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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Ibrahim Ali is bigger than UMNO

When Ibrahim Ali convened the meeting of 125 Malay NGOs at PWTC, it's not them that got me worried. The party whose future is worrying is UMNO's. UMNO's voice has been taken. Its thunder is stolen. It offers no rain, now even its thunder is lost.
That reflects the ambivalent leadership of UMNO as a whole. Its credibility isn't helped by the flip-flopping UMNO president who has since turned the much despised flip-flopping behavior most associated with a former UMNO president, into an art form.
Like Ibrahim Ali said- very sorry YAB President.
The UMNO president is showing us a new kind of leadership. He is following instead of leading public opinion; a wet-finger-in-the-air type of leader. It's been a long time since I heard this idiom mentioned until Bakri Musa's most recent essay. Apparently the 'wet finger in the air' is an idiom that has a convoluted reason behind it. When someone wets their finger and holds it up, he/she is trying to gauge the direction of the wind flow at that moment. Once they have this piece of knowledge, they could align their decision along with the rest of the majority.
Perhaps the UMNO president isn't aware of this. His unthinking-thinking circle does not update him on public opinion that originates in the street. The street is saying, it's easy to discern the management style of the PM- he invites people to say their piece on some issue in his facebook. He sees which types of comments are in the majority, he decides on that basis. Then he says, he listens to the people. Who's zooming who baby! (I love Aretha Franklin!)
This blardy finger! The finger one holds out is the index finger. Maybe it's the 1Malaysia finger, no? I have wanted to mock this one finger thing for a long time. One finger is not much help if we want to carry out many of our daily life's tasks. And one finger sure isn't enough for some other pleasurable and sensuous activity. I like the joke about the Indian passenger on board of Air Asia, wanting service from the air stewardess exclaimed- why I finger finger, you never cum!
Can UMNO convene a meeting of the same number of Malay NGO's? It possibly cannot because UMNO has lost so much credibility that its name presently is a byword of hypocrisy. It possibly can't repeat the feat in 1946 when the original founders of UMNO convened a meeting of Malay clubs at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman in Kampung Bharu. If Ibrahim Ali had organized his recent convention at the Kelab Sultan Sultan Suleiman, that would be an irony of sorts.
Kelab Sultan Sulaiman is in Selangor (well WP) which is effectively controlled by PKR. That's already sufficient symbolism about the position of UMNO. Its historical link has been captured. But Ibrahim Ali held his Perkasa convention in PWTC, the bastion and inner sanctum of UMNO. That Perkasa which is non UMNO which now claims to be the preferred voice of the average Malay can hold its convention on a premise owned by UMNO, is yet another blow to UMNO's credibility and its fast eroding standing.
I have ridiculed and lampooned Ibrahim Ali for a long time. I am not about to ignore the deliciously wicked pun Mat Sabu has been claiming for a long time- that Mat Sabu is a wee bit handsomer than Ibrahim Ali or that Ibrahim Ali's poster face would be more at home in the padi fields in Kelantan scaring away the pests and the birds.
But he has this uncanny ability to mobilize raw public opinion and his unsurpassed ability to attract disparate groupings to his cause- whichever fancies him at any one time. For that I have to say- salute! I cannot see any of the UMNO leaders rivaling Ibrahim Ali in this department. The UMNO Ketua Penerangan who is so forgettable is a babe in the woods compared to Ibrahim Ali.
So go past Ibrahim Ali. Look at the cross section of people who attended the recent Perkasa outing. You see people with skullcaps at the front row, ordinary Malays resplendent in Baju Melayu regalia etc. you can't ignore these. Well, you can actually, at your peril!
So significant that it unnerved the UMNO president enough to induce him to throw away his prepared speech and he went off the cuff. In the end he has no other defense other that resorting to his uncontestable claim that he is after all the son of Tun Razak.
The crowd was hostile to say the least and that serves as barometer to the feelings of the average Malay. If the PM goes ahead trivializing the raw signals from the average Malay, UMNO's future is certainly forfeited.
The only thing remaining now is for Perkasa to remain steadfast and consistent. The weakest link paradoxically is with Ibrahim Ali himself.
Therefore, Its certainly comforting to hear that the various NGOs came out with their own individual resolution- that if Ibrahim Ali deviated from this struggle, they would harpoon him and have him politically impaled like Vlad the Impaler did to his enemies.
And I hope Ibrahim Ali doesn't see the PM on the side and whispered- Boss, don't worry, that is only a show or worse, he sees the PM individually and apologized for his forthrightness during the Perkasa event. Ibrahim Ali is capable of that.



Etch KL 2 June 2010 at 07:47  

For one, I do not consider Perkasa any more racist than MCA, UMNO, MIC, DAP and PAS. I am sure there are well taken points which Perkasa was raising.

Perhaps Perkasa, and the Malays, were looking at different things when they talk of inequalities.

Between Perkasa and MCA, we are having so many competing demands. In most respects, both are veering further and further away from the Constitution.

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 08:35  

Without fail Ib Ali's office in Pasir Mas will open its door to serve his constituents (except on weekeneds and other holidays). Despite this accessibility, you rarely find anybody going there at all. Does that reflect his (un)popularity with his own people at home?
Pak Tua

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 09:13  

Brahim is trying hard to survive so does your PM.
I bet you that both of them are so confused and surely the situation make all Malays confused!!!
Nasib baik la ada some people like you!!! but you know la Dato' with your kind of thinking in this nation, you cannot go very far ma!!!
May be PM ni dah kena guna guna dengan Brahim kot! And now which is which-Brahim using PM or the other way round, knowing your PM who likes to "main selamat" or both of them will be Luncai very soon kot..biarkan, biarkan......
Gua caya lu la Dato'- and the next thing is Wither UMNO!!!

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 09:20  

brahim and madey is using najib

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 09:40  

Ibrahim expresses the wishes of many..who believes in his rallying call but is too ashamed to admit it.

After all..we are all too educated and sophiscated to subscribe to that "age old" mantra.

Ibrahim a broken mirror now..but may well turn out to be the "real diamond."

Mock him as u see ur reflection.

Al Simpilo

Quantum Metal Consultant 2 June 2010 at 10:26  

Senario politik cah keting UMNO Kelantan yang terlalu banyak puak2 kecil sudah memungkinkan hayat politik Ibrahim Ali sepatutnya sudah berkubur lama selepas ditendang keluar UMNO.

Itulah harapan besar 'musuh2 dari kalangan kawan2 yang bermuka muka' terhadap Ibrahim Ali terutama individu yang merasakan mereka 'lebih hensem' dan lebih layak untuk diletakkan di dalam bilik kaca berhawa dingin daripada digunakan untuk tujuan menghalau tikus dan burung di sawah padi yang panas.

Dipendekkan cerita, Ibrahim Ali kembali bernafas dalam politik melalui PAS dan kini ahli parlimen bebas yang paling bebas bersuara disebabkan dia tidak perlu jadi yesman kepada PM atau Presiden.

Pilihan tajuk "Ibrahim Ali Is Bigger Than UMNO' sangat tepat untuk digunakan sebagai pembakar dalaman semangat UMNO yang sudah 'Ah Long Lai'

Watak 'Ibrahim Ali' sebenarnya sudah ujud di parti parti komponen BN dan sangat ketara dalam DAP dan watak watak ini terus hidup kerana mendapat sokongan padu pemimpin atasan mereka terutama dalam mendesak UMNO untuk berlaku lebih adil kepada semua kaum.
Watak "Ibrahim Ali" di luar sana cukup subur dan secara diam saling sokong menyokong untuk objektif yang sama.

Ini berbeza sekali dengan watak Ibrahim Ali yang realiti kerana terus ditikam berkali kali oleh kawan2 sendiri kerana dia sekadar "Melayu".

Satu kesilapan besar Ibrahim Ali adalah kerana dia sudah awal awal lagi tidak tunduk kepada "KJ" di zaman Paklah malah berdamping rapat dengan Mahathir pula atau sekurang kurangnya dia sepatutnya menyokong Ku Li jadi Presiden UMNO.

Kalau ini dilakukan, Ibrahim Ali hari ini mungkin di angkat sebagai antara wira atau sekurang kurangnya tidaklah 'dibelasah' sekadar membela bangsa dan ugamanya.

Red Alfa 2 June 2010 at 10:50  

Salam Dato'

Am I now concerned!

When Pimpinan UMNO/melayu becomes corrupt, self-serving, etc Ketuanan Melayu/Islam has become the BIG Malu, we should be expecting a movement with the agenda to correct this deterioration and corruption.

Surely there are/must be Melayus in UMNO who sees the Ketuanan concept as working models as in Britain and France if not also in Japan and Finland, where the respective natives' cultures and values proudly define the nation.

Naturalised non-natives aspired and being accepted as constitutional equals happily regard themselves as British, French, Japanese, Finn, etc. In like manner will the Malaysian!

One being a Melayu would wish this now working to happen but is now dismayed, instead is witness to the whys and hows of the Nazis that had made the Germans the racists and the monsters being applied here?

Dato', can we afford to allow PERKASA becoming the new Nazis hijacking the Ketuanan Melayu in todays global viewthink?

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 12:26  


I do agree Ibrahim Ali is bigger than UMNO, but only his mouth.

One who 'Cakap tak serupa bikin' and only time will tell if he'll survive the next GE.

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 12:45  

Ibrahim Ali is very happy on the publicity he has been given by all including you Dato.

You can blast him all you want. This is exactly what he wants for he knows he has few supporters in the beginning. Those bashing and his shouts of Malay supremacy and the likes would surely attract many not so sophisticated minds.

He is gaining support by playing on the greed in human beings. If one is to say .. hey you grab all, he would not it. Many will. Who cares about others. Care about yourself.

MCA response is far better. This guy is not even in the government! So no need to reply to him as though he is someone important when he (brahim) is no more than a two bit opportunists playing on the emotions and greed of people. TDM did that using the "Malay dilemma" and became PM.

This guy is doing exactly the same path .. wanting to be PM.

Only this time, the Chinese has responded to his outbursts and this would never happen. Those compliant MCA or MIC are both irrelevant.

Just one word from the mouth of Ibrahim Ali is enough to turn the most stubborn BN supporters. Really I know of my old Aunts who before were staunch supporters of BN , and we younger guys can never change their minds. Well when we showed them what this Ali said,.. no need to argue anymore. Pakatan got the votes.

So go ahead , Ibrahim Alis of Malaysia, shout somemore. The silent majority will act with their feet and their X in elections.

I think the silliest act of UMNO is to align themselves to this organisation. Extremists in this country cannot now rule this country.. you need all races to do so. Do your mathematics. Extremists can never hope to rule the country .. not when the percentage of non Muslims are so large.

Every one word from Ibrahim Ali will drive tens of thousands of voters from BN for sure.

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 12:46  

Salam Dato',

What I know of the PM is what I have read, heard and seen of him. For me, he's an accidental leader by virtue of him being the eldest son of Tun Razak. I am sorry to say that nothing that he has done in his political life has convinced me that he has grown into a leader. As Obama said, politic is not synonimous with leadership. I would like to to make an analogy. In a household, a husband would happily go along with whatever the wife says. He is playing politics here. Say, there is a fire in the kitchen, he would take action to make sure everyone evacuates safely. Here he is showing leadership. Using your idiom, he can't afford to stick his finger out and wait to see which way the smoke blows. By the time he could ascertain the direction, the whole family would be no more. I pray the country would be spared that gruesome end.


Quiet Despair,  2 June 2010 at 12:52  

Wakaka. Now you are giving the finger to Najib, the pleaser.
He's not so much a flip-flop like his predecessor. More like a pleaser.
He's fallen into Tok Him, Tun M and worse to Ayoyo Samy's hands.
I know you will be writing about the Cabinet reshuffle.
But you can see Najib is really trying to please his BN compatriots. IMalaysia, bro.
Khairy is not in. Nor are there any new UMNO Cabinet member.
Winner is Samy Vellu. His blue-eyed boy got everthing like he demanded.
Still he won't resign. Oh yes, until he got Tunship and an infrastructure minister-envoy. What on earth is that?
We see whether Najib accedes.
MIC wants to rid Samy. But Najib is following what he is dictating.
Hail, Samy the PM of Malaysia.

P.S. Sak, for a person who has not met nor know Ibrahim, you really read his character. As Ibrahim's long ago pal, i can say, you are so right about him.

Col Roseli 2 June 2010 at 13:02  

I am not particularly surprise if Ibrahim Ali were to be sworn in as a senator and sit in Najib's cabinet in the next reshuffle.

Pemerhati Perkasa,  2 June 2010 at 13:15  

Etch KL

Perkasa and MCA moving away from the Constitution?

Have you read Perkasa's demands and match with the constitution?

Have seen MCA's public demands and private threat and compared with the Constitution?

Get your facts right before drawing any conclusions!

Unknown 2 June 2010 at 13:57  

Salam 2 all.

Bukan niat utk memperlekehkan Dato Ibrahim Ali & Perkasa, cuma saya bimbang jika kejayaan Perkasa ini tidak turut di nilai dari sudut pandang yang lain.

1) Adakah benar wujud 125 NGO? atau 356 NGO atau 6348 NGO Melayu? U name the figure.

2) Ataupun seorang individu, merupakan Presiden kepada 5 NGO dan dia menyatakan persetujuannya utk menyokong Perkasa dgn kelima-lima NGO milik beliau...

3) Jika di semak, berapakah jumlah berdaftar NGO Melayu di Malaysia? Berapa pula jumlah NGO Melayu yang tidak berdaftar di bawah ROS.

4) Antara banyak-banyak NGO Melayu, berapa peratus daripada mrk yang memiliki database keahlian yang telah di putihkan?

5)Jika setiap NGO yg menyokong Perkasa ada 1000 orang Ahli, bermakna ada 125000 orang penyokong PERKASA. Tapi mengapa yg datang ke demonstrasi Perkasa di kedutaan US semalam hanya 5000 orang sahaja? mana pergi lagi 120000 orang?

6)Terdapat 4.4 juta rakyat Malaysia yang berusia 21 tahun ke atas belum mendaftar sebagai pengundi. 60% daripada pengundi PRU-13 nanti terdiri dari pengundi saluran 3 & 4, berusia bawah 40 tahun. Adakah PERKASA di sokong oleh Orang Muda?

7) Adakah Dato Ibrahim Ali benar-benar boleh di angkat melebihi maqam Presiden UMNO? Atau by accidental of time, pemimpin umno yg di pinggirkan ingin mencari platform untuk berjuang. So i scrach ur back u scratch my back berlaku atr Dato Ibrahim Ali dgn pemimpin2 Umno terpinggir lalu menimbulkan persepsi silap bahawa Dato Ibrahim Ali terlalu hebat. Benarkah begitu? sudah di buat kajian sikap?

Saya bukan memperlekehkan sesiapa. Cuma saya tak mahu kita terbuai dgn perhimpunan mega dan terlupa, masalah pokok kita menjelang pru-13 utk survival melayu masih belum selesai.

Cuba fikirkan, jika kesemua 3.3 juta Ahli Perkasa benar-benar mengundi BN dalam pru-13 nanti, maka selamatlah kuasa 2/3 kita di parlimen. Tapi persoalannya, YE KE begitu?

3.3 juta ahli UMNO pun tak undi UMNO dalam pru lepas......camno pula Perkasa? Good Luck Dato Ibrahim Ali.I know you can do it.

Anonymous,  2 June 2010 at 14:28  

Perkasa is a ventriloquist. It speaks for UMNO because UMNO does not want to hurt the non-Malays.

Lee Wee Tak 2 June 2010 at 20:32  

i hear ibrahim talk about Malays must have 65% or watever of the wealth but i also like to hear him talk about his opinion about Malays having 65% or whatever of the hard work, effort, risk-bearing, tax-paying, charity-giving that form the effort that precedes rewards....

if the bugger can understand wat i wrote n dun call it "shit"

zorro 2 June 2010 at 23:23  

Datuk Sak....meant to ask you this for sometime. Is DPM egging Ib on?

Anonymous,  3 June 2010 at 03:05  

Red Alfa,
I share yr concern abt perkasa becoming the new Nazi. The malays must certainly not allow it. Learn from the mistakes of the chinese community letting DAP become one. Its Nazi-ness have even mutated into a more dangerous strain, kiasus blackpotte-455. This type of nazism dont admit they are nazis, but instead have the tendency to call others nazis.
Very contagious strain, sadly MCA, Gerakan also infected.

Anonymous,  5 June 2010 at 00:34  

Grand Seasons...g floor coffee house corner left.

CIDB upstairs , JKR just beside the hotel.

Jamal JB

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