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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Re- assessing Malay economics-2

Just as the NEM will fail because of the lack of determination and drive, so will any affirmative policies designed to advance Malay economics. My basic premise is this: you don't go against market forces. You don't defy them. The position of disadvantage in which the Malays found themselves, is no excuse not to adopt and acquire market forces skills- be competitive, skillful and all that. It is no excuse to justify non competitive handicaps.
This is no liberal or illiberal Malay talk. It's just Malay talking.
The sting of my argument is this. The idea is to place the Malays on the plane of economic advancement premised on competiveness elements. This is the overriding objective. If that one crucial thing that is lacking which could ensure the success of NEM is also lacking to drive affirmative policies, then they too will also fail.
Any policies designed for correcting the deficiencies will also fail, if they lack the one thing that we can't seem to find to helm the NEM.
What is the missing link? The missing link is an incorruptible, driven and determined leadership. That leadership can consist of the number 1 leader and his equally inept and beholden co leaders or even, in the case of Japan, a determined bureaucratic corp. exemplified prominently by Japan's MITI.
In Malaysia, we are dangerously facing the lack of all three!
The deficiencies of the Malays need to be corrected by an incorruptible and driven leadership. We can't run away from the fact, that Malays need structured, ordered and hierarchical style of leadership. Now I realized why people say- the age of we know best is over. It is precisely because; we DID NOT KNOW what is best. The honorable retreat is to say just that- that age is over. It is just a face saving gesture to hide the fact, that we don't know what is best. The 'what' is incorruptible and driven leadership.
These two qualities are needed in the leadership to ensure the mould by which we shape the overriding objective is followed absolutely. Once we allow weaknesses in the form of personal discretion, once you start tinkering with the overriding objective- which shortcomings stem from corruptible and weak leadership, the overriding objective falls behind.
It is precisely corruptible leadership that results in:-

  • IPP for YTL, Ananda,Genting.
  • Direct Nego double track rail for Gamuda.
  • LDP,Kesas,Smart,HS Dam for Gamuda.
  • Duke Hiway for Ekovest Group.
  • PutraJaya Ring Road for IJM. PutraJaya JV land development,Abdullah Hukum,Johore Roadworks direct nego for SP Setia.
  • Bandwidth for Ananda Satellite TV exclusivity for Ananda.
  • KLCC devt for Ananda.
  • West Port privatisation for Gnalingam.
  • Casino license for Lim Goh Tong.
  • 3 digits for Ananda.
  • Sports Toto,Gaming license,Bukitt Tajar landfill for VT.
  • Besraya,NPE Hiway & Seremban2 for roadbuilders.
  • Silk hiway for Sunway.
  • Khazanah rescue for Mines
Its also that leadership which saw the cabinet decision to award the double tracking project to China Railways be overturned and given to China Harbour. Ok landlubbers! people specializing in harbors taking up project usually done by specialists in their field. Only possible because of compromisable leadership.
So what has not been done by groups like Perkasa for example? They haven't insisted on an incorruptible and driven leadership.


Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 07:56  

They go together - affirmative actions and corruption. They are twins.

Only meritocracy goes with incorruptibility.

Rent seeking, cronyism, negotiated contracts can only thrive in the former.

walla 23 June 2010 at 09:41  


A: 'We can agree chances have been given way beyond even an eighteen hole course, Sir. The market has looked with disbelief at the promise of change and the peril of playing politics with economics.

For that, investors will walk away if they are here, and will stay away if they are not.'

B: 'Not only that, Sofea. All the flip-flops have been captured in chronological order in databases that serious investors use everyday for their investment decisions anywhere in the world. Perkasa and Utusan don't know this. They're locked in their same short-term, grab-now, mindset. They should be asked what's going to happen when we become financially strapped. What will they do? Test-fire an exocet missile to impress the world? Build another parliament house? Awe fairyland with another palace? Champion policies that can cause twenty percent of our palm harvest to rot? Close an eye to any price-bloated direct contract so long as the future of the bins will not be binned?'

A: 'What do we need then, Sir?'

B: 'Sofea, when you go to a pond to get some water for a drink, you will still have to wait for the dirt to settle before you can drink the water. Things take time, patience and effort. These three ingredients operate to balance the ambitions of man-made policies. Ignore them and there will be unintended consequences to derail even the objectives.

And the only way not to ignore them is to practice spirinomics.'

A: 'Spirinomics?'

B: 'Yes, spirinomics. We need it. Because we are a first-class country supported by second-class citizens messed up by a third-class government run by fourth-class politicians. There's a fifth class but i forget what.'

A: 'I sense your angst, Sir.'

B: 'I have to go to the hospital now, Sofea.'

walla 23 June 2010 at 09:41  


A: 'But the government doesn't have any more money for that, Sir.'

B: 'Then say so outright. Don't grasp for the excuse that if they are sent overseas, they won't come back. In the first place, don't blame them if they don't come back when the reasons are already known. In the second place, they are the pride of any progressive nation. And thirdly, how did we come to such a stage that we can be so poor from just printing sixty reams of paper a year that each shitty sheet can be sold for fifty thousand?

No, Sofea. I was just being polite. It's not unintended, all these consequences. In fact, it's premeditated murder of the economy.

And you know what riles me? Let me tell you. A few days ago i asked the Malay lady selling burgers. Her girl was with her. It was hot. She said she's not sure about her income stream each month and the money is just enough for her children but the family will be in difficulties if her husband was not working. In other words, there is uncertainty in their lives.

I ask you - do they receive any benefit of the policy? You remember the roti canai seller in Melaka that i had told you? I went there and he was sheepish to tell me he has sold all even before ten in that morning. I was happy for him. Also noted his customers were mostly Chinese. Do you think he gives a hoot about Perkasa or the policy?

Sofea, they don't benefit from anything those Malay ultras are dissing to them. They are the ones who work hard every day, they are the ones who face real risks of life, they are the ones who never benefited one kopek from the policy and they are the ones whose names are used to shore the fortunes of people who never dropped one bead of sweat in their entire lives, living off mistakes made by the architects of the laws and the policies that opened the floodgates to squander and plunder.'

A: 'Talking about risk, Tun. The government ok's a gaming license that's all about a risk-taking business and yet it champions a scheme that insulates an entire community from taking risks in real life.'

B: 'But Sofea, some will say they just want the chance to also take risk.

But looking at the list of direct contracts, do they even know what is risk? Henderson Land paid a bomb to the HK government by open tender for the auction of a small piece of land. It built luxury apartments on them. Only five percent uptake up till today. It's losing billions. That's risk-taking.

When one can issue direct licenses while monopolising a market sector, there's no risk because the people are forced to take whatever's priced. And in such a state, investors will just walk away. They don't want to play such loaded dice games.'

walla 23 June 2010 at 09:41  

A: 'Do you think it's like a golf game with handicaps for beginners?'

B: 'There are differences. In golf, the course is fixed. Either nine or eighteen holes. Time and players are fixed. In the other case, time is made indefinite because players keep on being born so that their majoritarian presence provides the reason for decision-makers to strengthen their own position as custodians of the scheme.

Secondly, if given free, who would not take for granted?'

A: 'Would it have worked if those who had benefited from the scheme had in turn supported those who are beginners?'

B: 'But they didn't, Sofea. They looked away, forgot how they had come up, ignored the sacrifices made by others who had provided the indirect financial support and instead blamed them for all ills of the community, and then proceeded to plunder more by ingratiating themselves to the decision-makers, thereby creating the very monster that has made change the biggest and most urgent challenge of this nation today.'

A: 'Is it then all about human nature, Tun?'

B: 'There is a parallel in the law of unintended consequences that is found in economics.

The unintended consequence of the policy was sheer greed built on the foundations of patronage, monopoly and corruption.

No market in the world will countenance such a scheme twisted from its original intent.

Would those who argue against this put their own money into such a wired market where at least thirty percent has to be paid just for a nod to play?

If the green fees are too stiff, people will find other courses. The market knows that. Which explains why there will always be choices. And it is choices which enrich the performance of markets. Which thus defines progress.'

A: 'In other words.....'

B: 'In other words, Sofea, what had welled out of noble intentions for a fixed timeframe got distorted into a set of ignoble implementations for an indefinite timeframe with horrendous leakages conveniently overlooked by opportunists in their race to defend a race.

Just see for yourself what's happening to the rakyat. They are told a high income economy is the new gameplan. They are also told we need better brains.

Yet each year thirty thousand to eighty thousand APs are issued which are not worth the paper they are printed on which are then sold, some have said, for fifty thousand apiece. At the lowest end, that's one point five billion ringgit for just sixty reams of paper which could have been spent to provide scholarships for the full one thousand five hundred top scholars of the land who now have to be satisfied with local, indifferent and politicized offerings.'

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 10:02  

Yes its a a failure of leadership but how do you fix it? The failure of leadership is actually systematic. The weaknesses is all over permeating and ingrained even the talented and the young. The NEP is the one that created that leadership and also the main stumbling block to change.

The NEP is a Pandora's Box. You can't put it back or fix it. You have to throw it out.

Quiet Despair,  23 June 2010 at 11:13  

Dear Sak and all

Missed you guys

I have heard so much about liberal and non-liberal Malays being bandied around.
What exactly does the term means?
All I know is I am A Malay, supportive of UMNO.
Which category do I fall into?
Sak, please write about this to educate people like me.

TomCat,  23 June 2010 at 12:25  

"So what has not been done by groups like Perkasa for example? They haven't insisted on an incorruptible and driven leadership." Your last para is telling. It's the gravy train they are really after.

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 13:53  

These are the prominent ones.. the numerous non prominent ones are even more frightening... e.g. a RM100 million contract can suddenly be announced as RM300 million types...

I just cant imagine how many secret billionaires are there thus created.

More to come I supposed.

Red Alfa 23 June 2010 at 14:33  

@Quiet Despair

So much is being lost on you!

Dato'Sak, that Malay, that most supportive of UMNO, has been blogging and in recent postings and very unequivocally at that on what's not in/with UMNO anymore.. "an incorruptible and driven leadership"

The non-liberal Malay is he who supports UMNO whoever/whatever/ howoever the leadership has also/is/wannabe? The liberal Malay is he who will not support UMNO unless the leadership is incorruptible and driven? Then I would say the liberal Malay is the "Freed Malay"!

Perhaps to you, he is "Traitor Malay" because he doesn't support UMNO as unconditionally anymore?

And I would dare myself a distant wish ... the Freed Malay can become/is the Global Malaysian.

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 15:05  

What liberal and non-liberal Malays u r trying to twist?

There is only 1 class - subservience, fatalistically nostalgic towards the historical & Islamic feudal pasts. Irrespective of neither of that pasts carried any justified weights to their current human endurance.

When push turns to shovel, one can bet all of them will be the fifth class as missed out by Walla!

Nothing personal! It's just their nature of being, supplemented by the continuous subjugation of pseudo-maruah of their scumbag flag(race) carriers.

It's only sad that at the end of the day, all will be sucked into the economic chasm & suffer for no other reason than to tolerate a misguided believe that a little helping hands to the fellow M'sians for a 'positive' affirmative action is only a decent human act.

Know why the game of golf is been used as an example by these fourth-class scumbags to give relevancy to the affirmative NEP?

Simply because they are the ones who never dropped one bead of sweat in their entire lives, living off mistakes made by the architects of the laws and the policies that opened the floodgates to squander and plunder. Remember - let them eat cake - Marie Antoinette? Play golf, anyone?

At the end of the day only one thing can change this country. Do the French did & sent these scumbags to the guillotine!

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 15:18  

Its not about NEP...its not about Bumis.
Its about those in the inner circle and those excluded.

NEP is a convenient whipping boy.

A completely unbiased analysis of the NEP beneficiaries ; direct and indirect is urgently needed before the next step is taken to redraw the new boundaries.

Take the issue of Shah Alam Hospital >>it was awarded on a direct nego.Based on blog reports it was wholly subcontracted etc etc and the price have ballooned to RM 1.6 million per bed.Contrast that to a recent announcement by Putra Perdana on an award to build a hospital for about RM 1 mil per bed.Our erstwhile JKR Minister denied that the Shah Alam Hospital is in deep s**t >> but this is all sandiwara ..Penang Bridge was supposed to be ready by 2010 (when PL did the ground breaking in 2006) but now its only 24 % progress and JKR Minister says ON SCHEDULE.

Its not NEP..never have been NEP the issue.

Its just due to too many constraints placed on a leadership that in any event is not smart or strong enough to seed a change.

Its a pity really cos as we sit here pontificating..people in other countries are racing ahead and making real structural changes that can really create long term value add (for the country) in this challenging global economy.

We only look to create short term value..and even that only to benefit ourselves and our friends.

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 15:37  

Walla..agree with you.Whilst we were playing golf and respecting our handicaps >>they were buying over the club with the land..and (in Gamuda's Smart Tunnel/Royal Selangor) even tunneling under the golf course.

We are the handicaps.

Suci Dalam Debu 23 June 2010 at 15:59  


Not only they lacked ALL Three but they are also masters in creating the myth that their backwardness is the result of other people's bad actions.

TDM and Katak Ali PERKASA are experts in pointing their fingers at others. Sandiwara is the name of the game for them.

They keep using the non-performing Malays of Singapore as their benchmark. In reality, many successful Singaporean Malays frown upon the many "silly" policies of Malaysia.

What Anon 07:56 said is so true that affirmative actions and corruption are twins.

Unknown 23 June 2010 at 17:29  


We are going through another round...We expect more to be added to your list of Misdeeds!!

It will only end when Idris Jala's nightmare comes true!

What Idris Jala Knows (having been with Shell) that the rest of the population doesn't, is that our Oil is depleting and will not be replenished. With the New CEO of Petronas Curtailig Exploration and shutting down exploration offices abroad...The decline in reserves will result in eventually accelerating our oil import bill. Get ready to fall off the cliff when the full petrol subsidy is totally removed!!

Quiet Despair,  23 June 2010 at 18:20  

@Red Alfa

Boy, you are the one who's lost.
When did i ever doubt Sak's allegiance to UMNO.
What more to call him a traitor.
He is may state people. We are truthful people, who call a spade, a spade.
Dont know how to main sandiwara.
Anyways, thanks for the interpretation of the non-liberal
I can safely regard myself a global person, if your interpretation is right.
It'so obvious you are a PKR supporter who likes to find fault with others not of your ilk.

Suci Dalam Debu 23 June 2010 at 18:34  


When Malaysia exports no more oil and the subsidies end....Dan kesenjangan sosial dan persengketaan yang bakal berlaku pada waktu itu akan ditafsirkan oleh sebagai terjadi akibat "kejahatan" warga berbangsa Cina.

Ramai Katak2 akan menangguk di air keruh.

Hanya satu sahaja formula untuk menghindari dari itu semua.

Undilah sesiapa sahaja asalkan bukan BN pada pemilu 13 .

Red Alfa 23 June 2010 at 19:49  

And Dato', then there's the Insecure Malay who cannot be convinced of any future but the worst that PERKASA/IA has forewarned/is forewarning will befall the Malays.

I can put the blame on the MANY of the likes of Anon. 15:05 with his sick single mindedness of ALL Malays have now become. The Insecure Malay is responding just as most obligingly, exactly as PERKASA/IA would want it?

Will it be soon enough all Malaysia becomes either the extremes these two have turned into?

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 19:49  

1) IPP for YTL, Ananda,Genting.
2) Direct Nego double track rail for Gamuda.
3)LDP,Kesas,Smart,HS Dam for Gamuda.
4) Duke Hiway for Ekovest Group.
5) PutraJaya Ring Road for IJM. PutraJaya JV land development,
6) Abdullah Hukum,Johore Roadworks direct nego for SP Setia.
7) Bandwidth for Ananda Satellite TV exclusivity for Ananda.
8) KLCC devt for Ananda.
9)West Port privatisation for Gnalingam.
10) Casino license for Lim Goh Tong.
11) 3 digits for Ananda.
12) Sports Toto,Gaming license,Bukit Tagar landfill for VT.
13) Besraya,NPE Hiway & Seremban2 for roadbuilders.
14) Silk hiway for Sunway.
15) Khazanah rescue for Mines

But all the above beneficiaries are non-Bumi, dato', surely these projects were given on a competitive bidding basis coz the value of the above businesses must be in the tune of RM trillions.

But we were told that Non-bumis are competitive lot, especially that apek Francis Yeo.

But RM trillions in negotiated contracts or concessions without any bidding process, hey this cant be. I can't believe this...

Surely this list is exhaustive, dato?

There are not!

What the f@@K !!

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 19:51  

Wala, please rationalise for us why the f**k the projects in the Dato's list were given not on competitive bid basis using yr golf analogy again please.

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 19:57  

Today there's news about YTL completing the Sentul-Batu Caves railway link for RM 550 miilion plus.

What the f**k, I was told DRB's bid price was only about RM 300 million only.

F**king, brutal competitive this YTL!!

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 20:48  

To do what Dato' very rightly stated, the Malay populace need to be guided to change their mindset/attitude to embrace the only final equation in life, that is EFFORTS = REWARDS.
The politics and the pervasive dissemination of the wrong influence by Ibrahim Ali and his bogeymen, that DEMANDS and THREATS are good for the Malays,and that if such attempts become a dominant Malay psyche,would eventually cripple the community's capability in all fields of human endeavors.

sniper,  24 June 2010 at 04:45  


Reassessing Malay economics?

It was your "spoonfeed" generation who have spoiled the noble idea of DEB in helping the Malays.

They will easily get scholarship to study abroad, plenty of jobs in the gomen or private sectors, and plenty of easy loans thru bank bumi or Mara to start business.

Then, the competition to get gomen project was much lesser as many of the average Malays in town and kampung will ran away when mention about "bukak business and loans"

But NONE of your generation who was spoonfed all the way by the gomen have flourished into a reputable and established businessman except a few to name. The rest will go into politics to survive.

It's your "educated and openminded" generation who would blame the teachers for every single mistake done by your children at school. In other way to teach your children to disrespect the teacher.

It's your "educated and openminded" generation who would tell their children that the government is not doing anything better than your time to help the Malays.

The only things your generations is good at is doing nothing and blaming the others just as Anwar.

So take a good look at what your generation have done to the younger Malays and stop that mentality of DEB spoonfeed.

Do feel ashame at the younger one as they are more creative to survive than yours although they don't get "full scholarship" from the government.

In other words Sir - growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.

Anonymous,  24 June 2010 at 04:54  

you missed one at least privatisation -

the indah water thingy

Gomrn under madey gave the privatisation of waste water to chingkie vingkie tan
who sold it to x. Gomen nationalise
it at a cost in excess of 1 billion ringgit .

There is a legal minefield left by
the privatisation-nationalisation of
wastewater as no house owner has signed a pre-contract for such a
services. And the courts have ruled
that there is no automatic right of
collection by IWk on house owners.

And it does mot look like the gomen
could make a law for iwk to collect
fees from houseowners.

Interestingly despite the iwk debacle many bloggers day prostitute their writing to heap
praises on the 'great' statesman
madey .

Perhaps you are elegantly silent on the bad governance under madey's
ludicrously generous gift to his cronies . Compare the management
of such resources by Lee Kwan Yew.
Then one can understand what is the difference between a truly great statesman and a statesman given a
painted complexion of 'greatness'
by an organised team of prostitute


Anonymous,  24 June 2010 at 09:07  

Oh dear, now we have to choose between a corrupt barisan or an incompetent pakatan or the clown bebas. Semua tak boleh pakai...

Anonymous,  24 June 2010 at 09:42  

Red Alfa,

‘I can put the blame on the MANY of the likes of Anon. 15:05 with his sick single mindedness of ALL Malays have now become.’

How pathetic can yr argument be? Perhaps still sailing along the Nile with the siege cap on, while pondering where the next block of wind will alter the course of the Maru Denial?

For the past 30+ yrs, there r many Malay M’sians who have benefit tremendously from the NEP tongkat. Where r they now? What have they done to uplift/bootstrap their kindred, who still living in the same mode as if time stand still?

They r HERE alright - They looked away, forgot how they had come up, ignored the sacrifices made by others who had provided the indirect financial support and instead blamed them for all ills of the community, and then proceeded to plunder more by ingratiating themselves to the decision-makers, thereby creating the very monster that has made change the biggest and most urgent challenge of this nation today.


Then how do one accounts for the deadening silent of these majoritarian beneficiary for the past & continuous premeditated murder of the M’sian economy all these years? R they part of the gang, acting in silent mode? They r not only mulish in protests, majority of them also refuse to pay back the monetary awards that had been given out to them, realizing fully that the returned money can used to help their other/younger kindred to achieve something better, educationally &/or skillfully.

How much shameful can one get? In the name of their Alif BA Ta battle cry?

So admit it – u r part of the fifth class M’sian!

DO keep in yr mind that the first step to solve a human behavioral problem is to admit the guilt & FACE it. Only then can a TRUTH solution be found – even though it might be already too late for M’sia.

The Other M’sians can always survive - after all they have had 30+ yrs of forced trainings.

I’m not so optimistic about the Malay M’sians. They might just go amok irrationally as they so prone to behave under stressful circumstances. Meanwhile all those umnoputras r happily enjoying their ill-gotten wealth somewhere else, properly far far away in the Americas, Europe &/or Australia!

Eat yr heart out – for not being speaking out loudly & earlier.

Perhaps, deep down all of u r closet umnoputras to the u. No?

Red Alfa 24 June 2010 at 15:15  

That Anon 24/6 09:42 will blow his fuse soon enough spouting demented rantings! All one has to do is waving red (Malay) and he's set off like the raging idiot for blood as long it's Malay's!

His kind and the Insecure Malay feed and grow on each other's prejudices. It will be Malaysia's tragedy as there are going to be more of them.

Anonymous,  24 June 2010 at 21:15  

NEP is never the problem..

Scrap NEP BUT if one allows the same "I help u,u help me " & personal greed culture to continue it will be back to square.

Restructure the midset..and maintain NEP as it is designed for ;and you will get the best out of the nation.

its leadership we need..not PR.

Anonymous,  24 June 2010 at 22:00  

One thing fascinating on your blogs are the commentators >> very diversified group..and obviously lots of thinkers.It will be interesting if you do a poll on issues like NEP.NEM.GLCs.Leadership by DNA...etc etc..

Anonymous,  25 June 2010 at 06:36  

Dear Dato,
You seem to forget things that are so clear. You cannot and must compare the Malay with the Japanese. Malays are Muslim by birth and Japanese are buddhists.
So are Singapore,Taiwan and South Korea,
Islam is an obstacle to economic advancement. This is the reason and stop searching for other reasons. One has to face the truth and not to hide it.
You once said it yourself and this is the truth. Show me a Muslim country that is on high-income level and in advanced economic phase. There is none and this is the truth. So UMNO please accept this stop pissing about.


schenker78 25 June 2010 at 08:56  

maaf topik lari sikit....nak sebut sikit pasal Penjara Pudu....

sudah ada banyak Mall kat area sana....Lot10, Berjaya Times Square, Imbi Plaza, BB Plaza, KL Plaza, ....bla bla bla....

apasal mahu shopping mall lagi???
siapa mahu berniaga kat bekas Penjara tempat gantung banduan??

Ada sebilanagan orang Melayu dan kebanyakan orang Cina tidak akan berniaga ataupun membeli apartment yg akan dibangunkan di sana sebab takut roh2 yang ada kat sana...saya x percaya sangat tu, tapi kalau ada duit pun x akan beli sana...

Saya belajar kat VI. Bila sekolah tu akan dirobohkan pasal tanah VI sangat luas berbanding bangunan sekolah...

Sekurang kurangnya walaupun penjara diroboh, biarkan dinding yang dicat banduan, ada sejarah di sebalik tu...

If the planner is smart, they can incorporate the walls with the surrounding new areas...

If Berlin retains some of their Berlin wall in their city for historical purposes, why not the Pudu Jail Wall??

It was painted by the inmates which whenever I pass through the area, we are reminded that even the Inmates can do something good and beautiful even if they make mistakes in the past.

Red Alfa 25 June 2010 at 10:40  

The brilliant intellect in Anon 25/6 06:36 is breathtaking!

Such bedazzling simple logic! Malays stop pissing as Muslims and start pissing as Buddhists!

Quiet Despair,  25 June 2010 at 11:53  

@AA 06.36

Nothing to do about Islam but everything to do with us Muslims.
In the Koran, Allah has told us to seek knowledge and progress.

Anonymous,  25 June 2010 at 14:13  

Bukit Tagar , not Bukit Tajar Dato .

Sanitary Landfill . KUB-BERJAYA Enviro Sdn Bhd .

The landfill occupies a 700 acres footprint, with an additional 1000 acres of buffer zone

130 million cubic meters of air-space for municipal solid waste provides waste management solution exceeding 40 years
Daily handling capacity in excess of 3000 tonnes of waste.

Sorry , I am a particular person with name errors especially with project names .

Jamal JB

Anonymous,  25 June 2010 at 14:55  

Being an economist man , it is about time you start educating Malays about 'there is no free lunch' in the world forever.Gov assistance may be given for the needy and performing ONLY even among them.
One of Malay problem I see the culture of capital gathering in themselves. They just do not seems to be successful to resist the temptation to SAVE a portion of amount what they gain by salary or profits.If you cant save you will never enjoy stability.I have seen the difference between my Malays and non Malay workers.Prudent is not virtue.My Malay boys eat lunch with canned drinks,my Chinese boys bring their own bottle.thats like RM1.50 for 2 meals.They don't spend money on branded clothings.FOS enough for them.
I have been telling them so save in ASB with such great dividend but alas they dont listen.Ala boss , Leong and gang semua gi Karaoke , kenapa kita tak boleh ? They start blaming same time gov for their 'mishaps' in life . I told them you don't even vote ! With equal salary that they gets I think they should have more but still asking advance from me when the tow truck waiting in front of my office beside their car.
When I worked before,I save a chunk of my salary to start as capital for 3 years.Start very slow with no loan.From only 5 of us we grow till there is 90 of us.It is hard work.I start work at 7.30am , back home by 2.30am daily . At least now I am able to reach home by 9pm.Last time I had no holiday for 6 years.There was no weekend for me as it is working day on Sunday in Terengganu and Kelantan so I have to travel on Saturday.
What really pays if extreme hard it or not.I told some Malay businessman , you want to compete with the rest ? Gather solid capital,learn your subject very well,if others work 12 hours a day .. you with 16 hours , treat your supplier with good cheques and respect well your clients . What choice do you have ?

Walla with golf .. I hate that game. I wonder why we must play golf .. an aristocrat game that was introduced by the colonial power that many say they despised.

This is what I think about golf


schenker78 25 June 2010 at 15:04  

anon 636,

regarding ur comment that being Buddhist, japan, taiwan and singapore are ahead of most East Asia country is pure bullshit from you.

I dont see the Buddhist work ethic replicated in Laos, Myanmar Burma, Cambodia bla bla bla....

People like your kind have changed the original teaching of Gautama Buddha so that you can be greedy , involve in capitalism, eat non vegetarian food even on Wesak Day in Buddhist temple instead of cultivating your mind to higher level.

Go and throw coin for good luck during Wesak day and go ask your Smiling Buddha for more Gold....

Anonymous,  25 June 2010 at 16:14  

Every human interpretation of the ONE is tainted with self prejudice!

Said what u like - Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism etc, etc r all man-made in the name of the ONE. So the circular argument about which religion is better is just pure human indoctrination.

Countries with Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism & Hinduism contagion, have all been through the cycle of boom & bust - politically, economically & technologically. In short they r where they r because they r ALL IMPERFECT man-made illusion.

So what so great about countries with non-Islam as a main religious practice, blooming prosperously in the current socio-economical & technological fields?

A lot of their achievements r sitting on top of the discoveries made by the past Muslim scholars.


The only thing that the Muslim defenders should think deeply NOW is that the current Muslim interpretations of their believes deter them from advancing FURTHER in all fields of human endeavors.

There is a revival of the archival thinking that Islam has reached perfection due to the fact that Prophet Mohammad is the last messiah & nothing better will come after him. So what else to learn & thus the decline in Islamic achievements.

Other religions r NOT been hand-stripped by the-last-messiah constraint, thus all schools of thoughts r flowering & resulting in further scholarly advancements in every human endeavors.

Perhaps this is the mirror that all Muslim should seriously look at before they jump to the defense of their believes.

Anonymous,  25 June 2010 at 19:15  


Perhaps the fault here lies in the over-emphasis of race.

Maybe you should focus more on the individual. How do you maximize the potential of each individual who are classified as Malays...

Anyway, not all Malays are into business or have the so called 'business mind-set'.

There might be Malays who can be philosophers, scientists, inventors, teachers and yes, admin officers in the govt, executives in private sectors etc.

How do you maximize the potential of these different peoples?

Once you do that - the economics will come naturally...

Think about it Dato'

Mamat (I just want to be myself)

Anonymous,  26 June 2010 at 23:03  

AA: 25th June 6.36
I would like to answer my critics;
Muslim & Islam are the same. One is the worshipper & the other the religion. Perhaps I should have said Muslim & Non-Muslim.
See figures below and then ask yourself what went wrong for the Muslim countries. Maybe UMNO might give you a scholarship to do a Master thesis to find why Muslim countries lag behind.
GNI = Gross National Income per capital: (2008)
Non-Muslim Muslim
Japan US$38210 Saudi US$15500
Singapore US$34760 Libya US$11590
Hongkong US$31610 Malaysia US$6970
S.Korea US$21530 Algeria US$4260
Taiwan US$17230 Tunisia US$3290
China US$2940 Syria US$2090
Indonesia US$2010
Pakistan US$980
The most extreme Muslims tend to have low GNI. Saudi & Libya have the support of oil income';without this they would be lower in rank like Pakistan.
China would be up there soon and the above figure is slightly distorted by the large population; 1.2 billions.
Malaysia is a little lucky because you are exporting oil now but not in 2011 when you are net importer then. So one would expect your GNI to go lower as you move in 2012 and beyond.
So the future is doom and worse as the language of business (English) is now being taken out from the national education. Blame Dr.M for this. You also cheated in the education system; 35% pass mark for Bumi. This fact was revealed by foreign lecturers who were sacked if they refused to pass the BUMI.
So if the Melayu do not wake up and still play with the "Ketuanan" and Islam your future is very dark indeed; like Pakistan.
Stick with UMNO and you are a dead duck! Sorry for the negative news but this is the truth.


schenker78 27 June 2010 at 09:58  

anon 636/2303

your statistic about moslem countries are true, but you China Chinese can never hope to match Japan's per capita income level from usd2000++ due to huge population.

Your huge farmers and rural population will bring down the income average of the urbans. You cant put all 1.35 billion people doing commerce and abandon farming. Mao Zee Dong killed 30million++ in famine more than the Japanese killings in the 1940s due to his stupid policies.

Stop praising China. Its glossy paint on the outside hide the ugly mould and shit on the inside.

When you Chinese going to give up Tibet? Thanks to Mao, millions killed in Lhasa in the 50s.

China will get involved in war with Taiwan(USA), Japan or India and it will be their final downfall or there will be Tiananmen 2.

China can ask help from fellow rogue state Venezuela, Bolivia, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sudan.

Moslem countries are not perfect, but dont use China's false money in capitalism to downgrade moslem countries.

China, Iran, Pakistan are the same.

schenker78 27 June 2010 at 10:55  

to say that most chinese taxpayer are doing haram job is an insult.

and to say this country being run on the wheels just because only chinese are working are an insult to malays, indians and other races.

I am sure the tax from alcohol, pork, gambling are lesser than the main economic activity.

This country is not run on haram industries.

The service sector, trading, commerce, tourism, commodity export are the bulk of tax generator not the sin tax....

Anonymous,  27 June 2010 at 20:56  

AA: My answer to Schenker78
Perhaps China is not a good example since she was under communism for 50 years. She will be up there ahead of USA in 10 years.
But just take a look in Google and punch in BYD electric car. This a fully eletric car invented in China that can do 186 miles before recharge needed. Go haed and check the share price of BYD and learn more. Can your PROTON do that? I doubt it!
The best comparison for Malaysia is Taiwan who has the same population as Malaysia ; 20-25 m

Taiwan no natural resources and still ahead of Malaysia. Look at ACER laptop computers; they designed and made in Taiwan. Malaysia still needs to import rice and sugar and on top of that all these items are subsidised. How long can this last? Maybe you should ask your guru Dr.M.

So wake up Malaysia and you will just end up like Pakistan; cannot even produce enough rice to feed its population.
Good luck

schenker78 27 June 2010 at 22:58  

China ahead of USA in 10 years??
ahead on what??

China's economy is hopeless. They only thrive on cheap and low quality exports of tools and toys...

they are poluting their own rivers and air , worst than what the US did for the past 150yrs.

baby milk tainted with melamine? toys for children full of poisoning lead?

tools that broken down within months unlike european and japanese products.

China and Chinese generally are arrogant and think they are going to rule the world.

I dont care much of what is going to happen to Malaysia. But China is useless and I will see in my lifetime the fall of China.

thank you for the occupation of Tibet and torturing Monks

Chinese, be very afraid of old man like Dalai Lama....

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