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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 9 April 2011

Savior and oppressor.

We can't promise a future if we have destroyed the past. We can't promise a future because we haven't delivered a past.
Taib Mahmud and his administration haven't got a past to model from. What past can we speak of? We can of courses speak of the prosperity of the elite vs. the misery of the people. We can tell the people all about the wealth accumulated by Taib and his family abroad. We can justify the extent of the wealth as being due to spectacular business acumen. But that would be met by widespread skepticism and even disdain.
We can expose the massive land grab that is happening under Taib's watch over his ward. That too is permissible because Taib has done so much for Sarawak people. After all, this is the age of `give me your trust' reminiscent of the `ask not what the government can do for you' paternalistic approach of leading people, famously intoned by John Kennedy.
We certainly can speak of luxury and decadent living with caviar and wines on-board luxury yachts, of mansions and so forth in comparison with primitively appointed long houses and probably drinking contaminated tuak. We haven't delivered electricity and water to the people in the long houses. You haven't been humbled until you see the dayak having to walk miles to get a can of kerosene. He can't take a bus for that would mean having less to pay for the kero.
We can speak too of the spectacle and the fuss we make when dignitaries graced longhouses bringing with them cigarettes and beer and have the public marveling and gawking at the ngajat dances performed. We then proclaim, we revere the dayak's past. That is about all we can say of the past. If we have an impoverished past, can we speak of a prospering future? Why should the dayaks even humor such promises?
All these in line with – let us keep them poor and humbled so that they vote BN each time.
How do we justify the continuation of a government such as this? We can do so by asking the people not to believe in these incredible stories. you can say with the poker face of yours, these are fabricated and embellished tales by some foreigners who have different values. Incidentally that is the storyline carried by some writers. The land grab issue? Oh… just some overblown narrations by a misplaced western idealist by the name of Clare Brown. The Sarawak Radio? Just an outfit run by a dayak operating somewhere in London with Clare Brown or from Jakarta.
Yes, Sarawak is indeed taken over by foreigners. It's taken over by the Lebanese. Sarawak is a haven compared to war torn Lebanon. You can let your hair and everything else down here. Soon, the Geneids will take over Sarawak. The uncle marries the sister of Taib, Taib marries the niece of the uncle. It's a real live remake of P Ramlee's anak bapak.
How can a decent government treat its people like this? You have 6000 long houses without amenities. You take away the most important thing to the dayak – his land on which every morning he touches with his bare hands, prostrates and pays homage to mother earth conscious all the time, that mother earth provides him with his sustenance? Take away that land and you take away his very life.
You have had 30 years to carry out your promises. You can't even fulfill basic needs to 6000 long house dwellers. You can't promise a better future to the 20,000 participants of the 48,000 hectares NCR land managed by Salcra.
The promises made to people of Batang Ai haven't been fulfilled and Taib Mahmud wants to make more. The people of Sarawak are saying, it's time for other people to make the promises. Things can't be worse that what it is now.
One commentator has repeatedly ask- he doesn't care about these exposures because everyone knows about it and knowing about them doesn't reduce the price of things he buys. This stupid person is admitting a number of things about his character.
He thinks the phrase everyone knows will encourage readers to dismiss or trivialize the subject matter of an article such as this. There are numerous other articles on Sarawak written by more qualified writers than I. I am sure if this stupid and arrogant person reads those, he will say the same thing- everyone knows about them. Well, the fact of the matter, everyone doesn't know about them. Even if some people know about them, these stories about abuse of power, corruption, pillage and plunder must be retold every now and then. Because, the level of people's frustration and revulsion to these things must be heightened to effect the change.
Before making more promises for the future, Taib's government explain their past promises first. According to many blogs by Sarawakians-
At the long houses of Wong Pandak and Wong Panjai the people are still forced to gather their water from the rain off their roofs. Likewise, children at the boarding school of Naga Kesit have no running water to drink and at the Scheme 1 and Scheme 2 longhouses at Sebelaiu there is no water to bath in because the erosion from the palm plantations have clogged up their streams. Currently, even the clinic at the main town of Lubok Antu is without water! The people of the area say that as often as not they are forced to wash themselves in ditches.

UMNO and BN have a choice really. Stand on the side of the oppressor or the oppressed.



Suci Dalam Debu 9 April 2011 at 08:54  


Get Tun Mahathir to say the same and own up to his past follies. Impossible?

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 09:41  

We certainly can speak of luxury and decadent living with caviar and wines on-board luxury yachts, of mansions and so forth in comparison with primitively appointed long houses and probably drinking contaminated tuak. We haven't delivered electricity and water to the people in the long houses. You haven't been humbled until you see the dayak having to walk miles to get a can of kerosene.


Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 09:46  

No Malaysian will dispute what you have written except for the last sentence.
UMNO is also an OPPRESSOR, so does it matter where it stands.
Media suppression, emasculating the Judiciary,EC, PDRM, AG and MACC is only done by oppressors. Siphoning away people's money is also oppression. Keeping them poor is also oppression.

Your article would have been also relevant 5 or 10 years ago. Taib and BN have maintained the status quo - keep the people poor and themselves rich.
The more illiterates and poor, the better the chance for a BN victory.
These are BN's fixed deposit.
The educated, the spiritual, the morally upright, the conscientized, will never vote BN.

Dayak moden,  9 April 2011 at 09:48  

it's the dayaks tipu the bangang dayaks.Dont blame taib. He's just one of the theif.The bangang dayaks now know what they really want.

gsk,  9 April 2011 at 09:50  

Its a real pity, no more words....
i have close family married to a sarawakian guy, i have been there and seen most....

People like Quiet Despair and nuts wont understands how we feel...

All these people want is BN to be in power till the heaven crashing down...

If possible, they will even bribe the Gate Keeper so that they will enter heaven and Not Hell.....

Jom Ubah....

anak dayak,  9 April 2011 at 09:58  

yes Dont blame anybody else except the dayaks themself. The pandai dayaks keep on cheating the bangang dayak with the help of white rajah clan.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 10:12  

Dear Dato'

I have been blown away by these lines and how apt they are to describe Sarawak, or Malaysia in general:

"We can't promise a future if we have destroyed the past. We can't promise a future because we haven't delivered a past."

Thank you for enlightening us!

George Choo 9 April 2011 at 10:28  

Dear Sak, Umno and BN will always stand on the side of the oppressor because they are "KAKI YANG SAMA".

Umno will side with Taib because Taib is the RICHEST MAN in Malaysia and Umno is asking Taib to donate another RM 400 million to its coffer in order to fight the next GE.

I hope the people of Sarawak will wake up this time and come out in full force to vote against Taib and change the state govt.

The latest from my source is that all helicopters in Sarawak are HIRED by Taib and BN.

SukaBaca,  9 April 2011 at 11:14  


i dunt think najib gonna believe what u hev said..

i would say "they" are all will say NO to ur humble n truth posting..

It had happened since long-long time ago not just in sarawak but across this our beloved bolehland as well..

I really hope loads of datuks/tansri's/tun and who eveh care abt human being answer to these q's..

Rgds.. Selamatkan Negaraku!!!

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 12:03  

impressive. right thinking man like u should be our leader. the smart man always kena cantas, left only the lanun. sad malaysia.
i am following your blog. keep it going.

Quiet Despair,  9 April 2011 at 12:36  

I just got one point to make, Sak.
Taib's got a secret weapon this time - his new wife. She's a vote-getter.
Let me tell you about my Sarawak friend. He frequents Taib's walkabout just to ogle at Ragad, the Lebanese lady.
At one function she was not there. A collective sigh: "Argh."
In Sarawak politics, the leaders are mostly related either by marriage or blood.
Even amongst PKR contestants, there are relatives contesting against one.
Or let's just say, even in Federal there are cousins, infamous hubby an wife, fathers and sons etc.
Some are bau bacang, some are bau asap kemeyan.
But people are always mindful that those who called themselves saviors are the oppressors once they gain power.
So better the devil than the angel.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 13:59  

Quiet Despair posted..
"But people are always mindful that those who called themselves saviors are the oppressors once they gain power.
So better the devil than the angel."

Ha... another mindless post.

You have the cheek to even say this gosh.

The devil that practically made Sarawak one of the poorest in spite of oil and rich forest resources not to say about the people there, you still want them? Sure so long as it is BN... and the 20% Malays/Melanau rules.

No this is going to end. The majority will rule this time and that is Brian Baru.

Greedy and selfless attitude not caring for the sufferings of those Sarawakians so long as you friends rule.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 14:34  

I can't imagine how Sarawak people can tolerate with all this blunder for the past 30 years.

ong 9 April 2011 at 14:43  

This article left out one simple sentence which also happens to be the most important sentence. This missing sentence would have conveyed the message that for the coming state elections, Sarawak voters must vote out BN and vote in PR, at least for lack of any other alternative. Whether the sentence was left out inadvertently or deliberately, only AK47 knows. Will he tell us?

The article concluded with this short paragraph:-

"UMNO and BN have a choice really. Stand on the side of the oppressor or the oppressed."

Silly me! It seems that all this time I had wrongly believed that in Sarawak, BN has always been the oppressor and that elsewhere in Malaysia, both UMNO and BN has always been the oppressor!

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 14:52  

The people of the longhouses are singing "let it be, let it be, let it be..there will be an answer.. let it be!.... oooooooooohhaaaaaaa!" Sometime between now and forever, taib will surely die.

Dato, the fault is with UMNO lah. They want so much for Taib to deliver, they left him alone to plunder.. Gua tolong lu, lu tolong Gua.. you know.

Lucky for taib, this election would have been easy meat for PR if only PKR were not so bloody damn arrogant. That party has no history to take the lead role in Sarawak opposition. Sarawakian would have preferred SNAP to lead. Of course, they'll risk the frogs but which party in Malaysia don't have frogs? Sarawakians would know how to deal with the frogs like they did Duncan Stewart.


Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 16:42  

"..let us keep them poor and humbled so that they vote BN each time."

I'm under the impression that is the same tactic used on the Malays here by a certain Malay political party through a not-so-superior education system? It says "..let us keep them shallow-minded so that they vote .... each time"

Quiet Despair,  9 April 2011 at 16:42  

gsk and anon 13.59

Wapapa, dowop do wop. You know why I am in love with Sak oops Sak's blog (not like AC/DC Anwar).
It's because there are lots of kazoos and wazoos.
They are the Anwaristas who have carte-blance in UMNO blog and misusing it to trash pro-UMNO BN commentators.
Shouldn't it be the other way round.? But it's okay, UMNO people always allow others with different beliefs.
We don't like this practice of PKR bloggers who pat each other because of no-entry to outsiders.
One way traffic but wants two party system.Hahaha.
They all clap with one hand.
Bring it on, my friends. You entertain me. They don't call me agent provocateur for nothing.
Anyways, just now I was on the phone with a close relative whose wife is an Iban.
He told me Mrs and her assorted relatives in KL are going home to vote for Abang Jo (Abang Johari). They have long settled in Malaya but do not want to change their Kuching address).
They said they will vote for PKR only if Anwar goes. My very feelings exactly. Then only can continue dreaming of Petra Jaya or Putra Jaya.
And Sarawakians especially the pribumis don't like orang Malaya dictating them who to vote for. They are parochial people who love their own kind.
Not different from their Kelantese counterpart who will vote for PAS even if BN gives them the moon or stars.
Ada faham???

gsk,  9 April 2011 at 16:58  

Quiet Despair,

cakap mcm org sewel dan takde akal.
Apa kiter org peduli dgn bini lebanon dier, apa kaitan dgn sarawak ??

adakah pompuan die bawa kemakmuran pada swak dn msia??

Ape I peduli siapa taib nak kongkek. Dia dapat fuck ker atau kena makan viagra ker.... ish ishh.... air liur org swak mengalir ker tgk bini dier....

Lepas taib mampus, dier pun belah balik lebanon, tu jer.....

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 17:00  


Fortunately or unfortunately, most Malaysians are simple-minded and very appreciative. If their lives now are even one notch higher than before; they are 'bersyukur'.

And they don't mind closing both eyes to whatever corruption, abuse of power etc that their leaders do.

The dayaks are appreciative that they have kerosene instead of just wood for their fire. The Malays 'bersyukur' that they live in Feldas or in low cost flats instead of old kampongs or squatter houses.

As long as their standard of living is 'improving', why want to rock the boat?

UMNO leaders and the good ulamaks always preach that people (excluding themselves) have to be 'bersyukur' for whatever little that comes their way...

It is only when their standard of living 'deteriorate', they will be ups in arms. By then it might be too late to save the country...

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 17:07  


"UMNO and BN have a choice really. Stand on the side of the oppressor or the oppressed."

Didn't Najib and Mohyideen endorsed Taib throughout this election. There is no choice for UMNO and BN now.

Every Country has its own so called Fixed Deposit Natives.... But not until these people decide to cash in their FDs.

Malaysia have the Malay villagers and Sarawak and Sabah Natives...
The Arabs (Libya, Saudi etc) have their Desert Bedouin Dwellers...
The Australians their Aboriginals..
The Americans the Red Indians...

So....have the Dayaks and Ibans woken up yet?

Joe Black

Malaysian,  9 April 2011 at 17:27  

My heart bleeds when I read that “At the long houses of ……….The people of the area say that as often as not they are forced to wash themselves in ditches.”
I almost choked to read that even the main town clinic has no water! It’s worse than I thought! Just ignore that insensitive commentator. Let him sulks alone about his own ‘miseries’.
Thank you for highlighting the deplorable living conditions of these natives. Coming from you, an UMNO blogger, is all the more commendable, no fear nor favour.
But your last part about “UMNO and BN have a choice really. Stand on the side of the oppressor or
the oppressed.” is like “The pot calling the kettle black"
Sigh ….is there any other good men left in UMNO?

rance,  9 April 2011 at 17:31  

Dear Dato'Sak, Quiet Despair mengakui the present regime in Sarawak are the devils. Well for the 1time he is correct.Have a nice day QD.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 17:43  

This is fro the old testament. However, it's applicable today. Don't worry, your Quran approve it too

nahraf 9 April 2011 at 17:44  

Sad to say UmnoBN alway stands by the oppressor judging by the full weight of government machinery deployed in this election in backing taib mahmud BN geverment,refusal of MACC to act despite mountains of obvious evidence,this election won't be this desperate if Taib Mahmud is removed a year or two before this election, even Najib has stated sarawak is a fixed deposit.
For DECADES BN have tolerated the immensely corrupt "White Hair" in return of him delivering the parliment seats.
In fact, BN is saved from being thrown out of putrajaya because of the parliment seat delivered by "white har".

sam/PRAY, it works,  9 April 2011 at 18:04  

Listen people (sarawakians), your time is here. Your time is now, April 16. DO NOT pray to God, "help me" if you cannot help yourselves. Vote OUT your damned leaders. They are already damned.

Quiet Despair,  9 April 2011 at 18:34  


LMAOF. Hahaha. Tsk, tsk gsk.
Nasib baik anak you tak boleh baca lagikan.
Kalau tidak dia akan kata apalah Papa ni mencarut pulak. Malulah cakap kotor Papa.
Tapi takpa kan. Excusable. Memang orang Anwar semuanya anugerah Allah dan hebat-hebat belaka.
Kitapun ada juga bergaul dengan dema. Taulah fe'el mreka sikit sebanyak.
Nasib baiklah ya Sakmongkol boleh approve cakap lucah. Video lucahpun we ols dah tengokkkan. Why not mulut lucah.
Che cerita lagi, che cerita lagi.
Tak lama lagi Tuan Blog mesti classify blognya R18.
Nanti ya gsk. Bila I dapat video sex Anwar in full, kita tengok sama-sama ya. I akan order popcorn and KFC.
Other friends here are invited too including dear Sak.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 18:44  

Quiet Despair...said

"They said they will vote for PKR only if Anwar goes. My very feelings exactly. Then only can continue dreaming of Petra Jaya or Putra Jaya.
And Sarawakians especially the pribumis don't like orang Malaya dictating them who to vote for. They are parochial people who love their own kind."

Don't talk nonsense that anyone in Sarawak actually bothers about Anwar!
They care about their land and how they had been cheated.

Your friend want to vote for BN then, well go ahead.

I have friends there says otherwise. Your devil friends have to go.

Who says about orang Malaya. What are you talking about. The new CM will be a local native Bian lah. Not a corrupted one from a minority race that used Chinese votes to cheat the local people Dayaks/Ibans.

This time , the Chinese votes will help the Dayaks/Ibans to get what they deserve ... rule their own state.

Btw, dont talk nonsense about you having the same feeling if Anwar goes you would vote PKR.. I laughed until my stomach ache lah. Your BTN kind of mind will NEVER DO THAT till the day you die because you just cannot stand other races having their equal rights. Your past posting already showed and I am following your posting all the time.

Like i said, dont try to debate with a Chinamen you get clobbered.

walla 9 April 2011 at 19:34  

Anon 10.12 beat me to it. Those words are indeed stirring and prophetic.

The issue is bigger than just about a CM.

Trained as a lawyer, presumably a symbol of integrity, but instead cheating wholesale on the rakyat and creating his own dynasty of chummy cronies for so many years.

Doesn't he for one moment realize he has a predecessor in Syed Kechik? That lawyer turned state official turned timber concessionaire had fleeced the state dry too only in the end to see his estate crumble amidst illness.

The issue is wider than karma.

It is actually about fighting to regain the soul of Malaysia.

Malaysia has lost her soul. It has become untethered from our hearts. When this country gained independence, we were fellowmen looking to build an honest future together. Now we are broken men and women, divided by all sorts of shadows and suspicions fueled by divide and rule, sundered by the most ridiculous and cheapening behaviors of our politicians, and propagated by a political system that inoculates itself from integrity and progress to help the peoples so that the cunning can continue year after year to usurp the common privileges of all on the pretext of just dropping the occasional morsels of fish-bait to the masses.

Sarawak is a state rich in resources which should have benefited her peoples more.

So why is Sarawak one of the poorest states in our country?

Where has that wealth gone?

It has gone to fund mega projects benefiting only a few over here.

It has gone to build showy promenades in a few places over there as if concrete monuments and some bright night lights can feed empty stomachs and build real futures.

It has gone to paying Oxford for the privilege of lying about timber conservation.

It has gone to buying baubles for bimbos.

While women are raped and the minister said she would like to visit their homes and up till today even her shadow has not been seen.

While young men have to plod over to the streets of kayel to look for jobs and be fleeced by urban conmen.

While their parents and siblings don't even have the most rudimentary basics of the eighteenth century.

While kind-hearted souls and journalists are garroted by the state machinery who continue to flim-flam excuses with poker faces to explain the sudden and explosive increase in wealth of the state's present leadership who even as you read this are already putting the finishing touches to their palatial mansions in preparation for the next round of creaming the coffers so that they can equal in conspicuous display of wealth outlasting generations to come in order to compensate for their craven greed and gross stupidity between their God-given ears.

And that is why i say Malaysia has lost her soul.

walla 9 April 2011 at 19:34  


If we don't fight for changes in Sarawak's leadership, then we will only be saying it's alright for the likes of Taib and his gang of gangsters to continue plundering that state's wealth while keeping its peoples in the rural areas under the yolk of poverty.

How different then will his brand of politics right now be from the wild wild west when cowboys with winchesters rode into the camps of the natives and fed them liquor and sold them cheap trinkets?

Is there no shame for doing such a thing when we already have had half a century of so-called democratic independence now at its apex of achievement - giving out goodies to coincide with an election so as to perpetuate the greatest political crime of the last century carried forward to this?

The peoples of Sarawak who are going to vote must understand they are not just deciding on a candidate.

They will be collectively deciding on:

one, to press home their long-suffering grievances in one fell blow;

two, to grasp for new hands which will pave a better future for their young;

three, to send a message to Putrajaya that they who have been made to sacrifice so much of their own for the onanistic ambitions of the corrupt here are now saying like the voters of 2008 that enough is enough; and

four, to save the soul of Malaysia, for how can one turn a blind eye to corruption at every level of a political system in one place when doing so will only encourage the same ruin in another place?

Corruption is like a virus. Who can forget how one had killed so many over there while young mothers had wept tears of blood outside decrepit hospital wards?

The rakyat of Sarawak must not think that just because 2008 had shown BN's achilles heel and thus its dependence on their vote that they can use it to guarantee their future benefit.

Beyond the beer, cigarettes, pocket money, slithering words and melanau malay tribalism, there will be less for them than they are dreaming for.

For if they think they know, so too Taib and Companies. And these crooks will know even faster than all the longhouse denizens across the sparse land, what more empower themselves with greater frenzy after the forthcoming elections to rip the state dry even faster.

You know, timber takes time to grow back, and natural gas, once mined, is not replenishable. Meanwhile, do what?

So now that the french courts have pinned down that 100 million euro commission, euphemistically called "commercial fees for exports", how can one explain what was declared in Parliament that the submarines tender was above board by exactly the same person who had gone over to see Taib, presumably to ask him to stand down, after reviewing the dire findings of the field report that points to a major battle for the next GE?

The virus has embedded itself in the operating system of the whole nation.

And that is why the peoples of Sarawak must vote with conscious care for once in their lives and make up for all the mistakes of the past.

Because at stake is not just Sarawak.

It is Malaysia.

This post, for the rangers divisions in the state, the civil servants who want to do the right thing, the citizens of the state.

And, last but never the least, for the natives of Sarawak, whatever tribe you may come from.

It's where you're going which is all that matters to me.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 21:05  


Much as lots of people on your posts hope Taib will lose, I will place my bet that Taib and BN will win and continue to plunder Sarawak.

Why? Simple. The ballot papers being counted at the counting stations, will not be the same ones from the ballot boxes at the individual voting centers, you know what I mean.

And if BN and Taib are really so unlucky that they lose Sarawak, there is still one card to play ... do not leave anything for PR to run the state. Selangor under Khir Toyo destroyed all the files and papers. Taib will definitely destroy much much more than that before he leaves.

Just you wait and see if you don't believe me.

Anonymous,  9 April 2011 at 23:09  

Taib can buy EC with his millions to help him win the elections. Who trusts government institutions these days?
Ballot boxes will be thrown down from helicopters as people are thrown off buildings.
In their place pre-marked ballots will be counted and Taib wins.
BN can never win without some cheating.

Anonymous,  10 April 2011 at 00:35  

To Quiet Despair,

Let me tell you something.......mmmmm, forget it because it'll be like talking to a stone.

Ayurvedic Liver Treatment 10 April 2011 at 01:47  

Your last comment said they have a choice. But do u really believe that...

didi,  10 April 2011 at 08:59  

Why must people care about what Quiet Despair has to say? Talking to people like him will only cause yourself despair. It's one thing to disagree with a person but it's a whole different thing to disagree to a person who doesn't even make sense. Frankly, my cat probably has more sense than him.

Anonymous,  10 April 2011 at 09:54  

Quiet Despair @ 9April 12.36pm,

Your comment on Taib's secret weapon (his Lebanese wife) goes to show how shallow your mind is. Not everyone is like you, your friend and the Perkosa Ibrahim Katak Ali who think only of sex the whole day. You are insulting the intelligence of Sarawakians by insinuating they will vote for Taib and BN just because of Taib's wife. Going by your logic, did you vote for UMNO because you were mesmerized by the beauty of the First Lady?

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