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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday 8 June 2013

Avoiding The Road to Serfdom

The UMNO people still don’t get it. Our business is to replace the UMNO government. Nothing personal, but business. How do we go about doing our business? By exposing the hypocrisy that UMNO and BN impose on the rakyat.
All the things that UMNO claims it does are doable by others. Taking care of Malays? We can do that with better policies and better government. Prospering the country? We can do that by carrying out sounder economic policies. Managing the economy? We can do better by eliminating corruption that has infiltrated every level of governance.
Muhyidin does not have make public his vows to protect all the important institutions. Najib too.  No need to show you are more patriotic than others. That emotion and feeling are not your monopoly.
They are all just showboating. Our institutions are protected by the constitution and the articles of the constitution. Adherence to the letter and the spirit of the constitution are crucially important to preserve its integrity.
For example, there have been a lot of issues surrounding the monarchy lately. This shouldn’t be a contentious issue but UMNO wants to overreach to demonstrate that it is the custodian of this particular institution. We are all absolutely committed to upholding the constitutionality of our monarchy. The protection of its integrity demands observance by ALL stakeholders. If the constitutionality of the institution is violated by members of the monarchy, that is an invitation to others to criticize and express their dissatisfaction. This simple, sine qua non should be understood by ALL stakeholders. The institutions safeguarding the integrity such as the Police should not be trigger happy to rein in only one side of the stakeholders. Otherwise, the Police will be seen as the brown shirted muscle for only one side of the stakeholders.  
As to the issue of displacing UMNO, in doing that, we are not going to delude ourselves into believing that it’s like a walk in the park. We must be clear about what we are up against. We are fighting the UMNO beliefs system that is an article faith to a sizeable portion of the Malay community. It’s especially pronounced in rural Malaysia.
At the centre of the UMNO beliefs systems is an article of faith that holds UMNO as the fountain of everything good and comforting to Malays. Who will protect the Malay monarchy? UMNO. Who is going to defend Islam? UMNO. Who is going to look out for Malays? UMNO. As soon as the Malay is born, he is conditioned into thinking that it’s UMNO that has made him into what he is now. That’s what his parents taught him. The parents owe it to UMNO.
How does UMNO do it? It does so by cultural conditioning using media technology- owning and controlling means of spreading the narrative. UMNO controls the narrative for now. By narrative we mean a generic term to represent the thought forming stories which the media industrial complex that UMNO use to indoctrinate.
This includes newspapers, TV channels, talk shows on radios, the suraus. They these are used to tell the story about UMNO and what UMNO does. Secondly, UMNO cements its story telling by the old fashion way- pay their way through. Make Malays entirely dependent on their discretion. Make Malays the les miserables.


Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 02:22  

‘Menang sorak, kampung tergadai’.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 02:24  

If anyone wants to see how Malaysian Malaysia is practiced, just look at Singapore. Singapore is just as multiracial as Malaysia having Malays, Chinese and Indians citizens. Everything is based on meritocracy. But look who are the ministers, the businessmen, the rich people, the doctors, the accountants, the lawyers, the army generals, all taken up by one race. This is what the Chinese in Malaysia really want when they voted for DAP.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 07:29  

Thr economic powerhouse of the chinese can take down the entire nation and this has been always disputed by dato sak as malays dominate the population and the government.Not necessary dato.look at penang which is going to be another singapore.and the systematic discrimination of malays in the private sector.yes this is all because the weak malays due to umno policies.but isnt it time for malays to unite for once to settle these issues just like the chinese unite under their association immaterial of which party they belong to.or has dato given up to unite malays politically but instead take the easy way out the path of least resistance

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 08:44  

I hate people who doesn't tell us who the hell he is. Do you know the followings:

1) National language is bahasa melayu (Surprise! Surprise!)

2) Military Command is still in bahasa melayu

3) Melayus there still have special position. The same in Malaysia circa 1957 constitution

4) The national anthem is still in bahasa melayu

5) Seen Singapore currency note......Yussuf Ishak, is he melayu?

6) Top political echolen helmed by one race?

WTF is Thaman Shamuragam, DPM (FINANCE Minister of Singapore)

Foreign & Law minister is also chinese. Go google la!

Speaker melayu (Halimah Yaacob) &

I know you guys are damn lazy

Tunku Abdul Rahman offered free land in singapore after singapore ejected from Malaysia. Why not one single melayu responded to Tunku? Supposedly so much discrimination in singapore

By the way, tell me why can't a cina man become MB of Selangor? Perak state exco now also dominated by melayus. It seems even the speaker also given by melayu.


Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 09:14  

Out of 15 cabinet ministers, there are 4 Indians, 10 chinese & 1 melayu

There are 14 junior ministers & parliamentary scretaries in singapore. Composition as follow:

5 melayu, 1 Indian & 8 chinese

Singapore racial composition as follows:

74.2% chinese, 13.4% Malay & 9.2% Indian

15 ministers + 14 junior ministers mean 29 in total

29 * 0.134 = 3.886

Melayu got 6 lei. Of course, Indian got more than its share of demographic but in a country that cherish meritrocracy, that should be the way.

In Singapore, you can have a DPM who is an Indian. Foreign Minister, top 3 ministerial post also an Indian

What about having a melayu president portrait? Yussuf Ishak appeared in every single singapore currency note? Can we have a Tan Siew Sin picture in Malaysia currency note? So......

Facts don't lie

Take a look at selangor state government composition

There is no non malay or even orang asli MB

Selangor racial composition is

Malay 52.9%, Chinese 27.8%, Indian 13.3%

There are 13 folks in the executive as well as speaker/deputy speaker

0.529 * 13 = 6.877

How many melayu are there in selangor?

1 MB + 2 PKR + 3 PAS + 1 deputy speaker = 8

How about indian then?

0.133 * 13 = 1.729

So which is far? Facts don't lie you see! How many melayus are there in Kedah, Perak, Terengganu or the rest of the states in Malaysia? Apa mau cakap sikarang?

How many melayu, china & yindian PR aduns in selangor?

There are 44 aduns.

There are 23 melayu aduns, 3 indian aduns & 18 chinese aduns

(23/44) * 13 = 6.795

Yet PR got 8 melayus, not bad isn't it considering last time selangor got 7 melayus. 5 chinese &1 indian.

Just look at facts la

OneMalaysian,  9 June 2013 at 11:06  

Dear Sakmongkol

Racism is alive and well in this country, nearly 56 years after independence. You can see it from the way rural folks – though not the urban ones – voted in GE13. You can see it from the way some of your readers write when commenting on Penang and Singapore.

Every country needs an ideology that binds the nation together. We can go the way of Nazi Germany, and advocate racial supremacy, in their case of the Aryan white race. We can go the way of South Africa and advocate white supremacy and apartheid. But look what happened to those 2 countries. They were eventually ruined, and from their ashes arose better and stronger countries that renounced racism.

Some people here would like us to be like Apartheid South Africa or Nazi Germany. But we must resist that. We cannot allow these people to triumph. We must look to the nobler side of humans.

Are Malays inherently superior to Chinese and vice versa, or to Indians or whatever race? If the answer is no, why do we advocate racist policies?

Some Malays harbor this idea that the Chinese are inherently hostile to Malays, or to Malay interests. It seems that in addition to their economic power they now aspire to political power. And if ever the Chinese achieve political dominance, it will be the end of the Malays. In other words, the Chinese could introduce apartheid ala South Africa, and the Malays would face the same fate as the blacks. Really? The best answer to these folks is to ask them to study the history of South Africa, and them compare that to ours. But banish that thought; the Chinese have no such unrealistic ambition.

When their ancestors set sail for Malaya in wooden-hulled junks, all they wanted was a better future than what imperial China offered. In their adopted country they worked hard, very hard, to get ahead. They were competitive and enterprising. That was how they got ahead, not by some largesse from government. Not all succeeded, as some might think, but only those who worked very hard, and were exceptionally enterprising. This is what we call meritocracy, allowing those with merit to succeed. If it were not that case, then every Chinese would be equally rich. So meritocracy was the bedrock principle of Chinese success in Malaysia, Penang and Singapore. It was not so in Maoist China, when the concept of equality under Communism resulted in equal (but bad) outcomes irrespective of work and achievements. And China was impoverished, until Deng Xiaoping set it free.

The Chinese do not have an overarching ideology of Chinese supremacy or of dominance. They are highly individualistic people, busy in their pursuit of personal advancement. If a Chinese succeeds, he does not ascribe it to Chinese success, just that individual’s success; there is no racial element to it. Why do Malays ascribe the success of a Chinese to race? Why can’t he see it as the outcome of an individual’s hard work and effort? Why must race colour everything? If after 56 years, Malaysians still see each other through racial lenses then this country has failed in nation building. We can only fault the government in power for this failure. This is not a happy or desirable outcome. It does not bode well for our future as a nation.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 11:22  

' look at penang which is going to be another singapore.and the systematic discrimination of malays in the private sector' - Anon 7:29

Due to systematic grossly discriminatory policies, hundreds of thousands or millions of Chinese/non Malays had migrated overseas over the decades in serach of job opportunities to build their careers and business to provide for their families.

Obviously, you have not worked in a private sector which is mainly small businesses where cost is everything.

You think a Capitalist Chinese taukey will give a job to any ordinary chinese based on race? Once you are a liability or doesn't meet his needs, he will not think twice to get rid you - Chinese, Mat Salleh, Malay or Indian. They don't care and they are not in a business to care.

The first thing in his mind is what can he/she countribute to his business and how to exploit his/her skills, talents and knowledge to the fullest to make money.

Government all over the world DO NOT create real's the private sector Small Businesses who are the backbone of the economy that create real, meaningful and rewarding jobs.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 11:41  

It's propaganda machine has so far managed to, in certain measure of success, mould the minds of its flock to believe that UMNO is not so much a party, but a supreme, unadulterated, distilled, pure and holy "race" that is all encompassing. Anything outside its embrace is considered treacherous, impure and racially an outcaste.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 14:38  

So do you mate.....

Unknown 9 June 2013 at 15:02  

Anon 07:29.

You failed to recognise that there are more Malays who unite outside of UMNO. We dont need UMNO as it is a disgrace now known to the world. Our first task is to bury UMNO whom all these years cheated us, educated Malays. Once UMNO is buried, we will come out together to do the next.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 16:41  

U too bugger...

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 19:05  

Chiinaman becone mb....over my dead body

walla 9 June 2013 at 21:47  

We have an institutional crisis.

First, Barisan won only 20 percent of the total GE13 votes. That includes numbers added from those with instant ICs as well as from distortions of Form 14 tally entries. Therefore Pakatan had won more than 80 percent of the total GE13 votes. So how can Barisan be the legal holder of the federal government?

Second, Barisan in Peninsular Malaysia is effectively Umno only. The historical BN alliance has collapsed and has been consigned to oblivion. In effect, there is no more federal representation of the popular majority of the citizens. The Barisan government doesn't and cannot represent the rakyat by any yardstick of the demographics of the Malaysian society today.

Third, the citizens who are not federally represented are the ones now in the Opposition. They are the intelligentsia and industrialists, businessmen and professionals, top and middle management, determinants of ideas and progress, and movers of the economy. People who make things happen in and for this nation. Including the private sector which can choose whether or not to invest and develop the rural areas. Hence, the Barisan pretext for a government today is just a brittle exoskeleton without a brain, for that matter limbs needed for locomotion towards developed status.

Fourth, Umno has gone on a rampage to victimize the majority of the rakyat who voted for Pakatan. Umno's right-wing racists have been unleashed. The federal institutions are now more blatantly used to crimp the rakyats' voice and rights. The mainstream media and the blue bean gangs have also been activated not only to twist facts but also to tar whoever opposes Umno, even to the extent of using words and phrases that were first used by the Opposition movement.

And the Umno leadership is now openly saying it will deny development and support to those who did not vote for it. That must surely include the majority of Malays who didn't vote for Umno. Therefore, Umno is saying it no longer represents the Malays in this land; it only represents those who would vote for it.

Which true Malay can accept such threat, blackmail and injustice?

This institutional crisis cannot be wished away. The rightful will of the Rakyat Of Malaysia must prevail.

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 23:18  

Dear Datuk Sak

These UMNO Baru-MCA-MIC-BN types just keep on playing racial politics so that they can continue to steal from the people of Malaysia.

"Divide and conquer" is failing to work in the Internet Age. Thus, the old guy and his followers are getting more and more shrill and hysterical.

I hope you will get more and more Malays to join the DAP and make it keep faithfully to its ideology of Social Democracy.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  9 June 2013 at 23:35  

Aiyayo Arif. You can talk yourself hoarse. Or till the cows come home. But no Malays will listen to you. Even highly educated and half Malay like QD believe in Umno. What more normal Malays like us.Umno dah sebati dalam jiwa kami
DAP dan Anwar tak akam dapat menawan Melayu walaupun 100 tahun lagi
Sakmongkolpun akan kembali pada Umno. Kawan awak Aspanpun nampaknya dah benci DAP. Cinta pada DAP tak abadi.

Three Trees,  10 June 2013 at 00:44  

Dato'Sak,I think it is time you walk the talk,we have supported u,now please show the way :- a)Have a dialogue session with all stakeholders,carry out a survey,analyse the results and come out with a blue print on the agenda to be carried out. b)You need a team of volunteers and expert in every field to help you to formulate the above. c)You need a financial expert to help you in fund raising,believe me you need a lot of money to run your constituency. d)Time is the essence of what you are going to carry out and implement,4 years is all you have to show you have it to succeed or don't. e)With your limited budget I think you have to depend on a lot of volunteers to help you out. f)Talk n blog is easy,the hard work awaits you after your victory.Everybody is watching,Show us the New Malaysia we all dream of can be a reality. P/S Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

Three Trees,  10 June 2013 at 00:53  

Dato'Sak,These Umno Goons refuse to face it,after your simple analysis,they still didn't get it Umno doesn't represent the majority of the Malays.Just bid our time,4 tahun sahaja.We don't have to wait long.PRU 14(Sure Die in Cantonese) BN Kaput!

Anonymous,  11 June 2013 at 06:56  


The tip of the Iceberg of the IC Project

A grandeur moronic idea in the same magnitude by shelving the idea of having 700 million new babies ( only heard about it from the elders ) for Malaysia and import ed the Project IC instead. How will the project affect us, the Rakyat, from the corridors of academia, to economy, socio- political change to inter- cultural marriage. The elite Malays in UMNO mahathir utusan perkasa no longer relate to the lifestyle of the ordinary God fearing Malays outside UMNO.

Perhaps, Chinese and Indians should consider marrying bumiputera Sarawak and Sabah or even rich indons and mamak keralaians, bodoh pun tak pe !!!? With immense wealth,the sky is the limit, from leading the obstatenoius lifestyle of mahathirism to sending their kids to exclusive international schools here and abroad, however, with a damn lousy slave master mentality, racist and penyanggak DNA, only that much can be engineered, hence it will backfire eventually in a double degree , ADHD in racial hatred and self - destruct. If it is good DNA of positive intelligence, academic and sports talents, blogging skills, humility and awareness, good looks, content of character, great humor, it will gain double strength, with minute human weakness, in nearly all cases. Amin.

Moving from there, Malaysian traders are restless over fights among Myanmar nationals at Selayang Market will soon leave their legal spots of trading, resulting these illegals becoming permanent traders there. Rakyat kita will squat somewhere else and / or aggregavate the unemployment rate, poverty line and a host of social issues.
Tenaganita Irene Fernandez’s allegation that Indonesian and Bangladeshi workers are badly treated in Malaysia. Mistreating them or any human being reflects the DNA of slave masters
similar to that of the sponsors of the racist NGOs so that they can maintain their status quo and ostentatiousness to the detriment of us, the Rakyat, the Malays, outside UMNO who have voted Pakatan, yet denied the victory and rights to save our future, as such, still have to face many uncertainities.

Does Irene fight for poor Malaysian Indians who have lost their livelihood or against the bangla imports who have stolen our sovereignty ? Their problems will become our problems. Since she and maha's daughter blare so much about this that, why doesn’t the latter allocate 2 percent of her immense wealth and engage Irene to go provide voluntary education service to the 49,000 stateless children ( if the number is correct ) ? cakap tak seruap bikin, do it to be convincing, otherwise it is just talks !!

Anonymous,  11 June 2013 at 07:04  


In the same amplitude, eternity seems far away, irrelevant as opposed to temporal life and the teaching of agama. God- fearing Malays and those who look to the limitless sky including those who are clear about the human rights in protecting victims as well, will not loopside to gangsters and robbers, will not settle for cruelty and unrighteousness in leadership and start undoing mistreating fellow citizens of the nation, but working shoulder - to shoulder for a better Malaysia.

The intelligent juniors abroad ( will umno want them to return ? ) and here will join hands with Sak, Rafizi, Ong Kian Ming, Nurul Izzah, Baru Bian, LGE, PK, PAS, DAP, etc will continue the exemplary collaborations within and across the board. Will Azmin transform himself from his overambitiousness with ulterior motives, realtered from DNA UMNO with a liking to threaten to be more convicing and sincere ? His negative hyperbehavior brings energy to UMNO lah !! We shall wait and see.

The new ways and future ways of doing great and quality things do not depend on just one person, it is a fine collaboration of many outstanding leaders with content of integrity, leading by example, listening hard, reflecting and sharing of expertise to make things better for others.

The day the intelligent modern PAS youth shed the stereotyping of UMNO, and emerge from their glass tents, they will be effective in transforming the rempit and prevent many Malay teens from dreaming to lead the easy affluent lifestlye of umno elites, consider waitering as irrelevant, ( look, there were many of us and there are still many brilliant Malaysian students and native students doing waitering jobs, working in the libraries, etc to pay the exorbitant university fees or supplment allowance ; these jobs will make them better leaders with mature empathy and better at service skills ) or waiting for handouts, having ADHD with racial hatred or heading the reverse - not bluuing beautifully and clean on the guitar, but dangerously in blue substances.
The new Malaysians will individually, as a small group, ideally as a community break free from the stereotyping of mahaterism : Chinese are racist, materialistic, Indians are drunkards, Melayu are lazy, we are NOT ! and create positive differences, counting from 2008. Onward with Pakatan for Rakyat!

MIC, MCA should just become extinct as UMNO will have been invaded by indons with massive indo- ali- mat- salleh - corea- business concepts ( as reported in other alternative sites ) with pinoys soon to serenade us in kl with the music and tango ! Let’s sway to them and be traitors to our beloved nation ? Real tempting but lose self - dignity..

Unknown 11 June 2013 at 10:25  

Dato, I visit your blog on a regular basis and I like your writings. Straight to the point. Hold no punches.

PR, esp. DAP needs more people like you. Please move into the rural areas and capture their votes without which PR may not takeover Putrajaya come GE 14.

Please keep up the good works. If I am in your constituency, I will definitely give you my vote. Plus, I will also encourage others to support you and DAP/PR.

Thank you, Dato.

Freddie Cheong

Anonymous,  11 June 2013 at 22:21  

Dato Ariff,

Perhaps the following ways might be useful to you in raising the much needed funds.
1.Direct Involvement of the Local Community by Sale of Coupons

- Telly matches 10 in 1 for children, teens, youth and parents
- Family Day, Youth Picnic, Campfire, Recitation of sajak, pantun

- Flash mob ( free dress, it is more fun, cost effective, no need uniform, it eliminates the surprise of Flash ) by a multilevel age group

- Mini theaters 3 in 1, cantata of interesting family life stories or interesting local people’s life stories, mini street concert : a kaleidoscope of cultural and meaningful modern dance, music and songs : dikir bakar, boria, traditional and contemporary. Penang and Selangor youth should be invited to get involved.

- companies sponsor their staff, or friends purchase coupons as gift for their friends to draw and paint and bring own refreshments to share during the chats about their completed masterpieces

- Demonstrations of scrumptious local cuisine , kite making, handicrafts, top- spining, etc and participation of locals and toursists

- Tangkap itik, angsa and ikan, katak ( hahaha ) and everyone wins a catch ( an "ugly" prince frog )

2. Good friends, supporters in the urban areas could make :

- Contribution of favorite personal anecdotes, jokes, political writings to be complied as a phenomenal book for sale; paintings, garage sale of lightly used household items, golf clubs, etc

- Individual friends or small groups can organize breakfast , brunch, tea or dinner cum
music at ones’ preferred venue

- Professionals could volunteer training of soft - skills or conduct beneficial courses for
the local community and charge them only for the materials and light refreshments or bring their own ( BTO )

- sponsorhip of easy to maintain plants, trees and fruit trees for replanting

- kerbau race ( ? ); brisk - walking, cycling – boating - swimming / wading aquaton but to be culturally sensitive no rooster fighting

- foot reflexology in the open air ( sure brisk business )

- painting meaningful murals on walls sponsored by individuals

3. Big Corporates and the Pahang Royalty

- Petronas and the Pahang Royalty should make six- figure donations in tandem with their status whilst Kg Man and QD are most welcome to write big checks, too. And there must have been supporters and good friends who have been responding quietly in support of Dato Ariff’s tireless work.

The Chinese, if their businesses have been prosperous, they will surely be more than pleased to give generously. With that in mind, I believe HELP University founders who are utmost sincere Malaysian corporate leaders committed to empowering communities and our youth regardless of culture and creed, they will be more than pleased to send their best talents to assist you and the community in running the activities if you give them a call.

We, your friends and supporters here are with you, DAP & Pakatan for the Rakyat ! All the best.

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