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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 7 April 2011

Raja Mendeliar, Kittul and Khoja Husein.

In another lifetime, upheavals in the seat of Malay empire, Melaka was caused by the machinations of Raja Mendeliar and kittul. They were the archetypal thambis.

Let me hasten to add that when we use the term thambi, we do not at all diminish our esteem for Malaysian Indians. Instead we use the term to designate and identify certain characters with certain despicable traits. Raja Mendeliar and kittul are two examples of characters in Malay literature used to represent people who betray others, people who sow seeds of distrust among other groups. Raja Mendeliar and kittul are generally used to refer to treacherous persons.

From the Malay Annals or Sejarah Melayu, we are informed that Raja Mendeliar was of Indian descent who was made master of the port during the reign of Melaka's Sultan, Sultan Mahmud Shah. He became wealthy. Sultan Mahmud's preoccupation as we are also informed was the pursuit of pleasures of the sensual kind. He was pictured as that until remorse over the execution of Tun Mutahir changed him.

Tun Fatimah the beautiful daughter of Bendahara Sri Maharaja, Tun Mutahir caught his fancy. The sultan was extremely slighted at Tun Mutahir for not giving the Sultan, the first right of refusal over the claim on Tun Fatimah. How could Tun Fatimah be soiled with inferior genes?

In our lifetime, upheavals in the court of UMNO are hastened by another Thamby, figuratively speaking that is. He is Rahim Thamby Chik. Once upon a time, Rahim TC was also master of modern Melaka. We are not privy on the extent of Rahim's wealth, but it is generally believed that Rahim is a wealthy person. Eskay is his kittul.

It was the modern day kittul who informed the modern day Raja mendeliar that he has in his hands some documented evidence that could finish off Anwar Ibrahim once and for all. I won't go into a historical narration of what Raja Mendeliar and kittul did. I am interested only in the end. In the end, Sultan Mahmud realizing the errors of his judgment had Kittul and Raja Mendeliar executed. They were guilty of conspiring to have Bendahara Tun Mutahir executed. You can say that Mendeliar and Kittul were the original conspirators.

What role can we assign to the 3rd person- Shuib Lazim? Well, he can qualify as Laksamana Khoja Husein who must have embellished what Mendeliar confided in him. He too wanted to gain ascension to higher and more exalted position.

I must quickly add however, Anwar Ibrahim is no Tun Mutahir. Anwar will have to answer his own wrongs. He must defend himself.

Of more contextual relevance is the role and actions carried out by the conspirator gang of Kittul, Mendeliar and Khoja Husein. What did he hope to gain by producing this smut video? Was he trying to regain lost pride? By his own admission, he was going after revenge blaming Anwar for his own exit from the seat of power. He explained to friends, nobody knows the hell he went through. So he waits for the opportunity and time. At the appointed hour they struck.

Meanwhile the Sultan of UMNO, was stunned.

Its UMNO that is hurting. His actions over the video alleging Anwar Ibrahim procured the services of a prostitute, has brought UMNO into wretched disrepute. the video was received with utter disbelief. People are linking it to UMNO. Rahim TC is an MKT member. He has dragged UMNO into public contempt and odium.

This is the context to which Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah referred to when he said, Malaysian politics has been reduced to gutter politics. That's generally meant to refer to dirty politics. Perhaps the more appropriate term should have been cesspool politics since a cesspool collects sewage and other unmentionables. The night soil collectors are Eskay and Rahim Thamby Chik.

Never in the history of UMNO, has the bedroom activities of anyone been brought out into the open and used as the fatal blow to one's opponents. The early UMNO leaders were not saints- if we were to examine the lives of past leaders, almost all of them were blemished leaders. Yet not one among them would ever dream of using personal foibles as a tool to kill of his opponent.

Yet this is happening to modern day UMNO- the party that claims pole position as the champion of the Malays. UMNO is to modern Malays as what Melaka was to Malays of antiquity. The downfall of each was brought about by the machinations and treachery of thambis.

In the coming days, UMNO leaders will realize that the expose of the video has generally backfired on them. What happened to Mendeliar, Kittul and Khoja Hussein? Mendeliar and Kittul were executed and Khoja Husein was castrated. Will UMNO now do the modern honours to Rahim, Eskay and Shuib Lazim?


Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 16:12  


so many many thambys in umno now. the story of melaka is repeating.

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 16:31  

I think Najib risks being blackmailed if he goes after the trio.
How can a leader who himself is 'blemished' take action against other 'blemished' friends.
What if he decides to spill the beans all the way to Mongolia?

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 16:41  

"Will UMNO now do the modern honours to Rahim, Eskay and Shuib Lazim?"

I doubt so... most probably they will be rewarded for their loyalty and effort even though their effort failed.

The Sultans during the Melaka empire era have not heard nor subscribed to Machiavelli's 'The Prince'; which is now standard text for our politicians.

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 16:43  

" We are not privy on the extent of Rahim's wealth..."

The ACA investigation on Rahim showed that he accumulated nearly RM40 million of wealth...through corrupt means mostly by selling off malay lands through the usage of the Land Acquisition Act. This is public knowledge. He would acquire malay lands at 80sen-RM1.70 per ft, on behalf of his Chinese towkay; had the land status converted from agric to industry/commercial which cld fetch RM20-25 p.s.f. That is how Rahim's Umno cheated the malays of their lands in Melaka.

Rahim had to resign from all his public posts incl CM on pains of being charged for statutory rape. This caused public uproar. To appease public's anger, he was later charged for 4 counts of corruption. 2 yrs later when public's anger had died down, the charges were withdrawn.

As to the new Umno's culture of exposing their opponent's sexual tryst or escapades, blame it on another half-indian, ie Mahathir. He started it off with sodomy 1.

Umno with their tight influences over the Police and the AG should let the later hang the 3 stooges high and dry to cleanse the stains of their sins which has splashed on Umno itself. Stupid Raja Najib who went along with the 3 stooges' plan.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  7 April 2011 at 16:50  

We’re just trying to get to the truth

What you need to remember is what people wanted to hear, what people want to believe, then everything else, then that’s the truth

The truth means responsibility..

Exactly, that’s why everyone dreads it .

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 17:08  

Dato Sak,

You are a wonderful story teller!! Kudos are in order.

donplaypuks 7 April 2011 at 17:39  

"It is said about this time a kelinger settled in Malacca and became Shahbander or chief of port, and he was named Raja Mudeliar..." - John Leyden's Malay annals.

So, "Mendeliar" is a misspelling in other translations of SM as "Mudhaliar" in tamil generally refers to a very rich man of some means and substance.

The Christian equivalent of Mudhaliar/Kittul I suppose would be Judas Iscariot and Shakespearean, Brutus!

As everywhere, traitors are scum of the earth and the sex video conspiracy against DSIA surely was masterminded by someone else very high up in UMNO or even Perkasa - the Datul T's did not suddenly wake up one morning and say, let's shoot a sex video of our own accord.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 17:44  

....and just like in the other lifetime,the sex hungry sultan are being forgiven and the wrath of the rakyat is on raja mendelier and kitol!

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 17:48  

As I mentioned before, the 3 stooges thought they were doing Najib a BIG favour.

At the end of the day, what they left Najib is only a big f#$king hole to fill-up with denial..denial...denial

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 18:07  


Arwah bapa saya lebih 50 th bersama UMNO, di akhir hayatnya dia mengalirkan airmata melihat apa yang berlaku dalam UMNO.

Sebenarnya pemimpin UMNO sekarang mengkhianati ahli UMNO yang ikhlas.

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 19:13  

parpu kari mesti pedas bila saudara sakmongkol guna perkataan kittul sebab dia yang kata dulu yang sakmongkol ni pengikut kittul...masalahnya siapakah kittul yang sebenarnya? soalan cepu emas, siapakah the biggest thamby of all thambies? is it parpu kari or what?

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 19:17  

Khoja Husein-the name appears to suggest a religious person. Maybe this Shuib, father-in-law of the Bajau Prince from the Land Below The Wind felt that it was his religious duty to expose the dirty video, even though in doing so, he must have had to watch it first hand together with the other two pembesar. A small sin to pay in order to obtain huge pahala-that must have been his motivation in being part of the trio. I am inclined to conclude that Khoja must have consulted his Bajau Prince to discuss the returns from his brave deed. RISDA is under the Ministry headed by the Bajau Prince, perhaps? and chaired by the Thamby? And Kittul supplies the "baja"?

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 19:20  


Najib could have nipped the whole affair in the Bud if he had come out and immediately carried UMNO out of the way of these Wayward UMNO Stalwarts.... But he has failed to do so and thus has failed as a UMNO's Leaser!! Move aside and let the Real Clown Rule

Joe Black

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 19:23  

PM should seize the opportunity and do exactly what Sak has suggested...better them than you Brader.

IGP too. This is the time to make your point and cast off hishamuddin lembik hold of you.

You do this, what is there for the opposition to say.


Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 19:23  

PM should seize the opportunity and do exactly what Sak has suggested...better them than you Brader.

IGP too. This is the time to make your point and cast off hishamuddin lembik hold of you.

You do this, what is there for the opposition to say.


Md Radzi Ahmad 7 April 2011 at 19:24  

Well written, congratulation.

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 20:14  

this video was influenced by the sordid tales spun by the umno bloggers. i think rtc & co got too engrossed in this stuff and decided to play a game of one upmanship. for all you know, the umno bloggers will spell the doom for umno. btw, any prediction on sarawak?

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 22:25  

Hope the truth willcome out soon. The thing is whether the supporters from each side will still defend their leader even if the evidence is so strong

Quiet Despair,  7 April 2011 at 22:27  

I know nuts about Malay Literature. Never studied it in school.
So thank you for educating me by making the story simple to understand.
There is no difference in palace intrigues during the Malacca Sultanate and the present Malay politics be it UMNO, PAS or Keadilan.
But because UMNO is the most powerful, it is more apparent and open to scrutiny.
Every party has the three characters mentioned. In fact office politics are the same.
Anwar is no political naivete. He has played the same game before.
Remember when he was oh-so-powerful in UMNO, he was Raja Mendeliar and Kitul.
He outplayed Ghafar, he played out RTC who was his supporter and demolished everyone in his path. He has Khoja Hussein too.
In Keadilan too. If not how come his fave man Ezam and Chandra and founders of the party left in droves.
It's tit for tat. It's karma. It comes back to haunt you. He deserves it. The apt Malay word Padan muka dia.
Sultan of UMNO is smart. He stays clear of this. If the Datuk T is punished, so be it. UMNO can sacrifice the three.
But let me say, they will get away scot-free. No case to answer.
But Wan Azizah has made a miscaculated move to say it is not her hubby in the video.
Najib is using this opportunity to call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of this.
So Anwar is trapped. What if it turns out to be really him in the video?
He will be charged for perjury, for making a false police report.
You asked why gutter politics is the way now. Answer it is because of Anwar and his kuncu-kuncu.
They accused Najib with Altantuya, with Ziana and Rosnah with RTC, with Deepak and others.
But unfortunately, he has no videos to prove it.
Let me ask you, is Anwar playing the nice guy in the ceramah in Sarawak now?

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 22:33  

Pemimpin umno dulu;

Yang kaya turun membantu rakyat

Pemimpin umno kini;

Yang kaya mempergunakan rakyat diatas nama bangsa dan negara untuk merompak keringat rakyat dan harta negara.

Umno diumpamakan sebuah bas dua tingkat yg tercanggih tetapi di pandu oleh pemandu gila jalan raya.

Apa nak jadi dgn negara apabila yg bergelar Perdana Menteri mengatakan rasuah itu adalah komisen? Rm500juta hanya komisen? Berapa buah rumah boleh di bina untuk rakyat sebagai rumah pertama?

Apa nak jadi dgn negara apabila seorang menteri mengatakan projek yg disogokan dlm Pilihanraya bukan nya rasuah?

Perdana Menteri dan menteri saling melengkapi.

Dalam kita di dendangkan kerajaan umnobn memdahulukan rakyat, sex video, pilihanraya sarawak dgn manesfesto membantu rakyat, memjadikan sarawak negeri yg terkaya? Utk siapa? Menteri perdagangan mengatakan harga petrol tidak akan naik? Sebenarnya sudah pun naik dan susu sudah pun naik rm0.20. Rakyat masih percayakan cakap menteri tapi tidak mahu tahu akan realiti. Terima kasih pengundi PRK di johor, kerdau, terima kasih pengundi sarawak. Undilah BN utk kenaikan harga barang.
Sudah kecewa dgn pemimpin umno.

Drp; C4

Anonymous,  7 April 2011 at 22:38  

Dear Datuk,

I must congratulate you for being mature and impartial in moderating all comments.

This is unlike some Club Doomer who I suspect after having some grease on his palm is not posting comments that are critical of the current regime.

He even went on to accuse Tok Guru Nik Aziz as a corrupted leader in his latest posting, this is just outrageous and disgusting.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 00:00  

cut the bullshit !i knew for a long time that you hate indians.the mahathir post proves that.

fatcat,  8 April 2011 at 00:45  


The past UMNO do not have this problem is probably technology was not available then, however this issue is really hypothetical, but there was a murder, it's was worse!!

Cikgu Ngah,  8 April 2011 at 01:52  

Assalamualaikum Dato'.

Sudah lama sy tak komen dlm blog Dato' ini. Tapi kerana isu yg dibangkitkan kali ini begitu panas, maka sy tertarik utk komen sikit, jika Dato' izinkan.

Dato', untuk mengatakan bahawa RTC, Eskay dan Shuib Lazim adalah jelmaan Mendeliar, Kitul dan Khoja Hassan adalah tak adil bagi mereka. Dlm isu ini, kita tak tahu lagi siapa yg benar siapa yg salah. Jika benar Anwar melakukan perbuatan terkutuk itu, dan trio ini tahu tetapi buat2 tak tahu dan berdiam diri, maka mereka berdosa kpd seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Ttp jika mereka mereka-reka cerita dan membuat video seks palsu, maka mereka berdosa lebih besar dan patut dihukum. Dlm soal ini, kita patut lihat mereka sbg org yg mengambil tanggungjawab atas perbuatan mereka sendiri. Mereka tidak baling batu sembunyi tangan. Mereka berani buat dan (saya assume) berani menanggung akibatnya. Satu Malaysia sudah tahu mereka adalah dalang video itu, mana mereka nak lari jika terbukti video itu palsu? Jika terbukti Anwar tidak salah dan kerajaan tak ambil tindakan, maka rakyat akan menghukum Najib dlm PRU akan datang. But Dato', you're now asking for the trio to be executed even when the truth has not been uncovered yet? Is that fair?

Idola Dato', YBM Ku Li kata perbuatan mendedahkan aib orang ini adalah gutter politics. Saya setuju benar itu. Tapi saya harap Paduka Tengku dan Dato' jgnlah apply double standard di sini. Apakah mengedarkan gambar Najib peluk girlfriend masa muda bukannya gutter politics? Apakah tuduh Najib liwat dan bunuh Altantuya bukan gutter politics? Apakah ungkit soal perkahwinan Najib dan Rosmah bukan gutter politics? Apakah ungkit orang sebagai Mamak dan menganjurkan orang ramai supaya kencing atas kubur orang bukan gutter politics? Aisey, is this not the dark filthy pot calling the kettle black Dato'?
Dato' selalu kata Paduka Ku Li adalah gentleman politician. Tapi kenapa Paduka Tengku sokong pembangkang yg jelas tak gentleman itu? Bila hal orang lain riuh rendah mahu suruhanjaya. Bila kena diri sendiri, tak mahu digunapakai undang2 yg sama. Ikut perangai siapa pun tak tahulah macam ini?

Maaflah saya tulis panjang sangat. Terpulanglah Dato' nak siarkan atau tidak komen saya. Jika siarkan saya dahului dengan ucapan terima kasih, dan jika tidak pun saya ucap terima kasih. Moga Allah merahmati Dato' dan keluarga.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 08:52  


Memang terlalu panjang dan berbelit2 ulasan.

Yang nyata dan mengikut undang2 sekiranya 3 bahlul( stooges) tu tahu Anwwar yg terlibat, tindakan pertama adalah melaporkan dan menyerahkan video sex tu kepada polis. Lepas tu dibolihkan membuat kenyataan akbar seperti begini:

" Kami telah jumpa satu video sex dimana pelaku sex menyerupai Anwar Ibrahim. Kami telah menyerahkan dan melaporkan kepada pihak polis utk siasatan lanjut."

Sila Cikgu nasihat murid2 Cikgu supaya menyerahkan porno tape yg mereka jumpai kpd pihak berkuasa dan tidak menayangkannya kpa orang ramai dan lepas tu jaja fitnah kemunkinan pelakonnya adalah cikgu sendiri. Kan?

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 09:16  

The moral of the story ? Trust not those fcuking mamaks is it ?
Thanks alot on the history on the Sejarah Melayu. Never knew those mamak traitors existed those days???
Your story does give creadance on these mamaks!

guwawijaya,  8 April 2011 at 09:20  

Since we're on the topic of someone's daughter (Fatimah), a Thambi, and the sensual pleasures of a former Ruler of Malacca, I suggest that the modern day equivalent of the unjustly executed Tun Mutahir would be Lim Guan Eng who was also unjustly punished for speaking out against the former ruler of Malacca.

Unfortunately, we won't ever get a modern day equivalent of a repentent Sultan Mahmud because he has not only (supposedly) "retired" but considers himself infallible.

Nak Tahu,  8 April 2011 at 10:29  

Saya hanya nak menyuarakan kemusykilan saya..mungkin ada sesiapa boleh menenangkan jiwa saya yang konfius ni..jika eskay memang ada di situ ketika AI bersama pelacur itu, dan jika dia memang mulia nak mendedahkan perbuatan itu kenapa tak dilaporkan kepada JAIS ya? sudah tentu dalam keadaan itu AI tak dapat lari kemana2..tetapi bila katanya 'ternampak' ada wayar CCTV baru lah sibuk nak didedahkan...sedangkan sebelum tu dia macam redha aje berada dalam bilik tu...macam dah biasa set up kan perempuan untuk AI.. saya pelik! lagi satu CCTV tu dah tentu lah ada orang pasang..takkan semua bilik dilengkapi CCTV camtu pulak...sila beri penjelasan ya..

Red Alfa 8 April 2011 at 10:46  

Salam Dato'

To the very judgemental Quiet Despair for his "But Wan Azizah has made a miscaculated move to say it is not her hubby in the video."

Why is that YOUR kind of judgement dismisses utterly the words of the good wife in defense of her husband?

While you accept everything said by whom Sakmongkol has re-named appropriately as Raja Mendeliar, Kittul and Khoja Husein as unimpeachable truths you cannot accept a single grain of truth by a honest woman?

And your thick judgement shall sway over all truths?

You are quite the current Malaysian judiciary, aren't you?

rexuan 8 April 2011 at 10:47  

i just dont see why umno is painted in your article. can u just take the smut film issue as what it is.. three vengefull persons agaisnt anwar.

my honest opinion.. u being an umno member, this article just made u the kittul to umno.

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 11:40  


The Saviour of the Malays Berahim Ali has just brought his grouses with Malay Women into parliment!

Too bad he is no longer in UMNO, he would have made a suitable quartet with the current Messers T Trio.

Or is it because he is not getting enough at home?

Joe Black

gsk,  8 April 2011 at 12:27  

people with spinal cord problem will have difficulty having sex like the guy in the video...

anwar da tua, mana laaa tahan tulang belakang dier yg dihancurkan oleh IGP dulu....

Pulak berani main kat Lembah Klang, x kan bodoh sangat dier ni....masuk hotel, pi urut, pi sex.... da CSL dulu kantoi, x kan anwar nk buat benda yg sama... dier pun kena was2 kalau nk main kt overseas hotel.....

Semua org kenal anwar, kalau dier pi hotel yg pelacur ker call girl ker.... mesti dier lambat laun jadi target video.... BOdoh ker Anwar atau Bodoh sungguh UMNO dan Quiet Despair ????

Apa logik nya????????

Quiet Despair,  8 April 2011 at 12:53  

Red Alfa

Yep. I am guilty of being judgemental about Anwar.No apologies to that.
As I have said before, I am always wary about all things Anwar.
He irks me because he's not forthright. Not sincere in telling the truth. Ref: DNA in sodomy case.
You, me and everyone are clear in our likes and dislikes towards him. There's no maybe with regard to our perception of him.
But my heart goes out to Wan Azizah and children. Why must she and Izzah be subjected to press grilling when it should be Anwar who should face the music.
Pity the long-suffering, wronged and grievously hurt wife. She must always stand by her man. Lean on me wife.
Look at her face now. Makan hati berulam jantung la, bro. She lost her composure when the reporters asked her about the Omega watch.
I am sure if it is with her, she would firmly have said yes.
All luxury watches have serial number. It will be tough for her to prove it even if they bought a new watch to replace it.
And if reports are to believed, that gold watch is a gift from an Arab Royal household stamped with the insignia of the kingdom.
You can't be asking them to send you another watch, right.
I dedicate the song Kantoi by Zee Avi to that saintly couple.

gsk,  8 April 2011 at 15:39  

Quiet Despair, cakap awak ni melayu........

tapi bodoh dan x tahu kesah2 lama yg di cerite ole sak ni........

oooh, awak kan mat celup dari USA....pi balik sana jer laaaa....

Anonymous,  8 April 2011 at 16:40  

Quiet Despair,

Go get a life instead of harping on Anwar. If you have any human decency left in you, leave Anwar and his family alone. Oops, I forgot that you only have 1% of a human brain so you are only 1% human and 99% inhuman.

gunse,  9 April 2011 at 07:42  

quiet despair,

u know, deep in Nejibby's heart... he wish that his bitchy wife, rosemah die like Laila Taib and Endon, so he can marry wife no .3, or if lucky get back to screw ziana again...How he wish soo...., rosma is the worst kind ofqueen control bitch u can marry...thats the worst nightmare for any men, I am sure even UMNO lovers he will admit that...

Tengok muka botox rosma pun sudah mengerunkan...dah ler dier tu teman wanita rahim tambhi kechik dulu....berapa kali tu da pi round sblm kawin suami no 2 tu, nejibby....

pompuan umo 60thn berlagak mcm dier tu primadona umo 30thn... wuekkk..... xde kelas langsung....

Jibby if given 2 option, Between retaining PM post OR dump Rosma as wife, i think he wish for heaven and dump rosma straight away....

Wenger J Khairy,  9 April 2011 at 11:36  

Quiet Despair,
It is now undeniable that the sex video has garnered tremendous support for Anwar. A lot of people here too who used to be 50-50 on Anwar are supporting him, not because they like Anwar but because they dislike more those who continually try to attack DSAI.

For me, I would rate DSAI as a much more moral than Dr Mahathir. DSAI's problems are personal, Dr Mahathir's problems can cause whole nations to suffer. You do the maths.

Wan Shamsudin 9 April 2011 at 12:20  

Dato Sak;

Terima kasih kerana menulis cerita sejarah Melaka dahulu.Tambah seronok apabila cerita berkenaan Raja Mendeliar, Kittul dan Khoja Husein zaman moden ini.
Bagi saya, ini adalah berkaitan tiga VIP murahan (low morality) yang ingin mencari publiciti.Mereka bertiga sanggup buat apa saja sebagai 'budak suruhan' demi mencari nama, walaupun mereka sudah pun ada bermacam nama dan gelaran....Tepuk dada tanya selera...

Cikgu Ngah;

Syukur alhamdulillah, masih ada 'kaki bodek' murahan,hanya sekadar mencari nama kononnya dan nak tunjuk pandai...Bagus juga tu.Mungkin Raja Mendeliar bolih ambil jadi Pak Pachak untuk pegang tombak...'Jangan jadi manusia yang banyak akal, jadilah manusia yang berakal....'

evilcooler 11 April 2011 at 16:56  

Dear Mr. Ariff Sabri,

Thank you, I enjoyed this post. I wouldn't have known this was written from an UMNO supporter if it hadn't been for the intricate knowledge on the UMNO dirty linens that you seemed to possess.
Alas, a swallow doesn't make a summer. Hope to see more of this balanced, insightful and articulate articles coming from you. You are worth more than the hundreds of UMNO cyber troopers out there with their shameful command of English.

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