge, endemic and systemic problem, involving all aspects of the Malaysian society, that it requires a genuine and strong "political will" to rectify it.

Let's try to cooly, steadily and relentlessly speak against this cancerous menace so that the "political will" will emerge. Never mind even if it sounds like a scratched gramophone record (though you may be too young to have seen gramophone records of yesteryears).

Best wishes.

Anonymous,  6 February 2009 at 03:41  

Salam Tok Sak,
Things are really getting UGLIER with UMNO/BN (& PR as well!) each passing day... I'm getting cynical questions from my Saudi colleagues as to "What's happening in Malaysia?" every day now. I'm of the opinion that Najib's tactic of "welcoming the scums of Malaysia's MPs" into UMNO/BN's fold could actually backfire... I got the feeling many people in Perak (and throughout the country) are already sick to their core looking at the behavior of these politicians - and they will make sure their interests are taken care in the coming GE! And by then, UMNO/BN will be no longer relevant!

Ariff Sabri 6 February 2009 at 07:27  

are you gonna go myway.

i'll answer this fellow.if i dont go yr way,what happens?
your overenthusiastic support for dato najib is exceeded only by yr ignorance. yr support is of the kind that resulted najib winning the 1999 election in pekan with 241majority? were you there after 1999 doing all grunt work tor rework UMNO and najib?so dont ask about proof as though you are speaking from a moral high.
pls read the article carefully. i am passing no judgement here. i am indeed saying that najib is getting better at playing the game beating anwar. my criticism on anwar and pkr politics is a scathing as mine on najib. in yr blind rage, you have ignored this.
ah so you havent heard of hamzah zainudin going aroun in perak acting as santa claus have you. when he was felcra chairman, wasnt he the one who paid millions to ex wife while reported to be worth many more millions? you mean to insult our intelligence by saying,you make millions serving as chairman of felcra?

Anonymous,  6 February 2009 at 08:58  


Just one word -


kuldeep 6 February 2009 at 09:38  

Hamzah didn't make his money during his Felcra days.If I remember correctly,he was associated with TS Annuar Musa and was involved in a few IPOs in the mid nineties.

Those were the good days where if ur a lucky beneficiary of the "pink forms" or given shares in an IPO company u can virtually see your investment increase ten fold within a few months of the listing.And banks provide 100% funding for those shares.

Thus, overnight double digit millionaires are not so uncommon those days.

The rub is whether instead of enriching a select band of umnoputras,the proper choice should have been ,giving those shares to PNB,EPF etc i,e for the collective good.

And as an aside,those with the "get rich quick" mentality and sold off for a quick profit were doing the right thing financially as eventually most of the shares collapsed with the 1998 crisis.Many of those who subscribed to the government edict of long term bumiputra ownership are still paying off their debts now.


Anonymous,  6 February 2009 at 09:59  

Dear Mr sepadu, (aka Mr. Voice of Reason)

What have you been all this while? I’m in awe at your level headed, calm, cool & collected reasoning & awareness of all the common people (including senile old me) concerns about the governance of Malaysia.

You have my utmost respect, kowtow to you again; you sure got the mark of a true leader.

Best Wishes & good health to you too,

Tommy Yew

P.S – Have u ever lose it & spat the dummy big time on any issues? Just curious. I’m sure I don’t want to be at the receiving end when u do 

Anonymous,  6 February 2009 at 10:58  


like Kuldeep said, Hamzah didnt make his money during Felcra chairmanship. He made it because he owned several businesses including the IPO exercise.Way before that he made millions doing other things.

When you give facts just stick to fact...if you include your facts with unproved allegations (although popular belief to be true) then you'll hurt the credibility of your whole statement.


"The rub is whether instead of enriching a select band of umnoputras,the proper choice should have been ,giving those shares to PNB,EPF etc i,e for the collective good."

That's true Kuldeep..but that's for another discussion...

Many years before the court order payment to his ex-wife,I mean way before his chairmanship in Felcra, an out of court settlement for the amount of RM5 Million didn't go through.I know this fact because I was one of the Lawyers.

Cheers all

kuldeep 6 February 2009 at 11:43  

Well in a nutshell..he made his money from his linkages to UMNO..right?But thats not the gist.
As i understand it,Dato's issue is the Santa Clausing he did ;tho to be fair to Santa...he's giving presents not cos he is bidding for an UMNO post.

Anonymous,  6 February 2009 at 15:26  

Dear Mr Yew,

Thanks for the kind words, conveyed through the courtesy of Dato Sakmongkol here. Thanks also to him as I don't own a blog. I like to roam and can't afford the time to maintain one.

I have stated where I was before to the "endearing zaza" in Demi Negara's blog a little earlier on.
(I have also addressed Apocryphalist endearingly as "Apo" - consent sought but still pending).

Thanks for your vote of comfidence, but I don't aspire to be a leader, just an ordinary citizen who contributes towards ridding corruption and building this country into a united, peaceful and harmonious nation
for all of us, our children, grandchildren and later generations.

Let's do it together in whatever little way we can.

Best wishes.

Anonymous,  6 February 2009 at 15:39  


An amendment please -

there should be the words "Arif of" after the word "Dato" in my comment above.

Best wishes.

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