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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 6 June 2010

Cabinet team building- implications on leadership

The next installment of my meeting with Ibrahim Ali will have to wait. I am posting on certain other issues.
It's been a quite a while I posted writings on my meeting with the Oracle of Syed Putra. I meet him on a quite  regular basis. From him, I get certain insights into Malaysian politics. Because history does repeat itself, the current state of politics produce almost predictable outcomes similar to that played in earlier times.
Take cabinet appointments for example. The pattern of appointments is predictable. Dr Mahathir wouldn't want to appoint someone as brainy as him. That would place those people in direct competition with him. Musa Hitam was also brainy but two predatory tigers cannot exist on the same mountain. Moreover Tiger Musa has this unnerving behavior of acting smarter that he truly is. Tengku Razaleigh wasn't allowed to breathe the same air as Dr Mahathir did because Mahathir knows the budu- eating prince from Kelantan can outsmart him.
The unwanted effect of appointments in that manner is that it produces a team whose members gravitate towards the strong leader. The fortunes of a country then depend on the quality of a paramount leader and not on a team. One leader produces self perpetuation. A team produces self continuity.
When such a leader exits or expires, the whole country is thrown into a mess. The elevation of Pak Lah as our 5th Prime Minister for example was a discredit on Dr Mahathir. He has not worked to produce a team which could bring in self continuity but rather, he operated alone. Everything revolves around him. Everyone gravitates towards him. He was the black hole that snuffed out lesser leaders.
Success would have to depend on a strong leader- a disciplinarian and mentally overwhelming. Mahathir had those qualities, Pak Lah didn't.
Pak lah didn't have the temperament or the qualities of DR Mahathir. PM Najib unfortunately is closer in temperament, verve and discipline to Pak Lah than DR Mahathir. It's logical then to infer that PM Najib has similar leadership qualities to Pak Lah than to Mahathir.
That places different demands on the leadership style of PM Najib. He is accommodative and indecisive at times. Success in managing a country would then depend on his ability to offer a crack team consisting of intelligent individuals with the drive, verve and discipline to carry out the agenda of this country. Why? Because his leadership personality could then be counter-balanced with strong team members.

If there is one lesson in leadership which PM Najib must quickly appreciate and acknowledge is the urgency to make changes quickly. He must act decisively and rapidly. If he wants to forge a new team, he must strike while the iron is hot. Fidel Ramos thought he could wait for several years to return Philippines to parliamentary democracy. By the time 4 years is up, everyone wants to be an autocratic president and the road to full democracy becomes difficult. Mrs. Arroyo hasn't done anything in 9 years. You want to make changes, you do it quickly. Pm Najib wants a team, he must make changes rapidly. Its better quicker than later. Now, in two years, elections are up and the usefulness of forging a new cabinet isn't urgent.
He made the mistake of not making changes quickly. Now he is compounding the mistakes by making so many wrong moves.
Appointing senators to important positions became more prominent actually during Tun Mahathir's time. My esteemed friend, The Oracle for instance can attest to the fact that his close friend, Tun  Daim was made a senator during Hussein Onn's time and then was made a minister by Dr Mahathir. History repeats itself in this manner now- the appointment of senators en route to holding government positions has a long tradition.
It's hard to accept that cabinet reshuffles aren't done in the expectation of appointing talented individuals in pursuit of objectives for the greater good of society. Instead they are done, as in the past to achieve matters of political expediency.
But PM Najib can choose to play smarter and better. Water level does rise above its spring source. But he can also play dumb as when appointing mental retards and those with no added value to the cabinet. The senators he appointed from PPP for example were done for what purpose? PPP is a party in the same category as a speak takraw club. It's a receptacle for collecting rejects and unwanted Malaysia Indians from MIC. PPP is a basket case that doesn't deserve any recognition except in the same breadth of a lotto or Bingo club run by Kaveas as MC.
It's very difficult for many of us to believe that this is a winnable team to manage our country. With so many senators and losers, the cabinet should be better named a loser's cabinet. Koh Tsu Koon lost, he was made a minister. Shahrizat lost, she was made a minister also. Palanivel wasn't fit to be considered a candidate for Hulu Selangor, yet he was made a senator and now a junior minister. Mukhriz Mahathir lost in his bid to become Ketua Pemuda, he was appointed a deputy minister. PM Najib's cabinet is known more for the appointment of senators and losers than for forging a seriously credible team to manage this country.
Is PM Najib rigorous in his thinking? Very hard to accept that. Here is why. Now the other MIC MP, a vice president of the party is a full minister and is therefore higher ranked than his deputy president. That makes the definition of a 'loser' carry a new meaning. Senator don't win elections, buy they have an easier time on being appointed minister.
The objective of appointing capable leaders in positions of substance and authority by which they can contribute to achieve that overriding agenda of the nation, then becomes lost in translation.
What cabinet reshuffle? There wasn't any. The PM was just playing musical chairs- placing them so that his BN partners don't lose more credibility instead of thumping to the floor. Or giving his BN partners ring buoys so THEY won't drown and in turn can save the BN itself from going under.
Hence MCA is rewarded for just being around just like a person listening in to a business deal expects to receive a 'hearing' allowance. The litmus test is, if the cabinet reshuffle can only invite scorn and ridicule from the voting and voting influencing public, better not to have one at all.
Consider the case of Palanivel. If this person was said to be NOT FIT for voter consumption in Hulu Selangor and by that token, rejected by the people, how do we justify his appointment? It's made to appear that what the PM has done is completely in defiance of what the rakyat wishes. Not reflecting his people first sloganeering is it?
Has Palanivel gone through some recently discovered method of laundering politicians which can turn a political reject into a new minted must have?
Palanivel's appointment can only indicate that all is not well in MIC after all. He needs to be given a government post to shore up his chances as the next MIC president. Without a post, he can offer nothing to the MIC. Right now, the MIC is split into 3 camps- Samy and Palani , Minister Subramaniam and Samy's bugbear- 'whisky' Subramaniam. These are 3 contenders to claim the MIC turf.
Which actually gives PM Najib an unsolvable paradox. MIC paradoxically but actually, needs strongman Samy Vellu to balance the contending forces in MIC. He can use for instance his unchallengeable prerogative of sacking and appointing MIC members by sacking Whisky Subra for instance- that would still not eliminate other contenders to stand in for Whisky Subra. Maybe this is the radical change he was suggesting yesterday. That would certainly cement his reputation as Samy Sivaji the boss, numero uno of the Sentul Sentinels.
Who are the PM's Indian advisers? Haven't they identified a potential Samy Velu replacement who can command the respect and support of the majority of MIC members and who can push the BN agenda?
UMNO doesn't want a compliant MIC president. They need someone who can work magic on the Malaysian Indians. They need a Malaysian Indian who not only can clear the heaps of rice on the banana leaf with all the sambal, dried slated chillies, tairu, rasem and the fiery mutton vindaloo all at once, but also a person able to out scare his opponents. Right now, Samy Velu is the only personality in MIC politics who can rip open his shirts and challenge others to a fight. MIC needs such a figure. UMNO must cultivate such a figure.
Maybe it's Sothinathan. Then appoint him a senator but no necessity to appoint him to a government post . Let him do his rounds galvanizing Malaysian Indians support.
Instead, Pm Najib appoints a reject to the cabinet whereas our favorite Kamalanathan who won in a constituency larger than Melaka was left holding his balls. He should be appointed instead because he delivered Hlulu Selangor to BN. Chor the MCA horse was someone implicated in the PKFZ financial fiasco, was given a ministerial post. That makes a mockery of the PM's commitment to cleanse the government from the stains of corruption.
What PM Najib did recently was just tweaking here and there. It's another move to strengthen the image of a sitting PM increasingly better known for his trying to be all things to everyone. In this particular instance, as a back-scratcher to an increasingly irrelevant and effeminate MCA.
Whatever for do we need to please the MCA? They have what?- 8000 members in Hulu Selangor incapable of delivering Chinese votes in Hulu Selangor? It's fast becoming a party not capable of delivering to the BN. Its more prominent in using Chinese support in potential, to negotiate political deals instead of contributing to making BN stronger.
The recent cabinet changes that took place represented what the sitting PM can do. In other words, do as he pleases and in the course of doing so, showing to us, the public that cabinet appointments are not dictated by utilitarian principles but by political expediencies. Were those appointed of great use to the demands of running this country? That should be the acid test. But like Pemuda UMNO says, it's the PM prerogative.
Except that the PM is not living in a glass house. He invites comments and assessments from public spirited individuals. You can no longer do anything that affects or potentially affects the wellbeing of the voting or voting-influencing public without inviting responses.


Anonymous,  6 June 2010 at 20:02  

Najib is living in a dreamland. He is conjuring up his magic while asleep.
In a nutshell, Najib is showing his middle finger to the voters by his recent cabinet appointments.
"I appoint rejects, so what? he seems to tell us.

Wenger J Khairy 6 June 2010 at 20:31  

The PM does not want to offend anybody except the voters.

Anonymous,  6 June 2010 at 21:25  

since when has the well being of the voting public been a consideration .....

we are a third world country and those in power stay in power until the country is bankrupt....

then they flee.......and enjoy their wealth in Bali ....

Anonymous,  6 June 2010 at 22:00  

Kj won the ketua pemuda, so it's natural that he should be made a minister.

But wait Sangmongkol, do you think that someone who is known with a tainted personality is fit to be
a national leader.

I personally do not want those with tainted personality to ruin the country and my children futures.

Unknown 7 June 2010 at 00:32  

Salam Dato',
TEPAT & PADAT!! This left me wondering what the h*** Najib is doing? Mr-trying-to-please-them-all-ending-up-not-getting-anything-done? This situation is akin to going against the proven marketing principle: you know what the rakyat (consumers) need, but you keep recycling old products (politicians) that do not fulfill their need... the result is going to be predictable: they will "buy" (vote) other competing products (other political parties than UMNO/BN) in the next GE!

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 01:30  

what is the point of having a leadership contest for??? KJ won the contest, Najib said P-off!!! shouldn't some big cheeses tell Najib P-off as well in view of the fact that he too won the contest???

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 01:34  

Sure Jibbi boy made the decision to appoint his new cabinet? Not Loh Si Mah ah?

Suci Dalam Debu 7 June 2010 at 06:05  


"..the urgency to make changes quickly.."

It is so true. Lim Guan Eng as CM of Peang has instituted a lot of changes.

The changes may not be to your liking, but they are changes nevertheless. Maybe he should be a good example for others to emulate.

I hope you can write more on that.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 07:09  

If I may conclude your saying as "if The Jantan can only berkokok - maybe let the telur producing gender run the country ...then Malaysia shall be nearer to the Vision 2020 objective because "Betina is a productive worker"...isk isk...

Unknown 7 June 2010 at 07:41  

If BN is serious about change and being true to the 1Malaysia slogan being advocated, radical changes are needed rather than cosmetic ones to the cabinet line up.

Otherwise, he is doing the opposition a favour!

watyoutokking,  7 June 2010 at 09:18  

With all the ridiculous, brainless,spineless, heartless moves that Slimy Lips has made, if the people still don't change, they hv no right to complain when things surely moves towards rot. You want change, you change too. Otherwise, really! - u deserve the rot.

Quantum Metal Consultant 7 June 2010 at 09:29  

Anwar Ibrahim hampir mempunyai ciri ciri Mahathir dari segi 'berani' dan percaturan politik yang lengkap, bermula dan berakhir. Master the game.
Sebab itulah walau ribut dan taufan melanda pun, mereka tetap dapat mengawal keadaan.

Jika hari ini Mahathir adalah PM, Anwar sudah lama disenyapkan.

Dan Anwar jugalah membuatkan Paklah dan Najib hilang kewibawaan dan hilang jawapan.

Wenger J Khairy 7 June 2010 at 09:42  

Those with "untainted" personality, the leader of the 3rd world, the blah blah blah has already set the country on the course to bankruptcy which will cause untold harm to your children.

So its better that we get those with so called "tainted" reputations to solve their problem.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 10:12  

Najib stated that ALL NKRAs KPIs is on track with some way ahead...

This should indicate the QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS of the Cabinet.Thus,PM Najib have chosen the right Ministers..who can deliver & do a job for him.

So,whats the issue with all this "non scientific" rantings without any shred of evidence?

I guess PM Najib's scientific & modern approach have left you behind the curve.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 10:17  

I have been a faithful supporter of UMNO/BN for a very long time. Dillusioned by events,I decided to find the highest fence post to watch the new PM. So far he has not REALLY taken the bull by the horn, but instead pussyfoot around. He has made the right noises in term of strategies and directions BUT I am NOT IMPRESSED by his team of rejects and dinosaurs TO CARRY IT OUT.
I will continue to watch events from this fence post and decide which way to fall at the next General Election. Be warned... you might lose my vote and many many others like me!!!!

Richard Cranium 7 June 2010 at 11:16  

MCA is not serious about cleaning house.

The new Transport Minister is quoted by malaysiakini, "I also have to know exactly what the PKFZ is about."

Strike three for MCA.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 11:59  

Dato Sak

I have no quarrels with your comments on the principles of team building, that is, competent professionals or intelligent politicians. Like yourself who is not afraid of criticism or criticising honestly.

My contention with your piece is that it argues the entire case on the race-based relations of politics within the BN. UMNO is insistent on this since it is following the "Ketuanan Melayu" espoused by the radicals within the party led by Tun Mahathir. This wont sell with the Malaysian public any more. Going forward on this basis, BN will lose the next elections!

So DS Najib must take the bull by the horns, that is, make the changes that the times and the Malaysian public demand. He must have the courage of convistion and the political will to lead change. Leadership is about change. DS Najib has spoken about Blue Ocean strategy and that requires radical changes, in the mindset and actions of the leader and the team. That is real leadership.

Does DS Najib have the "cojones" for this?

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 12:42  

Kong Cho Ha do not kown what PKFZ is all about? WTF is he made the new transport minister. Romping with Bintulu Ting?

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 13:19  

Datuk Sak,

I usually agree on your intellectual points but for this posting I beg to differ.

For example, you should understand that stability of BN is the utmost important than anything else. That's why Palanivel, Koh Tsu Koon and Shahrizat are there. They may be losers as you said, but certainly sidelining them will not bring Najib any good because they're leaders in their own league. You need both comnbination to make sure the government works - Those who can work and those who are popular.

As for Kamalanathan, he won because rakyat Hulu Selangor wants him. He shouldn't abandon them by going to federal gov. He already have million tasks at hand la Datuk. To me, you're not thinking right by suggesting this.

However, I agree that Najib is indecisive, but that's what politic is about. Timing is as important as the decision itself.

That's why 'being popular is the key' now.

Any price hike, or making KJ a minister or bla bla bla which may pull down the votes - it's a no no.

Wenger, Najib is not offending voters by the way. Especially when he knew more people will not support him when KJ is in.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 13:20  

Another loser is ex-MCA wanita president Chew mei fun made a deputy minister via the backdoor. For MIC crisis, just take out Samy velu then things can be work out.
Najib's cabinet was based on the "1 Malaysia" spirit within the 14 BN component parties but totally ignore what the people want, a seriously down-to-earth competent, professional, efficient,non-corrupt,
no-cronyism & transparent govt. Looks like UMNO/BN can never achieve it, don't ever dream about it during its existence.
It is much easier to change to a new govt than to overhaul this hopelessly corrupted BN/UMNO govt.

Red Alfa 7 June 2010 at 14:41  

Salam Dato'

Maseh ramai lagi rupanya orang seperti Anon 10:12 yang hanya mendengar dan mempercayai RTM, TV3, Berita Harian, dsbnya yang berlebeh dalam memulutkan kata kerajaan yang hitam itu puteh.

Yang menyedihkan adalah sangat typical dan lumrah bagi orang jenis ini menyoalkan dan mempertikaikan fakta dan pemikiran seperti yang dibawa Dato' yang jauh berwibawa dari MSM yang kian dan sudah lama mengikut telunjuk Kerajaan apa fakta yang boleh dan hendak disajikan!

lan 7 June 2010 at 14:52  

Im beginning to be a loyal reader of your postings datuk!

i like the way how u make clear the issues faced by the current admin and what they should do

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 14:55  


Impressive array of defective and defunct appointments in BN that you have so aptly highlighted. still that is DS najib's Choice and he will bear the Karmic Consequences in the next GE.

I like it when he Specifically Chose to Highlight Soi Lek's Son's Capabilities like there is no other in MCA that is any better.

DS Najib is like the Pilot who Boasts through the intercom to his passengers that he is at the wheel and knows what he is doing whilst the plane is on autopilot straying off course!

Joe Black

Quiet Despair,  7 June 2010 at 16:10  

I am nutty as a fruit-cake, thinking of Najib's Tutti-Fruitti Parfait Cabinet members.
It's not a reshuffle. Just re-arranging the furnitures and throwing in some rugs to beautify the house.
Some are forbidden fruits, cherry- picked (eg.Palanivel and PKZ fiasco man) by God-fathers (CSL and Samy Vellu.)
It's a pear-shaped cabinet with apple of someone's eye being pushed at ramson (also Aya and Vel), into a plum job.
Some are there because of apple-polishing via boss like Kayveas.
Not a one are peaches and cream. We will see whether it bears fruit or what the first fruit is like.
It's definitely not peachy. Not in apple-pie order (like Subramiam over Palanivel) which can lead to future party wranglings.
With these people, dont be surprised we are turning into a Banana Republic.

Before I go bananas, let me dive into into the Tutti-Fruiti ...Hmm, too sweet, it's nauseating.

P.S. Sak, we have a mutual friend in Oracle. He is a brilliant person with interesting theories.
You can talk to him into the night and never feel bored.

kuldeep 7 June 2010 at 16:58  

The council tasked to developed the NEM is choc-a-block with economists,academicians etc etc..didn't see any scientist,engineers,tech guys >> aren't these "science students" the smartest in school n universities?Did they become stupid along the way when they started working?

BTW the S'pore economic team have some real scientists,engineers...

Similarly,GLCs are headed by accts >guys who didn't make the grade presumably to enter the Sciences in their school days.I can accept if some are late bloomers but not 30 of them.

Now,the rub..Bursa wants to allot 10% shares to employees..SHARES mind you.I don't know what is so difficult about running the Bursa.Its not exactly rocket science,nor backbreaking nor high risk nor innovative...for goodness sake its a bureaucracy i.e. an admin backroom job.

I guess that explains the PM's cabinet appointments.And,as long as we're stuck in the same mindset..we get the same results.

Pay peanuts u get monkeys.Pay more you get orang utans.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 17:40  

Well said datuk.

But you also got to remember before the list of candidates submitted by MCA/MIC and UMNO can go official, Najib still got to pass it over to Rosmah for confirmation.

So you know,who really makes the final decision!!!

man tanjong


walla 7 June 2010 at 18:15  


The telling thing about the GE12 tsunami is that the middle-wing spoke up for once in the entire history of the country.

People just got fed-up with the chicaneries and shenanigans, the lip-service and the corruption, the abuse and misuse of power and the greed alloyed to stupidity hybridized with arrogance and sold as necessities.

That middle ground still sits like a crystal under the ground today. It will surface come GE13.

And that is the timeline for Najib and his crew.

But Najib is an introvert by nature. He is uncomfortable before crowds and real people. Especially the chinese malaysians. The rakyat have noticed that beyond the photo-opps and asked what is hidden behind the facade? He has a problem there.

In fact he missed the opportunity to say what he will do to redress the wrongs when his MCA counterpart said that Barisan has been doing a lot for the chinese malaysians but it's just that there were pockets resistance and sabotage in the Umno-run administration.

On second thoughts, he couldn't have missed that after all so he would know people will ask why the silence from him? Things like that fester for a long time.

In the coming months, he needs to come to a decision on the NEM and the 10MP. His cabinet members all need to coordinate and shine. And he needs to find the courage to ignore the need to keep on trying to balance between political interests - by just doing the right thing - for if he continues to think he can play-act the balancing, real things will not get done down the ziggurats of Barisan and the rakyat will create their own system to exist in this country, something of interest by itself.

One other aspect he has failed to do is to sharpen his communications skill. He should add to his clarifying approach the method of wit and logic like how one former PM hds done when stating something. It is a method which the malay malaysian (groan) in particular likes. But don't overdo it otherwise it takes over and convinces even the originator that supremacy can be predestined, whether feigned or otherwise.

The key factor shaping everything for him and his cabinet is time. They are all out of time.

When time is short, tasks should be re-clarified and simplified but results maximized through more exacting standards.

Actually when we ponder a bit more, it is not excessive to say that ninety percent of everything that is administratively done in any enterprise, government or private sector, is pure lard.

Those who work in an office should look three-sixty around them and at all their communications. Retaining just ten percent of everything will not jeopardize anything. Most of the tasks are non-critical, in fact. Work expands to fill posts, to wit. They should make time for more new initiatives instead.

And he should tell his deputy to write an essay for everyone to read to explain how being the tenth most competitive nation obviates the need to remove subsidies and/or add the GST.
Needless to say, the essay will start by saying we are actually aiming for number one with those moves.

walla 7 June 2010 at 18:15  


The legacy shortfall is two-fold:

one, Barisan lost its tradition of excellence and pandered instead to opportunism, and

two, Umno never changed the mindset of the rakyat.

And the reason why this situation is still present is because the political leadership themselves are opportunistic and haven't changed their own mindsets. They are stricken by fear unbecoming of real leaders while still holding on to racialism as a safety shield for their own careers.

A real leader sets his own expiry date by the principles he upholds in the service he volunteers.

There is also another blind spot. Not enough has been done to lift the middle-wing onto the stage.

The middle-wing of any society is educated, sensible, moderate and reasonable. What it does not want done onto itself it will not wish to be visited onto others as well.

It embraces diversity, engages everyone fully, creates personal growth from curiosity to learn new things, works to strengthen relationships not divisiveness, and continuously sets higher standards so that results will continuously be exceeded to make real progress.

Such qualities of good rakyat make for a base standard of stewardship that must also be reflected in their leaders.

A good cabinet team should resonate with the good qualities of the middle-wing of its society. The so-called silent majority.

What has been happening is that this silent majority has forever been ignored so that the loudest and most radical have been given full-stage to set the flavor of local politics whether it be of race today or religion tomorrow.

In their being the loudest and most cantankerous, they hope no one will notice that they are trying to overcome their own inherent weakness of being small, unproductive and irrelevant. They usurp the power of the majority middle-wing in order to create an impression that they represent the continued reality which must be addressed above all else. They have to continuously fuel that impression otherwise it will not stand for long. The result is that bad becomes real and soon enough too big not to cause ill-health to the nation.

In other words, a majoritarian excuse is the excuse of the herd to the extent it is not of the right.


walla 7 June 2010 at 18:15  

It's just a motley crew assembled to meet political demands of power distribution without addressing the qualities needed of the candidates to deliver specifics.

They saw some of the trees but miss the entire Navi forest.

What is the point of achieving power distribution when after achieving it, the candidates cannot deliver, cannot help to define what must be delivered in the next stage or when the situation has changed, cause mixed messages to emanate that add to the confusion, don't coordinate one with the other, generally present poor examples of national leadership by their words, inaction and personal improprieties, and end up defending parochial racial politics instead of wearing their federal hats to represent all as Malaysians, the long term interest of the nation for that matter?

Second point, the tragedy of administration of this country is legacy. To be precise, the lack of it.

A good leader will not consider himself so indispensable for making things happen that he has to force his will all the time until his people not only don't dare to show initiative but some have also slyly used his style to push their own agendas within their own circles of influence.

Knowing all that, a good leader must therefore realize something beyond himself - that the process of making changes towards progress is three-fold:

one, the drivers of change, those people he leads to lead others, must subscribe to some compelling purpose because they are the ones who will have to continue the tradition after he steps down;

two, the compelling purpose must be aligned to what the rakyat need because humility remembers it is the rakyat who sign him up to where he is to do specific things for them, not for his political party or for his personal image; and

three, the rakyat must want what is best for the nation because what they want for the moment may not necessarily be the best for the long-term health of a nation.

In other words, the best political leaders don't play politics.

They also don't say politics is money and without money nothing moves, for when someone says that, you can conclude he hasn't considered the long-term health of the nation.

Let's take an example:

The rakyat try to make some money out of each welcoming of the adun or some minister because it is a tradition to present the bill for the dinner to his sidekick.

He should tell them:

"This event is just for us to meet and for you to tell me what else i have failed to do for you and for me to tell you why certain things have been done of late.

So let's just meet. If each time we meet i have to foot all these bills, sure some here will make some spare cash but i have to cream the money from somewhere else by means foul. What for a simple meal, also when the time comes for election.

People have called that money politics but it's just corruption, and while you may get some spare cash today or even a free meal, the country will lose billions tomorrow if this is repeated, adds up and spreads like cancer.

Furthermore, i want you all to know something. It's not because of me being of our party that i am today holding this post. It's because of you wanting me to do something for all of you that is consistent with doing the best for our country. If you think i should only be for you, i can but i will have to forfeit the best decisions which will end up costing more later, and then you will have even less."

If after that the crowd peters out, que sera sera.

alan hiley 7 June 2010 at 19:55  

Ha ha.. nice try, wenger – “ Knowledge as a precursor for sustenable economic growth”, “These hypothesis have been backed by data”, “Dato Sak is a trained economist!”, “Economic is not mumbo-jumbo” “What’s wrong with a market economy?”
Why do I get the feeling that I am really hearing some real mumbo-jumbo from you….worse why do iget the feeling someone is trying to intimidate with some mumbo jumbos.

Anyway, I know you meant well.

I know you are a muslim, wenger (and so is Pak Sak, of coz) that’s why I reminded that our perspective shd be “Islam” and nothing else.

“Knowledge as a precursor for sustenable economic growth”– since when has knowledge not been a precursor to anything? On the broader sense also human capital and innovation, right? But if you meant knowledge capital as a commodity and strategy which are be best mustered by the big capitalists then I sense something sinister.

“What’s wrong with a market economy?” - where have you been lately, wenger? Okay you defined it per Wiki, fine. Sounds quite innocent that definition. Which particular ‘market economy’ would you be encouraging us to emulate? The US market-economy? If so which era? FDR? Eisenhower’s, Reagan’s? The Sub-prime and CDS era?

Islam is not against private ownership – that doesn’t mean we should be capitalistic. Islam is not against free enterprise – that doesn’t there should be no regulations at all as Goldman sachs would have it. Islam is not against looking out for the proletariats and peasants – that doesn’t mean we should be communists. As long as we try to analyse and establish our system of economic practices – through the perspectives of failed economic theories of Adam smith and Marx and their later prophets – we’ll get into a mess.

I still wish to hear what Pak Sak wants...
Pak there?

alan hiley 7 June 2010 at 20:59  

Well said, kuldeep.
Hurray to engineers and scientists!

Wenger J Khairy 8 June 2010 at 04:04  

Just a friendly clarification, I am a Christian and not a Muslim. I do not believe its good to mislead you on this aspect.

Sorry that I came across as trying to sell the "mumbo jumbo" wrt to the knowledge driven growth theory. But I can assure you its not mumbo jumbo and its something that is an accepted economic model - called the New Growth Theory /Endogenous growth theory.

The market economy I had in mind is according to the simple wiki definition, i.e that prices reflect value and not a) excessive economic rent and b) cost of corruption.


Anonymous,  8 June 2010 at 09:51  

'Hurray to engineers and scientists'

Ya - these r the human foundation where a nation stand upon.

But .. but, just a minute minute.

With all the collapsible bridge columns, collapsed stadium root, countless delayed & unusable hospitals & schools - what so great about the engineers and scientists that been 'trained' in M'sia. For that matter trained oversea & re-imported back to M'sia?

In short, in M'sia most of the real work-horses, be they accountants, engineers and scientists, r all been exported to the benefit of other nations.

What left behind, 90% r syok-diri title-holders with zilch materials between the ears. Of course there r still the remaining 10%, struggling to make things work.

But can this situation persist...ouchX2

alan hiley 9 June 2010 at 10:50  

Anon 8 June 09:51,
Hey wait a sec...
1)the cracked bridge of MRR2 in Kepong was designed (structurally) by Maunsel a consultancy group from Australia.
2)the fallen stadium roof in terengganu was a proprietary space frame roof system designed by a Korean company
3)the losses in fuel price hedging by MAS running into the RM billions was engineered by a high profile sarawakian personality who graduated in management
4)the PKFZ fiasco (RM 12 billion loss?) was the handiwork of another sarawakian businessman/politician aided perhaps by a non-engineer madam who's probably a bean counter

Hmmm..can you contribute some more to the list, Anon

Anonymous,  9 June 2010 at 13:01  

alan hiley,

1)Maunsel M’sia is been managed by M’sian. No?

The ozzie is only a namesake loyalty collecting partner. In another word, a semi ali-baba outfit, just like many of the franchised commercial entities. Why semi – that’s another story for another day.

With the cracked bridge of MRR2, where should the finger be pointed? The Ozzie? The M’sians involved? This is as clear as daylight robbery!


2)The fallen stadium roof in Terengganu was a proprietary space frame roof system designed by a Korean company.

Again who do the selection of the system? R they competent enough, both in theory & experience to make the choice? Or r they just paper-pushing, syok-diri title-holders with zilch materials between the ears & like to sit in the airconned office to do site supervision.

3)The losses in fuel price hedging by MAS running into the RM billions was engineered by a high profile Sarawakian personality who graduated in management.

The real question is can u or anyone done better during that turbulent time? Hindsight is as cheap as shoot from the mouth rhetorical comments!

4)The PKFZ fiasco – so u cant/don’t want to see the hands of umno behind this big time ripe-off. The non-engineer madam who's probably a bean counter was only a greedy front man. No? What happened to all those 'others' so called professionals? Been silenced or just want to partake & acted dumb?

In all the above cases, who were the M’sian experts, who were supposed to uphold their professional responsibilities in design, supervise, manage, QAQC, & construct, u tell me.

Care to name some more cases? Lol……….

Anonymous,  9 June 2010 at 22:52  

Anon 9 June 2010 13:01,

So Jala made a mistake in thinking oil price will shoot skywards.
Read wat he said on

...crude oil shld be at 40.
So,why did he opt for the hedge till 2011?

Many other airlines took the same hedge during that period but for lower volumes/shorter timeframe.When the market went against them,they bought back the hedge and took at one time hit.But Jala didn't do that.He slipped the losses through the Balance Sheet and later recognised gains through P&L>read Mr Guna's analysis

Air Asia cut loss and faced the music

but most probably Jala was too far gone to brave that.

Anonymous,  9 June 2010 at 22:57  

Anon 9 June 2010 13:01

Sime Darby should probably use your excuse>>hindsight is 2020.

Do you why they lost money?Was it intentional?Was it poor management?

Could it be because of the EXTREME fluctuations in steel,petroleum products & other construction materials?

Steel went up 4 fold and diesel 3 fold in 2008-2009 period.

Could the losses also be due to the "wrong specifications/design"?

No need to speculate cos morally if a company loses that big money..the CEO ,his senior managers and his BOD have to go.Thats the price you have to pay for your big perks.

Lose money and ur yesterday man,

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