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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 28 February 2009

Further questions for PKNP

The main points from the defender of PKNP who goes by the name of Jack Nicklaus are:-

  1. I must say i had the chance to meet a close friend to the two gentlemen (so called hijackers). It seems that the story started even longer than mentioned, in which these two gentlemen could have been the originator of the project idea itself and definitely not hijackers... (one factor to be corrected).
  2. There is no hijack case...simply a case where due to power craze and greed, the two gentlemen almost cornered out by empty promises and very forgetful people who uses high powered persons' names to oust them the kampung way.... (one factor with solid proof)
  3. Theres is no land selling ie. buying dirt cheap and selling expensive..which budak darjah 5 pun tau nak buat... The mechanisme brought by two gentlemen is the 1st in M'sia which has proven right at countries who are much better managed and with much better income per capita.... (one big factor cancelling the PKFZ crazy issue)
  4. PKNP do not sell the land, this time only leasing in which they will continue to get income for the next 30 + 30 years... and on top of it they would be getting extra income thru dividends (a real bonus actually) from the courtesy of the two gentlemen's idea....(this is real good deal for PKNP... oh yes, PKNP do not really have the risk at all)
  5. I could spell out more about the gentlemen's story but hope the above is sufficient to at least raise a reasonable doubt about the negative comments hitting at the two gentlemen and PKNP.
  6. So Mr Ariff, please do the right thing.
  7. I know some might be just sour grapes, lack of journalists' experience and maybe just half glass empty thinkers'... but hey just give them a break and let see and hope they succeed... its going to be good for PAHANG...

Rgds, Pahang Lover

These PKNP people. They think they are very kleva. They come back from Amerika. They smoke cigar there, everywhere and heya. They spoil the atmosfiya. I could go on in the Kedahan slang to parody how these people would behave.

They want to MEC city me. They want to Phuket me. They want to South Africa me. They want to TembelingResort me. They want to HighwayBricks me. They want to KuantanParade me. They want to Putrasquare me. They want to Pelabuhan Kuantan me. They want to insult the intelligence of Pahang people saying they made money for the state.

Let me explain. The above are really the badges of shame committed by PKNP. This bloody idiot of a GLC has received virtually a monopoly in almost all business fields. It is a behemoth. Unfortunately, it failed miserably to transform itself into a conglomerate. Its managers go here and there for short managerial and executive courses. I am just wondering whether they can follow through the courses given their dismal command of the English language. All they can do to signal they have attended such courses are to have attendance certificates and diplomas framed on their wall.

The MEC city project, bombed. A few thousand acres were acquired from the government through PKNP at dirt cheap prices. The idea was to transform the area now occupied by Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) into a hub for the manufacture of electrical and electronic products. I remembered the launching of this business park by then PM Mahathir. UMNO Bahagians were told to transport busloads of noisy and rambunctious UMNO members to make up the crowd. Many were given souvenirs of electronic calculators. I got one with a sticker at the back which said the product was made in Malaysia. I peeled off the sticker which revealed that the simple calculator was made in Taiwan.

They improved the land slightly and resold at thousands of percent higher prices. In the end, PKNP bombed here. There is no electronics and electrical goods park here.It now houses UNiversiti Malaysia Pahang.

PKNP went into business in Phuket. To do what is a mystery. Perhaps it was to do a bicycle manufacturing plant. In the end PKNP lost RM 100 over million. In South Africa they went into the manufacture of wire harness I think. PKNP has yet to recover RM 120 million losses. Kuantan Parade was a building owned by PKNP which was later sold to Pilecom or whatever. It is left holding its balls with one miserable unit. The complex where the east coast mall now stands is a monument of shame. The place used to be government quarters until some smart Alec proposed to build a huge mall there. To sweeten the bitter pill, the promoters proposed to divide the complex into Malay, Chinese and Indian towns.

I don't know whether you will call this stupid or moronic; even a makcik who is owner of land will request for at least 20-25% share in her land from the developer. And what did the Pahang government get through PKNP/Pasdec? It was 17%. How did I know? I asked this question in the Dewan and the MB answered. Indeed the MB sounded uneasy then having to state the figure of 17%. I even asked whether the whole land area is a leased or freehold area. The market was awash with rumours saying the developer was pressuring the Pahang government into giving it a freehold title otherwise it will back away from the development.

Who or what exactly is PKNP and its stable horses? It seems the modus operandi how PKNP does its business is something akin to the CIA's covert operations. A mole within the company will be 'located' by the enemy (read those who want money from government, land, sweet deals etc.) The mole would be conditioned by the scouting party about the good prospects.

The mole, after being sufficiently conditioned goes back to his head and says, boss, here is a good deal. I have been in contact with so and so, and maybe there's this business lead we can capitalise on. Hence the item numbered 1 on the e mail sent by the mole Jack Nicklaus.

The mole's version of the business proposal is made believable for the gullible minds of PKNP management. The mole may have even champion the business lead. It's good for PKNP. It's good for Pahang. These people are brilliant. Notice how the term brilliant is said- it's said as if in awe reflecting the state of cerebrally-challenged environment in the PKNP management. By the mole's own admission,PKNP is infested with budak darjah 5. See items numbered 3, 4 and 7 in the e mail by Jack Nicklaus.

Well, there's more that meets the eye here. It is a tale of treachery and betrayal. Will the government countenance such a thing?

First, I seem to remember the federal government has stated that it will only issue 2 supply base licenses. One for Labuan and the other the Kemaman supply base. Now if the Tanjung Agas O&G hub is to be turned into a supply base, the government will have to issue a 3rd Supply Base licence. Now, let's see how brilliant this idea is.

One immediate effect is to bring in another competitor to Kemaman Supply Base. Now, we know a supply base depends on Production Sharing Contractors( PSCs) doing business in the area. Once they set up shop, other supporting players in the O&G industry will converge. Thus you have people like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Scomi and so on to support the PSCs.

So, pray tell, will the Tanjung Agas Supply Base gets its own PSCs? Or will it force by decree since the next PM is from Pekan, the existing PSC's to come to Tanjung Agas. There are probably about 6 PSCs in the country at the moment. These are:-

  1. Newfield now doing work in Kelantan, I think.
  2. Petronas Carigali
  3. Talisman
  4. Exxon Mobil (EPMI)
  5. Petrofac
  6. Carigali-Hess

Will all these people be forced to relocate and therefore snuff the life out from Kemaman supply base? What we were told, there are 7 players in this Tanjung Agas Supply Base. All I see are strange name of companies that were probably formed from off the shelf companies. I see no big names in the O&G industry.

To be continued.


nightcaller 28 February 2009 at 10:03  

Just a short note, history refreshment course, perhaps....

If my memory did not fail me, Kuantan port materialised because the then PM decided that the port shall be in Kuantan instead of Kemaman (Supply base) although the latter has better natural port characteristics. The decision was based on the many "reports" that favours Kuantan.

With that, Kuantan port was constructed with excavating and deepening the waterway, damaging the ecosystem along the way.

Now that the next to be PM is said to be from Pekan, is he going to repeat the same mistakes and follies like his father? Do history repeats itself?

Anonymous,  28 February 2009 at 12:08  

Dear Dato'

Pls excuse' mua. Bab-bab parody in Kedah ni amatlah menarik. Biarlah hamba tolong sambung ranting Dato'with my semi-siamese slang ni sebab Sakmongkol pun Muay Thai jugak, boleh kot.
So Dato' cakap pasai PKNP dan perceived salah laku depa. Sapa la kami ni To'. Antara percaya dan tak percaya, tapi sebagai rakan blogger Dato' saya tetap bersama Dato' dalam melawan hal2 begini.
Saya percaya Dato' ada sebabnya yang manasabah dan tampak gaya Dato' menulih memang nampak membela the interest of the masses.
Cuma cagha dato' mesti kena modifay sikit na...
Dato' mesti ingat, Dato' punya pembaca ghamai. Maka tu Dato' mesti work from position of strength. Mesti dan boleh. Dato' usha tengok Rocky ka, Sime Darby Watch ka, A Voice ka. Look how they wipped up the sentiment. Nengok apa jadi kat Sime, Air Asia dan sebagainya terbalik terkucil... Success depa tu...
Bukan nak ajaq atau rendahkan Dato' pula, minta maaf Dato' saya ni pun salah soghang peminat penulisan Dato'.
Dato' kalau nak melawan depa tu don't underestimate them so much their level of education ka apa ka. Anggap yang kita ni yang underdog. Depa tu pirate, bukan calang2. Draw your strength from your crowd, I guarantee you can be more successful. Bukan nak sughuh Dato' jadi subversif. Kata mandor kat construction project, use the right tool for the right person, use the right tool for the person for the right job. Tak buleh silap kan.
Mat Cendana hang tolong lah tengok issue2 Dato' bawak na...jangan biaq dia jadi lone blogawan cam lone ranger lak.
Maka tu hamba minta maaf dan mohon mengundur diri. Nak pi tengok Mamasita lak mana tau khidmat hamba diperlukan kat sana.
SatD aku mintak maaf la lama tak mai. Aku slow sikit, apa jawapan hat soalan nipple nipple hang tu?

kuldeep 28 February 2009 at 12:19  

PKNP needs revamping..need Azman Mokhtar to come in with his headline PKIs,RAVs,Economic Profits and his multicolor books.

PKNP needs a complete revamp and revitalisation to a corporate culture where monkeys are not given peanuts.They need a Hays evaluation of the complexities and amazing skill sets required of their top executives..thereby justifying that multi million dollar remunerations are only a pittance.

The problem with Tanjung Agas project is the lack of branding.The project's viability is not an issue and irrelevant if the branding is done correctly.They should have a clear corporate color,have a corporate uniform and most important of all to get the right NAME.Even if one is ugly the right name still conjures some mystic.Sean sounds better than Mat.They shld hv called it TAG and hv a co branding deal with Tagheuer...

Tg Agas shld have appointed the right PR company...the right branding company..and Radziwill to design the uniforms.THAT WAS THEIR BIG MISTAKE.

The other issue on this Tg Agas project is the "packaging" just confining it to 4000 odd acres..its too limiting>>it does not fire any raging hard ons.Where's the space for a recuperative enclave?LEGO enclave?academy enclave?medical enclave?and its ludicrous that they are no plans to actually build a Tiger woods golf course..crazy!!!..this clearly shows the lack of follow through thinking as its so rational that these O&G guys needs to relax too..

They should have taken a map of Pahang and drawn a bigger boundary...encompassing possibly Pekan..Rompin.Tioman.Maybe take bits of johor too...watever>>and rebranded the whole area as a new zone.With the right name,a masterplan with lots of nice pictures and young beautiful handsome ppl in bright uniforms it will look so much better on Tv and newspaper.

Thats the bottomline.

LESONGINDEK 28 February 2009 at 15:06  


"Sungai Pahang air nya deras

sudah lah deras berliku-liku

Orang pahang hati nya besar lagi keras

Walu keras mudah tertipu"

Kerana apa keran syok sendiri.


Anonymous,  28 February 2009 at 16:19  

Salam Tok Sak,
The Jack Nicklaus/Pahang Lover sure sounds more like Jack the "Raper"! As you rightly highlighted, the results speak for themselves! MEC, etc... once we have this "instant" mentality among Malays, we have problems... semua nak cepat, so kena buat silap mata, and putar alam lah... semua nak cepat kaya without sweating it out!

Anonymous,  28 February 2009 at 16:36  


Im not from a “besar belake” state but I love Kuantan. Such a nice place, weather, food and people. I hope things go well in Kuantan and Pekan.

Please clarify me on this. The original proposal from the 2 original gentlemen was for the same project. So it got hijacked, we past that already. Do you mean to say that the project is good and viable but somehow the mechanism been tampered by the hijacker or is it still the same proposal and same mechanism.

If its still the same proposal and same mechanism, so if the project had never been hijacked, do we still have something to complaint or not?

Atau ni kes depa yang dapat projek ni yang tak betoi kot….atau memang projek ni yang tak betoi… .pheww..

Anonymous,  28 February 2009 at 20:31  

Wah! such a group of pirates exist in Pahang. I thought they are found only in Putrajaya. This is better than a novel.

Anonymous,  1 March 2009 at 05:54  

In summary, its all about money and politics or better still money politics ?. No money no politics !

Am getting the picture finally.

my 2 cents

Unknown 3 March 2009 at 16:41  

Dato' Sak, the truht is, the MEC project was not carried out by PKNP. The proposed project was approved by the Pahang State Exco"s and for sure TYT Tun Khalil Yaakob was the chief minister and beyond the state government. The fact that PKNP should'nt be blmed for.

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