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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sarawakians! Give yourselves a chance. Free yourselves from 30 years of misery!

For once, the people of Sarawak must do themselves a favor. Give yourselves a chance. Not give others a chance. They have had 30 years. You only need this one chance. This is your hour. Let your progeny say in future, this was your finest hour.
This is your chance to regain your dignity and pride as a decent human being. Give yourselves the chance to determine your own destiny. Or at the very least, show to those in power that you matter. There is nothing to fear except fear itself.
Show those in power the cant scare you with the presence of coercive instruments of power. The police and the army guarding your long houses are there protecting you. Those RELA people out there are only there for a brief time. What's left is how you determined your life.
Throw out corruption. Throw out incompetence. Throw out a lifetime of neglect. Reject the bullies.
Give your children and grandchildren the chance. Say it's enough. You gave Taib Mahmud 30 years of chance. He has taken everything. He has taken the most precious thing from you-your sense of self-worth. Will the Dayaks continue to be complicit in the charade of showing they are only good at performing the ngajat dance and in that process, be regarded as nothing more than objects of cultural curiosity?
Will that treatment give you decent housing, clean water, electricity? Has it given you that? Remember the misery of walking miles down the road to get a can of kerosene. Don't forget the humiliation of being given portable computers where electricity is nonexistent. Remember forests and the trees that are gone forever.
Can the heads with the same set thinking usher in a better future? The answer must be an emphatic NO. How can the SAME thinking coming out from the SAME heads, accustomed to keeping entire peoples in callous disregard, unchallenged incompetence and open arrogance be capable of turning over a new leaf? Agreeing to this proposition is self-deceit of the highest order. It's a crime against humanity itself.
In a previous lifetime of glory and pride, the only solution that Sarawakians are renowned for, is to cut off their enemy's head. Those in power are no longer your benefactors. They stand on the side of the enemy of the people.
If you give Taib and his government another chance, it means you are willing to allow him to perpetuate years of neglect, corruption incompetence and arrogance. It's not going to be enough. It will be 30 years of the SAME neglect, incompetence and arrogance and corruption.
For 30 years, the chance to give yourself a decent living and the chance to give yourself dignity has been forcibly taken away. It has been taken away by 30 years of neglect, negligence and arrogance. The neglect exemplified most horribly by the waste laid bare on your land which forms the very spring and essence of your life.
What has the majority of the Sarawak people achieved? The fruits of development enjoyed by the elite while the majority languished in a world that time seem to forget? After 30 years, 6000 longhouses are still without electricity and water in a state which boasts the biggest hydro dam?
This Sunday, dubbed Super Sunday will be judgment day for Taib Mahmud and his ruling PBB and his partner parties. These past week are the trial that leads to that judgment day. What is the purpose of the judgment day?
The purpose of that judgment day, is for the court of the people, to call up those who manage the state to account for what they have done. That in essence is what accountability means. You are called up to account for the things you have done.
What has Taib and his party done to Sarawak for the last 30 years? Taib and his cabal of leaders have brought much development to Sarawak. To free Sarawakians from primitive state of affairs- underdevelopment stunted growth, primitive lifestyles, civilizing the natives bringing them into the 20th century and beyond.
All that, said the wise people is spectacular development. Sterling! Screamed some people with lard-laden brains.
The people of Sarawak has only one response to give to Taib and his cabal of leaders- continue giving us the lies, we shall not stop uncovering the truths.
Right now, you have only one historic mission. Get Taib to step down as Chief Minister. Showing him the exit is the single most potent weapon and burning issue against the Barisan Nasional in the state general elections. Whoever sides with Taib stands for corruption and against the people.
Getting him out has united Sarawakians . This shared thinking is possible because 30 years of his kleptocratic rule as Chief Minister has bred and entrenched the habits of non-accountability, lack of transparency and absence decency of good governance. Remember kleptocracy is associated with the meaning of thief and theft.
That thiever, none better illustrated by the mountain of allegations on abuses of power and rampant corruption under his rule which he has not been able to rebut. Dato Seri Najib Razak is not unaware of what is happening to Sarawak with Taib at the helm, but Najib appears to have been immobilized by the phalanx of bomohs and witches surrounding Taib Mahmud.
It is obvious, DS Najib is even powerless to have Taib committed to an early date to step down . The PM has repeatedly been rebuffed by the Chief Minister and there is nothing the Prime Minister could do about it.
Taib Mahmud is not an UMNO member and his reaction to the PM's announcement that Taib will leave office is like telling the PM to F off from his turf. Taib is saying, who are you telling me what to do with my office, in my state? Sarawak is Taib's country. The PM can't do anything, but the people of Sarawak can.
Give yourselves that chance. Don't turn to others for succor.


d'enricher 15 April 2011 at 09:14  


Strong words but true, only the people of the Sarawak can change things and come tomorrow, they shall decide if they really wants change or simply happy with all the promises offered.

Good Luck Sarawak, Good Luck Malaysia.


Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 09:27  

Even the MACC is afraid of Taib's bomohs. Teoh Booh Hock and Ahmad Sarbani would have kept these Macc dudes away if they had told them that they had Bomohs at their disposals.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 09:36  

YES, The time is NOW. Its will never come again.
ALL Sarawakian has seen the obscene ways the present leadership has raped the state resources for their own benefits. You can see in the MANSIONs the lived in and the lifestyles they led.

Do ALL Sarawakian want this state of affair to go ON...VOTE WISELY REMOVE THE TAIB N HIS TEAM

sschen,  15 April 2011 at 09:49  

Dato',This is the truth.bravo!
God bless you.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 09:54  

and if they are wrong, you would write an article and say sorry and that will be the end of it?
Come on, let them chose. you had your time, and you blew it.

Mohd 15 April 2011 at 09:57  

Look at Selangor, the Pakatan government dig up big holes and sell the sand to Singapore.
Look at Penang, where the Malays and Indians are chased out of their own lands.
Look at Kedah where the MB, his relatives and cronies rob the people of the states's money.
Look at Kelantan, where the Orang Asli lands are given to outsiders as Ladang Rakyat. And the Kelantanese are deprived of clean water ever since PAS's rule.
Do the Sarawakians want this?
If the answer is yes, vote for Pakatan Rakyat and you deserve it.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 10:06  

ta kan marahkan nyamok kelambu nak di bakar..' Hope salleh j can unseeded the 'man-god' !


Kaki Dewan,  15 April 2011 at 10:13  


The outcome of this election is 24 hrs away. I c a lot of pro corruption bloggers have been very afraid to predict BN success.

My conclusion is that BN will be kicked out.

When that happens Najib will have himself to blame. He should have sent in the MACC into Sarawak long time ago. But becos this Gomen has very little moral fibre, it prefers to not make proactive decision. In the end....

kluangman 15 April 2011 at 10:17  

Betul sangat dan betul sungguh tu Dato'..sekarang adalah masa untuk pengundi Sarawak bangun samada meneruskan pembangunan yang sedang bergerak walau ada kepincangan atau hentikan seketika untuk meletakkan harapan tinggi sempurna dan ajaib untuk pembangunan insan dan negara jika bertukar parti yang memerintah.

Kerajaan baru kelak mampu membina 100 jambatan, 100 buah sekolah, 100 buah gereja, 100 pusat judi dan pelacuran dan menyediakan ratusan ribu peluang kerja dalam temph 3 hari, 3 bulan atau 3 tahun. Mimpi dan impian yang boleh jadi kenyataan.

Memilih parti dan kerajaan baru akan terus melenyapkan Taib dari Sarawak malah Najib tidak berpeluang dapat mengotakan janjinya untuk peralihan kuasa.

Berubahlah orang Sarawak, ulangilah bijak sana dan bijak sini orang2 Semenanjung???

KK,  15 April 2011 at 10:41  

Dato, all the while I am thinking Tengku Razaleigh is the last gentleman from Umno.
I am glad that now there are two last gentlemen from Umno , yes Dato Ariff, you are one of them.

George Choo 15 April 2011 at 10:48  

Dear sak, in this case,you and me have the same opinion in wanting to kick out the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia as the chief minister of Sarawak.

But I am realistic in that BN will win because they have lots and lots of money.I heard that BN book all the helicopters that are available and they have started buying votes.

I hope that PR will deny BN a 2/3 majority.

rempahman,  15 April 2011 at 11:03  

Yes, give yourself a chance by voting for BN.Have some dignity by voting parties from your own state.
Do not let parties from the mainland control you.
Have pride in yourself, your own homegrown parties.
Vote BN component home grown parties for the dignity and pride of the Sarawak people.

clearwater 15 April 2011 at 11:31  

You have really laid it all down this time. Must have emptied your AK47. There is no better time than now for regime change in Sarawak.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 11:33  

Dato u lompat over to the opposition?? haha
You are right it does not make sense when thousands live in abject poverty whereas one man is living in utmost luxury coming from the same land, this is what corruption does!!

Suci Dalam Debu 15 April 2011 at 11:43  


Your spirit is the true original UMNO spirit! In fact it is the same spirit our forefathers, leaders and people had when they form Malaya and then Malaysia.

Sadly, the same spirit needs to be rekindled through PR or anything that can give us a 2-party system so that the proper check-and-balance can be a reality.

For me those who vote to keep Taib Mahmud in Power are thinking of their own selfish/short-sighted interest but sacrificing their children's future.

The moment has come for the people of Sarawak to act and the moment of change is NOW.

Be brave Sarawakians. Be pro-active, go to the remote areas and spread the message far and wide. Have confidence. Don't take things for granted. If every youngster and senior put in extra effort and be brave, it will be a new dawn for Sarawak, then Sabah and the whole of Malaysia.

Sarawakians can stand proud because they are the catalyst that usher in a new dawn.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 12:02  

ANWAR - jam omega mana? jangan cakap banyaklah. jam omega mana? penipu bangsa(t). hari ini tunjuk jam omega esok aku undi engkau. kalau tidak pergi mampuslah engkau.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 12:05  

True indeed. Sarawak people, please regain back your honor and dignity. This is the only chance that you have. Enough is enough and you all have suffered for almost 30 years from this corrupted and unjust regime. What else that you are waiting for? Make a change now and the future will be better.

Foo 15 April 2011 at 12:13  

Well said and I cannot agree more and let's hope Sarawakians will at last stand up and claim their rights!

justicenequality 15 April 2011 at 12:42  

But will the rural Sarawakians rise up to the occasion to create history by 'UBAH'?
Unlike the City folks in Kuching,Miri,Sibu, etc who are well-informed, hopefully the Radio Free Sarawak has been able to penetrate their thinking.

OneMalaysian,  15 April 2011 at 13:11  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Throw out corruption. Throw out incompetence …… Say it's enough”.

There is so much else that I could have quoted from your brave injunction to the people of Sarawak. Yes, they deserve a lot better from the corrupt and incompetent Taib government.

That is what people get when they keep voting the same people election in, election out. Once in power, leaders, who may well have had good initial intentions, soon fall to human weaknesses to enrich themselves, their families and their friends. This corrupt clique then uses every trick known to men to stay in power by divide and rule tactics, corrupting local leaders to help them deceive their own people, keep the people poor and uneducated so that they cannot think (lest they revolt), and ensure that once every 4 or 5 years when elections come around they put an artificial halo over their heads and dish out some crummy goodies to those impoverished folks to induce them to cross the ballot paper the desired way.

But we must be naïve to think that this game is only played out in Sarawak. Right here in the Peninsular the game is much bigger with much higher stakes. Taib has merely taken out the UMNO/BN playbook and copied it. He knows they cannot fault him for doing it, for it is a game he did not invent. Besides, he is useful to the big game masters in the Federal capital – he supplies the parliamentary seats necessary to keep them ensconced in Putrajaya. There is indeed honour amongst thieves. What you say about Taib and Sarawak applies equally and more to Peninsular Malaysia.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 13:27  

Absolutely well said. Couldn't agree more. Enough is enough. it's time to let BN know that the power is in our hands. They have inflicted immense pain and suffering on us, only because we allowed them to. Now reverse it.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 13:29  

well said mate! taib & his ass lickers must go

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 13:42  

Basically the Urban Chinese have more or less made their choice crystal clear. Well maybe not all because that RM1,000 looks mighty attractive LOL.

Whether BN wins or lose, the Chinese in urban areas can survive and will continue to have "electricity and water" ... right?

It is up to the rural poor from Malays/melanau to Dayaks to decide. If they want to continue to receive only free rain water, so be it. They make their choice while their beautiful rain forests become baren brown land (if it still belongs to them).

Imagine if this Sarawak is run by people like Lim Guan Eng (of course Chinese has agreed not to be CM there), it would be just wonderful and Sarawak can be among the most developed like Brunei.

A state the size of Malaya, with oil and huge tracts of rainforests and natural resources ... for only a people... wow. yet the poorest!!! What kind of daylight robbery can one gets.

What a waste and the money for the next 5 years may go Lebanese way.. in Lebanon to help that country fight off Israel? Ha ..Joking only.

Anyway, when the old had gotten his fill, the next will start accumulating his (as his right as rightful owner of the entire Sarawak).

All these while, the friends of Quiet Despair have some crumbs here and there (maybe a discount for his house or scholarships). Happy because the others cannot get .

How stupid.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 14:08  

Thank you ! Thank you !It is so refreshing n mind boggling to read ..comparing to MACC blogger runner whose negativity is the worst, write the truth readers know how to appreciate,tq tq

Red Alfa 15 April 2011 at 14:23  

Salam Dato'

There is no other but you have said exactly as it should be. Thank you for emphasizing the credibility and integrity of your blogg.

We all know it as just demeaning and stupid peddling 'aljuburi' and 'buncit' issues if only to distract voters from becoming aware of their right to vote for change in the way Sarawak shall be governed. Most UMNO/BN bloggs have utterly lost all human decency and intellect.

Especially so is that 'intellectual' who was made an advisor to MACC and now is saying things as mercenarily idiotic as so 'outsized of the box'.

MACC will never ever be better advised by this too 'outsized' intellect.

nahraf 15 April 2011 at 14:38  

So Dato' Sak, care to give your prediction? How many DUN seats will Taib lose? will Sarawakian be successful in toppling Taib's family grip on Sarawak?

It seems almost impossible that Taib administration will be toppled tomorrow, the illegal use of government machinery and media, intimidation and bribes will ultimately sway the odds to Taib. It seems hopeless.

But I still feels this time it will be different, the standard tactics can no longer work, Sarawakian has goes beyond the tipping point,I'm confident a tsunami will still happen, how powerful it will be? I do not know.

rance,  15 April 2011 at 14:42  

Dear Dato'Sak, Deeply appreciative for your articles on sarawak. The sad part is, the ppl in the rural parts dont know the power they have.Taib will win with a simple majority but of course with vot manipulation.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 14:48  

Vote for PKR. You will be given a sack full of dollars every morning.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 14:49  

And OMEGA watches for free.

BENatang10,  15 April 2011 at 16:28  

Sarawakians still living for 30 odd year under false hopes and promises... really pity them lah!

Robert and Ananda are definitely not the richest men in Malaysia.

Quiet Despair,  15 April 2011 at 18:08  

Great to be back home to see BN once again controlling Sarawak .
I will be smiling tomorrow night to see the demise of King Sodomy aka Mr Porn Star's party.
It's barely six hours to campaign end and Sak is still on a rampage to oust Taib.
Sak's implore is among the barrage of e-mails Sarawakians got including imploring civil servants not to vote BN.
But that's not going to happen.
The campaign has moved on. It's now about Najib who is well- received by Sawakian where-ever he goes.
Sarawakians know that Taib will go in two years time as promised. They know BN will continue to be the catalyst of growth there.
And DAP has finally realized that their smear campaign style against Taib does not work anymore.
They are now going for a soft-approach of mother and baby under a hornbill.
Their leader's way of calling SUPP orang-utan party will dent their votes. It's overboard and does not sit well with the Sarawakians.
Orang Malaya does not understand Sarawak politics and tend to be over-bearing and patronizing.
Sarawakians do not like this. They do not like our way of telling them to vote for for PKR and topple Pei Mao.
Haha, I was laughing watching the video of a Dayak at a long-house asking Anu-war about the Oh mega watch. That fella left in a huff.
Tak lakulah dia di Sarawak.

P.S. Sak. We have not heard you saying whether BN will win.
And what will be the margin of victory?
Please tell us.

Yap 15 April 2011 at 20:50  

Good posting, Thank You. High time Sarawakian do so. In my younger days, I have walked the whole of Sarawak, it was beautiful then not now..Their traditional padi cultivation taken away, rivers polluted and many more. Sad if Taib comes to power again.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 22:42  

All the best Sarawakians!!

Please wake up and vote for better Sarawak!!

gsk,  15 April 2011 at 22:46  

anon 1205, awak ni betul2 alim ker mintak jam Omega. Quiet despai macam mana??

awak dua perna konkek pompuan lain sebelum nikah??? pelacur atau Gurl fren??
perna tengok blue film??? Awak x komen pun bila Rais yatim dituduh merogol orang gaji ???? kalau org pakatan yg buat, da kene dier tu....

Alim sangat ker kamu dua.... I akan gembira bila satu hari nanti x dengar komen QDespair lagi...anggap jer die da mati sakit jantung atau da jadi gila bila pimpinan UMNO/BN lari luar negara atau masuk penjara. Time tu mahathir pun dah mampus kot. Tq....

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 22:59  


I salute you for your gallant effort assuming that you are sincere in ridding the corruption culture associated with Taib and UMNO/BN.

Unfortunately the majority of Sarawakians will never get to know nor hear of your message to them. Why, simply because the money war chest of Taib and UMNO/BN will prevail over everything else. Taib and UMNO/BN have perfected the art of keeping the masses poor and illiterate such that a mere RM100, 1 x T-shirt, 1 x cap, 1 x free meal and 1 x carlsberg/heinekan/anchor beer is all it takes to buy 1 vote. And for good measure, Taib and Najib will make some promises of bringing development (yet again) to the Ibans and Dayaks , make some "donations" to churches and schools and viola, Taib and BN wins once again. And BN's fixed deposit remains safe for another 30 years.

Anonymous,  15 April 2011 at 23:32  

Dear Datuk Sak,
All right minded rakyat who reads your blog, me included salute you for being truthful and speaking up for the rights of our brothers in Sarawak. May you be blessed with good health and a clear conscience and continue to speak out for the oppressed and down-trodden.

Wan Z 15 April 2011 at 23:42  

Tahniah Dato'....negara memerlukan seorg yang jujur dan tegas seperti Dato'.Hanya jauhari yg mengenal manikam...saya doakan Dato' terus diberikan kesihatan tubuh badan agar dapat terus berjuang demi kebenaran. Sekali lagi tahniah!!!

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 00:00  

Quiet Despair...

Hahahahahha by the way you post one can gather you are high on ...... fill up yourself.

Just plain simple delusional and very frustrated indeed. Still bother about Anwar his favourite subject when the issue is how badly will BN lose.

A sure loss. the only question is how much can RM1000 a vote turn a guy to sell his soul to friends of Queit Dispair ....that is all.

All same gang one lah. Corrupted and be conned without knowing kind.

In Kuching , DAP crowd 30,000 SUPP 300 ... what a joke.

Well like I said, we Chinese have got no problem who wins, we still win in the end. It is only a question of if the Dayak wins or not.

Only this time, the Chinese will try to help them their dues....

For guys like you, better go and fly kites.

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 00:54  

Yes, Dato! Kick out Taib but BN retains majority to run Sarawak, then UMNO has an excuse to set up in Sarawak and start to plunder the state. This is like a gangster taking over the turf of another. That is all that you are working and wishing for ... your party, UMNO, to get a foothold of Sarawak.

No? Well, if you are not doing your master's bidding, he would have shut you down before you can say "ah". You'd think you get this far writing against Barisan on this blog if you don;t have your master's blessing???

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 08:00  

Anon 00.54 right on your perception. If I have known better I would have thought I was reading a pro-PR blog.

While Umno has successful made inroad into Sabah it has not been able to do so in Sarawak. Yes, BN will win, perhaps with a smaller majority; hopefully with strong man Taib gone, UMNO may finally has the chance to have a foot hold there.

While a few pieces of the Malaya cake has been craved out by PR, Sarawak cake is as big as whole of Malaya. Hmmm salivate.

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 08:37  

Keluangman - Ko ne asyik merapu tak habis2, mabuk langkau tak habis lg ke?

Anon 15 April 2011 12:02 - jam omega ada kat lubang jubur madey, tak nak jilat ke?

Quiet Despair,  16 April 2011 at 09:04  

Anon 12.02

Jam Oh Mega itu jadi soalan sensitif bagi Mr Aljuburi. Yalah orang bersalahkan.
Orang Dayak bertanya kepadanya tentang jam tu. Dia langsung angkat kaki kerana tak boleh jawab.
Hahaha cakap pemimpin antarabangsa tetapi dengan orang Dayakpun takut.
Tahniah saudara ku kaum Dayak.
Itu tandanya orang yang mengaku dirinya pemimpin tapi pengecut.


Tak perlu jawab cemuhan orang yang bercakap kotor yang dicontohi dari pemimpinnya yang morally bankrupt.
We will leave you at that - a vulgar man with toilet man.
Saya dah lama dalam blog Sak ni. Awaklah yang berambus dari sini.
Don't wish people ill like you did as it's very unIslamic. Anwar people love to boast they are holier than thou..
Islamic tahi kuching adalah.
Dapat babipun sondol juga.

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 09:23  

assour grape dato. i wonder has he done in his tenure as a politician. i guess they are all the same

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 11:54  

berbulu pulak tgk penyokong2 UMNO berhujah...

corruption terang2 tak nampak, tp pasal jam omega nak bising..

compare la 50 tahun under UMNO n BN dgn 3 tahun bawah Pakatan Rakyat..

come on la...isu air yg paling simple..air hujan pun free, xkan air kita kena bayar...

to Mohd 09:57, jgn nampakkan kebodohan bila berhujah...smoga Allah buka kan pintu hati saudara yg dalam kegelapan..

Anak Muda Subang Jaya..
Reformasi !

Anonymous,  16 April 2011 at 11:56  

hey, come on la...

tanah, balak, hasil bumi bukan milik 2 3 kerat pemimpin BN..

hari ni dijulang igt, satu hari nnt, anak muda bangkit..lihat Mubarak, Gaddafi ngan Ben Ali...

dihina dgn teruk..

so, tggu pemimpin BN..jgn igt selamanya berkuasa...

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