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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Re-assessing Malay Economics-1

Re-assessing Malay economics.
I am not going to offer apologies for speaking about Malay economics. This is the biggest headache. If our PM doesn't solve this problem, everything else will be on a grid-lock.
His NEM is going to fail if he doesn't have the political will and iron-fisted determination. It will also fail if he doesn't put in place a first class government machinery. 1.2 million- strong civil service isn't good if it doesn't have the quality to implement. 
First and basic of all, if he exhibits ambivalence, a dithering posture, his NEM will fail. If he has this tweedle dee tweedle dum behavior, one day this, next day that style, his NEM will fail.
His NEM is premised on market driving forces. At least, in theory he has got this part of his thinking right. The fundamental rule is- never go against market forces. The essential element of market forces is competition. A position attained is but temporary because, competition drives competitors to dislodge you. Unless of course, that eminent position was attained by non competitive means, by fiat, decree or plain legislation. In that way, prominence and eminence will depend on continued non competitive policies and maybe even coercive power instruments.
Insisting on eminence premised on inherent rights and inherent privileges for example is a clear position that is against market forces. It will fail. Insisting that NEP policies must remain, is just against market forces. Because that way, you institutionalize privilege and ascriptive norms. You institutionalize corner-cuttings, free loadings etc. most importantly, you institutionalize a non competitive culture.
You simply can't develop a country based on these elements- cutting corners, short cut to everything attitude, shyness to hard work. You can't develop a country believing it will because of who you are. I mean, the country doesn't develop only because you are Tun Razak's son, or Hussein Onn's son or Mahathir's son. It's got to be based on the bricks and mortar principle- hard work and usage of the material between your ears.
Once you institutionalize the bad habits they become culture.
Our PM must realize quickly that culture is our country's DNA. How do you re-constitute it? Not by pussy footing. It requires laser and invasive surgery. Cultures that evolve and adapt to external stimuli thrive, those that don't, fall behind. Or those that deliberately resist will fall behind. Something along the line Ibrahim Alis of this world proposed.
That is the reason , the principal reason indeed why I think the resolutions arrived by Perkasa will not be included in the NEM because they are incompatible with the NEM. Its too premature to say, the PM accepts the resolutions of the Malay Economic Congress. Not because PM Najib doesn't want to, but mainly because he knows incorporating non competitive elements will derail his NEM. But he doesn't have that courage to say no.
Which is troubling. Because it reflects his lack of that iron fisted determination and drive to see the NEM goes through. And if he abandons his NEM after spending so many man hours and money and PR-ring his masterpiece, he will certainly be categorized in the same class with the Sultan of Slumber- the accidental PM.
And so yes, culture is the issue. I have written that UMNO leaders and leaders of this country need to think about culture if they haven't done so or read about it if they haven't done so. If you put in a culture that doesn't place much value in learning and scholarship, doesn't reward a person for his intelligence and education and industriousness, you are going to slow down progress. Why should anyone try harder if he knows the next mamat who has less education, fooled around during college and at universities is going to be rewarded more? At the very least, such a person develops lifelong cynicism and disdain.
A culture that doesn't place much value at all on achievement norms( by which we measure a man based on what he is capable of doing vs. ascriptive norms by which a man is measured based on who he , his father and family is.) is bound to put in a system that is going to slow down progress.


Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 09:27  

John Doerr .."You talk to the leaders in China,they are all engineers,and they get what is going on immediately.The Americans don't,because they are all lawyers"
Bill Gates.."The Chinese have risktaking down,hard work down,education, and when you meet with Chinese politicians ,they are all engineers and scientists.You can have a numeric discussion with them-you are never discussing "give me a one-liner to embarrass my political rivals.You are meeting with an intelligent bureaucracy."

Look through the landscape of our polticians ,GLC bosses,civil servants...find me a scientist or engineer amongst them.

And you are surprised we have failed?

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 09:45  

This country have lost its way as far as education is concerned.The mindset of our leaders is systematically being influenced by extraneous factors in making key education issues.

The ultimate bombshell is Jala's classification of EDUCATION as a subsidy.

What is wrong is the addiction to hardware..building grandiose buildings for schools,colleges,universities rather then the more important aspect of curriculum devt,software and learning ambience.

We need a radical change..and we need it now.

The vision is to ensure ALL Malaysians will have a tertiary education.This will increase the pool of knowledge workers whilst reducing the pool of post SPM job seekers.

How can this be implemented NOW >> no need to invest in infrastructure..use all existing facilities including double sessioning.And PutraJaya offices can be reconfigured so as to free a few buildings for academic purposes.

As far as teaching ..we can employ as many unemployed graduates..provide them with tools such as online teaching methodologies etc etc..

So..can it be done?Its not easy but not impossible.
The cost...a few billions should be enough.Nazir will be willing to give up his wealth for this noble pursuit.

Its the 1Msia Education Initiative that will change Msia forever.

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 10:00  

Surely it sounds great but it is so deep rooted with leaders of the kind that love to go backward in thinking, only god knows why.
So I think lets help to retain UMNO if you like it and dislodge those who only use their fathers' name but of the useless calibre.
Kalau tidak mampus lah kita weh.... and when ever you are ready sir!!!

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 10:13  

Dato Sak
I or should I say that I take this opportunity to say that, we Malaysians who cherish democracy are most delighted to read your comments, both critical of UMNO and the president of UMNO who happens to be your president. I really appreciate your criticisms and am sure all peace and democracy loving citizens of this country will agree with me.
You have said many things about the economy of this country, economy of the malays/Bumiputras etc. Along the line you have also touched on issues that are vital in any democracy to survive.
But the most essential point that you have missed till today is your stand, yeah, your personal stand. Why is it that you as a UMNO member and a former ADUN in Parliament Pekan doing all this without making a stand. Why are you still at the shores of UMNO. I really appreciate and dare say the whole country appreciates ZAID IBRAHIM, who left all his govt posts in the cabinet to join hands with the opposition parties to fight for a CAUSE. Now, I see you have a CAUSE but you don't have GUTS to stand out from the dirty bunch to fight them. The whole country knows the degree of corruption taking place in this country and all the UMNO people who are involved,but as long as they the UMNO men do not fight the president they are safe.
I presume you are also taking a SAFE STAND. Frankly, you tell us the rakyat, who are the leaders left in UMNO that can take over and run the country in the event the present bunch are not there. I don't see any one capable leader who can run this country for the sake of rakyat but there are thousands in UMNO who can if it's for personal gain. So, please Dato Sak, if you are a sincere person, a person who represent the people, please come out of the WOODS and join the brave leaders of the opposition who are crusading against this EVIL UMNO who are doing everything in their power to shut the doors of democracy for their personal gain. Today the UMNO is fully utilizing the PDRM, the Justice, SPRM, SPR and whatever other ajencies at their disposal to grab and cling on to power. The whole world knows what happened in PERAK. Bar council and lawyers faithful to the system know whats happening to the pakatan reps and others who are supportive of the opposition. Unless, you have ulterior motives from the president / Prime Minister you should not be in UMNO for another minute.
I challenge you to allow this comment of mine to be published in your coloumn without any corrections or a spin. Tks.

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 10:16  

Anon 9.27
You are right. We need scientists, engineers and doctors who make decision base on factual inputs.

Scientists wont make flip flop decision.

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 10:34  

Honestly sir, the Malays NEVER had a "Malay Economy" to speak about.

I never marvel at a Malay who drives in a RM 1 million ringgit car.
My prejudice tells me that he got it through corruption or by riding on government contracts or free APs or 30% equity or Ali Baba partnership and doing no work. Or appointed CEOs or Directors of public listed companies (sleeping partners).

It's never business acumen or hard work of several decades.
Which Malay can measure up to a Robert Kuok or a Lim Goh Tong?
(Vincent Tan can go to hell).

If indeed there is such a thing as Malay economy, we will be seeing a flourishing of manufacturing concerns, car showrooms, super market oners, hoteliers, property developers, and flourishing of cottage industries etc.

Perkasa's version of Malay Economy is patronage and free gifts. No hard work or brain required.

Eyes Wide Open 22 June 2010 at 10:40  

With a system that sidelines quality people like Ku Li, Shahrir Samad, Zaid Ibrahim and even their own Youth Chief KJ, and promotes sycophants, ignoramus and brutes like Bung Mokhtar, Nazri Aziz and Chua Soi Lek, what hope is there
for the party to reform itself. If it can't even reform itself, does it have what it takes to reform the nation?

SmallFry,  22 June 2010 at 10:43  

Hmmmm.....who wanna work hard...Ketuanan bolih...

Red Alfa 22 June 2010 at 11:02  

Salam Dato'

You have brilliantly come down to the crux of the issue. The UMNO Malays have NO leaders to speak of or UMNO leadership IS FAILING the Malays. Whether there is any lacking in leadership or even no leaders, then there is still that dearth of any sustainable solution to work towards developing a vigorous Malay economy.

Without that inspiring leadership and inspired leaders who will get the right people to find the solution and to work on it and who with the political will and iron-fisted determination will ensure the job will get done whatever it takes, UMNO will have nothing, not even a hope, to giving the Malays any sense for the Malay contribution to achievements of excellence that will be seen as UMNO worthwhile legacy of delivering a vibrant and competitive Malay economy.

For any inkling of a new leadership of any potential, shouldn't we be suggesting it starts with it rejecting and will be dismantling all and every vestige of TDM's corrupting, cronyistic and nepotistic policies?

Only then, will there hope of the new UMNO/Malay leadership getting somewhere?

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 11:35  


Excellent dissection.

Sadly Dato Seri Najib inherited this highly indoctrinated government machinery which will require years of hard work and motivation to change.

Well, China took almost a generation to change from communism to quasi capitalism.

Indeed Dato Seri Najib will need herculean effort and astute political will to succeed.

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 12:53  

It is the corruption practice by UMNO/BN that will eventually destroy everyone in this country !!

Habib RAK 22 June 2010 at 13:13  

Well said AK47. Now, how do we ensure it?

CYC,  22 June 2010 at 14:09  

Anon 09.27,

We do have Nottingham trained economist who is prudent on revenue but bullish on cost hike. He serves best as a purchaser who are good at exhausting allocated budget in the shortest possible time frame. He has been a MB and then Minister for a total of almost 30 years. And his achievement is none other than scandals. But yet peoples are glorifying him as a talented leader. Stupid citizens breeds stupid leader.. and obviously mediocre economic growth in sight.

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 16:29  

Walk into any government office and you will see less than 50 percent of the staff are really working while the rest are either absent or loafing around. Slash the strength to 50 percent and you will get the same efficiency and thus save so much unnecessary expense. But you rarely find that government staff who are retrenched due to redundancy, incompetency or plain lazy. They just hang on and load for free.
Pak Tua

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 17:07  


It is a such a shame that you choose to remain in UMNO when you fully well know that UMNO will never change. Of course I agree that if one wants to change for the better, the changes have to be done within the party by the party members themselves. But honestly, how many people in UMNO think like you or share your same thoughts and are prepared to speak up. My guess is not many as the great majority of UMNO members are deemed as scycophants ever ready to defend and protect the NEP crutches.

Anyways Dato, your honest views and opinions are always enlightening. You sure have an open mind considering you are an UMNO person :)

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 18:23  

Hello & Salams Sakmongkol kalashnikov.

Is it me, or there are few out there on a mission to nuked umno out?

Aspan Alias recently portray similarly with ease yet in his own humble opinion.

That Curry guy, who are anti-kj is on another whole different level.

Donplaypuks is well versed and suited well with his own demeanor.

and many others out there - turncoat from one side to another Jedi-side.

But this Mamak below who I trust believe who can walk on water too -is absurd and making a fool of himself.

Haiyo. Malaysia banyak betul orang macam ni - where did all the good people gone too?

Bonus ala "gossip panas" Dr.Asri is joining UMNO very soon as another famous coup ala Silver State.

-Ikan Tongkol-

sniper,  22 June 2010 at 20:04  


is blogging is a way of voicing out one's personal frustration or one's public concern.

Habib RAK 22 June 2010 at 20:17  

AK47, sorry off topic. But this is urgent n important. A new radioactive plant in the making in Gebeng, Pahang. Please read Anil's blog for details. This must be stopped.

Unknown 22 June 2010 at 23:23  

Salam Dato',
I HAVE NOT seen any "modern" economic system that truly survives the test of time. Surely its not the so-called open & supposedly market-based US economic system? Its in a mess - just look at what the financial "terrorists" did to the US economy recently, not to mention its subsidized agri., defense & other sectors? The EU economic system? Another one that is supposed to be market-based is also in deep sh** & heavily subsidized, and the mess ain't over yet folks! Japan? Its been stagnated for the past twenty years... So what's left? Taiwan, PRC, Korean & S'pore "miracles"? Are these truly open & market-based? Maybe yes, maybe no... its debatable... so tell me which country that has exhibited exemplary economic model that is open & market-driven? Or does it exist in Utopia?

Suci Dalam Debu 22 June 2010 at 23:27  


Are you promoting meritocracy? Lest you forget, that belongs to the little red dot and is forbidden in Malaysia.

Ariff Sabri 22 June 2010 at 23:30  


you feel great saying that eh? you and yr kind trivialize the thinking of others.

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 02:00  

10.30 pm..on the quiet stretch of road linking PutraJaya to Elite.Not too many cars on the road.

Out of the blue..outriders with siren blaring pushed me off to the side of the road.

10 minutes later more outriders followed by a huge convoy of Perdanas,Mercs,more police squad cars etc with an ambulance taking the rear..came through at BLAZING speed..not less than 160 km/hr.

Estimated cost...$5000 for the outriders,dquad cars and the ambulance.

What are our leaders trying to prove?I am not impressed..

1>> There's not much traffic on the road at that time
2>> Its late thus can't be rushing off to another meeting or function
3>>extremely bad example of speeding recklessly on a road designed for max 120 kmh

This extravagant symbolic show of importance is pretty outdated.Not many countries have such practises anymore.

Rarely if not at all ,have I witnessed such convoys in Indonesia,Thailand,UK,India..

It just shows how detached our leaders are..still wallowing in their self importance and grandeur.
How can you expect change?How can u dream of a leader that will bring change if they are still trapped in the outdated customs of extravagance and wastefulness.

Yes Dato..we need to revolutionise the leaders before we expect change from the people.

Frankly,I am disgusted.

Anonymous,  23 June 2010 at 03:49  

Just a little question.If Malays are not competitive in any field,then should they be left without any opportunities?Is Dato a firm believer of "brutal competitiveness" as decreed by YTL?

But,then would Dato consider the following as shining examples of "brutal competitiveness"?

1> Take or pay IPP for YTL,Ananda,Genting..?
2> Direct Nego double track rail for Gamuda?
3> LDP,Kesas,Smart,HS Dam for Gamuda?
4>Duke Hiway for Ekovest Group?
5> PutraJaya Ring Road for IJM?
6> PytraJaya JV land devt,Abdullah Hukum,Johore Roadworks direct nego for SPSetia
7> FOC bandwidth for Ananda
8>Satellite TV exclusivity for Ananda
9>KLCC devt for Ananda
10>West Port privatisation for Gnalingam?
11>Casino license for LimGoh Tong
12>3 digits for Ananda?
13>Sports Toto,Gaming license,Bt Tajar landfill for VT?
14>Besraya,NPE Hiway & Seremban2 for roadbuilders
15>Silk hiway for Sunway
16>Khazanah rescue for Mines
The list is not conclusive by any means.But those are definitely not procured under competitive bids..and in many cases formed the foundation of the wealth of those recipients.

But,why is the focus on if only Bumis got the golden eggs.And only Bumis was stroking the ego & pandering to the goose.

Its very humble of them and Mr Nazir to REBUKE and REJECT the NEP..demanding brutal competitiveness after they have lined their pockets.

In golf,there is the handicapping system..if ur a beginner u start off at 24..and a more experienced or better player have to give you strokes.The purpose is not to let the beginner win..but to make it an even match.

Nazir,Francis,Ananda,Vincent..wannahave a round of golf soon?

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