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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mahathir's perverted logic: good material in, garbage out

Dr Mahathir is living in fear nowadays. He has to forsake his restful days to help out UMNO. Which means that Najib is incapable of leading UMNO. That can only be the most rational deduction.
He is now the torch bearer for UMNO. UMNO must be rational he says and he says that while cavorting with the most irrational UMNO surrogate, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa. UMNO members must now support Ibrahim Ali if UMNO leaders choose Ibrahim as candidate in GE13. UMNO members must be rational to accept a most irrational Malay candidate. That’s the inverse logic of Mahathir. Good material in, garbage put. We know Dr Mahathir- he does the opposite of what he says.
Mahathir is urging Malays to stand on their heads. Not good, too much blood rushing to the brain. Malays must now stand upright naturally. Rejecting UMNO and its ways, is the rational behavior. Supporting UMNO goes against the rational.
UMNO can get 2/3 majority if its members do not sabotage candidates chosen by the leadership. He is just confirming that despite having 3.2 million members, it hasn’t got leadership talent. Hence his UMNO is full of half past six leaders. He is saying that in advance because he knows that Najib will field many non-UMNO members as candidates in the next election. We wish him and Najib good luck. After leading UMNO and its successor party for so long, both don’t seem to understand the UMNO Malay mind.
I am beginning to think that what Daim once told me will become true. Come nomination day, UMNO is 70% fit to do battle. Come election date, it has lost 30% of the seats.
Mahathir’s motives behind his overarching and at times forceful articulation on behalf of UMNO are irrelevant to us. Malaysians must remind him that in 2004, Pak Lah got the biggest mandate in history with courtesy from Mahathir. People gave Pak Lah the biggest mandate, because they were celebrating the exit of Mahathir. It wasn’t because of Pak Lah who in 2008 then led UMNO/BN to its most disastrous outing. Let us now do a second celebration to give Najib and UMNO its most crushing defeat.
He faces the grim prospects of seeing his UMNO dispatched in the coming general elections. For 22 years, UMNO and he became one. So at stake is actually his legacy.
I will not dispute the opinion of many that Mahathir is the best PM we have ever had. Perhaps people are mesmerized by his vision of a grandiose Malaysia. He was swilling to back up his vision by embarking on the grandest of physical developments. During his term of office, Malaysians marveled at Putrajaya, Daya Bumi, PETRONAS Twin towers, KLIA and many other monumental developments. Malaysia was flooded with first world facilities unrivalled by many countries in south East Asia. In the Muslim world, Mahathir was hailed a hero especially by the despotic rulers in many Arab speaking world.
From Mahathir they have learnt one object lesson-people can be deceived an comforted into submission by giving them illusions of greatness.
Given those physical achievements how do we rate Mahathir? Since this is a season of idioms and allegories, I would to share with readers a story.
It’s about a rich and powerful person. Let us call him Dr X.  While endowed in those areas, Dr X is a sickly person. Not a single month passes without him contacting and developing some debilitating illnesses. He has gone to the best hospitals and private clinics but to no avail. So he made a covenant with Allah, that if during 3 months, he is free from any illness, he will bestow a gift of a dwelling or its equivalent to orphans. A promise to Allah is a solemn one and our subject in this story knows that.
After the vow and promise, Dr X was free from all form of sickness and illness. Still to reinforce his belief that this has indeed been a miracle from God, he extended the trial period to another month. Even after varying the original covenant, the Dr X did not contact any illness.
He is now convinced that this was indeed a benediction from God. So he now must honor his part of the covenant.
So he started an advertisement to offer one of his palatial properties in the city. He offers for sale a property worth RM30 million with enough rooms and compound to potentially house an orphanage. He offers to sell the property for the sum of RM500, 000. With the provision that whoever buys the property at RM 500,000 must also buy an old cabinet inside the house for RM29.5 million. Therefore there were actually 2 items for sale. The house and the old cabinet. He found one serious willing buyer who duly signed the necessary papers buying the house and the cabinet.
In his own ways, Dr X is a sufficiently religious person.  He hasn’t forgotten his covenant with God. He takes RM500, 000 and hands over the money to the trustees of an orphanage entrusting them to use the money to build an orphanage. Dr X has therefore fulfilled his promise to God. Having done that, he still makes RM 29.5 million.
It’s true – Mahathir has given so many things that Malaysians can be proud of. The value of all those is RM500, 000. Mahathir has taken RM29.5 million.
DR Mahathir is busy nowadays giving MPs and ADUNs from the various states pep talks. Presumably he has been telling the UMNO legislators the same advise. Be rational. But he must not forget- every UMNO legislative member who attended the meetings with Mahathir at the Perdana Foundation, think and believe that they are as winnable as Najib and Muhyidin are.


Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 08:21  

Most nonagenarians are either 6 feet under or 110% retired. The fact that TDM, a soon-to-be nonagenarian in his own right, and yet furiously working more hours than those who are not even half his age, is testimony that all is NOT well in Putrajaya. I think many of those previously well hidden skeletons in his closet have been exposed and come alive. But may his Creator not deprive us from seeing TDM's priceless demeanor when his beloved BN is relegated to the backbench, please.

Patrick 6 September 2012 at 08:52  


Your article affirms that TDM's camp is indeed manipulating for more power in the presence of internal chaos and factious warring within UMNO. TDM is in the process of 'nationalising' Malaysia's key assets, ie key infrastructure like ports, roads, power, water; key distribution network such as POS Malaysia; key manufacturing like automobile, energy sector; basic commodities such as rice, flour, etc, etc. What he cant 'nationalise', he uses his tremendous wealth power held offfshore to mop up, such as PETRON's entry into Malaysia, that is the seed vehicle to grab and consolidate the energy sector away from PETRONAS directly and indirectly away from Rosmah.

Seems that TDM is insidiously expanding his power base within UMNO with the same bunch of aged, obedient slaves to over power any other camp, current and new. It now boils down to TDM AND Najib camps. Anybody else is collateral damage. That explains why component parties are very silent these days as their days are numbered. Its the 'either you are with me or against me' death battle. We have to vote out UMNO pronto because if BN DOES WIN, Malaysia will suffer severely in the name of rebuilding the country, economy, relations, or whatever spin they put into it, etc, etc.

TDM, via proxies and shell companies has taken, is taking, any and every key nationals assets. Najib, via proxies and wife and shell companies is taking any and whatever current money AND future money from the govt AND people. Either way, when BN wins again, Malaysia will collapse under the weight of this high testosterone game.

The opposition should be voted into power so that it, the govt, can take back control of key national development assets, and retweak them back to national growth contribution. In essence, NATIONALISE all key privatised assets from cronies and proxies. We are now staring down the barrel of orchestrated education and social system designed specifically to feed into their own private economy, supported by easily available low skilled, dumb, cheap foreign labor, if not enough Malaysians can be brainwashed into their system. Just look at LYNAS....

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 09:28  

Surely Mahathir is suffering from insomnia.He is living in fear, real fear.
He just cannot bear the thought of a Pakatan government with Anwar as PM.

fakemalaysianews 6 September 2012 at 09:38  

DR M is no fool though he has some pretty wild ideas. He knows if BN falls from power he and his family will realistically have to flee the country to avoid persecution and preserve their wealth. I amazes me that he is still so active at his age and I wonder what really drives him? Settling old scores? Or perhaps he dreams of seeing another Mahathir run the country?

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 10:24  

Dato' and fellow bloggers

Mahathir is always "heads I win, tails you lose". Let us walk down the memory lane for a while. The mega monuments built during his era are nothing to shout about when most of them are not occupied or underutilized. And what footed the bill - the rakyat. When it comes to bailouts, who becomes the sucker again - the rakyat
Hence, let us bury his legacy, if there is any, for good in this coming GE13 for he alone has caused enough misery to the whole country.


bruno,  6 September 2012 at 10:27  

Dato,the reason Dr Mahathir knows that there is not even one single good leader in his beloved Umno, is because he is seeing all the Umnoputras from Muhyiddin down to Rais running around in circles.Every thing is upside down in Umno,with the brutuses and small napoleans assuming control of the party machinery.And these good for nothing warlords are having the fun of their lives.Making fools out of their suppossedly party leaders,the so called Umnoputras.

And Dr Mahathir is demanding that his generals,the Ali twins Abrahim and Hassan be selected as parliamentary candidates and to spearhead the Umno in the GE.These Ali twins are the winnable candidates that the Dr was talking about.Only thing that the Dr is not telling is the twins might even lose their deposits.They are the sacrificial lambs of the Dr.

The GE will most definitely be held before Oct 15th for Umno to have a chance of not losing big time.Not losing big time means Umno not losing over 30 seats.Any time after Oct 15th and we will have to bring out the shot guns and buy boxes of buckshots as it will be open wild boar season.

Then there will be no limit to the Umno's losses.One thing for sure there will no longer be any Gerakan left.Mca and Mic will be left leaning on tongkats,crutches and on wheelchairs.Umno will be left standing alone,just like the Mca of today before the GE13,weak and hopeless.Waiting and hoping for some other newly formed party to be led by the Ali twins to come around and boss over them.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 11:13  

Because of TDM, we are deprived of new technology ! You know... Proton Saka.

dukuhead 6 September 2012 at 11:42  

But the government has ben doling out ca$h by the truckloads. That will at least ensure that the govt wins a simple majority if not the sacred two-thirds? Only time will tell if malaysians' votes are that easily bought. I would be pleasantly surprised if, in spite of all the freebies, the majority of voters voted against BN and voted in the opposition to the federal govt. It's not impossible, but that scenario is not as likely as we would wish it to be neither.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 12:08  

rest assured. We will vote and make sure no political party retains hegemony over our beloved country.

this is not about Malay, Chinese, Indian, Muslims, Non-Muslims.

This is a class battle indeed.

Anwar Ibrahim is like Luke Skywalker, bringing balance to the force...

OneMalaysian,  6 September 2012 at 12:14  

Dear Sakmongkol

“I will not dispute the opinion of many that Mahathir is the best PM we have ever had.”

I think we need to dispute that claim. It is a false one. It is a dangerous one. It is fictitious.

Here are some facts.

Mahathir single-handedly created cronyism. No PM before him did that. Cronyism benefited a few wealthy individuals. We are a developing country with 40% poor. The PM’s job is to lift everyone out of poverty so they never have to wait anxiously for a RM500 handout once every 5 years to salve their pathetic economic condition. Wealthy Malaysians would never have needed this paltry sum. It speaks to our terrible condition.

Mahathir destroyed the judiciary. The lawyer who said “correct, correct, correct” could write judgments on behalf of judges to favour his clients. He could take the Chief Justice and his family to holiday in NZ. We have a cowed judiciary of incompetent judges who will let rapist off – those who commit statutory rape of 13-year-old girls because they didn’t resist! Someone once said we have the best judiciary that money could buy. Mahathir talks about democracy, but he doesn’t understand that democracy requires a separation of power – and an independent judiciary is one part of government. All he wanted was a compliant judiciary who won’t stand in his way as he monopolizes power as any third world dictator would do.

Today, corruption is firmly established in our social fabric. The man who allowed and facilitated this was Mahathir. Any Chief Minister could be as corrupt as he wanted to be, so long as he supported Mahathir and delivered the votes and seats in Parliament. That’s why we have people like Khir Toyo, a simple dentist who built a palace, a white-haired multi-billionaire who robbed and cheated the people of Sarawak, an ex-MB who became very rich and powerful and is trying to be the next PM.

Sure, we have some wonderful buildings like the Twin Towers, the KLIA airport, etc, but these expensive buildings are not necessary to move our economy forward. Many developed countries much richer that us don’t have or need these white elephants. By the way, they were all designed by foreign architects, build by foreign engineers and contractors and by foreign workers. We only supplied the sand and cement. Why are we proud of them?

What Mahathir should have built was a fairer, better and richer country for all, not just a few plutocrats. He had 22 years, a very long time for a politician. But he blew the chance to make the Malays more self-reliant. He left them more dependent on a corrupt and self-serving UMNO. The Malays were behind, and they still are. But this nation is now more divided because the only way Mahathir and UMNO could cling to power is to play the racial card, pitting the Malays against the Chinese and others. It is indeed very sad when the PM, the leader of the country, divides and not unite. We are all worse off because of Mahathir.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 12:27  

what is selling his soul in comparison to trying to bribe God with 500 K ? not impressed at all unless he sells his all his assets; that looks like the super wealthy can buy their ways into anything ? that is also full of scepticism with his cronies supposedly "buying" his undeclared value and quantity of assets, paying taxes and alms in quantum ? And kedah is on the verge to be sold off if his son is elected.

bruno,  6 September 2012 at 12:28  

One of the most visible things that Umno has screwed up big time,and the Dr knows it is that project IC has backfired.It has turned illegal immigrants into parasites,running wild in the city and surburbs engaging in robbing and burgling.No Malaysians are safe walking and strolling even in broad daylight.

And the lack of leadership has one Umnoputra coming out and declared that gangster bikers mat rempits are the most suitable to maintain law and order.Is this Umnoputra who happens to be the HM,telling the whole world that his police force is uncapable to maintain law and order.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 13:21  

I just saw the latest FGV price. It is RM4.78/share. At this price all the Felda settlers are losing money though it is still a "paper" lost until they sell it.

OneMalaysian,  6 September 2012 at 14:27  

Dear Sakmongkol

I forgot to tell you that I enjoyed reading your allegory of Dr X. It is witty and clever.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 14:33  

Is a fact that Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Hussien Onn and Tun Razak did not retire/die as billionaire but Tun Mahathir did.
Singapore, a tiny nation with no natural resources but today 1 SD is equivalent to 2.5 RM .
Bearin mind Malaysia is a country with so much natural resources, I can only blame Tun Mahathir and his successors .

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 14:40  

Sak, digress a bit
Today the stock market crashed! Lost 23 pts !
FGV's price now at RM4.78... only 23 sen above listing price! This can mean the price can go much lower than 4.78.

Poor, poor Felda folks.

stk,  6 September 2012 at 14:49  

Quiet Despair,where are you?missing you so much in this blog and also AAs.Anyway any big "makan"at Meatwork celebrating the FGV profits? Ho ho ho FGV now at 4.80 time to buy some more QD, to average your losses.
QD,comein QD,roger and out.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 15:14  

Dear Dato Sak

Mohandas Gandhi warned about
"politics without principles"
in his list of seven deadly sins.

We can expect more books like Barry Wain's to come out in the future.

Phua Kai Lit

OneMalaysian,  6 September 2012 at 16:14  

Dear Sakmongkol

“Am I stupid? But really there is nowhere else I would like to be other than Malaysia.” Mahathir Mohamad

I apologise for putting up multiple posts today. It is not my habit, but I cannot let this gem of a remark from Dr M go without commenting. That was what he said as I read in Malaysia Insider today.

Of course he is not stupid. How could one be stupid when one could by cold calculation renounce one’s race, adopt another, with the determination to ride that to become the PM? People change nationality, religion, ideas, opinions or belief system. But your genes determine race. How do we change the genetic code in our DNA? But Dr M apparently succeeded in doing just that, or at least he managed to fool the Malays. He is not stupid.

Of course he would not want to be anywhere else, because nowhere else on earth can you change your race. If you tried they will shame you as an opportunist. This wonderful country not only allowed him to do this impossible act, but because of his clever tongue and his way of twisting words and distorting truth, he managed to wrangled his way to become PM through means fair or foul. Not only that, his family had become obscenely and undeservingly rich. When a son of his got into financial trouble in 1998 crisis, Petronas stepped in to rescue him with public funds. Chinese tycoons, dying to curry favour, rushed to provide the son with personal guarantees for bank loans. They were rewarded later by being given favours by Dr M. What’s wrong with this? It was wrong because Dr M used public resources to repay his family’s private favours.

In that article in MI, Dr M was quoted as saying Malaysia is better than Singapore and the US. He said in Singapore 15% of the population is treated as second-class citizens. We will have to ask those 15% is they feel that way, and whether they want to relocate to Malaysia where they will automatically be reclassified as first class. Yet in Malaysia at least 40% are treated as second class. And of the other 60% who are technically first class, in reality they are second-class judging by their relative poverty. Only the UMNO leaders are first and special class.

As for the US, Dr M says they are an unequal society. Has he asked if Malaysians think we live in an equal society? The US is not perfect, and income is certainly not perfectly distributed. How could it be when people are not born with equal abilities or have equal inputs? He is just playing with words with the intent to fool people.

Dr M is not stupid by any measure. But he seems to be deranged and demented judging by what he says. If that is untrue then we must conclude that his words are spoken with malice and with the intent to mislead, especially the people whose race he claims to belong to.

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 18:10  

this is a strange nation where x PM can spew division n poison n the media put it on the headlines?? DId not malaysia n her citizens loved this M man n supported HIM to win every GE since 1981 . did not M benefitted from malaysia during the 22 yrs rule>> stay in big mansions n fly private jets>> what does M wants now??HIS LEGACY OF ACHIEVEMENTS are well documented in BARRY WAIN BOOK - malaysian maverick.. all the billion dollars scandals are stated-- BMF TO PKFZ?? pray the salt water n strong currents from our seas will wash away these corrupted leaders n cronies>> let the fresh water clear all the rubbish accumalated over the last 30 years<< there is no HOPE under these CRONIES-- economic destruction n millions illegals here<< poor pay. low tech economy n despair all round,, support change for anew future n fresh HOPE>>

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 18:51  


Looks like Dr Mahathir's Thinks he is still the PM of Malaysia...

Daim was wrong when he said Najib is a General with no army!

Mahathir is Najib's One Man Army!!!

Joe Black

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 18:57  

does this DR M loved her country n her 28 millions citizens// if yes then he should be giving good n sound advice to the nation n her people as to how we should lived n prosper the nation// why is he spewing out poisons n divisive ideas-- to destroy the nation.. malaysia n her citizens supported DR M since 1981 n he won all the GE?? what does he wants-- look at his LEGACY-- millions illegals here n billion dollar scandals-- PKFZ etc?? dr M please lah leave gracefully

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 19:03  

askm tok
TDM d panjangkn umur utk melihat apa2 kerosakan yg dibuatnya. apa2 yg d katanya sebenarnya byk kena balik batang hidung sendiri
seumpama org yg mengejar bayang2

Anonymous,  6 September 2012 at 20:32  

askm tok,

Aku fikir TDM akan lihat BN masih memerintah lagi.Hangpa tak percaya ? Ku Li yang habargh bukan aku.Dia masih dalam umno nooh.Ini bermakna umno terus relevan.Tok doj pi pronote dialah jadi PN .Anwar tu pakat dok buang ke laut lagi baguss..

average joe 7 September 2012 at 01:01  

well, most if not all of us here, did not attend the so-called pep talks by mamakhatheer to umno's aduns and mp's that sak mentioned, so we're not privy to whatever advice, or nonsense, that mamakhatheer dished out.
but we're privy to what m'siakini reported at least, incl this latest piece on mamakhatheer's advice:
Rakyat Sabah dan Sarawak mesti bersabar menunggu sumber asli dikeluarkan dan pelaburan asing dijelmakan sebelum mendapat pembangunan seperti di Semenanjung Malaysia, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

eh??? tunggu??? lagi??! none of the past 50+ years qualified as waiting???

i think mamakhatheer is way too senile now, and it cant be that he is mudah lupa that bad, to have failed to notice that the sarawakians and sabahans had long waited in vain - but the problem was that, the devil that we all know too well always knew how to lead too many of them astray with the right type of temptations (sadly these tempatations more often than not only came in the form of a measly 50ringgit, once every 4-5years!)

this particular mamak should seriously learn to not say anything any more, just like when he had to take the witness stands in court/interview! then hope that when he finally dies, he'd get to be buried in one of the plots specially reserved for the so-called vvips of malaysia...

-average joe-
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