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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 11 April 2011

The mountain moves to Sarawak!

The battle of Nagashino.

I watch with trepidations PM Najib's decision to move the entire cabinet to Sarawak presently. But then who would want to listen to a has-been ex adun right? I am wondering whether the words spoken by a former VVIP UMNO leader to me will turn out to be prophetic.

He said, the previous PM was fond of the number 13. It brought him to a calamitous end. PM Najib's favourite number is 11. The number 11 says this VVIP ex UMNO Minister resembles also the two tombstones on a Malay-Muslim's grave. He may have said that in jest. I hope it does not turn into an ill-omened remark. I pray, it will not be so.

Many don't seem to get it. The elections in Sarawak have nothing to do with whether Anwar Ibrahim is the star in the infamous video. It isn't about how Anwar reacted. Or how the suffering wife took it.

The elections in Sarawak are about taking charge of the future- putting the trust back with the people. Not the other way around. For all the big talk by Taib, UMNO is now taking over the elections. That should be sobering awareness on the leadership of Taib. Now, it is the PM who says Taib is leaving. Taib may want to go to Beirut.

Even the BN is conceding that at the very least 13 seats will go to Pakatan. Pakatan believes it will get somewhere near 30 seats. The `market' leader it seems is the Pakatan team. BN and UMNO find themselves in a most unfamiliar station- as the chaser and the underdog.

I am repeating what this very senior ex UMNO leader said. The PM should have insisted on the exits of Taib Mahmud, Jabu and George Chan. Now BN has no choice but to use whatever it takes to defend an indefensible stand. It has to go along with Taib Mahmud.

Najib is leading the charge now. It's a different level of fight. But it is also an approach fraught with dangers and explosive landmines.

Life imitates art. One of the films that I liked to watch repeatedly is Kagemusha- the shadow warrior. Of particular interest is the scene depicting the battle of Nagashino. The dialogue line which I remembered most was- the mountain does not move. The supreme general is the unmoving mountain.

If it moves, it means his battle plans are not working and his troops are ill directed. Is Najib's decision to lead the charge equivalent to moving the mountain?

DS Najib is the supreme leader of the BN, having full control over the BN army. He is the mountain that has moved. Will this turn out to be a wrong move? Muhyidin and the scores of ministers and overwhelming ground forces cannot win Sarawak? What about the fabled development and economic plans for Sarawak coming from the local warlord by the name of Lord T. Mahmud?

In the film Kagemusha, the battle of Nagashino proved to be the turning point for the forces under the leadership of Katsuyori, Takeda Shingen's son. Not only did the battle prove to be the turning point but also the violation of a most important principle of war, which is that the mountain does not move. It resulted in the almost total annihilation of the Takeda Shingen's forces.

In full control of the Takeda army, Katsuyori leads an ill-advised attack against Oda Nobunaga, who controls Kyoto, resulting in the Battle of Nagashino. Wave after wave of cavalry and infantry are cut down by volleys of matchlock fire, effectively wiping out the Takeda.

The kagemusha, who has followed the Takeda army, witnesses the slaughter. In a final show of loyalty, he takes up a lance and makes a futile charge against Oda's fortifications, ultimately dying for the Takeda clan. The final image is of the kagemusha's bullet-riddled body being washed away down a river, next to the flag of the Takeda clan.

The battle plan of the PR people should be clear by now or would have been understood earlier by the BN strategists. Do not be boxed in by perceived superiorities. These are tales brought and chorused around to please the supreme leader.

Clearly there is division of labour within the PR. The DAP would assault the Chinese dominated areas hence the major towns in Sarawak. SUPP is largely seen at the MCA equivalent finding itself losing ground in voter's mind. The PKR and PAS will concentrate largely on the Melanau and Muslim communities while its Dayak counterpart will corner the dayak territories.

BN thinks it has confidently identified what the voters needed most- development. So it fashions itself around the offering of development. It sought out to discredit the development and the inadequacies of the opposition government. They tried to belittle Penang and other pakatan controlled states.

But the facts confound them- Penang and Selangor achieved budget surpluses and topped all the other states in inflow of investments. The deepest cut is achieved by mentioning that even in a poor state like Kelantan, the MB and his government do not take land from the people.

It's stupid for BN leaders- I mean the second echelon leaders, the eager beavers to discredit Anwar on his financial management record. Remember Margaret Thatcher? Didn't she come over to Malaysia once and proclaimed that Anwar was our best finance minister? She also mentioned that in a football team, the star player is Anwar? And everyone who's who now in the government prostrated before Anwar?

Who would even forget of the rousing reception at Subang International Airport then for Anwar? He was received by none other than Najib TUn Razak who handed to Anwar a keris, a sash to be worn over the body and the proclamation that Anwar was our hero? Now everyone is saying Anwar's Orange Book or Buku Jingga is useless without debating it? The last time, he was our best Finance Minister and now, he doesn't understand how to manage the economy?


Anonymous,  11 April 2011 at 23:24  

After this election, whoever the winner is, can the bloody Federal government get down to the business of governing.

Less of the political grand-standing (yes, you too, Pakatan), and do the painful but needful.

Start with education.

Anonymous,  11 April 2011 at 23:30  

Dato; be very careful and everyone knows that Lord T Mahmud fumbled and it is hurting the government and Jibby as usual will not do anything as he wants to play safe!!!
I bet you when BN win, Jibby dare not touch that Pek Moh! No way he has gut and if he does it, then Pek Moh retaliation will be unbearable for Jibby.
Jangan marah Dato'-cool and be collected as yos said in the last article that Sarawakians have nothing to lose and they must exercise their right now as it will be for the future of the state and the next generation. As for Pek Moh ha can always move somewhere with his new found darling!
Bangun lah anak Sarawak kerana kamu lebih berani dan hebat dari PM kamu Jibby! Sent the mountain home or let it sink in Sungai Sarawak.
But only GOD knows!

Anonymous,  11 April 2011 at 23:33  

Salam Dato.,
It sure will backfire. Tan Sri Taib kata he fought tooth and nail to prevent UMNO from entering politic in Sarawak. Sekarang Presiden UMNO dan seluruh cabinet UMNO turun padang kempen untuk Tan Sri Taib., apa lah jadi Taib ni.

Anonymous,  11 April 2011 at 23:36  

Till now i still don't understand why is it so difficult for the BN leaders to listen on what you have said Datuk or at least take time to read on what you have wrote. But at least there are people like you who always try to open their eyes. All the best, Datuk.

Anonymous,  11 April 2011 at 23:48  

"But then who would want to listen to a has-been ex adun right?"

Salam Dato',

You are neither sulking nor eat humble pie. I read your blog and learn English a thing or two.

BTW are you reading the writings on the wall in Sarawak?

Anonymous,  11 April 2011 at 23:55  

Thousands in Sarawak without clean water and electricity under BN rules over 30 years!

How could BN justify to spend RM50b to build MRT? How could BN spend RM70M on APCO? Millions spent by Rosmah travelling expenditure, Khir Toyo RM millions disneyland trips, etc

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 00:25  

Iseat 10 million, 71 seat = 710 million. Kacang putih for Taib...BN sure win lah

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 05:19  

Yes Arif, reveal now reveal all. Now you are showing your true colours. Sounds like a sour puss when you say who wants to listen to an exADUN eh? Thats the issue with you isn' t it? Still smarting over being dropped by Najib eh? So thats why the constant attack on UMNO, right? Now its Lord Anwar is the master or Lord KJ? Maybe both?

Whatever it is, you wait la result nanti Arif. See who will be crowing last? But for now, you can bask in all the praises showered upon you by the opposition goons. Thats what makes you tick, right.

dahserikngandiri 12 April 2011 at 06:04  

dato, didnt know u were into the pre kyoto period before the tokugawa clan took over as shogun.

i liked the stories behind takeda shingen, too bad the SON wasnt as decisive as the father....rotflmao

guns vs swords and cavalry, i like it dato. but i think the destruction of shingen was his rivalry with uesugi kenshin, they should have joined forces sooner.(im not too sure if they did hmmm?!)

according to blogosphere the bn win is a big 'IF' n taib wants to stay on. is he so damn confident he'd be CM at the end of these elections?

nahraf 12 April 2011 at 06:58

Link to backup site of Sarawakreport, which still under relentless cyber attacks.

currently 1 article is posted, the content is so shocking to me, I almost feel pity to Taib Mahmud!, go read it to find out to find out what so shocking.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 08:02  

Anon 12 April 2011 05:19,

I think you are a bloody stupid fella lah. From his writing all Sak is fighting for is to get rid of corrupt leaders so that Umno/BN could be more marketable. I think you are a bloody foolish selfish malay who cares only for yr stomach and what is below yr stomach.

So what if the BN wins in Sarawak. Taib & his corrupt gang will continue to pilfer, pillage and plunder Sarawak's natural wealth. The Iban will continue to be cheated of their lands; they will still scout for free water from natural resources and live in dilapidated housing areas.

If this is what you must be a scum of this earth. Who cares which party wins or not.

gsk,  12 April 2011 at 08:18  

mahathir is damn idiot or smart ass who took money out of during building of putra lrt, star lrt, komuters, monorel....

why need MRT in 2011 when they could have done it b4.... in 1980s, spore build MRT, one single system....

Klang valley have putra, star, komuter, monorel and now MRT..... for what, is that UMNO brain planning???

MRT for 50 billion or 80 billion???
why always klang valley, why always concentrate here, pity other malaysians at other places...

Nuclear plant in Quiet despair neighbourhood???

Lynas plant in Kuantan...?? why not Pekan???

what happen to Gong Badak Stadium, who went to jail?? why so quiet???

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 08:49  

Najib, Muhidin and Co are just snake oil sellers. The people who came to hear them were either paid or 'forced' (you know - civil servants, teachers, BN ketua kaum and folks). They came mostly by chartered transport. They get to seat and hear the snake oil sellers in indoor stadiums and arenas. They get meaningless goodies like 1Tupperware! Quite comical really.

At PR ceramah, people came voluntarily and in greater numbers, bringing their own plastic chairs and umbrellas, and donating money to the PR parties instead of receiving goodies. They wish Nik Aziz is their CM. The christians don't mind because PAS do not have issues with the Al Kitab.

Dato Sak, this Sarawak Election is not about development or corruption or taib - this election is the referendum on the Al Kitab! You'll see.

On a sadder note, the 11th was tragic - a helicopter crashed in Sibu killing the pilot and injuring Mudin's aid! What omen could that be?

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 10:01  

Anon 8:02,

You can call me stupid or moron or anything you want but as i said earlier this arif guy and your other opposition supporters are all sour puss and losers who can only talk and talk about corruption but when this arif and anwar guy were in UMNO what have they contributed towards ending corruption?? A big fat ZERO!!!! In fact they were indulging in it as well. So if you expect me to listen to these two morons, sorry la! No thank you!!

gsk,  12 April 2011 at 11:02  

i wish the pilot was alive and one of the most corrupted BN men or women died in the crash...

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 14:14  

Condolences to the family of the pilot whose helicopter crashed in Sarawak.
I expect more crashes to come this Saturday but it will be a message of jubilation. Taib's clocks all ticking very loudly, including his biological one.


Wenger J Khairy,  12 April 2011 at 14:20  

Hi Dato',

A very telling article. Its only now a couple days more b4 the election. Najib has taken a real high stakes gamble.

If it pays off, Najib's hand will be strengthen. If it fails, then we are perhaps looking at a new PM within this year.

Like the Japan allegory

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 14:29  

Anon 10:01'

You said: "when this arif and anwar guy were in UMNO what have they contributed towards ending corruption?? A big fat ZERO!!!!"

That is why I say you are stupid. Those two have done nothing..agreed.. so they are kicked out of power, probably by the grace of God, and we should all be glad for it. But what about those in power..who are very corrupt which you are still supporting. At least those two you mentioned were not corrupt when they were in power. Otherwise Anwar wld have faced a multitude of corruption charges rather than those stupid faked sodomy charges. I would have preferred Anwar to face corruption charges involving million or billion RM rather than those faked sodomy and faked sex video charges and allegations.

rance,  12 April 2011 at 17:37  

Dear Dato'Sak For the past week Sarawak Counters on Bursa has been going down hill.Well, that is writing on the wall i suppose.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 18:05  

Anon 10:01

Many millions support PR because they believe PR reform agenda not because Anwar.

Look at the rampant corruption under corrupt regime. Are you against or support corrupt regime? What does your religion class teach you? Is it right or wrong to support corrupt regime?

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 19:36  

Anything can happen when the ballot boxes are trasported with helicopters in the interiors.Sure win for BN.

Anonymous,  12 April 2011 at 20:06  

Anon 10.01 you said "sour puss and losers who can only talk and talk about corruption but when this arif and anwar guy were in UMNO what have they contributed towards ending corruption?? A big fat ZERO!!!! In fact they were indulging in it as well." You are blatantly admitting Umno people are corrupt isn't it? My fellow Muslim, is this Halal segi Agama dan Bangsa, Di mananya hilang Semangat Perjuangan, Terhilangkah Maruah?

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 07:37  

"He may have said that in jest. I hope it does not turn into an ill-omened remark. I pray, it will not be so."

Are you praying that BN wins in Sarawak? You want the people there suffer even more? You and Taib and his family to get richer?
Is BN's victory more important than the people's welfare?
You should pray BN loses big and learn a lesson on morality, honesty and good governance.
Do you think if your prophet or any holy men were around he would ask you to vote BN?
Why pray for the devil to win????

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 09:24  

Salam Dato,

Sekarang ini saya menjadi seronok apabila membaca komen-komen dari penyokong dan penulis-penulis upahan umnobn yang bertungkus lumus mempertahan pembesar-pembesar mereka.

Kesian kepada mereka, kerana setiap komen yang mereka berikan langsung tidak mempunyai asas yang kuat. Komen mereka seperti menegakkan benang basah serta memburukkan lagi keadaan umnobn yang semakin tidak dipercayai ramai.

Sebagai contoh; Mereka mempersoalkan apa yang Anwar buat semasa dalam umno untuk membenteras korupsi. Patutlah bekas Pemimpin Agung mereka TDM kata ' Melayu mudah lupa' rupanya melayu jenis apa yg mudah lupa.

Mereka lupa klimaks kepada pemecatan Anwar adalah, apabila Anwar membuka mulut secara terbuka perihal pembesar umno yg korupsi dan segala projek diagih kpd kroni.

Untuk menyekat kemaraan Anwar yg mendapat sokongan rakyat buku 50 dalil dan drama bersiri sodomi direkacipta agar rakyat dan ahli-ahli umno tidak lagi mempercayai Anwar.

Kepada penyokong pembesar umnobn lihat lah apa realiti yang benar berlaku. Sayangi masa depan Negara. Jgn biarkan pembesar-pembesar yang korup berkuasa samada umnobn atau pun PR.

Jangan biarkan rasuah RM500juta di reclass oleh lanun sebagai komisen. Rm500 komisen? Masuk poket pembesar umno bukan anda? Rm500juta? berapa banyak rumah boleh dibina untuk rakyat? Rm500 juta juga melibatkan pembunuhan kejam C4 di sembunyikan motif pembunuhan? dan kapal selam yg tidak boleh menyelam dan bakal menanggung Rm50 juta setiap tahun utk mengendalikannya dan projek pengendaliannya pula di anugerahkan kepada kroni yg tiada kemahiran? Memperjudikan nyawa angkatan tentera dan keselamatan Negara? Kalau bukan pengkhianat Negara 'apanama' yg patut di berikan?

Dan ada pembesar samseng yang tergamak mengatakan amalan menaburkan projek mee segera ketika pilihanraya bukannya rasuah? Apa sebenarnya yang hendak disogokan kepada generasi masa depan negara? Rasuan@komisen dan digalakkan?

Megah dan berbanggakah anda dengan dengan PM dan Menteri-Menteri di Negara ini? Apa akan dikatakan oleh anak cucu kita nanti?

Drd; zuki ahmad

Khas 13 April 2011 at 11:22  

Dear Dato and all contributers,
Thanks for all news , ideas and puns...very witty indeed.. Here is an instrument to check your political stands - kekadang terfikir apa yang kita fikir betul tapi tiada sesiapa maklum batasan kebenaran itu....So,I just wants to share and would like to proposed the idea of Silvester (2004 as cited by Stanton-Rogers, 2008) :

A political competencies are positively shown if; the person is

1.Actively represents group views and values through decisions and actions
2.Helps develop political group cohesion and contributes to healthy communication between group and council,
3.Communicate political values through canvassing, electoral campaigning and by identifying new ways of engaging the public,
4.Committed to understanding local and national political landscape and developing own political intelligent,
5.Acts ethically, understands and communicate political values to others,
6.Works across group boundaries without compromising political values

Where are we? One day, we (or anak cucu ) will wake up to the reality of life. We may not be here to see it, but the mujahids lives forever....Take care!

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 12:44  

How right you are. Najib still thinks it's all about Anwar. As a Malaysian and foremost a Sarawakian, I don't give a hoot if Anwar is a sex maniac. After all, can Najib come out and say openly he never had sex outside marriage? How about his own ministers who were accused of rape of a minor and one of raping his maid? To us Anwar is only a means to restore our God given right to be a citizen in this fair land of ours. If he can do it, he's in our book. The fact is that the BN had lost it's creditability and it's moral authority to run this country. They had run the whole country into the ground with their massive corruption and shamed the country with their slimes and gutter politics. Any decent Malaysian would not want a government like them.

Anak Sarawak Sesat,  13 April 2011 at 17:19  


The majority of Sarawakians, unlike our Malayan counterparts were quite happy with the Brookes. We do not confuse the Brookes with the Brits and do not share your history of animosity towards the Brits. While Sarawak developed at a snail's pace under the Brookes, our government was benign and the White Rajahs were loved and respected, not tolerated. The we were coerced by the Brits to join Malaya to form Malaysia. And look at what we got for that - 50 years of Taib and his uncle Rahman. The Sarawakian people deserve better than what BN has to offer with its brand of corrupt politics. Let's give Pakatan a try and see if they will live up to the Brookes legacy.

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 18:04  


"who wants to listen to an ex-adun..."

don't sulk and play to the gallery.
recite your niat "if muhammad don't go to the mountain ; the mountain should go to him " that is if you love the ummah!

Anonymous,  13 April 2011 at 20:14  

Anon 18:04

Why are you here reading the Dato's article? If you don't care, go away!! No one asks you to be here!! Get lost now!!

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