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Saturday, 29 June 2013

The King's Speech and Mob Judgment

A non-issue has become a contentious point by some BN MPs. Debates and opposing views on the King’s Speech are to be treated and judged the same as the slurs made against the King outside parliament- as rebellion against the King.
What is happening here? The standards of mob or crowd judgement –hysterical, unreasonable and clueless are being adopted by mob leaders inside parliament. The leaders are easily identified- they shout the loudest in parliament and appoint themselves as leaders and spokesmen for the mob outside.
Since Independence, Royal Addresses have always been followed up by adversarial debates. That has been the practice of parliamentary democracy. We come to the House to debate on issues- the agenda for ensuing debates being set down by the Royal Addresses. Since independence the Royal addresses were prepared by advisors to the Constitutional King. In modern times, the speech is prepared by the government in power. It is safe to assume, the King’s Gracious Speech is prepared by the PM’s office.
The Monarchy was recently attacked by individuals. Disparaging remarks were made against the King. The image of the King has been sullied. The UMNO owned Press played it up stirring up emotions and anger. This has given an excuse to UMNO front guards to treat actions by these individuals as representing a more sinister assault against the monarchy.  The 'war' against the Malay Monarchy was brought into parliament. There were attempts to link the actions by individuals outside parliament to people within the House. When Anwar Ibrahim stated that the King’s Speech wasn’t an order or an absolute edict, his statement was quickly construed as similarly mutinous.
And therefore you see the mob instincts brought into the House. They are brought into the House by UMNO. The nature of a mob is that it is an irrational, often violent organism that derives its energy from the group. It’s at once irrational and devoid of logic. Mob judgment is intoxicated by messianic goals such as declaring anyone who questions the King’s Speech as mutinous. It feeds off and on adrenalin-pumping exhortations. And we know, as is often the case, when a crowd goes wild, there are always some who shout louder and therefore appoint themselves as leaders. We of course know them by another name- UMNO storm trooper.
They use more insidious methods. They twist the truths, stir up passions, demonize opponents, and rely on propaganda. Why do these elected UMNO reps shout louder than the others? Because, their standard operating procedure is to appeal to the least informed and the weakest minded of the public. Their support base consists of housewives, actresses and actors, artists, felons, Utusan Malaysia readers, welfare recipients, heads-up-their-asses billionaires and heads of GLCs with humongous salaries.


Anonymous,  29 June 2013 at 09:25  


Anonymous,  29 June 2013 at 14:40  

Their support base also include lunatics, mentally retarded and inmates of "hospital bahagia" in Tanjung Rambutan and Tampoi.

Anonymous,  29 June 2013 at 20:18  

In other words, they are little Ibrahim Alis, devoid of intelligence, ideas and reasoning. Quite a few kampung are missing their idiots I'm certain.

Anonymous,  30 June 2013 at 00:08  

Anon 29 June 2013 14:40,

Don't insult us "lunatics, mentally retarded and inmates of "hospital bahagia" in Tanjung Rambutan & Tampoi". We may be insane but NOT STUPID, so as to enjoy being perpetually misled, cheated & abused by UMNO/BN.


~ Kipas Hikmat

clearwater 1 July 2013 at 10:20  

Your 'least informed and weakest minded members of the public' include quite a diverse band of people! That was hilarious. Some sensitive Malaysian billionaires may feel really insulted.

SiangMalam 3 July 2013 at 02:22  

And today, that retard MP frpm Kinabatangan asked the CEO of Air Asia X Azran Osman Rani to migrate for his comments on Utusan Melayu.

How do we end up with such D.R.A.M.A. (Dumb Retard Asking for More Attention)in parliament Dato Sakmongkol?

His only comments in parliaments are about women "leaking monthly like parliament roof", short skirts of Air Asia stewardesses and now this....

I really feel shamed and insulted with the likes of MP Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar in parliament...

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