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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 23 April 2011

Measuring RPK

Sometime ago, someone said, 70% of what RPK said are lies, not true. 70% of what RPK says cannot be believed. In other words, RPK is a phony and a charlatan with a beret. Now a beret and a pair of Harry Potter spectacles.
Now, it seems even a morsel of truth depends on whether RPK says so. Why should UMNO people believe what RPK says if we know that 70% of whatever he says is auta?
So when RPK says that he did not say Najib was this and that, why should be believe him? He may be lying or that portion of his statement, gleaned from an interview he made when? we don't know, does not fall within the 70% crap portion?
Umno people should be the first to dismiss RPK. The probability of what he says about Najib, despite Najib's eagerness to feel relieved that finally the truth is out, to be NOT true is higher that it being true. In any case, the truth of anything shouldn't be made dependent on what RPK says. The truth is still out there , Mulder.
Why should UMNO lend credence to RPK?
It follows then, that what RPK says about the plan about Tengku Razaleigh being complicit in some imaginary plot to block Najib becoming PM , has a higher probability of NOT being true.
How did RPK arrive at that conclusion? He alluded to a meeting of some 30 bloggers at Tengku Razaliegh's house some time ago. RPK WASN'T at the first meet. I use the term meet, because the meet was proposed by a number of bloggers, UMNO bloggers mostly.
Some people wanted to meet up with Tengku Razaliegh and the latter consented to the request. As to why Tenglu Razaliegh agreed to play host can be attributed to a variety of reasons, none of which run afoul of the law. A politician would like to patronize a group of luminaries that could prove to be advantageous in future. There's nothing sinister about that.
At the first meeting, the main and only agenda was to discuss about what to do with Pak Lah. It wasn't at all about Najib. We know some of prime movers behind the 30 blogers who wanted to meet up. They actually wanted some legitimacy for their own agenda to kick out Pak Lah. Actually they wanted to borrow the credibility of Ku Li. They want to stab another with a borrowed knife!
If UMNO people really want to get the truth of who wants to block out Najib, then they should ask those people who went over to Ku Li's house trying him to persuade Ku LI to stand as UMNO president and Muhyidin as deputy president. Those who supported the idea included a former much adored PM and his faithful man Friday of a former senior minister.
At that time, everyone was convinced that Najib was a spineless leader and made no mention of him being in the scheme of things.
Actually, it was a ruse by these people, to goad Najib into coming out to dump Pak Lah. We all know, after that Najib came out to say he is willing to assume leadership. Of course he said he was willing after much groundwork by a diverse set of operatives have gone around making it impossible for Pak Lah to do anything but to say, Uncle I quit.
So why should we succumb to RPK's invitation to us to believe this cooked up story. UMNO leaders do all kinds of political infanticide that make this allegation by RPK a walk through the park. It's a non-issue.
RPK may have his own personal reasons for dragging in Ku Li. And UMNO people should not dismiss their own thinking that Ku LIi is way past his prime to be of any serious threat to Najib. Look elsewhere for the source of threat people.
As to the growing chasm between RPK and his onetime MCKK colleague, the colorful Anwar Ibrahim, he has his own personal reasons. Maybe because Anwar didn't want to support his MCLM. Maybe Anwar didn't lend a helping hand at all to a man on the run. Maybe its 1001 reasons for RPK to say what he is now saying about Anwar. Or maybe he now believes Anwar is the culprit behind all those sex scandals.
But even these, we find hard to attach any credibility without dismissing our own beliefs that RPK is a charlatan. 70% of his being, that is.


Pak Zawi 23 April 2011 at 07:40  

An eye opener for the blinds.

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 08:01  

Its hard to accept when you are caught out to be a fake and a charlatan yourself huh?
You can make up all excuses , like anwar, but the fact is that KU li is invovled by entertaining the bull from Bulshit and lt kol azmi the traitor.And as you are a fake yourself you can smell it a mile away. Dont drag others into it, it will not make you less guilty as the gutter supporter of mr. so call anti gutter politics ku li.

The modus operandi of anwar and political liars is to imply and implicate as many big names as possible. It wont work. Dont adopt it, it will make an el cheapo like you look too dishonorable. Save it my man, save what little you have left.

RPK's confession is not going to go away. MAny knew about it way back, and now he's put it in the open. Kuli , anwar and you the hoorayman will always be remembered as treacherous back stabbers, liars and traitors. RKP is guilty of all these but you conveniently built it up with ku li to push najib out. And you failed and now that secret is out. So deal with it. Dont go into denial and still try to make yourself so honorable, it will make people puke.Give people space to forget then you can try to pretend again.


Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 08:17  

It's a fact that RPK has ended up from hero to zero. The worst thing he did was to betray all those who believed in him. No amount of spins or excuses from him will make it go away. No one would've believed that he was just a chameleon. Everyone treated him like a folk hero but folk hero he wasn't. What a letdown!

Quantum Metal Consultant 23 April 2011 at 08:52  

Apa yang Dato utarakan adalah sangat ringan, orang UMNO sendiri tidaklah terpengaruh langsung dengan RPK malah pendedahan itu membuatkan orang UMNO sendiri jelek dengan strategi yang terlalu nampak dan menonjol, semua keluar ketika pilihanraya dan ketika BN dalam keadaan bahaya. Mungkin tanpa RPK, pilihanraya sarawak mungkin lebih baik dari keputusan sekarang.

Percaturan yang kononnya melibatkan Ku Li juga sebenarnya tidak begitu logik, bukan kerana tidak ada kemungkinan tetapi kerana keadaan Ku Li sendiri dari sudut pengaruh dan rapat dengan pemimpin kanan UMNO dan akar umbi boleh dikatakan 'tiada'. Ku Li sekarang bukan seperti Ku Li Presiden S46 yang dikelilingi oleh Rais, Abdullah, Kadir, Shahril dan sokongan moral Musa Hitam dan beberapa nema hebat lain.

Untuk jadi PM, Ku Li sendiri nampaknya macam sudah hilang minat, hilang stim dan sokongan yang diterima pun macam hangat2 tahi ayam. Ku Li lebih berharap jawatan PM datang bergolek atau

Tetapi oleh kerana kenyataan RPK itu ada sedikit nampak boleh dijadikan bahan untuk bercakap dan menghentam pihak sebelah sana maka sebahagian ahli UMNO menggunapakai secara lewa (tidak serius pun)

RPK macam Hishammudin Rais, ada pun tak bagi kesan, tak ada pun lagi baik.

Tetapi kena diingatkan juga, sebelum ini pembohongan RPK inilah juga digunakan sepenuhnya oleh musuh UMNO untuk mengebom UMNO hingga kucar kacir.

Jikapun orang UMNO percaya 30% apa yang RPK kata, tetapi bagi keseluruhan Melayu, apa yang RPK cakap hanya laku 5% itupun atas dasar kepercayaan itu hanya passpot untuknya pulang.

Malapetaka dan kesilapan paling besar akan berlaku kepada UMNO jika mengizinkan RPK pulang tanpa dakwaan tamabahan atau dakwaan asal.

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 09:47  

jawatan dalam umno adalah hak ahli2 umno....sesiapa yang sanggop dan berupaya harus diberi peluang jadi presiden atau mana2 jawatan dalam umno, tanpa syarat, barulah umno akan bertambah segar dan bermaya, cara pemilihan sekarang dengan berbagai2 syarat membuat umno restrictive dan lesu...itu hakikat sekarang....jadi siapa nak jadi presiden bukan lah penyibok atau perampas kuasa tapi sebagai ahli yang sayangkan parti....itu kaedah tawaran ku li sebenarnya.....beliau menawarkan perkhidmatan....

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 10:15  

i thought not long ago, every one including the ministers bodek Tengku when they need him at the Kelantan by election.
dah lupa ker?

orang kampung

greenbottle,  23 April 2011 at 10:27  

ai hai...this is going to be interesting. i hope RPK reads your blog and particularly this post of yours. i'd be very interested to read his reaction.

one observation though. malaysians are very unsophisticated and non objective when it comes to reading 'op-ed' and personal columns including blog posts. they selectively pick and choose what to believe and often they choose what can back up their prior belief and disposition. this kind of readings totally skew the understanding of the issue at hand and that's why there are so much exploitations and miscommunications.

it doesn't matter if RPK is 70% baloney or whatever. but one has to admit that without RPK (and you too SAK) malaysian politics will be a lot less interesting.

some interesting things i learnt from RPK.

1) PI bala's 2 SDs. PI bala has now publically stated that the 2nd SD is the false one. and he challenged the authority to haul him to court for making a false SD . but no action so far.

if the 2nd is false the 1st must be the true one(!?) and among the allegations in the 1st one is about DS najib having sex with altantuya and he also liked to do it in the er how shall i say it nicely? in unnatural way.

2) RPK in recent posts mentioned about that carpet seller bonking PM's wife.

so far nobody seems to care too much about this outrageous allegation.

based on these two (out of many other juicy bits) i believe RPK doesn't give a flying fuck (to quote one of my favorite authors kurt vonnegut) about najib or anyone.

since you have a special post for RPK and since malaysians seems to like sex stories so much i'd be very interested if we can get to the er...bottom of this too.

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 10:45  

The truth is out there but will we ever get to the truth.
Kaffee: I want the truth!
Col. Jessep: [shouts] You can't handle the truth!

We are a nation of laws, are we not ?

Then let law take its course, put RPK on trial on what ever charges amended or original as suggested by kluangman and take him to justice.

The consequences is going to be damaging regardless of the outcome of the trial.
It is one man against the system and I believe RPK knew that. As aptly put by one blogger who defended him,"I would not be exaggerating if I said that I have seen this guy actually being prepared to die for what he believes in."


Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 10:59  

Anti Fakes,
You sound like one of those demented minds. Once again Dato gamed you - he just said last time you call RPK a liar, now you are a believer. Tu pun tak paham ke? kah kah

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 12:38  

So what if there is group to stop Najib from becoming the PM? I think malaysians and for that matter experienced and honest politicians would be so bloody stupid, if no action whether overt or covert was taken to stop Najib becoming PM.

Najib with all his baggages esp with regard to the Scropene and Sukhoi corruption scandals and the eventual murder of A'tuya, the go-between in the Scorpene case, is an embarrassment to this country. By right all malaysians should endeavor to stop him from becoming PM and in asking him to resign from the P'miership.

In a matured democracy or in First World country, the country's police force or internal security people would have taken the necessary step to prevent such a person, with lots of baggages from becoming PM. But then M'sia is known to be a corrupt country. Najib got away and went on to become PM. Well Najib could always be liable to be held for 'ransom' by countries like S'pore, France and USA who knew of his involvement in the A'tuya murder.

I don't see anything wrong for people like TR to orchestrate move to prevent Najib from becoming PM. I thought that is the most correct thing to do and in line with national interest. But then again malay senior police officers have low IQ. They are always at the beck and call of corrupt Umno leaders. Najib becoming PM poses a more greater danger to the country's security, and the Police shld be the one who shld have stopped him becoming PM in the first place. Instead they are investigating those people who are alleged to have stopped Najib from becoming PM, in which he has no divine or maroal right to be one.

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 14:26  

When RPK said Najib/Rosmah are accessories to murder 'they' said that's untruth because he is a liar.

When RPK said Najib/Rosmah are innocent and not connected to the murder, 'they' say he should be believed because he is telling the truth.

So whether RPK is lying or telling the truth depends on what you want to hear.

Unknown 23 April 2011 at 15:43  

Najib is still spineless even until now. Can't even man up for his 1Malaysia email and Menara Warisan.

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 15:44  

Dato, your previous article in Bahasa Malaysia alluded that you will comment about RPK. Then you d oso in English. Why is this article in English and not in Bahasa Malaysia? Are you afraid your Malay brethrens will understand what you wrote and see the light?

Ariff Sabri 23 April 2011 at 16:34  

anon 15:44

true, but i did not say i will write in Bm did i? you tak faham apa i tulis ke? you boleh translate lah. kebenaran ada makna berbeza ke dalam bahasa yang lain?

Anonymous,  23 April 2011 at 17:41  

UMNO will only proclaim that RPK is telling the truth if RPK writes/says things they think are in their favour. RPK is playing games with UMNO and UMNO fell for it.

Soonhock,  23 April 2011 at 22:10  

Dear Dato,Why RPK did the TV3 interview for reasons known to him only.What he is saying now doesnt make sense.I hope eventually the truth will come out or his reputation will be tainted forever.Corrupted politicians are always like that.They twist and turn like worms in a container of salt.Say some not so nice to them and they hug,kiss and call you Pak too.Say very nice things about them and_ _?About Tengku Razaleigh I agree with you that Kuli knows that he is way past his prime.I still remember an article about Kuli in the Far Eastern Economic Review in the eighties.He was among the top ten smartest guys in South East Asia.Nobody can question his honesty and intergrity.If he was PM in the eighties Singapore will just be a little red dot on the map.Thats all for now.Best regards.

Donald Tram 24 April 2011 at 02:29  

In Malaysia everybody is a quack. The worst are Doctors who couldn't stand the sight of the sick and senile who are supposed to be their babies. The religious men are no better. So we're all quacks.

UMNO is a den of quacks. The system cannot handle competition but want to conquer the world. So what else is there to do except stab people in the back.

This is getting very expensive for dumb people like me who are less than quacks. The professional Malaysian opthalmologists are cross-eyed and seeing double instead of 2020.

It's alright what? Let's take out our krisses and stab someone. There isn't anything worth to do as only some destined people of the Tuan Melayu who are afraid of decent rules to live by, who'll see straight and yet walk into the longkang!.

Were I in the gomen, I'd close down UMNO. They didn't care two hoots who they closed down!

If you don't quack in Malaysia you won't get anywhere.

The Judiciary is full of quacks who tremble at the thought of the AG. Parliament are full of duck eggs. Of course Chief Quack is the PM, leader of a quack party who gag and closed down other parties!

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