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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 19 April 2011

A failed palace coup d’état?

1TG DATU2316413618BUKIT SABAN27741828
2PANTAI DAMAI5071216419KELAKA51705929
8MUARA TUANG7843632725NANGKA53020
12SADONG JAYA2934029JEPAK31283179
34BUKIT KOTA50613229
35BUKIT SARI50635275

Pardon the design of the above table. I have tabulated the results where PBB candidates contested.
What's the point? The point is to show a cause for Najib's headache. Given the facts of the elections, how to ask Taib Mahmud to go? His PBB has done better than UMNO. His people want him. He can always say, it's not that I don't want to go, but the people still want him. It's difficult to overturn his logic.
In 2011, the majority votes were 125,024. In 2006, the majority votes totaled 74,852. In absolute terms, the majority gained by PBB candidates was bigger than in 2006. That's a 167% increase in total majority votes.
PBB candidates actually increase their majority in 23 DUNs out of the 35 seats contested. That's 66% success rate.
So how will Najib enforce his promise to the Sarawak people that Taib Mahmud is going to leave office?
Taib Mahmud has every reason not to leave or if he wants to leave, he will do so on his own terms and conditions.
All his candidates won. He actually increased the overall majority by 167% compared to the 2006 figures. And his candidates actually increased their majority in 23 out of the 35 DUNs. A number of seats can be said to experience no major changes.
Taib Mahmud won't leave, unless it's enforced by extra constitutional ways or some extraordinary methods.
Why should Taib Mahmud leave? His PBB did better than even UMNO in the 2008 general elections. UMNO couldn't even get majority Malay support in the 2008 elections. Out of the over 5 million Malay votes in 2008, UMNO candidates managed to get only slightly over 2 million votes.
So on what basis can Najib enforce his promise? He can only do so by persuasion. Can he charge Taib Mahmud for corruption even if he has evidence? He can't- because to do so, would be admitting that even though he knows about Taib, he allowed Taib to stand for reelection.
Taib is not an UMNO member. Therefore the UMNO president can't use the party to leverage his desire to see Taib Mahmud out.
What are we going to see then? We will see a stubborn Taib Mahmud who will not leave because he can justifiably say, his people still want him. He has the numbers to back his claim.
Najib has the Taib Mahmud problem to contend with.
The haste by which Taib Mahmud got himself sworn into office caused a lot of consternations and suspicions. Why was he in great hurry? Were there moves to appoint another person other than Taib Mahmud? Was Putrajaya linked to the muffled talks that a palace coup d'état was to take place on the 16th of April?



Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 08:45  

Taib' money bought over the entire Macc top officers. He is untouchable. For 30yrs he and his family plundered Sarawak, the aca/Macc did nothing.

PR governed Selangor only for 2 yrs. The Macc went all out to fix Khalid and his Exco team. They investigated Khalid..for slaughtering cows meant for Hari Raya Haji, They investigated a RM2500/=flag purchase which caused the death of Teoh Beng Hock. They went to town with the custom's raid and told the whole world that the custom failed to collect RM108 billion thro tax evasion when in actual fact only 2.5 billion is lost.

so you see the credibility of the macc. they are not ashamed of their incompetence n lack of credibility.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 08:51  

Salam Dato',

IMHO, should exclude those DUN seats with "0" majority in 2006. I'm assuming they were wont uncontested back then. Even with this small issue of statistics i.e. like and like comparison, you are spot on. "Pek Moh" delivered when it matters, so who's Najib to tell him to pack his bag??!!!

George Choo 19 April 2011 at 09:42  

Dear Sak, I totally agree with your assessment that Najib do not have any good reasons to ask the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia to retire.

The cantonese have a saying "AI CHAI TOH KAI " which means a PENDEK HAVE MANY TRICKS. This PENDEK certainly have many tricks when push in a corner and PBB 100% show that.Even though he use billions of his money to buy votes,he certainly do his job well.

Sak,Najib would not ask Taib to go since the GE is around the corner because based on the result najib certainly needed Taib.

Quantum Metal Consultant 19 April 2011 at 09:43  

Dalam tulisan yang terdahulu Dato secara langsung atau tidak langsung memang sarankan BN tewas sekaligus Taib terpelanting.

Hari ini tulisan Dato menjawab dengan sendiri kenapa relevannya Taib untuk terus mengungguli Sarawak, peduli apa dengan undi cina yang tidak menyebelahinya.

Tahniah dan terima kasih atas kajian Dato yang bernas dan berfakta.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 09:59  


There's a problem here as you are not comparing like for like. The number of voters increased, the turnout increased, so on a no change in performance, the absolute majority would also increase.

Better to look at the BN % of the vote and see whether it increased, decreased or remained the same. On that basis, leaving aside the two seats uncontested in 2006, there was a decline in 22, and an increase or no change in 11.

What seems clear is the increase in Malay-Muslim seats. How to interpret that? One possibility, from casual talk overheard, is that people took Najib's word the man would go, and they invested their hopes that Najib would put Abg Johari in -- Malay and Malay, what.

If so, then it would appear to be a "win" for Najib in that area

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 10:18  

I think the Sarawak election results showed that Melanaus/Malays were solidly behind PBB due to current political situations in Malaysia. I think during PRU 13 Malays will again solidly support UMNO. Most 'on-the-fence' Malays are afraid of the demands and troubles cause by others.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 10:23  

Anon 08:51,

If the seats with "0" majority were won uncontested, then the total figure and the difference is not correct. If we were to put the same majority obtained by BN for 2006 into 2011 (for the "0" majority seats), the differential is not so much.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 10:36  

The opposition reduced PBB's majority in 12 of the balance 24 seats without the "0" majority.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 10:40  

It looks Pek Mo has Najib by the balls is it not ?
The only way for Najib is to open the files on Him with the Macc , korek here and there.... then this guy will disappear to neverland and enjoy his ill gotten gains... lETS NOT FORGET HIS FAMILY TOO!
He could never deny his ill gotten gains.....

Quiet Despair,  19 April 2011 at 11:07  

Sak, Sak, Sak you are brilliant, my man. I wonder why UMNO did not employ you as strategist or tactician.
You really know who to cover your tracks.
There was no euphoria from you after the victory. No congratulations for Taib and the Sarawakians for retaining the status quo and with improved majority.
For the last three postings you were cajoling Sarawakians to oust Najib and singling out his alleged corrupt practises.
Now you are coming out with a gem that Taib will stay permanently with this bigger mandate. That PBB is a winner compared to UMNO.
I think you read Sarawak wrong. You were swayed by the Malaya DAP and PKR and the Sarawakian Chinese who wanted Taib out.
There was no such indications from the Pribumis there and that explains why Taib is still standing.
What we want is not what they want.
Najib, being Najib, who is ever so compliant also play along with the presure for Taib to go.
It's got to do with his fear that BN will lost its fixed deposit voters.
But Taib being the suave and cool politician has his own game.
You see how he appoints the old cabinet again and only one from SUPP, Wong Soon Koh as the sole SUPP representative.
It is a reflection of his revenge to the Chinese for not voting BN. A reward for the Pribumi reps who are still in like Jabu.
But he left the Deputy CM post vacant. Could it be Adnan Satim who had waited from young to be in that post?
(Adnan Satim is a relative and was once married to Taib's younger sister). His name is not in the Cabinet line-up.
Or will Taib go along with consesus that goofy (your description) Abang Johari will be his deputy. Abang Joe is the hands-on MP with 3 ks - kenduri mati, kenduri kahwin and keramaian and kerja gotong-royong with his people. There's also Awang Tengah to consider.
Calculative Taib too did not seem to listen to political pundits in talk shows that new faces should be brought in. There are some Menteri Mudas who are no longer mudas.
So Najib must tread softly with Taib. He will allow him to continue until the PBB elections is held next year.
Taib must go will also be the clarion call of the PKR during the coming GE.
Najib will hold on but he cannot delay since the World Bank has indicated yesterday that next year many countries will be in the brink of economic crisis.
Najib should take a gamble and use to advantage the win in Sarawak.

P.S. Was there really a sinister palace coup d'etat? That is also what the opposition is alleging.
I think it was a pre-scheduled swearing-in because Taib is very confident of being CM again.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 11:44  

Dah puji taib mahmud pulak dah!! Tu hari kutok berbakol bakol. Sekarang kata dia perform bagus pulak. Now u saying Najib in dilemma pulak. Awak ni memang penghasut besar la. Do UMNO a favour and quit UMNO and join PKR la! Senang cerite!!

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 11:59  

Apa pilihan yang Najib ada?

Pekakkan telinga apa orang (pembangkang) kata dan biarkan Taib terus berkuasa dan memimpin Sarawak utk membawa kemenangan bg calon2 BN di Sarawak dlm PRU13 (dan dia terbukti mampu - dlm konteks Sarawak kerana anak2 pribumi berdiri teguh di belakangnya).

Dan perlu diingat, Najib hanya mahu menang. Walaupun dahulu ramai yg mengkritik semasa beliau mengangkat Isa Samad sebagai calon BN di Bagan Pinang, even Dr. Mahathir sendiri, tetapi Najib ternyata betul, Isa Samad menang besar. Keutamaan Najib apa? Kemenangan. (selepas itu isu Isa Samad pun berlalu dan lenyap begitu shja).

Sebaliknya, jika Taib terus dihambat supaya turun, sedangkan dia tidak mahu, pergolakan akan tercetus antara kerajaan pusat dan negeri. Ini memang ditunggu pembangkang. Taib dah kata dia akan berundur di pertengahan penggal,dan ini bermakna dia hampir pasti akan memimpin BN Sarawak dalam PRU13 nanti.

Problem Najib ialah ia akan dijadikan isu oleh pembangkang. Tapi isu Taib ini hanya laku di Sarawak shja dan akan meninggalkan impaknya di sana sahaja. Hakikatnya terbukti tidak meninggalkan impak besar sebagaimana yg digembar-gemburkan. Sebelum itu, ramai yg terpedaya dan resah gelisah sebenarnya.

Saya brpendapat, Najib perlu mengadakan pilihan raya umum dalam waktu terdekat, mungkin Jun tahun ini. Melayu/bumiputera kuat menyebelahi BN. Ia memang amat dirasakan sekarang. Gelombangnya sangat kuat. Momentum ini jgn dihentikan. Pedulikan masalah kerusi Ketua Menteri Sarawak. Itu masalah pembangkang sebenarnya, rakyat Sarawak tiada masalah dengannya.

Undi kaum Cina terhadap DAP di Sarawak dipengaruhi dgn kononnya PR akan membentuk kerajaan negeri dgn DAP mungkin menguasai sebahagian besar kerusi berbanding rakan mereka dalam pakatan yg lain. Jika tidak jdi CM pun, barisan menteri dlm kabinet negeri pasti dipenuhi wakil DAP. Mereka cuba membentuk keadaan seperti di Perak sebelum ini. Jangkaan mereka ternyata meleset.

Hakikatnya, undi kaum India dan Cina di Semenanjung telah mula kembali ke BN. Walaupun tidak menyeluruh, tp cukup utk merampas semula beberapa kerusi yg hilang. Undi Melayu pula semakin kuat kpd Umno/BN.

Pisau dan mentimun sudah ada di tangan. Tetapi perlu diingat juga apa strategi pembangkang. Mereka mungkin tidak membubarkan kerajaan negeri Selangor, Kedah dan Pulau Pinang. Ini boleh dibincangkan kemudian.

(Jangan lupa juga perkara yg terpenting sekali, utk isytiharkan pilihan raya, PERLU MENGAMBIL KIRA KEADAAN SEMASA HARGA MINYAK DAN BARANGAN LAIN).

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 12:02  

Did Najib dug his grave in Sarawak? He started something that will come back to haunt him, more than Altantuya's ghost.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 12:32  

"...Taib Mahmud won't leave, unless it's enforced by extra constitutional ways or some extraordinary methods. ..."

You really hit home the point, don't you? Your President Najib will now show you how "creative and innovative" he is or will be. So far there hasn't been any and time is running out.

But as one commentator obviously pointed out, any change in the power structure would be incongruous. The GE is coming.

UMNO needs a new leader, for that matter, Malaysia needs a new leader. It's difficult to take borek out of the rentek in 'Malay political beliefs' and values.

Mahathir once said, it's quite alright to exploit our own workers. The developed nations do it, too. In 'that sense', it's glorious to be rich. Allowing workers unions which would have brought a vibrant cultural discource into political life is a no-no! It's so unMalay !

The time is now ripe for someone in UMNO to 'do something'. It's very dimesnional. It's difficult to see who that someone is, or what he will do! It may eventually end up that someone called Mr No One will do anything. :)

That is if we still pay APCO for a brain wave.

Red Alfa 19 April 2011 at 13:32  

Salam Dato'

PBB has delivered '100%' Malay/Melanau votes on a formula that matters more than the given fact that CM Taib is alleged has become the Richest Man in Sarawak/Malaysia because of corruption.

The winning formula (shouldn't it be UMNO copyrighted?)was playing unabashedly the race card - telling the Malays/Melanaus their future are at stake because the greedy Chinese/DAP will rule if they do not now vote PBB.

Imagine this formula will be used for GE 13, UMNO should already have in the bag a vote bank of the 90% plus Malays in Government.

Easy peasy just by telling: DAP/PR is blaming Government failures because it being made the proud Malay institutions have become bloated and incompetent and in dire need for downsizing and replacement. And which Government services and departments are not?

Wouldn't all the other Malays not duly alarmed when the Government will become less Malay?

samsaimon,  19 April 2011 at 13:35  

In the future elections when Najib's BN loses other states in the Peninsular (of which is likely) or the GE, Taib still has his Sarawak in control, then he'll say, PADAN MUKA.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 15:27  

Aiyah, who cares about the Chinese ? We don't need them. We Melayu can bring up the country. Even TDM say this is Tanah Melayu. Ada faham ? If you are not Melayu, there is no place for you.

Kita takut apa ? Politic, civil service, undang-undang, Polis, MACC, tentera, Raja-raja, semua kita control. Pendek kata, semua matlamat kehidupan awak, Melayu yang control. Engkau yang bukan Melayu semua anak tiri.

The rest of you can have Anwar.Dia bukan Melayu. PAS bukan Melayu. Sebab itu wang eshan minyak tak boleh bagi Kelantan. Kalau semua orang Cina tinggalkan Malaysia lagi best. Semua masaalah selesai. Tak ada orang boleh arah kita lagi. Tak ada orarn yang akan soal apa yang kita buat. Baru senang buat sesuka hati kita. Ibrahim Ali boleh jadi Menteri Kewangan. Cetak duit banyak dan beri kepada orang Melayu sahaja. Yang lain cari sendiri. Jangan harap boleh dapat dut Melayu.

Just a reflection of what some of your commenters think is rightfully theirs.

bumi-non-malay 19 April 2011 at 15:40  

Maybe Anwar better ask his PKR to Join DAP or UBF and get the HELL out of Sabah / Sarawak??. Focus on your OWN humble pie and try not to spread your resources thin...... In fact if you can appoint Taib as PM of Pakatan and wait for his death is a better way perhaps for a new Malaysia.... Anyway keep up the Attack on UMNO BN racist and their cronies.....keep up cyber attack too.....Unless UMNO-BN is removed our battle to Obliterate them is eternal!

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 15:58  


In the battle of wits between the two 'pat moh', seems like the one from the Land of the Hornbill comes up on top.

Sorry to digress, when can we read about your view on the Lynas controversy closer to home ?

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 17:05  

Dato Sak"

Lagu Scout dulu-dulu...Ha ha ha.

Tanya sama Perut, Kenapa ada bunyi..

Nanti jawap perut, Tanyahlah mulut,

Mulut nanti kata, Poket sudah koyak, Kalau poket koyak duit pun tiada.

Bila tak ada duit, kerja juga kurang,Tak tahu buat apa, mula naik berang!!! Jadilah pembangkan....ha ha ha..

Ingatlah...Semua penyakit itu datangnya dari Perut..

P/S : strategi Ketua Menteri Iban, menyebabkan melanau dan melayu Serawak solid di belakang Taib..ha ha ha..

Quiet Despair,  19 April 2011 at 17:24  

Anon 11.59

Pandangan yang jitu dan bernas. Setuju 100 peratus.
Sayapun dah cakap sebelum ni. Najib perlu mengadakan pilihanraya umum tahun ini.
Nak tunggu apa lagi. Apa damage control terhadap kalangan orang Cina yang nak dbuat lagi.
Lantak demalah. Dah resam megundi DAP. Jika Najib beri gunung emas, mereka tarah saja. Tak menjanjikan menyokong Najib.
There's more to elections than the Chinese voters or when Taib should go.
Uppermost is the economic scenario which World Bank points out to be gloomy. And the food and petrol prices etc are going up.
With the victory, Taib can garner the Adun winners to help the Parlamentary contenders win their seats.
As I said before Najib must be brave enough to take a gamble.

Girls and Boys, let's place ourselves in Taib's position.
You are the sitting CM for almost five years and your term is ending.
You have the responsibility to lead the BN to victory in your state.
And here comes Malaya people telling you must go. Should you?
If he goes as pressured, do you think Keadilan and DAP will be praising how magnanimous of Taib to make the exit.
They will instead be saying: "See he's guilty of the corruption, that is why he resigns."
If he quits, do you think his successor will get a big mandate like him. I don't think so.
The urbane Taib is too polite to say up yours after he won, but you can see and will see what he's going to do in his state.
A subtle way of saying it's my state and my people want me.
It's an un-Malay way of telling leaders to go. But Najib by coercion has to do the dirty job like telling Taib will resign mid-stream.
I think Najib should just leave him be. Taib can help win Sarawak in the coming GE.
After that the man can retire in dignity.
I think we are so fixated on the Mid-east crisis that we also must follow in throwing out our leaders.
But how come we don't think of toppling LKS, Karpal, Nik Aziz and others.
Anwar is also corrupted. How come
you still want him as PM.
Hmm as usual we have selective reasoning.

umar,  19 April 2011 at 19:31  

All the previous Ketua Menteris of sabah and Sarawak reward themselves by appointing themselves as Governors upon retirement.
Tun Mustaffa , Said Kruak , Sakaran Dandai in Sabah while all the Patinggis in sarawak. Hence, it is not far fetch to assume that Taib would appoint himself for the top post with his Lebanese rose at his helm.

Nothing has changed in Malaysia ! Deadwoods in BN would be rewarded senatorship and governorship ...

Richard Cranium 19 April 2011 at 20:48  

Dato, you are right in that some folks here, whether BN-leaning or Pakatan-leaning, don't have a grasp of the nuances of your writing.

Someone read your post here, and think you are praising the CM.

And, seems like you also just lost Quiet Despair as a fan-boy. I was trying to figure out how your previous posting had anything to do with you asking voters to junk Najib.

You have a tough job. You cannot express your opinion on any matter without being electronically slapped.

Anonymous,  19 April 2011 at 21:35  

Taib is untouchable and Najib knows it. Say what you will about Taib, the reason why many Sarawakians still support him is that he alone is standing in the way of Umno entry into Sarawak. And that says a lot on how we Sarawakians feel about Umno. No need for me to go into diatribes and four letter words. We were hoping that opposition could dislodge the BN but now that the dust has settled, he is the fort that holds the marauding thieves and robbers out of the state. That alone endear him to many Sarawakians. And if Taib play it right, he can keep his job until the next state election. Sarawakians might forgive him if he will his estate back to the state.

bruno 19 April 2011 at 23:08  

Dear Dato,I am a Malaysian residing in the US.When ever I want to get updates on Malaysian news I usually go to your site or Din Mericans first.You are one of the only pro-Umno bloggers who have what it takes to ask Umnoputras to go fly kites.You should follow Tunku Aziz and Zaril Khir Johari and join DAP.You can contribute more outside umno.Keep it up.Best Regards.

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 04:23  

Datuk how sure are you the ballot boxes that left the voting centres were the same ones that reached the counting centres?

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 05:58  

To all Sak''s fans,

Its an open season as far as Sak's blog is concerned. For his lovers, yes you guys can praised him to the hilt but for his detractors they have the right to comdemn him. You live by the sword and die by the sword. Comprende!!!

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 08:12  

Mr Knowall
Now that sarawak elections over no matter how you want to punditise it, the 2/3 was delivered.And all parties will now restrategise. Lets hear what you have to say over the gutterish expose by Raja Putera on Tengku Razaleigh's own hypocritical gutter stand on sex -politics-that Ku Li was the partner in crime with Anwar ibrahim in trying to bring down najib. Since you are the hooray man for ku li's call on no- to gutter politics, what now is your gutter stand on ku li's own brand of gutter poltics?


Quiet Despair,  20 April 2011 at 10:27  

Mr Cranium

I am still Sak's beloved fan-boy. Nothing has changed.
I will still be his main-stay fan.
But I did tell him from the first posting on Taib I fear he will lose his credibility like Uncle Din and Uncle Zorro.
They lost all objectivity for the love of Pakatan.
But old Man Din has loosened up somewhat after being in MIER and with his recent Datukship.
Like Rocky said in his blog, he is no longer close to Anuwar.
But before the official results of Sarawak elections, Din and his fans were euphoric trumpeting Taib is toppled and PKR is the winner.
Later he began hemming and hawing and had to admit Taib won.The rest he left it to his regular commentators to do the job of criticizing Sarawakians for choosing Taib.
I did tell Sak I fear that his blatant criticisms of UMNO will not sit well with the powers that be.
As a Pahangnite like him, I want him to have an important position be it state or Parliament.
I worry that even if Najib feels like pitting him as a candidate, some politicos will regard him as circumspect.
You can see that already with some bringing his personal life into the fore.


You are not the only one who is eager to see Sak in DAP or Keadilan. So many are egging him already.
I may be wrong but I don't think that is Sak's agenda.
He will not fit in there.
(Hey Sak, you better tell us that's the truth).
Zairil is pure Chinese. He is Pak Khir Johari's step-son.
It's for political capital that LGE touted him as Malay. It's great if Zaril regards himself as one.
Tengku Aziz is indeed DAP candidate except for the Royal pre-fix just like RPK whom I dont understand why you all regard him as hero.
I do read Din's blog but never put in my 2 sens worth. Friends who tried to say bad things about Anu-war or Keadilan have told me they were deleted.
One or two got to have their say but have always been derided and ridiculed by the commentators as being a paid UMNO cyber-trooper.
I read of one who posted in Rocky-blog that his comments were manipulated. Din wrote his version instead and published it as though that guy is saying it.
Din tries his best to suck up to Najib and has taken a soft stance like praising his policies.
This is before RPK exposed him as one of those against Najib as PM.
But if you want to get in the good books of Din, write bad about Tun M.They are all rabid Mahathir haters there.
There's a difference between Sak and Din. He allows everyone to have their say.
Infact pro-Pakatan fans now claim Sak's blog as their own and began the litany of saying we are paid UMNO cyber-troopers.

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 10:52  

Dear Dato Sak,

Sorry to digress but would you consider penning your thoughts about Najib's latest project on the "1Malaysia email" and handing the project to Tricubes Bhd. My fear is this is another one of the glorified ETP/GTP white elephant projects that will slowly bleed the tax coffers yet again despite Najib's proclamation that Putrajaya is not footing the bill.

Thank you.

Red Alfa 20 April 2011 at 12:16  

Salam Dato'

They are saying you had made a faux pas in strongly saying that Taib Mahmud should go especially now that he's even more very entrenched.

You said it because Taib Mahmud is obviously corrupted as alleged and that it is your due consideration as shared by all good people no one as tainted with corruption should hold any such high office.

They who condemn you for being less than pragmatic knows not what is integrity.

We should be ashamed that we are being associated with such people if we say we are in and for UMNO, shouldm't we?

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 13:10  

"But how come we don't think of toppling LKS, Karpal, Nik Aziz and others.
Anwar is also corrupted."

The above statement says it all. So finally, we have someone admitting that Rambut Putih is also corrupted like Amwar but still want him to be in power. Goes to show the mentality and what he stands for.

Quiet Despair,  20 April 2011 at 14:22  


We have heard aeons ago that Taib is corrupted. But is there proof or evidence that it is true?
Why don't you be of service to us all? Get all the documents, report him to the police and then the AG can press charges against him.
You will be the new hero to replace RPK who is nothing but a cheat.
You can be like Srikandi Ummi Hafilda whom I respect for being brave and have all the documents to prove Anu-war is corrupted.

Anon 10.52

You are another example of purposely miscontruing Najib's good intentions to connect with the people.
He stressed that it did not involve public fund.It's a private company initiative.
And it's optional.
You can continue subscribing to e-mail alerts from PKR and being fed delusional ideas that they are toppling BN soon.

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 15:41  


there is two side of coins, and glass may be half full or half empty. why dont you say that Melayu/Melanau voting for Taib, because they know Taib is going to pass the baton? Najib already announce this before the election. Why dont you share more of your research of why Melayu/Melanau supporting Taib this time around? Dont you think that as Melayu may be want to pay good deeds that Taib had done this years by showing him full support, knowingly he will step down in mid term?

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 16:59  

Quiet Despair...

As usual I would like to show what a fool you are.

So you expect these bloggers to go the field do detective work and just to prove when there are tons of evidence out there obtained by others.

take a look at this ..

It is going to the UN and do you think anyone would bring false evidence to the UN?

As always senseless posting
Well the rest of yours not worth two cents of comments like your child level understanding of why there is an outcry of the email thing.

rance,  20 April 2011 at 17:03  

Dear Dato'Sak The latest comments frm Q Despair makes me wonder if he is from another planet?

Red Alfa 20 April 2011 at 17:20  

@Quiet Despair 14:22

No evidences of Taib Mahmud being corrupt? For how long MACC like you will say the Sarawak Report does not exist?

And wasn't it TV3 that made out RPK was a liar?

Hafilda has not yet given the documents to MACC? Doesn't she know AG is still looking to her so that he can get to nail Anuar on yet more corruption charges?

Tricubes Bhd was facing delisting and yesterday was being timely saved by PM Najib. You are denying that?

And didn't you know Tricubes is getting to be a too heavy financial burden to brother's CIMB?

And now Tricubes suddenly have RM 50 Million?

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 17:40  

Job of CM must pay very well. Daughter-in-law can ask for RM400mil as half-share for divorce from the son.

Of course no evidence if nobody wants to look. Multi million dollar commission for Scorpene also nobody want to look. TDM also selective memory. Can remember somethings very clearly. But amnesia for others.

Person in charge of prosecution also have many question marks so how to prove?

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 17:49  


Looks like whatever you have written is not true because there is no evidence that Taib did all that you wrote. You have wrongly accused him of neglecting Sarawak all these 30 years.

Who says there is no electricity and water in the longhouses. The Dayaks enjoy a standard of living that should be the envy of West Malaysians. FELDA is nothing compared to their land scheme. Don't believe ? No one complained, right ? So there is no problem.

Haiz, talk about wearing blinkers and living in a dream world.

Anonymous,  20 April 2011 at 20:28  

Quiet Despair,


Shanghai Fish 20 April 2011 at 20:43  

spot on Sak ? your last para answers all other nagging questions of Najib's intentions !

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