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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 3 June 2013

Respect and Honour our King and Monarchs

If unpalatable criticisms against the king in particular and against other monarchs are lese majeste-then if the law provides for its redress, then go after these people.
Those who say rude things about our King and other monarchs may reflect poor upbringing and bad manners. But it is also equally important to acknowledge that the basis of respect is mutual respect. Respect from one quarter invites equal and proportional respect.
I happened to watch RTM the other day and listened to two excited interviewees espousing their thoughts on the assault on the monarchy. One said in the usual wizened and condescending posturing normally associated with UMNO low rung leaders- that to refuse honorary awards from the King is uncouth. That may be, but uncouth is not a crime in law. The refusal by someone to accept civic honours from the king must be respected too and respect must never be equated with absolute obeisance and submission. That is how UMNO defines respect- submission to UMNOthink. And it is also equally uncouth and disrespectful to ask those who do not share in your thinking to return the honorary awards.
I am old school too believing in the monarchy because it’s part of my cultural upbringing and heritage. But I also want that in exchange for the respect from the people, the Monarchs in this country, respect the idea and concept of constitutional rulers. That to me, means, the behaviour and wishes of any monarch are moderated and leavened by the provisions in our constitution. That adherence to the provisions of the constitution will generate respect and awe to our monarchs.
If monarchs start abusing the idea and concept of the constitutional monarch then, unbridled and pernicious responses from citizens hiding behind the cloak of anonymity are to be expected. And speaking on anonymity how is it that now, Ahmad Talib rues against the use of anonymous cloaks when that is the standard operating procedure of UMNO bloggers? It’s your comeuppance Ahmad.


Anonymous,  3 June 2013 at 10:09  

I don't wish to say much about our monarchs. Mahathir has said it all.
For now I have two very relevant questions
1. Should a monarch accept a government which won through fraud with the connivance of the EC which is appointed by him?
2. Should he also allow a non- Senator to be sworn in before as a Minister?
(If indeed the answers to the above is yes, then why should monarch interfere in the appointment of state executive councillors?)

Anonymous,  3 June 2013 at 11:41  

Bagaimana pula dengan pemerintah Islam yang MENOLAK undang-undang Islam dilaksanakan di negara ini?

Anonymous,  3 June 2013 at 14:50  

kalian tolong jangan membabitkan Sultan/ agung dalam politik negara. nanti kalo kenyataan tuanku sikit tersalah cakap pun susah golongan tertentu tak happy nak betulkan/ comment pun tak boleh.

aku rase royals patut tidak campur tangan dalam politik. mereka adalam diatas parlimen.

orang macam karpal as example suka betul menjerit tanpa batas. tersingung pulak tuanku kalo comment tuh tuju pada tuanku,

kalo tiba tiba tuanku beri kenyataan mau benda yg tak pro BN, susah juga Najib yg reject. kan?

Anonymous,  3 June 2013 at 15:15  

Respect is so over-rated. Pity those who need validation from others to justify their existence.

~ Respect gravitates to those who have it; not to those who want, seek, or at worst, demand it. ~

The only respect you'll ever need is from self.

~ Tongkat Hikmat

bumi-non-malay 3 June 2013 at 16:53  

The monarch is not the Issues....ITS UMNO-BN illegitimate and LOW Support and mandate Rule of Malaysia.

Its like people wanting the Agong to sack the UMNO-BN from government or Do we have to TURUN JALAN RAYA kerana TIPU PILIHANRAYA??

Simple to Call najib and sack him and Install Anwar as PM. If cannot....which is the fact after 56 years...then rakyat have little choice. Rakyat voted for Price Reduce, Abolish Tol and cheaper petrol......rakyat is not like Monarchy or UMNO-BN with unlimited resources of $$$$$$$$$$$$...... WE HAve enough of LIVING in MISERY and those WHO IGNORE the SUARA KERAMAT will taste what Gadaffi and Soon President Assad. How come Rakyat Never SACk Zahid HAMIDI?? Berapa rakyat kena turun jalan raya supaya si celaka ni letak jawatan....Ingat Rakyat hamba dia,,,Rakyat akan HALAU dia balik ke Indonesia!!

rhodes,  3 June 2013 at 17:18  

So much about Malay and Monarch that is written by you. I am watching you tightly bro ie yr struggle for multiracial DAP. You have a bit more time to show some difference in that Cina party.

Anonymous,  3 June 2013 at 21:46  

Salam Dato,

Raja adil raja dihormat raja tak adil raja disanggah, begitulah lebih kurang kata panglima bintan yg membunuh sultan mahmod yg mangkat dijulang. Org melayu sejak dulu memang uphold sistem beraja dgn rasa penuh hormat kerana raja adalah ketua negara. Begitu pun spt kisah panglima bintan dan hang jebat, raja yg sewel menghukum tak pakai otak disanggah sama sekali dan hal ada dlm sejarah. Jadi tak hairan dan tak pelik kalau org melayu sekarang menentang raja2 yg jelas jadi boneka dan tak berfungsi membela nasib rakyat yg tertindas. Raja bukanlah maksum dan setiap kata2 dan perlakuan mereka tidak terpelihara dr kesalahan. Apabila kesalahan dilakukan dan melibatkan rakyat maka wajib diperbetulkan terutama apabila raja boneka diperkudakan oleh pihak tertentu utk kepentingan mereka.

Anonymous,  4 June 2013 at 12:28  

If any disrespect shown towards the monarchy, the reason is simply they had been politically corrupted. And who else but Umno is good at politicising everyone and every institution. The police, MACC, EC, judiciary etc, they have have been corrupted by Umno. And everyone they touched becomes the subject of hate. fear and scorn. Umno is like a communicable disease. Go near it and can't escape being inflicted.

Anonymous,  8 June 2013 at 15:49  

UMNo has completely destroyed our institutions and continuing to destroy the rights of Malaysians and our country. Malaysians have no more redress left. Our only hope lies with the Monarch to protect us and save our country.

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