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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 10 June 2010

Meeting Ibrahim Ali- part 2

Part 2.
I find my meeting with Ibrahim Ali unnerving to many people. This is unnecessary. I am trying to assess Ibrahim Ali as objectively as possible. To answer one commentator- I have no problem in meeting up with Anwar Ibrahim if he is available. It will be motivated by the same urge to seek objectivity.
In answer to one commentator- what kind of warped logic has it that because I went to see Ibrahim, therefore he, Ibrahim is one up on me? Up one in what terms? My own sense of intelligence remains intact. The same fire burns in the belly. Indeed I have always regarded as the finest victory, when one dances in one's adversary's ring. Ibrahim to me remains as a vacuous chatterbox as before.
But even while we want to dismiss Ibrahim as a political quack offering snake oil remedies, can you dismiss the crowd that attends his conventions? The people in skull caps, in baju Melayus? The golden citizens carrying in their bosoms the hopes and fears of an earlier generation that have remained still unfulfilled? People who have given their trust in UMNO? These represent the living Malays. If I were to dismiss them and if PM Najib is oblivious to them, then UMNO is gone.
So, better to meet up Ibrahim and discover what has he done to attract the Malay crowd? Each step forward he makes means one step backwards UMNO takes.
I want to say that he, Ibrahim Ali seems ok because he is so. Even so, I have no problem in saying things about how he looks like, directly to him. If you have met Ibrahim then you know he has a thick skin. Say anything to him, he behaves nonplussed. Unless, he assumes a different personality as a front, he does come across as a personable fellow.
But I wasn't planning to adjudicate a male beauty contest. Like the Merdeka Centre research that says Najib is popular among the jobless.
I wanted to pry open his thinking. To me this meeting will serve my purpose. My purpose being to show really that UMNO diminishes as Perkasa expands. Whose fault will that be?
I say it's the UMNO leadership's fault. The leadership as a whole is vacuous and incorrigible about what to do that can restore UMNO. The rot has overtaken and overwhelmed the top leadership such that asking the rotten leadership to correct itself is futile. While the rot does indeed start at the head, it would be sheer stupidity to ask the rotten leadership to heal itself. Hoi! The correction must come from the broad masses- the ordinary members beginning at branch levels.
The only course open is to change the top leadership as radical as possible. That can be done not by the top leadership as in top down restructuring, but at grassroots levels. Leadership quality at the grassroots level must change and be changed so that new values, demands, impose natural forces of change within UMNO.
Perkasa is useful to me because it exposes the hollowness of UMNO and its leadership.
How is Perkasa related to UMNO? Let's move beyond just saying...Oh, UMNO is behind Perkasa... Oh Muhyidin is behind perkasa. These may not be true. Even if it's true, UMNO still has to come across as credible to the Malays. UMNO is suffering from a credibility problem at the moment. Its leaders are talking at cross purposes. Najib is talking from the angle of a liberal mindset; Muhyidin is talking along the traditional UMNO mindset of the importance of being Malay first. His stance strikes more resonance from Najib's.
Because UMNO operates on a discordant note, that has opened a window of opportunity for perkasa to seize the high ground. Perkasa has emerged as a credible funnel for Malay voices treated dismissively by UMNO. Ibrahim Ali may have his own agenda but my purpose is to show that PERKASA and UMNO are inversely related. As PERKASA becomes more relevant to the Malay psyche, UMNO's relevance is increasingly diminished. Secondly it will prove that UMNO is emasculated. 3rdly, it will prove later on, that this current UMNO leadership is out of touch with the Malay reality.
I find the mindset of those disgruntled voices who are alarmed at the exposure given to Ibrahim Ali very much similar to the mindset of grassroots UMNO politics. Ibrahim Ali does not need exposure by others. He is a one-man publicity making machine. But what do I mean about similarity in the mindsets?
You see, the standard practice of UMNO people vying for any posts, including those of lowly statuses, is to be insanely jealous whenever they see those whom they see as their supporters merely talking to their rivals, or just sitting having coffee. They then start to be irrationally suspicious of their own supporters.
Ak47: what is the cause that you are pressing on? You literally scared the wits of Professor Normah the other day. She wasn't ready and prepared kan? Wasn't it Prof Mahani the person who was invited?
IA: that was a good convention. Many people got their message across loud and clear. See these? Pointing to his hand phone. Text messages inviting me to kenduris. 400 boys and girls stranded with no funding in Middle Eastern universities got their funding.
IA: Tell me, which UMNO leader has done this. I mentioned this to PM Najib the other day. Dato Sri I kneel and kiss your knees. There are 400 over students stranded with no funding in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. MARA said they had no money. Please help them. But Najib didn't respond to my pleading. I thought he wasn't planning to do anything. He was shaken by the intense anger at the convention. You should see his reddened face.
Can you imagine this? Non Malays getting JPA scholarships and Malay students getting nothing? Where were the affirmative actions? You know, it cost the government only RM 300 thousand per student to study medicine in Egypt and it cost RM 1.2 m million to study the same thing in UK.
So I say again- no use being an UMNO member kalau khianat kepada bangsa sendiri.
But since then I heard, Najib has instructed somewhere- Baitulmal I think to solve the problem. So today as you can see, some parents are here to say thank you to me. At least Perkasa has achieved one thing which UMNO cannot do.
A man came over to whisper something to Ibrahim. Holding a paper, Ibrahim pointed out it's a letter from the relevant government department saying the man's son's study finance in Al Azhar is settled. The man bowed to Ibrahim in a very grateful gesture.
Ak 47: what's your beef with the NEM?
Ibrahim: you see, this is all a ploy by the liberal Malays and their preference for free market solutions. Najib asks a group of economists and academicians. Some of these people were rejected by Dr Mahathir last time, but somehow Naijib asks them. He asked: please come up with a economic model for my country so that we can compete with a world without borders.
So these people, without the background knowledge, including that Chinese guy who lectures in LSE or somewhere came out with proposals. Open up the economy, meritocracy, other performance driven measures- so called performance driven and all that- did they study the environment upon which they want to impose this model?
What do we have? We have our economy now being held 60% in non Malay hands, Malay students finding it hard to get scholarships, the people in the kampongs being left on the waysides all that.
AK 47: whose fault is that Dato? I say, you don't fault these experts- they came out with what they know. You should fault the one asking the question. You ask stupid question, you get stupid answers. Is garbage in garbage out kind of thing.
You should blame the UMNO leadership then. But then, I didn't see you blaming the UMNO leadership under whose policies, we find ourselves in today.
Wait for the final part please.


Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 09:12  

It all boils down to just ONE questions ..."whose fault is that Dato?"

And you answered it.
"You should blame the UMNO leadership then."

If after 52 years of absolute UMNO rule the Malays are lagging in all fields then "whose blame"?

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 09:36  

It is the fault of your beloved PM who is the biggest flip-flop worst than the sleeping guy before and at the rate thing is moving now the country soon will be sold out.
Brahim is not worth listening as his sincerity is questionable!!!
Will there be someone in UMNO to quickly take charge or UMNO will be trounced in the next GE.
Just leave Brahim Ali and get cracking that UMNO needs someone better than the present leadership or welcome PR the savior!!! I don't know sir but that is the undercurrent wherever you go!!!
So blame me you sir!!!

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 09:44  


Many know about the legend of the cow vomit. But many forget about the cause.

The story goes like this;

The cow was getting a stomach ache after a series of abundant & heart-filling munches on the green pasture.

Something has to come out of the stomach, to release the indigestion caused by the 'good time'.

So vomit she did. & for awhile the cow is filling better.

But.. to the vomit, that's another story.

No longer r they inside the cozy protection of the cow stomach. No more continue injection of new & free nutrients. Worst - there was a totally new world out there, where the unknowns prey.

Either the vomit evolved to face the new settings &/or remained as vomit & dried up under the hostile sun.

Small portion of the vomit decided to move out & fight the new challenges. Yet most of the vomit voted to get back into the cow's stomach!


Can someone please continue....

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 10:01  

Dont blame UMNO for not listening!The trouble with Malays like Ibrahim is that they do not allow the malays to fend for themsevelves !Today the malays are born to believe its a God given right AND everything is on government service stamped in their forehead!Free this and that and did they realised why there are on this earth ? Who made them this way ?
Next they will have the blame game that God is'nt fair to them!
Well its already ingrained in them for 50 over years what is for perpetuality?
Whoa! if ever there is a war or famine the malays are finished!Period!

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 12:08  


Good luck to Ibrahim Ali for his fight to defend race.

The paradox is his success will condemn his race to 'rent seeking' mentality.

If he fails, his race will have the opportunity to stand tall and equal with all the other races.

Quiet Despair,  10 June 2010 at 12:12  

Bravo. Glad you managed to capture the essence of Ibrahim Ali, which I have described as personable in most of my postings here.
I like the Q and A part. You came across as the non-UMNO man instead of him. You see how he evades pinning the blame on the UMNO leadership.
The play safe Ibrahim Ali in his element. Anytime he will join UMNO and get to contest again in Pasir Mas.
Yep. Ibrahim, the covert UMNO man, is now the Michael Chong of MCA.
He knows UMNO, unlike MCA and MIC never help the Malay students who failed to get JPA scholarships.
Ibrahim is smart to carve a niche for himself. See the anti-Israeli protest. He was one-up.Having a procession of the effigies of the Israeli leaders around town and and burning them and also the flags.

Time for Najib and his UMNO ministers to re-capture their lost credibility. I agree they are always at cross-purposes. Look at the issues of Kampung Baru, the bankrupt nation and the NEM. Today one Minister said this, tomorrow another said differently.
A discordant note which confuses us. There must be a spokesman for one issue, so everybody dont have to open their big mouths and bungle big-time.

Jealousy and rivalry? Oh yes? Those UMNO gurkhas who are moniitoring your blogs may think you are anti-UMNO. They fail to realise that you cared and want the best for UMNO.
Many of your commentators also look at you that way and they are welcoming you to be in the opposition.
As a fervent UMNO supporter, I always expect the worse and hope for the best.
I subscribe to the belief sebusuk-busuk daging, dikincah dimakan juga.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  10 June 2010 at 12:36  

Anon at 10 June 2010 10:01

are you a malay? umno supporter? a chinese? Indian? you talked as if you know everything about being a malay.
what government handout do Malay factory workers, small traders, taxi drivers or lawyers or doctors get from the government? tell me.

This is precisely whats wrong with umno..they use our name as Malays to get more allocation but that allocation went into their pocket.

When we create new products or inventions umno prefers to use foreign invention that cost 100 times more so that part of that cost will go into their pocket.

And..najib is wondering how to compete with the outside world.....
fukc...when umno failed blame it on the Malays..fukc fukc fukc

iswanloke 10 June 2010 at 15:11  

Stop blaming others. Who gave the permission to allow your own failure in the global competitive platform currently? It's you and you need to make a choice - same shit or change. Again, it's you to decide, not UMNO and you do not even need radical NGO like Perkasa to advice. Switch on the computer and see how others see you. It's your decision that matters. It has been 53 years on auto-piloting and making assumptions on your self destruct prophecies. You live in your own world and you allow others to convince, confuse and con you. Get up and work.
You can do it.

Red Alfa 10 June 2010 at 15:42  

Salam Dato'

The part IA never blames it on UMNO is true only to him because as IA has it, the non-Malays (Chinese?) as have always are the patently mercantile people will be out-manouvering the Malays robbing what little the Malays would have left, and will then be sharing EVERYTHING only amomg their Chinese kind.

IA/PERKASA will get to championing the Bangsa and Ugama better than any UMNO Malay can ever be by having started and laying it thick on this bogeyman thinking.

It's the same line of thinking Nazi Germany had promoted of their Jews and that got to the fatalist - "Lets take it all out on the Jews!" (Read Chinese)

Any fate yet to befall on the Malays, believe that it will never be bad or to be any horribly worse.

But if sold on and imbued with PERKASA's line of thinking the Malay will surely become the rabid racists that good Ketuanan Melayu has and will never a Malay be.

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 16:18  


Allow me to say something, esp. in response to what was uttered by Ibrahim Ali..."Non-Malay getting government scholarships and Malay students getting nothing". Well, I really do not know if most Malays understand the predicaments faced by the non-Malays in this country.

I am a 4th generation on my
mother's side, and I have seen life in the 50s but clearer in the 60s till the present time. I could feel the pulse of the non-Malays since the advent of the NEP, in relation to opportunities which was effectively curtailed.(who else to rely if not the government of the day? when you consider that fairplay should exist if you and I pay the same amount of taxes?)

Referring to what was mentioned by Ibrahim Ali, does he care to know how many non-Malays get JPA scholarship each time in comparison to what has been offered to Malays? (Pls dont hide under the skirt of 'Malay rights' here! If he cares to talk about fairness, fairplay being a universal human trait!!)Pls make a comparison between the results scored by an average Malay applicant who gets a JPA scholarship, say to do medicine, and that obtained by a non-Malay doing the same course. I am a teacher and I know what I am talking about. In my present school, there is a Chinese male student, in Upper Six Science, who sat for his SPM in 2008 and got 11A's (no A-)but failed to get a JPA scholarship. And for the recent SPM batch, a top scorer, who got 10A+ and an A- for Accounts, got nothing from JPA. For a Malay student in my school who got a scholarship to do medicine,he got 6A+, 3A and 1A-.Also, a Malay colleague of mine whose son got 2A+,6A and 3A- got to study medicine in Egypt.

I beg to say that I am not belittling my Malay students.There are good ones around; likewise there are plenty of mediocre non-Malay students. But the manner some people tend to make comparisons show their naivety or downright denial on the true nature of things that are happening in this country.

I always maintain that the Malays, in view of the provisions in the Constitution, should be accorded 'keistimewaan' and not 'hak'. As it is, the 'special privileges' has already been turned into 'birthrights' by the present generation of Malays, and more so, the oft-mentioned trade-off (the social contract?) at the time of Independence.

It is futile to dwell on the complexities of the present-day problems where things do not seem to be on the right track to see our beloved nation achieving a developed status. We seem to be too happy immersed in trivialities.... 'what you get and what I get' kind of thing.


Red Alfa 10 June 2010 at 16:20  

Salam Dato'

Allow me, please, to state my Ketuanan Melayu which I am passionately pleading to UMNO to sustain in its struggle; should any of your commentators may want to be defining it as otherwise!

The Malay has only his Tanah Melayu and only here the Malay will never have to be apologists for his culture and his Islam as he would have if he is in France or Mid-west USA that he is but MAY be their type of terrorist or fundermentalist!

But Ketuanan Melayu has and should never define the Malay as lazy, corrupt and unjust but has all the inspiring and esteemed values as should a proud civil nation like to be or should be defined in the world.

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 16:52  

Red Alfa,

Let me paraphrase yr inept rhetoric here;

Allow me, please, to state my Ketuanan Malaysia which I am passionately pleading to Malaysia to sustain in its struggle; should any of your commentators may want to be defining it as otherwise!

The Malaysian has only this Malaysia and only here the Malaysian will never have to be an apologist for his culture and his religions as he would have them!

Ketuanan Melayu, presently, has been forever linked the Malay as lazy, corrupt and unjust - perpetually on ‘tongkat mode’.

It has all the inspiring and esteemed values as should a proud civil nation like to be or should be defined in the world as seen through the eyes of the bygone Aryan conspirator.

How's that? Ouch..ouchX2

BTW the Aryan of the old would most likely treated u as trash for copy-right them!

fukc...when Malaysia failed blame it on the other Malaysians..fukc fukc fukc

amatMok,  10 June 2010 at 18:54  


UMNO ceased to look after the interests of the Malays the day that mamak from Kerala took up the presidency of UMNO through devious means. If only we had that gentleman prince from Kelantan as the UMNO president, things may be different. Budaya politik wang was introduced into UMNO during that fateful UMNO election.

As for the present PM, Najib; I have this to say: he is not even half a man as his father was. I respect his father but I only have scorns for the son. His father think of how to help the rakyat but the son only think how to screw the rakyat. Unless it is the son's wife who did all the thinking.

Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa has found a niche in the Malays thinking and aspiration. It is in a way an outlet for all their anger and frustrations over the state of the malays and the nation.

Red Alfa 10 June 2010 at 19:21  

@ Anon 16:52

Didn't you define for us the Rabid Rascist in you very well, indeed!

Anonymous,  10 June 2010 at 23:07  


Can you please ask the same questions to a Malay Kelantanese and post it here. And after that tell him what IA told you in the interview on those same questions. No need a PAS member. Just someone who's been there a long time who earns a normal living. I'm sure most readers just would like to know the difference between them and their opinion.

Anonymous,  11 June 2010 at 09:45  

Red Alfa,

Let be emphasize once again – I’m paraphrasing u.

So who’s the Rabid Rascist?


Anon 16:52

bat8 12 June 2010 at 15:35  

Anon 10 June 2010 23:07,

1. Kalau tanya orang kelantan tentang berahing ali - semua rakyat kelantan dari rantau panjang ke Gua Musang kata : Berahing ali dah tak laku (kecuali beberapa kerat yang menjadi anak buah tegar je).Berahing ali ni bagi free pun depa tak nak. Nak bagi duit lagi kat sesiapa yang sanggup bawak berahing ali keluar dari kelantan.

2. Jikalah Perkasa ni genuine, dah tentu Perkasa dah ditubuhkan di Kelantan dan Perkasa Kelantan adalah menjadi kubu terkuat di malaysia ni.

Satu sifat orang kelantan - jika sesuatu perjuangan itu baik, depa akan sokong dengan pasionately, sanggup menghadapi apa jua kesusahan dan penindasan kerana prinsip perjuangan.

3. Kalau berahing ni genuine. Dia akan perjuangkan dulu hak rakyat melayu kelantan yang dianaktiri dari segala segi oleh kerajaan persekutuan. base politik dia ( kalau ada lah) di kelantan, sepatutunyalah dia buat Perkasa diKelantan untuk memperjuangkan rakyat kelantan. Lepas tu barulah pi peringkat nasional untuk memperjuangkan hak melayu keseluruhannya. Setidak-tidaknya, kedua-duanya serentak.

4. tapi berahing ali ni bersama-sama UMNO Kelantan kecoh cuba menafikan hak rakyat kelantan terhadap royalti minyak. Dia menjadi hulubalang UMNO dalam hal ini.

Yang jelas rakyat kelantan dah tahu sangat berahing ali ni - tak boleh pakai. DIa sanggup buat apa sahaja untuk kepentingan dirinya sahaja. Sejak dari zaman jadi student ITM dulu hingga sekarang, perangai tu tak berubah-ubah.


bat8 12 June 2010 at 15:37  

sambung skit dato,

Kalau berahing ali cuba tubuhkan Perkasa Kelantan, saya gerenti dia hanya boleh kumpulkan ahli tak sampai 50 orang orang. Paling-paling kuat pun 30 orang. Itu termasuklah dato Rozali Ishak yang dah ko karier politiknya.


Anonymous,  14 June 2010 at 23:49  

after 50 years, IA still talking about affirmative action and very racist when talking about scholarship (non malay getting psd and malay get nothing) and the chinese fellow from LSE .... IA please put you hand at your heart and ask What have you done for the Malay when you are in the position to do so! Oh yeah he can't do anything because he has been jumping from one party to another busy getting the YB position and enriched himself. IA please pray and insaf lah. Maybe it is better for him to disappear from Malaysia and the Malay will be better off and can stand tall and be proud of the success without clutches

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