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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 19 June 2010

Saturday sports- but no betting please.

I have written about this sports betting thing a few articles ago. I said, this sports betting licence has made the vendor RM 525 million richer. That's RM 525,000,000. Six zeroes. You are likely to strain your eyeballs keeping track of the many zeroes.
How do you explain the government's willingness to approve the license first, to Ascot Sports which then sells the license to Berjaya Sports TOTO? Wasn't this SPORTS TOTO the company once owned by the government which Dr Mahathir sold to Vincent Tan in 1985? Wouldn't it be more proper if the license be given to Berjaya Sports Toto. Instead its sold to Ascot Sports owned by Vincent Tan( 70%) and his son Robin 30%. So our friend VT sold his 70%. Hurrah! ( Exclaimed in the manner of Prince George in Black Adder)
What about the 30%? The father is more charitable. The son is no so. That has only added fuel that perhaps the son is holding the 30% for someone else. I am not able to write this up in a more spirited and satirical manner. The blogger who is a maestro in doing this kind of writing is Donplaypuks. Go read his blog with an open mind, respect the fact and his freedom to write for the opposition.
Vincent Tan would have been more charitable if he had given the licence back to the government and even better, gives back Sports Toto. It hasn't been making money so why bother anyway?
But it is the drama surrounding the issuance of the license that has proven to be more interesting. The hunt is more adrenalin rushing that the actual shooting. The foreplay is more exhilarating. Vincent Tan told the SC he has been given a license. Everyone in Malaysia were up in arms. Friday sermons condemned the issuance of the sports. Even UMNO people were against it. The MB of Johor was against it. Some UMNO people in Melaka have openly condemned it. Tamrin Ghafar writes a scathing personal letter against it.
Other than the condemnations being directed at the sports betting license itself- these are actually defiance directed at the UMNO president. Which suggests that despite having a 72% approval rating, his approval within UMNO is challenged. In any case, his 72% approval rating is evinced from the jobless who if I may say so, have little inkling about the seriousness and complexities of governance. It's definitely more than putting up a smiling face, trying to look pristine and saintly or operating a face book brother!.
By the way, I hear my and your PM is inviting people to name his cat. Wow- just like a previous American President. Perhaps our PM was inspired after his US visit. Perhaps the people at APCO, Ethos, McKinsey or the Bolton Consulting Group say, this is a good move. Make the people feel one and inclusive. Another wow please. So, I would suggest, in the spirit of an open heart, if the cat is a male- named him TEMUJIN- so that it grows big and powerful to conquer the household and catches after the big-as-cat rats. If it's a female, suggest our PM to name it BORTE- the lady behind TEMUJIN. The people at APCO should advise the PM to do this to show that he is not afraid of anything Mongolian!
After the big hoo-haa, My Prime Minister and yours too has said that it's not complete yet. No license has been given but yet VT has told the securities commission that he has been given one. So has VT misled the SC?
Why don't we just own up- this Berjaya sports toto or whatever ruse we play along, through and with Vincent Tan and his companies is just another way to launder money which end up , with either UMNO or its leaders eventually. To make it halal and kosher, we call it welfare- kebajikan and so secure tax free status.
Everyone who are pro the sports betting license are saying legalising it will stem out illegal betting. My friend, mon ami, amigos- the illegal betting, the 4 ekor kah, 3 ekor kah or berapa ekor tak kira lah, will mushroom still. They will because they are not ready to allow ONLY one fellow making the money and certainly will not allow only ONE government to legislate a license and conspire with ONE Fellow. This is a greater subsidy than the nonsense Idris Jala is spewing up and no, we are saying this not because Idris Jala is a Christian. A Christian can also do stupid things cant he? If he were a Muslim, I would still crucify him.
I have already asked in light of the government's willingness to issue this license to legalise also prostitution. That will reduce or eliminate illegal prostitution. We must emulate what's going on in South Africa. During this World Cup tournament, I hear the most thriving business involves balls of different kind- multi nationals and united by a common drive! In this case, Newton's secret law of motion is being played out- the angle of the dangle of the balls is proportional to the thrust of the pole at the hole, provided pressure at the breasts is kept constant.
I learnt this in UM in 1976!


Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 08:20  

I suggest Najib calls his cat, one of the following:

1. Rosmah Sayang
2. My Altantuya
3. Rasuah

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 08:27  

You are yet again telling us what we already know.Tell us what u can do to put a stop to the plunder.tell us too how we can help besides voting.
If not we will only continue to win with the comments in ur wonderful blog as they continue to sapu, sapu and sapu.....

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 09:10  

I was thinking maybe Altantuya is a better name for a female cat-easy to remember. While for a male, Saifool sounds good. Anyway, to each his own.

I love your last rib tickling, it lessens the pain of England's draw with Algeria, and Germany's loss to Serbia. That last para is the way our physics teachers should teach in the classrooms.

sri hartamas

TomCat,  19 June 2010 at 09:39  

Keep shooting! Your writings with sarcasm & cynicism & humor makes good reading - especially after reading all the crap our politicians spew!

anturojak,  19 June 2010 at 09:47  

Dah buat DNA test kuching tu? Bukan apa, cuma nak tentukan yang mana satu bapak kucing tu sebenarnya. Yang setakat ini, cuma mak kucing saja yang bagitau. Malangnya bapak kucing dah meninggal, jadi nak sahkan kata mak kucing tu susahlah sikit, kena DNA test dulu.

Kalau ikut undang-undang Malaysia Darul Rojak, anak luar nikah tak boleh di bubuh nama sah begitu saja. Apalagi kalau bapaknya masih samar-samar.

Kalau semuanya lepas, bolehlah namakan kucing tu sebagai TBH Junior.

Kalau Malaysia Darul 1Rojak ni bapak dia punya, boleh la dia nak tendang undang-undang ke dalam longkang pun (macam selalu juga dibuat oleh bapak apologist)

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 11:22  

Gua caya lu lah...Temujin dan Borte!
Apa lah nak jadi dengan PM 1Malaysia ni.
Apadah jadi dengan presiden parti orang Melayu ni.
Lingkup lah Tok, abis camno!!!
Ajak Brahim Ali minum teh tarik lagi bagus.
Anyway! have fun and keep healthy.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 13:14  

haahaha ... Had a really good laugh on the balls and drives and best is the force is proportional to the angle of the balls...

What a line... :>)

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 13:48  

The consequence of the 'grandmother of all Queen Controls' befalls upon us all.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 13:48  


Lepas ada la kot kempen sayangilah kucing anda...hehehe.

On a serious note, TS Hassan Merican has taken up job across the causeway. Wonder what happened to "penasihat" to the numero uno job? What a waste.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 13:49  

Total sellout !


The Nation is doomed!

Donplaypuks® 19 June 2010 at 14:30  


Leaving aside the moral, negative social impact and haram aspects of legalising betting, there are 2 troubling and contentious issues about awarding this betting licence to Ascot/VT and VT Jr:

1. Why free? Genting had to cough up over a billion for its Marina Bay Casino Resortopolis in S'pore. I'm sure there's an annual fee as well.

The answer is obvious! It's the same reason a few well-connected have cornered the AP's, other licences and monopolies!! The quid pro quo has to be guaranteed (the taxpayer always being the sucker and hittee) and the lowest IQ'd M'sian cannot be fooled on this matter! Govt has transformed corruption and kick-backs into an art form.

2. The flip flop is quite not. It is clear that Ascot/VT/VT Jr received a letter of award with specific pre-conditions attached. BJ Corp was bound by KLSE and SC rules to make an announcement when VT proposed to inject the new betting biz into it. The issuance of the licence by MoF can only follow if all pre-conditions are satisfied within a certain time limit.

And do remember that in the case of double-tracking railway profect of $24 billion, the Govt issued an LOI to IRCON of India and then withdrew it in record time. So, until the betting licence is issued, the game is not over!

Yet the $77 million PR arm of the Rosemajibs seems unable to explain these issues clearly to the public!! I'll do it for 1% of that if they want to!

And why did Sports Toto not get a direct letter of award? Because VT/VT Jr will not then be able to flip it, make $575,000,000 up front with the stroke of a pen and pay the quid pro quo to you know who. That's why!! It's called gilding the lily!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 16:36  


You said;

"After the big hoo-haa, My Prime Minister and yours too has said that it's not complete yet. No license has been given but yet VT has told the securities commission that he has been given one. So has VT misled the SC?"

As usual DSN is trying to put out this fire by gagging all and sundry in UMNO (Can U be Gagged Dato!?).

He has only just managed to take time out, hoping that the whole thing will die down!...Nevertheless, the issue has yet to be played out in full...

I've been Told that "Garfield" should be an appropriate name for his cat a proxy for the owner's charming traits..

Garfield would have approached the problems faced by DS Najib in exactly the same way...

If Anwar decide to get a Cat we could then call him "Odie"!

Joe Black

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 16:38  


The most appropriate and politically correct name for the cat is 1CAT or First CAT. Either of these names goes well with the 1Malaysia retoric or the First Lady crap.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 16:40  


Let's legalise betting...and the first thing to bet is will the nation achieve the "negara maju' status by 2020 or will it "kaput, bankrupt, zimbabweed" by 2019. Any takers?

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 21:35  

Yayasan Bakti dapat privatisation Abdullah Hukum..jual kat SP Setia..skrg dah jadi projek 6 billiun.Lagi Boss Umno marah orang melayu alibaba...Gerakbakti siapa yang punya?siapa ahli lembaga pengarah?

Itu lah akan jadi nasib Sg Besi,RRI,Cochrane dan lain2 saperti nya.bukan senang nak dapat tanah..tapi boss2 china dapat tanah premium tak susah2 bayar can wait 15 tahun pun no problem.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 21:43  

There is so much problem with Malaysia but the Idiotic PM sebok nak cari nama kucing.

If you want to keep cats keep lah, why all of Malaysia must sebok about the stupid cat. Bodoh punya PM.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 22:55  

wow, your attacks against the shooting star PM is getting nastier. whats up, Dato?

anyway, why are you surprise on the issuance of the licence to VT? its payback time, Dato.

by your extension, we should legalise everything thats illegal to weed out the illegals. How about drugs? Ha2.

Anonymous,  19 June 2010 at 23:11  

bagus lah Pm monta tolong rakyat..ini lah inclusiveness...baru 1Msia.

Nama tak bolih yg mat salleh cos PPSMI dah lesap..tak bolih nama Melayu,,kok orang bilang racialist.Nama China or India pun not ok.

So..hv to incorporate all..baru cun..baru 1Msia,,
I suggest pussy itu di beri nama 1Kamalanathan...ini truly 1Msia.

sniper,  20 June 2010 at 00:02  


"They" will still bet on anything that alive and moving except yourself

Pekan will be a good name for the cat - to remind Rosmah of Najib's roots.

Anonymous,  20 June 2010 at 01:19  

I was going to suggest Vincent as name of his new cat but this will cause some confusion cos he already has another fat cat by the same name.

Anonymous,  20 June 2010 at 14:35  

Kenapa SC/Bursa tak saman VT..buat announcement yang confusing...banyak punters rugi duit sebab cerita yang VT bikin.

Ini semua pussy punya kerja.

Panggil kucing tu Yusli aja..

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