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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 12 April 2011

The weapon of the weak- new consciousness and liberation.

Let me remind my readers of the reason why UMNO was formed in 1946. It was formed to prevent the colonial government from routing the Malay nation. In 1946, the idea of nationhood as understood in its modern meaning has not yet existed. What existed in the minds of Malays then, was the idea of a Malay nation being assaulted by the colonial government. The concept of a Malayan union would have eliminated the idea of a Malay nation and reduced Malay rulers to the role and positions of stipend-receiving qadhis.
UMNO fought and prevailed over the idea of a Malayan union because it fought for self-respect and honour. It succeeded because UMNO's mission was driven by an overpowering desire to retain the malay amour propre. It fought for liberation from oppression.
It's all the reason why UMNO should understand what the majority of Sarawakians are craving for NOW. Sarawakians are striving for their own amour propre just as UMNO fought for the Malay one in 1946.
This is the philosophical basis of the political developments in Sarawak at the moment. Just as UMNO fought for Malay self-esteem, that same desire must be recognized to exist in the bosoms of every self-respecting Sarawakian today.
Any self-respecting UMNO member must therefore stand in SOLIDARITY not opposed to the desire of Sarawakians to get the same self-respect. Otherwise, the Sarawakians are and will always be seen as small children and it is WE who treat them that way. Or more correctly, Taib does.
There was a comment from the usual cojones-less anonymous in my previous article imputing that I write as I do because I am still smarting for being dropped as candidate in the last election. This is a puerile imputation. Smarting over for not being chosen isn't a strong enough motivation to explain my continuous and steady criticisms of what's wrong with and within UMNO. It's time for people like this commentator to search deep into UMNO itself and examine honestly what is it that makes UMNO so revolting to so many people. Obviously the presence of so self-righteous and bigoted people like him contributes to make UMNO what it is at present.
Let's pursue this philosophical argument further. What did UMNO fight against? It fought against colonial domination. Why was it important for UMNO to do so?
Let me quote Frantz Fanon, whose book The Wretched of the Earth, I think is read by so many people in the world. in a speech before the Congress of African writers, circa 1959, Fanon spoke :-
Colonial domination, because it is total and tends to over-simplify, very soon manages to disrupt in spectacular fashion the cultural life of a conquered people. This cultural obliteration is made possible by the negation of national reality, by new legal relations introduced by the occupying power, by the banishment of the natives and their customs to outlying districts by colonial society, by expropriation, and by the systematic enslaving of men and women.
Is this happening to the people of Sarawak since Taib Mahmud took over some 30 years ago? Though not a colonial power in its true sense, Taib took over as the colonizing power. When he did, in the ensuing years as in a in the colonial situation, "dynamism is replaced fairly quickly by a substantification of the attitudes of the colonising power". In other words Taib did indeed become the new White Rajah. The once oppressed creature now adopts many of the values so detested by him and he now becomes the new oppressor. The once colonized person then "throws himself in frenzied fashion into the frantic acquisition of the culture of the occupying power".
UMNO should have understood this, because it started with the same fired up idealism to get rid of colonizing power. It must understand that colonial exploitation and poverty drive the native more and more to open, organized revolt. The necessity for an open and decisive breach is formed progressively and imperceptibly, and comes to be felt by the great majority of the people. Those tensions which hitherto were non-existent come into being. International events, the collapse of whole sections of neo-colonial empires such as those exemplified by Tunisia and Egypt and the contradictions inherent in the colonial system strengthen and uphold the native's combativity while promoting and giving support to a new consciousness.
What took place since Taib took over was the imposition of autocratic rule of one man which led in turn the imposition of neo-colonial values. It was a mistake for Taib and others to imagine such imposition did not create repercussions. It did and now, we are reaping what we sowed.
Consider the Sarawak literary scene, written or oral. from being merely a reply on a minor scale to the dominating power, the literature produced by natives becomes differentiated and makes itself into a will to particularism. The intelligentsia, which was essentially a consuming public, now themselves become producers. They started or encouraged a new level of consciousness. The new literature can even be oral such as that started by Radio Free Sarawak.
What is the nature of such literature? Typically, this literature at first chooses to confine itself to the tragic and poetic style; but later on novels, short stories and essays are attempted. It is as if a kind of internal organisation or law of expression existed which wills that poetic expression become less frequent in proportion as the objectives and the methods of the struggle for liberation become more precise. From romanticism to combatism.
This is the development that is taking place in Sarawak at the moment. The widespread revolt against Taib and by extension against UMNO and BN because they support the perpetuation of Taib's colonial values, is really an expression of the collective will to be liberated.
Hence we find the themes behind the social expressions being altered; we find less and less of bitter, hopeless recrimination and less also of that violent, resounding, florid writing which on the whole serves to reassure the colonising power. Taib's neo-colonialist mindset was perceptive enough to have encouraged these modes of expression and made their existence possible. By giving outlets for such expressions including stinging denunciations, the exposing of distressing conditions and passions, such articulations are in fact assimilated by the Taib's government in a cathartic process. To aid such processes is in a certain sense to avoid their dramatisation and to clear the atmosphere.
But as Taib is to find out, such a situation can only be transitory. In fact, the progress of national consciousness among the people modifies and gives precision to the literary utterances of the native intellectual. The continued cohesion of the people constitutes for the intellectual an invitation to go farther than his cry of protest. The lament first makes the indictment; then it makes an appeal. In the period that follows, the words of command are heard.
While at the beginning the native intellectual used to produce his work to be read exclusively by the oppressor, whether with the intention of charming him or of denouncing him through ethnical or subjectivist means, now the native writer progressively takes on the habit of addressing his own people.
What replaced the pliant and submissive mindset is the taking up, powerful articulations and clarification of themes which are typically nationalist. This may be properly called a literature of combat, in the sense that it calls on the whole people to fight for their existence as a nation. It is a literature of combat, because it molds a new national consciousness, giving it form and contours and flinging open before it new and boundless horizons; it is a literature of combat because it assumes responsibility, and because it is the will to liberty expressed in terms of time and space.
Stories, epics and songs of the people - which formerly were filed away as set pieces are now beginning to change. The storytellers who used to relate inert episodes now bring them alive and introduce into them modifications which are increasingly fundamental. There is a tendency to bring conflicts up to date and to modernise the kinds of struggle which the stories evoke, together with the names of heroes and the types of weapons.
The storytellers, who were once stereotyped and tedious to listen to, completely overturned their traditional methods of storytelling and the contents of their tales. Their public, which was formerly scattered, became compact.
The people of Sarawak are now serious people and must be treated befittingly. The people of Sarawak, mainly the natives are at an important phase of their struggle which is to inject meaning into it. What can we learn from it?
A struggle which mobilises all classes of the people and which expresses their aims and their impatience, which is not afraid to count almost exclusively on the people's support, will of necessity triumph.
So why do we 'condemn' UMNO? Because now it is time to denounce certain Pharisees. By perpetuating the rule of the new colonial masters, we are in fact standing on the side of the oppressors. We, who started as genuine nationalists have now become retarded nationalists denying others a right to attain that national consciousness. We have to set our mistakes aright. By siding with Taib, we are making the fatal mistake of treating the expression of liberation by Sarawak as just transitory. That can prove to be our own undoing.
Of course those who are forever boxed-in their assumed self-righteous thinking will continue to support and abet the rule of people like Taib Mahmud. And they will forever condemn our continued criticisms as merely the activities of a person embittered for being dropped as candidate.

PS: thank you bakari.






Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 09:03  

The UMNO of 1946 has been cremated and the ashes buried.
Today's UMNO is all about power and wealth and more wealth.
It's all about I, me, my, mine. They have no qualms about keeping the people poor. Only those in need will remain subservient, dependent on the state. They wait and wait for the promised prosperity at every elections. With stretched hands they wait on their benefactor - UMNO.
UMNO has lost decency, morality, dignity and humanity.
It will defend the oppressor, the rapist, the murderer, the porn producer, the corrupt as long as it remains in power.

dahseriknganserik 12 April 2011 at 09:57  

UMNO has evolved, so too will the other political parties when they gain power.

you've just described capitalism dato'


colonialists were here not for the scenery, they saw some green and yelled 'TIMBER'!!!!!!

hundreds of years later, our leaders are still yelling 'TIMBERRRRR'!!!!!

you think the next set of leaders are gonna stop yelling 'TIMBER?!'

national park and reservations, theres always some one isnt it. oh well,


Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 11:00  

Sarawak, an oil state, the richest natural resources and large area, yet the only thing free is rain water.

Some have to get their water from drains...

The first 40 years of plunder has benefited on family until that guy is due to meet his maker.

Now the second wave of plunderers are not even Sarawakians... it seems they are Lebanese!

Refer to the Sarawak report.

It is beyond frustrations already and see the daily plunder and not able to do anything about it.

Votes? ah.. they just change the ballot box... all taken care of.

It is obvious that as an UMNO man, even Dato is fed up to the hilt but not Quiet Despair.

The latter still wishing for the plunderers to win (which they most probably will know the EC, the frauds, the helis etc)
(Now you know how bad is BTN kind of brainwash. They really are brainwashed)

What I hate most is that those foreigners are fleecing Malaysians right in front of our eyes....

So I ask myself, am I proud to tell the world "I am Malaysian" or rather would say " I am Chinese from one of those countries".

"Chinese" are generally respected now around the world.

"Malaysian" ... dare not say.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 11:25  


UMNO 1946 have been burried by Mahathir during 1988 crisis...what we have now is UMNO who talk about POWER and Wealth..nothing about Malay, People, or Malay Sultan.

My Father not joining Semangat 46 due to he think Anwar can change UMNO Baru, but in 1998..Anwar was kick out from UMNO and KeAdilan was form..Pity to my Father, he start joining Umno since 1946 when he is 16 years old but at the end he joining PAS. Real reson, UMNO are not the same as he joining in 1946...ha ha ha...may be Dato can change it..that my hope.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 11:41  

Look like UMNO has loose its direction.

BaitiBadarudin 12 April 2011 at 12:20  

Salam alaikum,
Finally, a Malaysian sopo blogger who's able to apply complex concepts such as internal colonialism and "internalisation of the tools of our own oppression" to our political landscape.
I personally think it's a brilliant strategy to be on the side of the oppressed than the oppressor, even if it's motivated by pragmatism.
Perhaps, Tunku should have just left Borneo to the natives in 1963.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 12:23  

If not for Tun Dr Mahathir, who saved this country, Anwar would have surrendered everything to Camdessus. Thank God he was chucked out. Best Finance Minister? A statement by someone who was herself dumped by her own party soon after making that silly statement. She was ditched. Just like you.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 12:48  

They should not set aside the people rights because they are the trustee of the people when they are formed in 1946. But today, everything have change. They are more rhetoric then reality. As we can see, in every election they asked the people to vote for them for harmony, peace, development etc. But once the won, all this promised will gone and the same promise will come again in the next election. This type of leaders should not be trusted. People should vote wisely and if not they will suffer again and again until they die.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 13:10  


I seriously doubt people in your party, i.e. UMNO, or the coalition, i.e. Barisan Nasional, will battered an eye-lid at what you say about Taib.

You see, your leaders in UMNO and Barisan Nasional, no longer has any conscience or respect for fellow human. They no longer live the religion (i.e. Islam) that they were born into. They abused their religion to further their personal selfish gains.

They are only interested in enriching themselves with ill gotten wealth and power. For them, these are their birthright and other Malaysians should be subservient to them.

You are asking Barisan Nasional to get rid of a maglinant tumour (i.e. Taib) but did you realise that Barisan Nasional is the cancer itself?

You probably do. Question is what more are you going to do about this?

Quantum Metal Consultant 12 April 2011 at 13:11  

Ssetuju 100% tetapi dalam masa yang sama apakah tanpa UMNO atau BN di Sarawak, segala perjuaangan mereka akan terhasil dengan kerajaan baru.

Atau DAP sekadar mengisi kepuasan kaum China yang berdendam dan merasa diri mereka didiskriminiasikan selari dengan slogan DAP sekarang.

Kalau dan asalkan kaum pribumi atau Melayu tetindas maka perjuangan itu sah, murni dan halal.

Apapun, tidak salah mencuba cuba..kerana timun tetap luka tika menggolek atau digolek.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 13:20  

Ini semua tanda tanda akhir zaman, yang di berikan AMANAH, mengkhianati AMANAH yang diberikan. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membetulkan nya

nahraf 12 April 2011 at 13:49  

What can UmnoBN do? not defend Taib and face the very real possibility of a domino effect on Semenanjung,and losing Putrajaya?.

Huge gains by PR means huge gains of parliment seats in Sarawak, in one powerful strike by Anwar and co have taken the only advantage umnoBN have and massively straighten their position in the bid to Putrajaya.

Dato' you of all people should know how terrifying the prospect of losing Putrajaya to those in power, It means losing the gravy train and all the privileges that come with it.

No more amassing of obscene amounts of wealth, no more abusing government machinery for their own interest, no more "Official Secrets Acts" to cover corrupt dealings.

Dato', You wanted UmnoBN not to side with the oppresor, but sadly Umno and Taib is too intertwined, each is a part of single system, it is practically suicide for them not to do otherwise. "you jump, i jump, you stay, i stay".

Would umnoBN do the noble thing and and risk destruction of their way of life, or do otherwise?.
The answer is obvious.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 14:52  

nahraf said :
"Dato' you of all people should know how terrifying the prospect of losing Putrajaya to those in power, It means losing the gravy train and all the privileges that come with it."

It's more than that.Many in UMNO will find themselves behind bars, wealth frozen, some may have to flee the country. The prospects of an Opposition victory are grim indeed. Imagine an 87 year old in prison for his crimes???
UMNO has to retain power at all costs, probably imitating Ghadaffi.

OneMalaysian,  12 April 2011 at 16:24  

Dear Sakmongkol

“We, who started as genuine nationalists have now become retarded nationalists denying others a right to attain that national consciousness”.

That was certainly a very powerful piece of writing – a tour de force. Most Sarawakians no doubt want to be liberated from the oppressive rule of that corrupt, self-serving white rajah, who is in power solely on account of UMNO’s unwavering support.

But the presence of both the PM and DPM in every nook and corner of Sarawak – unprecedented in a state election - shows that UMNO does not think like you do. It wants to continue to subjugate the people of Sarawak, not liberate them. And Taib has just announced that he will stay on until he feels he is ready to go. What audacity! He is obviously unaware, or couldn’t care less, of the winds of change blowing across North Africa and the Middle East. UMNO, seemingly devoid of wisdom and forgetting the history of its own struggle against colonialism, is abetting him.

rosli,  12 April 2011 at 18:13  

Dato Sak,

There is now a clear indications that S'wak election results will not favour BN:

i) Huge turnout for PR ceramah.
(Similar to Penang 2008 election)
ii)Stock market Index now in correction phase since yesterday.
Better to exit before Friday.

iii)Top stories in MSM - Taib to quit after sometime after election.

walla 12 April 2011 at 19:26  

S: 'Your blogger takes trouble to write but doesn't he realize it won't matter one bit? BN will continue to sweep everything. It controls everything so you better side with the one with the bigger cannons.'

B: 'Isn't it out of place for you to misquote Voltaire here? This time the Almighty is on the side of the righteous. Take that, you shit-encrusted scumbag.'

S: '(snigggers) My, my, temper will get you nowhere, old chap. Why, even as we speak, the full firepower of BN is being brought to bear on those pathetic pretenders in the opposition who are still presumptuous that they can placate the poor plebeians.

Are you so naive to even entertain the smallest hope that BN has been sleeping since 2008? Like our exPM, we only pretend to be asleep. In actual fact, BN has already executed its grand masterplan to reclaim its past glory. You might as well sit back and watch the carnage.'

B: '(grits false teeth). You mabuk ke? One thousand turned up at Najib's do but when he started talking, they walked out and tar-pau the food away instead. Ten thousand turned up at LGE's talk and they stayed to cheer right to the end. How's that, you miserable cross between a buffalo and a baboon.'

S: '(looks at B with dark calculating eyes) Alright-lah. Let's cut to the chase. What you want? You (erhh) assist me, i (cough) assist you. I know you have been down and out for a long time. Surely you would want to discharge your onerous responsibilities to your loved ones. I hear you have something like thirty-three ex-girlfriends. How would you like to rekindle old flames? Erhh? Just give a slight teeny weeny nod and i can make your dreams come true. Relieve you of all your worries, pains, aches, itches even, kekeke...'

B: '(quiet for a long time, despair creasing up on the face)...Really? you can give me things to lighten my load? you promise?'

S: '(examines own fingernails, sucks a tooth) Of course, what don't i look like to you? Power, money, fame, freedom. You can trust me to liberate you from your present choleric consciousness of the pain you must have been suffering all these years. Believe me, old chap, I DELIVER. Unlike those motley opposition half-breeds.'

B: 'But....but my conscience...'

S: 'You silly old fool. Conscience? A wad of cash will dissolve that thing you call conscience. If not, i know just the right place for you. It's a new spa down the road. Cool, dim and tantalizing. She'll straighten every tense sinew in your ragged body. Trust me. You'll come out rejuvenated, younger even. But you must counter-sign the receipt so that i can make double-claims.

Now, don't waste my time. Want or not? What do you really want?'

B: 'Well, erhh (clears throat)'

walla 12 April 2011 at 19:26  


S: 'Don't be shy-lah. Why so difficult, let me confess that i have already done this a thousand times. From fellow politicians to village headmen to the vote canvassers and community leaders to departmental heads, even the uniformed bigwigs.

It's really a cinch. If you don't accept, someone else will so why must you lose out when you can have it all? After all, isn't it wiser to bend with the tide if one cannot beat it? The force is with us so why fight the inevitable?

Now, don't be such a cissy. What you WANT? Don't worry about anything, i can make the records disappear faster than Toyo and Zamry. Nothing will be pinned on you.

Besides, you will be doing our country a service. Stability and development. If people want that, and we are the only ones who can deliver it, why rock the boat, why change, why trifle over the masses? Don't they look happy and satiated? Why give them more when they are already happy with what they have? Why put ideas in their little puny heads? Look at them. Do you want to go back to their drivel and crummy way of life? Day in day out struggle to live? Come on, i am your saviour. I make you now an honest offer to solve all your stupid problems. And, to let you know, this kind of offer comes only once a lifetime. It has an expiry date coming up real soon. Do yourself a favour. Just say yes to me. Help me to help you to help me.
Simple trade, bolih tak?

Now what i want from you before you accept the inevitable is simply this: i want you to start writing for us, the one and only BN. You know, my friend, it's all about the choice of words. I want you to influence our masses so that they will vote for BN and get rid of those mosquitoes who call themselves the opposition. Just do that, and i'll move the earth for you. But don't tell anyone else i am going to use a Komatsu excavator loaned from one of the timber mines.'

B: '(swallows saliva). Ok, this is what i want.

I want nine million ringgit in cash. I want fifty thousand hectares of arable, flat and suburban land near a stable water source with good drainage, roads, electricity and telecoms. And i want one hundred lots of Cahya Mata Sarawak mother shares. That's all i want.'

S: '(looks bemused). Why so little only? You're too modest, B.'

B: 'Ok then, i want a freehold mansion bigger than the one Taib's favorite is building for himself, together with a tax-free luxuriously appointed maroon XJS 2010. And five years free supply of ron-97.'

S: 'Paltry requests...consider it all done...except for the CMS shares. That i have to check first with a lebanese bumiputra relocated from his fruit stall in Sydney but i'm sure he'll see the wisdom of agreeing.

I do have a question for you. Why such an eclectic selection?'

B: 'Don't you already know?

Of that nine million, one third to the Salvation Army in Port Klang, one third to start a foundation for the poorest urban in our towns in Sarawak and one third for flood mitigation in Sibu.

The land will be used to grow white pepper whose price has gone up considerably. The earnings will go into a trust fund to provide financial relief to the ultra-poor natives of Sarawak. I don't care if they are Melanau Malays or Dayaks or Ibans. They will be beneficiaries of that fund to take them out of their poverty cycle.'

S: 'And the shares, mansion, motorcar?'

B: 'The shares will be distributed to the most vocal NGOs, the mansion as state display of how the rakyat money has been spent on conspicuous syndicated ripoffs, and the motorcar for a certain Risda officer so that he can zoom around highways in the mornings to remind him of days gone by when he CM of a state, protected by what you yourself would deem to call a halfbreed.'

walla 12 April 2011 at 19:27  


S: 'I must say your explanations trouble me, B. You don't seem to understand my side of the deal. You must toe our BN line. You must learn to like us more. After all, didn't our leader show he's the one with the power when he hinted to the rakyat that if the elected reps are from BN, he would consider their requests but if from the opposition, he would not? And didn't he and his sidekick try their best to elbow Taib out? And give two hundred million to the hospital? And announce mega-billion plans for the state and hand out thousands to certain associations and free tupperware to the low-life that are the rakyat to boot? Where in the world can you find such a caring and generous government?'

B: 'Now that you mention all that, i am a bit worried about your offer. For one, i haven't seen a government where federal is trying to evict the associated alliance chief of the state in which an election is going to be held, only to have that chief thump his nose back at both them and the rakyat by giving an indeterminate deadline to resign. I haven't seen a government empowered by all the powers of the universe including the MACC, EC, RCI, PDRN, MOD, Pos Malaysia and KPI, PTP, KFC and what not and yet do nothing for thirty years about all the ripoffs happening before everyone's eyes, starting with CMS. I haven't see a government govern a state by drugging village headmen with beer and favours. And i haven't seen a government suddenly coming up with money so conveniently near an election for a hospital that has been poorly built and running on human sacrifice.'

S: 'Well, since you put it like that, i regret i have to withdraw my generous offer. Don't say i didn't try, and don't spill tears that you can't see what our BN stand for in the state. The opposition don't know how to run a government, they will not bring progress to the state. Because? Because only BN hold all the cards. Treasury money. Control over police permits to assemble. Control over the postal votes, electricity supply to polling stations, pencils to identify voter to his ballot paper, diesel for the sampans to bring in the ballot papers, look-alike ballot boxes, money for the village headmen to block non-BN candidates. And if you get on the wrong side of our law, the book will be thrown at you for not being thrown on one of ours. The WORKS, you idiot!'

B: 'I'm sure the rakyat in Selangor and Penang will be the first to disagree with you that the opposition can't run a government. I suspect those in Perak would also have disagreed if their state had not been stolen from them. Let me ask you in summation - why is BN so desperate?'

S: 'Because we want to rule.'

walla 12 April 2011 at 19:27  


B: 'And who are these "we" you're talking about?'

S: 'Of course, people like me. Someone has to run this country and its states. And only we have the experience and the performance.'

B: 'Is that why the majority of the state's rakyat are now seething with anger against BN and Taib and his cronies?'

S: 'Ingrates! The rakyat are all so stupid. We have to lead them by their noses. Otherwise, chaos-lah!'

B: 'In that case, i can't accept the offer that you have withdrawn, S.'

S: 'I have a last question for you. Why the Salvation Army in Port Kelang?'

B: 'Because i have visited their premises and they do need help but i don't have any money but they don't know that so every year they send an appeal letter to me. Those are young boys who should be helped to have a fresh start in life to be better human beings and more productive citizens.

Now my turn to ask you a last question. What does your name S stand for?'

S: 'Think of the state, you nitwit.'

B: 'Oh. I thought it stood for shit.'

S: 'Anything else, since i am generous today to ignore that slight?'

B: 'That spa you mentioned. By any chance there won't be any hidden cameras? See i don't even own a mickey mouse watch.'

S: 'No watch? Then why am i here wasting my time on a has-been like you. Go get stuffed, man. You're going to be rolled over by the powertrain of BN. Transformed! Defender and Hero of the rakyat!'

B: 'For what it's worth, can i ask you where you're getting all that money and privileges that had formed your offer to me just now?'

S: 'You're really stupid, B. From what would have been the rakyats', of course! You think we BN do losing deals? Shhhsh. One type of rice and so many naive potato-heads around. You're the buffalo, B.'

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 00:19  

Tunku's Umno was "demi guru, nelayan dan petani ";
Mahathir's Umno is " untuk anak, isteri serta kroni ".

That is the difference.

gsk,  13 April 2011 at 01:26  

IRDA Koridor Iskandar kata mahu bina 500km MRT kt Johor, Kenapa UMNO ni BODOH sangat ??? kos brp ?? 500 billion ker????

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 07:48  

This is probably in Najib's mind.

After the election all winning candidates will be asked to join UMNO. Of course they will be handsomely rewarded. Remember, frogs are aplenty in Sarawak.

Bingo! UMNO controls Sarawak.
This will be the beginning of the end of Malaysia.

Suci Dalam Debu 13 April 2011 at 08:45  


The Sarawakians should be aware of TWO serious issues come election day

1. Stuffed Ballot Boxes

2. Postal Votes

I am not sure #1 exists but the chances of it happening must be minimized. Get rid of them and the chances for PR would be a lot brighter.

rempahman,  13 April 2011 at 11:03  

Can you please remind why PAS, PKR and DAP was formed too. My memory is failing.

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 11:18  

Anwar's cabinet will consists of ministers with pretty wives willing to sleep with him anytime. And their daughters. And their sons too!

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 13:10  

Suci dalam debu : you are no suci dalam debu. How can you be suci dalam debu. Just like anwar. You are debu dalam dubur.

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 18:00  

Anon: 13 April 2011 11:18,

Quite distasteful and detestable comment coming from a sick mind. I thought those who commented here are educated.

By the way, instead of minding and busying yrself with someone else's wives, better trake care and mind yr own wife. Who knows?

nahraf 13 April 2011 at 20:30  

To: Anon 13 April 2011 18:00

Just ignore those losers, they just lack the mental faculty to engage in a civilized discussion. Their kind love gutter politics so much their heads is full of shit and filth.

Suci Dalam Debu 13 April 2011 at 20:48  


Please allow me this one:

Dear anon 13:10

******Suci dalam debu : you are no suci dalam debu. How can you be suci dalam debu. Just like anwar. You are debu dalam dubur.********

You were born next to a S***t hole and was covered in piss & filth at delivery and I hope you are still suci.

Btw, no matter what you say, I welcome you to join the battle to create a 2-party system.

umar,  14 April 2011 at 01:39  

walla's commentary runs longer than your article.Not focused. what is the gist of her comment?

JJ 14 April 2011 at 04:17  

Did someone just complained that Walla's comment too long and not focus enough?

I could safely assume that many here beg to differ !

So Mr Walla, please, we implore you NOT to cut short your comments and we wish to assure you our comprehension is such that we found your commnets very meaningful and focused.

You definately can't please everybody all the time, so please, just please 99% of us here and just ignore the 1% with short-attention span.

Thank you Mr Walla.

walla 14 April 2011 at 09:16  


Thank you for your generous encouragement and understanding. I am glad at least one kind heart has found the way out of the maze i seem to have created.


My apologies for puzzling and troubling you. When i write something, i don't plan in advance. The thoughts just come marching in and queue up. Since i will never leave anyone behind, i invite all of them to come in and have their say.


I sense this reply is also going to be long. Forgive me.

1. i apologize to Sakmongkol. He's a friend and on the side of Umno. If i have been writing too vigorously to lambast directly and indirectly his party, accept that i feel very bad doing so because some of the Umno people i have met are actually genuinely nice and intelligent people as well. That Sakmongkol has published my posts should be ample testimony of his earnest desire to see Umno and our country improve. There is one other thing. Both of us seem to be co-prescient about each other's thoughts. A very strange thing.

But i have to write what my thoughts say otherwise it is like leaving one member of the family at the door while others are in deep discourse on matters affecting the whole family. Namely you all and our common nation.

And that is why i sometimes surprise even myself how at the end of each post, the structure, logic, thrusts and substance all come together with integrity intact and consistency smooth. Serendipity must have noted that ;)

walla 14 April 2011 at 09:50  

2. I also apologize to the mahathirites for using the word 'halfbreed'. Maybe it should have been 'halfbred'. Drop one 'e' and the nuance changes. He was a statesman to the world but not a statesman to the peoples in his own country.

3. Back to Umar. What was the gist of my long post above?

The gist is this:

the peoples of Sarawak must change the present government.

And by present government, i mean not only Taib and his alliances but anything to do with Barisan.

This is the only way our rakyat across the land can at least ensure the two-party balance is entrenched.

4. Why do i say that?

Just look at Umno. When it lost a lot in 2008, it lost its confidence. It started talking about change and transformation and being more citizen-centric and how it doesn't know best and so on.

But as it started to win back some seats in by-elections, it regained its confidence. And then promptly forgot all that it had said to the rakyat about changing itself.

It reverted to form. It stopped changing. It started to lie and cheat again. It brought back the arrogance and it added even more spin about billions to be spent without saying where all the money was coming from and how the rakyat will have to bear the burden and shocks for the next ten generations for the temporary syiok in the present.

You can see the desperation to win at all costs in the way it uses institutions like the judiciary and enforcement to crimp the Opposition and activism of the rakyat.

You know that is all true because it also brought back gutter politics so unbecoming of our Malay culture, the refiner that we have become accustomed to for having lived with one another for so long.

Why is Umno so desperate until it can openly ignore what Taib and his cronies have done to the natives and peoples of Sarawak for so many years? Let me add - what is also happening in Sabah.

And why is Taib so desperate that it can bar a lawyer-activist like Haris Ibrahim from entering the state?

And institute dos attacks on sites active in trying to tell the peoples about the wrongs done to them?

Why not take the fair way to rebut each accusation instead?

Why try to bury unvarnished truths?

walla 14 April 2011 at 10:18  

5. This country was formed out of the ashes of colonialism. Umno Baru made the British the punching bag to advance nationalism.

And then it became colonialists itself. It bred elitism. It used what was the noble idea behind a simple policy like the NEP and bastardized it to serve the political masters which in turn created a column of cronies which in turn devastated our economy and blunted our national competitiveness. And the new punching bag would now be our Chinese brothers and fellow citizens.

You know it has succeeded because our Indian fellowmen have basically been marginalized in the process.

And now in Sarawak we see the same process of recolonialization. Isn't Taib a white rajah? Doesn't that bring abhorrence and revulsion to true Umno members, for that matter all sane-minded Malaysians?

When you see how the poor natives of Sarawak have been suffering under their yolk of poverty and deprivation, don't you feel a lump in your throat, tears welling in your eyes, angiopains in your heart and anger in your minds?

The pictures we see now and then of smiling faces and colorful native dresses on our merdeka parades and local events are in stark and sheer contrast with what we know has been going on too long in the rural houses. Maybe that's why they are called longhouses?

When we who have washed off the crimping remnants of colonialism meet a fellow Sarawakian, do we put a chip on our own shoulders for being more sophisticated minded and richer than him or her or do we feel an earnest need to go out and extend a helping hand so that they will too be able to come up in life for having been down so long and unnecessarily?

For the Almighty's sake, the wealth we have been getting was on their land and from their labour!

The sentiment we have here to care for our fellowmen and women regardless of their tribes, background, melanin-density or even capability is a universal property, attribute and virtue. It is what being a true Malaysian is all about. It is something we can wear as our own unique badge of honour to show the world we can redefine for this planet what being humane is all about. If we lose that, what have we left?

walla 14 April 2011 at 10:29  

6. When you look at Taib, you see the shadow of a Marcos. When you look at the jewellery his women wear, you think of the shoes of Imelda. When you see his sons, how many have done a single thing for a single native?

I was once in a bookshop in Manila. Imelda Marcos walked in. The simple folks stood in some awe of her. How come they missed the shell of a person without a shred of conscience?

How different are the poor in the squatters of Manila from the poor in the longhouses of Sarawak?

Answer me. Now.

And for thirty years, this has been going on and on. Don't believe me? In one (in)famous blog we all know, there is absolutely nothing on Sarawak. Just talk about iron ore and globalization. The silence is deafening.

I had written for all of you long ago that we have a system which replaced the British colonialism with Malay colonialism. To protect itself, the latter turned a blind eye to Sarawak (and Sabah) colonialism.

As a Muslim or believer in any other faith, how do we explain thirty years of collective blind eyes? Moat? Dryness? Eyemo out of stock?

walla 14 April 2011 at 10:55  

7. I had written before that the issue is not just the state of Sarawak but in essence the state of Malaysia.

If we don't fight for the natives of Sarawak, how do we fight for the poor of Peninsular Malaysia?

If we can care for the poor Malays of our peninsular, why can't we care for the poor natives of Sarawak?

And if we can care for the poor across both divides, why can't we universally care for fairness and kindness towards all?

Let us look forward to that day when our Almighty sends a mighty gust to blow off the top of a mosque and our Chinese and Indian brethren rush forward to organize a lion dance or pass the hat around to raise funds to rebuild it.

Let us look forward to that day when some official (probably trained by BTN, coaxed by Perkasa or Utusan and fed by the remnant ultras) does something unfair to a Chinese or Indian and our Malay brethren jumps up hopping mad and bang the table to get the injustice squashed.

Let us look forward to the day when each can be helped up in life without any need for recourse to some policy or other.

Then our Almighty will look down and say, "Hehehe, Version 2.0 seems to be working well on its own. No bugs there."

But what have we now? Not only taking away the land and wealth and future but also defacing a faith.

We should all be able to see the value and worth of all holy books. It should be natural for all to defend each other's holy books. Doesn't matter if a faith seems to be different.

After all, it is already a miracle for anyone down and out to even be able to hear the silent music of the Unseen One amidst the phonies of life.

walla 14 April 2011 at 11:25  

8. Let me try to end this at the eighth.

I don't expect this post to do any good. I don't expect it to get to the village headmen under the influence of Taib and his cohorts. But because the thoughts have come marching in, and there is still some time left before i have to go mop the floor, feed the kitten and wash the clothes, indulge me for a few more seconds.

A two-party system is good for the country, even more for Umno itself Because it will provide a mirror for it to look at itself every day. If the rakyat no longer trust Umno, how can Umno trust itself? If Umno cannot trust itself, how can it trust Taib and its alliance partners in Sarawak?

sigh... The situation is risky now economically. We simply don't have any ace cards beyond the slow-growing natural resources. But oil and gas deposits are depleting. And we must have under-priced our Sarawak natural gas supply to the japanese in much the same way that Umno's Mahathir had allowed the toll concessionaires to over-price their terms to our motorists.

And we know Najib's government is seriously in the red. Years of deficit will tell in the future on the young. They are already maligned by a very bad education system which continues to be distorted by a bunch of our own Malay racists some of whom are reading this.

You know this is true because i can ask you what has happened to PNB's Menara Wawasan and you can't answer me.

All those biggie billion projects are propped up by spin. Expensive spin.

So that corruption can continue away from the focus, becoming more sophisticated for all the posturings of the institutions. It's going to be even harder to try and catch the big fish. But try and do, must. So said Yoda. However, do you expect the criminal to arrest himself?

Yet, the most immediate challenge is the integrity of the forthcoming elections. I am not confident it will be clean at all. And if it will not be clean in Sarawak, who in her right mind will think it can also be clean in Peninsular? Worry about that, now. Please.

If Taib's administration and Najib's promised handouts can be overlooked by even the EC and other supposedly independent institutions, how can anyone be confident the integrity of the state election won't be compromised?

A lot of things can happen in the rural areas, especially with headmen who don't seem to have any heads of their own. They can't see they are selling out their own longhouse family members in the near term, all for a crummy three hundred ringgit increase in their allowance. And some liquor to dull their conscience.

Sarawak can be a great state on its own. It just needs good leaders and clean administration. There are so many things it can do.

I am tired now. Thanks for your indulgence, Dato'.

walla 14 April 2011 at 13:05  

Oops. Three thoughts are standing at the door. Must have been caught in a traffic jam.

Here they are:

One, i am very angry that our Penan's have yet to be given their IC's so that they can vote. I understand they have been asked to pay undertable money or may even have been given the runaround.

Is it because the authorities know they will be voting against them for all those years of ripoff against their land and rights?

And this, folks, is what is meant by parliamentary democracy of Malaysia.

Two, this aluminium smelter in Taib's constituency. Was there any precondition set that its effluents must not be discharged into the surroundings that pollute the water killing off flora and fauna?

Are there any other projects which are polluting Sarawak's environment?

Three, this forthcoming elections with so many independents.

We know how independents can suddenly become friendly to federal. By osmosis, some money must have oozed across the void. Perhaps they should not disgrace the word 'independent'. How about 'reptile'?

Let's say Taib is still wily. Reading the temperature he would have known his hold is going to be mampus. So he created independents to divide out the electorate, in effect taking them from the opposition.

After the elections, those independents who win will magically rejoin his group either directly or indirectly.

Now Umno knows this. So it will intrude in the plan with its own strategy.

ok..need to find some food to eat. bye

Anonymous,  14 April 2011 at 20:34  

Dear Walla, I truly wish you would write in more often. You have always something to pass on to us, lessons learnt, experiences shared, information gathered, and most of all, the really special way of engaging the audience and dispensing your wisdom via a two day conversation with his sidekick/s. As much as I would have liked, I couldn't have done it better!

thanks Walla,

Anonymous,  14 April 2011 at 22:04  

Umar @ 01:39 14/04

Simple. Walla's message is .. UMNO's present leadership and governance SUCKS!!! Big Time!

didi,  15 April 2011 at 07:02  

Taib has to go. 30 years is long enough no? Or he is modeling himself after Mubarak? What with all the cyber-attacks on anti-Taib websites, the similarities are uncanny.

JJ 15 April 2011 at 08:27  

Thank you Mr Walla for this 'focused' piece written in between your household chores of mopping floor, doing the dishes and feeding the kitten :)

Also, like Power On said

"As much as I would have liked, I couldn't have done it better!" when you brought in your sidekick/s..... that dear sofia, etc, haha

So, thank you, Mr Walla. And thank you too, Dato' Sak.

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 07:21  

the dato sak has gone berserk. Yesss down with taib rules ok. dato sak should be once and for all shot and throw uut of umno to oblivion.he has show his true colour of a sour grape politiciam at last

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