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Saturday, 11 August 2012

BN in Melaka: shaken but not stirred.

updated version.
The mainstream media paints an upbeat picture of Melaka’s Ali Rustam. That he has steered the state to new frontier of economic achievements. The prevailing picture is a Melaka driven by strong economy based on a number of revenue generating activities. In 2010, Melaka owed the Federal government RM 88 million which wasn’t paid. The accumulated debt owned by Melaka to the Federal government is RM 853 million.
Perhaps the people of Melaka should be aware of that. The physical development of Melaka has been achieved on the back of mounting debts. Some people trivialize the matter by saying; the debt is owed to the Federal government, not private banks. If they are owed to banks, the banks can foreclose assets. The Federal government does not bankrupt its state debtors. 
Yes, but Public debts are shouldered by every citizen in Melaka and it’s not the result of their doing but that of a rapacious and irresponsible government.
The people of Melaka are more knowledgeable about the many facilities built at massive costs that are becoming white elephants. The Melaka Airport which serves as a private airbase for the CM , the Melaka CIQ , a monstrosity built out of proportion to the size of incoming traffic. Why not build a bridge linking Melaka to the nearest Indonesian landmass?
Be that as it may, I can’t argue with the numbers. BN will still control the majority of parliamentary seats in Melaka. Out of the 6 federal seats, BN is likely to retain 4.
The opposition faces some good prospects in at least 2 seats; Kota Melaka and Bukit Katil. They can give a fair fight in Jasin and Tangga Batu. Alor Gajah is a potential area which Pakatan can intensify efforts in.

% support for opposition 2004
% support for opposition in 2008
Vote swing
If vote swing is 8%

Tonight, Tamrin Tun Ghafar will officially join PAS. Since he has served as MP in the area now called Bukit Katil, perhaps it would be of strategic significance fielding Tamrin in Bukit Katil. Tamrin is a gadfly; when asked whether he is scared that UMNO will now assassinate his character, he answered in his typical in your face style. He is not afraid because he says, in the past he is indeed naughty and was known as a ladies man. Because he says, that kind of image is expected of an UMNO politician. When pressed further he says- he knows almost all the starlets and artistes in Malaysia, save for 2 people- Ziana Zain and Zahida Rafiq. I was sure when he answered that, there was a mischievous twinkle in his eye. 


dukuhead 11 August 2012 at 12:44  

it's true, ali rustam's wheeling and dealing have left a trail of monstrosities from the ever-breaking-down monorail project to the splitting up of melaka municipal council into 2 entities (here we never hear of amalgamation consolidation and efficiency but splitting up into even more bureaucracy) all on borrowed money which ali rustam would himself never have to be personally accountable for. i hope they banish this guy upstairs or something but my feeling is that the next chump on line to be malacca chief/thief minister will be no less greedy and rapacious than his predecessor.

Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 18:06  

The CM is one of the top racist politician. Hope the end is near for him. cant wait to see him fall

Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 18:52  

What do you expect of postman doing a chief minister job? He only delivers and not accountable where the origin of fund is. Stupid for Malaccans to vote him in again.
- Postman Rings 2x

bruno,  11 August 2012 at 21:14  

Maybe by putting up posters with Thambi Chik side by side with the bowling star who got off a statutory rape because he has a bright furure will scare the daylights out of of those thinking of voting Umno/BN.

Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 22:02  

If the many voters of Melaka support Ali Rustam for the economic developement he brought to the State, it's OK. But come GE13 they should vote: State Seats to BN while Parliament Seats to PR.
When the PR Federal Government is installed, Ali Rustam will be made to be more transparent & accountable to rakyat Melaka.
For example, Penang & Selangor are able to bring economic developments & at the same time reducing their respective States' debt & achieve account surplus. In that, Ali Rustam will be made responsible for the leakages in his administration. So, voters of Melaka, Malaysians need your Parliament Seats to PR.

Navi,  13 August 2012 at 10:22  

Looks like a lot of BN ADUNs and MPs are ready to jump ship and join the PR coalition. Good that they have at last seen that BN is sinking. But, is it a good idea to field them as candidates (for PR). Frankly, I think it isn't. These people did not speak up against the evils perpetuated by BN then. Aren't they opportunists looking for greener pastures to continue being relevant? My hope is that these people will be received into the PR coalition, but not fielded as candidates.

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