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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 4 June 2010

Sakmongkol AK47 meets Ibrahim Ali, dkp.

 from A Voice's Blackberry.

Whats DKP? Is that a new Datukship?
It is indeed- conferred upon by the royal house of Golok across Rantau Panjang. It's Darjah Dato Kaya Parti. DKP. Ibrahim Ali has been a member of different political parties more than anyone else in Malaysia. So he is the sole recipient of the DKP- Dato Kaya Parti.
He has been a member of party BERJASA, UMNO, Semangat 46 and now no party.
I decided to meet up with this irrepressible Ibrahim Ali. There are several reasons why I decided so. First, I don't relish the idea of being walloped whenever I go to Kota Bharu, a place where I like to go. Ibrahim Ali has many friends there and many are also of the wise guy types.
Second, it's for the sake of objectivity. I have to assess him objectively, disarming my own prejudices.
I have lampooned the man, mock him at every occasion, and ridicule him. But never heaped scorn on him. When a fellow blogger suggested the idea of- why you don't meet up with him, I agreed with one condition. Please do not bring along a certain vendor of a certain type of curry with you.
Apa pasal? asked Voice..
Because then I may lose all sensibilities. I said. 
Voice: Agree. But don't stop me from eating certain curry dishes.
Here's the deal. There are 3 most talked of individuals in Malaysia currently. One, is DS Najib, because he is the index-finger-pointing-the right-direction PM of Malaysia. He is OUR PM. Second- is Anwar Ibrahim, because he WANTS to become PM. 3rd s Ibrahim Ali- we don't  know what he wants to become! Yet he is talked about in reverential terms by certain quarters. Certainly by those sitting at some tables surrounding the table where Sakmongkol the Muay Thai lover and Ibrahim 'Stopa" Ali the Kris wielder sat.
I had to bring another blogger friend Aspan Alias along. He knows Ibrahim Ali since MARA days at a time when the most revered name then was Arshad Ayub- the man with the muffler around his neck. Aspan comes along as insurance, just in case Ibrahim Ali's minders decide to be ungentlemanly. Not that the two of us, golden aged and pot- bellied can do anything to scare them away.
The blogger friend, Mau aka A Voice who brokered the meeting was at hand to be the moderator of sorts.
Ibrahim was late. We were supposed to meet at 3pm at a hotel in Jalan Pahang. Ibrahim Ali has an office here. We decided to meet up at the coffee house at an area now known as Ibrahim Ali corner. He had to attend court where he is suing a certain newspaper. The day before he was also in court, pleading a suit against Saifudin Nasution.
Ibrahim Ali may need the money to pay for his next general elections.
When he finally came, we shook hands after the usual introduction. He has not eaten lunch and quickly ordered a plate of white rice and a bowl of fish Tomyam Khung. He took out a small Tupperware container. He has brought that delicious and famous sambal serunding of Kelantan.
AK47: What is it that you actually want Dato? I asked him. You can't talk about NEP which has been superseded several times. That's already dead. What you actually want to talk is about the Malay interests.
That's the way I think which could get Ibrahim Ali worked up. Ask him direct and pointed questions. He will be in his element. It certainly worked.
Ibrahim Ali was his normal usual boisterous self. You know, at the recent convention of Perkasa, I said its better not be an UMNO member if UMNO betrays the race! I said that openly to a red-faced UMNO President. I said, I am not an UMNO member which suits me as I can say anything, on anything about UMNO.
At that convention, DS Najib said I was shouting. I didn't, I was speaking in a normal tone. It was PM Najib who was shrieking and shouting. Your president was clearly rattled. He had to abandon a prepared speech. I talked about NEP and you know lah, for dramatic purposes, I deliberately placed a picture of Tun Razak at the back. I asked- who was the architect of NEP and I turned around and pointed at Tun Razak's portrait and ended by saying- now we have the son of the originator of the NEP who is the 6th PM of Malaysia. What kind of son is he who betrays his father? You should see Najib's face- well you know; you come from the same bahagian and was his ADUn what.
I have come to realize that Ibrahim Ali doesn't read blogs. He doesn't care about the opinion of others of him. He believes in his cause and therefore is focused only on his thoughts and opinions. That is the ONLY important thing- he BELIEVES in something. His thing mostly.
My friend Aspan interjected- him, I wrote a post commending and saying your convention was worthy of praise because, PERKASA has become the voice on the voiceless Malays. But I wish one thing only. Once you commit to this cause, please don't waver. Don't change midway.
Ibrahim Ali was momentarily stunned but quickly collected himself by saying- what's there to waver. I will stay loyal to this cause.
I hope so, said Aspan. I know you.
Hey Aspan- interjected another friend known as Yusuf Merah. I hear that its you have crossed over Pan- you have been over friendly with PKR that's what we hear. 
Aspan quickly responded by saying- its I who have never wavered from Old UMNO. You change from OLD UMNO to the UMNO of Dr Mahathir , sup.
You know, continued Ibrahim Ali. I don't worry about the non Malay detractors. I don't care about what Wee Kah Siong or Chua Soi Lek say. In fact I told Soi Lek, we can argue but don't go personal. I told him, come elections, if you go personal, I will instruct Perkasa members to distribute videotapes of his sex romps and tell ALL PERKASA members not to vote MCA. We have agreed not to get personal.
Him, Aspan butt in once again before you go on, I have to tell this joke about the Kelantanese meeting up his future father in law to marry his daughter. In fact, the story revolves around you.
As the story goes, one day Ibrahim Ali meets up the man whose daughter Ibrahim wants to marry. The father asked Ibrahim a few questions- demo judi? Dok eh, tokse ambo. Demo main pempue? Dok weh. Tokse ambo. Demo minum arok? Dok weh, tokse ambo. Demo semaye( sembahyang)? Dok..jugok... demo bayar zakat? Jauh skali, ambo dok bayo dih….
The morale of the story- Ibrahim Ali is consistently inconsistent!.
Wait for Part 2. Objectives of Perkasa, liberal Malays, the future of UMNO etc.


Pak Zawi 4 June 2010 at 07:47  

Very interesting! Cant wait to see what transpired before making my comment. Ini baru betul anak Muay Thai yang berani masuk gelanggang musuh.

Richard Cranium 4 June 2010 at 08:00  

I will instruct Perkasa members to distribute videotapes of his sex romps

That would be good of him. I will make a Police report that he's distributing porno. That would put him behind bars, won't it?

He's not what you would call a thinking person.

Quiet Despair,  4 June 2010 at 09:28  

Wow, Wow, Wow. Salut. Good of you to meet your nemesis and really confront him.
Congrats. No used talking behind the back.
You managed to capture the real essence of the Ibrahim, I once knew.
Did you bring a tape-recorder? Hope you did. He can turn around and deny what he said like most politicians do when they are caught in a quandary.
I love the part where you are scared of being walloped. Yes, he's got street-wise friends.
You must also remember Kelantanese are very passionate. Look at the football game and the brawls and the burning of fire-crackers when their team lost.
Kapok kecik ado lagi ke? Mujur mu tok kena swing.
Also like his threat to CSL. If it's true, CSL is in the pocket of CSL. Dengan Najib nampak berani je. If so, Braim is THE PM of the Malays.
Tok Him kecek-kecek mace Najib takuk kat dio. Huhu.
Awaiting series of your interview with him. Sure it will be interesting. Like Hikayat Seribu Satu Malam.
Hope Aspan and A Voice will also give their takes.
Ibrahim does read blogs. Just pretend he doesnt.
Rasanya macam kenal Usup Merah tu. Dia kerja Watan dulu kan??

Quiet Despair,  4 June 2010 at 09:31  

Tak de apa-apa Ibrahim tu, Sak.
Beli je, senyaplah dia.
Dia macam budak-budak yang nak attention.
Suap puting, Mama boleh jalan kerja.

Ir. Hanafi Ali 4 June 2010 at 09:33  

Dato, well and good, but jarring reading, i.e. you could do more by having paragraphs properly edited for better reading. Who said what, replied by whom and which is which?

I have to construct the conversation in my head to understand when Ibrahim Ali said what, Yusuf, Aspan, yourself, etc.

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 10:15  

Richard Cranium

Get a life la.

Differentiate between casual joking at a coffeehouse and serious times.

Thought you come with a cranium!

Red Alfa 4 June 2010 at 11:22  

Salam Dato'

On something I read eons ago, up close and personal even Hitler would be quite the person!

In the words of RasululLah saw, we are reminded , never despise the person but only his despicable actions...

So I will always be wondering how PAS could ever had given him that parliament of opportunity!

And why any Melayu now would?

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 11:55  


"Ibrahim's DKP. It's Darjah Dato Kaya Parti."

What a remarkable title and true to it's meaning.
Good for Ibrahim Ali but better for the 'rakyat' to know him as who he truly is.

Can't wait for your next update !

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 12:18  

Dato' Sak..your face mirip IA ada bau bacang bau durian ker??

Richard Cranium 4 June 2010 at 12:37  

Anon 10:15

I do have a life. Thank you.

I guess the finer aspects of the English language escapes you.

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 13:52  

Why should a man with your brain and intelligence meet up with a simpleton whose brain is at his feet?
Nothing to gain.

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 15:40  

Dato' Sak,
Habis la you. Now that you have met him, he will turn you over to be on his side. Now you don't have to go to him to see him, he will come to you even when you are in Kuantan. Don't be surprised to see him praying next to you one fine Friday for Friday prayers and then together the both of you will adjourn to your house for a cuppa. That's the way he operates. Soon Sakmongkol AK47 will be singing a different tune about Ib Ali.
Pak Tua

Quiet Despair,  4 June 2010 at 15:49  

1)You look like brothers. Maybe your long-lost brother. Except you handsome sikit lagi. Baru I tau how you look like. Thanks for the foto.
2)Siapa belanja makan empat orang tu. Ramai tu. Patutnya Orang Kaya yang bayar.
3 Name of the restaurant? Give them publicityla. It's a historic meeting ala Chin Peng.
Who knows it may be a start for closer ties between you all.
Who knows you guys may form a new party to seriously rival UMNO.
Possible you know, because you guys are all brainy, present company included.

alan hiley 4 June 2010 at 17:49  

pak sak,
generally most of us are clear what Dato Ibrahim Ali wants.
Crystal clear, in fact.
what i want to know really is - what do you want, pak sak? - other than the 'populistic' generics and rheotics that you churn out incessantly.

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 17:55  

It was quite wise of you not to have the "vendor of a certain type of curry" together at the meeting. He would have been like stale and toxic curry with dhal beans and gives out a lot of smelly gas.

sri hartamas

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 18:09  

richard cranium,
it is high time you say something intelligent and substantive.
I mean with that kind of name a simpleton like me expects more.
i'll be anxiously waiting..
take yr time and dont be bothered that yr nick actually means a 'hard skull' which by the time you see one is usually already empty.

Red Alfa 4 June 2010 at 18:49  

Salam Dato'

No Anon 12:18! A Voice's Blackberry didn't do justice to Dato'. But Khir Toyo has that solution if he wants it ... what the tempe can do to one's looks .. like almost overnight he said!

No Anon 13:52! Dato' should check him out! Aren't we forgetting our history, Hitler, Stalin and recently George Bush Jr were at some times of their lives were said but were the merest of simpletons! The devil is good at hiding his methods.

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 19:32  

I guess you chicken out la!Have a bit of class 'cause when you whag that loud mouth screamer you kinda regretted it and hence your meeting him!
He is one up on you man! You went to see him and not him wanting to meet you!As they said eating humble pie now!

Ariff Sabri 4 June 2010 at 19:58  

alan hiley,

pls produce the same rhetoric and generics that you claim i churn out... its my choice to meet up with Ibrahim Ali. i dont have to explain my decision to you.

alan hiley 4 June 2010 at 21:00  

okay pak sak, lets start with the big picture and later work our way down to the brass and tacks.
but let's also put aside politics or brand of politics. lets also not dwell on the universal political values that are common between Islam and the western values.

The political economy that you aspire - would that be a kind of free-market economy? Yeah, that's a good starting point but spare me the ordeal of having to pose 20 questions. If you can zero in on yr ideal political economy, you'd be rid of me much earlier.

Quiet Despair,  4 June 2010 at 21:17  

Pak Tua

Braim is a good friend to have even in times of sadness.
He will be there for you if you have a death in the family.
I can vouch for that.
I call him Kelantan pie.
He looks crass on the surface. If he is an artiste, he needs an image consultant.

Anonymous,  4 June 2010 at 21:34  

Salam Dato',
In the picture - is that man in the pink shirt and black-framed glasses you? If yes - wah! Dato' memang kacak macam movie star - looks like my favorite movie star the adorable, lovable and wonderful Dato' P. Ramlee.


Wenger J. Khairy 4 June 2010 at 22:06  

Dato has been clear on the necessity for knowledge as a precursor for economic growth. As you may know, some economists theorize that knowledge capital does not suffer on diminishing returns and can have significant impact in improving labour productivity
here, or or here.

This is not some fancy nerd talk. These hypothesis have been backed by data.

Whether or not the new growth theory is applicable to Malaysia has yet to be tested, as the state of decline in public universities implies that the spirit of innovation is lacking here.

Dato is a trained economist. Economics is not mumbo-jumbo. It is a disciplined approach to answering questions, and when the rules of economics are broken, we get situations which are extremely "vexing".

Is the market based economy a euphemism for meritocracy? Wiki defines a market economy as an economy based on the power of division of labor in which the prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system set by supply and demand.

So whats wrong in that? If the actual price of a Government contract is lets say RM 10 million, but it is contracted at RM 30 million, with RM 23 million worth of payoffs to politicians, rent seekers and civil service staff,
(the job gets done below cost by the 3rd party) is that something to be proud of?

Why not you tell us your perspective. We all know where Dato stands - and where he stands is the place to bring the nation forward.

Red Alfa 4 June 2010 at 22:40  

Quiet Despair @ 21:17

Isn't this worrying? Now he has got you giving a recommendation of sorts ...of course he is that personable! Its proven that many times he fooled with ... he's good at winning hearts ... but please it's his policies, his actions, you don't have to go too far into history, isn't he hijacking the Ketuanan Melayu the original and now replacing with whatever he is foisting to the buat senang je think Melayus?

And Melayus who are principle proud are ok with that? If they are, what again have they lost!

Quiet Despair,  5 June 2010 at 09:48  

I am not giving him a good testimonial.
I am just describing him as a person.
Ibrahim the person is an okay guy.
But Ibrahim the politician is something else.
I don't subscribe to his politics.
But I must stressed I much prefer him than Anwar.

Anonymous,  5 June 2010 at 11:01  

Heads up - Hungary debt got sold off. Dow down 300 pts, currencies in flux.

Red Alfa 5 June 2010 at 12:00  

Salam Dato'

You had properly addressed the subject on leadership qualities and the choosing of our leaders some postings ago ... and didn't we come away with the sobering realization that UMNO selection system is badly flawed?

Let's go into the key success factors of selection and just with your feel of Melayu politics who in theory should now lead the Melayus?

Let's also open the selection without the political divides and see who do we have to advance Ketuanan Melayu/Islam agenda.

Say objectively on your scale of sorts .. how would for a start IA and DSAI measure up?

On the benchmarks as established between the 2, throw some potential leaders like KJ, Nizar Jamaluddin, or whoever?

Anonymous,  5 June 2010 at 15:13  

My oh my!
if you are willing to meet mr.ibrahim ali then you ought to meet mr.anwar ibrahim as well.maybe you can make a better judgment.

Anonymous,  5 June 2010 at 17:39  

Quiet Despair,
What you said about Ib Ali is right. He will visit every death in the constituency or at least his bro Azmi will do it on his behalf. Thats the way he does his act. What Red Alfa wrote is also true.
Ke has the knack of buying over people to his side but unfortunately he can't buy the whole voters in his constuency.
He will do his greatest service to his constituency by vacating his set and let another 'buy' election in Pasir Mas. The last buy election in Pengakalan Pasir, Pasir Mas has brought immense benefit to the DUN. Example: UMNO Selangor paid RM7,000 for a month's use for a house rented by a UMNO local member for less than RM1,000. We need more of that sort of charity.

Pak Tua

Anonymous,  5 June 2010 at 18:29  

say what you want, he turned ITM into UiTM, and ensured that additonal thousands of malays can get degrees...Dato, what have you done besides bantai people that is of significance? cakap dalam blog? any tom, dick and harry could do it lah..ibrahim ali may be a prick, but he gets things didnt get anything done, thats why your status is a former ADUN or MP or whatever lah..

Quiet Despair,  5 June 2010 at 22:12  

Pak Tua

Why must Ibrahim Ali Ali vacate his seat?
With regard to house-renting, that's the trait of the Kelantanese.
I went to several weddings in Kelantan. We outsiders always stay in a rented house even for a night.
No need to fork out money for hotel.
People of other states dont readily rent out their house.
They are good at making money.

Greenbottle 6 June 2010 at 10:32  

i predict in the next instalment dato sak will basically say the bugger isn't too bad after all..he genuinely wants the best for the malays..he genuinely want to protect the malay rights...but blah blah blah...

but i will say this...

1) if he can charm the pants or the jubah of nik aziz to allow him to stand in Pasir mas on PAS ticket (and thereby saved his political life which was totally kaput at that time ) he must have something in him.

2) if he can drag the like of mahathir to be with him in officiating PERKASA he certainly must have something in him...

but what is that something?

just looked at his history...he's willing to do anything for his political survival..the most infamous one was that turtoice race event and his hooking up with anwar musa gang in ketereh many years ago during the 'first' kelantan palace crisis....

3) the reason why the malays humor him i think is this. malays are inwardly happy that we had a clown to do the dirty job for us... he's the clown that say the unsaid about the malay fears...even the malay liberals inwardly probably agree with his views but too polite and sophisticated to be with his crude and uncivilized PERKASA bandwagon.

but the Q is , is he someone that we want to be a leader of anything?...

i personally would rather be damned than follow a guy like one in their right mind should trust this snake.

the bigger picture question is, is his antics doing any good to the malay interests?

but on the plus side (from my anti umno perspective ) one thing i am certain is his antics will screw up umno's chance in the next GE in non malay areas...

which makes me wonder that may be Nik Aziz knows these all along and laughing in his jubah looking at his clown doing so much good to the malay interests and so much damage to umno at the same time!

that's why he picked the clown do what he can not possibly do himself and at the sime time kill umno. Nik Aziz may be the most truly crafty politician of them all....i love nik aziz....

nstman,  6 June 2010 at 12:24  

Ibrahim doesnt read books. Of course, he doesnt, because he cant read. Very simple. By the way, I would love to meet this clown whose avuncular look belies his fanaticism. Any, for a deeper understanding into how clowns become monsters, pse watch this Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator. Perhaps we could then take clowns more seriously.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 12:33  

Datuk Sak,

People support PERKASA because of Tun Dr M, not Ibrahim Ali. Everyone knew how Ibrahim will go down the knee when with Tun Dr M.

Ibrahim need a life support and Tun Dr M need a channel. That's why both of them can rejoice each other.

In the end, Ibrahim Ali might be the puppet but I have more faith in his boss more than anyone else.

Anonymous,  7 June 2010 at 23:32  

Avoice is a fat idiot. Dont botrher with him Dato Sak, scum of the highest order.


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