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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 9 September 2012

Its the End of Life as only parasitic UMNO knows it as

It’s the end of history for UMNO. It’s the end of bourgeois living. It’s the end of life as defined by UMNO- the end of mindless plundering and pillage of the wealth of this country.
Our opponents accuse us of using all the available means to counter BN. the cattle thief blames his victim for reporting the theft to the police. Not to use any means available is not an option. BN controls all thought forming means and apparatuses. It controls the repressive forces of the state. UMNO/BN owns the media- visual, audio and print
So what else can we do? We bring our message direct to the people so that they can listen directly to our version of all things in Malaysia. People are not stupid. They read in between the lines and are capable of coming to their own conclusions. So why should we not use whatever means at our disposal in countering the propaganda machinery of the BN?
Our opponents are mistaken. We don’t fear UMNO/BN because we have all tasted defeat and losses. Loss and defeat are known variables to us. UMNO is the one which fears the most because it will face the unknown. When UMNO loses, it will only recover after a very long time if it does at all. That is why Mahathir is saying a change in government will mean life as the UMNO princelings know it as, will be different. It will be- because there will no longer be the pillage and plunder and the conversion of public wealth into private wealth. It will be a world without the lopsided agreements that impoverish state coffers.
That is why Najib is saying it will be the end of civilization. Of course it will be the end of civilization as defined by UMNO where the people are digits waiting to be manipulated and exploited.
As to Mahathir, he fears that if UMNO loses, then his legacy is finished. The businesses of his immediately family will be in danger. All the businesses gotten through unfair and ill-gotten means will be untangled. The business he does through proxies will at last be exposed. We will do as what Daim tells us- don’t go after the politicians, go after their business cronies. And there are a 1000 ways to skin the cat.
We will be the Freddy Kruger to UMNO and its satellite political partners.
All the lies and deceptions that were perpetrated during 22 years and the years during Abdullah Badawi and now the wavering Najib will be exposed. Support for UMNO and BN means prolonging our lives under deception, intimidation, economic deprivation and worse of all, unmitigated corruption carried out without fear of retribution. The citizens of Malaysia must all rise up and say enough to all these nonsense.
When UMNO leaders say this country will go to the dogs if PR takes over, that is the height of hypocrisy. That is a blatant lie. Why should this country be thrown into pandemonium and chaos? It’s not that with the exit of UMNO, the machineries of government will be broken up. The civil service will remain. The institutions guarding our safety from within and without will still be preserved. The economic institutions will still be there. Our judicial system will still be intact protecting our citizens from the pernicious acts of the rich and powerful. Every single component supporting the operation of a government is still there. Only UMNO isn’t. And it’s not that with UMNO being out of the picture, no one else can govern. After all, UMNO is full of half past and mediocre standard leaders who are easily replaced.
No, we don’t fear UMNO. It’s UMNO who fears. People will see there are better people than UMNO people. People will see, we can govern better. We have already proven that within just 4 years of controlling the state governments. UMNO has only supported the pillage and plunder of this nation. It worked hand in hand with the thieves of this country.
That is the reason people are disgusted with UMNO. Japan’s UMNO- the LDP has governed Japan for a long time since 1955. It was responsible for the economic transformation of Japan. It’s behind the export driven economy, supports privatization of GLCs, and transforming the bureaucracy. Essentially it’s like UMNO. And its achievements are even bigger than UMNO because Japan has developed into one of the powerful economies of the world.
Yet, the LDP is defeated. Does that mean, the Japanese are ingrates not mindful of the vast contributions and role of LDP? They are but their disgust over corruption and inept governance overrides a sentimental attachment to the role and contribution of LDP. Beginning with the Lockheed Scandal, the LDP has since been associated with corruption and cronyism.
Similarly, many Malays are mindful of the role and contributions of previous UMNO leaders in shaping Malaysia into what it is today. But like the Japanese, their disgust over corruption, the bullying and the indiscriminate conversion of wealth belonging to the people, overrides the sentimentalism over the role of UMNO. And Malaysia has so many Lockheeds in its cupboard.
It’s UMNO who should stop going around wearing its unjustifiable sense of over importance. After 55 years of controlling the government, as regards the Malays, they are still behind in the economy. Malays earned RM100 to the Chinese earning RM150 and the Indians earning RM120. How do you account for that despite controlling the government?
The top 20% of Malays earn and control 70% of Malay income leaving the 80% of us to fight for the remaining 30% of Malay income. It’s the Putera in the bumiPUTERA who gets richer and richer. The princelings from the leading luminaries of UMNO and the government. And the real princes and princesses.


cui bono?,  9 September 2012 at 23:23  

Dato' over in Sarawak I have been told that BN is telling the locals that they should vote for 'continuity', whatever that means, and that PR has done nothing for the people so far! First, continuity of a regime that actively promotes multi-billion ringgit sweetheart deals with relatives of top State BN politicians and cronies from the corporate world? Continuity of policies that see every BN politician awarded lucrative contracts or huge tracts of land and forests at minimal premium? Second, to tell the people that PR, which is not in power, has done nothing so far, is to suggest that they are so stupid they don't understand it is the party in power that is responsible for delivering on promises of development projects.

BN seems to have forgotten that the reason for a G.E every five years is to ensure, given average honesty and a sense of fairplay, a responsible government is elected in the process. This is the essence of a free, unfettered democratic process. Putting obstacles before the G.E. like monopolising all the mass media outlets, sending thugs to destroy Opposition property or to hurt specific Opposition personalities, manipulate every government agency to operate like licensed triad societies, run seditious propaganda courses such as BTN programmes, spending public money like it belongs to UMNO,etc, indicate that the BN government is finally under siege. The writing is on the wall. Every decision by a retired senior civil servant to join the ranks of PR proves that the best and the most loyal of our civil servants are no longer willing to allow UMNO to continue its corrupt ways, enriching a small segment of the native population while at the same time blowing hot and cold on race, economy, opportunity, equity, as befits the occasion.

All things said and done, PM Najib, the so-called astute politician,can't even prove to the public unequivocally that he could not and would not allow public funds to be used to pay for his personal private affairs. As had being done, events were arranged for his private matters to coincide with official duty outside the country, and the public had to foot the bill. Not once, but three times within two years. This is the son of the man who was Malaysia's second P.M. who 1) forbade senior civil servants from travelling to the airport when he was flying overseas - more productive things could be done back in the office rather than rubbing shoulders with him in the departure lounge 2)forbade his wife from sharing the same O.G.S. flight when he was travelling within the country on duty, and the ever regal lady, Najib's mother, triumphantly went by taxi!

So, the bugle call,"Janji ditepati" aka "Promises fulfilled", is hollow, no matter how many times it is repeated by him, Rais Yatim and the rest of the BN crowd.

I am ending this post by listening to "March to the Scaffold", haunting and sad. For something more elevating (before the G.E.) you-tube a spectacular Mongolian love song, "Arvan Tavnii Sar".

Vote to build a new Malaysia.

Anonymous,  9 September 2012 at 23:27  

Dear Dato'

i have been reading and sharing ur insightful posts and i find u very interesting and i would vote for you if u contest in my area .. one thing i would like to point out to u is that i found that that satan umno logo is too "loud" ... could u pls remove it so that i can share your recent posts on FB and spread ur msgs .. peace B upon U skyebarr on fb

Anonymous,  9 September 2012 at 23:33  

well written article?? the plundering of billions continues unabated.. cows are missing n so are billions in PKFZ??despair, sufferings n poverty are all created by the coalition of crooks?? who are the problems?? is there a solution?? yes-- unseat all crooks n bring forth a new HOPE N a new dawn for our nation>>let the waters from the south china sea washed away all rubbish n corrupted leadership n bring in change<> no one owns this land except the 28 million citizens-- cast away all fears n allow freedom n innovation to flourish>> let all have abetter life after GE 13,<<

ordinary malaysian 9 September 2012 at 23:41  

Just one little correction, Datuk. Daim is obviously wrong. Is he also afraid? Go not only after the cronies, go also after the politicos. For they are the ones who allowed and encouraged all the shenanigans.

Three Trees,  10 September 2012 at 01:08  

Dato Sak, It is downhill all the way for BN,like a runaway train it will crashed before it stopped.It is a foregone conclusion ,I think it is sooner than later. They get greedy,and forget the RAKYAT put them high on the pedestal in the first place.When the RAKYAT felt betrayed then the end is near.Good bye and good riddance to all the pretenders to the throne.We the ordinary RAKYAT can only pray for a smooth transition of power.The bad Karma coming back to haunt them.

bruno,  10 September 2012 at 01:27  

Dato,Umno is like a man standing on the edge of a cliff.Just a strong gust of wind and the man gets blown over and falls like a rock.The end results.Worst than a Mongolian lass blown up by C4.This will be the Umno after GE13.

Anonymous,  10 September 2012 at 07:35  

BN is a party that works on patronage and has lost its way in the last 55 years in power by forgetting that its primary role is to listen and serve the rakyat. Just look at the current states where BN are the opposition, they are like chickens without heads and cannot provide any positive arguments or improvements for the state.
There is a lack on new blood in BN and this will lead to its downfall. Dr M is "spot-on" when he claimed that once PR wins it will be difficult for BN to win again - this is a FACT as the rakyat sees the improvement and transparency in PR's running of Penang and Selangor state government from deficits to surplus.

Anonymous,  10 September 2012 at 07:52  

Dato', I am copying this by Anon - 10 September 2012 01:01 from your earlier posting. It is too good not to be repeated. Thanks Anon10September2012 01:01

Anonymous said...
Hah Rais Yatim!!Dulu mengampu Pak Lah, sekarang Najib pula.Tak puas2.Just go to his house in Ampang Jaya and check the fleet of luxury cars in the basement ( he has moved out most of them recently)or check out his mansion in the UK.This bridge burner must have been a plunderer when he was Negeri Sembilan MB.What a hypocrite.

Taikohtai 10 September 2012 at 08:02  

Many a friend in Australia ask why I bother blogging for a regime change in Malaysia. After all, I already have an Aussie passport while some of them are just still PRs here. Why so kay po chee?
I think its because I wish all my siblings and relatives and friends back in Malaysia have the same options that I have here. Freedom of speech, association, choice, etc all within the framework of fair go, universal values and direct personal responsibilities. I see Malaysia failing and falling way, way behind even amongst its once poorer neighbours in the past two decades. I see the merits of better governance and political transparency. I see mates supporting mates across borderless nations.
No, I will not stop blogging until there is a regime change and a true two party system put in place in Malaysia. And I owe it to my birth right, yes, to my tanah tumpah darah ku.

Anonymous,  10 September 2012 at 08:10  

Dear Dato Sak

A regime change will also arrest the gradual decay of Malaysia's economy because of the widespread and increasingly brazen looting of public funds and resources, and the economically-harmful policies being pursued.

The signs are here already:
accelerating inflation, a growing underclass of Malaysian citizens
who have to compete for low wage jobs with illegal immigrants,inviting dubious investments that threaten to poison the land and ruin the health of the people, fiscally irresponsible widespread vote-buying, etc.

Without a regime change soon, we should really fear for the economic health of our beloved nation.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous,  10 September 2012 at 09:07  

UMNO has only succeeded in making some Malays into ugly human beings.
How do you explain the attacks on PKR's bus and cheramahs? How do you explain the vulgar signs towards Lim Guan Eng and Ambiga?
How do you explain Perkasa's unMalay behaviour?
Who started peeing on leaders pictures or stepping on them.
This is modern Malay culture taught by UMNO.
Yet, there are stupid Malays who kais pagi makan pagi and still support UMNO.

walla 10 September 2012 at 10:26  

The process cannot be reversed.

When the rakyat realize those who wield power are misusing their positions for personal ill-gotten gains, the rakyat will be permanently angry at the injustice, especially when the abusers are basically useless but overpaid logs and troublemakers propped up by cosmetic spin and protected by judges, police and media who have been so prostituted into suppressive political patronage that they have lost their moral courage to work for the rakyat instead of their political masters.

Our Malays have also realized that in today's world of change, challenge and complexity, the only way forward is to cooperate with others to join hand-in-hand to share ideas and help one another sincerely.

Antagonism and mistrust will only ricochet negative reactions, distort markets and reduce honest growth.

We have all seen too much of these bad things and how they have not only affected our society and economy but also the future of all our young, regardless of race.

Thus the race card cannot be used ever again. Despite what Mahathir is still trying to do, the race factor is irrelevant because it has been destructive on both society and nation, and especially regressive on our Malays whose minds and spirit have too long been enslaved and shrunken by Umno's race-bent prejudices which distort them away from the reality of a global world.

The race card is also against the grain of our common humanity, whichever our faith.

Let us continue to remain steadfast that it is within each and every one of us to care for one another sincerely if only because we individually in our own ways know that pain, poverty, deprivation and suffering befall all regardless of one's roots.

Yet the race-man who can hide his own Kerala roots remains deluded he can use Hang Tuah's statement on our Malays, all the while knowing full well Hang Tuah's Malay root itself has been called into question.

This man seems to enjoy deceiving the common folks, self-assured he will get away with it every time, secure in his self-indulging belief he is untouchable because he knows he has a hold on the Umno machinery as he had long ago placed his lackeys and cronies in them. Not satisfied with just holding the treasury to ransom, he has now moved on to holding our Malay minds and hearts to ransom as well.

Except in the minds of an increasing number of our Malays who have moved on, he only deludes himself as their protector. He forgets there is another Protector who has seen everything that has been going on as created by one godfatherly gangster in gandhian garb.

Meanwhile, the rakyat have also realized that Barisan stands for a rotten core group of lackeys and cronies while Pakatan stands for the common folks.

Barisan is made of rift-rafts and thugs living off the hard-earned income of the rakyat and their land while Pakatan is made of educated, intelligent and committed people working their guts out everyday to eke a living in an indifferent economy only expensively polished up by land plays packaged as the next set of transformational strategies.

As we have all seen, and by we are included all the spineless Umno-paid cybertroopers reading in now, Umno leaders contradict themselves with one lie after another while Pakatan leaders have been consistent throughout even on pains of losing face.

Umno leads by personal opportunism and bad motives, Pakatan by principles and sincerity.

Everyone knows Umno has been lying. Lying is a part of cheating. When one has lied, it is easy to cheat next. True or not?

All rakyat must therefore push for the electoral reforms to be completed to their satisfaction before GE13 takes place because Umno will use all the tricks up its sleeves to cheat the win it knows it has already lost.

walla 10 September 2012 at 10:26  


And why cheat? It cannot be for the Malay agenda Umno arrogates to itself.

After all, you already know Shahrizat will at best admit she has only sat in a CLK in response to Azalina's explanation of the limousines in her garage which however cannot be compared to Rais' fleet which itself can't hold a finger to Mokhzhani's beast on the road.

So it appears cheating has long ago been deemed necessary by Umno's putras and puteri's for their cars, cash and coups while the rakyat of Malaysia will have to be content cooped up in their kenari's because all the taxpayers' money creamed off which would have been reduced through clean investments have been transmuted into payoffs for Umno's political patronages of dirty deals. If you look hard enough, you may find a fine print mentioning that in Umno's articles and memorandum of association. Which may even explain how come wealth sharing is so hard to come by in this nation past retirement age.

Moving backwards, our young are not getting much in real terms as what the young of yesteryear had earned. Real wages have been static for a long time but inflation has metastasized so much so today's young have almost given up saving for their rainy day which will inevitably become drowning downpours because debt in whatever name we may conveniently choose will grow beyond clearance. Like the US, the debt from one total will become two to include the growing debt of paying interests. And people still talk about clearing debts easily with money to the government from tax collections.

Keynesian economics only works if there is an inherent engine of real progress, not another building or bridge. It's what people can do with them to earn more money over costs to sustain growth and change which is the heart of keynesian economics. What can our people do that will make a difference in this global world? We know the painful answer. The Umno diehards themselves also know the painful answer but has chosen to ignore it first, then deny it second and that’s because Umno caused it all. Don't place any bets on tomorrow's education reforms. They completely miss the real roots of the matter again which means the planners need to be lobotomized once and for all if ever to save the future of your young and this semi-impermanent nation.

As for the old and infirmed, it has been confirmed by no lesser an authority than the EPF that only a small fraction of the population can aspire to have some tujuh ratus ringgit sebulan of withdrawn funds should they live to tujuh puluh lima. The rest will have to live on much less than that except for the Umno elites and their cronies who will have no need for EPF. Is it possible to live even on that sum these days let alone another twenty years into the future?

And Mahathir wants to deny you just five years of Pakatan. Such generosity.

Patrick 10 September 2012 at 17:34  

All the media noise by UMNO/BN and the govt is meant for the rural folks. Its a classic case of distraction, clouding/hiding/masking other more illicit activities. The urban and suburban folks are too savvy for such loud, crude, uneducated and illogical verbal diarrhea. Only a few characters in the govt are now spewing political propaganda as they have no choice. The others are basically scrambling to move their assets out into safety. The money changers have been very busy and will see good business until elections. The USD will be in high demand in Malaysia. flight will accelerate by the 20% you mentioned.

Even the likes of wannabe-militants like Ibrahim Ali, is scrambling to find more quick money to stash away before the imminent demise of BN. That is why all propaganda in the media has only 1 sole purpose, that is, to distract the public with other trivial race, religious, political, incendiary issues, while the ministers, cronies, wannabe's, all make a last minute dash to financial safety. Its a tried-and-tested formula deployed by any ruling govt of the day. Before the days of internet.

lets hope that the opposition can continue to seize on all these latest developments and try to prevent as much capital looting and flight now. On one hand, the focus should be on securing the minds and hearts of the rural folks to win the GE. On the other hand, the opposition should mobilise all assets to monitor, prevent and catch all current asset strippers, looters and money movers within BN. Especially UMNO.

Like you so aptly put it, catch the cronies, proxies, frontmen, shell companies, etc and the politicians will die off. Just look at all the high profile corruption cases like the NFC, Sime Darby, FELDA, etc, etc. Nothing has been done till today with massive feet dragging and persecution of innocent. Opposition should continue, and acceleratte, with their indepth investigative activities. Only then will the innocent civil servants, wage earners and hardworking malaysians openly and willingly assist in exposing the corruption on the govt, within the govt and of all cronies, proxies, frontmen, shell companies, etc, etc.

Ignore the media noise and govt propaganda and we can start to see with crystal clarity, all the scams being carried out without attracting public AND opposition scrutiny.

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