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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 11 August 2012

East Malaysia: Politics Can be the Art of the Impossible.

If the Sabahans and Sarawakian are up to it, we may not even have to go the polls to change the government. Wifred Bumburing and Lajim Ukin have already jumped ship. The UMNO/BN ship as Lajim said is leaking. Sabahans must remember- once upon a time, a former PM said he will sink and swim with the BN component party ruling Sabah then. Well, that Party sank, and that PM swam away to safety.
He was the one who started the Project IC. This is a question of sovereignty. Yet he still has the arrogance to tell Malaysians especially Sabahans, the RCI isn’t necessary. Perhaps with the RCI, Malaysians can finally know the role Mahathir played in the Project IC.
He might as well tell Najib to grant citizenship to the more than 1 million Indon illegals that are hiding in our towns and cities because, they have stayed here a number of years and can speak Malay.
What if 18 other MPs in Sabah were to join Bumburing and Lajim? And then 20 MPs from Sarawak were to also join them. Immediately BN will be left with 102 seats. Pakatan and their likeminded friends will have 120 seats. Taib Mahmud has ruled Sarwak without UMNO there. he has the absolute freedom not to be beholden to Najib , UMNO and BN.
What will happen? Najib will have to see the Agong and tender his resignation. Sabah and Sarawak can negotiate with the new leadership. Once and for all they can remit the sweetest of punishment to Najib and Mahathir.
The new government that takes over can immediately take steps to rectify the IC problem, the Oil Royalty Issues as well as address firmly the issue of endemic corruption that has become the singular characteristic of the present government.


Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 19:00  

Common MPs of Sabah & Sarawak. Do justice to your rakyat and abandon the rudderless BN ship. This is the fastest way for you guys to realise your pre-independence agreement and achieve the changes for the rakyat by rectifying all issues on oil royalty, ic, rampant corruptions, suppression n fear. UBAH!
- Postman Rings 2x

Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 19:16  

If all these people have just a wee bit of conscience and clear heart we will never have to suffer anymore!

We shall not punish those who transgress but let the ALMIGHTY GOD do his Part!

We shall not hang them or jail them!

We shall let them be free!

Sabah Sifu 11 August 2012 at 20:22  

Spot on Dato’ – “If the Sabahans & Sarawakians are up to it”. You see Dato’ it is not whether the Sabahans or Sarawakians are up to it. It is about being “Hog-Tied” nice and proper. Sabahans & Sarawakians are so tied-up they can only blink. Blink once for NO and blink twice for YES. Unfortunately no one tells the Sabahans & Sarawakians how long each blink should last. So all these poor fellows are happily blinking none stop. Yet there are no changes to their predicaments.
The reality is that there are 60 ADUN seats in Sabah neatly divided into 32 Muslims seats, 19 KDMR seats and 9 Chinese seats. As you are well aware Jeffrey and his STAR are hollering up and down the interior for change and the response are good but at most he can only garner 19 seats. Yong Teck Lee with his SAPP is moving from small towns right up to the City and all he can garner are 9 seats. YTL may get less seats IF he has to fight DAP for the same seats.
It is the Muslim seats that are KEY in the Sabah equations. No one from the opposition is even scratching these seats including PAS in Sabah. Lajim is not even a factor that can move the Muslim seats, locally Lajim is a “none starter” and today a “has been” he will be a liability to PKR instead of an asset. A fresh Muslim face is needed in Sabah but NOT another recycle leader from UMNO like Ghafur Salleh a Warlord? – the Bugis in Tawau may decide to eat him for breakfast. Come to Sabah to learn more.

Sir Wenger,  11 August 2012 at 20:52  

It sounds too good to be true. But certainly possible because Anwar has stamina for the fight and if you wrestle long enough you can end up the winner. Let's see what Najib will do over the week end. If I were dr m I would begin to see the writing on the wall that both Najib and Pakatan are opposed to him.

bruno,  11 August 2012 at 20:57  

Dato,the sirens has sounded for the green light to abandon ship.Umno bigfishes have taken the cue in Sabah,with more to follow.And Sarawak is rumoured to be next.

With the GE expected to be called in the next two months,more mass exodus in the peninsular is to be expected.No rats wants to go down and drown with the sinking ship.Only the small mice unable to figure it out,and non swimmers will sink and drown with the sinking ship.It is a fact as shown in the movie Titanic,where even the mice's just newly borned were trying to flee the Titanic.Only the captain wants to go down with his ship.Or else he will be shot as a deserter.

Umno leaders in the peninsular are even negotiating behind the scenes,to be spared the rotan and Hotel Kamunting by volunteering to be Brutuses.Expect the GE to be call soon as even Najib is not willing to have his name go down as a coward hanging on to the very last day of his premiership.

The GE will definitely be called at least 3-4 weeks before the US presidential elections,as things are expected to go south after that.Nobody,not even Najib is brave enough to have an election after November when the whole world is expected to be going bonkers.

bruno,  11 August 2012 at 21:46  

Why the world will be going bonkers.

1)The EFC,after taking a breather will be coming back to haunt the markets.

2)Middle East will flare up.Iran?Maybe.Syria?Definitely.Assad will be out by early next year.Maybe Ghadaffi style.

3)Rats will be cornered with no where to go.As all flights to the ME are suspended.Other alternatives.The safe haven jungles of Myanmar and Kampuchea..

Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 21:52  

no illegals on our shores,, only millions foreigners here lah-- they speak malay n so shoulb be granted citizenship say the superman, aiyoh indians born here not included-- no ic for them lah-- m boleh ini lah lembu leaders

Suci Dalam Debu 11 August 2012 at 21:55  


Any chance Mahathir will have his day in court and make reservations at Hotel Kamunting?

bruno,  11 August 2012 at 22:11  

What Umno/BN sorely needs and do not have are fighters like Pandelela Rinong.This young lass from Sarawak sixth in the early stages of the diving event,was down to tenth before the final dive.She gave a tremendous performance to come back to be second,before settling for bronze.

When the going gets tough for Umnoputras and their running dogs,instead of making one last stand they turn chicken and became rats.When Sarawakians realised that they can all be like Pandelela Rinong,may the skies have pity on the Umnoputras and their running dogs.

OneMalaysian,  11 August 2012 at 23:01  

Dear Sakmongkol

Anyone who reads the just announced terms of reference for the RCI on illegal Sabah immigrants would realise that this is just a political ploy.

First, the RCI will have 6 months to do the job. That means no report until about March 2013, when in all probability GE13 will be over. The 2 million + illegal immigrants would have had the desired effect on the GE results, that is, help BN win illegally in Sabah.

Second, the terms of reference did not include 2 most important terms: determine who was primarily responsible for this sad state of affairs for so long, and why nothing was done to rectify it earlier; and to recommend immediate steps to be taken to delete all illegal immigrants from the electoral roll and to cancel the illegally issued citizenships. This is what the people of Sabah and Malaysia want.

To see how stupidly the terms of reference have been drafted, let me quote this term: “To investigate whether immigrants in Sabah holding blue identity cards, temporary identification receipts (blue) or citizenship documents had been illegally registered into the electoral rolls.” If those people have been granted citizenship and blue ICs, then registering them in the electoral roll could not be illegal. It would only be illegal if they were first registered to vote before getting citizenship.

We should have no confidence that anything good would come out of this RCI. By excluding nominees from PR gives it even less credence. A bipartisan approach is needed.

Anonymous,  11 August 2012 at 23:03  

"What if 18 other MPs in Sabah were to join Bumburing and Lajim? And then 20 MPs from Sarawak were to also join them."
That will be best news of the century. But will it happen? I hope it does.

rance,  12 August 2012 at 01:55  

Dear Dato' Sak
So Sabahans got their RCI on illegals. I suggest the RCI set up their base in Tawau. A v good place to start.6mths to complete - no way. BN is just buying time.You know Dato' ppl r being played like in checkerboard.Err rr

walla 12 August 2012 at 02:05  

Note that only when the two BN MPs in Sabah joined the Opposition did Najib immediately fly over to announce an RCI on Project IC. If they had not done so, neither would he have done so.

After all, the issue of Project IC didn't just surface recently. It has been rumbling in Parliament for many years but each time deflected even to an extent the Immigration office could with impunity walk away from a parliamentary inquiry.

That Najib is only now trying to take step to stop a rebellion exposes the sheer hypocritical way Umno in Putrajaya has been handling this burning platform of the rakyat of Sabah, for that matter Sarawak. To wit, malignant neglect.

But that is not all. In doing so, Najib must have known Mahathir will have to face the fallout. And that is why Mahathir also wrote his piece called the race factor in his chedet blog immediately after Najib announced he would fly to Sabah to make the announcement on the RCI.

The sequence of responses by Najib and Mahathir triggered by the brave move of Bumbuking and Ukin exposes how deceitful Umno remains in the present inasmuch the past in its real treatment of the rakyat of Sabah and Sarawak.

But that is also not all. If you read Mahathir's post carefully, he has done something else as well. He has used the word 'indigenous' in such a way as to imply it is to be applied only to our Malays when that word must foremost apply to our Orang Asli's, especially those in Sabah and Sarawak.

In trying to defend his stand that we must have race-based politics in order to safeguard special position based on Malay language, customs and Muslim faith, he has conveniently subjugated the even more special position of our Orang Asli's who don't speak the language and neither practice the customs nor exercise the same faith.

After all, 'asli' is irrefutably and irreplaceably 'original'. And the Umno leaders themselves had once publicly thumped their chests when admitting that their roots were not of this Tanah Air.

Therefore, is it any wonder now to all our rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak why and how such a thing as Project IC had come up during his watch which since then has expanded until the populations of Sabah and Sarawak are no longer reflective of internal natural growth?

Furthermore, Mahathir is now trying to discourage the RCI from taking place by saying the Opposition would capitalize on its findings either way. You can ask why he didn't say the same during the Lingam inquiry and also ask yourself what has the advantage of another political party to do with the determination of one’s bad deed. He will have no answers.

walla 12 August 2012 at 02:05  


But, again, that is not all. Even if Najib's RCI kicks off and finds compelling evidence of federal malfeasance, ask yourself what is Umno going to do with those thousands of instantly naturalized foreigners? Invite them to register as illegals or temporary residents? They can sue Putrajaya for breach of 'contract', you know. And abang Java isn’t going to take it easy. What a frigging mess!

In addition, there are at least one million illegal immigrants embedded today in the fabric of our "Malaysian" society. They are here because they are encouraged by the largesse of Project IC, to wit our seemingly easy citizenship, although educated professional non-Malay foreigners will tell you what a bugbear it is to apply for one.

These ....besides the Chinese amah and Indian tea-lady, who as relics of the old colonial days can only speak half-past six Melayu and can therefore expect Mahathir will consider them less eligible for citizenship even though their children have already died serving this country while the Mahathirites fattened by assorted rent-seeking patronages continue to wax eloquent about our Malay supremacy extrapolated somehow from a federal constitution with the others as mere side notes of history.

The illegals in our midst will be joining their brothers and sisters who have registered as foreign workers and recently given some amnesty now expediently taken by them to mean they can scoot from their registered place of work to go out and compete with our local Malays. Which they are doing in increasing numbers although our local Malays are too polite to raise even a murmur. No?

What takes the cake for showing the depth plunged by Umno was his mentioning that illegals who were repatriated had returned and since they fulfilled our customary Malayness requirements, they could be made citizens. This is downright dangerous and irresponsible because it will next encourage thousands of Indonesians to cross over from Kalimantan into Sarawak whose common border is completely porous one-way - from them to us.

To our Orang Asli's and rakyat in Sabah and Sarawak, you can see things clearly for yourselves.

And to all the rakyat of Malaysia, if something is the right thing to do, and done right, it will be unlikely to result in many contradictions, self-negating reasons, and issues after problems, happening year after year, in the life-cycle of the matter. Not a single thing done under Umno's mandate has ever turned out right. Please ponder this point painfully as you march into GE13.

And for those who are still in tickled toes about the word 'project', figure out for yourself what has now come out about TRX. It is nothing but capitalizing land to try and attract foreign investors. Nothing else but land play. The same MO as the MSC, Cyberjaya, corridors, RRI and so on. Please also ponder this point painfully.

Good morning, Malaysia.

Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 08:37  

Sabahans ought to look into the roles of the Kittingan brothers over the last 30 years. Ask why Pairin was once charged for corruption, then subsequently cleared, and he came out smelling good. He even vigorously championed that the Chief Ministership need not follow the rotation mode: first a Muslim C.M.then a non-Muslim infinitum.

Look back to the role of Jeffery in Sabah Foundation.

Sabahans,say 'NO' to losing your identity because of corrupt politicians being held to ransom by Putrajaya. Those blokes there are more corrupt but they have the A-G to help.

Stop being sold for a song.

Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 15:23  

This RCI is like investigating a murder without having to name the murderer.

In any case Projeck IC would not have been possible without the consent of Sabahan leaders.
Why did they allow this to happen?

Patrick 12 August 2012 at 19:02  

Too many internal factions within Sabah UMNO will kill UMNO in Sabah this time around. Every faction wants be to be dominant to plunder. The instant citizens in the IC-FOR-VOTES are just pawn in their deadly greed game. Najib has his faction, Rosmah has her faction (which is ironical considering Najib & Rosmah sleep on the same bed?? or do they), local UMNO factions are multiple. On the other side of the boxing ring, we have the IC-FOR-VOTES instant citizens and illegals. And they are all fighting for survival. The RCI is now the catalyst for the fighting to accelerate and chaos that is simmering below, to surface.

UMNO and Najib is afraid, nervous and in panic mode. With another defection today, Najib's brainless MO of throwing tax payer's money to buy people's heart and votes wont work in Sabah this time round. Musa, Apdal, etc will not spend their own illegal wealth to defend their power as retaining power now is seen as a gamble, not worth the effort and funds. Unless they want to get caught again for smuggling/laundering their offshore illegal funds back into Sabah.

I believe that this chaos will open up an opportunity for the IC-FOR-VOTES instant citizens and illegals to exert political power from their masses for their own survival. History is littered with such events, demonstrating humanity's inate ability to survive under severe stress in simialr social grouping. Sabah is lost to the illegals AND UMNO already. Hence, the demise of UMNO in govt in the next GE.

Anonymous,  21 August 2012 at 10:34  

correct-- if only all jump ship- BN will fall-- not so easy lah== BN will counter offer with millions n frogs will jump m back>> ha ha hi hi.. a nation of political frogs

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