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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 28 April 2011

Government business

The PM announced a slew of projects. He said these are part of the great ETP. My first reaction is since when does the PM of Malaysia become the chief spokesman for corporate Malaysia? Whether private companies have their business plans announced by the PM or not, they will still expand their business. It's also disturbing to know that the PM is repeating some EPP that were already announced before.
So, if the business plans of private companies are all owned and belonged to private companies, is it necessary to have them announced by the PM? The answer is no. Each year Shell for example has new investments. Each year their people in various departments submit capex expenditures and what not. They do that as a matter of factly and business like without demanding they be announced with much fanfare. It carries them out unannounced thus far. Itsshareholders will come to know of these business plans whether are announced or otherwise  in official newsletters or published annual reports.
Even if the PM announces them, it doesn't add any substantial value other than placing the business plans in high profile mode. They government doesn't have a hand in the business plans of private companies. They don't spend a single sen.
I am more interested if the government announces its plans over the spheres they control directly. People are interested to know of the future of the general price levels. They want to know whether government will do anything that will increase the price of RON 95 petrol. Very soon people will be making noises on the frequent increase in RON 97 petrol. It's as though, you keep RON 95 down by upping up the price of RON 97. Then, the price of RON 95 is kept artificially low as a matter of expedience. Very soon doing so will be seen as market unfriendly.
Whereas the PM has been talking about market friendly approaches. The NEM for example is said to be the NEP with market friendly approaches. Well, in the case of managing the price of petroleum, this administration's approach is market unfriendly.
I am also puzzled as to why government departments want to pay TRicubes 50 sen per e mail. You mean to say, despite the millions of investments in IT infrastructure and training, the people manning the IT facilities in government departments cannot hook up to g mail and yahoo? Does it cost that much to send e mails directly through g mail and yahoo?
This emergence of Tricubes and its business plan is very suspicious. Suddenly those trained in computer abilities in government departments appear to have lost their skills overnight. They now want to farm out the sending of e mails to a company known as Tricubes. The public will be asking why?
Of course its voluntary you say. But the government is paying on our behalf for a service that can be gotten free. This simply means creating an artificial business plan to justify spending public money.


Anonymous,  28 April 2011 at 13:03  

Correct, correct, correct.
Pak Tua

d'enricher 28 April 2011 at 13:08  


PM Najib needs to say something. Thats why most of the thing he said will either sound grand with initial to make it classy, maybe. Therefore the some people will continue to belief how smart our PM are.

Now, by incorporating private companies program, we the rakyat will know how our future will be.

Remember ... he is working on making us earn more money, high income within this next few years.

The little I know about economy, the more confuse I am. The fact that the PM has the ETP and now with the 1MY email, who knows ... we (Tricubes definately) will be more informed and rich ... oops, poorer us.

Oh yes ... did I hear correctly whe he assume office he said ... the time where government knows best is over, rakyat diutamakan and bla... bla ... bla.


Anonymous,  28 April 2011 at 13:17  

What you are writing here should have been raised by a BN MP?
Anyone school children will be asking why the govt (using my money) pay for email hen it is free in yahoo, g mail and hotmail.

Anonymous,  28 April 2011 at 13:52  

Dato Sak,
I was at puzzle with these ETP projects. Why the government is involved in very other business of the private entities by going to PEMANDU. I think PEMANDU has not business to be announcing private entity business matters unless government is involved directly or indirectly.

I think those highly paid goons at PEMANDU had to justify their existence by going to Najib to abbounce those ETP project. I heard few of the ETP project has kantoi already. And what is more interesting that the CEO of PEMANDU is telling that he is not responsible to the feasiblity of the project. But if the project is succesful he takes the credits.

I can't see anything goods. The only things, I guess is Najib cabinet members is now a kitchen caninet. They have to reported to PEMANDU who is officially earning more than the ministers themselves. Minister has to get elected every 5 years. I think the PEMANDU team would be disbanded when Najib is not around. Just like the Tingkat 4 during Pak Lahs times.

Lets get to the roots of the problem. Our system of get good leadership has collapsed altogether. What we have is team of theives taking care of the national coffers.

Thank you

Raison D'etre 28 April 2011 at 14:20  

The mental/verbal/whateverelse-bal of the 1 Malaysia Email (so-called) initiatives has most minds on a spiral by now. Perhaps soon there will be "National Service" to enroll in the service.

RM0.5 per email sent is no small sum. How many such emails (bills, notifications, Twit? (ha ha!), updates etc) will be bulk mail a day?

Well SPAM money?

Private initiative my foot.

walla 28 April 2011 at 18:43  

They say this service will allow gomen to email bills to citizen.

After citizen get bill, what happen next? How he pay if he no printer in house to print out the bill to bring to counter to pay?

Me kelapa pusing. You also kat?

OneMalaysian,  29 April 2011 at 14:07  

Dear Sakmongkol

“It's also disturbing to know that the PM is repeating some EPP that were already announced before”.

That reminds me of what the Soviets did at one of their annual May Day parades in the 1970s where seemingly scores of their latest fighter jets screamed overhead impressing one and all, including the CIA spies keeping count. Eventually, of course, the Americans discovered the truth: the Soviets had only a dozen or so, but to disguise that weakness, they flew the same few jets in circles around Moscow, giving the impression that they had hundreds of them.

Well, that was a neat trick by the PM. But Malaysians, like the Americans, will also soon discover the truth.

The report by the World Bank yesterday, as it appeared in Malaysia Insider quoting Bloomberg, said that in the decade to 2010, Malaysia’s average economic growth rate dropped to 4.6% p.a. from 7.2% in the decade preceding that. It blamed the NEP and brain drain for that, saying governance issues and lack of meritocracy were “fundamental constraints” to Malaysia’s expansion because “competition is what drives innovation”.

If the award of MRT project and Tricubes email idea are harbingers, then the future does not look too bright. And the World Bank’s observations would look spot on.

Anonymous,  29 April 2011 at 14:21  

Anwar tidak dapat datang sebab dia sedang buat beberapa rakaat atas ah moi. Tikar sembahyang tak ada jadi dia cari ah moi.

Anonymous,  29 April 2011 at 19:12  

Sorry la Sak and his bloggers looks like PKR is dead and buried with Anwar's sexual escapades. So, old man how come you did not come with any theory about the autenticity of the video? Whats the matter, cat caught your tongue, old man?

Anonymous,  29 April 2011 at 19:37  

The PM wants to claim credit for the private sector's business initiatives as his own. So sad.

Tribubu 29 April 2011 at 20:30  

It's an innovation.

For inertia and and too much dumbingdowning the rakyat.

Without going into explicit verbosity it's a new old UMNO economic management as exemplified by buzzword - ada kantow ke?

Did you know that in his last budget speech the words accountability, transparency, governance and corruption were not even mentioned once! The word vision was said 6 times, really only 4 times - the other two because of "provision" and television.

The word "health" only 6 times and in the health budget of RM15.2 b the leading component descriptive of the allocation was "construction".

There were 8,960 words in that speech and the fcuking word "1Malaysia" got said 15 times.

Najib and UMNO are bad for our health and seriously, I havent heard any word about pre and post natal care about mothers, especially in the rural areas!

Anonymous,  29 April 2011 at 22:43  

All it takes is a few bucks to buy one email software that takes care of all emailing plus many many other features... features I dont for a moment these Malaysian company can produce.

yet it will cost millions to send a few emails easily done on auto pilot.

Hey .. Quiet Despair .. You still support this project from the last posting you did. Cheers to your clever friend.

Anonymous,  29 April 2011 at 22:47  

I also can do it.

Just give me all the names and addresses of all Malaysians, and all the bills associated with the email, I can crate one program to send out to all with bill or bills attached to each email..... hey for pennies.

Very simple programming.

can do it in minutes

Anonymous,  30 April 2011 at 08:03  


The difference between business con-man and true businessmen is the true business man first questions are "ada untung ka, ada modal ka".

Bila Melayu UMNO nak buat business, selling point yang di pakai ialah siapa yang dia kenal....adik PM lah, bini PM lah, anak PM lah, menantu MB lah, etc-etc-etc.

Same modus operandi is used by these ETP business conmen. Selling point for them is their's are ETP project

Facilitation fund dah sapu, Infra fund dah sapu (duit cukai kau dan aku lah tu) viability pun belum tau. What more funding commitment from commercial Banks who eventually will test their business model based on sound financial principles...not the hype it generates.

Anyway, Tricubes "solution" beats them all...

If they on their own market the idea and businesss model to EPF, LHDN know what they'll get...NO SALESMAN ALLOWED HERE

Anonymous,  30 April 2011 at 16:55  

About this Tricubes email sheet,someone is laughing all the way to the bank,and this fella is VERY..VERY close to a very..very close relative to the VVIP in PJ,not Petaling Jaya off course.

Blind people also can see lah..

Bijan Hamsor

Quiet Despair,  30 April 2011 at 19:07  

Anon 22.43

Yes I wll be a proud subscriber of the 1Malaysia e-mail. Better put my money to good advantage.
Better than receiving e-mails from Anu-war's followers. I have friends in PKR who sent e-mail spiels about Anu-war and I marked it as spam.
Text messages from them too were unread and deleted if it's about him.

Tribubu 30 April 2011 at 22:44  

Anonymous, 29 April 2011 22:47,

Go try it !!!

See if you can get past the 250,000 emails in a given time.

You have some 75% of 30.0m people to send emails to!

Things as they are in Malaysia, every conceivable server in the country, and there ain't that many WILL CRASH !

You think other big servers will be happy with you?

Anonymous,  1 May 2011 at 00:00  

when a country is run by power crazy racists everything habis from money to honour .

We are now the biggest joke in the world.

A good country with all the goodness and the opportunities destroyed by the likes of Perkasa minded rulers.

Guys... many are leaving and are starting to do so...especially after Perkasa are given arms through Rela supported by Hisham.

How bad can that be?

nawawi,  3 May 2011 at 14:28  


The stated cost as to date of the MRT project is about RM33 billion.
The fee for the Consultant is at 2% ( this figure the government picked from thin air) amounts to RM720 million, this is just for the Independent Check Engineer (ICE) fee.

There must be detail breakdown on how the government get this figure, if not the rakyat will be taken for a ride!

Let me give some idea on the more probable amount.

Let say the consultant employs 100 engineers ( from new to very experienced) the top king engineers are very few maybe 2 or 3 of them. These 100 engineers, salaries ranges from RM3000 to RM9000 average say RM6000

Let say they have worked on this project to study, design, assess, consider the impact, survey the route and so on for 12 months.

Bosses salary say 3people @ RM100K = RM 3,600,000
Engineers salary say 6000 X 100 X 12 = RM 7,200,000
Survey cost say @ RM20,000 X 31 km = RM 620,000
Stationery/Printing/ Office cosumables = RM 240,000 (RM 20K per month)
Office overhead say = RM 240,000 ( ditto)
Studies say 5 studies at RM 1 million = RM 5,000,000
Contingencies say =RM 2,000,000 (legal/testing/accidents/insurance etc)
TOTAL =RM 18,900,000
Plus 10% profit =RM 1,890,000
GRAND TOTAL = RM 20,790,000

Worst case scenario:

Say cost overun to double the amount, the total amount is now RM 41,580,000

So the government is so kind, then give the Consultant a Lump Sum say RM 50 million.

Therefore RM720,000,000 does doesn't make sense!!!

Then there will be another fee for the Project Management Team. This will be another billion may be. But still ridiculous.

Then there will be another under the table Fee.

Malaysian 6 May 2011 at 21:02  

Dear sir

You stated why the government needs to hire private company to provide email service which you're suspicious if somebody is benefiting from it. That's what puzzle Chinese voters like me too. We're against corruption. This email services proved to be another corruption practice.

Also, government always accuse the Chinese preferred vernacular school. Maybe we should ask why? Back in the old days, we've Chinese parents send their kids to mixed racial school. Why? The reason is because going to mixed racial school their children will get better quality English education. They viewed that having a good command of English mean better job opportunity. Furthermore, the quality of the school is a lot better compare to current Kebangsaan school standard. Thus, folks like me that go to Sekolah Kebangsaan send our kids to vernacular school instead. This is because I know the quality is better and learning Chinese increase my child job opportunity since China is going to be the next super power.

Alright, why is quality of education system relate to Tribicule? If the government use the money to provide better training of the teacher, improve school building and equipment I believe it will improve Sekolah Kebangsaan standard; thus, more Chinese will send their kids to sekolah kebangsaan willingly.

Thus, the biggest problem for our country is corrupt UMNO and their friennds from MCA and MIC!

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