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Sunday 20 June 2010

Legalizing Sports gambling

I thought I did not want to write on this subject. Recently Dr Mahathir came out to support sports betting. Just yesterday, the man whose mouth is faster than his brain, the Minister Nazri TS Aziz said lets legalise the sports betting because this signifies our respects for those who like to gamble. The Chinese like to gamble. We know some ministers, UMNO included like to gamble too. We must respect them too.
So I find myself not asking anything more than what Nazri asks. Lets honour those who like to fornicate around by legalising prostitution. We must respect them. Let's allocate more land for the rearing of pigs because to do so, we show our respects. As long as the Muslims don't partake in all these. Hell, we must also facilitate the setting up of alcoholic and beer manufacturing facilities, if that beverage is required and needed for some people's sustenance.
Then if anyone violates the respects, they must be dealt with severely.
And not to miss the bandwagon, Kaveas of PPP says he supports the sports betting. Now it's becoming more interesting. Chua Soi Lek sees nothing wrong in legalising gambling. He has already reached the apex of sinning - gambling is nothing to him.
But when PPP apes what others are saying- I cannot tahan anymore. I have to write something. Now.
PPP can say whatever it wants. No one wants to listen to them. I don't know why BN should carry this living monitor lizard. To the Malay- the saying memikul biawak hidup carries with it, despicable connotations. PPP is the basket case among BN component parties. The people at large don't care what Kaveas and his speckled batik-shirted ride- alongs want to say. They can't win a single seat and has to contend with begging the PM for a seat through the backdoor. What value does PPP give to BN? Its presence causes indigestion to Samy Vellu. The truth is, PPP is more renowned by its internal squabbles than stellar leadership. That it has none.
Go on- legalise everything because as Kaveas says, our society has accepted reality. He of course means a particular section of society. The mother lode of all gambling is located at Genting Higlands. The Genting group pays more than a Billion Dollars to acquire a gambling licence in Singapore. Here, Ascot Sports was given the opportunity to make RM 575,000,000 on VT's 70% share. The son, because he is a scrooge, chooses to keep his 30% share.
What we have missed is, Ascot Sports was given the license free and the possessor of the licence was able to tell the SC that he is injecting a valuable portfolio to boost the value of his shares.
PPP has got the wrong message- we will also support the legalisation of sports betting and other gambling and gambling permutations. We don't care – but don't legalise it ONLY for Vincent Tan. Why not legalise all those illegal gambling owned by ALL operators. Then this lucrative business is not monopolised by ONE person. Will PPP support legalising all the illegal gambling if these shadow operators, apply to legalise their underground business?
Why should preference be given only to Vincent Tan?
If Vincent Tan is the only person preferred, then he must have done something very very useful to the leaders of this government to such a degree, that the leader of this country is beholden to him. So he brushes aside any opposition and any indiscretions to insist giving it to Vincent Tan.
What has Vincent Tan done to this country which cannot be done by others IF given the same opportunities? VT wasn't successful in all his ventures was he?
What we are currently seeing is the mounting of a concerted rear guard attack to destroy all opposition to granting the license. This could suggest that the licence has actually been given by the MOF.
What's troubling us over the sudden rear guard counter attack? It is this. I quote extensively from this blogger who commented on my blog.
The Ascot-Vincent Tan licence is a monopoly licence, given, without competition, and on the quiet, to an individual who is already enormously wealthy after another such licence in the past. No terms have been made public. No safeguards in place to protect the public's larger interests. No one knows what political quid pro quo have been negotiated.
There is also the question on the morality of a government which, acting on behalf of all the people, gives away to its friends and allies valuable things that belong to all the people. And of how it leaves the common people short-changed, and tries to make a virtue of it.
It is only pragmatic to accept that gambling will exist in a pluralistic society, and if left unregulated will only feed the underworld. That calls for licensing, but with strong conditions to ensure that the common good is served, and not made a means to line the pockets of the wealthy or of the powerful.
It will indeed line the pockets of the wealthy if legalising it confers a monopoly by businesses held by ONE person.


schenker78 20 June 2010 at 20:09  

dato' sak

nazri is insulting the non moslem in general by saying that UMNO legalizing sports betting for the hak non moslem.

the poorer chinese families i am sure especially the ladies hate gambling, their hubby goin for prostitutes China dolls etc....

there must be control and limit on everything...incl the $D which has now min 3draws per week per company...thats 12 draws per week or 50 draws per month...not to forget the special is draining away from apeks, ibans, indons, bangla, indians and some malays who also can be seen buying 4D with their helmet on at closing time 5pm to 7pm........

Anonymous,  20 June 2010 at 20:16  

Aiyah Latuk. UMNO tak berani kacau VT. V.Tan tu UMNO punya banklah. Semua UMNO kasi sama dia sbb UMNO ada share ma. Bukan susah mahu faham. Dia ni saman pun tak makan sbb UMNO protect sama dia. Tengok itu Lingam punya kes, apa jadi pada VT...elek. Itu Perkasa punya boss pun dia boleh kasi tutup mulut ma..

Zmas,  20 June 2010 at 20:21  

Yb dato
are u an umno agent ?

Donplaypuks® 20 June 2010 at 21:09  


Suddenly all the BN component parties - MCA, PPP, MIC, Gerakan - are crawling out of the woodwork to champion the award of a monopolistic betting licence to VT and the Bj Group as though it's going out of fashion!

My stance has always been very clear:

1. If the Govt defies the will of the majority of the Rakyat, there will be a very, very heavt price to pay come GE 2013!!

2. But if they insist on being defiant to the extent of promoting a monopoly betting licence for FREE while seemingly drawing up Anti-Trust Legislation in Parliament, then once again Rosemajib's Govt is exposed for what it is - a Govt that does not walk the talk!!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  20 June 2010 at 21:29  

ssh......don't let the people think like this....let them read the mainstream media only...especially the Sun now!


wisher,  20 June 2010 at 21:42  

Dato, wish you have a bilingual blog with all your posts translated into Bahasa Malaysia for a wider audience.

Wonderman (always wondering),  20 June 2010 at 21:46  

Dato, if only you are in the position to vote on this issue and the choice is between voting for and stay a UMNO/BN rep and against and get kicked out. Perhaps because of the sea change after March 08, the chances of you voting against is probably very high but I wonder if it happened before March 08, would your choice be different?

sniper,  21 June 2010 at 00:49  


Now they will bet on whether Ascot will get the approval or not.

In Taiping, they'll bet on the weather. So Kayveas should apply for weather gambling license before he retires.

Anonymous,  21 June 2010 at 01:54  

Hey, your hero-Ibrahim al-kataki also supports sports gambling and he is more happy to obliged to his big brother-Vincent Tan

umar,  21 June 2010 at 04:16  


There is a Dato, an indian formerly worked in Customs. Vincent Tan and his siblings Danny Tan visit him when he was a senior officer in Customs. This guy was in charge of licensing duty-free to applicants. Of course Vincent Tan and gang were the usual applicants. He too got some duty-free licences before retirement.

Upon retirement he obtained a few BToto outlets. PPP appointed him as permanent Chairman of the party.
So if BToto becomes the sole outlet to bet football games,this man and whomsoever he cohorts with will enjoy the unlimited profits. Hence, Kayveas supports this licensing of gaming.The money supply pipeline will be overflowing soon should the licensing proceed. No wonder his lady has been appointed ambassador to Papua New guinea !
Now that you understand why PPP is not opposing this evil idea.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  21 June 2010 at 04:50  

The morality of gambling is not the question here but the manner that 575 Million change hand from Berjaya to Ascot. If sport betting is encouraged, why not give a new license straight to Berjaya…its free anyway…give one more won’t make any different.

However this is money laundering of the highest order because it is sanctioned by the government and the money coming out after the laundering is even dirtier than where it originated from.

No doubt Ascot will be used as the distributor of the new found wealth to several people in the power.

Why do Pas, PKR and Dap so adamant against this sport betting license and transaction taking place? Is it because they have high morality? Although they like us to believe that. … the real reason is BN will have more money at BN disposal to use against the opposition.

Using casino and gambling as money laundering process is not new, its been happening for a long time….they let you win on instruction from people who want to give you the money as kickback for some favor you did to them.

yltan,  21 June 2010 at 09:53  

once operational , malayu and the poor of other races yang become customers . lu orang ingat the big shots want to q up at the outlets to place bets for rm50k kah ? last 20 mins of the game still can place bets , VT's outlets can cater kah ? 3.00am in the morning can still bet , VT's outlets can do kah ?

if now as it is malay policemen in uniform can buy 4-ekor terang terang
in broad daylight its pure bullshit lah , the sports betting only for non malays . the urge to gamble is not confined to chinese alone although chinese do it more passionately .

what abloody joke ? utusan melayu also got support this initiative kah ?

Anonymous,  21 June 2010 at 11:34  


I believe this sports gambling issue is a blessing in disguise for the 'rakyat'.

Now we know those politicians who are willing to gamble on the future generation for a fast buck.

I wonder if they also encourage their siblings and children to gamble too ?

Anonymous,  21 June 2010 at 12:52  

U said,"The Ascot-Vincent Tan licence is a monopoly licence, given, without competition, and on the quiet, to an individual who is already enormously wealthy after another such licence in the past".

So is APs, why give to a selected few - cronies,family members and royalties?

The answer is simple. Thru them UMNO get its dues in return so that UMNO has enough money in their coffers to reward or buy as many "kataks" as possible or use the monies to buy as many votes as they can. Remember Pak Jib's famous phrase,"I scratch your back,you scratch mine"

So whatever you say datuk,they(UMNO) will just 'tutup telinga'. Simple as that.

Anonymous,  21 June 2010 at 14:16  

Dear Dato' sak. Lay it on these immoral works in the BN woodworks. I especially applaud calling this Kayveas a monitor lizard. This is so funny. And yes, Chua Soi Lek can say anything. He is beyond shame after committing the apex of sins.

Anonymous,  21 June 2010 at 22:10  

PM Najib is really a very tough and demanding leader...rarely has a PM given so much homework to his rakyat..its almost feel like I am back in high school.

Few days back he asked us to name his pussy...and I am still struggling..reading up,doing research to come up with a name that will not be tainted by other pussies.

Today,he casually throws me another big project..about local products that can have international impact..Seriously,doesn't he have a platoon of advisers..or are we so poor that I am tasked to do all PM's work FOC.

I am sweating thunder storms now..and I am worried whats next?Will he ask me to re do the 10MP?or NEM?or work out subsidies?

Its just so unfair cos I am not being paid.

Anonymous,  22 June 2010 at 08:18  

Dato', its common knowledge among the business fraternity that this sports betting deal was plain 'shady' in that it was given wholesale to this crony by the name of VT.
The deal is simple and straight forward - "Gua tolong you, you tolong gua"; do we have a deal?

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