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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 6 September 2012

Will DAP dominate PR?

A close UMNO friend asked me this question. If PR takes over, wouldn’t it lead to DAP dominance over PR? Wouldn’t the Chinese be in control? Just take the example of Nizar when he became MB of Perak by courtesy of DAP.  He has given out land to the Chinese because DAP must have pressured him to.
DAP has become the favorite bogeyman that must be attacked from all possible angles. Lim Kit Siang was behind the May 13 incidents ignoring the records which showed that Kit Siang was in Sabah at that time. Lim Guan Eng who was 8 years old at that time, was also instrumental in creating the racial clashes. DAP has never detached itself as a proxy to Singapore’s PAP. The list of wrongs is seemingly bottomless. And now, a specter is haunting Malaysia. The DAP shall dominate PR government.
I have long wanted to answer this anxiety. Apparently this is the propaganda being sold by UMNO leaders all over the country. It’s simply called scare mongering. It indicates that UMNO is scared. Its other component party members which are essentially stooges of UMNO are now irrelevant.  It has also shown that UMNO now realizes it can lose power.
Let us dispel the myths before we answer as to what Nizar has actually done.
First of all, DAP will probably contest 52-53 parliamentary seats. Even if it wins all, the number is not sufficient to allow DAP to form a government on its own. It will become a formidable force. And that is not because the members are Chinese. It becomes formidable because it has so many high quality MPs.
Non DAP will still dominate the numbers. So, forming a government with DAP dominating is out of the question. Why should any Malay fear DAP dominance? Only mediocre UMNO leaders do. The good Malays in PKR and certainly the very able people in PAS can stand as equals to DAP legislators. But these Malays don’t quarrel with DAP people on trivial things like low quality UMNO MPs.
The area in which DAP has dominated appears to be in the intensity of their resolve to fight for causes. Why should that be feared? It must be emulated. Can’t UMNO offer the voters higher caliber people who can walk and chew gum at the same time? Instead it takes the populist approach choosing people whom it sees as winnable and armed probably with fake degrees they bought.
The other big issue I wish to address is this. The same friend asked. Wouldn’t it be like what happened in Perak- Nizar became a front for DAP and he has only implemented policies that benefited Chinese in Perak.
Nizar governed Perak for a period of 11 months. He was kicked out of office by way of a coup detat involving also the Perak Royalty. We must now remember always, that people are always more sovereign than Kings and Rulers. I hope this is taken in good spirit. Nobody wants to demolish the Royal Houses provided there is mutual respect. The adulation and reverence of the people to the Royal Houses must be reciprocated with the utmost respect for their sovereign wishes. The overriding wish was to have a legitimately elected government which cannot be broken up with extra judicial means. Collectively the will of the people is as sovereign as the Malaysian Monarchy.
During the 11 months Nizar served as MB, his government approved 314 housing lots for Kampung Tersusun  and for 134 new villages. These lots were given out to applicants who have been waiting for over 30 years to get land titles.  These people were denied or refused approval by the UMNO/BN government. What is so difficult about giving out land titles? During by-elections, titles could be given in a week’s time.
95% of the residents in the kampong tersusun have been denied titles for over 30 years. All they asked was a housing lot of about 3200 square feet. So one can imagine how `big’ a house that can be constructed on such a lot size. The whole house is smaller than the bedroom size of some people I know.
How many of these were issued by Nizar?  He gave out 102,000 lots involving 7500 acres.  Most of these recipients were Malays. Again? To Malays.
What about the new villages or Kampung Baru? We know from experience most dwellers in Kampung Barus are Chinese. Indeed 97% of these are Chinese many of whom have not received titles for as long as 80 years. What’s the land sizes are they looking for? The average size is 1125 square feet (25’ x 45’). That is the size of a garage. 47,000 lots were issued to applicants involving 1250 acres.
Kampung Tersusun( the dwellers are mostly Malays) got 7500 acres while the Chinese new villagers got 1250 acres. If I were to ask an MCA friend citing the above examples, can he/she tell me, in giving out land for housing, which race has benefited more from Nizar’s actions? The Malays got more land, and the Malay has a bigger lot measuring 3200 square feet compared to the Chinese new villager who got 1125 square feet.
Did Nizar victimize the Perak Royal house as far as land is concerned?  Well, judge for yourself. During the tenure of a former UMNO MB, Ramli Ngah Talib, there was a verbal agreement to award the Perak King a land totaling 600 acres located in Tanjong Tualang. But the land was not transferred by the UMNO government.
This was what Nizar did.  His EXCO confirmed the verbal promise made earlier by an UMNO MB, to vest the land with the Perak King. The transfer of the title was made in the name of a nominee of the Perak King to one individual named Pak Tok Khair.  The nominee completed the transaction, paid the necessary premiums and the land was formally transferred.
What UMNO failed to do to the King, Nizar succeeded.
In another instance, a religious teacher who runs a religious school ( pondok) Tok Guru Pak Teh applied for land for cattle grazing in 2004. He applied for 45 acres. But each time his application was rejected by the UMNO government. Again what the UMNO government failed, the PR government under Nizar who was supposed to be dictated by DAP approved the 45 acres to the Tok Guru Pak Teh. To add security, the area was gazetted as grazing land for the benefit of POndok Tok Guru Pak Teh permanently. For that Nizar received a personal note of appreciation from the Tok Guru who has since passed away.
In addition, Nizar has approved small lost ranging from half an acre to 3 acres to operators of state land. The approval was justified on the grounds that the operators have worked the land for a very long time.
That was all Nizar did. UMNO goes to town accusing Nizar of selling out to the Chinese.
Now let us see what UMNO, the party that fights for Agama, Bangsa dan Negara did during their tenure. Let’s go back to see what UMNO did before PR took over Perak.
1.     22,000 acres belonging to PKNPk in  Lekir Manjong planted with oil palm were pledged to KLK which is owned Tan Sri Lee Oi Lean. He is a Chinese.
2.     500 hectares of Malay Reserve land in Padang Rengas (Nazri Tan Sri Aziz’s seat) together with a cement making factory jointly developed by PKNPk and Hanjoong of  Korea was sold to YTL. Now, the present Perak UMNO government is busy acquiring more Malay reserve land as they see fit.
3.     The UMNO government has given 1300 acres of land to Tan Sri Ling Liong Sik in Kampar to construct the biggest UTAR College.
4.     The UMNO government gave 15-30 acres to each farmer in the areas between Bikar and Bidor and Teluk Intan. Most of these farmers were Chinese farmers.
Now let’s see what Zambri did when he took over as MB. He sold off the Casuarina Hotel belonging to the state government within 2 months of assuming office. He sold it to the Perak Sultan’s son in law, Tengku Farouk for only RM48 million. Nizar has steadfastly refused to sell even when commanded by the Sultan. That hotel belongs to the state and the value of the strategically located land in terms of market price was then around RM94 million.
Under Zamry who has a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, quarry land, timber concessions, mangrove concessions, are being distributed to UMNO cronies wantonly. It’s like there is no tomorrow for these people.
Zamry has approved 1100 acres to the Brazilan firm Vale, for the purposes of setting up an iron ore plant. The award was given when Zamry was in office.
Now, who has actually betrayed the Malays? UMNO or Nizar? UMNO has sold out to the Chinese more than anyone else can.


George Choo 6 September 2012 at 23:09  

Dear Sak, lama tak jumpa, apa macam?

Umno cannot offer caliber candidates because all the Ketua Bahagian Umno are make up of Orang Tua who are over 55 years old.Because of the amount of money that a ketua bahagian make,these orang tua will politically kill any young and caliber challenger for the ketua bahagian post.

Umno is very worried at the moment and do not be surprised they will be NO ELECTION because some people will create RIOT to protect their position in the govt and when they is a RIOT, the govt will continue to rule by invoking the EMERGENCY RULE.

ON Merdeka eve,I was at Datarn Merdeka and I told a prominent blogger that even if PR WIN,Anwar WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REACH PUTRAJAYA.
This blogger friend of mine reply that 2 days ago he went to see an army general and ask the general will they be riot if PR wins and where will the army stand if they is riot?
The general answer to the above questions is I DO NOT KNOW.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 23:11  

Good article. Better translate to Bahasa Melayu, more Malays can read

ordinary malaysian 7 September 2012 at 02:02  

What an eye opened, Datuk! Hope the Malay get the picture and ceased to be deceived.

bruno,  7 September 2012 at 03:02  

Dato,the people who are arguing that DAP will dominate the PR are just crybabies and spoilt brats.The PR is a coalition of three political parties,and the ones who will dominate or act like the big bro will surely not be the DAP.If there will be a dominating party it will most likely be from PAS or PKR rather than the DAP.And screaming the DAP being hungry for power.If so LKS and Karpal would have lead the DAP into BN and be ministers themselves.

And blaming LKS or the DAP for the May 13 incident are people who have just pulled their heads off the camels asses.Surely it is an open secret that it was a DPM and a MB who hatched the plan for the May 13 riots.And instead of letting this incident laid to rest,Umnoputras are trying to resurrect it.

Umno is not only bankrupted of capable leaders,it lacks ideals,dignity and respect even among Umno members.These people have practised money and gutter politics.Race and religions are not spared either.And sex is the platform they are harping on,as they think that sex is going to win the elections for them.They are humilating themselves,and still are unable to realised it.We have to excuse them for being not so savvy and smart.

bruno,  7 September 2012 at 03:28  

Dato,what Umno/BN and its lackeys,running dogs,croonies and operatives do not understand is that the DAP is a party who has very capable and discliplined leaders.They have strong morals and ethics and expect no less from their members.They are politicians fighting for a fairer and better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

They are not into politics for power and the love of money like the Umnoputras and their running dogs.And with power and money comes the good life the corrupted loves.Mansions,expensive cars,branded wears and of course the mistresses and sex.

If the DAP leaders like Kit Siang and Karpal are really hungry for power like their critics say,all they need is a phone call to Mahathir,Badawi and later on Najib.And the next day they will be federal ministers.And Umno/BN leaders will love it as they have always loved marrying and eating frogs.

A.Z 7 September 2012 at 04:17  


Kita dalam dunia blog ni boleh bezakan yang mana "fact" dan yang mana "fiction".

Begitu juga orang Cina yang sudah boleh meninggalkan MCA & Gerakan yang pada pandangan mereka hanya parti untuk towkay-towkay.

Orang India pulak, maaf nak kata, tapi macam lalang. Sekejap sokong BN, sekejap sokong PR. Ikut suka hatilah, ini negara demokrasi.

Orang Melayu, dah pecah tiga, kebanyakan yang cerdik, boleh menilai sendiri baik-buruk kerajaan diterajui BN.

Yang penyokong tegar BN tak boleh nak kata apa dah. Macam kata orang agama, di mata dan hati mereka dah ada hijab dan tak boleh dapat hidayah lagi.

Yang satu lagi orang melayu terdiri dari makcik-makcik kampung, pakcik-pakcik kampung, orang luar bandar yang tak ada "access" internet dan hanya baca Utusan Malaysia dan Berita Harian. Bukan maksud menghina tetapi dengan kain pelikat dan beras seguni pun dah dapat di beli undi mereka, apatah lagi kerajan Najib yang tak segan silu merasuah mereka dengan duit ringgit.

Bagi golongan ni "fiction" dan "rumours" lebih dipercayai dari "fact" dan "numbers".

Yang ini yang kita risaukan.

CM Leong 7 September 2012 at 11:29  


We all take our hat off to you for being so courageous in attacking falsehood, lies and propaganda spins from the incumbent government that is so intent in allowing hate, gangsterism and perversion of the truth to be tolerated and encouraged in this modern age of internet.

Anonymous,  7 September 2012 at 11:38  

This excellent piece of writing reminds us of Umno Baru losing its focus from the so-called "protecting the Malays" to plundering what the Malays own for themselves. To continue the plunder they need to cling on to power by hook or by crook. Hence, racism and scare mongering are some of the dirty tactics used by them to hoodwink the rural Malays into voting for them - aka the syaitan that we know- in the next election. Your writing comes at the most opportune time to dispel the lies spread by these syaitans.

Anonymous,  7 September 2012 at 11:44  

Very informative article. It's a pity Malays the Malays cannot see that they are being buggered by UMNO as they wave the UMNO flag.

All Win Win,  7 September 2012 at 15:38  

Dato,I salute you of exposing BN wrong doing.Only sad to say your article could not reach the majority of the voters.As for BN they have all the media. Is there anybody can HELP!!!

Patrick 7 September 2012 at 16:18  

This is a great article. I think all future articles of this nature has to be backed up by verifiable facts and figures. Kudos to you as not many people are aware of the numbers behind the decisions made.

UMNO/BN is synonymous with money grab. You have rightly put the numbers to Zamri's power grab. This clearly demonstrates UMNO's intentions all along, that of, grabbing power for personal financial gains. If a MB can have discretionary powers to rape and pillage a state, imagine our federal ministers and cronies.

You have to keep churning out the numbers to highlight to everybody, especially the villagers/kampong folks of the outright theft on their dearly elected UMNO representatives. What MB Khalid did with Talam and KPMG is another such example. Irrefutable facts and figuers by 3rd party always trump spins and lies.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.....we need to have more of you to dislodge the rural mindset from UMNO and PRONTO...We should not be worried about Perak as it will be in opposition hands after GE 13. Its the other states like Melaka, Johor, NS, Pahang that will be key.

Anonymous,  7 September 2012 at 18:02  

do u loved BN UMNO more than anyone else? contracts - projects n business-- these are the factors that change one support or loyalty?? support any party that improves our rakyat life-gives a new future n hope .. a better life.. our nation is a rich nation but where are the money n resources gone to?? corruption ndespair under BN N M lah -- semua curi-- lembu- kambing- kerbau n ayam

Anonymous,  7 September 2012 at 20:01  

Dear Sak,
I am personally acquainted with several DAP leaders for almost four decades and I can assure you they are morally more upright that the many UMNO leaders who preach about holiness or make several visits to Mecca.They drink and womanise and then buka puasa with their constituents as though they are holy saints.
I will anytime place this country under the leadership of the DAP (Pakatan) rather than BN.
I dare say God loves these DAP leaders more than the hypocrites in UMNO.

Anonymous,  8 September 2012 at 10:35  

Nizar was just a new kid in town then.He cannot be too clever and he doesn't look like one anyway.The change of govt was the result of defections and nothing to do with BN .Why the defections dont ask me , ask those mps.The approval for 999 years lease has never been done in the history of Malaya/Malaysia.

Now i even dare say Perak will be under BN provided 25% of chinese voters go to BN at least but than again DAP can actuslly secure at most 40 mps seat do they will be a dominant chinese voice but then of no use because PR shall continue to be opposition judging from current sentiment assuming election is in November not October mah...

Where eoyld you be contesting then Dato ? ~melayu kui

Anonymous,  8 September 2012 at 18:04  

Very informative & Malaysia thanks you.

Anonymous,  8 September 2012 at 18:13  

Dato - good article. I would like to add that BN is purely a party that works on patronage. Hence it has lost its way in the last 55 years in power and has forgotten to how to serve the rakyat. Just look at the current states where BN is the opposition, they are like chickens without heads and cannot provide any positive arguments.

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