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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Coming Clash of Class

To answer the other side, as to why I continue to write about UMNO this and that, the answer is- It’s because I can. UMNO can self-destruct if it chooses to and that will not be a skin off my nose. It only bothers me when UMNO thinks it continues to speak for Malays as a whole. UMNO has no capacity and standing to do such a thing.
The majority of Malays rejected them. The fact stays that way despite all the fanciful regression and statistical analyses one can muster. UMNO remains in power simply because of gerrymandering and its success in fabricating lies and fear.
I will say this again. UMNO got 3.2 million votes. I am being charitable by saying that 85% of those came from Malay voters. That would be 2.72 million Malay votes. How many Malay voters came out on the 5th of May? 70% of the 11.2 million because they wanted to defend UMNO and the Malay government at all cost? That would give us a figure of 7.84 million. If UMNO got 2.72 million, that means more Malays did not vote for UMNO.
We are indeed moving on beyond GE13. That is why we must continue to expose BN’s hypocrisy, deceit and outright lies to the people. Our agenda isn’t finished until this corrupt government is finished off. BN won because it is corrupt and contemptible. A corrupt regime will use anything legal and illegal to stay on in power.
Each corrupt element at each level of BN organisational structure will dig in to protect its own turf. Otherwise the whole game is given away-that BN has its every finger in the kitty and robbing Malaysia to the bone. Corruption has already become a cultural thing. Each BN politician is wired up that way. Each UMNO operative right up to their minions at the village level.
We will continue to expose the hypocrisy of UMNO which is claiming, it is the vanguard which protects, king, religion, race and country. Not in that order of course. It rearranges its priorities. UMNO was once at the forefront in the assault against the Malay monarchy. Now, it is playing the role of a pit-bull body-guarding the Malay Monarchy because such a stand is of strategic importance.
In an earlier article, I have illustrated the fallacy of UMNO’s success by using a common denominator- i.e. the total number of votes won over the number of seats each party actually won. If we had used uncommon denominators like the number of votes won over the number of seats each party contested (i.e. including seats each lost), the success claimed by UMNO will even be hollower.
So in order to disguise and hide its own shortcomings especially of the abject failure of the UMNO president, BN blamed the Chinese. BN should be asking, what have they done or not done, which made the Malaysian Chinese reject them?  BN hasn’t given them a trustworthy and honest government. The Chinese fortunately recognises this. The Malays unfortunately have not.
The Chinese as a result of their economic independence have been able to exercise freedom of choice; The Malays because of their dependent mentality have been mentally enslaved. It’s easy to manufacture and fabricate the perception and fallacy that continued Malay deprivation is the result of an increasingly independent and rapacious Malaysian Chinese population.
Where is that clash that will eventually destroy UMNO coming from? It will come from the burgeoning downtrodden masses of Malays- the urban and rural poor, hemmed in and flattened by all sorts of injustices and economic deprivations.
The clash between Malays and Chinese is a myth. Such a scenario is illogical. The Chinese form 24% of Malaysia’s population. The Malays 65% of the population. The civil service is almost entirely Malay. The army and the police, legal owners of the instruments of suppression are also dominated by the Malays. The important pillars of governance, the civil service, ministerial positions and the respective ministries, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary are all dominated by Malays. Village organizations are permeated by Malay institutions. We have the various village development and welfare committees and we have the indoctrinating army of KEMAS employees programming the Malay Mind. The monarchy is of course wholly Malay.
So how can the Chinese rebel against such a formidable fortress of institutionalised controlling agents of social regimentation and conformity? They simply can’t.
The coming clash will not be between a Malay dominated government and the what else do the Chinese want community; rather the coming clash will be between the unholy partnership of the Malay pseudo aristocrats and the Malay bourgeoisie with the burgeoning class of marginalised and disillusioned Malays. It will be clash between feudalistic UMNO more interested in preserving an aristocratic way of life and the Malay ‘proletariat’ bursting at the seams with notions of every kind of imaginable social injustices. Injustices that have been inflicted on them by the feudalistic and aristocratic UMNO.


KoSong Cafe 4 June 2013 at 09:15  

That's what worries Umno, increasing Malay dissidents tipping the scale. This has made past gerrymandering (based on race) ineffective in GE13 and will influence future criteria.

Just by looking at the racial composition of those who took part in recent rallies would send shivers to their spines. Young and multi-racial and even successful yuppies. Young represents the future and multi-racial means race will increasingly be irrelevant in public policies. It is encouraging to note Malays supported non-Malay candidates and vice versa.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 09:22  

Dear Datuk Sak

The lower class Malays are also being victimised because UMNO Baru-BN is giving citizenship to low skilled foreigners who will generate downward pressure on wages and also compete with working class Malays for jobs.

Phua Kai Lit

bruno,  4 June 2013 at 09:24  

Dato,to make it plain and simple,Umno is for the very powerful corrupted robber barons,cronies,stooges and their tongkat,crutches and wheelchairs dependents.To Umnoputras,politics is not about serving the rakyat,but is a money making machine.

bumi-non-malay 4 June 2013 at 09:38  

...and soon Monarchy and Islam will be dragged in.....

More FICTICIOUS facebook arrest base on Seditious posting of Islam and on Monarchy will come out as if that is the most important thing to a Better Malaysia.

Melayu hanya perlu sedar mengapa apabila sebuah NEGARA sebesar Langkawi(iaitu Singapura) JUMLAH Pengeluaran negara kecil lebih BESAR dari Malaysia KESULURUHAN.

Bila dah sedar....boleh turun Jalanraya dan tumbangkan SEMUA institusi Korrupt, Bunuh, bodohkan rakyat Malaysia..... lepas itu boleh fikir dengan waras apahal dan siapa PECAT singapura!!....Allah bukan buta...tahu apa yang iklas dan apa yang Zalim dan Sesak!!....UMNO tu tak ada ubat lagi untuk baik......kecuali di KUBURKAN!! UMNO-BN Masih Angkuh, sombong, panggil rakyat ubah corak hidup supaya hidup awak mewah macam ketua2 UMNO.....hidup UMNO....Bodohkan melayu dan warga malaysia!!

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 10:33  

The anonymous who made that comment has to understand that there is a need to 'de-programme' the Malay psyche into someone who is self-reliant (without the UMNO-B crutch), self-confident, with self-respect and respect to others, God-fearing and other qualities that they possess before they were destroyed by the elitist UMNOputras. These UMNOputras have made corruption a way of life. Does 'anonymous' see no sin in that? By not critising corruption, you are indirectly condoning it.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 11:18  

The neglected rural Malays, who kais pagi makan pagi, have voted for UMNO. They are the ones who, despite being poor, have been fooled by UMNO's threats and promises.
The children of these very Malays are presently the unemployable graduates because our inferior education. Of course the UMNO elite and the bourgeoisie, send their children overseas for their education while the marginalized Malays turn to snatch thefts and Mat Rempits.
Until and unless these 'mentally enslaved' Malays wake up from their deep slumber, they will continue to remain damned and work as garbage collectors, grass cutters, lorry attendants, road layers,security guards, peons and car washers. Hidup Melayu.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 11:40  

Right again Dato'.

The moneyed class of all races have more in common with each other than the moneyless class within their own race. They speak the money language with ease.

The moneyless class don't understand why the government keeps devising schemes (AES, GST, other taxes, fees, toll) to extract money from them.

With ALL the khazanah negara at its disposal, it is still not enough. The beast is always hungry for more. Who the devil is behind the beast? Who is keeping the accounts? What on earth is going on?

The moneyed wink ;-) at each other while the clueless moneyless are hoodwinked. Clash will happen when clueless see the con.

yum,  4 June 2013 at 12:25  

*fulamak* Dato, now you're really whacking them.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 12:42  

Pak Sak;

You have to literally write these facts again and again so that those UMNO people who drop by your blog comprehend the entire discourse. But I guess these people are not tuned to numbers and figures ... hahaha.
All they can say is "dah kalah, kalahlah" ... of course typical of them.

Never stop writing Pak Sak and keep the momentum going in checking this blow hot and cold, corrupted and kleptocracy govt. Looking at your tenacity indeed is a driving force for me to carry on with this struggle. The very best to you in your undertakings.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 13:15  

Taken from one of the blogs :

MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2013

Gaji Kecil, Rumah Mahal, Kereta Mahal. Hidup UMNO!!!!!

Ini adalah sifat pemerintahan UMNO semenjak 1990. Rakyat Malaysia dan orang Melayu terutamanya terus menerus dihimpit tekanan ekonomi.

Gaji dan pendapatan orang Melayu sentiasa rendah dan tidak berkembang. Syarikat2 di Malaysia mengeksploitasi pekerja2 Melayu dan Malaysia. Kalau tak suka, boleh sahaja digantikan pekerja2 Melayu dan Malaysia dgn pekerja2 Bangladesh dan Myanmmar.

Kalau masih nak komplen, beri sahaja hak mengundi pada Bangla dan Myanmmar. Beri IC "instant" kepada pendatang2 asing.

Kita rakyat Malaysia terutamanya orang Melayu kena hidup dengan gai yang kecil, harga rumah tinggi melangit dan harga kerta yang mahal.

Itu tak masuk lagi dgn harga minyak yang mahal serta kos tol yang tinggi.

Harga barang jangan cerita la. Tak pernah turun sentiasa naik.

UMNO pula tak kesah. Asalkan ada pilihanraya, cuma perlu bagitau pada orang Melayu, Cina nak perintah MAlaysia.

Hidup terhimpit takpa. Anak tak makan takpa. Anak2 terbiar sampai jadi bohsia takpa.

Asalkan Cina tak memerintah.

Tulang Besi baru periksa. Rumah 20x70 di kawasan berhampiran Teluk Panglima Garang pun harganya hampir RM450k. Agaknya kalau ambil pinjaman, kena bayar RM3500 sebulan. Tak makan la anak bini.

Padahal UMNO kononnya tubuhkan Syarikat Perumahan Negara (SPN) untuk bina rumah untuk rakyat.

Tapi pada waktu yang sama serah tugas buat rumah pada syarikat2 kroni/swasta.

Di Singapura, 85% rumah dibina oleh kerajaan. Jadi, setiap rakyat ada rumah tak kira dia kerja kuli kontrak, penjaja ataupun jurutera. Semua orang boleh ada rumah.

Takpa kroni jadi kaya. Rakyat Melayu akan terus undi UMNO sebab takut CIna memerintah.

Yang herannya apabila Cina mengundi Pakatan, yang tambah kerusi di Selangor adalah PAS bukan DAP.

Kebodohan orang Melayu adalah asset bagi UMNO.

Mudahnya orang Melayu ditipu propaganda2 bodoh UMNO membuktikan Melayu tak layak untuk mentadbir ekonomi Malaysia.

Kalau Melayu pandai, sudah tentu dah lama UMNO dicampak ke Laut Cina Selatan.

Tahniah orang2 Melayu sekelian.

Undi kamu orang Melayu telah menyebabkan kamu hidup merempat dan terhimpit ekonomi sekurang2nya lima tahun lagi.

Terimalah akibat dari kebodohan kamu

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 13:23  

This situation is indeed dangerous. When the two Malay giants clash, the minority suffer in silence as hisyory has time again proven, they will be made scapegoat.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 17:07  

Irrespective of the facts, people want to believe what they want to believe for narrow political and personal reasons.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 17:16  

No such clash lah.Najib always has a mean to find cash to sustain the running of the country lah

the mean machine,  4 June 2013 at 20:06  

Dr Mahathir said that "Umno won the most seats in GE 13th not because the Malays support Umno,but because they had no choice".

Is Dr Mahathir admitting that his Umno B is so useless that the Malays who voted Umno/BN are only the tongkat and crutches dependents who have no where else to go?This type of remarks will only drive the races further apart.

We have to remind the Umno leaders that other races also voted for Umno/BN,or else they will be sitting on the opposition bench already.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 23:11  

wow dato, you are the best la! your wrtitings have so many followings. keep up the excellent writings. i have goosebumps reading your blogs. you are the best writer in the whole wide world.

BUT alas you are in the opposition. ha ha ha ha!!! wait till five more years.....Happy Waiting!!!

Quiet Despair,  5 June 2013 at 00:22  

The Chinese are laughing at you, dear Sak. They must be thinking this Malay DAP man simply don't know us.
But never mind, he's defending us, without us asking to.
Reading The Star alone is a strong pointer on what the Chinese want.
The Editor in Chief himself is asking for an English National school. The SK now to him is a Malay school.
Another writer is lamenting how the dad was a Police officer. Went on to vent her unhappiness with the "Malay' government service.
suddenly the paper is coming out with so many grouses.
So who is the racist one, now. The Malays or the Chinese who got everything except political power.
And you seem to be aiding them in their unfulfilled ambition.
Don't you ever think of the many Malays who will be forever lost if UMNO loses its political power?
I would like to quote a Pakckik gerai near my area who said: "Sebusuk-busuk UMNO boleh juga kita makan. Taklah sebusuk Pakatan."
And now they are asking UMNO to disband and become 1BN party. Most Malays will said over their dead bodies.

bruno,  5 June 2013 at 01:46  

Quiet Despair,

how are you doing buddy.Long time no see.You have been missing for ages,I really forget that time flies so fast,and my best buddy is cuddling up to grams in the land of the free.

First of all we do not have to pay any attention to that supermarket tabloid,called the Star.It is an Umno crony and lapdog tabloid fit for gossippers.But actually the Star is a parrot of what its Umno masters want,not what the Chinese wants.Nobody reads that trash tabloid anymore except maybe the uninformed.

And yes,sure,some tongkat,crutches and wheelchairs dependents will be forever lost if Umno goes to the dogs.But not that so many,so do not scare the pants off the Malays.Nowadays many,in fact the majority of Malays are well educated.And most of them can stand on their own two feet,put three meals on the table,Umno or no Umno.

Just look at the Chinese representation in the new cabinet.Totally nil,except a showdog who has no teeth and cannot bite.Are the Chinese lost?No,the Chinese are not lost and do not need yesmen crony and corrupted politicians to represent them.What the Chinese wants are a level playing field and good governance,not handouts.

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 02:06  


Your commentary:

"UMNO was once at the forefront in the assault against the Malay monarchy. Now, it is playing the role of a pit-bull body-guarding the Malay Monarchy because such a stand is of strategic importance..."

It is strategic because, UMNO, its war-lords and the subservient senior civil servants had subtly crafted this ingenious plan to ensure its rule in perpetuity, knowing fully well the citizens esp the law abiding and simple folks will not rebel against the Monarchy.

That's why you see the ubiquitous bill boards of the royalty being erected in all the states's public places....psychologically reminding the rakyat that BN UMNO is the ultimate defender of the nation!

mucking fuddled,  5 June 2013 at 02:59  

i find it perplexing how some seemingly highly educated people are convinced that malays can lose political power when 60% of the population are malays, our king must be malay, our PM must be malay, 99% of military are malays, 99% of pdrm are malays, 90% of civil servants and judges are malays, maybe they think all these malays can be bought by the chinese, what a waste of a good education and a disgrace to his alma mater.
datuk, i think you are more learned and we appreciate your contributions and sacrifices

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 09:13  

Dato Arif, kawan ko tuh AA dah start menembak pemimpin DAP.

dah manjadi Duta Tunku Aziz dah..

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 09:57  

Quiet Despair seems an intelligent fella. Perhaps he should read Anas Alam Faizli's "Enlightenment Thro' Crital Thinking'.Wonderful read!

walla 5 June 2013 at 11:05  

U: You look gaunt and haggard.

B: Just back from the thick of the borneo jungle.

U: How are things there?

B: When the three critical things to the natives in those places have remained throughout their entire lifetimes as just minyak masak, tepung dan gula, what do you think?

Sure, they rear their own scrawny chickens and occasionally the fisherman drives his battered lorry bringing some sea catch.

But by and large, they are just down and out, living in some suspended animation and twilight zone on what i now term the guitar mentality.

U: Guitar mentality?

B: When you don't even have proper nutrition, how can the faculties develop?

When you consider a packet of instant mee as a dish to supplement your nasi and you can't do without sugar and seasoning, what else to do except strum a guitar if there is still enough diesel to run the generator to crackle the light bulb suspended from the leaky roof of your rickety wooden shed?

U: But Barisan has been kind. It gave them money. Cash.

B: Cash? Oh yes, i know that too. The cash comes just before the elections. Let me tell you what happened in the towns. Barisan there has a record of who voted for who in GE12. When GE13 came, the dispensing officers pulled out those records and coaxed the voters to vote for Barisan and to get their relatives to do the same if they want the cash. Furthermore, bumiputra's of Malay origin got three times the amounts given out to the non-Malays.

And here we have in our midst a certain monkey talking about the need to hold onto political power.

For who? For the corrupt!

For what? For our poor natives so that they can continue to strum guitars to relieve their plight their whole lives while he tooth-picked his ceramic teeth after a nice lunch at Texas Chicken, knowing damn well the pre-election sums blackmailed out would certainly buy the return of the great protectors of Alif Ba Ta. Lordey blimey!

U: But Barisan is now bringing big projects to the states. That should change things around.

B: You know damn well those states have rich resources. Where has all the money gone all these years?

Let me tell you where. Into the pockets of cronies so that they can send their own children to Australia to study in the best and live it up. So that their relatives by the dozens can buy baubles and light up the towns without the need of generators. So that they can buy entire blocks of high-end offices in faraway places.

While undernourished babies lie helpless at the feet of thin young mothers sitting on the pavements with their hands out asking for alm with pleading eyes.

Up yours, you bloody scoundrel.

U: What's past is past. Now there is a new future for all of them. Barisan is going to develop those states and bring real relief.

walla 5 June 2013 at 11:06  


B: Why do i suddenly get a tingling sensation down the old spine that i've heard all that before and so many times too? Are you suddenly and by any chance lost for real words, even desperate, to wit?

Look, it's all about projects for cronies. Agree or not? They groom some trees on the pavement. Then they chop them down and groom another row. Otherwise where got new cash to flow?

And here's a nice one. Someone reported snatch thieves along some motorcycle path. So the cronies pushed through a project to metal-barricade the entire path. The thing is erected today and next morning stolen for scrap.

And now we have this bozo baldie saying on front page Borneo Times that he is going to light up the towns to attract more tourists. Hello kitty, how come all the towns have not been lit up all these years? Hello baldie, with all those mega-million hydroelectric dams, what has happened to the electrification programs mentioned so many times? Hello dunderhead, who says tourists will come when you light up towns already dead by nine every night? He said he took input. From whom? The people who would be benefiting again from another round of Barisan projects?

So how can development costs not be inflated when the fat could be used in other critical areas instead of going into the pockets of Barisan hangers-on?

So how can rakyat money be used efficiently and effectively to honestly target the creation of real opportunities and to enable those who are to benefit to independently help themselves up without the need to forever be dependent on a corrupt administration?

Let me give you just a simple observation. The young honest kid walks around in the sun and collects a few sen from you as parking fee, laboriously writing out an official receipt. Meanwhile those in high places cream off millions as fast as trees can grow or oil can be tapped or roads paved or dams built. You tell me, is that right or wrong?

Did i say 'up yours' just now? Ok, down yours, you scoundrel.

U: I don't know what else to say.

B: Good. Then let me help you.

You have this black mamba or shall we redesignate him a borneo anaconda doing treasonous things by trying to malaynify the states through the route of instant ICs.

He has caused a humungous social problem there. Now there is a Umno movement for pro-Barisan Malay Muslims there to deliberately target marriage of unsuspecting Christian girls so that they must convert to Islam, thus eroding the Christian fabric in those states for only an obnoxious political objective designed by a corrupt party who is so the minority it is a wonder its leaders still have the dunking nerve to demand recognition and rakyat support.

It seems it is not enough for that party to create a clash of class based on politics and economics. It seems Umno is now also bent on creating a clash of class based on religion.

So what say Mr HM and Mr Hot Rock cafe and those of their institution that is supposedly representing all? Support the Najib administration again? Support Umno again? Don't they even know some of our Malays have sneered at the portraits? Care to ask why?

U: Shall we adjourn for lunch?

B: You got minyak masak, tepung, gula, ajinomoto and a guitar?

Jong 5 June 2013 at 11:38  

Another great article with facts and figures! Sybas Sak!

Quiet Despair,  5 June 2013 at 11:58  

@ Bruno.

Hey bro.Missed ya. Are you being good? Happy that UMNO won as expected.
I am still around. Going back to Gramps for Xmas since my missus will be due then.
Dear YB Sak, please go easy on our PM. He won, right. So leave him be. Let him rule in peace.
He does not look too happy eversince the day he announced the GE.
He lost a lot of weight I see. Wish the aunty lose her kilos.
I simply don't understand Malaysian politics where the losers dictate what the PM should do.
Aside from that Nu-War fella, Gerakan and MCA too are distracting him who needs all the support to keep the country running.
How dare the Gerakan tell UMNO to merge into BN. It's the Gerakan and MCA which should merge into one Chinese party. And same goes for MIC whose leader nearly lost Camerons if not for Malay and Orang Asli votes.
UMNO can disband only if DAP cease to become a party serving only the Chinese.
Say what you like Malay perception of DAP is that. Same as Chinese perception of UMNO as Malay-centric.
Cheers everyone.

P.S. What's happening to Malaysia? Main bolapun mau gaduh. Our Kingpun is open to denigration.
and China still mau, mau mau. Aiya, Apa lagi mau?
Enough lor.

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 12:02  

They don't mind chinese doing business...but stay out of politics, irrespective of their potential contribution to run the country.

This explains increasing Malays in government of 90%, instead of properly reflect the racial diversity of the country.

They are more comforatble with constitution/other Malays in government.

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 13:04  


The difference between a frightful UMNO malay and the fearless malay is this - one believe in UMNO as the sole provider, while the other in Allah Who is 'closer than one's jugular vein'.

~ Cermin Hikmat.

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 13:53  

Datuk Sak

The following videos on two nations are a warning to all of us concerned and patriotic Malaysians about what can happen with the continuation of kleptocratic rule by UMNO Baru-BN

Argentina 2001:


Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 14:11  

For race that forms 60% of the population and still fear being smothered by the minority is inself an indication of the mental capacity of the race to think rationally

Anthony Joseph 5 June 2013 at 14:15  

Could you delete my earlier post. It is incomplete and I will come up with the complete one in due course. Thanks.

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 14:37  

Every other week, that fake melayu comes out w/a statement pretending to be concerned abt Malays' welfare. I think the quality of education is utmost importance. What is so threatening abt mastering the English language? It's a communication tool, for people to comprehend others, to communicate & express themselves with clarity, a means to educate oneself.. the pros are endless. Any yet you, Pak Sak writes & speaks impeccable English.But not millions of younger ppl of all races. You know who is behind this agenda to dumb down education. Name him in public. It started after the mid-70s & the damage is permanent.

Anonymous,  5 June 2013 at 14:40  

Talking abt classification, do you notice there is a widening wealth gap betw the elite, super-duper rich-connected-to so-and-so, cronies & their cronies, and the ordinary rakyat?
Most of us earned barely enough to get by, while a certain group who have connections are way ahead of the rest of us in terms of wealth?
I think this deliberate creation of a so-called elite class, who contrast against the man-on-the-street is by design.

walla 5 June 2013 at 15:22  


U: i hope that piece of roti canai was to your satisfaction?

B: (pained look). Delicious. And terima kasih.

U: So shall we now count on your support of Umno which is the supreme and legal government?

B: I'll be happy to answer your question. But i have a small problem. If Umno today is neither a supreme nor a legal government, for that matter even a government, how should i answer your question? Please take your time. I am old and slow these days.

U:(face reddens then darkens so red plus black equals purple). Well, Umno was first past the finishing line in GE13 so it must be legal and therefore supreme, and therefore...

B: Errh, hold on there.

First tell me what happened to all the advanced voting slips deposited in places like Melbourne. Judging from the rallies there, i would reasonably think most of them were for Pakatan. So what happened to the voting slips? What and for which majority were the votes made in Melbourne? I understand they have disappeared completely.

Second, i want the name of the consulate official there who told the voters that since office hours were over, they cannot submit their ballots but may post them to their relatives over here to submit for them. I want the name so that i can see the face of a shameless idiot who's also partisan in what is supposed to be a politically independent organization.

Third, i want to know which constituency were the two ballot boxes from that were ferried by taxi and protected by armed FRU who attempted to deliver them to Nurul Izzah's tally centre, a singularly mystifying event that had required the rakyat to come out in big numbers in the wee hours of the morning to stop what was obviously an attempt to change the election result in her constituency after it had dawned on all that she had won.

Not only that, i want to know why the EC officer said just moments before that event that since his officials were tired, they wanted the observers to leave the room so that his officials could take a rest. And then switched off the lights.

Fourth, i want to know why was it that when it was already apparent to everyone that Chua Jui Meng, Ramasamy and Wong Tak were winning on margin every hour, the results in the end came out such that they had lost.

Just think about it, isn't it just extremely unlikely those who would vote for the respective Barisan candidates had all decided to vote early in the morning in which case they had bunched their votes right at the beginning of voting where they would put their slips in first and therefore the slips would be at the bottom of the box to be taken out last for counting which might then explain the spike for Barisan at the end?

One would think the rumble and energy from the rakyat who had turned up early in the morning in so many constituencies to vote for Pakatan would mean the spikes in results in such places at the end would more likely be Pakatan.

Isn't it odd that fortunes could suddenly change so fast against obvious momentum in critical seats?

U: Ok, if you say like that, why didn't Ghani win in Gelang Patah? After all, the head of Lim Kit Siang would have been Barisan's prize trophy if Ghani had won.

walla 5 June 2013 at 15:22  


B: Haha, you use a wrong example, U. You and me and the dog name boo know full well that if it was down to using the racial card, Lim could not have won the seat because the Chinese there were still a minority, what more Ghani was a Malay MB and an Umno veteran. After all, didn't the borneo anaconda say Lim must be kuburkan there? Yet Lim won.

Therefore the urban Malays there must have also voted for him. Since PKR and PAS had no sizable presence in Gelang Patah, therefore the Malays who voted for Lim must have been the Malay fence-sitters as well as Umno members.

Now it is likely fence-sitters in one session are less likely to walk and vote in the next especially in quiet towns. So the Malay fence-sitters of GE12 in Gelang Patah could not have exceeded the Umno Malay voters in GE13 who would have been more politically active.

Therefore Malays from Umno voted for DAP's Lim. Therefore all that Umno tarring of the DAP as a racist organization and all those rantings by Utusan and Umno cybertroopers carried no weight with many Malay voters themselves from Umno itself.

U: Shit, you're good.

B: I haven't finished yet. Let me tell you a half-joke of the background. Elements in Umno itself had wanted to finish off Ghani in 2004. That's why he was asked to stand in Gelang Patah.

His immediate reaction was to go into a state of cataclysmic shock. He said no. He suggested Chua Soi Lek instead. Next, Chua said no. He suggested Muhyiddin instead. Next, the borneo anaconda said no (probably said with a slithering lisp). He suggested Najib instead. Next, Rosmah said no. And that's why Ghani finally understood he was played out by his own Umno playmates. Which was why he blamed the Chinese. Which was why Najib said it was a Chinese tsunami. Since two other Menteri Besar's also lost.

U: Wait a minute. If you mean Rustam and Zamry, well the second MB won fair and square.

B: Really?

U: Shit, you're even better than good.

B: Ask Muhyiddin what he had done during all those weeks shuttling to Ipoh to meet Zamry before the elections. Even the Umno general members of Perak would be embarrassed.

As would the same in N9.

Maaf-oh, U. GE13 was the dirtiest general election in the history of this nation.

Barisan and Umno cheated to the hilt in both west and east Malaysia. The EC was partial to Barisan and partisan to the incumbent.

The EC still isn't an independent election body - especially in critical seats when the margins were favoring Pakatan and fortunes could suddenly change in the twinkling of an eye.

Anonymous,  6 June 2013 at 06:14  

@@@ QD, and in the land of free, you are not on par, you hide under the shield of Malaysian, need me to elaborate further, and if I know you are QD there, your eyes will suffer bruises right in the boulevard cafes !!! Buat malu aje !!

QD so you need to have a stooger who is at your beck and call to praise you on the same post ? It has always been the case. Be a real man not a chick, hiding under your woman's skirt ?!

What is wrong for the chief editor of the Star to say bring back the English National school ? It is clear that you want your sdn bhd elites to obtain English education abroad, in premier boarding schools or premier international schools here ( on which category of Malaysian foreign staff, how big is the pool of such staff, not using tongkats, privileges and tax payers' money or GLCs' ? to create another level of elites for the future ? but keep the urbanites and Malays to learn with indons and banglas... what bull, intelligent ?!!! you chose not to know that some urbanite professionals pay higher income tax, on top of that pay exorbitant fees to hantar anak - anak to the quality private schools ?

Stop bull syitting, don't blame other Malaysians, blame UMNO perpetual liars, opportunists cum troopers to self - destruct
bahasa melayu ( there it burns off with the limitation, and not as Bahasa Malaysia ) the last of the Melayu race or as known worldwide that is resort to reengineer IC Project into Melayu, not unexpected... if it is possible with mahatail tales, anything and everything, legit or not, is possible as the think - tangkers are paid to do so ?

QD stop skirting, Buat malu aje !!

Anonymous,  7 June 2013 at 11:15  

Walla 1/4: ....their own children to Australia to study in the best and live it up...

And they come back with an ozzie accent after just one semester. They return every semester zooming around town while their poor rural cousins strum a sapeh after a heady night of tuak or langkau. Forget the guitar as BN politicians are making sure 'culture' must be preserved at all cost the easier for mind and habit control.

BN is on a roll in Sarawak - celebrations are going non-stop for the past one month. Tonight there is one big do near Bau. Money will be spent and more money will be made by politicians to finance big feasts so as to buy hearts and souls so as to win votes so as to remain in power so as to keep feasting, and so on and so forth - the perfect virtuous circle, a gift from BN deities and minor gods.

See how smart BN politicians are to show how stupid the British were in using opium to subjugate China. Over in Sarawak, no drugs, no opium, no ice, no nothing, only tuak/langkau, songs and dance, and on a lucky evening some premium grade wild-boar barbecue - don't ask how they lay their hands on this.

I have seen this over and over again as wealth continue to be soaked up by BN patriots.

Anyone for ngajat?

Sumpitan Emas,  7 June 2013 at 11:38  

QD, you must be dreaming if you think UMNO millionaire politicians still send their children to national public schools to learn everything in Bahasa Melayu.

Future net-working is the reality and this reality is meaningful if a person is functionally bi-lingual. The second language doesn't have to be English, but for pragmatic reasons it is the best reachable solution for us because of our history.

Ask the Indians and the Chinese. Don't quote the Japanese because their 'Japaneseness' blighted their vision and this allowed India and China to leap-frog ahead in so many areas in such quick time.

Get out of the time-warp for our good. The Malays are just as capable as the other races, and don't you even hint again that the Malays need UMNO to survive.

Bilingualism is the way and the Malays will quickly prove you wrong if they can dump the yoke that UMNO has succeeded in placing on their necks till now.

Anonymous,  22 June 2013 at 14:58  

Dato, why not post all your writings on FB? Your articles are all brilliant and should be published worldwide. Asiatimes, CNN, SCMP, semua lah. If u fb them, supporters wl help to spread it around faster than virus!

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