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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 18 April 2011

The Chinese voice in BN politics

SUPP which by general perception represents a compliant and submissive component party suffered extensive defeats in the Sarawak elections. Its president George Chan was defeated by a young lawyer representing DAP.
If SUPP is seen as compliant and submissive, by default, DAP is now viewed as a more aggressive and daring party in sync with Chinese voters sentiments.
The same fate had befallen MCA in Semananjung when it only obtained 15 parliamentary seats in 2008. It's there on the political radar screen as a result of UMNO's benevolence.
MCA like SUPP will now depend on UMNO and PBB respectively for political sustenance. Otherwise, these two parties will continue sliding away and perhaps eventually become irrelevant to Malaysian politics.
How will these two parties operate in future? They have lost ownership as the voice of the Chinese people. The victories of DAP in Sarawak and the MCA's poor showing in the 2008 National Elections signal the rise of more strident voices and demands by the Chinese Community.
There are two ways to stem the slide.
  1. First, Chinese leaders in MCA and SUPP will ask the PM, as leader of BN to allow them more leeway to become MORE Chinese. Meaning, they want to behave like how UMNO behaves – as the unmitigated voice of Chinese interests. The more strident and belligerent the better as a means to regain the Chineseness of their political pronouncements.
  2. Second, as anyone can assume, given the accommodative personality of the PM, he will be seen to giving in to more Chinese demands.
The second one will place the UMNO president at odds with the prevailing UMNO-ish sentiments. The first approach will place MCA and SUPP in a confrontational mode with Malay political parties.
Minister of Health Liow, said MCA acknowledged the "strong signal" sent by Chinese voters to BN's Chinese-based parties. Liow further cautioned that the "drastic reduction" in seats won by SUPP will only increase the perception that the Chinese favour the opposition while other races support BN.
It's not perception Mr Liow- it's how the Chinse feel. They are rejecting Chinese political parties which they see as uncle-toming.
Liow also said the prevailing pro-opposition trend among Chinese voters will only lead to greater racial polarisation among Malaysians and undesirable "consequences" if it is allowed to continue.
What Liow is telling the PM who is the leader of BN, BN must now define itself in the context, first and foremost, with how it deals with parties like MCA and SUPP. Will that signal a new phase in horse trading which will eventually see the UMNO president as one who is seen to be extra charitable when it comes to the Chinese but extra cautious when it comes to assuaging Malay interests?
It will be interesting to see how this PM who is excited at seeing BN wins Sarawak but who now has to consider other aspects amenable for him to call for a general election. Utusan Malaysia for example has given the PM a suggestion which is unmistakably clear. Liow meanwhile, is also under no illusion to realize where rural, non-Chinese votes are with.


dua sen,  18 April 2011 at 07:51  


If I were PM, I stay focus on the middle path. The lefts and the rights are always crowded with opportunists and selfish.

Majority of the rakyats are more easily persuaded by bread and butter issues. The party which addresses these issues and capture their imagination shall win GE13.

What are these issues :-
1)QUALITY education (barometer of quality education is dwindling tuition industry)

2)Purchasing power - inflation

3)Local issues - rubbish collection, clogged drain, flood mitigation, public amenities, etc

4)Need based vs race based (patronage based)policy


Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 08:18  

The Chinese are practical people. They are not carried away by emotions or by racial and religious rhetoric..... unlike the Malays.
That is why even vote for a PAS Malay or a DAP Indian against a Chinese from the MCA.
The Chinese parties are weak because UMNO, the Big Brother, made them into mere underlings.
UMNO weakened MCA.
Big Brother calls the shots and impotent MCA has to meekly nod in agreement.
Utusan reflects the Malay mind
- that the people exists on the government's benevolence. Since the Chinese did not vote BN, they should be ignored, as though the Chinese don't pay taxes.
Utusan views that the people must be beholden to UMNO and be grateful for the so-called 'developments'.

Krishna 18 April 2011 at 08:48  

We must fight the perception that only the Chinese oppose BN. The Malays do too. So do the Indians and the orang lain lain of Sarawak. To be precise more than 45% of Sarawakians who voted oppose the BN. So what is this talk of only only the Chinese opposing the BN.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:04  

That a true UMNO spirit like you (as opposed to the fake one of UMNO B now) can get the perspective wrong just shows how much trouble UMNO/BN and this country is in.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the Chinese voice is LARGELY ABOUT national issues. They are superiorly right about the issues that ALL VOTERS SHOULD BE CONCERN ABOUT.

Ignoring the Chinese voice is to ignore the National Issues, to bury one head in the sand.

And the Chinese knows it. They are confident about it because they are largely educated. Its why they won't go back to BN if the formula don't change. They will vote with their feet first because sadly, they can't take to the street which would be preferable for the nation.

Those Chinese applying for migration are only leading the exodus of people of ALL races. The nation and Malays would be better off if the Chinese could take to the streets. The fact they don't, says things can get really really bad FOR EVERYONE..

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:17  

Very frank, realistic and no nonsense article I would say.

The reality, as a Chinese, I would say in the past the marginalisation of the other races have been blatant and extreme that the frustrations of their communities are taking out on them. This is not JUST the Chinese issue. This is the other non Malays issues.

In Sabah, Indians hardly form much of the population. If it had the same composition as Peninsula, it will not only be the Chinese but Indians as well will flock massively towards the opposition.

This complaint attitudes of MCA and others have gone to such an extent that UMNO literally is like a whip holding the sheeps in place.

This was very very evident before Mar 2008, esp Hisham(e.g. Kris). Today this same guy still say a bit but more subdued. Nonetheless still very racial tendencies.

The most insulting to us as Chinese is that the President of a component party can be insulted freely by low lever UMNO division leaders. What kind of partnership is that?

What kind of partnership is that even the other component parties cannot even say I want this seat? and have to depend on the final say of an outside party! Gosh I dont think you find this kind of coalition terms in any part of the world... the most stupid kind.

I dont think you find this in Pakatan. The lion will roar if he is to be told, he cannot contest in his constituency.

That is the kind of party we Chinese or for that matter other races want. Not a master and servent relationship.

Why should it be automatic that UMNO members decide who should be the PM when the majority lies with the other component parties? Yes, of course no one can change their system.

So the best is for others to vote out that kind of system. It breeds arrogance and dominant attitude where even a complaint of a wrong doing of the Master by the servant will get a whipping.

This is the kind of attitude those BTN trained people like Quiet Despair will degerate into.

I remember reading this chap's posting that Najib is pandering to the Chinese with a few million ringgit contribution to get their votes forgetting that billions upon billions have gone to totally Malay institutions like UiTM etc .
Those are with monies a large chunk paid for by other races.

This is why, we Chinese will reject the MCA.

For a viable country to prosper, equality is a must. Yes there would be affirmative policies towards those in need e.g rural people of all races, but definitely not those who are already rich and continue to get rich effortlessly because of their skin colour.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:20  

50% of the Malays are already supporting Pakatan Rakyat parties.

PR is becoming more representative of the Malaysian people than BN !

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:22  

As much is the political commentary on MSM and even in the 'alternative' media, nobody has mentioned the facts that younger 'Chinese' people are rejecting race politics (as are some other Malaysians). That is something that MCA,SUPP and other parties don't understand and may never do so (just look at the average age of people in those parties). Race politics have no place in a modern society and it is the interest of every Malaysia to reject it. It is also an onus on bloggers and alternative media make sure it is unacceptable by not pitting Chinese against Malay.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:26  

"First, Chinese leaders in MCA and SUPP will ask the PM, as leader of BN to allow them more leeway to become MORE Chinese". This shows that MCA & SUPP are controlled by UMNO which is basically what the Chinese do not want. Who wants to support a party who is a political "beggar"... no spine, no guts and no balls. As far as these two parties are concerned, they are history.

vinnan,  18 April 2011 at 09:30  

Scr[' Utusan the propaganda piece of the 'Ketuanan/Perkosa' Mats. The Chinese have, can and will always be able to survive on their own wits.

kee 18 April 2011 at 09:39  

There seem to be the misconception that DAP is the voice of ONLY Chinese people. Is it because of something in the DAP party constitution or because of some proclamation by DAP leaders, past or present?

I am not aware that DAP had ever claimed to be the voice of ONLY Chinese people. As far as I am aware, DAP has always claimed to be the voice of all Malaysians in a Malaysian Malaysia.

Just because majority of the more enlightened Chinese and some non-Chinese has decided to listen to and support DAP, it doesn't make DAP the voice of ONLY Chinese people. Just because most Malays and Sabah and Sarawak 'orang asli' has decided to turn their deaf ears to DAP doesn't mean that DAP cannot be their voice. Just because most Malays and Sabah and Sarawak 'orang asli' has decided to continue volunteering to be screwed by their own people doesn't make DAP the voice of ONLY Chinese people.

It is MCA who has always claimed to be the voice of the Chinese people. It's name, Malaysian Chinese Association, alone suggests and implies it's role as the voice of the Chinese people.

But what has being the voice of people, any people, got to do with the near annihilation of parties like MCA, MIC, Gerakan and SUPP? My belief is that these parties are getting annihilated because they depend on votes from the more enlightened urban electorate who has finally seen them for what they are. A bunch of crooks out to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of the people.

UMNO, PBB and those other parties whose support comes from the semi-literate and illiterate rural electorate are lucky because their supporters are simple-minded, naive people who still don't realised that they have been cheated and screwed left, right and centre.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 09:40  

The fact on the ground is this:

a. 50% malays voted Umno because of projects, benefits, hands-out and all things associated with worldly matters. They are not averse to things such as sins, illegality or the pillage of public funds as long as they continuously receive those benefits.

b. 50% malays voted for PR because they disapprove of UMNO'S corrupt culture of plundering the nation's wealth for themselves and cronies.

So who said only the chinese voted against BN. Amongst the chinese, the beneficiaries of Umno's corrupt culture are the wealthy corporate chinese..the Michael Yeohs, Vincent Tan, Bakun Ting, S.Besi Lee & Othrs.. They are die-hard Umno supporters because the gravy train remains sustainable with Umno in power.

So you see the political leanings of the various races.

Liow speaks of racial polarisation from BN's viewpoint...a narrow minded thinking. There will be no racial polarisation if the majority of the voters put PR in power. These are multiracial parties compared to BN's racist parties.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 10:00  

Bro Sak, I like the idea PM/BN working together with the opposition to bring GREATNESS to Malaysia.When that happens, no one will dare blackmail the PM for their own selfish reasons. There will of course be people who are worried they will be "dianaktirikan".
So they should BUCK UP and IMPROVE their GRADES.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 10:01  

I totally agree that people (don't know how extensive) are moving away from race politics.

At the same time, I do not agree with the above Anon that ties Utusan with Malayness. I never liked Utusan since my Uni days in late 70s; never bought it at home and never will.

At work we buy UM because we want to find out if there are any IT sebutharga which may not be listed on the net.

Other than that UM is rubbish as it spins more race politics.

STS,  18 April 2011 at 10:21  


Please do not play into their UMNO's hand. They loves to use the chinese as the bogeyman. Politician being politician they do not see the issues in hand. What are the issues that concerned all Malaysian not only the chinese:

1) Quality Education;
2) Corruption and embezzlement at the highess level;
3) Unfair policies (to Malaysian in general such as Saman Ekor);
4) High handed-ness of civil servants, such the police, macc, and etc.

The chinese can see all these shortcomings will be detrimental to the well-being of the country. Try to read some of the chinese literature on the 3 kingdoms and many more will tell you what makes the chinese tick. Furthermore, chinese were never belligerent to outsiders or other races they are would prefer to work together for betterment for everyone, win-win situation.

So, please do not miss understand the chinese. 5,000 years of civilisation is a long time, they have endured many cycles of peace times, wars, famines and etc.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 10:24  

Remember what ex-pres of MCA, Ong Ka Ting said?... Umno is a bully.

Now that sums up a lot about how the chinese feels about the present political brouhaha.

OneMalaysian,  18 April 2011 at 10:43  

Dear Sakmongkol

“The victories of DAP in Sarawak and the MCA's poor showing in the 2008 National Elections signal the rise of more strident voices and demands by the Chinese Community”.

I had anticipated this article of yours. It seems this is an obvious thing to write about – how the Chinese in Sarawak had abandoned SUPP, mirroring what had happened earlier in March 2008 in the Peninsular, when the DAP wiped out Gerakan and inflicted great damage to the MCA.

We can see this trend in racial terms, as Chinese interests colliding with Malay ones, in which Chinese leaders in the BN will “pressure” the PM for more concessions for the Chinese, and thereby leading to a Malay push-back, presumable expressed through PERKASA.

If we view recent events through the anachronistic lens of the old UMNO-MCA “partnership” we will get it all wrong. The old way regards the economic cake as of a static, given size. If one race wants a bigger slice, it automatically means the other race gets a smaller one - a classic win-lose proposition. Therefore you fight tooth and nail, and try not to yield any ground. These inevitably leads to confrontational politics, which is always in tension, and always threaten to destabilize. One would have thought that after 53 years we would all have got wiser and have migrated to newer and more stable politics that is more inclusive and can result in a fairer and more prosperous society.

The original outline of the New Economic Model actually envisaged this better society, where high sustainable growth is pursued based on a more meritocratic society, and in which the private sector is allowed freer reign to innovate and compete in a globalised economy. The bottom 40% of society irrespective of race will be helped, so that no one is left behind in this pursuit of a more prosperous society. The aim of the NEM was therefore not just about increasing per capita GDP to reach developed nation status, but also to provide economic opportunities for all Malaysians so that no race will feel left out. This would then lead to a fairer and more united country. Alas, the final version of the NEM abandoned much of its original ideals due to pressure from PERKASA, and the current NEM looks just like its predecessor models, all hype but with little substance, and we are left to deal with economic "adhocism" and racial win-lose tussles that come with it.

What does the Chinese demand of the BN government that is inherently unfair or inimical to the Malay interest? The Chinese are fed-up with massive state-condoned corruption (ask the Sarawakians), cronyism (haven’t we spoken much about this abuse of power connections?), ineffective police work, a biased MACC (quick to prosecute small acts of alleged violations by opposition party members ala Teoh Beng Hock but not acting against BN warlords e.g. Taib Mahmud and former Selangor MB with a palace as a home), an ineffectual court, a corrupt immigration department that has allowed millions of illegal and legal migrants to enter the work force to depress wages for Malaysians at the lower end of the job ladder, and other assorted unfair or inefficient economic policies that impede economic growth (bad for everyone).

The Chinese want these obstacles removed or problems solved so we can all have a brighter future. Is this not what everyone else also want? Do Malays think those problems don’t exist, and if they do we should all live with them because to talk about them is equivalent to condemning the Malay-led BN government? The DAP has been fearlessly and unrelentingly attacking these issues, whilst the Chinese parties in the BN have been quiescent (hence their downfall). Is it not possible to separate race from government when we talk about improving social and economic policies? A bad government led by anyone – Malay or Chinese – is simply bad and should be condemned. Period. The time to abandon racial politics is way, way past.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 10:58  

"Keep the pregnant and in the kitchen at all times" is the male chauvinist slogan of the 70s.
In Malaysia, UMNO's methodus operandi is similar, excepting that the non UMBOPUTRAs are the feckless lot, the female equivalent to the MCP.
The jasmine revolution that's spreading like wildfire in the middle east and Africa must be sending shivers down every dictatorial regime, from China to Malaysia (?). "You can fool all people some of the time, but notall people all the time". BN would like to comfort and delude themselves that the old tried and true doctrine of minority intimidation (acquiesce or may13 repeat) & non questioning of constitutional guaranty of Malay largess (false) under the pretext of SENSITIVE POLITICIZATION would work in perpetuity. WRONG. Popularity vote wise, BN is already in the minority. Its not a Chinese versus Malay issue. Its about right and wrong. The gerrymandering vote manipulation and abuse, ISA and frivolous selective persecutions under the most ludicrous pretext is not sustainable. An inept PKR leadership would eventually be replaced by a competent and effective one. And justice, and fair distribution of wealth, or whatever is left after the world class plundering by BN, will be finally be a reality for the rakyat.
I note with interest the AK47's keen interest in the noble sport of Muay Thai. What UMNOPUTRAS and Perkas is clamoring for in their shrill demand for "Malay rights" is analogous to a Muay Thai stable master's breeding techniques. Till adulthood, his fighter never had to exercise (he has tender constitutions), kept in diapers (as he is till not toilet trained), fed baby formula (to protect his gentle teeth & gums. At the age of 21, whereas other stable masters fighters are fighting form, win some, lose some battles, subject stable master's fighter now look like a sumo fighter (grossly overweight & out of shape). Asked when his charge will be ready. Said stable master (Ibrahim Ali ?) retorted, we are Malays, we are Ketuaranan, why you ask ?

Red Alfa 18 April 2011 at 11:34  

Salam Dato'

The Sarawak Elections: So they are saying the Chinese are now with the opposition and you say the DAP/Chinese would be demanding by right as UMNO have been doing so for the Malays.

As you are suggesting all the Chinese in time would then be making increasing demands that UMNO, indeed 'ALL' Malays would have to react as are totally entrenched that the Chinese as being unreasonable and unacceptable (as challenging the continuation of Ketuanan Melayu?).

Indeed the Malay thinking has already been prepared and very much conditioned (being 90% plus Malays in all Government branches and civil services it does help; they always knowing which side of the bread is well buttered). The test whether this preparing and conditioning is working was the proof of the resounding success what with the Melanaus/Malays voting for ALL the PBB candidates when seemingly confronted with this challenge.

Just as it worked with Sarawak, it will for Sabah, Johor and Melaka in coming GE 13. Together, these states will protect UMNO's 'Ketuanan Malayu' and for a long time.

UMNO's 'ruling elites' will last further generations! And isn't this UMNO's raison d'etre?

Surely making the Chinese disaffections to simmer like so is the key in the Plan so as to make all Chinese going 'opposition'! It should then make 'all' Malays well properly prepared and conditioned voting to PROTECT UMNO/BN as a fair obligation.

Continuing with making PAS the Islamist bogeyman and with making it out PKR is just as immoral like the worst of UMNO - 'PKR just no different' are all but the lesser factors in the Plan.

I can only grieve for Malaysia.

John Lee,  18 April 2011 at 11:41  

It is at times sad to hear some of fellow Malaysians saying that the Chinese should be grateful for having a stable environment to do business in, a stable government (read BN) to make money, bla, bla and bla.

It is even sadder when a Chinese minister like Kong Cho Ha, who reportedly told Sibu’s Chinese community (during the recent Sarawak campaign) to be contented and grateful for the job opportunities and civil liberties given them as this meant they were better off than their brethren in Peninsular Malaysia. Kong Cho Ha's statement is a classic example of the condescending attitude of a BN leader towards the constituent. It is also a fine example of the master and slave feudal mentality which persists today amongst an elitist group of elected representatives who forget that they are actually the servants and the voter is the master.

Yes. it is important to have a stable environment to do business in. Yes, it is also good to have a stable government with consistent policies to do business in. In fact, a stable environment is required to be happy and to do almost anything and everything in life, and this obvious truth does not apply only for the Chinese. But let it be clear that the stereotype of the Chinese wanting to make money at the expense of everything else in life is very wrong. The Chinese with their thousands of years of civilization are very politically and socially conscious. They can tell what is good governance and what is not. And rightly or wrongly, the perception amongst the Chinese Malaysian voter today is that the opposition offers a better hope for the future in terms of justice, fair play and non (or perhaps less)-corruptible governance.

This basic aspiration of the Chinese is not hard to understand. I honestly believe that the Chinese Malaysian voter is generally ahead of the pack in terms of knowing what is good for the future of this nation which we call our only home. And ‘good for the future’ includes seeing our fellow non-Chinese Malaysians succeed and prosper: a nation’s wealth not only for the elitist few but for all in accordance with the original principles of the NEP. For in the end, without justice, fair play and good governance, how can there be a valid society for everyone to thrive in? How can 'stability' hold itself up without the pillars of justice, fair play and good governance? So yes, the Chinese Malaysian wants a stable environment to do their business in and this is why they are voting the way they do.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 11:42  


When I was growing up, I actually considered a career in politics. I quickly changed my mind, though, when I discovered that the politics of running for and holding elective office is influenced too much by the politics of power, influence, money and the colour of one’s skin. But whose fault is it that such a condition exists?

walla 18 April 2011 at 11:48  

A: 'Like a cruise missile, our blogger has quickly homed in on the key impact of the Sarawak state elections, Sir. Any comment?'

B: 'Your lovely eyes mesmerize my lonely heart, Sofea.'

A: '(eyes roll, lips twist). Sir, your attempt at distraction is lost on me, well, today anyway. Please stay focused on this grave matter.'

B: '(sighs, but with a twinkle) Ok, Sofea, i think the impact is more than just about the Chinese voice in BN politics. I think it's about the irrelevance of BN politics itself.

We all knew one day it would come to this. Our Chinese brethren would vote for what they see as needed to arrest the slide of the country. Global relevance, administrative integrity, execution efficiency and principle-based fairness have all slided precipitously.

Despite knowing that an Umno-run BN will take it out on them for their resisting stand, they have been as consistent today as they were in 2008. You can't deny they have shown sterling maturity as thinking and principled citizens even as we know they should have been given more in terms of policy support because what they have been asking are congruent with national interests in the long run.

From their disgust and dismay at the way this country has been run into the ground, they have stood their own ground and are braving themselves to face a future without BN by defending universal principles of good government out of clean and pragmatic politics. You tell me which right-minded government cannot appreciate and should not support this.

Now let me ask you back - how different is their political situation from that of the majority of their Malay brethren in Umno who have been marginalized by the political machinations of its own ultras and elites?'

A: 'Is that why you're saying our BN politics is irrelevant, Sir?'

B: 'BN politics is race-based politics. It is party by race leading to horse trading. This cannot work anymore because the more the ultras react to the Chinese stand in this country, the greater will be racial polarization fueled by politics.

When that happens, our Malays will carve for themselves more political power and this they think they can still do because they still think they hold all the cards of government. They will then marginalize parties like MCA and MIC whose voters will swing to DAP and others.

Remember what Nazri and company had said about the MCA? Remember how Taib had told off Chan in a SUPP dinner?

But it is a big mistake. Because it will cause reaction by our non-Malays to avoid having anything to do with BN.

The final result is the country will be split first politically, then socially, and finally economically. Lacuna and diaspora will be created in every nook and cranny and at every level. And investors with capital, technology, markets and employment will look at our country and say we're only good for short-term. With that, all investment and development plans will be thrown out of orbit. And the only high incomers of our Malay community in the end will be Umno ultras who will be parking their ill-gotten gains in offshore accounts after getting the cabinet to go down on its knees before the saudi's.'

A: 'So you're saying the Awang Selamats of Umno are being short-sighted when they clamor for more Malay-ism in BN politics? More political power to counteract the resurgence of our Chinese and other non-Malays in national politics?'

walla 18 April 2011 at 11:48  


B: 'Exactly. They should think one more step and ask themselves the simplest of questions and then answer it publicly. And the question is this:

How can a government be the private sector?

Frankly if you look at the way Umno has been running its GLCs, it's a total freaking failure opening up to rampant abuse and bleeding the national coffers.

So how can race-based politics work? It will polarize politics and economics but how to carry on after that stage?

I hate to say this but the trouble with our Malays in political power is that they are extremely short-sighted.'

A: 'Sir, perhaps their short-sightedness is only for the masses. Their own sight is long, deep and glittering with the sheen of gold.'

B: 'Since robbers won't arrest themselves, the stand of our Chinese citizens looks even more relevant and pragmatic by the day. In fact the indirect result of their stand is to support the needs of the moderate masses of our Malays by making sure our country remains relevant to the world.

A: 'I am sure our PM knows all this and he is trying his level best to transform things.'

B: 'You really think so? Then explain to me why he persisted in punishing the folks of Sibu for rebuffing his horse trading offer. Not only flood mitigation but also the airport, i understand.

How can the PM of a country try to bribe rakyat using their money and then when they rebuff the offer, punish them by ignoring their plight and development? Bribe followed by blackmail is double jeopardy, you know.

That single exposure tells us all the actual character of someone raised with a silver spoon, trained overseas and who has rubbed shoulders with world luminaries.

He took it personally. He labelled those who were not for him as against him. Why, is he a fan of Bush?'

A: 'Sir, maybe he is just sacrificing them for the benefit of his Umno carrot-and-stick tactic to try and draw more support from voters so as to realize a bigger and grander vision for Malaysia.'

B: 'Amboi, my dear, open your eyes. You see all those youtube and twitter pics on the Sarawak elections? See the poor folks queuing up, potholed roads, the drab surroundings, the tin-sheds and furniture of the fifties in the polling stations? Except for a handful of places in Peninsular, is our Malaysia that developed and important after half a century of BN rule that we are even qualified to talk about grand visions as sly justification to push and bully our citizens around by using their money to press-gang them into voting for a regime that is not only corrupt but also a syndicated divisive political mafioso in all but name?

Next time he and his cohorts should just take the easy way out. Why not just say if you don't vote for BN, i will red-tar your house doors?

Sofea, what's the difference between Umno's vote-currying tactics and the arm-twisting's of the a-longs?'

A: 'Sir! you're too angry!'

B: 'Sofea, maybe it’s because i am old and my eyesight is bad so that this doesn't look good:

Like an old diehard, i tried to frame a doubt in my mind. But the puteri's shown didn't look as though they were show-acting. They looked exactly like the bored and race-minded officials you would see at the desks of some of our local uni's boothing at the job-fairs in the city. What kind of a customer service and culture is that? What kind of supervision was behind it? What kind of future will we have from the impressions that all would have collected by now of what Umno produces? Do you read me, Sofea?'

A: 'Sir, i read you loud and clear. But if you were in his shoes what would you do?'

walla 18 April 2011 at 11:49  


B: 'I would do all the right things, Sofea. Even if it finishes me and Umno Baru off. Then maybe Umno Version 3.0 can be published.

If we really care for our country, we must really care for our country without preconditions for our own selves. After all what can we carry to our graves?

We lift our hands in supplication when we pray but what will people say of a country where the question of who ordered the hit has yet to be answered. For that matter how the wife of the one in the vortex of that hundred million euro commission can possibly know about submarines when she was just a magistrate before.

Sofea, there are still so many pressing questions given the round-about in the rakyats' minds! Why can't the present government answer them clearly and with finality?'

A: 'I sense your doubts, Sir. And i agree it's not because of the Chinese or other non-Malay element in today's political equation. It's all about doing the right thing. When we look into the eyes of any Malaysian, it's all about righteousness.'

B: 'Umno Baru just won't do, Sofea. It hasn't changed. It is pretentious about discarding its arrogance. It is just prancing on the tightrope of race but there's no safety net below in the circus. And the rakyat have had enough all the charade and shenanigans. The game's up, the show's over. The rakyat know.'

A: 'I feel the same too, Sir. Just look at the PPSMI saga. Now they say they want to do a study. One would have thought that would have been the first thing they would have done. Who's the fcuked up minister involved?'

B: '(eyes popped out). Sofea! Please, i am trying to mend my old and testy ways!'

A: 'hehe. Sorry, Sir. I just get riled by everything that's not going right, that’s just spin, that’s just angling to win votes by all means and at all costs.

On which score, do you think BN should launch the GE soon?'

walla 18 April 2011 at 11:49  


B: 'Let me answer that indirectly. Umno Baru will ignore what we have said in much the same way Placido Domingo had first ignored the reversion issue. And then find out the full cost of its arrogance.

And we all know how electoral delineation is loaded for the incumbents. Just look at some of the constituencies. Their results were known earlier because those places had so few voters. But a seat is still a seat in the state assembly so that many small constituencies mean many more seats. No wonder they can talk about two-thirds majority, what with the cash and kind.

I think we should change the government. Maybe then the dayaks of Sarawak can get free potable water.'

A: 'But there are still some who have lingering doubts about the Opposition, Sir.'

B: 'They should ask themselves whether it's because they have been indoctrinated to express gratitude for their morsels to the incumbents while the big ripoffs are taking place in the quiet elsewhere. Remember Toyo's mansion and how it had come about? Taib's sidekick's mansion under construction is even bigger.

And they should ask themselves what the faith has taught them about human beings, about the insignificance of the notion of race, about the need to make principle-based progress and be fair to all.'

A: 'I sense it will be the dirtiest general elections ever in the history of our nation, Sir.'

B: 'Let's not waste time on the obvious, Sofea. I have no confidence in our institutions which are supposed to protect independence and integrity. I can't tell you more but you can guess as much. There's no smoke without fire.'

A: 'Is there a future for our country, Sir?'

B: 'Our Malays will have to answer that. The ball is in their garden. That question is at their doorstep. The others have moved on to do their own things. Our Malays should ask ourselves why the others have taken step to ignore BN. And, honest answer, please. The reckoning for all the excesses and stupidities of Umno all these painful years will come soon enough.'

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 11:54  


all you's opposition lovers!

i am not an UMNO member and i am not the receipient of any big projects from the politicians. However, I am the results of the NEP scheme that have help many bumiputras to be where there are now. Of course the present government has weaknesses that can be improved but there is NO WAY i want Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz to be governing the country in the future. If that happens I rather migrate.

Silent Majority

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 12:22  

Haha... at he end, it's all about ethnicity and racial lines... look at all the commments here.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 12:46  

Thanks for another thought provoking article. As with some of the visitors who posted comments in your blog here, this is not a Chinese issue but a National issue - blatant corruptions, ruthless PDRM etc. These are the issues all Malaysians are having and want changes. If the present government cannot do that, then we, Malaysians, have to look for alternatives.

Have a great day.


Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 12:55  

Dato Sak,

I would expect your views to be in line with UMNO/Utusan taking Chinese votes to opposition as anti-govt. You've totally disregard the magnitude of damages done by UMNO/BN for the past 53 yrs. This country has already reached a precarious level due to race & religion politics masterminded by UMNO, not to mention the rampant corruptions in immigration, police, customs, jpj, puspakom, etc .......
And the unhealthy domination of a single race in the incompetent civil servants. Frankly judging at M'sia's current state where are we heading? Forward? stagnation? or backward? M'sia's created standard just can't compete with globalise world. After all these yrs, we are just half past six, neither here nor there! We can't compete with low cost labor intensive countries but we also can't compete with high tech nations. M'sia have been selling raw materials for a few decades, are we going to continue until we have no crude oil, natural gas, timber & etc....
Race & religion should be place aside in order for this country to advance forward!
Don't think like Utusan that only Chinese vote for opposition, it is a totally wrong perception! Out of the 45% votes (Sarawak) to oppositon how many percent are form other non-Muslim?
Like PM's grant of RM1 milion for BN MPs only, nothing for opposition MPs. Do you think it is fair for those BN supporters who voted for BN candidates but eventually lost the seats to opposition? Is it really fair for these BN supporters?
There are just too many irregurarities, incompetency, discrpancies,etc just too many to mention la.
Finally, if BN govt were to exist in many other countries, it would have been eradicated long time ago.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 13:06  

There was a recent news article in either BBC or Al-Jazeera about American Top Universities dominated by east asians.The study showed that the east asians mindset as brought on by their families that good education will set them on a secure future. Even in top universities in the US, they allow east asians to dominate their campuses base on meritocracy.Here in Malaysia, it is the opposite - entry is race based. That is where you suffer a brain drain and allows the race mentality to set in. This is where Singapore has benefited from taking the qualified Malaysians by the thousands and offering them PR and citizenships.At the end of the day, Malays can't use the Chinese as bogeymen anymore because of their overwhelming population ( and still increasing - offering to indons, pakis,bangla and southern phillipines )The situation is actually turning into a malay robbing from a malay issue if you want to look at it from a race perspective. Look at the government coffers over the past years will tell you the disastrous direction this government is heading( if not from oil exports). It is a Malay problem, the Chinese knows how to bring the country to the next level but can the Malays do it or prepared to take on this? This lies in which path they want to choose through the choice they make in the next General Election.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 13:07  


Not only Utusan and Berita Harian but almost every Ahmad, Ah Chong and Samy like to analyze political events in Malaysia only from the racial perspective.

I would say that similar to Semenanjung, the urban population are gravitating towards PR. It just so happen that in Sarawak the urban population is overwhelmingly Chinese.

Why? Well analyze from other perspective; education level, socio co-hensiveness based on government appointed penghulu & ketua kampung structure in rural areas, socio-economic status, access to alternate news and media etc etc.

This obsession to compartmentalize everything just from racial and religious view is too simplistic and even deliberate so as to continue the 'divide and rule' political approach in Malaysia.

If looked deeper, these racial and religious approach is just a means to perpetuate BN's hold onto power.

This approach gain more prominence since BN poor showing in the last GE.

It is a dangerous game played by BN at the expense of the unity of Malaysians.

Gamma Rays,  18 April 2011 at 13:36  

Hello Latok:

You too seem to have fallen into the trap of racialising the Sarawak election outcome.

As a matter of fact, it has got little to do with race. Only silly government newsmen want people to see it this way.

It has all to do with the education level and quality of thinking of the voters.

The Chinese are not born Opposition supporters.

As voters they may be more enlightened because of higher level of education perhaps. They may be able to analyse things in more perceptive, balanced and incisive ways.

They did not vote based on race but based on what they saw has been happening around them.

What they see, hear and experience make it impossible for them as conscionable and intelligent people to vote for the incumbent parties.

It may not be far-fetched to say that any educated person who voted for the status quo is doing so either against his or her conscience or under the influence of some dishonest inducement.

If you don't believe, just ask around. Ask those who have received good education. It does not matter what race they belong to.

In the Sarawak elections, the results show clearly who voted according to race to protect their turf.

The Sarawak Chinese did not vote according to race. They voted according to their conscience and as well-educated people.

It appears the Umno newspapers are taking this opportunity to instigate Malays to go to "war" with the Chinese over the Sarawak election results.

The educated Malays should be able to see through this sick game.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 13:51  

I am a chinese. I will vote any party that is not race or religious based. BAN RACE & RELIGIOUS PARTY and MALAYSIA will be good country to live.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 13:54  

As for me, i'm a foreigner trying to get PR here. I left my country because everything was so expensive and we were so left behind.

Why are you MALAYSIAN are ever so demanding?

CHINESE ARE PRACTICAL? THEY ARE OPPORTUNISTS! They are scattered everywhere, name it, chinatown is everywhere.

Some say BN gave so little to chinese compared to billions given to Malays. WHAT ABOUT billions of Malaysian's money taken by CHINESE when;





They were not prosecuted. The Nazi burnt the Jews for all these. And the Malays are bad? UMNO are bad?

Problems here are just GREED. Everybody just try their level best to spark sentiments as to gain MORE POWER. With POWER there would definitely be MORE MONEY.

Stop being SELFISH.

As for the CHINESE or INDIAN, do ponder on this thought;

Malaysian population are as follows,

Bumiputra 70.2%
Chinese 21.7%
Indian 6.1%
The rest 2%


Aand with all that and done, hello... CHINESE ARE NOT SENTIMENTS VOTERS??? hahaha That's cute...

katdog,  18 April 2011 at 14:12  

Again and again the UMNOMalays twist and turn everything into a racial issue. They keep spinning and claiming that the chinese vote for opposition because they want more rights for the chinese.

That's bullshit!

Becoming MORE chinese is not going to get MCA and SUPP anywhere. That is not what the chinese are demanding for.

What the chinese are demanding is a government that is more responsible and professional in the management of taxpayers money. They want the end to the wastages caused by corruption and cronyism. They want an end to wasteful projects like RM 6 billion warships, RM 6 billion submarines, especially at a time when many are struggling to provide a decent living for their families in this era of rapidly rising cost of living.

Is demanding such basic things from the government considered 'chinese'?

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 14:15  


I support the current approach by Najib, Utusan, UMNO, MCA and the whole of Barisan Nasional. They have been following a formula that has worked for them for over 50 years. I would urge them to continue with this approach.

Only then would we see Pakatan Rakyat win GE13 and takes over the federal and state governments.

Keep it up BN!!!

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 15:18  


We should stop blaming the race...I am an Indian and I have been voting for PAS all my life becuase they are straight...the Chinese are more exposed/educated [urban] and they can see the doings or the harm BN has done to the country, even the urban [educated] Malays are generally inclinded to the it is not the race but BN ....gnana

Beast Master 18 April 2011 at 16:00  

Dato, it's a democratic country ...people choose what they want :-) ...utusan as u know ...not only you ...but every single malaysian .i dun have to descibe here ....

undi BN bagus ...tak undi bn tak bagus :-) haiyak come on lah ....

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 17:00  

more strident in their demands?
when will you accept that Non malay msian citizens have equal rights under the Constitution? special privileges does not mean Ketuanan melayu nor does it mean UMNO(and PBB-Taib) putras have the right to plunder the country's wealth...
why is it racial when citizens do not agree with or subscribe to UMNO's racist policies? yeah, 50% Malays do not agree with UMNO, so what do you stand on? so why just pick on Chinese discontent or Indian? things are very wrong with the way UMNO has run the country....full stop; the sooner you realise this the better, for your own sanity

Quiet Despair,  18 April 2011 at 17:24  

I don't envy Najib one bit. He's hemmed in on all sides by both the Chinese and Malays. It's like being between a rock and a hard place.

It's tough to strike a balance. As it is now he's being accused by the Malays as giving in too much to the Chinese.

Gave much to the Chinese and the Chinese leaders are still saying UMNO is a bully.

Now CSL is really what Pahangnites call tegak ekor (better than gung-ho word) demanding this and that and smiling simperingly he's getting it.

Giving in to everything they demand will not guarantee votes to the BN. They will take it but they will still vote for the DAP.

Like some in this blog are fond of saying, Chinese are clever. Right. Calculative and greedy - a shrew.

Yeah man, we will also get developments and scholarships, irrespective of who we vote.

It's great if we can have Chinese votes to BN, but it will not happen. So leave it be.

It's something in their genetic make-up. DNA stamped anti-government. Maybe it's in the water they drink or their diet.

It's got to do with their kiasuness. Also their affirmative action envy.

A considerably wealthy Malay (not as rich as Chinese) will not take a JPA scholarship. They want to show off they can afford to send their kids overseas on their own. Our race trait of aksyen.

But Chinese, they will take. Our right ma, we oso got 10As. Malays get what. That money can buy more houses or cars. Yes they are smart.

Same for shares or the recent housing loan for the young. Just check with the banks and they will tell you the majority applicants are Chinese.

It's also about love for the motherland. My Chinese friends send their kids to Chinese school though the national school is nearby.

Why do we have to crack our heads
pondering why Chinese are lukewarm to BN.

Voting for DAP can dream of having a Chinese PM. Can have more states to be like Penang.

DAP may feel bad that their major voters are Chinese since they are touting Malaysia for Malaysians.

But it's a fact that they are a Chinese like MCA but more blatant and brash.

Anon 08.18 Stop bluffing. You mean to say the pasar malam traders and fish-mongers are educated and discerning voters?

Your reason for voting PAS is for reasons above.

If PAS is out of PKR you think you will vote for them.

Your love for Anwar is also the same - a conduit for Chinese majority government.

I wish Malays are as simple as the Chinese or the Pribumis in Sarawak.

PAS is anathema to the Chinese as DAP is anathema to the Malays.

I can say for sure that Malays will vote for a Chinese BN candidate. That goes for me too since I am an urban voter.

So can MCA or Gerakan tarik harga when they thrive on Malay votes?

Same for SUPP which will be extinct like MCA or Gerakan.

The besan or in-law of Taib Dr Chan has said in not so many words that PBB has not been giving much to the Chinese.

Taib has already said that if its solely Chinese interest it is impossible with the many tribes in Sarawak.

But SUPP failed to mention that their internal conflict too contributed much to their downfall.

They should also look at the history where past Presidents like Stephen Yong and Ong Kee Hui also lost in the elections.

CYC,  18 April 2011 at 18:22  

That shows SUPP like MCA becomes irrelevant as far as politics is concerned. They better pack and go enjoy their ill gotten wealth else where before they being convicted if a regime change take place. PM is implicated with so many allegations which he dare not face. How could he possibly be a reliable leader with a tainted record.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 18:26  

Bro Sak,

It is a known fact people of Sarawak has been neglected. Anybody with a conscience would not deny that fact.
So when urban areas coincidently with majority chinese vote for a change, they get the "finger". Why is that so ?
Are you saying the bumiputras are happy living without clean water, their livelihood threatened and their land taken away ?
The answer is obvious isn't it ?
Sarawak people especially the rural ares need all the help they can get. People, please don't turn this into a race issue.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 18:41  

MCA, SUPP and MIC are component parties of BN. They were created to be the voice of their respective race and also to bring in the voters.
When they fail, it's no one's fault but their own for not doing their job.

First, they did were not effective in voicing out the grievances of their respective race and therefore lost their right to represent their respective race.They were seen as corrupted and helping themselves to the cookie in the jar .

Secondly, they are unable to bring in the votes for BN.

I, too do not agree that PM should give in to their demands.
The PM working with the opposition would be better off, as they have a proven track record of being more efficient, effective, hardworking and clean.
A lot smarter too.
Besides, the PM's popularity will certainly improve

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 18:43  

In Sarawak, DAP is not for chinese only. They are the voice of the urban and sub-urban Ibans, Dayak and Malay. Please don't said DAP are Chinese-based party. During the recent Election, DAP have Iban candidates contesting, he lose due to money and vote-rigging politic. I make my stand here DAP is the voice all Malaysian, whether you vote them or not.

Anonymous,  18 April 2011 at 19:22  

The racist Utusan and Mahathir have forgotten that it was the Chinese who saved BN in the 1990 General Elections when the Malays voted for PAS and Semangat 46.
If not for the 'Christianization' of KuLi, I think UMNO and Mahathir would have been buried then.

Habib RAK 18 April 2011 at 23:56  

I participated as a volunteer in DAP's campaign in Kuching. I went from KL to Kuching on my own expense and time for 14days. I'm a non-chinese. I was welcomed by not only the DAP leaders but also by all party workers who were predominantly chinese. I was a stranger to them at the beginning and left as very good friends. The cooperation for a better Sarawak was genuine and not targetted only for chinese. The packed ceramahs were all about getting rid of injustices and corruption. The policies that were proposed benefits all including all other races in Sarawak. DAP is not about just chinese. It is the likes of Dr M who wish to project DAP as a chauvinistic chinese party. The truth is far from it. Ive learned it first hand and I call on others to get their own first hand experience. Batu Kawah was a BN fortress which fell. I went to the kampungs there, who were mostly non chinese and listen to their feedback. The reason why they supported DAP was because, they have been shortchanged for a longtime and DAP provided a ray of hope for change that they can believe in. Its all about the rakyat's need and not about race and religion. If you take care of rakyat's need, by default all their needs are fulfilled including the needs of their respective religion. This is DAP...a Democratic Action Party.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 02:29  

Quiet Despair,

Why again you blare out so much nonsense?

"Gave much to the Chinese and the Chinese leaders are still saying UMNO is a bully."

???????? give much ??? how much?

"I can say for sure that Malays will vote for a Chinese BN candidate. That goes for me too since I am an urban voter"

Ha... you know how BN Chinese behave right? Like sheeps and UMNO are the masters carry whips. Ya .. sure you would vote them in or else your butt would get kicked by the opposition. Hahahahah

"It's also about love for the motherland. My Chinese friends send their kids to Chinese school though the national school is nearby."

You just don't know the difference between Chinese and National schools, do you? Today it is an asset to go to Chinese schools with the rise of China in the very near future to be the top country in the world.

Now we know that even a Chinese media house is stationing in Malaysia to broadcast to the world.
Why Malaysia? It is because we have most of the major languages right here in Malaysia and one of the most important part is the standard of Mandarin in this country.

You think most of the staff will be Malays or Chinese?

That is only one. Do you know the size of opportunities available when China and the rest of Chinese in Asia grows and overtake even Western countries?

Ya, you think we Chinese want to follow you to be a Katak dibawah Tempurung... forget it. The world is our target now and we are actively helping others to look into that direction.

In this area , you Ibrahim Ali friend should be happy as more of us look into global as you guys continue to look inwards.

You guys do not even want English !!! and want to be developed. You must be joking.

The Chinese are battling for a better Malaysia for all races and only guys like you want to prevent it to HELP YOUR OWN KIND.

I can pick up more of your other silly posting.. but it is getting late... have to go to bed.

night night... hopefully tomorrow you are not sour why you are still earning pennies when others are earning dollars.

I Have Chinese Blood But I Am Malaysian,  19 April 2011 at 06:30  

The Chinese voice in BN politics ? Whose voice are you referring to?
Oh! The eunuchs’ you mean?
They have become persona non grata as far as most Malaysian Chinese are concerned!

No, I don’t need a Chinese YB to represent my interest. Give me a non-Chinese candidate in my constituency and I will still vote for him as long as he is not from BN parties.

Why is it that difficult for the BN govt to see why the Malaysian Chinese are turning away from them?

No, it got nothing to do with our DNA make-up. It’s only of LATE that Malaysian Chinese voted en masse for the opposition cos they are tired of being told to ‘Balik Cina’ when we voice out against Corruptions, Abuses, Injustices!

No, we have nothing against NEP if it is for the deserving Malay poor. But let’s not forget the non-Malay poor too.

No, we don’t question Islam as the national religion but we expect the same respect for our religion too.

And please don’t tell me that my Motherland is China when I always support Malaysian team when they play against China in badminton;
when I disapprove the way the China govt treats the Tibetans just as much as I disapprove Taib’s treatment over the natives in Sarawak.

And why do Malaysian Chinese prefer to send their children to Chinese school? Perhaps asking the parents of non-Chinese students in these Chinese schools will enlighten everyvone?

Najib may be sincere in his eagerness to bring progress to the country. But does he have the will to carry through his programs?
Will those UMNO warlords allow him to cut their gravy train?

If someone in UMNO can revive back the old UMNO, I will not hesitate to give my vote again to BN.
It’s great if it can happen but it will not happen.

So leave it be.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 11:38  

Why should the CHINESE and INDIANS blame UMNO for their failure to get a voice in the policy making of the BN Government now? They blame MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, SUPP and what have you for their own failure for greater say. If they were that concerned about being sidelined, why not join the crowd, raise their stake, vote in more Chinese, Indians and what have you,forget about racial divide, 'if you can't beat them,join them' rather than badmouthing everyone and everybody except themselves, no problem solved. They have this misplaced concept of of i/we can stand on our own, we pay the most tax(?) we have our right in the constitution and we are not interested in mainstream group we want to oppose.... oppose what? Only power can get you what you want etc, that is the way of world democracy today. Protesting for protest sake make for good headlines, but will anything change for you. We might be middle-class in worldwide living rating but still have a zillion years to strive for MALAYSIAN as a race ranking! Maybe then will we live in our ideal utopia.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 12:04  

I say, let's bury MCA once and for all. We dont need it.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 16:42  

Once upon a time . . . there was a country that had a very well-known leader.

These are some of the facts about this leader :

He wrote a book about racial issues.
His country was poor until he industrialised it.
He promoted the creation and manufacturing of the first national car.
He promoted the development of science in his country .
He made sure that his country hosted a world-class sports event.
Large and impressive stadiums were built for that purpose.
He had to deal with a severe currency devaluation.
He insisted that the problems of his country were due to a conspiracy by Jews, foreign powers and obscure elements.
He criticised the major powers of the world.
Most of the countries in the world criticised him, but some said he was right.
He reduced political opposition to an insignificant level, and the press was controlled by him.
He had a number two who called for reforms and caused the
jealousy of other big shots in the party.
His number two, who had been with him for around 17 years, was finally removed under accusations of homosexuality and treason.

And the rest of the story is very well known......
Does this person sound familiar to you ?
Do you know who he is ?
Are you sure ?
Better think twice . . . . because you may be wrong! He was Adolf Hitler, the Nazi, the war criminal, the worst thought about this person in the history of this world..

Now ask yourself, is it probable there is somebody like that living in our age & time ??

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 20:52  

Quite Despair, do you really have any chinese friends at all ?
"It's also about love for the motherland. My Chinese friends send their kids to Chinese school though the national school is nearby"

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 00:05  

It is largely true to say with no malice intended, that the larger group of Chinese ran away from China to lands of greener pastures and prosperity they couldn't get at home. Why? Because what drove them away was something no different than present day UMNO in Malaysia. If there was injustice in China it was harsher. If there was no security in the lives of your spouses, womenfolk and children, it was worst in China. If there were people, there were just too many. If there was hope of freedom it wasn't in China.

Same thing with the Indians. Or with Javanese or Malays from Indonesia. This is the land of milk and honey, the promise land.

As a result of which, the Chinese would want security, peace, prosperity and hope. A place where you could see young children growing up with joy and hope and humility.

In Sibu during the famous Parliamentary election of 2010, Taib humiliated the wealthy Chinese. He treated the poorer ones with contempt, the same he holds for natives, he himself supposedly being one but now having graduated and humping with the likes of that stupid Monaco royalty as with the Malay ones.

I believe the wealthy Chinese want security for their wealth. If they can't get it, they'll join the diaspora elsewhere. For those who are not, they are the egalitarian ones and they might have no memory presently of their elder kinfolks's miseries in the mainland. They're the ones who will leave MCA's or SUPP's craddle. They will now have learnt that if their own kinfolk cannot treat them decently centuries ago, nowhere could they expect same, not then not now here in Malaysia, kinfolk or not. They have already expressed that now when there is humility and humanity it can come from anybody not necessarily their own kind. When it doesn't they will hold fast to that kindness.

Not everything must always and only boil down to dollars and sen.

And that is Malaysia's hope. It can become brighter and more meaningful when Malays can see same humanity from the Chinese, the same they cannot get from their own kind in UMNO or PBB.

Wouldn't we want see more that of Malaysia?

kee 20 April 2011 at 05:48  

Anonymous @ 19 April 2011 20:52 who asked 'Quite Despair':-

"do you really have any chinese friends at all?"

What a question!!!

Even PERKASA'S Ibrahim Ali has got Chinese friends!!! The ones that paid him to be a director in Chinaman companies!!!

kee 20 April 2011 at 05:57  

Anonymous @ 18 April 2011 11:54 said:-

"I am the results of the NEP scheme that have help many bumiputras to be where there are now."

"there is NO WAY i want Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz to be governing the country in the future. If that happens I rather migrate."

Tell us where to migrate to.

Besides Malaysia, where else is there an NEP that sets out to turn an entire race into permanent parasites?

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 18:00  

Kee, look up the REAL meaning of friends.

FRiends don't stab you in the back.
Friends don't bully you.
Friends don't take advantage of you.
Friends help you and DON'T expect anything in return.

FYI," You scratch my back and I scratch your back" is not FRIENDSHIP extended. It's just temporary co-operation.
The minute you stop scratching the other fella's back, they will abandon you and stab you in the back.

p/s Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang rasa pedas.This is not applicable to those who practise TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

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