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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Great eCONomic Transformation Program: Enrich Ourselves, Impoverish the Rest!

If Malays have had enough of Mahathir and his cabal, there is only one way to end it. Replace all the vassals subservient to Mahathir. Both the top two posts in UMNO must be replaced. Najib and Muhyidin must be replaced. The entire leadership obligated to Mahathir and his gang must also be replaced.
This is necessary to stop the rot the two and UMNO they lead is making. Najibs’s economic policies will be a continuation of Mahathir’s enrich- a- few-cronies policy. Pity the rural Malays for not knowing while they eat and excrete bricks, Najib has enriched people like the Tan Kay Hock of George Kent( Chinese) and the owner of the new digital cable TV, ABNexcess- K Eswaran( Indian). MMCC has just given a license to ABNxcess with more than 500 cable TV channels to operate. It has more to offer than T. Ananda Krishnan’s ASTRO and HyppTv owned by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM). Enter the dark prince (no pun intended)- Tan Sri Keneth Eswaran.
Maybe those business tentacles are allowed to grow in exchange for Najib’s impending nod for Syed Mokhtar to acquire PLUS. Such is the destiny of the Malays.
Mahathir’s only overriding objective is to ensure he and his cronies business of milking Malaysia continues. Positioning a weak leadership is instrumental in his game plan. He likes it when a leader of this country thinks like him.  Enrich themselves and impoverish the rest.
Once Mahathir’s stooges are removed, then maybe we will have an UMNO which can probably regain qualified trust and allegiance from Malays. I hope the UMNOnistas understand this argument. UMNO is relevant to Malays only in so far as they serve the latter’s purpose and that is, in so far as UMNO is able to champion the Malays’ justifiable interests. The simple rule that we must learn and re-learn if we must, is that our support for any political groupings is a qualified support. That is the way it must be.
Who appears to champion the Malays? Mahathir remains the central figure. Najib fails in that aspect. He became Malay only since 1976. To Malays, Najib is seen as weak. If Mahathir changes his mind and says that Najib should not be challenged as UMNO president that is because Mahathir actually wants a weak leader. Mahathir and his cronies will find it tougher if Malaysia is led by an assertive and independent minded leader.
A weak leader in the person of Najib is actually what Mahathir wants. That would serve Mahathir’s economic interests because such a leader is easily cowed and compromised. With Najib helming the country in the manner he is presently doing, Mahathir will still remain the overlord. That is why Mahathir changed his mind.
But I am sure, as soon as Najib left the Perdana Foudation Building from where Mahathir lords over the realm, his advisers and minders would have cautioned Najib not to trust Mahathir. But Najib being Najib, he will remain impervious to advice and caution. Why should he care? He just had a sex dream after meeting Dr Mahathir and it’s not up to his minions to stop the thrill.
So there is no mystery when it was reported that Najib was relieved after meeting with Dr Mahathir. Najib had to see Mahathir not because the latter stated that the top two posts in UMNO should not be contested. He had to meet the man who can walk on water to beg Mahathir for a reprieve. When in Germany, it was reported that Mahathir stated that Najib must resign. So Najib went to meet up the man who still runs Malaysia for a reprieve.
The Malay is deceived if he thinks Mahathir thinks of Malay interest first. He does not want the country to be in firm hands. If he has to scorch the Malaysian earth to remain in power, he will do so. Mahathir sees as mere strategic advantage in a game of thrones to make out the Chinese with a 24% support base, as the evil threat to Malay politics.
Mahathir ignores the fact that in the history of Malay politics, tumultuous events have always been caused by the clash of Malay political factions competing and going to war with each other to gain sovereignty over the ruled. The Chinese, with no desire to intrude into Malay politics and cultural setting, have always been used as pawns by the chess masters.
The real truth is that Mahathir has always been anti Malay in the sense that he despises all the Malays who don’t share his macabre methods.
He is now thinking more about whether Syed Mokhtar can get PLUS . Syed Mokhtar has already got the business to  construct the Kuala Kedah Jetty courtesy of the son of Mahathir. If Syed Mokhtar defaults over more than the RM34 billion debts his companies owe, the country will be in financial ruin. And we must NOT forget about the gargantuan debt owned by YTL. YTL has more debts than Syed Mokhtar but the Chinaman has managed to remain below the radar screen. YTL hides their debt by entertaining Mahathir with shows by Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli.
Mahathir is more interested to vest control over oil and gas acreage with Ananda Krishnan. Mahathir is more interested to stop Anwar Ibrahim becoming PM at all costs.
Mahathir definitely isn’t interested to see whether the ordinary Malay can earn a decent living with a decent income, with a decent home and decent education.


Anonymous,  22 June 2013 at 11:53  

True. True. UMNO will even burn the country and the Malays as long as the UMNOputras' interest are preserved.
Meanwhile the poor Malays who voted form UMNO will pay more for bus fares and their daily needs.Hidup Melayu.

Anonymous,  22 June 2013 at 14:46  

Gee whizz. Absolutely. It's all about grabbing all the wealth. Make the super-rich stinking wealthy, keep the poor dependent, ignorant bodohish, better still, hv ways to make the poor even poorer. Bcuz poor men cannot fight back. They got NO resources. Throw in religion, wow, even better. Turkish protesters had this to say abt their gomen: no wonder they keep dividing us, Turks against Kurds.

Donplaypuks® 22 June 2013 at 16:50  

Note that Najib and Putrajaya have ditched Proton Perdana for Syed Mokhtar and DRB's Honda Accord, for the govt's fleet cars.

With RM34 billion in loans, the govt has to keep feeding the monster, or else it will all collapse like a house of cards.

It's no coincidence that before GE 13, IMDB bought AK's expiring power biz, giving him a profit of about RM 1 billion over book value!

Where did all that money go? Of course, to feed BUMNO/SCUMNO's election war chest. Now they need to repay AK, and what better to milk than Petronas and the highly profitable 'Non-Marginal' as well as 'Marginal Oilfields'.

So, post GE 12, the pillaging, looting, rape and plunder continues with renewed frenzy and gusto, beofre the cupboard is truly bare!

Note too the same villains are in biz - Najib, Mahathir, Diam Diam and their cronies!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  22 June 2013 at 17:29  

I just wonder whether Najib, MM and their minions are impervious to your constant bashing of UMNO politics and their feudalistic leanings.

But no matter what, your revelations and cyber commentaries will keep our eyes wide open.

No matter what, you must continue to unleash their misdeeds and expose their modus operandi lock, stock and barrel.

bruno,  22 June 2013 at 21:41  

Dato,everybody knows that the Umnoputras only look after themselves and their cronies.That is when the $ signs are in front of their eyes.Forget about the ordinary Malays and the others.

When ther time comes to choose between the prostitutes and concubines,the electorate cannot decide whom to pick.So they opted for the two to five pieces of RM 100 bills.

Do the ordinary Malays know that they have been taken for a ride by Umnoputras?of course they do.But they still stick their noses up and smell their smelly asses.Is it because like Dr M said,that the Malays have nowhere else to go but Umno.

My personal opinion is the problems arising from the top leadership in PKR that the Malays are not comfortable in.Or else why settle for two to five $100 bills,smelling smelly asses and having their butts screwed when they can have the moon as promised by the Malay leaders in PR.

Pakatan Rakyat have a leadership problem.The ordinary kampong Malays see it and do not buy their empty promises.That is the reason the PKR flopped so badly in the rural areas.And PAS could not do any better because of hudud.

A change of leadership is the only way for PR to get into Putrajaya.Power hungry leaders will get nowhere.Just look at what happened to MCA after CSL and brutus LTL helmed the leadership.It has taken the path of the dinosaur.

Anonymous,  22 June 2013 at 22:26  

that is a kisah benar that i fully agree 1000%

Greenbug 23 June 2013 at 01:38  

Dato.. if UMNO and the rest of the Malays have all along thought that Mahathir had their interests in mind, then I think they deserve to continue to be ruled by this man - albeit through his proxy Najib. Anyone and everyone could see in the 30 years of Mahathir's presence in frontline politics in this country, it has always been about mega projects and cronies more than anything else.

Ketuana Melayu and the fight for Malay rights etc are just the means to an end to hang on to power. The ultimate objective is to grab the projects and the money for their own cronies.

How can the Malays still fail to see this after 30 years?

mohamad adel 23 June 2013 at 10:16  

why after 30 years the Malays don't see what you see.
Melayu kena tipu dgn mamak.

Anonymous,  23 June 2013 at 11:36  

Those who supported UMNO are dumb people.So what do you expect from them?They only have themselves to blame if anything happens to ther livehood.

Anonymous,  24 June 2013 at 21:10  

many malay support BN blindly.. so whaat? majority are support with no second thought

Anonymous,  25 June 2013 at 17:51  

Bruno, if you are talking of power hungry leaders and refering it to DSAI, may I say this again if it was not for DSAI & PKR we will not have Pakatan Rakyat today. Dont put the blame on PKR for PR performance in the rural areas. It is just that the rural folks (malays)were misled by the so called malay savoiurs (read UMNO)abetted by the obnoxious EC, that PKR & PAS did not do well in rural seats. Bruno, may be you are the sour grapes from PKR.

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