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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 17 April 2011

UMNO’s self-limitations.

Quiet Despair,

Why do you think this old man likes to claim he is a true UMNO member but keep condemning them and saying they lost the old UMNO way. It is because he feeds upon adulation from the opposition commentors. He has such a huge ego that he wants people to say he is so good, bla bla. So as far as UMNO is concern he comments are of no value just like from the opposition bloggers.

So, do not despair quiet despair as this arif guy is a joke! He blows his own trumpet just like Aljuburi!!

In the days ahead, we are going to have a field day exposing the hollowness and hypocrisy of these asinine anonymous commentators. They think we condemn because we are for the adulation of readers. If that is what one craves, then one writes slavishly for the perpetuation of hypocrisy, for that is what most of the leaders are doing now.
The above comment is exactly the type of attitude that will cause UMNO to lose. First, it imposes on UMNO the condition, that UMNO must be subscribed only by people like him. Haiyya- can you tolerate an UMNO full of foul mouthed rednecks?
For all you know, this fellow is not even and UMNO member or if he is, can he get past the AJK cawangan post?
Second, this is the kind of condescending and derisive attitude that bred arrogance on the part of UMNO and makes UMNO a despised brand name.
3rd, and perhaps the most fatal flaw in UMNO's mindset, is because it defines itself in terms of its relationships with Anwar Ibrahim and thus, the epithet Aljuburi. Well, it's going to be Al Juburi vs Al Tantuya right?
It is an UMNO full of people like this fellow that will break UMNO, because UMNO does not commit itself to long term thinking and accordingly, the adoption of long term mindset which is adaptive and more tolerant thinking most needed for Najib's long term transformation.
Najib will wonder in the coming months, whether his big ideas can be carried by a fossilsed thinking UMNO unwilling to adapt and adjust. UMNO remains a political organization full of this braggart commentator; it will be consumed by developments beyond its control.
If UMNO is full of this shitty thinking type of people like this commentator, Najib can continue dreaming about his grand ideas of GTP, ETP, NEM and so on and so forth.
Where does UMNO derive its support from in the main? It derived from kampong thinking people. Let's be clear- we use this term to differentiate a particular type of thinking with the adaptive thinking of modern people.
What does kampong thinking represent? It represents conservatism, reluctance to change and resistance to adaptation, set ways of thinking, ascriptive type of thinking. You may wish to recall that in ascriptive type of thinking, the holder of that thinking, places a premium on a person's inherited position, status and popular in Malaysia, a premium on bloodline as inference of capabilities and abilities. .
Hence the holder of this thinking assumes a person's worth is determined by his inherited positions and bloodline. The offspring of previous leaders are automatically assumed to inherit the abilities of their forbears.
Can this kind of thinking support Najib's big ideas which depend on what can a person do rather than on the inference that he has inherited the abilities on account of his bloodline and positions? Najib's big ideas depend more on achieved norms kind of thinking- where a person's worth is determined primarily by acquired abilities and on what he can contribute as added value.
The old UMNO way has none of this self-limiting thinking- people of all kind of thinking inclinations become active UMNO members driven by a desire to contribute. The present day UMNO people impose self-limitations as reflected by the thinking of the above asinine commentator. He wants only his 'type' to be the standard UMNO bearer. He and his kind can indeed be a bearer of sorts- the pallbearer.
As for Quiet Despair, he is a regular visitor here, giving him sufficient time, I hope to visualize a future UMNO.


Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 14:30  

The shitty commentator comes around as a sick commentator..typical of the present day Umno members. They are dis-connected with the majority of the malays who don't want anything to do with Umno. The fact is Umno relies heavily on the Borneo States to remain in power.

If you disagree with them or doesn't follow their line of Umno's feudalistic thinking, then you are condemned, bad-mouthed and they start calling names.

Umno is better off without such people. Malays hated Umno because it propagates the corrupt culture. You get rid of all those corrupt Umno leaders, then Umno has a fighting change to rehabilitate themselves. Right now corruption is synonymous with Umno and its leaders.

yusaini_yn 17 April 2011 at 14:33  

if only the leaders in GEROMBOLAN suscribes to "your kind" of policy sir..

alahai sayang seribu kali sayang,
the so called GEROMBOLAN leaders bila ber'ucap scara spontan pun nampak dangkal nya pemahaman mereka ter-hadap rakyat yang sudah muak di "lacur" kan dgn nilai kepimpinan,idea dan usaha yang MURAH!

UMNO menang kuasa dan "wibawa" atas manipulasi keterlaluan terhadap semua sistem "pembentukan sokongan" dari rakyat yang membayar cukai..

what to do..yang dipimpin pulak (rakyat) majoriti dari bangsa yang sama dgn kU(MELAYU!) sendiri masih bodoh untuk menilai secara mandiri hakikat dan fakta yang apa yang GEROMBOLAN sedang dan selama ini lakukan ada-lah satu ben-tuk pemBODOHAN skala BESAR utk men-jumud kan kotak pemikiran, dan ini terus di lakukan tanpa rasa malu dan segan!


Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 15:33  

Quiet Despair...

Ha.. he is epitome of a BTN brainwashed cybertrooper for UMNO.

The word "logic" does not exist in his briain preferring to spew out nonsensical postings.

Anything, against the other races, he is for. It does not matter which subject .. anything.

It does not matter what kind of leakages, corruption etc (so far not even a single rebuke to his master, UMNO), he will be a faithful fighter for his master. For what? Just because maybe he got a scholarship and able to buy a house with 10% discount while billions are gone or plundered left and right.

Lately his postings have been of frustrations and incoherrent. Sometimes, can't make out what he was trying to pull.

He is now more careful not to make a fool of himselves maybe after so many rebukes on each controversial point he posted.

So frustrated, he even now "rebuke" a fellow more outspoken UMNO member who calls a spade as a spade.

Ha ha.... his kind will go the dinasaur way.

Krishna 17 April 2011 at 16:41  

Kampong or no kampong, hoor ideas can be put across effectively to anyone. How about getting the Malays, kampong or non-kampong, to accept the idea that English is important for their children to make a good living from their jobs? How difficult is it to get this across and at the same time assure them that bahasa Malaysia can survive on its own.

Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 17:18  

The fact still remains that UMNO has the kampung mentality. Otherwise how would it explain why the likes of Najib, Hishamuddin, Mukhriz, etc ascending to their position without an iota of competency or demonstrated intelligence.

OneMalaysian,  17 April 2011 at 17:47  

Dear Sakmongkol

There will always be asinine readers of your blog for sure. But I think you attract many more intelligent and thinking ones, whatever might be their political persuasion or loyalty. All your regular readers know where your political loyalty stands, and even though they might have different ones, they respect your position and try to debate with you. And that’s how political discourse should be. It makes for a viable and lively democracy in which ideas matter, and good ones should ultimately triumph over less worthy ones.

I must say I enjoy reading what you write – the incisive thinking expressed fearlessly, even when it often runs against mainstream UMNO ideology. Sycophants do society no favours. Merely toeing the party line like a loyal but dumb foot soldier gets one only so far, and not very far. Criticism has a purpose. It is to show those being criticized that there is a mistake somewhere, or there is a better alternative approach. That is the essential role of the critic, a function often misunderstood and under-rated.

But your criticism of some of the current UMNO thinking and policies and leadership has a purpose: to show up their flaws, and hopefully point UMNO in the right direction, back to the righteous path that it once travelled. I respect your intentions, though I do think that you are being too idealistic. I think the old ship has a broken rudder and is drifting towards the rocks. The captain is trying to turn it around, but it will be futile. Meanwhile, the passengers in the first class cabins are partying away, without a care as to where the ship might be going so long as they are having a good time. As for the majority of the poor passengers in the cramped, windowless decks below, they are pitifully ignorant of the fate awaiting them.

Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 19:01  

"As for Quiet Despair, he is a regular visitor here, giving him sufficient time, I hope to visualize a future UMNO."

If he had a 'faculty of reasoning'he would have visualized a future UMNO from all your postings. He just cannot.
This is one commentator whom I had ignored all along as not worthy of a rebuttal.
None are so blind as those who do not want to see and none are so deaf as those who do not want to hear. And he is the one.
Dato, you should ignored this imbecile who cannot differentiate between good and evil.

Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 19:14  

Dato Sak,

1. Satu tulisan yang hampir tepat tetapi masih terssar dari realiti. Pada saya saudara masih dalam cuba menidakkan hakikat mengenai kedudukan sebenar antara UMNO dan UMNO(Baru). Hakikat sejarah penubuhan keduanya, perjalanan perjuangan keduanya dan budaya antara keduanya jauh bezanya kerana keduanya adalah 2 entiti berbeza yang tiada kaitan.

2. No matter how hard one try to justify yang keduanya adalah satu, sekuat mana sdra atau sesiapapun cuba, masaalah UMNO(Baru) yang sdra kupaskan tetap tidak akan dapat diubati. Apa yang menimpa Umno(Baru) hari ini bukanlah satu penyakit. Hakikatnya itulah sikap,watak dan budaya sebenar Umno(Baru) semenjak ditubuhkan tahun 1988 dulu.

3. Once kita menerima Hakikat ini, barulah kita boleh melihat masalah-masalah Umno(Baru) yang sdra kata masaalah itu. Yang perlu dibuat oleh Umno(Baru) adalah meninggalkan budaya dan perjuangan "sesat" kepada satu budaya baru yang lebih progresif dan unggul. May be meminjam beberapa ciri perjuangan UMNO Lama dan digabungkan dengan prinsip-prinsip kontemporari yang baik untuk dijadikan asas perjuangan yang baru.

Sampai kucing bertanduk atau kambing boleh terbangpun, Umno(Baru) tidak akan boleh menjadi UMNO Lama!!! atau kembali kepada perjuangan UMNO Lama !!!


Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 20:56  

I believe UMNO acts more like a society rather than a political party.

A society whose priority is the welfare of its members because its leaders depend on the contentment of its members to be elected.

Malays flocked to UMNO because of the actual and perceived advantages it offers to members compared to non-members; hence the term UMNOputra vs bumiputra.

But Malaysia has changed. As long as UMNO leaders and members think like a society rather than like a true political party (which focuses on the contentment of the rakyat), UMNO will continue its slide downhill...

donplaypuks 17 April 2011 at 22:13  

You win some, you lose some.

You can't win 'em all!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  17 April 2011 at 22:19  

Dato', itu baru sorang yang kita jumpa. Rasa nya banyak lagi Ahli UMNO yang macam tu dan itu lah buat ramai orang meluat!
Something is wrong somewhere and Jibby is clueless.
Jibby is lost command!!!
I think UMNO members can start taking the "UBAH" campaign and overhaul the leadership line up. Dengan Pek Moh pun kecut!!!

Quiet Despair,  17 April 2011 at 23:01  

Yoo hoo Sak and our valued friends who regard me as an enemy.

Sob,sob. Hahaha.

You mean you mind what the anon commentator said about you in defending me from your rabid Anu-war sympathizers?

Please don't Sak. Mr Anon is just responding to the barrage of criticisms against BN with your series of postings lately.

He sees me as the only one defender of UMNO and saw it fit to attack you being an UMNO strongman.

You see so many BN haters here and it makes you wonder where are the UMNO supporters.

I do not like to go accusing them as PKR paid cyber- troopers which they are so fond of branding us when we post comments in Pro-Pakatan blogs.

I just regard them as asinine immature guys who just join in the crowd. Safety in numbers. They don't belong to any party but just dislike UMNO, pure and simple.

Fine. But have a mature discourse.

You can see them gloating aha here's an UMNO blogger who is critical of the party. Best man, can taruk abis-abis.

Of course I bear the brunt since I am the only one with differing views.

For me, I love provoking them being the agen provocateur like the French said. What is fair to the goose is fair to the gander.

You must have noticed that you are the flavor now but when you are for BN, wow you are the pariah. Which I see will come soon. And the brick-bats will come.

And most of the comments are personal and did not contribute to intelligent discourse.

Guys and gals, I am not despairing of anyone be it you or Sak.

I am proud that whatever predictions I made with regard to all the by-elections are spot on.

And I am never vulgar to anyone. To gsk I just told me if other people use Listerine moutwash, he needs Harpic to rid of his foul-mouth.

Hey, we are invisible people, don't even know each other and our paths will not crossed. So why get worked up over each other? Sticks and stones.....

One Malaysian

That's a very good comment. I wish the others see it as you do. We are hear to exhange views and not attacking other people.

All the Anons

Which school did you go to? Didnt you learn reading and comprehension?

It's not about me. It's about Mr Anon. I have no problems with Sak. When did I cross swords with him?

Anon 14.30

The foul-mouthed ones are the PKR people like you who imitate the supreme leader.
UMNO is the quintessial Malay berbudi bahasa and bersopan santun.
We don't come to other people's blog and be kurang ajar.

Listen to Taib Mahmud's press conference yesterday which said Sarawak politics have changed colour with the arrival of outsiders. Orang Sarawak selalunya berbudi bahasa dan berbaik antara satu sama lain.

Anon 15.33

BTN? Hey I am proud that my mom and pop put me in world-class schools.
Don't need any scholarship.
I think you are a bitter community college grad.

syedhs 17 April 2011 at 23:59  

Saya rasa menjadi ahli umno (dan pernah menjadi adun/mp?) sebenarnya atau sepatutnya tidak memerlukan seseorang itu bercakap perkara yang baik-baik sahaja dan langsung tidak menghiraukan perkara2 yang buruk, walaupun ia berleluasa. Ini namanya kejam, atau dalam perspektif lain - pembodek.

Saya bukanlah seorang yang religious sangat, tapi semua orang Islam tahu satu perkara ini: dosa yang sekecil2 zarah pun akan dipertimbangkan pada hari akhirat kelak, apatah lagi kelakuan kita yang pura2 tidak melihat kebenaran - kita hendaklah mengatakan yang sepatutnya, apa yang salah tetap salah, betul tetap betul. Kalau nak membodek, cuma dapat rezeki sementara di dunia (itupun kalaulah dapat),akhirat kelak tanggunglah sendiri. Lainlah kalau tak percaya pada salah satu rukun iman ini.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:16  

Quiet Despair,

Which world class schools and U did you go...ah?

School and U may be world class, but the students that graduated may be third class.

I believe your pop and mum must have benefited so much from the Umno crony and corrupt system. They can put u in world class schools or U. They must be loaded..this pop and mum of yours..product of Umno's corrupt system.

But come around like a third world class graduate. Sak is an Umno man..but he abhors and despise corruption and corrupt leaders. You seem to be supporting them and idolizing them. These are third world class mentality. Product of world class school and U...???? My God.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:39  

Bro Sak, Quite Despair is transparent. While he tries to potray himself as someone fair, just and non racist...obviously from his comments he is NOT one. He cannot even "respect people with opposing views" It says a lot about a person like himself.

sschen,  18 April 2011 at 09:47  

good morning Dato',
It is now between the good,honest,sincere,caring and the 'not so good',to put it mildly.the Sarawak election results have shown the votng public to be illiterate,gullible and greedy.
We all want a good future for everyone in the country.If we are not careful everything will be lost in a matter of days!
We are behind you 100% Dato'.Please continue the excellent comments and political analysis.
we all love you.
Regards,all the best.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 11:38  

Ha ha ha..QD??

I do not think Dato Sak value you as an enemy...We also not value you as enemy...just people who lost or being blind by something big..I hope not The wife

Hmmm..Why Taib did not wait until morning to become Ketua Menteri .. they must have reason behind it I just said before..kampung folk only worried when tak dak duit or tak dak makanan..other than that who cares..ha ha ha.

It also true for Bandar folk..when they cannot afford the basic need, then they will make noise. Good goverment should aware about it.

Quiet Despair,  18 April 2011 at 22:11  

Anon 11.38

Sak loves me, Haha. I add color to his blog.
I provoked others to join me.
Taib's swearing-in was fast and smoothly done.
It shows that they are confident of winning and very prepared for the ceremony.
In the last posting someone asked me why BN is subdued implying that Najib was unhappy with the results.
Swaggering, boasting and gloating are never BN style. That is the trade-mark of Anwar Ibrahim.
They know with the victory comes responsibility to honor the promises to the people.

Anonymous,  21 April 2011 at 20:27  

Quiet Despair....right now you are like one of the kungfu guy(not Stephen Chow of course) fighting all those Kumpulan Kapak in that old apartment complex scene.
Keep fighting!

Anonymous,  25 April 2011 at 10:04  


Ahli-ahli umno dulu, bertolak-tolakkan utk menjadi pemimpin umno. Kerana mereka memikirkan amanah dan tanggungjawab yg bakal di pikul amat besar terhadap agama,bangsa dan negara. Pemimpin dipilih berdasarkan amanah dan bertanggungjawab.

Lama kemudian umno mula diresapi oleh golongan opportunis yg bergiat menyertai umno kerana mereka melihat peluang mengisi kantong. Golongan opportunis ini semakin ramai dan semakin berkuasa didalam umno dgn menggunakan wang.

Peristiwa umno lama di haramkan dan penubuhan umno baru menambahrosakkan umno. Golongan opportunis mengambil kesempatan ini utk meluaskan kuasa mereka dgn menjadi pembodek dan pemimpin. Slogan ketuanan Melayu adalah alat utk berkuasa dan mencari kedudukan dalam umno. Ahli umno yg sayangkan umno menyedari hal ini tapi tidak lagi berkuasa utk berbuat apa kerana golongan ini semakin ramai dlm umno. Kalangan ahli yang setia kepada umno lama terus mendiamkan diri kerana mereka bukan dari golongan kaya dan berkuasa utk menentukan hala tuju umno. Tinggallah beberapa kerat pemimpin dan ahli-ahli yang masih yakin dan percaya umno masih boleh diperbaiki dari dalam.

Dengan kehadiran golongan opportunis yg kaya begitu ramai dalam umno yg bermula di peringkat cawangan utk menentukan perlantikan pemimpin maka rasuah yg di reclass sebagai politik wang mempengaruhi perlantikan. Bayangkan jika pemimpin yg di lantik di peringkat cawangan hasil dari rasuah@politik wang, bagaimana pula jumlah rasuah@politik wang yg ditaburkan di peringkat Pemimpin Bahagian, Perhimpunan Agung umno. Agaknya siapakah yg terdiri dari pemimpin peringkat Majlis Tertinggi dan Setiausaha Parlimen, Timbalan Menteri dan Menteri. Siapa pula kalangan TPM dan PM? Jika di peringkat cawangan lanun yg menjadi pemimpin, jika di peringkat pusat 'apa nama' jenis pemimpin yg kita nak namakan? Jika kepala lanun kencing berdiri anak lanun bagaimana pula ye?

Golongan opportunis ini akan terus menerus menakut-nakutkan melayu dgn memperalatkan ketuanan Melayu dan kini akibat orang asal dan pribumi Sarawak yg semakin celik istilah 1Bumi menjelma selepas PRN sarawak.
Golongan opportunis ini sebenarnya hanya mempertahankan golongan mereka iaitu kumpulan elite pemerintah dan pembodek-bodek yng seronok melihat kekayaan pemimpin mereka hasil dari merompak perbendaharaan negara dan simpanan rakyat melalui KWSP dan sebagainya dgn projek2 mega lagi raksaksa berjenama 1Malaysia, IMalaysia email dan IMelayu, 1Bumi, dan sebelum ini dgn pembelian kapal selam yg berganda harganya dgn menghasilkan RM500juta dibayar sebelum kapalselam sampai diperlabuhan Negara@ rasuah@komisen@Alanthuya mati berkecai dgn C4, Jet Sukhoi yg masih tersadai di padang pasir dan...

Sebab itu PR tidak dibenarkan memerintah Negara Malaysia ini dan Anwar satu-satu manusia yg perlu di halang at all cost. Mimpi Ngeri segala penyelewengan dan salahguna kuasa tidak boleh dibongkar oleh PR untuk mengheret pemimpin umnobn ke Mahkamah. Mereka amat takut jika menjadi kenyataan kerana mereka sedar segala harta yg diperolehi secara haram akan diadili oleh rakyat dan akan dibeku dan disita utk diagihkan kembali kpd rakyat.

Sebab itu Quiet despair juga terasa tergugat? Tidak..tidak, sebagai rakyat biasa tidak akan tergugat. Jika anda berkelayakan dgn persaingan yg sihat oleh itu adik, anak anda tetap akan dapat biasiswa penuh dari Kerajaan PR yang memerintah jika di izinkan oleh pengundi.

Drp; zuki ahmad

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