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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 21 September 2012

UMNO's Sidewinding Strategy

UMNO is always trying to ambush and put up red herrings to divert people’s attention. Why for example, is the hudud issue between PAS ad DAP being made into a big thing? This is a sideshow being elevated to a premier status complete with intellectual gloss from uncle tom-ing academics.
PAS and DAP- they operate on different principles. PAS champions Islamic principles and Islamic agenda. DAP champions secular democratic principles as in justice and equality and good governance and all that. Both cooperate on common grounds.
Why is UMNO driving a wedge between the two? UMNO should be looking out for MCA which has ridiculed UMNO’s stance on Islamic agenda.
Sometimes I think UMNO religious luminaries are not that bright. UMNO is in power now. MCA which is a party of infidels work closely with UMNO so UMNO labels them friendly infidels ( kafir Zimmi- infidels who accepts the authority of Muslims in power). What does that prove? It proves the classification of infidels is a function of who is in power. That is how UMNO plays the game.
Suppose now, a new government comes into power. The leaders of the government are also Muslims. DAP who will emerge as the dominant Chinese supported party works closely with PR. The DAP represents the new infidels who accept the authority and leadership of the new PR government. It makes them friendly infidels. DAP now becomes kafir zimmi.
So ustaz ustaz- the branding of infidels is therefore a function of which side in in power at that particular time.  And by that time, if we were to apply the UMNO stance, MCA will become kafir harbi which makes the slaughter of the MCA people permissible?
UMNO itself has no agenda about hudud laws. PAS isn’t making hudud as the overriding political agenda. Why should Muslims bother about how DAP thinks about how the Malays want to practise Islam. Since when is Islam dependent on the thinking of non-Muslims? Muslims should be clear about this- the fate of Islam depends on them. Not on non Muslims. So why should we place the responsibility of talking about hudud on DAP?
Its leadership is basically non-Muslim. It never made itself as a party championing religious issues. So when Tunku Abdul Aziz expressed disappointment about hudud and other Islamic issues not being discussed in DAP meetings, I can’t believe that he’s so naïve. Why should non-Muslims talk about Islamic issues? If he was the DAP vice president then, why wasn’t he vocal about it? And if we want to be mean about it, we can talk all night long about Tunku Aziz’s Islamic credentials over some bottles of Johnny Walker.
The people who should do the talking are UMNO and PAS. UMNO isn’t talking about it. So where is UMNO in all this?
Let’s talk more about Najib’s economic agenda.
The early indicators showing that Najib is all talk when it comes to economic strategies, is his government’s inability to curb spending. He hasn’t done any transformation actually. It’s all big talk. His transformation means increased government spending, direct government involvement in the economy including owning the means of production or doing business through proxy companies. We are led to ask, does Najib understand what he is doing?
I know he has only one economic strategy. Pay his way though. Spend to buy votes. It’s all motion with no substance of creating the fundamentals of economic growth. This includes nurturing organic growth and reducing government interference.  Teaching Malays for example of taking personal responsibility over their own affairs and looking out for unnecessary government wasteful spending.
If he wants to transform the economy- he should abandon his from cradle to grave economic strategy. He’s giving out money to people which of course are an immediate stress reliever. But in the long run, it snuffs out the drive in people reducing them to expectant beneficiaries of free lunches.UMNO is creating the slave owner-slave economic relationship.
What does he mean for example by New Economic Model? Once upon a time, I asked him about his NEM- he said it was market driven economic affirmative action. I thought it was unplanned capitalism or that spontaneous voluntary cooperation between economic actors. It wasn’t any of that- it is the same old strategy of selecting close friends as principal business agents. It’s the same Mahathirnomics of choosing and selecting winners who proved in the end, they are all his surrogates and front men.
Spending has taken up a big proportion of our national income. By spending, we mean public spending- i.e. by the government. The government spends by creating debt instruments- borrowing from banks and issuing government bods. Public spending has reached almost 50% of our national income and yet government leaders dismiss the ominous warnings. That shows they are poor economic managers.
For all his talk especially about the new economic model, Najib hasn’t moved away from the cradle to grave economic strategies. He is doing what Roosevelt did with his New Deal.
Here Najib is always doing a new deal. The deal is in the money! Spend baby spend is his mantra.


ajib,  22 September 2012 at 00:18  

you wrote "...his government’s inability to curb spending." you're wrong, "his" government did well on curbing spending : by siphoning all the government's fund into his wife's birkin bag, hence there's no money to spend. problem solved. hahahahaa

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 01:12  


Tweet Koo Ham itu berbunyi: Khairy mahu umat Islam memprotes Sam Bacile. Ia untuk Islam atau keuntungan politiknya? Adakah umat Islam membuang begitu banyak masa dan tenaga untuk ini?


bruno,  22 September 2012 at 02:09  

Dato,first of all what is the difference between having a hudud law and not having a hudud law.Malaysians muslims or non muslims should not be afraid of the hudud law,even if hudud law is to be implemented if PR were to come into power.For people who have no intentions of breaking the law,whether it is statutory rape,robbery down to khalwat,who cares about hudud or no hudud.

Just like trafficking dadah,kidnapping and murder where the sentence could be death by hanging,you do it at your own peril.One knows the law,break it and get punished like a man,and do not blamed Umno/GOM for implementing the laws.

But one thing we all cannot understand is with the GE just around the corner,and it could be held anytime from next month onwards.Why is the DAP and PAS always squabling about hudud.Do they not have better things to do than to provide ammo for Umno and CSL and Jr to harp about.Or maybe it is a strategy to distract Umno and Chuah father and son.Like leading them running around in circles.

Najib's and Umno/BN's economic strategies are to sweet talk and fear mongering which do not work.Scare the people who depends on the tongkat,clutches and wheelchair dependents and throw hundreds of single digit ringgit bills at them and they will have the feel good non lasting effects.Maybe for a few days till the money is gone.

What Umnoputras and their lapdogs do not understand,is that the people want jobs,self respect and dignity,not handouts of leftover crumbs thrown at them in public,humilating them in the process.The economy is in such dire straits because all the money put aside and meant for development,has been stolen by Umnoputras and cronies and shipped overseas in containers.

ordinary malaysian 22 September 2012 at 02:33  

Now, if only Najib could give more Rm10 million I will surely vote for him! This kind of economics is good for me personally. But for the nation as a whole, it is sure way to instant bankruptcy. So much for the man whom they say was born with the silver spoon in his mouth, and never had to know what it is to live on an empty stomach or to wonder when the next meal will be.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 07:01  

Pas and Dap are not squabbling It's BN media strategy to print stories of them squabbling Some of these stories are recycled or unnamed people quoted
Most of the time what is said is not true and pas people have denied it but denials are not printed This lagakan pas dap is typical Dr M strategy it worked for him when he was PM frightened non Muslims and liberal malays off from voting Pas and also resultedat one time dap leaving opposition front hence giving BN victory at elections read the stories carefully they are usually frm the star

nick 22 September 2012 at 08:27  

Tunku Aziz talking about islam? Isn't that a stretch even for UMNO? Even Hassan Ali was dismissed by the people and hassan ali WAS from PAS (but born of BTN). Every Malaysian knows that Tunku Aziz to UMNO is like "hantu polong" to a dark art bomoh, a tool used to create fear and discord in the populace where the bomoh (UMNO) can offer his "services" and profit handsomely from something he created and instigated.

So just like a good polong drunk (pun intended) on the Ketuanan Melayu "the end justifies the means" brand of liquor, Tunku Aziz went about all over malaysia spreading falsehood, unchecked factoid, inebriated understanding or I should say misunderstanding of self worth, patriotism and democracy, so that UMNO could pull a rabbit out of a SPR's hat and at the same time charge malaysian some "pengeras" money (that usually amounts to billions in commission, contracts and tenders). All in all its just a day in the life of a polong albeit a polong with "credential" and "title".

But it is sad that for someone who have been a members of an opposition for quite sometime, Tunku Aziz in his twilight years became an enemy of democracy, truth and justice (something that he should be well verse with, being a member of DAP for so long). But then again, human being is fickle and more so a Malay who have big ego but little integrity. Or maybe Tunku Aziz is just like Gollum who were seduced by the ring and became a disfigured creature obsessed with one thing and one thing alone which in this case is his "ego for title, honorific or bestowed" which UMNO claimed will be his if "Gollum would only do their bidding".

One can only postulate which is the true scenario that has befallen Tunku Aziz but it remains a fact that while in the service of DAP, Tunku Aziz was ineffectual and aloof, oblivious to the fate of the common people (with the arrival of Pak AA and Dato Sak, he saw his role as a Malay cornerstone in DAP diminshing). However with only days in the service of UMNO, he became a "champion of the people" and a passionate listener to the grief of the people (a contradiction in motive and in deed for Tunku aziz since UMNO is neither a champion of the people nor a great listener to the need of the people, a role Tunku Aziz should have undertook when he was in DAP since DAP is the party that champions and listen to the people!). Another pitiable politician succumbing to lust and greed. On the other hand, better late than never for us to see his true nature.


Cape tiger

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 09:15  

".....we can talk all night long about Tunku Aziz’s Islamic credentials over some bottles of Johnny Walker." Sak

I like that one.

I am sure many more UMNO leaders and heads of religion who live in glass palaces will join in with more bottles of Martell XO and Remy Martin XO while screaming about defending the sanctity of Islam and burning US flags over the anti-Islam video clip.
And JAKIM will hide in their holes and pretend to see no evil.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 09:15  

KJ now invited PAS to leave PR-- its in the MSM-- KJ why so GENEROUS now n scared of PR __its because there is a strong likelihood your coalition may be the next opposition<< is change is good lah.. no more all the perks n big fat cows ..can these guys survived then??

loveMyKris,  22 September 2012 at 10:09  

Yeah lets not be mean. Cheers to Tunku Abdul Aziz. Down the hatch, mate!

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 10:21  


The UMNO Fatties are now training their sidewinders on PERSONAL Basis against all Opposition Bloggers after failing to find any reasonable cause to bring up in support of the Dark Emperor Najib!!!

Well that is generally what happens just before empires collapses...Assasins are sent out to eliminate anyone or anything that is a threat to the emperor!!!

Hang in there and ignore these morons!

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 11:06  

Najib is a rookie at being a PM, he has still a LOT to learn and he doesnt have the time to do it ...

The only guiding priciple this rookie has is what his wife has to say before he goes to the office ....

You cannot see anything significant contribution from his previous political career, his mean to and end, is make money to spend, examples are in the purchases the ARM FORCES has made ... make money for me and UMNO, nothing significant for the nation ....

Looka at his days being the Chief Minister in Pahang - nothing there to really show that he has done anything

UMNO made a major blunder by appointing him as the President and aslo the Prime Minister, he does have any ideas of his own, its either borrowed some cronies who are out to make money (example the IPO FGV)or some consultant who is out make a fast buck (give him all the acronym to make him look good) ...

So the guy should be given his show cause letter for INSIGNIFICANT contribution to the NATION, look at his family life, he cant even manage his wife, his daughter and future sone in law,

The guy is a born loser good to be there just make Rosmah look of equal size ...

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 11:51  

Will the real PM of Malaysia please stand up ! We have a hopeless and ineffective PM in office currently.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 12:22  

" Khairy mahu umat Islam memprotes Sam Bacile. Ia untuk Islam atau keuntungan politiknya? "

The answer is POLITICAL ADVANTAGE at all cost. He is a politician and only know about playing politics to keep him busy.

This is nothing new....for decades, religion had been used by politicians to build their political career and ambitions, the difference is to what extreme and its damaging implications on the wider society.

Some Muslims are extremely loyal and protective of other countries' NON citizen Muslims than their own non Muslims citizens in the country.

Red Alfa 22 September 2012 at 12:47  

@01:12 say yes to PAS and NO to UMNO

"And if we want to be mean about it, we can talk all night long about UMNO’s Islamic credentials on how to be filthy rich by every and all haram means"

nick 22 September 2012 at 13:07  

1 of 2,


On the issue of Hudud law and PR, it is only natural for UMNO to confuse the masses over the real important matter pertaining to our law which is the character and quality of people who govern, implement and enforce our law and NOT the type of law that we embrace or believe in. It is only logical that any law be it divine or man made (hudud or the english common) is only as good as the people who govern it, implement it and of course enforce it. It is a fact that a good law governed and enforced by bad men will be an unjust and inhumane law. No good things will come forth from bad and evil men, EVER!

Let's look at the realities that face us here in Malaysia with regards to the criminal law. Take for example the law that govern thievery in every manner. How many thieves can we recalled to mind have had their hands chopped off for stealing under hudud. None since it's not in existence yet but how many petty thieves are now incarcerated for an unjustly long period for stealing a toothpaste, a bar of soap or a box of underwear when under the same law some powerful people, politician, businessmen were given light sentences for embezzlement, corruption, abuse of power that cost us the tax payers millions (cases of it is too numerous to list it here,) under the "better than hudud" english law ? How many adulterers, statutory rapist and pedophiles were beheaded under Hudud? None that I recalled but how many of those statutory rapist and child molesters, pedophiles get off scot-free from prosecution (hiding behind their position, money, VIP status and connections) under the Malaysian judiciary now? Again too numerous to list! And how many did blasphemers and seditionist were executed under hudud? None but how many did the BN government jailed and tortured and sentenced without trial under the ISA and the newly passed succeeding act? We even have a specialized detention area for them which is kamunting, from which the American based their Guantanamo facility.

Yeah, lets us get into a heated argument about a law that has never been tested or implemented and forget about those unscrupulous and despotic men who govern and enforce the now corrupted law. We Malaysian cannot see the trees for the forest! Why are we buying into UMNO's lies and factoids about Hudud supposedly inhumane law. Why are we buying wholesale BN scaremongering about Hudud and PR even before we have seen Hudud implementation structures, caveats and addendums? Why are we believing UMNO and BN who have been lying to us on all matters and on every occasions? Why are we judging hudud even before it is brought forward to scrutiny and minute inspection? That is unwise and totally dishonest since it's like wholeheartedly believing UMNO falsehood about PR being a bad government even before giving PR the chance to prove themselves with a stint at Putrajaya!

We as a democratic people cannot condemn anyone or anything solely on their supposedly "bad reputation and bad behavior" given to them by their detractors. Everyone is entitled to be given a chance to prove their worth and that's why we have election (not erection) every 5 years. It's is the time for us to judge and if required, to power to change (if need be)! The power to judge and effect change is in our hands and not the government. And that is what PR is crusading for. They are trying to put in place a system which will prevent those bad, evil and scrupulous men from ever using religion, race and hatred to corral the people, to control the people and hijacked the power that resides with the people.



nick 22 September 2012 at 13:08  

Continued ..2/2

PR is not trying to hide their disagreement about hudud but what they are trying to do for now (by sidelining the Hudud issue) is to change the system that has created the condition and socio politics that has enable bad men, unjust men, unscrupulous men to assume power over the people and corrupted our law and its machinery. PR is trying to return the country and its democratic system to where it was supposed to be where the government is filled by those who are worthy, just, brave and above all patriots! We have now laws that are both castrated and "caste"rated. Our laws now in the hands of UMNO and BN is ball less in dealing with the crimes of UMNO and BN (castrated). And at the same time our laws under UMNO's rule is caste based where UMNO's elite, their cronies, families and friends (the ruling caste) are immune to prosecution BUT we, the ordinary folks, the decent, honest citizen are subjected to the full force of the government corrupted laws with mercy and without leniency (the slave caste of Malaysia)!

Are we still going to argue about Hudud till Shahrizat's cows are all accounted for or are we going to do something about bringing down this corrupt ruling caste government? You decide and remember that the future of our children is at stake here! Remain a slave or a free and dignified citizen of Malaysia? For me I have long decided and it was decades ago!


cape tiger.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 14:53  

Dear Dato, Najib has upgraded his 'You help me, I help you" strategy to "I help you first and you help me later". He has to do this as BN, under his leadership has zero achievement and a long list of corruption and stains of Bersih and Perkasa to show. This is why he is "giving" out "our" money like crazy. To him, this is not political corruption but "political correction"

dua sen,  22 September 2012 at 15:12  


Congrats and thank you for giving 8 million readers an opportunity to read alternative views vs BN controlled msm news !

Good education is the only way out of the mess that we are in. On that note, I would appreciate it if you could give your thoughts on the draft education blue print.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 16:07  

awak ni penjilat pantat kit siang. memalukan bangsa sendiri.

average joe 22 September 2012 at 16:36  

we can talk all night long about Tunku Aziz’s Islamic credentials over some bottles of Johnny Walker

kohkohkohkoh! he's just an old decrepit has-been on the brink of senility just like mamakhatheer, leave him some space alone for ease of breathing, dont be so mean, man!

on another note, najibonomics now 'appears' to be spend spend spend ie. give give give. give 5k or 15k to felda folks. give half month's pay to civil servants. give 200 to students. give out 500 under brim.

but how about taibonomics? this guy is said to have actually done the complete opposite, take take take, all done in silence! if it's true as splashed by the bruno manser fund, wow! the clan has 10 billion ringgit more than the so-called richest malaysian! 10 billion ringgit, not million, more! easily buys out pangkor island, redang, sunway pyramid etc by only using up that extra portion and not touching the rest, and yet still be the joint winner as the richest malaysians! if the whopping stats are true, it must have been 20+years of using power to suck in all the riches inside the soil of the state - and that would have been a huge huge huge letdown for a leader purportedly a malaysian, a malay/bumiputera and a moslem!

as a comparison, let's read this article regarding a state whose leaders are definitely not malaysians, not malays and not moslems:

Russia has just declassified news that will shake world gem markets to their core: the discovery of a vast new diamond field containing "trillions of carats," enough to supply global markets for another 3,000 years.
The Soviets discovered the bonanza back in the 1970s beneath a 35-million-year-old, 62-mile diameter asteroid crater in eastern Siberia known as Popigai Astroblem.
They decided to keep it secret, and not to exploit it, apparently because the USSR's huge diamond operations at Mirny, in Yakutia, were already producing immense profits in what was then a tightly controlled world market.

40 years, man! not 20 odd years, ok?! and these kafir harbi of communists did NOT at any time exploit the riches throughout those longgg years! segan laaa.....

-average joe-

walla 22 September 2012 at 16:55  

"Mengikut Dr Mahathir, kalau UMNO/BN kalah, maka kemakmuran negara akan tergugat.

Bagaimanakah penyingkiran kerajaan yang korap dan incompetent boleh menerukkan kemakmuran negara?

Kalau kerajaan UMNO diganti dengan kerajaan yang lebih cekap, kemakmuran negara akan jadi lebih baik.

Tidakkah orang Melayu tidak mahukan tiadanya rasuah?"

(Sakmongkol AK47, New Government Of Malaysia, 2013)

And that is the heart of the matter.

In saying Umno has delivered and people should not change to Pakatan, Najib is just going through the motions of making a last ditch desperate puff of his foghorn to blow smog into the eyes of the rakyat.

What has Umno delivered that any government with its hands on treasury funds cannot? You give Slovakia the money and it will outperform us all the way. One NEAC member had noted that as much.

It is what Umno has not delivered that bears careful measure. It has not delivered the money its politicians have stolen from the rakyat.

The rakyat are no longer blind to the fact that those hands on the funds have crooked fingers.

In the last thirty years since Mahathir officially covered up corruption under his self-woven carpet sold as the NEP, Umno politicians have been busy digging holes into the treasury to siphon the rakyats' money for their cronies, lackeys and hypocrites while portraying themselves as champions of the race and saints of the religion.

They have used Perkasa and Utusan to fan the race and religion cards and used the AG's office and enforcement agencies to perverse the justice they are supposed to uphold.

That is why today a poor Malay man on a rm2,200 charge gets three years jail on top of a hefty fine of RM40,000 which all know he cannot pay while nothing has been done to catch all the big fishes in Umno which are still wheeling-and-dealing the next mega-million contract while swimming cozily in their private ponds.

The prisons are packed with the poor writing off their lives, the ponds are packed with the rich jostling for the next bite of the pie, and kamunting is packed with those who have tried to show not only the disparity in incomes but also in justice.

And Najib says janji ditepati. But the rakyat and the royalty are no fools.

If they are fools, they would not have jumped on the extraordinary case of the PM of a country interfering in the award of an MRT contract whose cost is now blowing up to RM100 Billion so that when it is ready, people will be asking how come the road jams are still huge only to discover that the routes were not selected to solve those problems but that's because the land plays were elsewhere.

And again if they are fools, there wouldn't have been a royal question on the unit price of those military vehicles, a question the minister could have answered on the spot if the price had been above board. He didn't and so it wasn't.

walla 22 September 2012 at 16:56  


And yet again if they are fools, they would not have questioned why Umno's government had issued IPP licenses at subpar rates favoring its cronies but is now buying back the expiring power plants at vastly inflated prices, in short committing two crimes, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Isn't it so like using the rakyats' money to buy a twenty-year proton at the showroom price of a brand-new cayenne so that promises kept are not to the rakyat but to the cronies acting as funders for the politicians concerned?

And one more time if they are fools, they would not be asking now how is it an NGO half way round the world can flesh out the holdings of a CM that exposes his abuse of state office to accumulate so much wealth he can be deemed the richest man in the country and one of the richest in BOTH Forbes and Fortune?

Looking at our falling international rankings from competitiveness to education, will the rakyat of Malaysia in learning that now have a new cause for some celebration of Malaysia Bolih and therefore must reward the AG and MACC for their spritely silence and non-performance?

Yes, if the rakyat are fools, they will not be wondering anymore why they are still listening to all the jingoistic crap from Umno. Najib must have known that which explains the next thing...

It used to be a jejune move for past and present PMs to play word tricks when they will hold a general election. Notice any lately? Instead, there's a nihilistic rumble in Umno's own bronx. It is a rumble of infights between the triads of Umno's lanun's. That is why only when Najib was not around that Muhyiddin could threaten those who sabotage Umno with expulsion after GE13 as if timing it to say he's the one who is calling all shots these days.

If that be the case, let those who are rankled with such a display of dictatorship show him and his ilk that they too have testicular fortitude.

He being a small man only calculative of his own chances, it goes to logic his ilk must be that xenomorph of Kerala, infecting vector of our Malay minds, national defector from truth and justice, power-crazed purveyor of corruption and chauvinism, and coldblooded user of men.

Unless they are the only fools left in the country, the ketua-ketua bahagian dan kampung in Umno should tear off the chains that yoke their necks for the last and final time. It has just been nothing but political blackmail using Umno's carrot-and-stick that has corrupted their souls and cheapened their spirit. But they have already known that all along despite the affected outplays of hyenas hawing in the general assemblies.

Next, the rakyat understand Spiderman is out of web. He has used up all of his to catch some small-time villains but the big overfed obese ones remain on the loose. Replenishment of webbing is therefore needed. The rakyat should advise him to visit the NEAC operation room. There's plenty of web there. Because the NEAC has lately been eerily quiet. It had, as with EVERYTHING else started by Umno, ended its last round with some bang.

Maybe those members at that time naive enough to think they had latched onto a new visi, misi dan lain-lain have finally fallen to earth, for the critical issues identified remain unresolved and by the looks of how the new education blueprint is yet again another rebranding exercise in new lamps for old, probably unsolvable.

walla 22 September 2012 at 16:56  


The real grass-root economic challenges remain. Eighty percent of the workforce have only general high school certificates of falling standards and diminishing commercial value; twenty five percent of local graduates are unemployable even six months later, forty percent of households earn only two-thirds of the international low-income threshold, and by 2014, the country is expected to become a net oil importer while the government still depends on that commodity for half its revenue. Meanwhile twenty percent of public expenditures are routinely spent on subsidies not because treasury can afford but because the rakyat cannot afford anything on their own because their salaries have not grown as fast as costs and inflation and that is because their skills and the market have not made real all-steps forward progress. Meanwhile the brain drain continues unabated which would explain the trickling returns.

And Najib continues with his economic transformations, just land-plays in powerpoint. You can feel it is so in your bones after asking yourself why must the Tun Razak Exchange be built on sloping land that will cost RM1 Billion to ex-fill? It is incongruous to believe that the word 'why' is unutterable in the minds of our Umno Malay members. If the other eighty four percent of our Malays can ask and answer, why not this sixteen percent grouping? Do our Umno Malay members want to be like their Felda farmer cousins now grating their teeth at the outright rip-off of their heritage? Do they also realize what has happened to all those state government, EPF and agency funds plowed into FGVH to try and shore up its price in a falling market? The rakyats' money is now locked in for low returns which could have been invested elsewhere for better harvests.

It is time for all sane Malaysians to call it quits with Umno and its cohorts. The stability that Umno talks about is the stability of free income sources for its jesters, lackeys and cronies. It is not the stability of a better Malaysia. That they have consigned long ago to the dustbin of pipe dreams. It is time to wake up to the damage that has been done to your lives so that you can be convincing witnesses for the jury comprised of your young for they will be bequeathed the result of what you have not done for them.

Our Malays are no different from any other human beings on this planet. If some are still insecure, it is because Umno has sold them its sidewinding sales talk to make them dependent on Mahathir's expired 4R drug. The sense of insecurity is a room with no windows in which its occupants are only hemmed in by fear on one wall and denial on the other. Trained properly to be more relevant to the world, our Malays can hold court with no lesser aplomb than any other.

walla 22 September 2012 at 16:57  


Recently a class conducted in english opened in one private university. Most in the class were non-Malays. When the lecturer popped a difficult question, it was only the young Malay youth sitting at the back, unassuming to the point of self-effacing, who could answer the question correctly. The lesson was on statistics. It's all a matter of technique and motivation but both can come about when one is weaned off the need for thugs and butts.

The Malay mindset that has been incubated by Umno all these years do not have any coherent or moral exponent in its equation on reality. People had said our Malays don't care. That notion has passed. The Malay community must continue the march to clean this country up so that all can help to regrow in real terms what has all along been the true potential of Malaysia. After all, if a small resource-less potato of a city-state can become the world's richest nation, how else can it otherwise be its parent can't? Instead we are now under Umno reduced to protecting a rare earth plant on our soil whose radioactive waste no other country will accept. Touche!

You know a good government has some unimpeachable features. First it realizes it is only a caretaker acting on behalf of the citizens of the land who have trusted it with their money and the land's assets on which they work for the future of their generations. Second, it will therefore be prudent in spending and intolerant of even the smallest infraction of integrity, wiping out corruption from top to root. Third, it will run its machinery with maximum efficiency and productivity, minimizing waste and cost, maximizing quality and value. Fourth, it will foster and intone such true quality of progressiveness that society will mature in the light of rationality and knowledge, and not the darkness of ignorance and parochialism. Fifth, it will safeguard both citizens and nation and such freedom and privileges of their being citizens inasmuch of the world as of the nation. Sixth, it will never believe it has the last word on anything that disagrees with its own stand, to wit the value of the portraits of its leaders. Seventh, it will be fair to all, upright and honorable in discharge of its duties, and proactive in supporting such dissent as would help the peoples achieve their fullest consciousness of concern for society and nation.

Now, remove those frigging handcuffs and give her a bouquet for bravely standing by her convictions enough to walk all the way across four states to face up to the primitive charges of self-syioking bullies.

Thanks, Sakmongkol.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 17:36  

On Yang Mulia Tunku he was overcome by success. And as all of us know, success is realtive and when you have more succcess you have more realtives, including families, that you have to feed.

OneMalaysian,  22 September 2012 at 18:17  

Dear Sakmongkol

The MCA has become a one-trick pony. All it ever talks about nowadays is hudud. They have run out of creative ideas. They cannot put before Chinese Malaysians a better vision for the future. That is because the MCA has in reality become a wallflower in the ruling BN. UMNO has all the say. Najib or Muhyiddin makes statements or policies without reference to them. Najib goes over the head of the MCA to ask for Chinese support. Why, I even got a nice postcard from Ah Jib Kor the other day soliciting for my vote for BN. Unfortunately I won’t be voting in Pekan, so this little postcard is useless.

It is about time the MCA realizes that it has lost the trust and mandate of the Chinese. No political party can hope to win based on instilling fear rather than providing an uplifting vision of the future. I wonder if they still have political strategists in the party? Or have the good men all joined the DAP?

Most Chinese realize that by the operation of simple arithmetic hudud cannot be implemented because there won’t be enough Muslim MPs in Parliament to vote for a change of the Constitution. And not every Muslim MP wants hudud. So I hope the MCA will stop flogging this dead horse.

When we think a little we will realize the MCA has really no options left. Can they criticize corruption and cronyism? That would upset big brother UMNO. Can they talk about clean and fair elections? Can they talk about police brutality? Freedom of assembly as promised under the Constitution - the same freedom that UMNO and PAS Muslims have just got on Friday to protest outside the US Embassy with police facilitation, but denied to Malaysians when they want to march in support of free and fair elections? Can they talk about the liberalisation of the economy? Or about how we can really help the 40% of Malaysians get out of the poverty trap? On all these substantive issues they have nothing to say. When they want to talk about Talam in a fake debate, they look so dumb. So they fall back on this hudud thing. What a pity that they haven’t checked their sell-by date.

OneMalaysian,  22 September 2012 at 18:29  

Dear Sakmongkol

“PR is not trying to hide their disagreement about hudud but what they are trying to do for now (by sidelining the Hudud issue) is to change the system that has created the condition and socio politics that has enable bad men, unjust men, unscrupulous men to assume power over the people and corrupted our law and its machinery. PR is trying to return the country and its democratic system to where it was supposed to be where the government is filled by those who are worthy, just, brave and above all patriots!” Nick, 22 Sept 13.08

That was well said. GE13 is not a referendum on hudud. It is about what Nick says, that is, returning the country and its democratic system to where it was supposed to be, run by good, just and able men.

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 23:07  

I can bet my last dime on Tunku Aziz that this low-life creature is a sleeper planted by BN within the ranks of DAP. This is a shameless and dishonorable man talking c--k ,and selling his soul to the Mahathir's devil.

As for the Malays who are well aware that UMNO is a corrupt party swarmed with thieves, robbers, cheats and conmen covering and diverting their acts by using racist attacks on PR, and yet the Malays choose to vote them in again, then , what else can we say?

Anonymous,  22 September 2012 at 23:22  

Salam saudara.

Bahasa minta jaga sikit. Kalau kita guna bahasa kesat macam yang saudara guna pakai, lebih memalukan pada bangsa sendiri. Orang Melayu sepatutnya kaya dengan budi bahasa. Saya harap saudara faham. Jangan taksub sangat dengan UMNO saudara tu.

bruno,  23 September 2012 at 07:19  

My call for GE to be before Oct 15,2012 still stands.Let's wait and see if I am right.Even if I am wrong it will be off by one or two weeks,latest by end of October.Any date later than that will be political suicide by Najib and Umno/BN.After the US presidential elections many problems will arise,and the world will go upside down.GE after November 4th and Umno/BN will be lucky if they can get one thirds of total seats.

bruno,  23 September 2012 at 07:22  

Many problems arise means stock market crash,return of pigg's nations financial crisis and tensions in the Middle East.Any of these and Umno/BN is kaput.

Anonymous,  23 September 2012 at 08:35  


This Zahid Hamidi is a Brainless Zombie or What?!

He says Suaram Should be as Transparent as Najib's Government!!!

Need we say more About him?!!

Anonymous,  23 September 2012 at 14:08  


On political management.


Red Alfa 23 September 2012 at 17:25  

Anon 16:07

Begitu banyak yang dikatakan disini, kamulah yang sumbang baik dari yang dikatakan tiada manfaatnya juga dengan paling kurang ajarnya.

Sememangnya kamu adalah UMNO totok!

Anonymous,  23 September 2012 at 17:25  

"MCA has really no options left".

Like other smaller component parties in BN, MCA left the politics to UMNO and grossly neglected their members/supporters.

They depend on UMNO for political no one could save them.

bruno,  24 September 2012 at 07:35  

Dato,Tunku Aziz should have retired from politics after he quit the DAP.He would still have maintained his credibility and self respect,instead of wanting to have an axe to grind.Instead of going to babysit the grandchildren or great grandchildren,he has sunk to a low level operative of Umno.

Now he and some DAP rejects have gone on to holding ceramahs to discredit the DAP.Tunku Aziz earned his reputation internationally and nationally of being a corruption fighter.Now he has sunk so low as to be under the employment of the biggest corrupted political party,Umno.

His lifetime's career,self respect and reputation all gone down the sewage within a year of him leaving the DAP.All because maybe he was promised another term as senator and minister if Umno/BN were to retained federal power.What a blurdy shame for a man whom many Malaysians,myself included have always respected.

bruno,  24 September 2012 at 11:53  

Dato,in early Asian trading soybean futures again gapped down 30cts.No surprise CPO trading at RM2,400 down RM190.At this rate the prices are falling the Felda settlers will be storming Putrajaya soon.

Farouk,  24 September 2012 at 14:14  

Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul , Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2 McCain: 2.1
Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.
Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare..."
Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the
"complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.
If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal's — and they vote — then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.
Sounds very familiar in our country Malaysia ... doesn't it?

credit to

Kutunomics,  24 September 2012 at 18:19  

[...]What does he mean for example by New Economic Model? [...]
"Pendek kata itu transformasi! Pendek kata itu super dimensi." Siapa pendek aku tak tahu. Akal tak panjang!

[...]Sometimes I think UMNO religious luminaries are not that bright.[...]
Sure! Especially those crazy religious bigots. They didn't find virgins in Virgin Islands! Two might get caught by the Swiss Official Examiner.

[...]Spending has taken up a big proportion of our national income.[...]
Well, in general terms, there is wisdom in spending even. Simplest to my mind is to spend for a rainy day.

As it is now, tsunami is brewing. A small one started with the scuttle of the kunci kira-kira, Auditors Report!

As for the great Visionist of 2020, it looks like he's stuck in the Jalan Tun Razak Tunnel! Boros kata Soros!

Anonymous,  25 September 2012 at 10:12  

Tunku Aziz joined DAP proudly announcing that it was DAP's consistent battle against corruption that attracted him. That of course is no more, but getting distracted is not unusual for anyone younger not someone in his 70s.

The battle in Malaysia is still about rampant corruption, pilferage and looting no matter what Tunku feels about DAP.

He should have joined PAS.

Anonymous,  25 September 2012 at 12:09  

Salam Dato'

Off topic a bit.

There is an invader from BN by using Tumnku Aziz to badmouth DAP.

What is your opinion where the DAP's leader had been attacked by the so called " Ular berlidah Dua"

How you intend to defend the Party from getting the poison?

Hope you can enlighten the reader here with regard to your Enemy that trying to detroy your party?

Anonymous,  25 September 2012 at 20:35  

'Spend baby spend is his mantra':

All this has been happening for such a long time that MNO has forgotten that it is honour-bound to deliver the maximum to the greatest number of people possible in this country. Because honour is foreign to UMNO now, Najib wages the financial variant of the military's 'scorched earth' policy specifically to deny victors an easy passage to national rehabilitation; this is almost tacit admission that a defeat is highly probable.

What happens if BN remains in Putrajaya with a much reduced majority? I dread to think how UMNO will bring in even more grandiose mega projects to create the illusion of a dynamic nation ready to rub shoulders with Japan, Europe and North America.

PR or BN, Malaysians had better brace themselves to pay more for the next ten years, thieves or no thieves around.

Anonymous,  26 September 2012 at 09:07  

Dato, I've been reading the latest polls on the dip in Najib's popularity and the rise of Pakatan correspondingly. Going back to your recent analysis of Pakatan chances in various states, you have been right on in your analysis. Of course the mainstream papers have been dishing out their propaganda that the BN might perform better in the coming election.

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