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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 17 June 2010

Market friendly affirmative action

Just what does the phrase- affirmative action policies will remain, but they shall be made market friendly, market driven etc…?
It simply means the Malays must adapt or perish. Its economic evolution. The Malays need first of all economics, then politics. Solve this first and let's talk about democracy and other political niceties to the Malays.
If, on their own, Malays are not market responsive or not market sensitive- how? The ibrahim alis among us say, free market is not good for the Malays. Then, the logical step to me, is make them market responsive. Don't make them dependent and subservient, bowl in hand beggar. Discipline them to be market sensitive. Set about polices that make them market responsive. You don't get them ready, you don't lay a firm hand to make them adapt to free market ethos- you announce a system. Pose them a challenge to elicit the desired market response.
The Ibrahim Alis among us- his supporters and intellectual vanguard are like the conservative Tokugawa Shoguns. They want to keep the Malay world closed and to themselves. Only anointed members are allowed to foray on the outside. Forming liaisons with not-their- kind, enjoying the pleasures of life. They are practicing the we- know- best mentality. Accordingly, the best they know is keep the Malays enclosed and entrapped.
PM Najib, in this context represents the enlightened sections of the Tokukawa Shoguns who knew the road of survival is to adopt the knowledge of this world and leverage on them. The Ibrahim Ali's among us represent those hardened and unwilling to change elements. The Najibs among us, represent the imitative, adaptive and compliant people- not exactly commendable values, but those amenable to the introduction of new ideas and habits.
The adaptive and imitative are those most able to prosper while those who stubbornly cling to aged ideas, drown in the sea of changes.
What do they fear? Just like the conservative Tokugawa Shoguns, they fear 'contamination' with the outside world will undermine the Malay culture, religion and economy. What kind of culture?
A regimented hierarchical and the Malay crab syndrome. Those who got out the basket will not lend a helping hand to those left behind. Because those who got out did so because of cunning-ness and individual efforts and once they do, despise his other brethren for the lack of trying.
Our present day commodore Perry is globalization. It comes unstoppable. The reactionary shoguns among us offered building a fortress-like mindset. Insisting that the life as they knew it must be retained at all cost. What kind of life? That kind that rewards the inept, the loafers, the corner-cutters in society and that heap rewards on people on the basis of who they are instead of what they can do.


Richard Cranium 17 June 2010 at 09:23  

Sir, your one statement "Only anointed members are allowed to foray on the outside" frames your post succinctly.

Wouldn't you say that education is the one key that would unlock the door to THAT outside?

Fix this i.e. give the market what it wants, not the self-serving custodians at Dewan Bahasa, then this problem will go away in time.

It is not rocket-science but the willingness to do it is a different proposition.

Alas, by the time we decide to not delude ourselves anymore, and try to fix this, we may be too late. Another generation gone.

My take is that no one in BN has the balls to do what is needed. Pakatan, I feel, would be no better. Unless Karpal Singh is the PM.

Sometimes doing your best is not enough. You must do what is needed. Winston Churchill

I would quote the folks at DBP if I could. But there is nothing quote-worthy from these moral-minority.

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 09:57  


‘It simply means the Malays must adapt or perish. It’s economic evolution. The Malays need first of all economics, then politics.’

Well said!

But u r the exception among the Malay M’sians, even though from time to time yr proud Malay sentiment can rule the better of yr judgments.

Just the other day, someone on yr blog commented the following,

‘But given the scenario of the everyday Malays, there must still be Affirmative Action.
We are supportive of meritocracy if all factors are equal. Unfortunately, all conditions are never equal.
To pursue meritocracy while oblivious of the social economic differential is injustice, irrespective of what the affected ethnic groups are.’

On itself this is the grandiose of ‘fair opinion’, distanced from all the background facts that the commentator chose to ignored.

Yes, meritocracy. But caveat with a level playing field mentality! But … but after 30+ yrs of leveling the fields, apparently we r still track-milling on the same spot!

Where does one start to determine the field is leveled? The world is dynamic, whether it’s politic, economic, cultural & religious believes. & yet this commentator was likening to be a well-protected larvae forever wanted to remain inside the cocoon where everything remain static! The nutrients is supplied from the stored ingredients within the cocoon. However, this storage is not limitless. Does he realize that the cocoon is fast hollowing & the larvae must break out to face the outside world? This is the law of the nature. To ignore THIS LAW is truly injustice.

No one will complain for some well planned helping hands for the pioneers Malay M’sians in their endeavors in various enterprising activities. Those achievers should then bootstrap to help their kindred so that the resources of the nation can be better channeled to the well being of all M’sians. Just like most of the 'Others" M'sians. Sadly that’s NOT the case! Instead, the tongkat mentality is forever ingrained into their mind, such that this toxin becomes their inherited RIGHT!

Alone the way, some club &/or some cartel forgot about self helps & bootstrapping their own kindred. Just look at the wealth disparity (gini coef) between the rozalis & the pak ramli's! Perhaps, it’s done intentionally so that the rozalis of the day could forever use their down-trodden pak ramlis as an excuse to further enrich themselves.

So in this regard, politic has been successfully intertwined with economic. It is a two-headed mongrel which is continuously feeding the discontent of the Malay M'sians, despite the glaring falling competitiveness of M'sia in the whole world.

Where is PRIDE? Or should I say MARUAH? Could it be that pride =/= maruah? So that one can be feeling good about the maruah bangsa & yet cant stand up to the pride of the race?


Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 10:13  

Attended a two day biz training at MARA Shah Alam and the trainer is a model of 'Think Local, Act Global' Malay, who was trained in engineering but delved in pilot testing, coal grading, baking, car rental and so on.
If there are more community champions who are willing to give their time and share their expertise to motivate and challenge the run-of-the-mill Malays, then that's a good start.

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 11:19  

How the hell can u get them to be market responsive if the answer to all of their woes is the RM ,close one eye and "boleh ejas" tried and tested problem solving method.
A foreign fren enquired, how the hell do you compromise with this kinda rubbish( corruption, abuse of power, malpractice).How come elect or nominate a scumbag/slimeball?
Well, the slimeall/scumbag is the one who always gives u the RM when u need it, closes one eye when and "ejas" a low cost house when u not entitled for it but u insist on one.
Habit formation is the key.Old habits die responsive? change the habit first.

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 11:48  


Excellent insight into the Tokugawa Shoguns world and comparison with the Ibrahim Alis of today.

Sadly the Ibrahim Alis do not learn from history or they're still trapped like 'katak dibawah tempurung'.

Embrace change or perish.

Apparently the Ibrahim Alis have chosen the later, the path to damnation.

Quiet Despair,  17 June 2010 at 12:51  

Speaking as a Malay, we want to be market-driven, market friendly. Malays too want to be rich like the Chinese.
But tell us how. Franchise?
McDonalds for example are controlled by Shah, son of late Tan Sri Kadir and Tun Fatmah.
Can't even dream if you can't cough up millions.
Same goes to other fast-food outlets franchise with Vincent Tan, the chief among them.
So Malsys can only afford to go for corn-in-cup franchise.
Most go for sex-enhancing products like Malam Jumaat Psst, Tongkat Ali and Maajun which only have a place in Chow Kit.
The housweives who have no educatoon come up with all kinds of cosmetic products like whitening and anti-wrinkle potions which may cotain mercury.
The rest will continue road-side selling of nasi lemak, goreng pisang, apam balik, Ramli burger and hot-dog and Tom Yam.
You must know the paper work involved to borrow to set up even Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa restaurants.

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 14:29  

Well said. Malaysia really needs more of your kind

Donplaypuks® 17 June 2010 at 16:28  


"Semcorp appoints Hassan Merican as independent director?"

Whither Sime Darby? HM not good enough for Malaysia anymore?

Who is behind the politicisation of Petronas and SD?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 18:50  

To Mr.Quiet despair
Well said but u got to admit that there are certain quarters who want many to remain selling goreng pisang, tongkat ali and corn in cup.You should know why.
My neighbour knows nuts about bizniz but opened a nasi lemak stall and sold less than 10 packets for the first 3 days.He called it quits the next day.The nasi lemak was tasty but he chose a wrong location and there was hardly any marketing/promotion.The following month he opened a bihun sup stall and within a month it was a failure too.Poor customer service this time around plus cleanliness was another.
He is planning a char kueh tiow gig this time around.Same modus operandi.No bizniz knowledge but has the capital which has been kindly "donated" by a party which is ever willing to show the money but not so willing or rather doesnt want the neighbour of mine to learn the trick of the trade or the knowledge to do bizniz before giving him the money.
You may argue that "kursus memang ada" but do tell me honestly.Mereka secara jujur mau ker my neighbour and all the goreng pisang, tongkat ali and corn in cup malaysians to be bizniz savvy?
I beg to differ.If they become bizniz savvy then susah nak control.bila susah nak control then thats spells TROUBLE!

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 19:41  

Quiet Despair 12:51

Thats just few of many numerous business - malays failed and struggling even to crawl.

Go to Kg. Baru and check out the eatery outlet there

Dah 10 tahun. baru DBKL nak upgrade walkway path!

Paint a little there and here plus "tabur" sikit duit kat oldtimer sana - Voila! Usahawan Bumiputera GLOKAL!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Orang Kg Baru jangan terasa eh.

I still go there eat Nasi Lemak although Tikus sana besar gila berapa generation sudah!

Anonymous,  17 June 2010 at 20:28  

Why should I struggle and climb the high steep rocky slope???At best I can earn a million bucks in a lifetime of nose to grindstone..

If my friend can get a big construction project cos he is UMNO AJK Bahagian and make a million in goyang kaki commissions????? WHY NOT ME?

You tell me Dato Sak?? Why not me?I am smarter,more handsome,can speak 3 languages...why must I be the one who struggles whilst my SPM 2nd Grader friend makes the easy bucks??

What market driven affirmative action is it to be AJK UMNO to get rich?

Quiet Despair,  17 June 2010 at 21:29  

Anon 18.50
Anon 19.41

What you guys pointed out are the truth.
If you guys are Malays, that's the story of our race.
Melayupun mudah jemu dan mudah putus asa.
Even if their nasi lemak is good. suddenly they stop half-way. They try selling char kuay teow, nasi goreng, mee bandung etc.
If you guys realised, in one row, all the stalls will sell the same menu especially Tom Yam.
Nasi Lemak, Satay, Apam Balik for example are original Malay food. We can really exploit it to the hilt.
But no. The Chinese now are selling Nasi Lemak, Apam Balik and Satay.
Takde lah sedap mana, tapi they are resolute in business.
Another trait of Malays of course is jealousy, misplaced rivalry or PHD.
Take for example Satay Samuri. You guys must have heard the rumour that they soaked underwear into their peanut sauce. That's why it's got zing.
Who started it if not our people who are also in the same business.
Sometimes I want to cry when I see Indons selling mee bakso and other food at Sg Penchala, Keramat, Pandan or other Malay areas.
The happiest is during fasting when I see my people are really in business.
Why? For duit raya.
In short, no tenacity that's us.

Fakhri 18 June 2010 at 02:00  

Quite Despair,

I am speaking as a Malaysian Acehnese that agree to what Datok Sak is pointing ... Economy first, Politics later.

Before Tsunami 2004, us acehnese retailers, have something like few hundred shops. Since January 2005 (after Tsunami) we have managed to develop those few hundreds to now more than 7,000 shops all over Semenanjung including Kelantan and Terengganu which were never our trading territories before.

All are done without political connections AND bank loans.


a) We unite and help each other
b) We have faith (btw, we have been traders for thousands of years)
c) We work, we sleep, we pray, we eat ... we do nothing else.
d) We work at least 16 hours a day 7 days a week.
e) We live conservatively
f) we pay zakat
g) we re-invest
h) we do employ some ancient trading strategies particularly on how capital/funds are generated. Ever heard of kuutu? Well, sumthing like that. The Key is BANK LOANS ARE A NO-NO!
i) it helps to have sum biz training. I started trading since i was 9 years old at Kota Sarang Semut in Kedah. It's our acehnese tradition to start trading at earlier age.

that's all.

english? knowledge?

acehnese are not knowledgeable people. you can tell from the way i write too. there are about 3 millions of us but we are everywhere all over the world and we are trading ... be it nasi lemak, sundry shops, burger, etc ... does not matter ... the key is always
a) Unity
b) love each other
c) have faith (faith is always above knowledge) ... with faith, you have courage.

Quiet Despair,  18 June 2010 at 09:01  


Kudos. I know that Achinese and Minangs are hard-working with sound business acumen.
There is tight closeness bewteen the clans just like the Mamaks.
Sometimes you wonder how do the Mamaks survive with so many shops and selling the same food.
They have a strong clan association which help each other. They also live meagerly, eating whatever they serve in their shops.
Another is orang Kampar. In Temerloh, the late Sudirman clan are the ones who control the Malay business since a long time ago.
I remember when I was young there was Mohd Ali and Sons who ran an eletrical shop selling Grundig, Blaunkpunt and GEC and other prestigious brands then.

Anonymous,  18 June 2010 at 11:48  

Fakhri 02:00
Quiet Despair 09:01


Both of you similarly sounded or merely suggesting, rant :

1. Unity
2. Faith
3. Pay Zakat

Lets just debate only the above (three) 3

I dont believe other "bangsa" or religion dont practice/provide those above

Kenapa kita Melayu/Malays yang terhegeh banding benda seperti tertera diatas?

I would like to start and utterly agreed with sakmongkol ak47 - fix the economics first then only politics.

with economics to kickstart - education have to play a part first and foremost no?

This is certain, as PM is and likely repeating what "Islam Hadri"
or what ever Paklah is doing back 06-07 years ago. Flip ala Floppy nothing is "Muktamad"

With Clowns like Nazri & Brahim Ali

Plus Anwar Ibrahim antics includes the "Independent" MP etc is never ending story.

Apa lagi Orang Melayu kampung nak look forward too?

Internet? TM bila nak offer online kat orang kampung harga RM1 untuk broadband?

Keta Proton bila nak murah gila babeng? RM1,000 malaysia?

One story - Idris Jala said we're heading for bankrap karipap.

the next upcoming by election boleh tabur another RM 5million

Nak jumpa Obama and negotiate Zionist Israel pakai RM $$ lagi

What is there left for Malaysia?

Please. it will and ALWAYS will be the EDUCATION

Revamp Malaysian Education!


Then only you can dream of economics.

Paling busuk dan teruk - Semua cabinet minister kena pergi tuition Matematik belajar kira-kira

Orang Cina, India gelak kat Melayu!

Tak tahu nak kira matematik!

Apa bodoh sangat ke Melayu nih?

Bila ada yang mengaku memang tak pegi sekolah - pergi cari Nabi Palsu Brahim Ali cuba "suara" kan rakyat melayu punya kesusahan.

Bosan lah.

Eyes Wide Open 18 June 2010 at 13:15  

Economic unity is indeed the key. Put aside the racial political uniformity espoused by politicians, that is a pipe dream that has never been achieved anywhere in the history of the world before.

The model that Fakhri has presented is very similar to the Chinese immigrants when they first came to Malaysia. "Take care of our own and don't expect the rich and powerful to take care of you."

This is where associations can play a major role. Malaysian Chinese number only a few million but there are thousands of clan assocations, cultural associations, business associations, etc. If there are enough people involved in any activity, you can be sure there's an association for it!

These NGOs allow a person's qualities to be noticed as they get involved. It doesn't even have to be a business association - any involvement in any association is an opportunity.

These are very effective avenues for building networks and creating opportunities for business and employment. Various trainings can also be organised through these associtations.

Anonymous,  18 June 2010 at 15:15  


There is a new term for this privileged lot, it is called KURAPs! There's no need for any fancy title to hide their inadequacies. Just like any hopeless parasitic worthless beings (at least some parasites do contribute to their hosts).

It just struck me that normally parasites feed off their hosts. In our case, the KURAPs feed off the productive minorities whom they call guests. Have some shame, KURAPs!

I sincerely think that glorifying term of BUMIs ought to be replaced by KURAPs. We'll see who dares to call him / herself KURAP then.

Anonymous,  18 June 2010 at 16:26  

By not reforming the judiciary, the police and MACC, Najib guarantees that the system is never really going to be market friendly.

If he believes in market-friendly, he will subject the system to a fair judiciary, independent and accountable MACC and police first before anything else can follow.

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