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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 7 August 2012

UMNO is indeed rotten to the core.

Readers may refer to the video clip which I uploaded in the previous article. This is the English version of the article.It doesn't require a rocket scientist to identify the clip as an UMNO handiwork.
When the UMNO member cannot answer in a civilized manner, he will react in the most ill-mannered way. He will react like how the least educated and ill-bred folks do. Lashing out vulgarities and letting out the most contemptible of remarks feeling hapless when the lies and shams of his leaders are exposed.
Or they will use reverse psychology. Would I be willing to allow DAP to dominate the federal government? Doesn’t that amount to treachery against the Malay?
We wont dignify such remark by having to explain ourselves. Suffice to say, that could only be if Malay members of parliament within the PR are chopped livers and are of half past six quality like UMNO MPs. The UMNO MP who will lose will be replaced by more capable Malay. There are so many capable Malays who are not UMNO. The paranoia UMNO has is to imagine UMNO is Malay and Malay is UMNO. It’s no longer that way and this is case of UMNO not able to accept rejection. UMNO is rejected all around.
UMNO MPs have been cavorting with rich Chinese towkays all the time. Now, while they romp around with Chinese towkays selling out the Malays, UMNO is asking the ordinary Malays to fight with non-Malays. What does that make UMNO? It makes an UMNO that has become an expert in running with the hare while hunting with the dogs.
UMNO’s longevity and credibility sadly rests on the support of exactly this kind of unfortunate creatures. As long as they are kept that way UMNO is safe. It’s in UMNO interest to have as many Malays ignorant and feeling insecure. UMNO’s principal interest is to ensure Malays remain stupid and dependent on them. Najib’s transformation programs depend on such kind of people.
The only logical way UMNO can sustain itself then is cultivate as long as possible, the UMNO ethos. And what is the UMNO ethos? It’s the culture more in line with the beasts in the jungle- where might is right and the herd instinct.  Power in the hand of UMNO becomes a dangerous tool and so UMNO becomes a menace to everyone, especially the Malays.
Because of that ethos, you find Ahmad Maslan , the UMNO information chief declaring the theme of OUR Merdeka is for UMNO to define. You also get to hear Rais Yatim condescendingly talk to everyone not to dismiss our Merdeka despite difference of opinions. Our Merdeka is not for UMNO to own and who is Rais to make light of others unlike him who are equally patriotic when it comes to Merdeka?
As to Ahmad Maslan, we will let him be minister in Sungai Buloh soon where the majority of UMNO members will hold their AGM in the very near future.
We like it that UMNO remains unchanging while the rest of society moves forward. It will become extinct because the UMNO ethos prevents it from adapting.
UMNO must be ready to accept that not all Malays subscribe to its struggle and agenda. UMNO has simply gone rogue and doesn’t deserve allegiance and loyalty by the majority of Malays. It’s the mark of the highest self-righteousness for any UMNO leader and its supporters to describe UMNO’s struggle as sacred while that of others, profane.  That’s the UMNO arrogance.
 Once defeated, UMNO will take a long time to recover because it simply does not have leadership of substance. Its members seem to be united more because of their herd instincts of needing to be just together in order to have safety in numbers. They are not in UMNO as a result of the strength of their convictions. As long as UMNO can maintain a near monopoly on defining what being a Malay means, then it can sustain itself.
Once its grip on the monopoly of defining being Malay is loosened or the myth that UMNO represents Malay is debunked, UMNO itself is broken. The end is inevitable because UMNO has failed to adapt to new expectations. 
Whatever the UMNO struggle is, it’s inconsequential to those who refuse to accept UMNO’s hegemony. The Malay, who objects to UMNO ways, is aware that he is no less Malay, nor a lesser Muslim than the UMNO member. UMNO can’t expect people to take it lying down its lies and deceptions.
In response to the above video clip, we shall expose the fallacies and lies that UMNO is trying to perpetrate. Why is UMNO resurrecting the ghosts of racial clashes past? Because it proves that UMNO can only sustain itself if it can continuously feed on the natural mistrust between people of different religion, culture and history. It survives by playing up the primal fears of the entrapped Malay with his unleavened prejudices and all that.
As long as UMNO can put a wedge in between the races in Malaysia, it can live on. Deny and reject UMNO’s racist solution, it dies a premature death. The best way to handle UMNO’s racist solution is for all the anti UMNO/BN forces to stand united and ignore UMNO’s provocations.


Anonymous,  7 August 2012 at 17:35  

I saw the video, indeed Umno is desperate. They are trying the 'scare' tactic to frighten the Malays. Again, they seemed 'to miss the trees for the forest'. The issue is rampant corruption, cronyism and Umno putras and putris being above the law. Majority of Malays realized this and I pray and hope they will put this into their votes. All the Chinese asked is fairness, is it too much to ask when they have been a loyal citizens of Malaysia? I am a Malay and it pains my heart when I see untested foreigners being easily given citizenships just for one party to win the election! I love my country and I do not want my country to be destroyed because of greed for power.

Anonymous,  7 August 2012 at 18:41  

More than those mentioned by you, Dato', UMNO also monopolies ,

corruption, plundering and robbery of the national coffers,
Racialism and apartheid ,
Cronyism ,
Lying and double-speak,
Gangsterism and thuggery,
Bodoh sombong ism.

AND, these worms and miscreants would. accuse you for attacking the Malays if you were to criticize them on the commission of these sins.
AND they say that all the janji di tepati and demand that they rule this land for another 50 years.

bruno,  7 August 2012 at 20:22  

Dato,if Dr Mahathir says Umno is rotten to the core,there can be no doubt that Umno is rotten to the core.If Umnoputras think that the Umno is Malay and Malay is Umno slogan will work,they are in for a shock when the GE is finally over and done.

Any right thinking Malays or anybody else,whether Chinese,Indians or Eurasians and others have to do is just ask themselves this simple questions.If Umno is Malay and Malay is Umno how come only a selected group of priviledged Malays live in mansions,have high end vehicles,branded wear and millions and hundreds of millions in offshore accounts.If Umno is for all Malays,why not at least all Malays have at least small bungalows and hundreds of thousands in bank accounts,wear branded wares and just drive Toyotas and Hondas.

How come Umno is punishing their fellow Malays in Kelantan for supporting the PAS.How come the people of rural Sabah and Sarawak who are also Bumiputras are punished even for voting in the Umno/BN.Umno let thier warlords robbed the state coffers dry with no funds left for development. Leaving the tribal people without the neccessary amenities such as tap water,sewage,roads ,electricity and schools.Many of the families living on the outskirts are illiterate.

Looking back at all the abuses Umno has done to their own people should they be given another five more years?Even diehard Umno supporters should have their heads examined by Dr quack if they think so.It is high time the rotten fish is thrown into the boiler.

Alan Newman 7 August 2012 at 20:55  

Syrian PM defects to opposition. Likewise, more defection from BN/UMNO in the coming days. God always punishes evil. BN/UMNO. Dr MM. PM, MACC, EC…don’t dream, repent now before it is too late. Besides, the whole world sees through your zero sincerity & moral

Pok Li,  7 August 2012 at 21:23  

I wonder if they will show this video clip on TV during GE13 campaign period. However I'm not too worried about it as I believe like me, most Malays wouldn't want to watch the clip beyond the first minute. Its disgusting.

True Dato' Sak, UMNO seems to think Malay is UMNO and UMNO is Malay. But they forget that there are more Malays outside UMNO. And most middle class Malays outside UMNO are shying away from this party that's rotten to the core.

bruno,  7 August 2012 at 23:05  

Dato,a government for the people should be a free economy and a level playing field for all Malaysians.No cronism,no monopolies for any favored groups or people.

But it doesn't mean that the gomen should forget or neglect the needy and those living under the proverty levels.It should help those that needed help.There are Malays,Chinese,Indians,Seranis and others who are poor too..Not all Chinese are rich as Umnoputras would like all to believe.

But no such more thing as minting of millionaires and super millionaires.A fair and competitive economy will bring the best out of all peoples.Even in the civil services.There should be no such thing as a Malay crony should be the top one in the departments.Or else other capable professionals will shun gomen jobs.Especially those of other races.

The tongkat,crutches and wheelchair mentality should be phrased out.If the Malays are stuck with this mentality,which the Umnoputras would loved,then their lack of confidence will forced them not to compete or take chances in the free economy.

For such changes to have a chance to be a reality,the Umno/BN first have to be chased out of Putrajaya.

bat8 8 August 2012 at 00:02  


Umno is malay and Malay is Umno adalah satu kenyataan aka penipuan yang paling bohong. Sejak masik ke Sabah, Imno sudah tukar statusnya dari parti melayu kepada parti bumiputra apabila keahliannya dibuka kepada bumiputra. Hingga kehari ini. Asal bumiputra semua layak menjadi ahli Umno.sekarang ini walaupun bukan berugama Islam.

Kalau melayu dan Islam menjadi syarat menjadi ahli Umno, macamana John Ambrose, boleh menjadi ketua bahagian Penampang,Selangor.

Kalau melayu dan Islam menjadi kriteria menjadi ahli Umno, mengapa sekumpulan orang siam di Kedah menubuhkan cawangan Umno dikampong mereka. Najib dalam satu majlis bersama masyarakat siam di Kedah awal tahun ini memaklumkan bahawa masyarakat siam pun boleh menjadi ahli Umno.

Umno memperjuangkan Islam? Ini satu lagi pembohongan. Kalau memperjuangkan Islam, buat apa ahli-ahli Umno di Sabah dari kalangan bumiputra yang berugama kristian buat dalam Umno? Apakah kepercayaan mereka membenarkan mereka menyokongan perjuangan ugama lain?

Ini persoalan-persoalan yang kita nak minta cybertrooper dan penyokong tegar Umno jawab.

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 04:06  

Dr. David Quek and Dr. Samuel Ong Boon Leng are exceptionally outstanding and passionate cardiologists , who treated patients, both elderly and young from the humble background with such care that brought gratitude and tears to their parents and awe to young medical students in the 70s. Many students knew they had to be seen and heard working so hard and in dedication when it came to caring for the patients. And the ever humble and smiling, Dr. Micheal Jeyakumar Devaraj is fondly remembered as one who rushes in where angels fear to tread to serve the poor including poor Malays and orangasli in the interior for many years, unknown to many. My brother, a medical doctor and his family love him and his elderly parents dearly.

And the brilliant Prof Azly Rahman with such magnitude of heart and mind for every rakyat to have the access to equality and quality education. Then there is Dr. Husin Ali . A long list of exemplary Malaysians. How our medical students, young doctors and nurses; academic faculty members and university students would have been immensely benefitted, learning from these distinguished individuals ? And that would have been transformed into the best and caring brains in the respective fields. For the progress of the nation. For the ageing population now and in the years to come. Without the political interference, selective preference for promotion, posting and recognition. What a great loss !

What is there to fear and dread with the smartest brains and big hearts to learn and serve like them ? I honestly never. For taking humble pride in own career and enjoy it immensely in the process of serving humanity ? Utterly ridiculous ! We can, we must care and share, help each other, and learn ,unlearn mistakes and do it better the next time, that’s the way to be cool and smart to forge forward.

Honestly, it works more effectively to say the mistake done in private, the person gets to share what had happened, but with willingness to hear and learn and be better. Without sending out whiny SOS to dato daddy / grandpa and puan sri mommy to pick them up and remain elite toddlers, that goes to some children of the three communities of the elite and the top middle segment of our society in this nation. That is the trouble of being too dependent on domestic helpers that the power to take responsibilities and do them well by the children, then as young adults is stripped away from them and leave them incapacitated in adulthood.

All these insanities, unfairness will have to go for good. Ai say Ludovico Einaudi – Le Onde uploaded by samueleworld will definitely ease the great loss.

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 09:43  

how sad- a rotten party is ruling our nation-- hence malaysia is in a big mess-- all rotten- no nation building policies --poor economic n educational policies--millions illegals on our shores n rising crime rate -- poor pay n high inflation ???vote for change now

walla 8 August 2012 at 10:44  

Two things about our Malays remain puzzling.

One, how can they take pride to keep their homes clean and tidy all the time and yet some of them will continue to vote for an Umno that is dirty and messy?

Two, how can these same some feel so obligated to Umno that they would think it derhaka if they vote for non-Umno parties when it is plain to all by now, Malays and non-Malays, that Umno is the cause of all of the country's problems and the root of her malaise?

If we can keep our homes clean and tidy with no small measure of effort and pride, shouldn't it also mean we must keep our country and government clean and tidy with equal pride?

Furthermore, in the case of government, it's easier to do so. Just ABU away Umno come GE13. You don't even have to vote against Umno. Wherever your polling station may be, all that you just need to do is to put in your vote FOR the Pakatan candidate.

I am not worried about the non-Malays here. Despite the blustering of the Barisan component parties, the non-Malays are all going to vote for Pakatan this time in GE13, at least on the peninsular. Many of those in Sabah and Sarawak have also started by cleaning their blowpipes.

Just imagine, those 2 million Malay votes the last time were more likely than not to include Barisan's famous invention - phantom voters. If twenty five percent were phantom voters, it is already a very bad deal - how can our rakyat let just 1.5 million voters decide on who to run the federal posts of a Malaysia that has 28 million citizens? What kind of a representative democracy is this we have been having? Do we have to bring in the ghostbusters?

And this thing about derhaka seems not just blatantly stupid but sheer moral cowardice. Adopted by those in uniform, it is more than moral cowardice. In fact, completely unacceptable. The security of the rakyat and the negara should not be circumscribed by the circumference of one's periuk.

It's like this. For years, a gangster has been throwing his weight around in the market. He muscles in on honest business, claims for himself and his family all the monopolies and best lots that destroy livelihoods and denies the best to give their best to more, punches and tars whoever disagrees with him, buys up the local sheriff to lock up complainants, and if he is not in his offshore bank busy toting up the millions stolen, siphoned and stashed away, he can be seen cavorting at some secret rendezvous enjoying his spoils of politricks.

Staff in the sheriff's office see all this shitty nonsense going on year after year. Staff in the local newspaper house, likewise. But there seems to be a conspiratorial hush going on ( These staff fear they may be seen ungrateful. But are they puppets or men?

The people ask these staff - if your job is to uphold good principles all the time, why are you letting your ego be excused as a fear that you will personally lose out if you put in your own BASIC right to help stop once and for all the gangster from propagating his thuggery, fakery and moral turpitude against the people you have sworn to protect?

After all, when you go out at night to do your rounds and face danger on the road, you already stand the risk of personal loss - so what's the difference that makes bravery in job become cowardice in vote?

walla 8 August 2012 at 10:45  


You chase a robber who has pushed a poor woman onto the ground, cracking her skull. In one hand, he holds her handbag. It contains two slices of toast, her breakfast, and dua puluh lima ringgit, her weekly pocket money. In the other hand, he holds a parang and he is coming onto you. At that point in time in your life so far milked by Umno, you risk your life to get back for the poor woman her dua puluh lima ringgit when your boss' party hacks turn their eyes away from a scam that has caused the citizens you are trying to protect a sum no smaller than dua puluh lima juta ringgit. Can you count?

Be assured no cyber-trooper in the land called Tanah Air can give a credible answer to ANY of these questions, whether they be oxbridge-trained or otherwise. And frankly, if there's a reason Barisan must be voted out in GE13, the incredulous performance of these cyber-troopers suffices as reason.

A country run by idiots will become idiotic in no time. A country run by crooks will become impoverished soon enough. And you know it. Ask the Felda settlers. Furthermore, no lesser an authority than the EPU of our JPM had once favorably compared us to Ghana. Ingat tak?

Too much of a stretch? Just listen to what were said by Najib, Rais, Shahrizat, Nazri and Noh in just the past four days. And there are three hundred and sixty five days in a year. Mati-lah.

One more question for the road. As we fast, let's not fail to ask.

Once there was a CEO. He was a family member of some bigwig. He was bailed out to the tune of billions paid for with money belonging to the rakyat. Years later, he somehow or other has a stake in a company called Q-Tech. It buys a stake from San Miguel from Kirin of Japan for a sum of RM2.9 Billion. He is then appointed to the board of the brewery which then buys from Exxon/Mobil of Malaysia its lock stock and barrel for an underpar RM610 million. This ceo now has a stake in the second biggest petrol retail and refinery franchise rebranded Petron in Tanah Air. Turn-around or burn-around?

Maybe that's why the french calls Malaysia as "Malaisie". Full of malaise. An infectious disease giving great discomfort to the rakyat except for those whose skin, if not conscience, is already made of dead cells.

And that's why you won't also be asking what's so special about Tengku Adnan that he can be given 20 percent of Hyumal Motor which has accumulated over RM2 Billion in AP collections. Is Hyumal Motor a major regional if not global player in the automotive value-chain? Does it even serve the interests of our vaunted social-economic re-engineering objectives?

Badge of honour, or infamy, anyone?

trubadour 8 August 2012 at 11:24  

Salaam Dato' Sak... You capture the issues brilliantly. Cheers and God bless ya!

Lrong Lim 8 August 2012 at 12:17  

I felt a sense of sickness overcoming me while watching the video... just could take it anymore at around 7th or 8th minute... the UMNO people are indeed beyond redemption... all right-thinking citizens should and must give them the boot at the next opportunity...

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 12:45  

Walla, 2/2

You are quite sharp in dissecting the Petron ownership and their ultimate objectives. Not many people in the market picked up on this and many still dont believe that the actual owners are you-know-who and family. In a nutshell, HE is now washing/recycling his offshore funds back into Malaysia to grab prime assets in the middle of all this political chaos. Its irrefutable 'foreign investment' funds. The BOYCOTT PETRON campaign will not hold as not many people are aware of who the actual owner is. The buyout of other key strategic assets will expand from this option.

Together with his buddy and pet, Syed Mokhtar, all key strategic assets will be under HIS sole control. All malaysians will be at their mercy of HIM from breakfast to supper; from cradle to grave. So unless we vote UMNO out this round, Malaysia is totally doomed to higher prices for the sole benefit of the oligarchs. This is covert economic plunder on a grand scale.

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 13:31  

Pesara 2 Melayu, lebih - lebih lagi mereka yang dapat pencen RM2K bulanan ke atas bukan main lagi panas baran kalau bincang pasal undi PK / A.B.U. Padahalnya itu wang income tax rakyat majoriti yang bertungkus - lumus seharian untuk mencari nafkah hidup. Pesara2 dlm kategori atas dibelenggu untuk kepentingan diri; yang lain pula ketakutan untuk anti - establishment, menikus dianggap derhaka. Tak berani bangun untuk menentang kezaliman serta penipuan UMNO- BN. Lemah berserah pada takdir untuk terus dibelenggu, sudah pasti perhampakan PATI dalam masa tiga tahun ?

Sak perlu berbincang dalam hal ini serta
kadar jenayah yang menegrikan rakyat kita.

Bodohnya pendatang asing gadaikan maruah untuk mengundi UMNO- BN yang bakal mengperhambakan mereka seperti ianya sanggup menggadaikan Rakyat Malaysia sendiri ? Kehilangan hak asasi untuk balik ke negara sendiri untuk bersama keluarga setelah mengumpul wang yang mencukupi serta membangun negara miskin sendiri, biarkan anak cucu - cicit terus merempat di tepi jalan ?

Rakyat kita pula akan merempat di tanahair sendiri bila negara bankrup. Apakah begitu atau sebaliknya dlm PU 13 ?

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 13:50  

Dear Dato Sak

The video is a vile piece of
fascist propaganda.

Let all Malaysians of goodwill
join together and totally reject
UMNO Baru's neo-fascism
for the social democracy of Pakatan Rakyat.

Phua Kai Lit

Zaidi,  8 August 2012 at 14:40  

Salam Dato'
The points raised by you are pertinent and in addition the comments by Walla highlighted the dark side of the Malays. The essence of the Malays is this : They have large action latency. What I mean by this is that it will take longer than most of other races or nation for the Malay to reach the "boiling point" or "change" but change they will. People who are used to analyse nations of low latency such as Indonesia and Thailand will never understand why the Malay is so slow to react to the point of being labeled "emotionless" and "not passionate enough". I think the next GE will show that when the Malay rises, UMNO will be driven to the graveyard and my take on this is that if the monarchs do not start to side with the people and behave in a manner that deserves respect, this Malay institution will also be another dinosour. I hope I am wrong but the feeling on the ground is that we have been a slave to the monarchs, then to the Portugese, Dutch, British, Japanese and British and Monarchs and now UMNOPutra. I don't wish for another French type revolution but the historical imperatives are already being fulfilled.

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 17:29  

When the man who walks on water said his party is rotten to the core, there are few reasons
1. he no longer has the authority as past

2. he cant make decision to benefit himself and cronies

3. he is no longer in the equation to benefit from the gravy train

3. nobody listen to him

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 19:42  

Setiap hari, UMNO Baru kini menjadi semakin rasis. UMNO Baru-lah yang cuba mencetuskan rasa tidak senang hati antara kaum dan antara agama.

Kita kena tanya, dimanakah Raja-Raja Melayu terutamanya YDPB Agong untuk melindungi rakyat Malaysia?

Ini bukan setakat politik lagi, tetapi kestabilan sebuah negara.

UMNO Baru sudah terlampau dan semakin kurang ajar. Inilah imej bangsa Melayu dan Islam berperisa UMNO yang satu dunia nampak. Malu!

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 21:24  

Reading or listening to the narration of the cruelty leading to death on the poor woman over her RM 25 pocket money for a week must have evoked that intense sense of anger, wanting to put an end of this barbaric behavior and fight for justice and fairness long delayed in the nation.

However the reverse happened where the latest herd of young umno troopers mocked over the article at a public forum about the gruesome murder of a Vietnamese couple in Kajang. One even wrote “ sarcasm at its best ” as her comment ?! Shocking, repugnant ! Must be a scenario of copy, cut and paste. Had to shuttle out from the cyberspace, sickened to the stomach after reading three comments. To keep the sanity intact. Have these youth be dumb - ed to inability to think leading to their destruction ?

And whoever had placed the gruesome picture for the article do not demonstrate the expected level of professionalism in journalism and respect for the deceased, the family and the readers. These are two examples of uncountable unsolved crime cases that cause us sickened to the core – the products of a corrupted system of the Boleh government.

Is there an option to leave our societies to “ditakdirkan ” by them ? We, each has been bestowed with good clear mind and heart to reflect upon reflections, cases and data through the decades repeatedly, to change the course of our destiny and the nation’s as well in the GE 13. Enough is enough.

Anonymous,  8 August 2012 at 21:28  

The one thing Umno cannot deny is economic reality. It was the spark that led to the Arab Spring - the high cost of living was the main reason why dictatorial, authoritarian regimes that have lasted decades collapsed in the Middle East.

Ecomic reality led to the downfall of the Suharto regime a decade ago.

Due to their economic mismanagement, cronnyism, wastage and asset-striping of the nation, the people are in more danger of facing an uncertain future of increasing infaltion, higher cost of living and greater borrowing by the government to cover the deficit.

If the high cost of living doesn't lead to revolt, the eventual public spending cost cutting measures that will be introduced when Malaysia is beholden to our lenders, will. Civil servants, police and other publi service sectors will be reduced, subsidies and pensions will be cut and taxes raised.

Then it will be the death knell for Umno

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