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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 14 June 2013

The Zombie-fication of Malaysian Society.

I have written a long time ago, about the political realities in this country. Malays and Bumiputera are the dominant groups in Malaysia. Any political organization which does not factor-in Malay interests and participation will fail to gain national relevance. It’s a practical requirement for now.
For a long time from now, Malays will still be the majority. Unless there is a catastrophic reversal in demographics, this fact will remain. And this fact is recognised by parties like DAP. The PM and the DPM will continue to be Malays. This country will never become a republic. All the institutions are controlled by Malays and unless Malays themselves elect to self-destruct, then others will take over.
The problem in this country is caused by UMNO. It has zombied Malays into believing they are under siege especially from the Chinese. The Malays who are dominant in almost all aspects of civil life in this country is besieged by a numerically inferior group? The zombiefication by UMNO defies logic.
Unless all these mad things happen, Malays will keep their place. The only people worried about keeping their place is UMNO because it’s on the way out. What more under the confused leadership of Najib.
Who else except Najib who can hold contradictory ideas and believe in them at the same time? Who else other than Najib who can talk about inclusiveness one minute and the next minute is haranguing the Chinese for not supporting UMNO?  Who else other than Najib and UMNO who can run down the Chinese but the same time cavorting and doing business with Chinese friends?  Who else other than UMNO leaders who can deride Chinese women but salivate at the sight of Amber Chia or Daphne Iking and other luscious looking Chinese girls adorning the numerous advertisement billboards?
 Who else other than UMNO leaders who can talk piously about law and order but sees nothing amiss in appointing a transgressor of law as Home Minister. Who else other than UMNO can appoint someone faggotty as Minister of Defence who described armed Sulu invaders as old men wearing sarongs and slippers?
We accept and acknowledge the Malay factor. We reject UMNO only.
Let’s take an example. People will soon hear more about Bukit Koman. It’s a village in Raub district where the inhabitants’ well being is threatened by the presence of a gold mine. The threat comes from the use of cyanide/poison as extracting agent. The use of this poisonous extracting agent has caused diseases and illnesses that cannot be eliminated by normal clinical responses. My opponent in the recent election suggested the use of different soap to get rid of the skin diseases. What a stupid jerk.
Concerned people  of Bukit Koman and of kindred spirit have banded together and are fighting for a cause. The cause is to ban the use of cyanide and to relocate the mine. So far the government has refused to listen to the people and has downplayed the issue claiming that people are exaggerating the dangers.
The people in Bukit Koman Raub whose well-being is affected by the presence of the gold mine using cyanide as extracting agent  will discover their cause will forever remain a mere irritant if it is championed  only by Chinese activists. Because their cause will always be seen in terms of a challenge and threat by a group of Chinese against a Malay dominated government. That’s a practical observation. No need for philosophical musings.
Let’s change the terms of the game. Show the presence of the gold mine affects the well-being of whole society including of Malays living in surrounding areas such as Kampung Melayu Sungai Lui, Kampung Gali. Then, the cause becomes a bigger issue. Find Malays who can champion the cause.
Two things will happen. The issue will no longer be cast in terms of a fight between Chinese and Malays. The issue is no longer narrow.
And here is the bigger issue. No political party can gain national relevance by ignoring the interests of the majority. The majority coincidentally is Malay. Hence their interests must be factored in and the cause of any political party must be structured around the interest of such groups. These realities, I think need not be belaboured on further
Where we disagree is the attempt to equate the interests of the Malays with the interest of UMNO. Or as the UMNO people want people to believe, the cause of the Malays, their interests are champion-able only by UMNO. The nature of Malay interests evolves over time and because of this development, UMNO which is feudal in nature cannot be the vehicle to fight for the Malay cause. That is why we continue to condemn UMNO.
UMNO is a feudal political party. The relationship within UMNO is structured on the lines of  lords, vassal and serfs. The lords of UMNO are the top leaders whose presence is sustained by control of economic resources and grants of patronage. The lords of UMNO are further supported by a layer of vassals who keep the majority in servitude and mental dependence. That the essence of feudalism. The lord provides for the serfs in exchange for protection and patronage. It’s a political party surviving on mental bondage and enslavement of needs.
So, unless you have severe learning disabilities, it should be clear that it is not UMNO’s wellbeing that we are concerned with. To suggest that we have a longing to get back to UMNO as the motivation for writing about UMNO is too simple. Don’t flatter yourselves by thinking that you have made an earth shattering statement saying we continue writing about UMNO because we are still love-struck with UMNO.
It is not in the interest of Malays in the long run to stick with UMNO. UMNO is a feudal party where the social elite enrich and prosper themselves by keeping the rest in servitude. The essence of feudalism as Adam Smith defined it is a society structured on inheritable status. In such a society, social mobility is determined by ascriptive principles. Those predisposed and destined to succeed and to prevail over others, are determined by ascribed status. Because you are the children of parents who previously held high positions, you are assumed to have inherited success traits.
No matter how much you strive, control and leadership of UMNO revolves around feudal lords. Why waste time in such a party?


Unknown 14 June 2013 at 09:19  

Thank you YB for highlighting on the Bukit Koman's rakyat plight where i am sure you will champion it to a sucessful conclusion. I hope all other responsible netizen who could lend a hand there, should chip in. It doesnt have to be a racial issue as you paint it.

As for the rest of the politiking para, i didnt care to read nor hold my breath. Like most of the rakyat, we want to get on with our life, living life to the fullest and journey to fulfil our ambitions ( where in most cases, non political dreams) in this beloved country. Dont drag the rakyat into politiking. We have done our part in GE13. The next time the average rakyat will get close to politic would be GE14 where with the expansive communication coverage provided by the internet medium would hopefully enable the voters in GE14 to pick candidates from their deeds performed in the next five years instead of the zombification by political parties.

Anonymous,  14 June 2013 at 09:21  

The Malays are very easily frightened. Remember how that Khadazan head gear won by Ku Li that frightened them like headless chickens without even using their head how the hell Ku LI would Christianize the country.
Now they say Chinese will take over the country and make it a republic. And the Malays believe UMNO.
Then they say Malays will become slaves in their own country. And the Malays believe them.
Yet they talk about the superiority of the race.

Lim Yung Keng,  14 June 2013 at 10:10  

Sir, hats off to you. Though am not a voter in Raub, but i have been reading your blog for quite a while, perhaps 3 years. I always have this special respect for you. You gained this respect from me through your writings. Before the election and especially when your candidacy was announced, a lot actually doubted as to whether you are a trojan horse from the other side. Well, i guess i had my fair share of doubt then, but i believed you are NOT. Reason being from your writings. As people without passion will not write the way you did. I believe you. Stay the cause please, as the cause needs people like you to be in the forefront. Thank you.

Anonymous,  14 June 2013 at 10:19  

Looks like your fetish with UMNO doesnt end. Day in day our all talk about UMNO makes you sounds like someone with an axe to grind with IMNO especially Najib. Move on la. You have been kicked out of that stupid party aS YOU SAY. UNTIL KIAMAT ALSO YOU'LL JUST BE A HAS BEEN WITH NOTHING TO SHOW....HA HA

Anonymous,  14 June 2013 at 13:02  

Dear Datuk Sak

(1) Good luck in the battle by you and your constituents against the gold mine in Raub.

Information from the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency on cyanide compounds:

However, if it cannot be closed down, then perhaps the second best solution is for the mining company to pay adequate compensation to the 1,000 people of Bukit Koman and help them to relocate. Pay up immediately and not just make vague promises!

(2)The case of Lynas in Kuantan is different. In Kuantan area, there are 700,000 people. The plant must cease operations IMMEDIATELY, pending implementation of all the
IAEA recommended requirements. Meanwhile, we must all remember that hazardous waste is being discharged into the environment, including the South China Sea.

Phua Kai Lit

OneMalaysian,  14 June 2013 at 13:15  

Dear Sakmongkol

You have very clearly and succinctly identified the fundamental issue afflicting the Malays - the “zombiefication” of the Malays. UMNO simply wants to reduce its relation to the Malays as UMNO = Malays. Period. This strategy, if we can call it that, requires a bogeyman, for without one, or a perceived or invented “threat”, the Malays would have no need of a “protector”. We don’t need a rocket scientist to work out UMNO’s game plan. The Chinese have for a long time been cast as the bogeyman.

But it was a highly complex and sophisticated game, which the zombiefied Malays have no clue about. The UMNO warlords and the rich bogeymen are in fact in cahoots under a crony system that enriches both the UMNO warlords and the greedy and immoral non-Malays (not all are Chinese). This was their symbiotic relationship for decades to the detriment of the entire nation. That is why we have this Bukit Koman scandal with a Malay government defending the Chinese owner of the gold mine.

The game is changing, as we can see in GE13. More and more, the interests of the Malays are aligned with non-Malay interests as more Malays migrate to the cities and face the same economic and social pressures and challenges that confront the non-Malay city folks. But this is a slow process. We must quicken it. Therein lies the political challenge for Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous,  15 June 2013 at 02:59  

Hmmmmm.....faggotty...interesting....I read somewhere on one of the blogs last year stating that he is a faggot.

Anonymous,  15 June 2013 at 18:15  

The Malays are conditioned to be totally dependent on the government for everything for their wellbeing and security......from jobs, business, education, religion,retirement and etc..

Most were made to believe without the government, they will not survive and will suffer in the hands of other races.

The FEAR of the government is too strong for them to find the strenght and courage to break free to liberate themselves and live with real pride and dignity.

When you owe someone EVERYTHING, you are NOTHING.

This is the cruelest thing one could do to another human being.

Anonymous,  16 June 2013 at 01:05  

to that person who said Dato has an axe to grind and nothing to show - I WANT to thank Dato for his boldness to expose umno as a corrupt party and nothing else - for saying a spade is a spade and giving us the readers the inside views and going on in the government whose duty is to protect each and every Malaysians and NOT some sick brain party whose only aim is to gobble up every riches for himself - Dato , do continue to expose the greed and weak mentality of these thieves so that other readers will REALIZED the kind of leaders they have choosen and will VOTE wisely in GE14 - Amen ! ! !

Anonymous,  19 June 2013 at 15:46  

UMNO is the most corrupted political party in Malaysia & should rot in hell.

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