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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 3 September 2012

Choosing Sides

People of Malaysia will indeed have to choose. Stand on the side of the oppressors or the oppressed. Support the deceiver or the deceived. Support the corrupt and endorse the looting and the pillage of this country. all done in the name of Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara. Everything is justifiable because the perpetrators are Malays and forgetting the victims are in the majority also Malays.  pardon the government in shortchanging the Felda settlers giving them a measly 2.5% of the FGV shares while the bulk of the shares are hijacked by people who have no connection at all with Felda. Pardon UMNO because even though it allocates 2.5% to settlers and 3% to Felda employees, all is done in the name of Malays.
Ignore the fact that LCCT is going to cost close to RM 6billion instead of RM500 million if facilities for low cost airline are built northwards of the current KLIA instead of agreeing that the facilities be built on soft ground as proposed by the MAB?  Are people in the MAB making hay while the sun shines?
We keep quiet because it’s done by the current government which fights for Agama, Bangsa Dan Negara.
Then, does that mean, the agama of UMNO endorses corruption, pillage and looting? Does that also mean that bangsa permits UMNO to do all the transgressions? And does that mean, agama, bangsa of the Malays excuse the murder of a Mongolian because she is after all just a prostitute? And finally because it is done in the name and on behalf of negara which UMNO claims absolute ownership on, all of the above are excusable?
The recent spate of advertisements where various people say I chose Malaysia and I choose to vote are nothing more than self-serving vilest of propaganda. They are also self-congratulating. They seem to suggest that those who support the government choose to show the support through the voting process and those who do not, appear to be shown as people who want to change government through undemocratic means.
The purveyors of these dreadful advertisements have only shown political immaturity because such hoopla does not require subtle and sophisticated thinking. They require only emotion and self-praise, while the opposite requires analysis and thought, subordinating the emotions to the rational faculty. And we know the emotional faculties are more developed than the rational. When we look at the photos of people hailed as champions of I chose Malaysia campaign in the MSM papers, we know the nature of the faculties which they represent.
Liberalize the media and see what happens. Allow the free exchange of ideas and free flow of ideas so that people can judge for themselves.
So choose. Stand on the side of the bully or on the side of the marginalized and trampled on? The reality and truth is we can elect in a better government. We only ask the structures of government- the civil service, the judiciary, the law enforcers, other institutions to stop toadying up to UMNO. The structures of government serve the people. They remain intact if and when a new government takes over and the business of running a government does not end with the jettisoning of UMNO.
What does the expression loyal to the government of the day mean? This fallacy of loyal to the government has been perpetrated for so long that nobody inquires critically what the expression really mean. The expression loyal to the government of the day should not be literally translated. The thing that civil service should be loyal to is to the IDEA of the government of the day- not the actual government of the day. If the opposite is true, if the civil service is loyal to the actual government of the day instead of the idea, then, when UMNO loses, the government must resign.
Civil servants must be professional. If any member of the government chooses to be a partisan member of UMNO, he/she should resign immediately. The current Chief Secretary must resign voluntarily when the next government comes in.
UMNO realizes this. That is why it has gone on the rampage. They have used everything weapon in its arsenal- race, religion, rulers and riots. UMNO has unashamedly taken over the merdeka celebration. Because it has done that, it will now rue in its consequences.
We hardly see the Malaysian Flag being voluntarily hoisted and put up hinting at a broad rejection of UMNO’s conversion of a celebration that is owned by all Malaysians. The merdeka isn’t UMNO’s property to be shared.


Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 05:38  

I choose to stand shoulder to shoulder with color blind, with truth, justice, fairness, integrity and the marginalized for which I have spoken up for two years from the time at FMT.

bruno,  3 September 2012 at 06:17  

Dato,the majority of Malaysians will stand on the opposite side of the government.The people are prepared and getting ready to chase the Umno/BN out of Putrajaya.The Umno GOM has never felt this close of falling over the cliffs.

These Umnoputras are getting so desperate that they kept running around in circles,getting nowhere.Take for example the crime rate.Crime rate has gone through the roof,the same as corruption.And to combat crime,the HM is suggesting to bring in the gangster bikers mat rempits to help his helpless police force.

Never in the history of law enforcement has any government asked biker and street gangs to help them fight crime.How can the mat rempits who descend to the PKR head quarters in numbers totalling 600 bikers,threatening to burn it down help to maintain law and order.The HM should pressed his bolas and hope that they do not start a robbing spree,licensed by the HM himself.

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 08:23  

It used to be stealth. But now it has gone viral. Thats politics today in Malaysia. And the whole world too.
Easy access to the Internet and all its development has resulted in many a previously saintly politician's skeletons being exposed, revealing the devil in disguise.
We are in more level playing field. The Dacing is tilting............ against the incumbent.

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 08:41  

I stood foolishly on the shoulders of dwarfs from BN for so long and never got any higher. This time I am going, like, Anon(3 September 2012 05:38)to stand shoulder to shoulder with giants from PAS, PKR and DAP in that order. Thanks

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 09:14  

Why not you try reasoning out with some prominent UMNO personalities like Tunku Razaleigh, Daim, to take stand and join the forces opposed to the BN government.
This will have a devastating effect on UMNO.
Kuli talks alot but why is the point if he still remains in UMNO.

Krishna 3 September 2012 at 09:30  


This morning I received a email which is purportedly a sppech by Tengku Razaleigh in a UK to our university students. It is a great speech which should be shared and I will send to you later today. Help spread his message.

Coming back to our civil servants, army, police and courts, the Arab Spring seems not to have taught them anything. They seem to think UMNO will protect them forever. They cannot even see that UMNO is running scared and does not dare call for an election.

We will teach these UMNO civil servants a lesson soon.

OneMalaysian,  3 September 2012 at 10:35  

Dear Sakmongkol

“We hardly see the Malaysian Flag being voluntarily hoisted and put up hinting at a broad rejection of UMNO’s conversion of a celebration that is owned by all Malaysians.”

I noticed that too. Usually by early August cars and trucks, and later houses and offices, would by flying the Jalur Gemilang. This year very few were, and it was noticeable.

This UMNO government is wasting lots of good money to buy subtle ads on foreign TV programmes. It is doubtful how effective these ads are. But it shows that UMNO is desperate and trying all means to persuade people to vote for them.

The PR should respond by sticking to down-to-earth messages. They should simply go out to promise tangible ways to improve people’s livelihood – cheaper cars and lower road toll, cheaper or free university education for deserving students of all races, over-hauling the education system, improving English language skills, removing the NEP-era policies but extend help to all needy Malaysians irrespective of race, encouraging business investments, stopping illegal immigration, improving public security, and improving rural infrastructure, schools and healthcare. These are the tangible things that people can understand and respond to.

Born1957,  3 September 2012 at 11:09  


I am keeping the Jalur Gemilang for the future.
I will be putting it up on my car the minute news comes that PR is the new government of the day.
I hope all will do the same. It is a celebration of true MERDEKA.

Pok Li,  3 September 2012 at 12:44  

I have no doubt that the majority of Malaysians are dying for change of Government post GE13. In fact it had been so since past few elections even with the one-sided media reporting. But I am sceptical of the opposition's victory due to the manipulation of electoral processes especially the postal, phantom and instant (Indon/Bangla/Myanmarese/Philippino) voters.

We all know that Najib had lost his Pekan seat in the 1999 GE only to be saved by postal votes which was brought in later. Hence the re-delienation of the Pekan constituency to include the two army camps at Batu 9 and Batu 10.

I do hope the opposition has the answer to the manipulation come GE13.

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 13:13  

My wife my ironing clothes past Friday when I request her to iron the Malaysian flag. She said I was crazy as the flag was never ironed since we bought it 5 years ago. Furthermore she knew I wasn't going to fly it even it was 31-Aug. I told her I want to be ready to hoist it immediately once the GE-13 resulted BN being kicked out.

goviindmp,  3 September 2012 at 13:19  

Kita di Sabah ni suda Muak Dgn janji Malaya. Hari KEMERDEKAAN Malaya pun mereka suap paksa masuk keatas rakyat Sabah Dan Sarawak. Ini membuat kami terangat akan Zaman British. Lagi baik Dan Aman...GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 13:23  

Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (gambar) mengutuk perbuatan biadab peserta Himpunan Janji Bersih yang memijak gambar Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dan isteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

Beliau dengan nada marah berkata perbuatan memalukan itu bertentangan dengan amalan Islam dan budaya Melayu serta individu-individu terbabit sebenarnya telah dirasuk 'pelesit'.

Nik Abdul Aziz turut meluahkan kekecewaannya dengan tindakan peserta perhimpunan itu yang mahu menukar Jalur Gemilang kerana ia sudah diterima masyarakat antarabangsa.

"Kerja ini bukan kerja orang Melayu dan bukan kerja orang Islam tetapi benda lain yang sudah dimasuki pelesit. Ini sangat-sangat dukacita dan memalukan.

"Kalau orang bukan Islam buat lainlah ini gambar tu (gambar yang disiarkan media dan internet) nampak Melayu. Kita orang Islam diajar kita jangan buat benda yang kalau orang lain buat pada kita, kita marah maka ini tidak patut berlaku," tegas beliau ketika ditemui di sini hari ini.


kampong lad 3 September 2012 at 13:52  

majoriti besar penjawat awam (umno/bn servants or public servants), badan depa penuh dgn cop umno/bn. bila kerajaan bertukar (transform?), depa ni wajib ditendang kalau tidak akan jadi duri dlm daging. tengok kerajaan negeri pr kecuali kelantan, sampai hari ni masalah2 baru dicipta. depa ni adalah pengkhianat rakyat. period

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 15:54  

Yes Dato' this time we will stand up and be counted for the oppressed and marginalised.

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 16:36  

This year, I received 2 sms invitations to attend Merdeka celebration at Dataran and 1 sms from BN.

Good riddance, i deleted all. tq

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 18:12  


Forget about Kuli speech. Saya sudah beri Kuli 30 tahun untuk memimpin dari hadapan, tetapi selama itu juga dia hanya memimpin melalui ucapan-ucapan dipelbagai pentas, pelbagai sidang akhbar dan satu masa melalui blognya.

Thats all Kuli being doing. Selepas ucapan-ucapan, sidang-sidang akhbar, Kuli duduk dirumah tak buat apa. Lupakan Kuli, my fren, saya telah belajar to move on without him after l attended the launching of AMANAH. 30 years supporting him thru thick and thin, habuk pun tarak.


Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 19:08  

difficult to predict the mindset of malaysians voters when it comes to any GE.. in 2004-- PAK LAH scored the biggest victory n demolished the opposition<< in 2008 PAK LAH lost n resigned later.. GE 13-- sush lah to guess == BN so strong lah.. PR waiting to win big

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 20:36  

Sir Krishna, honestly we need to engage, teach the civil servants techniques and assure them, the last thing we want to do is to cause them to retaliate out of their known and unknown fear ... let's put ourselves in their shoes, we'll catch the drift.

The frustration of talking to them especially the clerical staff, teachers, nurses, doctors, etc ( real mind blogging ) to vote for PK is insurmountable, with time constraint to chat with them as well. Perhaps Dato Sak will think of other ways and means in engaging them. Thanks.

Three Trees,  3 September 2012 at 22:01  

Dato'Sak, The end is near and so BN face the curtain.Pls ensure PR has everything in place to take over.We the RAKYAT are with you all the way.Pls don't argue over religion ,we are all The Almighty creations.Let's save Malaysia 1st.All the Public Instituition is going down the drain.God save MALAYSIA.ABU and Bee End,Bye!Good Riddance to Prostitute from Jelapang.

Patrick 3 September 2012 at 22:29  

This year's Merdeka celebrations has shown that the public, if left to their own device, are not into the mood of nationalism. No more flag flying. No more Merdeka spirit. Its pretty sad. Up until 2011 Merdeka month of August, there will be free flags flooded in the market and public for cars, bikes, homes, etc way before 31st. But then on hind sight, its all forced sponsored by GLCs and the govt. With the total absence of free-flowing flags this year, it bodes ill for the govt and only means that they either have no more money for simple flags or the govt, GLCs, forced corporate sponsors, etc are unwilling to bear the cost of such trivial but significant symbols of nationalistic pride.

Its a clear sign and signal of the public's frustration and fatigue with the current govt and its antics. If there are no monetary rewards/enticement, the event in Bkt Jalil stadium would have been a massively embarrassing flop. Then there will be no need to artificially inflate TWITTER counts arrogantly, no need to pay students of other races to participate in events, no need to bribe patriotism. Patriotism is an honor, duty and priviledge, borned and earned. Not bought or sponsored or given away for support. If the govt wants to buy our patriotism and nationalism, all they have to do is just cut our taxes, reduce our EPF contributions, reduce car prices, reduce IPP subsidies, etc,etc and not just mere one-off RM 500/household, or RM 100/ethnic student for 3 days patriotism, etc, etc.

The phrase "I am an American" uttered by any American, be it Latin American, Italian American, American Chinese, Lebanese American, etc is so powerful, it draws admiration, fear and respect by other nationalities. But "I am a Malaysian" just draws snickers and contempt in Malaysia, because the next automatic question will be "chinese?", "malay?", "indian?", Kadazan?", "Portugese?", "Eurasian?", etc, etc....and this is really sad.

Malaysians are just interested in the long holidays. Not the symbols and expectations of patriotism. next long public holiday will be Malaysia Day. Only govt officials will be seen 'supportive', 'patriotic', 'eager' flag waving Malaysians in the mainstream media's eye. Lets look outside the mainstream media confines and we will know the exact sentiments of most Malaysians towards the govt...and its veiled attempts at uplifting nationalism/patriotism.

Time to hit the reset button for a new govt.v2.0, before the current govt redefine a new level of national debt the world cant ignore. We are tired of being 'bought' with so little of our own hard earned money while the ministers/cronies, illegals, etc take more of our money for shallow, short term gains. Lets vote in a fresh new govt so we can all stand tall in a new era to closely integrate into the global community and be proud to be a Malaysian....

Anonymous,  3 September 2012 at 22:58  

Kuching BN is one up on BN West Malaysia. The city council bought flags and paid RELA chaps to tie them on the fence of private houses facing some main roads - a facade of loyalty in every sense of the word. Some shops make money selling flags and some chaps in City Councils also make money - you know lah little bit coffee money. So we go on pretending that we are loyal and united. We must teach the thieves a lesson this time. They have stolen too much for too long.

walla 4 September 2012 at 00:01  

Having lost both plot and support, Umno has now resorted to claiming sole ownership of Merdeka and our Malays.

This Merdeka was notable for an absolutely conspicuous absence of the usual flag-flying. There was a time long ago when we proudly mounted our flags from shops, offices, factories and cars. This August 31st? Except for one taxi driver celebrating his four new tyres while forgetting he has been slogging all his life for his Umno master permit owner, eilek.

Yes, on that day, the citizens showed their disgust that Umno had the nerve to try and control even the notion of Merdeka.

Now these voters and motorists would have included Umno general members. So Najib, Mahathir, Muyiddin and the rest of the Umno gang must have read the writing on the wall the day after.

It cannot be that the Umno members had suddenly lost an affinity for Malaysiana so it must be they too are finished with an Umno that had even tried to steal universal pride in this nation.

Save for the raft of baghdad-bob's who had already pawned their moral conscience for personal political favours while egging themselves on with the usual pompous MSM hyperbole in the vein of raizified rants, the Umno general members must realize they too have been taken for a ride.

Perhaps that's why our Felda settlers have now woken up that they've been had. Najib's Umno government wanting to buy up their shares is like the same wanting to buy up JB's EDL from MRCB after the latter realized it was bleeding red ink from the motorists' outright rejection of its mad toll rates designed to feed the cronies behind the insanely mega-priced project.

Likewise, Najib's Umno made a fatal political miscalculation that its cronies could make money out of our Felda settler's lifeblood and get away with it. Right up to GE13, the political fallout will cascade deep into the Malay heartland.

As Sak sharply pointed, why offer to buy back as an afterthought? Furthermore, why not give out all the lima belas ribu ringgit in one shot for the settler to buy more shares when trading had opened? Why the politically motivated but parsimonious three installments? Neither Najib nor Isa will be able to answer - but that's because their scriptwriters themselves hadn't envision how events would unravel. Unlike you.

Meanwhile, Najib said in Sabah that Barisan should be given another five years because Barisan is janji-di-tepati. Excuse me, how many past five years have Sabah been ruled by Barisan until Sabahans today find themselves marginalized in their own land left to fallow under Umno's past janji's so that they have to swallow that kind of snakeoil promise? Enough is enough.

walla 4 September 2012 at 00:01  


Now let's also wonder why Najib's own taikor specifically chose to comment saying that the Opposition should not be given just a five-year term; his reason given was that much damage can be done in five years.

If that's so, why did he himself resign after four times that period? Did he just realize he had done four times the imagined damage?

Be assured he will plead again that since he has only a weak school certificate, he cannot argue as well as 'so-called intellectuals' but nonetheless he could be a PM with overarching powers.

If a person has to resort to winning arguments and popularity by appealing to blinkered sympathy, one hardly thinks such deception makes for good core character to lead. Maybe that's why he himself had attested that his Umno Baru is rotten to the core. And that is also why our Malay Chamber Of Commerce are now up in arms. But they should themselves be mindful and learn the real lesson of local economics. In Penang, Umno cronies there made money for themselves at the expense of our Malay landowners. Since it's the ghost festival, you can say it's "kui pak kui" (ghost beat ghost?).

And in Umno's scheme of things, you can be assured that there will be a HM who thinks he's a headmaster and the rakyat are school children. No, they're not; they are critically intelligent and extremely annoyed citizens ventilating their disgust at the present Umno government so that with his level of intelligence, he is not qualified to take action since he cannot formulate in his head the reason why people do what they did. And in not taking action before, his witchhunt is another display of Umno's famous double standard. Ask Koh Tsu Koon who being in Barisan may remember what Umno had done to his portrait and possibly clarify Hishammuddin's gall is just another mahathirean deflection tactic to move attention away from those fudged crime data.

Lastly, there seems to have been a rash of freudian slips lately. In saying he wanted a BN wall built to keep the Opposition out of Putrajaya, he admitted that "Umno has gone through a political nightmare in 2008 was now rebuilding fortitude little by little through sacrifice and pain". Those transformation programmers and Umno candidates that will not be shortlisted, please bear that in mind. Furthermore, didn't we say before Umno practices a "them vs us" approach when cornered by the rakyat? If it wants to erect a wall to keep the Opposition out of Putrajaya, itself a monstrosity of a megalomaniac, it is saying the Opposition members are not rakyat. That's denying our Malay rakyat besides the others their right to choose an alternative to Umno. Last one checked, Putrajaya, like Merdeka, should belong to all rakyat, metaphor aside. After all, it was built using oil money. Some will prequalify that it's contingent debt and so will not breach statutory level on GDP basis. But since the money's already gone and the place's hardly thriving, it's moot whether we are swimming or sinking. Like Hamidi's exhortation to the members to feel neither comfortable nor beaten. Just self-syiok, then?

Muhyiddin on 'disruption of unity'? He should first comment on his role in the award of the NPC deal now frozen after blowing millions of the rakyats' money. The rakyat can't eat his brand of 1Race unity. They need their money back.

Good night, Sak. You're roaringly brilliant.

Anonymous,  4 September 2012 at 02:41  

Sak & fellow blog readers,
These instant citizens will affect the education system with the infiltration of peculiar cultures, and thousands of Indonesian words in BM. On the other our students are unable to speak or write in English. For those are articulate in English, and but may not be as fluent in BM, they do face some harsh questioning about their fluency ( ? ) as pressed by certain people with myopic vision or vested interest - ( I normally throw that page of the Star paper with such moronic letters into the trashcan right away ) or maybe should direct them to the UMNO elites ? And English is the lingua franca for every field of specialization.

But will the present fluency of BM be there in the future ? But as the norm, the goons will come up with rewritten “history ” by "ciplak " professors to justify their treason which will affect BM. In such a scenario, civil servants in the respective fields will be directly affected by the instant citizens: their workload, the new challenges, the further degradation of English and BM; our kids having to pitt for places to receive quality education, the economy pie, etc. Civil servants must think of voting to save Malaysia.

PATI should be treated well, but not allowed to vote, or bully fellow Malaysians, stir up sedition and snatch their livelihood, etc. Failing so, they will be charged in future ?

Another predicament is it is highly irresponsibility for the bogeymen, their female maid agents to sow seeds of distorted history and racial discrimination in indon instant citizens during “ systematic planning and socializing ” that they are Melayu, ketuanan, indirectly they show superiority and bully the nons ( those with limited education )and steal their rice bowls - whose ancestors had built this nation with tears, sweat and much hardship together with the Malay ?

To teach fellow muslims prejudice, discrimination, to commit injustice, corruption and monopolization of jobs and business opportunities is in total contradiction of the agama, to get them “sesat” and self - destructed ?

However I also think ones should contribute generously when wealth is made, but the majority of the rakyat need that breakthrough first, all multiracial Malaysians be allowed to work together, to jive into the synchronization to develop each dept, the communities and the nation collectively and fairly, swift and fast, but with high / the highest benchmark.

Malaysia has been sold but it can be saved by voting so wisely and with fury !

Anonymous,  4 September 2012 at 19:06  

I like to believe that majority of Malaysians are of rational thinking and will stand on the side of the oppressed. It is not only about the oppression but the future of the Nation at stake. The time for discourse is really over. BN had 30 years and it had failed miserably. Even today, corruption is rampant and abuse of power by selective prosecution is still being carried out shamelessly. This govt. has lost all trace of humanity and should be rejected at all cost. However, there are still some doubts for the layman and they're the fence sitters. I know because I often travel by taxis and make it a point to talk to every taxi drivers that I meet. In fact there was one Malay driver who actually asked me to give a talk although I spoke to him in my stuttering Malay. He said I was convincing. I guess it was because I make the comparison between BN & PR in layman's term. For those who believe in the need to change to safeguard the Nation's future, your country needs you, speak to as many people as possible, erase the doubts in their minds. To be convincing, never start by condemning the govt. Illustrate the weakness of the policies for the past 30 yrs in relation to one's everyday living, our deteriorating disposable income and why institutionalized system is so important, be it BN or PR because it is the only fail-safe for the Rakyat. We do not want to fall into the same cycle of UMNOism (worse still Mahathirism) all over again. We need to beat the high fraud in the electoral roll, thus all doubts about change must be removed at all cost (but do it subtly, diplomatically & speak with a little bit of passion).

Anonymous,  4 September 2012 at 23:54  

Mat Pendang,
Do not get too upset .Ku Li is a great UMNO leader. Sakmongkol highly reccommend him as a possible PM in the absence of real good leader from PR should PR secured the majority and win the PRU 13.

BUT...i doubt iy very much if Ku Li will switch party.No he won't.


Anonymous,  5 September 2012 at 20:37  

the currents of corruption will wash away all crooks n cronies. so a change is possible n new HOPE awaits all

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