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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 8 April 2011

High chief Jabu and his 48000 hectares of NCR land.

There are 6000 long houses without electricity and piped water. That's since 1963 when Sarawak became part of Malaysia. It has been 30 years of rule by Taib Mahmud, things have not changed for the 6000 long houses.
What do you call this? You call a spade a spade. Its gross negligence. Its balding incompetence. They are broken promises.
The people of Sarawak should not look at the identity of the people who made the promises to better the lives of these long house dwellers. If they do, their judgment can become blurry. Look at the issue objectively. They should just throw out the incompetent fools who manage the state. So, it happens to be Taib Mahmud and his gang who ruled Sarawak for umpteen years. Zero in on incompetence and negligence. You can't have this kind of people running the state for us.
Democracy means exercising a choice. You can choose to throw out incompetent, negligent and corrupt leadership.
The issue is always this:- Leadership and its management of the entrusted entity. Its leadership and management of the state.
Just think at the micro level. Don't bother about the dams. Ignore the eye pleasing river side esplanades and so forth. Look at yourselves. Have your lives become improved and better? If not blame it squarely on the leaders who hold the powers and the purse strings. Don't let RM 500 and RM 1000 sudden windfall erase the bitter memory of having to put up with incompetent and negligent leaders.
We have not yet begun analyzing the rape and plunder of NCR lands and the issue of Al Kitab yet.
Let's single out your own kind first. That deputy CM representing the Dayak communities- Alfred Jabu. You have qualified dayaks among you and still you are suffering fools by continuing to support people like Jabu.
Let's judge Jabu in his capacity of Chairman of Salcra. Would you entrust him to manage your company? Elsewhere people sack incompetent managers. Here you are willing to put with masochistic pains. The pains are inflicted by Jabu and his gang of cabals.
Just look at his lifestyle. Jabu has a palatial house and is noted for the conspicuous wealth of his family. Look at the decor inside the house. Look at the additional wing to his already large mansion. But he can't give out dividends to the NCR landowners whose land he manages.
So, could it be that this most incompetent manager is nevertheless a highly competent thief? You cant call a person other than by this term. Compare his lifestyle with that of those poor Native Customary Rights Landowners, who participated in SALCRA scheme more than 30 years ago.
Salcra is something like our own Felda or Felcra Schemes. Owners of small parcels of land pool their land resource under one centralized, economies of scale justified management. The management company is called SALCRA. The original aim was to rescue the NCR land owners from poverty. After 30 years, they are still scraping a living from the most miserable dividends that could possibly be imagined from the so-called business partnership run on their behalf by Jabu. You can judge him solely on this. Forget the kinship. Forget being from the same ancestral bloodline.
You have two leaders at the helm doing the same thing. What Taib Mahmud does with his rapacious 'Joint Venture Companies', Jabu is doing the same screw job through his chairmanship of SALCRA.
How does the SALCRA scheme work? Under the programme the state government offers NCR landowners formal title to their customary lands, if they agree to join in the SALCRA state-run palm oil plantations. So SALCRA is the state-run palm oil plantation. In return the landowners will get formal title which is claimable against the whole world and also promised a share of the proceeds.
What can participants expect? They can and should expect a well-run management company, whose management is transparent and accountable and which gives out dividends. No one who owns palm oil plantations does not make money. More so in recent years when the price for palm oil has been good.
If Jabu does not make money, or make as much money at the average industry players and is not forthcoming about the management of the company and does not give out dividends or gives out below industry dividends, what do these things show? These show that Jabu and his cabals are incompetent fools who are hiding so many things. If they don't give out dividends or give below industry average dividends and returns, they are lining up their own pockets. These are valid and justifiable conclusions to make.
Jabu has to answer to the 20,000 thousand families who have been coopted into the SALCRA scheme. Yet SALCRA has not given any public financial information on how it runs the management company. What dividends there are, are announced on a whim and at his own political convenience.
Jaby has under his direct control, 48,000 hectares of Native Customary Rights Lands through SALCRA (most of it planted with mature palms). He has not provided a single audit or report on SALCRA's management within the past 35 years. The landowners themselves have no representation on the Board or within Management or have any way of gaining any information whatsoever about the finances of the business in which they are supposed to be partners.
This is the classic 'give me your trust' and ask not what the government can do for you kind of thinking. The government and the high official is the dispenser of largesse, of sustenance. The people- in this case, the NCR landowners are his minders, the ward.
The NCR landowners just wait and hope that their dividends will turn up at some stage in their bank accounts as a gift from the powerful chief. They wait for chief Jabu with bowls in hand. Numerous accounts exist of landowners who have received no dividends for years or otherwise pathetic pay outs that would not feed their families for a week.
How does the high chief Jabu handle his ward- the inhabitants who have given him their trust? Jabu habitually uses the dividend as a form of political blackmail, as if it was some kind of generous gesture or bribe to induce the SALCRA participants do his bidding.

The timing of his bidding couldn't be more opportune. In the next few days, SALCRA members can expect a 'bumper payout' from kind Mr Jabu just in time for the election. Wow, Jabu has studied the Toyota Management technique of JIT Management. What has Jabu announced? He has announced that this year he will be distributing what he says were a 'record RM74 million' in profits during the days before the election, saying that it is twice what he handed out last year. Last year he handed out RM 37 million.
Ok, he says he will give out RM74 million. Let's take him on this and expose his incompetence. The most important resource is the land. The landowner can expect a big payout. Study the principle behind the PSC PETRONAS has with the oil majors. After costs, PETRONAS gets 80% of the profit. Maybe we should have applied the same principle on the NCR landowners. After all, they have surrendered up their territories.
A RM 74 million ringgit profit on a 48,000 hectare palm plantation is quite simply pathetic. That's only RM 1,541 profit per hectare. As a comparison how much did IOI the plantation giant made? IOI says that its operating profit last year amounted to RM 11,448 per hectare. Even taking into account the various added costs of possible loans and other expenses that could diminish the operating profit the discrepancy between the two figures is ridiculous. When Jabu earned RM 729 per hectare in 2010, IOI earned RM 13,347 per hectare. How is anyone supposed to feed his family off that?
So, let's ignore the identity of the person who made the promise. Let's judge him objectively. How can a person having 40,000 hectares of palm oil under his management pay pittance to the landowners?
Democracy means exercising a choice freely. Let's reject incompetence.


Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 12:04  

It is just sheer shocking how the landowners have allowed this to happen and for soooo long?

You won't find a Chinaman allowing such things... dont know about others.

George Choo 8 April 2011 at 12:05  

Dear Sak, Alfred Jabu is like George Chan and Ling Liong Sik.

The objective of this 3 people is to ENRICH THEMSELVES through

A) Corruption.

Jabu have been selling out the DAYAK for 30 years just like CHAN and LING who SOLD THE CHINESE OUT for many years.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 12:05  

Salcra, Felda, Felcra - they are all the same.
The haves are screwing up the have-nots and its when they screw up their own kind, they get away with it.
That's how Samy screwed up the Indians.
When the people votes in oppressors and robbers to lead them what can they expect in return?

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 12:15  

Cheat me once, shame on you. Cheat me twice, shame on me.

Sarawakians, you've been cheated for the past 31 years. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 12:15  


undang2 rasuah dan salah guna kuasa salah hanya untuk rakyat biasa.

UBN raja segala raja. siapa berani usik.

buktikan saya salah.

Unknown 8 April 2011 at 12:35  

really pity sarawakians, i have worked there 1yr ++....

really brainwashed by PBB and BN....
sarawak gets 5% oil from petronas, mintak sedekah ker????

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 12:48  

Dear Dato,

I don't have much to comment but thank you for the expose. I wish that are more expose from knowledgeable and highly-aware Malaysians. MSM don't carry such news. Investigative journalism is dead in Malaysia. No wonder we do not know a lot of things.


Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 13:42  


Can draw similarity for Felda & Felcra here in P M'sia or not?

Let's do this thorughout MALAYSIA;

'So, let's ignore the identity of the person who made the promise. Let's judge him objectively. .........Democracy means exercising a choice freely. Let's reject incompetence.'

Or r we going for the tales of the two cities?

PAP voter (last GE),  8 April 2011 at 13:58  

Salam Dato
I'm so ANGREEEE. I've got relatives in Malaysia - land with all the natural resources.
Reading yr N3s riled me. Here's something to share n this is nothing to brag abt.
Yesterday each member recd letter frm gomen.The share n grow scheme (entah apa2 sajalah) All I know every certain qtrs dapat duit bank in by gomen.
Father(52) - S$900 , Mother(52) -S$900
Son ex.NS(24) - S$700 , Daughter (26) - S$600
Daughter (22)-S$600 , Son student (18) - havnt check, mesti dapat lebih pasal ada student acct.
Life here is challenging but there are means to survive. Honourable jobs aplenty if you're not choosy. I live in a flat. Tak banyak commitment. Just make sure children ada pelajaran.
Of course PAP is not perfect but they're doing a good job after considering the circumstances.
UMNO is too much (tak terkata apa lagi dah)

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 14:15  

Pretty long sighted I must say. Similar things are happening nearer to home.

walla 8 April 2011 at 14:36  

The blogger has written a splendid post and he must be applauded nationwide for both his intelligence and conscience.

What applies to the natives in Sarawak applies for Malaysians everywhere else, whether they be Malays, Chinese, Indians or others.

We are already in the 21st century. Yet so much pillaging and plundering are still going on in broad daylight by the lowest lifeforms and scoundrels.

Thinking of that and the resultant suffering of the rakyat, the disgust and grief overwhelm me too much.

People of Sarawak, listen to me whoever you are. You need to change your government. It's thirty years overdue.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 14:44  

Great job Datuk. Wish we have many leaders like you who are not afraid to write the truth.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 15:08  


Taib could not have carried on for 30 years if the powers that be had not condone it for 30 years. Guess where the same responsibility lies ? For 22 years, TDM did not know this was happening in Sarawak ? Who is sleeping then ? It takes two hands to clap.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 15:17  

This is a time for Dayaks to wake up and vote the right person to voice out their rights. This is a time for them to kick Jabu and Family who takes all the NCR land and take the Salcra money. This is a time for Jabu and Family to pay back all Salcra members dividen, this is a time for Jabu and family to give back Dayak NCR land to the real owner. and this is a time for you as voters to choose someone capable to fight your rights!

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 16:04  

Errrrr Dato Sak..

Your against Barisan National...but Why????

But It's is true, Taib Ragime must go for sake of Serawakian..ha ha ha

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 16:23  

dato, salute a man with conscience.
please step up to the plate and do more for the voiceless and suffering masses...only through politics can you contribute to our beloved country.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 16:50  

ACA/MACC is supposed to do the job of getting rid of corrupt Taib and Jabu for the ordinary Sarawakians. But Taib is also smart. He also 'fed' the ACA/Macc directors with Datokship.

Ask Macc to declare how many of its senior officers got Datoship from either Sarawak or Sabah. And then you can understand why Taib/Jabu and Musa Aman can continuously plunder state's wealth w/o the ACA/macc batting an eyelid.

That is why Macc should be closed so that Rm100mill of public funds is saved.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 17:27  

Quite Despair any comments from you?


donplaypuks 8 April 2011 at 17:44  

"Democracy means exercising a choice freely. Let's reject incompetence."

No, this is not incompetence. This is the working of a cunning and crooked mind hell bent on looting, plunder and corruption.

And what shall we say of a Government that by silence, has been advocating selective thievery on a mass scale for 50 years?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

rance,  8 April 2011 at 17:56  

Dear Dato'Sak, My work has taken me to Sarawak some time back stayed for a short period. Have visited the long houses in the interior. The living conditions provides a glimpse into how humans lived in the early yrs. Sad condition. Most of them are shy,innocent and v.naive. If they are given money, i wish for yearly election.RM500. can keep them going for many months.By the way, none of my friends seem to know how the election is going to turn out.A good sign or..

sr2,  8 April 2011 at 18:26  

mark my words...taib will be returned to power. he will plunder again like there's there is no tomorrow

Suci Dalam Debu 8 April 2011 at 18:52  


I hope the Sarawakians can be the Ignition for the beautiful flame of change that will light up this country.

I hope the Sarawakians(rakyatlah) will not be called BODOH anymore.

If the Sarawakians can kickout this corrupt regime, then it would signal the end of BN in Malaysia, at least for 5 years.

Lets pray that a 2-party system will become a reality.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 19:10  

Anon 8 April 2011 15:08

Sudah kautim ma..
1 ko punya 1 aku punya..
rakyat dapat telo..

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 19:20  


Satu perkara yg membimbangkan saya kat Sarawak ne org Dayak mcm org Asli kat M'sia (maaf bukan semua dan harap andaian saya salah). Menurut kawan saya org sana, mereka ne BN senag kontrol sebab bila malam nak mengundi BN hidangkan tuak cap langkau, apa lg besok semua pangkah dacing.

ben 8 April 2011 at 20:20  

Dear Sak:

Most enlightening expose indeed...yes those elected and entrusted to govern must take the lion share of the blame but those who keep the leaders in power, election after election, are themselves to be blamed too. Rightly said, it takes two hands to clap!

Voters...use your wisdom and make the right choice.

mpn kadaram 8 April 2011 at 20:44  

Greetings Dato,a very splendid writing without an iota fear or favor,thanks for exposing the land fiasco of Salcra.Hope the Sarawakians will make a sane decision this time,sending all those thiefs to their rightful place. You are an Umno man with consciencs,you will be the first Umno man I will vote Dato.Tapi jaga jaga sikit nanti depa marah.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 22:35  

What the blogger has written above have similarly appeared on So for those who want to more interesting revelation can go to the site.

nahraf 8 April 2011 at 22:49  

I salute you Dato' Sak, you truly writing from your heart not like the majority of Umno supporters/bloggers who pretend that bad things about UmnoBN do not exist. The bad ones are the pembangkangs :)

I would like to remind you Dato', in my opinion that your words carry a lot of weight in the blogging community by virtue of your reputation as an honest writer all this years.

Your articles this time will be part of a growing tsunami that maybe will topple the BN goverment there, this BN government is the key to both Petrajaya and much more importantly Putrajaya by the virtue of the huge number of parliment seats it holds, are you okay of that happening dato' Sak ?

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 23:02  

Thanks for your detailed insight of Sarawak 's evil doers.But the blame should be the ex Pm mahakutty.he was pm but closed his eyes on the thief CM who somehow silenced him with loads of dough!nothing is free !

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 23:09  

Why are u telling us something everyone knows?
Tells us something new please.This nonsense about being not competent, corrupted and abusing the power bestowed is crap of a topic to talk about.
Do something serious lah ex-ketua penerangan.Semua dah terang, itu action juga belum kunjung tiba.
So what kalau mr.jabu has a mansion and tons of cash?
Is it going to bring down the price of he household goods that i purchase monthly?
Would the crime rate decrease?
Berapa kali nak ulang tayang cerita ini datok?

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 23:09  

only one word left to say, UBAH!

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 23:18  

What is UMNO government doing over the years? Equally incompetent or corrupt?

Ariff Sabri 8 April 2011 at 23:32  

anon 23:09

are you the same stupidoe who keeps asking the stupid question? you seem to always say- semua orang tahu itu dan ini. of course it doesn't bring the price of the things you buy down. but you are not the only one. everyone else are not so informed like you and so more revelation is good. so that they become more aware.
the job of bringing down prices of goods and services depends on good management and hence the issue of incompetence. but of course you already know this. hence , in order to not deflect your sights from the price of goods and services, may i suggest you dont read this blog. because if you do, the prices which your are watching may go up further.
may i also suggest you produce your own goods and services and keep them at the price level you want.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 23:59  

Quiet Despair.... where are you?

Still waiting for your usual absord comments.

Maybe you are still more interested in Anwar episods than this LOL

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 07:27  


I hope your message goes down to the people of Sarawak where ever they are.

It is not about asking them to vote for the opposition anymore, it's about a vote to save themselves and future generations of Sarawakian.

If that happens, the dominos will fall one by one and the "orang Malaya" will forever be indebted to the good Sarawakians.

Thank you

Quiet Despair,  9 April 2011 at 07:37  

It's really up to the Sarawakians to decide their destiny. Not only the Dayaks but the others too.
But what choice do they have, tell me.
Look at the list of candidates for PKR? Do you see any leadership material except maybe Baru Bian who is touted to be CM.
If they are really earnest in toppling Pehin Pei Mao, they will not choose a woman. She will be a sacrificial lamb.
Salleh Jafaruddin, Taib's second cousin, why is he there? Blood is thicker than water. He may withdraw his candidacy.
His entrance is suspect. Maybe just to split votes.
Then there's a candidate who is like Anwar, supposed to be pious with an Islamic degree.
But it's alleged that he impregnated a young girl. She became his second wife after marrying her in Thailand.
Only DAP with its UBAH slogan replete with caricatures is mounting a credible campaign.
As usual Chinese will vote DAP and their candidates can win.
But when they launched their manifesto, no PAS or SNAP representatives were there.
I watched Wan Azizah's ceramah and only 15 turned up.
My onlt prayer is there will not be a hung DUN.And I don't think so.
If you have four to six corner fights, what does that foretell? Just greedy for power and lack of cohesiveness amongst PKR.
If they cannot agree on candidates, how can they agree on representation in state cabinet if they win which is unlikely.
So status quo remains.
Taib, his besan (in-law) and Jabu will again be the victor.

Quiet Despair,  9 April 2011 at 07:47  

First commentator Anon 12.04

Interesting. My answer: Yes Chinaman will take the land for themselves.
No sharing.
Not even a morsel left.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 13:44  

Hey... Quiet Despair,

Heheheheh... Chinamen would not be so stupid to give up their land to have some con men to manage them lah.

What has Chinamen got to do with getting the land to themselves? If it is their land, they dont steal from you! Why should they give to you or even share with you. Do you do the same to a Chinamen? Well you know the answer. Even community property also you do not give not to say your OWN property. Silly argument .

My advise to you is no to dispute Chinamen's posting lah .. you get clobbered.

Absurd posting.

Well , you still love Taib to win anyway and your countrymen/friends are being taken for a ride and you are happy.

Hey we Chinamen also happy too. Whichever party wins we know how to take of ourselves....


Old Timer,  11 April 2011 at 14:57  

Dear SAK, I thought Alfred Jabu is a Melanau just like Taib and also his cousin.

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