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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 12 August 2012

RCI on Sabah: Another of those Much Thunder No Rain Initiatives.

The issue of Project IC especially for Sabah has been the bane of Sabah politics for years. One Sabahan friend told me- we don’t have to reinvent a wheel to demolish UMNO and BN in Sabah. The powder keg of the issue that will blow UMNO and BN to pieces is the Project IC issue.
It was simply a race centered policy used by UMNO and BN to restructure the ethnic set up in Sabah. The majority suddenly finds itself to be marginalized and diluted. It has come to that because BN and its surrogate partners in Sabah want to subjugate the people of Sabah. Sabahans better wake up- this issue is about the sovereignty of your state. When Sabah and Sarawak became part of Malaysia, it was promised that Sabah and Sarawak shall not surrender their sovereignty. That promise has been abused and Sabah has lost its sovereignty.
Sabah is part of Malaysia, so why should it be given sovereignty? Sovereignty is a right owned by an independent nation. Borneo WAS an independent nation having separate identity from Malaya then. It can exercise it sovereignty because it was promised so. Otherwise, the entry of Borneo into Malaysia was just part of the neo-colonialism that so rankled Sukarno when Malaysia was about to emerge.
Only now Najib wants to address the issue. Even then, as he announces yet another of his laundry list of initiatives, Mahathir is already hitting out at him. The RCI is a waste of time. These illegal immigrants deserve to become Malaysian citizens because they have stayed here long enough and can speak Malay. Mahathir is admitting that it was he who started the project IC simply because he wanted to alter the demographics in Sabah. His purpose was to ensure UMNO and its surrogate allies in Sabah remain in power.
UMNO and BN have ruled Sabah for so many years. Yet the state remains at the bottom of the prosperity ladder. Yet each year, we hear of gargantuan allocations to develop Sabah. Where has the money gone? The money has gone into the pockets of the UMNO and BN elites who constitute probably 5% of the Sabah population. The money has gone into the pockets of Safie apdal so that when he goes back to Semporna, he can sit imperially in that oversized chair and ATM the people who queue up to meet him.
Sabah is one the states in Malaysia that has oil, yet it remains one of the poorest. Not Kelantan, but Sabah is the poorest. Not Kelantan under PAS rule, but Sabah under UMNO and BN Rule. The rule of thumb then is, whenever UMNO and BN rule, the state becomes impoverished and if the state doesn’t become one, it becomes the piggy bank for UMNO and BN also on the way to becoming impoverished.
So Najib’s terms of reference for the RCI on illegal Sabah immigrants is just a political ruse. First, the RCI will have 6 months to do the job. The immediate step is to exclude those who got IC through the project from voting in the GE13. These people shouldn’t be difficult to identify.
Under the Najib Initiative, there will be no report until about March 2013 and no action a few months after March 2013. By that time, GE13 will be over. The inclusion of 2 million + illegal immigrants in the electoral roles would have had the desired effect on the GE results, that is, help BN win illegally in Sabah. The victory must by definition be illegal because it is secured so. If that takes place in 6 months’ time, the people of Sabah have no need to support BN. the solution to your problem can come with a new government.
Surprisingly, the terms of reference did not include 2 most important terms: determine who was primarily responsible for this sad state of affairs for so long, and why nothing was done to rectify it earlier; and to recommend immediate steps to be taken to delete all illegal immigrants from the electoral roll and to cancel the illegally issued citizenships. This is what the people of Sabah and Malaysia want.
The much heralded terms of reference in the end amounted to all thunder and no rain event. One of the terms stated: “To investigate whether immigrants in Sabah holding blue identity cards, temporary identification receipts (blue) or citizenship documents had been illegally registered into the electoral rolls.”
Now hear this: If those people have been granted citizenship and blue ICs, then registering them in the electoral roll could not be illegal. It would only be illegal if they were first registered to vote before getting citizenship.
We want to know on what basis were these people given citizenship and whether they have acquired citizenship in accordance to the laws of Malaysia.
To investigate these anomalies, you have to set up a RCI consisting of the legal luminaries chosen?  The most vocal about this issue are the Pakatan people and the right thinking leaders of Sabah. Why are these people not included in the commission? This commission should be bi-partisan not another appendage of UMNO and BN which won’t achieve the results actually desired by Sabahans.


Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 09:14  


Why do you only indicate Sabah as the only State to face dilution by migrants!

Why not Selangor or other states in the Peninsula?

The Malays should know by now that with the massive influx of Indonesians (Illegal or Not) not only the Non Malays but also the Malays will ultimately be also diluted to expedite and lengthen UMNO's Power.

Although Musa Hitam used to propogate this concept when he was on Mahathir's Team, the new generation of Indons never see themselves as Malays....If not why are they constantly harping on their differences?!

Think about that!

Joe Black

Sabah Sifu 12 August 2012 at 09:33  

Dato’ to say “Sabahans better wake-up” is really punching us Sabahans below the belt. It is easier to put the blame on people who can do nothing than asking yourself “what have I done?”. You are saying that Sabahans and Sarawakians have been sleeping and it is as IF we in Sabah and Sarawak are waiting for the benevolent orang Malaya to save us from all these rots. This is very condescending Dato’ and many intellectuals in Sabah don’t take your statement lightly.
Just how do we wake up to a reality where we have NO political power to fight against our oppressor? We are NOT getting any help from our so called brethren in Malaya? Even our State Constitution was mangled by your Prime Minister and against our Sabah Constitution the Chief Minister was rotated many times? How do you think Sabah lost its sovereignty?
The answer to this question, we have to go back and ask Najib’s father – Tun Razak. Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore desperately wants to be independent; Tun Razak is worried about the Malaya state of finance. The plan design by the British and forwarded by LKY to Tunku which include Sabah & Sarawak in forming Malaysia was just what they need to address the issue of rural-urban migration in Malaya then. Putting Sabah & Sarawak into the Malaysia equation has nothing to do with race politics or even the spread of communism, it was all about MONEY.
To control the MONEY a Singapore separation caper was mooted. It was all done within days. Not even Donald Stephen in Cabinet and in KL was consulted. The whole parliamentary bill was passed within 4 HOURS. Since then, this was the fastest decision made by our Parliament. The Singapore Separation was the “Off-side Trap” prepared by both Lee Kuan Yew and Tun Razak to reel in Sabah & Sarawak to form Malaysia. Singapore gets its Independence that August and Malaya got its COLONIES. The reason, from that day onwards Sabah & Sarawak was denied MINORITY VETO in parliament.
Therefore Dato’ what do Malayan people do about it? They conspire to enjoy all the wealth that they can take from Sabah & Sarawak. Today the people in Malaya cannot live less than what they are used to and they can only take so much from Sabah & Sarawak.
You are right we are waking up, but in the awakening, Malaysia as a country may be doomed.

Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 10:19  

It's just a ploy of Najib to hoodwink Sabahans into voting for the BN. In six months' time, Najib probably would not be the PM any longer, irrespective of BN winning or losing the next general election. So far all the RCIs are just to pull wool over our eyes. Would Najib dare to instruct Mahathir to the witness stand? I doubt it. To Sabahans it's sweet revenge that this issue has become Umno's Achilles heel and possibly their Waterloo. They themselves created this monster.

Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 16:51  

millions illegals in sabah-- u dont need a RCI to tell us who are the culprits who allowed millions to our shore??its the ruling government?? so simple-- why nothing done to stop this millions entering malaysia ??ha ha hi hi-- our authorities cant see millions coming in__ magic lah

average joe 12 August 2012 at 17:23  

tianchua Maijol: Saya tidak lagi yakin BN bersungguh2 utk selesaikan masalah rakyat Sabah, oleh itu saya & rakan2 buat keputusan utk tinggalkan BN.
57 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

tianchua Maijol: Dgn ini saya juga akan tinggalkan semua jawatan2 perlantikan Krjaan & syarikat. Saya tidak mau dimaki anak cucu krn tidak berjuang.
52 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

anilnetto And so it begins. RT @RolandChiaMS: Senator Dtk Maijol umum pembubaran UPKO Kota Marudu dan bersama Pakatan Rakyat tumbangkan BN
31 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

patut la mamakhatheer makin kuat kokok 2-3 hari ni (ini kali lah...) - orgtua tu ketaq lututttt! (lama dahhh...)


Three Trees,  12 August 2012 at 18:28  

Dear Dato'Sak, When the General Guarding The Great Wall of China open the gates to let the Mancurians in,China was ruled by the Ching Dynasty for more than 200 years. I hope the people involved in Project IC realised the Treason they have commited.Once done it cannot be undone even If PKR form the next Government

Patrick 12 August 2012 at 18:42  

Yes. This is very typical of the govt. This RCI is just a knee jerk reaction. A desperate self preservation move. Najib is getting very desperate, nervous and totally clueless on governing the country, let alone his own household. A cursory dissection of the TOR will show anybody that this RCI is a circus sideshow that will be totally ineffective. One good to have come out of this is to shake TDM to the core that he willingly AND openly admitted that it was him that was the architect of this entire Sabah problem. This was all that everybody was waiting for. it will be a challenge to determine TDM's guilt as the TOR for this RCI is purposely made vague and sidesteps critical issues and accountability.

So the people of Sabah and all Malaysia should now take heed to throw out UMNO. Gving away IC-FOR- VOTES is treason to all Malaysians. To the sabah people, this irreversible act destroyed their lives, livelihood and socio-economic fabric. The people of Sabah will now have to take control of their future in their own hands and vote out UMNO. How long can Sabahans last when foreigners overrun their lives because of the greed of ONE MAN for his own/family political-economic survival?

Why are the Sabahans still jumping for joy on this lame RCI? With this development, the 'legal foreigners' will now be more aggressive in taking over local authority to protect their own survival against this onslaught. I do not expect Malaysian-born Sabahans to be able to defend their own state against a vast number of instant citizens who have been in the country for a generation already. These imported citizens will have worked its way into the local social fabric as well as local government. How many of these instant citizens have muslim-malay names, employed in local councils or places of authority, to be able to exert some form of political control for their own survival? Nobody, except the instant citizens, knows. What TDM did a generation ago is wrecking havoc in Sabah that no amount of RCI will help reverse.

If TDM created IC-FOR-VOTES just to survive politically and economically, his monster creation is now doing the very same thing. just to survive. Those instant citizens who are already in position of local power will enforce authority to protect their own kind against the onalaught of the RCI. We will now begin to see the rise of internal chaos in Sabah. This is a lesson that we Malaysians, should vote out UMNO once and for all. Or the same thing will happen in Peninsula when the govt issued IC-FOR-VOTES recently under the 6P program. Let TDM fight with Najib for political or/and economic control now, for all we care. But vote UMNO out altogether NOW so that we can start the process of repairing our state of affairs and weed out all these instant-citizens.

Suci Dalam Debu 12 August 2012 at 18:49  


When all is said and done, I hope there will be a new government in Putrajaya and somebody will have his day in court for HIGH TREASON.

Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 19:41  

If Mahathir is called to testify at the RCI, he will probably say "I cannot remember".
He will deny any allegation with a straight face or put the blame on someone else.
This RCI will NEVER achieve anything and even if it does, nothing will happen.

I hope more top BN leaders from Sabah will cross over and allow Anwar to be PM even before GE 13.

Anonymous,  12 August 2012 at 21:02  

Let me guess what is the expected outcome of RCI

1. Tai chi act started but expect report after election, if any

2. The man that can also fly will blame on state goverment, Answar, and anyone else except himself

3. Non conclusive report, with no one to take the stick. No concrete evidence on directive given

4. 300 pages report costing few million, no further action

bruno,  12 August 2012 at 21:48  

Dato,it is an open secret for over twenty years,that there was a secret plan hatched by Umno to give out blue ic's and citizenship papers to illegals.This plan to make illegals legal was to consolidate their positions in Sabah.

Umno/BN has been denying that there was such a thing as project IC.Why now an RCI on this project IC thing.After over two decades of denying why have a RCI if this project IC thing never existed in the first place.Is there such a thing as conscience of guilt in Umnoputras heads.

Umno is really in a stage of desperation in Sabah.This project IC thing has suddenly turn from a hot potato into a timebomb primed to go off anytime.In times of desperation,desperate people do desperate things.Therefore we suddenly have the president of Umno coming out with an RCI for project IC.

Najib is still thinking that he and Umno/BN can con the people of Sabah and Malaysia for one more time before the last hurrah.

The original mastermind of project IC has already left office for more than ten years.And now a few months before the elections we have Umno coming out to admit that they have been cheating in the elections in Sabah for the last two decades.Is it an admission that there has been an illegal stete gomen in Sabah for the last two decades?

It is like having a confessed robber as your neighbour,and having trusted him with your house keys,the house owner goes out shopping.Having come back from shopping,she found that the house has been ransacked to the core.So do we blamed the confessed robber,for been given a chance to look after the henhouse and eat up all the chickens?

So what if Sabah is still under Umno after GE 13th.Do we blamed Umno for being smart to conned Sabahans into beliving that they have changed,and should be given a second chance.Or do we asked the skies to punished Sabahans for being so stupid.Maybe on the night of the GE,we will have the answer.

Anonymous,  13 August 2012 at 01:38  

Salam Dato,

You are so articulate.... laid out your thoughts clearly, point-by-point and logically, making your write-up so easy to digest.

You are just brilliant!!

Please communicate your thoughts to the respective parties in Sabah, Anwar and DAP folks. They need to move into high gear.

I pray for your safety and protection as you continue to "peel UMNO/BN's dirty skin off layer by layer"

Please stay vigilant as you traverse the country for ceramahs. Selamat berpuasa.

A regular visitor to your blog

UmarKhair,  13 August 2012 at 02:27  

Pakatan must seize the day. If I were Anwar, I'd announce this tomorrow:

Pakatan pledges to do the following as soon as it takes over Putrajaya:

1. Form a Truth Commission.
2. Form a FORGIVENESS Commission.

The forgiveness commission will be as compassionate as possible.

Of course the rakyat will be consulted.

I think this might encourage a lot more defections.

The Pakatan leaders must bear this in mind. If they let go of this opportunity to take over Putrajaya even before the 13th GE, and Umno eventually wins the election (by fraud, of course), there will be large sections of the rakyat that will accuse them of incompetence, lack of imagination, and, worse, political insincerity.

Do it now. You can easily cause a snowball effect.

bruno,  13 August 2012 at 04:20  

Dato,since Nabib and Umno GOM has called for an RCI to investigate Project IC in Sabah,it is also an admission of abuse and manipulation of power and the law.

So if there is truth in this project IC thing,then there must be some truth of phamton voters doing double voting.Then what about the accusations that there are illegals turned legals,with the proper documentation in the peninsular.Like some few hundred thousands in Selangor alone.Maybe only in authoritarian Malaysia,the land of the bolehs.

Anonymous,  13 August 2012 at 09:47  

How do I say this? Sabah has been turned into a country where the Christian influence is being neutralised or balanced by the BN's systematic plan of influxing muslim immigrants into its population! Now that the BN's ambitious plan is working so well, quote (Malaysiakini) "it's impossible to turn back the clock", because the immigrants have multiplied and blended into the population and has been living as Sabahans (with blue ic) for many decades. There's no way the real Sabahans could regain its sovereignty back by keep relying on the present BN government because of obvious reason that the matter is this government's agenda all along. The only chance is for Sabahans to change the government and even if the possibilty of winning is slim, the hope is still there that the reduced number of seats of BN in Sabah may help the toppling of BN government in Putrajaya.

Anonymous,  13 August 2012 at 10:49  

Orang Melayu hanya boleh diperbodohkan oleh UMNO sekian lama sahaja. Dari peristiwa di mana anak Nazri didakwa telah menghentam guard keselamatan Condo, mengguna kereta mewah, menghisap cigar ala Mafia ke berita anak Datuk Salleh (NFC)menerima puluhan ribu sebagai gaji, UMNO tak usah lagi mengkritik PR. Berita-berita tentang Najib sengaja mengaturkan sesuatu urusan rasmi supaya bertepatan dengan urusan peribadi dengan segala kos di tanggung oleh duit rakyat, membuktikan bukan kesejahteraan rakyat diangkat melainkan pemimpin UMNO dan oligarch-oligarchnya.

Ini hanya insiden-insiden yang berlaku dalam setahun kebelakangan ini.

greenbottle,  14 August 2012 at 05:33  

i'm NOT a BN supporter but i feel that this issue has become a political tool for power struggle between PR & BN. the immigrants has now merely become a pawn in the political game.

to me this is ethically and morally wrong. we should view this issue as a HUMANITARIAN ISSUE. the way i see it these immigrants originally come from mindanao due to the political situation there where they as muslims have been victimised by the filipino christians from the nothern islands.

i'm not trying to paint this as a religious issue but i honestly feel that this issue should be dealt with based on the original problem.

giving them asylum and the right to safety and live in Sabah is a NOBLE act but to dish them IC because you expect them to vote BN is immoral and unethical.

as for those who already have the ICs, they do NOT have to vote BN! as a malaysian citizen now, you have the freedom to vote any party you think can give the best opportunity for your prosperity in Malaysia. And I think PR should explain these and win them over instead of trying to make enemies out of these 'new citizens'...



Anonymous,  16 August 2012 at 07:21  

Malaysians sliding into poverty

The female indon population in segambut dalam fills up the rapid buses to travel to Mt Kiara and fro daily. Listening to their early morning babbling about how much they charge the expats to clean their homes by the hour : RM20 - RM 35 with an average of two hours spent in each, and if they each clean an average of four homes a day ( 8 hr job five day week ) no wonder our Malaysians from the urban poor malays, indian and chinese ladies are jobless.

With such money comes power transferred into bullying the locals on public transportation, if ones want to sit or have ( a quiet ride as in our civilized culture ),they are told off to take the cab on the same issue that indons are bumiptura and muslim. Then being more adventurous, a few ended up in Rais’ home and the rest is history. With some of them acquiring basic english,they end up working in saloons, offices and soon in Mont Kiara anywhere, with money and cosmetic surgery, perhaps glide up the pelamin to be datins and puan sris. In a few years’ time. Watch and listen.
So how can our Malaysians in the low income group provide for their families ?

The same parameter applies to our Malaysian man folks in the low income group. Many contractors and odd job workers are facing insurmountable hardship. It is never the issue they are not hunting for jobs,lazy or lack of expertise in their respective fields. It is irresponsible to ingrain such racial, hatred and greed propaganda in the indons and other muslim immigrants. Cases of ill – treating indon maids by psychotic employers and indon maids abusing employers’ children must be seen in the right perspective and charged accordingly. But the scripts given to the indons are loop- sided.

The deterrent measures of stopping indon maids from eloping with their agents to work for expats is charge them the maximum levy for engaging indons. And prosecute the agents. And now they receive smses who to vote for ? Then the issue of immigrants with ICs in Sabah. The mahathir conspirators and gang have sat down to conspire for years, to strip off our rights to any arguments and ensure their survival. But only if we continue to slumber on our imagery waterbeds of indifference and justifications of race, religion, culture and language. Some are zeroing into can't write and speak in BM as fluent as ones should be ?

Let's hope really brilliant, color blind people with such good hearts and mind like Walla, Bruno will not the brain drain rocket due to intense frustrations. Mine own, a Malay niece and a nephew like Walla's color blind type will not be coming home after graduating from top universities abroad. It is certainly easier for Malaysians to love Malaysia and madly celebrate fellow Malaysians abroad, honest.

Racial, prejudice, religion and threat playcards hinder any good minds from creating beneficial ideas and innovations for the betterment of the nation and its environment.

Anonymous,  21 August 2012 at 16:53  

Come on folks, lets face it, Mahathir wants to create a new race of Malays as he sees the pre Merdeka Malays as of an inferior stock.

He sees the Pakistanis, Benglas and Indonesias as of superior stock.

We can see that he also make use of these new pseudo Malays to maintain his grip on power during his tenure . As he is the one who gives them the Mykad, they invariably vote for his party.

He has no qualms in short selling Malaysia as long as he can hold on to power and also achieve his visions of crating a new Malay stock which in his view is superior and thereby in the long run, hopefully make the inferior Malay stock, descendant of pre Merdeka Malays become a minority of even disappear altogather.

Just imagine what would happen if only 30 million of the 230 odd million indonesians were to enter Malaysia illegally and claim Mykad !

Malaysia would cease to exist .

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