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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 21 June 2013

The Real Malay Agenda- its not determined by UMNO

The UMNO agenda is simply not the Malay agenda. This fact has to be repeated over and over again until the majority of Malays know this. Those who chose to subscribe to the feudal agenda of UMNO- they are most welcome to adhere to their beliefs. We have no problems with that. My purpose is to get as many converts as possible to the idea that the Malay destiny lies in their own hands and not with UMNO. That is all. It’s a simple and easily understood proposition except to the numbskulls.
What  the ordinary Malay want isn’t the same as the feudal minded UMNO leadership wants. The UMNO leadership is interested to keep the people in servitude while the elite plunders and robs the country. Since 1927, the Malay agenda hasn’t been achieved when Zaaba first wrote about it. That the distinguishing feature of the Malays, their second nature as it were, is poverty. The Malay is prominently distinguished in that aspect.
As Zaaba said, poverty in terms of deprivation- that everyone knows. But the poverty that is more serious is poverty in terms of enabling environment that can elevate the Malays to greatness and real progress.
Feudal UMNO has missed this point entirely- focusing instead in creating slumlords lording over serfs. Hence its preoccupation in creating a super 30 percentile group to represent Malay greatness. The Malay acquiescence  to that goal, has enabled a small select group to wantonly do whatever they want to enrich themselves.
Yes, we are saying the same things over and over again, because as we have said it before, the war against tyranny must be fought over and over again. We will continue to write about these things until the Malays discover what a big farce UMNO was, is and will be.


Anonymous,  21 June 2013 at 09:46  

kapitalis si botak umno kedah dah mula tunjuk belang, bercadang charge air dari sg muda yg sepatutnya anugerah Tuhan untuk semua !!! silap bekas mb kedah dah terjual utk dapat pingat dunia !!! ditambah pula dengan penipuan sibotak dlm pilihanraya.

Anonymous,  21 June 2013 at 11:16  

Memang patut pun kedah kenakan caj bayaran.Bukan air dari sungai muda anugerah Illahi itu yang dikenakan, tetapi khidmat penjagaan supaya sungai tak tercemar dan lain2 yang perlu dijagai dan 'opportunity cost' yang lain.

bumi-non-malay 21 June 2013 at 17:25  

The sad thing is that when we attack the is taken as an attack on Islam and therefore Sultan-Agong.... Is this Brain washing still going on in sekolah agama, surau, masa sembayang??

Adakah Allah begitu mudah dipermainkan agama Islam??

Kita perlukan melayu yang Berani Soal dan CABAR...yang tak NGAM!! Lahir melayu = islam adalah Mitos....Kalau mitos ini boleh dipercayai, tak payah lagi ada undang2 Murtad, tak boleh guna Allah melainkan orang Islam....dll....sebab bila mati...terus jumpa Allah kat Syurga!!...sebab mitos lahir melayu = islam....buat apa takut lagi dikeliru????

NIAT Mitos ini adalah untuk buat orang melayu HAMBA kepada mereka Yang mahu terus berkuasa..>SULTAN UMNO!!

joehancl/PRAY,it works 21 June 2013 at 20:07  

STAND up people,join Black 505 tomorrow. This is your chance to show the powers that be, including Our Father Almighty God what you want for Malaysia is good, just and right.
Let us have a PEACEFUL rally.

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