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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday 17 September 2012

UMNO and the Malay Mental Serfdom

We know things are the opposite when our Dear Leader Kim Il Najib spoke about Malay survival being linked to UMNO. What else can he say? The easiest way to rebut this simplistic assertion is to point out to him that 1 in 6 Malays is an UMNO member. So when one UMNO Malay is out of the loop, there are 5 more other Malays left to survive. So, it’s not true that if UMNO is out, Malays are also finished off. Only that lone UMNO is out of the equation. So we ignore his shrieking and false assertion.

I am most baffled when he says or suggests that UMNO has an ideology. Since when does UMNO has an ideology consisting of beliefs and basic driving force? What ideology? Since the time when I was still in UMNO until now, we have been taught that UMNO hasn’t got an ideology. It has always claimed it’s pragmatic although the word actually means anything goes. No sir, UMNO hasn’t got any ideology.  

Everyone sees a position in UMNO as a means to make more money. That is why Najib has so much difficulty in weaning off incumbents from their current seats. Unless of course he pays them off and that is what he is doing. He’s giving so many people golden handshakes. 

When he says DAP will dominate, he must be off his rockers. But then he is talking to a pliant and nodding crowd whose minds are conditioned by TV3 and Utusex Malaysia. The argument that DAP will dominate is incredible as well as devious. 

He was speaking at the Mesyuarat Perwakilan UMNO Bahagian- the local Perhimpunan Agung. It was the same when he spoke to the rented crowd at stadium Bukit Jalil a few months ago. But when he retires to the sleeping quarters, he can’t sleep because he’s getting nightmares. He’s thinking, can UMNO even reach the 100 seat mark? 

Well, I know more about him that the average reader. 

We have explained why DAP will become a formidable party because of the disciplined and quality leadership and clarity of its cause. Seat wise, DAP cant form a government without PAS and PKR because it’s contesting not more that 52 seats or even less. Unless of course the Malays in PKR and PAS are of the same mediocre standard as UMNO leaders, then only, Malays are disadvantaged. Malay survival is at risk if they continue the corrupt and self-interested UMNO. 

Even Kit Siang and Guan Eng acknowledged the political reality of this country. The majority of the population is Malay and to suggest that anyone other than a Malay can be PM and TPM at this juncture of our history, is devilishly disingenuous. Bu then, UMNO is the devil we know. 

The reason why DAP is assailed is because the party has become the party of choice by the majority of the Chinese, Indians and to small extent, Malays. Malays now prefer PKR and PAS. 

When he asked the pliant crowd are you ready for elections- they will answer yes of course. We have been waiting for the money! Where the mo? 

Do Malays depend on UMNO? That is what UMNO wants us to believe and that it’s why it’s only strategy is to keep Malays on economic leash by giving handouts and free things. It’s also Najib’s only strategy. Talking about ETP and NKRA, KPI must exert some tremendous mental stain on him. Poor fellow. 

That only thing they have withheld from Malays- effective economic freedom free from regulations, licenses that favor the rich, quotas that are robbed by the rich and powerful etc. 

That is absolute lie. Malays do not depend on UMNO for their survival. Malays have got a choice if they want to maintain that emotional security- support PAS or PKR. Do we see Malays suffer in Selangor, Kelantan, Penang and Kedah where UMNO is not in power? No? Then Malays do not depend on UMNO for their survival. They prosper under good governance, sincere and dedicated administrations. 

When UMNO leaders proclaim that our security is at risk that reflects more of their incompetence. The Home Minister shows his complete incompetence by allowing vigilantes to roam the street and create havoc. Hishamudin should resign from his post as Home Minister if he’s not bright enough. 

When Ali Rustam says there will be disaster if Pakatan takes over, he is lying because it’s even more disastrous if UMNO/BN is retained. When Ali says PR people are interested only to enrich themselves instead of caring for the welfare of the people, he is describing precisely what UMNO leaders do at the moment. In the Felda FGV listing for example, between Mustapha Mohamad and Mukhriz, they gave themselves 100 million units. Who enriched themselves over people? Answer: UMNO people. 2 UMNO ministers get 100 million, 112,000 felda settlers get 91 million.  So Felda settlers! Please give UMNO 3 votes only. 

You see UMNO people (there is no need now to talk about MCA or MIC because they are irrelevant) have no answers to the issues raised; they fall back on one last minute weapon. Appeal to the emotions.  Stir up the fears. Stoke racial sentiments and prejudices. 

Because they are half past six leaders and are cerebrally challenged, they can’t reason out. Reasoning demands some mental rigor and this UMNO people don’t have. That is why their answers are the same old same old. Malays are finished, Malay rulers are finished, Islam is endangered and so forth. 

Just ask yourselves- why is UMNO going all out making appeals to the emotions and not to reason? Why is UMNO unashamedly telling the people that social evils arise from the activities of evil men( Anwar Ibrahim, Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Haji Hadi, Nik Aziz, Azmin Ali, that rascal Rafizi) and that if only good men( such as those in UMNO naturally) wielded power all would be well. Only if good men like in UMNO wield power, we can take care of Malays, religion and our kings. 

Our response is this: Such views require only emotion and self-praise which are what UMNO leaders are doing now. 

And people are easily moved by appeals to the emotions- love, hate, feeling scared and so on. Moreover, to reason out that the opposition which wields no power yet are also capable of doing better all the things UMNO does, requires analysis and thought subordinating the emotions to the rational faculty. And we know UMNO and its leaders and supporters are not capable of being rational. That is why even the semi-retired Great Helmsman Mahathir Mohamad has gone on record asking UMNO to be rational precisely because they are NOT and incapable of being so. 

So UMNO advances arguments which are simple but false which appeal to the emotions. To realize that Pakatan Rakyat can do better what UMNO has been doing would require sophisticated thinking. And because the emotional faculties are more developed than the rational, UMNO seeks out emotional redemption as its last refuge.


Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 07:48  

I wish I can give you my vote Sak at this juncture, but you are still playing that same old record my dear.With pkr a bunch of lunatic and dap the chauvistic chinese domineered party I wish for a third force spearheaded by you Sak consisting of those malays from the academia who has been shunned by umno except for a few who have been capitalised by their own accord. I still think pr consist of strange bedfellows.Till then my vote is still for the devil hoping they redeem themselves while waiting for you all to straighten your bedsheet...

A concerned voter to be

nick 17 September 2012 at 08:11  


Every Tom, Dick and Harry or in Malaysia we use Ali, Ah Kau and Ramasamy knows that once UMNO lose power, it will die. Period! And realizing this, Najib dan especially Mahathir knows that with UMNO's demise or extinction (which ever you want to use), the same would affect their liberty, wealth and protection from prosecution. So in fact what's at stake is not the fate of the ordinary, simple, non-UMNO Malay but the fate of the "Si Tanggang" privileged families, children and friends (those who are UMNO fan and their leaders). In other words, the fate of the Malays are not in jeopardy at all. It never was and going by the governance of PR in 4 states, it's going to be in better, much better hands.

What najib is doing now is merely a thoughtless reaction or to be exact a reflex action, a spasm of the muscle (not the brain) of a dying beast, in its final breaths. UMNO have lived, breathe and thrived in a racially divided nation. A coconut shell where Ibrahim Ali lives under comfortably or a cocoon in which it is the master of all they survey but it is no longer. The cocoon has been breached and for the first time in decades, with a new light of realization, Malaysian can see it with their own eyes what a despicable animal or monster UMNO truly is. Freed from the cocoon of racial hate and distrust, Malaysian do not fear UMNO and more importantly, UMNO words and warning are no longer listened to or even believed. UMNO is treated for what it is. A beast that devour Malaysian, a monster and an evil one at that!

Who would have thought that this day will come. Not Ali, not Ah Kau and not Ramasamy but it did came by the grace of GOD. Even Mahathir was caught by surprise! Heck, Abdullah was fully asleep when it happe! And Najib? Well, Najib wasn't really living in this country, his body maybe here but his mind is some where else or some might say it has never left the bed sheet. So, it is no surprise that we found Najib turning back to the old, tried and tested formula of "ketuanan Melayu" which until now, Najib never really realize was long ago discredited, just like it creator, Mahathir, the father of Mirzan and by default the Master owner of San Miguel brewery (which by the way totally obliterated Mahathir's claim of defender of Islam and so does UMNO).

So, day by day we see UMNO's ugly and disgusting death throes and muscle spasm. The dying animal is producing loud noises but incoherent all the same. It is pleading and threatening all at the same time. It is promising to reform but adamantly unrepentant of its viciousness and cruelty. It is dying and not with dignity and not gracefully. But then again we are talking about a monster, a beast! So we should expect the beast to lash out, kicking, growling and threstening at everyone and everything BUT never can we expect it to be graceful and repentant. It's a monster after all! Let just put it out of it's misery and turn it into dust (ABU)!


OneMalaysian,  17 September 2012 at 10:12  

Dear Sakmongkol

“So UMNO advances arguments which are simple but false which appeal to the emotions. And because the emotional faculties are more developed than the rational, UMNO seeks out emotional redemption as its last refuge.”

What you say is absolutely true, that people respond more easily with their emotions that with their rational faculties. Being rational requires thinking, and thinking is hard. This observation is well supported in psychology.

But now is the time for the Malays to think. They have supported UMNO for 55 years. Where has this got them? Can they compete with non-Malays on equal terms? Can they compete outside Malaysia? Are their leaders getting much richer than them? And what is their future looking like in this multi-lingual, multi-cultural, borderless world?

These are hard questions, but they must be answered. If they have used a particular brand of soap or medicine for 5 years and it has not been satisfactory they would surely make the rational decision to change to a different brand. So why stick with the same bad political brand after 55 years?

UMNO uses DAP to frighten the Malays and uses PAS to frighten the Chinese. The Chinese have seen through that ruse. Let’s hope the Malays do, too. As you have pointed out the DAP has not got enough seats to form a government on its own; it must work with Malays from PAS and PKR, and these will be Malays elected by Malays to represent them. So there is nothing for the Malays to worry about.

tebing tinggi,  17 September 2012 at 10:41  

If change that we must ,what to change ?,then changing to what is the biggest challenge to be taken.
What is there in the current political market has an offer that the Malay could relied on ,nothing look promising enough .
It's timely for the Malay look beyond their racial color of their skin to lead them and forget all their nationalist feeling for the better of Malaysia.

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 10:46  

So wrote a Looku Thow at 7.48am, 17 Sept. Donggoi of the highest order!

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 11:21  

ha ha -- BN coalition represents the modern day ROBIN HOOD-- rob the poor n feed the super RICH.. even cows are stolen now?? watch out cow owners__ BUY INSURANCE FOR YOUR COWS >??poverty n sufferings n mess n all social problems here are created by these PLUNDERERS n robbers>> the solution is to SACK THEM in GE 13-- just do it--the NIKE WAY-- kik them OUT

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 11:24  

i couldnt believe my eyes when you said 2 UMNO cabinet ministers get 100m felda shares! if this is true, they ought to be hanged upside down. making sinful profits on the pure efforts of the settlers.
Truly, UMNO is beyond redemption. when will the settlers wake up before EPF funds disappear just to support Felda share price to ensure that UMNOputra elites profit handsomely from the share allocation?

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 11:32  

The 1st comment holds a sad truth.But you know what? The guy/gal who sent in the comment actually wants the same people in power because it is going beneficial in one way or another.The suggestion about you or those shunned by the powers to be lead the 3rd force is merely a mode of perception which leads to deception.Thats the art of manipulation that continues to plague this beloved motherland of ours.

Mr Bojangles 17 September 2012 at 11:38  

Tok Pa got 100 mill shares!!
Whew! From a guy who once did not even know where to place decimal points.

Maybe that's why his wife is so determined to be so schoolgirlish and wave the Bolehland flag beside Rosmah at any and every opportunity she can get.

And to think that they are graduates from good universities, of fairly decent family backgrounds, and a (quite) illustrious career in the PTD service.

Where's the pride? Or the shame? Or has greed overridden everything else?

Patrick 17 September 2012 at 11:44  

I remember those days during the onset of the financial crisis that hit our country. Many people and businessmen were worried sick of the falling ringgit and just couldn't see the end of it, and hence the ultimate demise of their business. They lambasted the govt for not doing anything to save Malaysia and the economy. I told them very clearly to wait and be patient as TDM will come up with a solution very soon as TDM and cronies has got the most to lose if the IMF steps in with a lifeline. Its not that Malaysia doesnt need the IMF lifeline, but TDM and gang needs to save their own skins above all else first. And because their business interests in Malaysia is so huge and encompassing, they will utilise the govt machinery to safe themselves, thus saving all Malaysia in the process. TDM didnt want the IMF to dismantle all his own economic plunder with their entry. And the rest is history.

The same MO applies in this GE. TDM is being very vocal simply because of fear of the massive economic plunder that is under his dominion now, that took ages to build to this size. He cant utilise the govt like his own soft toy now as he is not in govt anymore. He is forcefully utilising all available govt machinery and bunny tricks in his hat via proxies and puppets to ensure BN/UMNO wins this time. If TDM's major cronies such as TS Vincent Tan, AK, etc are cashing out quickly from the Malaysian economy, this shows that they already know what is going to happen as they are in the know, being very close to TDM and such.

We expect more crass nonsense and idiotic trash to come out as we near GE13. The gasps of desperation are getting louder by the day with the superb well orchestrated onslaught by the opposition this time around. The fact that MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, etc, etc are EXTREMELY quiet, supports the very idea and notion of impending doom for the ruling coalition. Word is these component parties are packing up and ready to leave. What is left behind are mere empty rhetoric to provide a semblance of noise and public show of support for the govt. Thats why we are getting sloppy second liners like CTY learning how to do verbal diarrhea or Palanievel on mission impossible. Its like watching the dying minutes of a soccer match where the teams will start fielding replacements just for the heck of it, even if they call it 'exposure'.

Whatever Najib and TDM are spewing in the media are mere verbal diarrhea. The illogical stench emanated is overwhelmingly repulsive, to say the least. And if the general malays believe them, then Malaysia will be ASEAN's garbage dump of filth, slavery, corruption and idiots. Interestingly, Indonesia, which was ASEAN's poster child for corruption, slavery and idiots are moving ahead of Malaysia by leaps and bounds now.

The last resort is orchestrated violence on a massive scale to protect their economic interests in the name of malay protection and survival. We hope that you and others in the opposition can maintain your momentum, if not ramp them up now, to deter and overwhelm the putrid excrement hitting the fan already by TDM and Najib. Bear in mind that TDM is the master of the game and Najib is an amoeba's stooge by comparison. It will literally take heaven and earth to pry TDM and his cohorts loose from their stranglehold on the govt...and by the sheer will of the people, we will do just that come GE13...

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 12:16  

Dr. M or should I say UMNO knows that they cannot afford to lose the GE13 Parliamentary elections as they will close shop forever. When this happens,the electoral boundaries will be redrawn and the EC restructured and there is no way UMNO and their eunuch component parties will be able to come back after this. Worse still, their ill-gotten wealth may be confiscated and they may have to spend their rest of their lives in prison. Some of them may even be hanged! The costs of losing GE13 will really be an enormous economic and personal disaster to them and their families. For the sake of Malaysia, may Allah make this happen.

bruno,  17 September 2012 at 12:58  

Dato,first of all any person who can think for himself,will know that Umno is for Umnoputras,their howling lappies MCA,MIC and cronies.Forget about the ordinary rank and file members,who share leftovers.Breadcrumbs pinchers we called them.

Umno/BN is very afraid of the DAP,because DAP is multi racial and a very discliplined party,the other multi racial party being PKR.PAS,everyone knows is an Malay party,the same as Umno.The only difference is that PAS is not corrupted and the MB of Kelantan is staying in a kampong house,while low level Umno's two times froggy Ezam,a running dog is living in a mansion.

Can the three major parties in BN boast of being multi racial.Not even one except the soon to be history Gerakan.That is why the Umno/BN practised the very dangerous racial,religious and rule and divide politics.These are political parties that should be given the big stick.

Yes,Umnoputras,divisional heads,their sidekicks and cronies depend on Umno.They made up the tongkat,crutches and wheelchairs dependents of Umno/BN.The ordinary hard working Malays,no they do not depend on Umno for left over crumbs.Why?Because they and families do not eat leftovers by Umnoputras.

Umno says that if they lose federal power,the country will be in chaos.How can the country be in chaos,when the HM Hishamuddin is already suggesting recruiting biker gangsters such as mat rempits to patrol the streets.Then there will definitely be chaos in the streets.It will than be like the cowboy towns of Medan and Haadyai in the sixties and seventies,when rapists,robbers,kidnappers and murderers roam the streets in broad daylight.

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 13:42  

Majoriti yg lemah pasti akan kalah bila berhadapan dengan minoriti yg kuat. Majoriti yg lemah kerana tidak bersatu dan tiada daya saing pasti akan kalah kepada minoriti yg kukuh bersatu dan tahan daya saing. Seribu langkah di hadapan bermula pada langkah yg pertama, kedua, ketiga dan seterusnya. Apabila pintu gerbang pertama terbuka, pintu gerbang lain akan menyusul utk dibuka. Melihat permukaan laut yg tenang jangan sangka arus di bawahnya juga tenang. Hujah DSN mengenai survival orang atau bangsa melayu perlu di lihat bukan untuk setahun dua atau lima ke sepuluh tahun, atau pada masa kita atau anak masih hidup tetapi termasuk sampai ke cucu dan cicit kita. Bersatu untuk memalukan dan menjatuhkan bangsa sendiri dan memuji serta menyokong bangsa lain bukanlah satu perkara yg irrational dari segi menjunjung idealisma tetapi jika tindakan ini hanya difikir atau diambil oleh bangsa itu saja kerana ingin menunjukkan kononnya ia rational dan seorang idealis tetapi pada masa yg sama bangsa lain yg disokongnya tidak memiliki sifat sedemikian ini hanya akan merugikan bangsa yg ingin menyokong itu sendiri. Kesimpulannya, apa jaminan bangsa yg disokong itu akan sentiasa menjunjung tinggi kesaksamaan, keadilan dan hak bangsa lain? untuk selama-lamanya?

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 14:01  

If u think DAP s chauvinistic what abt UMNO being prejudiced,belittling the othr races in Malaysia,as if Malaysia belongs to them only,even tho'their forefathers were also illegal immigrants either fr Indonesia,India,Bangladesh,Rohinya Burmese,Thailang,Philippines and watnot.Wats d difference?In fact u cn see d ampu bodek Perkasa bosses bootlicking constanly.DAP has done alot for the Malay community too.
U talk abt principles?U remember way back 1990's Guan Eng was jailed 18mths for taking d cudgels when he protested/brought out d Rahim Tamby Chik rape case issue.It was d grandmother of d 15yrs old who approached DAP/Lim for help but in d end it was LIm who was charged under d Printing/Publication Act 1948 and sentenced to 18mths imprisonment.What a shame! Dap/Lim was eventually betrayed by d very person whom he sincerely extended help.Where are the complainants/grandmother of d rape victim?Ur guess is as good as mine.Corruption to d highest level.....

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 14:48  

The problem with UMNO is that they think that malays are UMNO and UMNO is malay. They don't even consider that PAS is malay and PKR also malay majority. Just like they think that malays are muslims and muslims are malays. Nowhere in the constitution did it says that malays must be muslims.
You see the malays did not suffer in any PR states. In fact, they are accorded the same treatment as other races and also got tenders for projects which they won many times. Only the UMNO malays suffered because they are no longer benefits no longer handed to them on a silver platter. But ordinary malays now got a chance.

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 15:59  

Anonymous, 17 September 2012 07:48

I thought it is against your religion to support known Devil????

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 19:39  

The known devil should be supported if only the unknown evil are hiding behind the angel mask to create greater havoc to human.

@,  17 September 2012 at 20:12  

Paging dear Jibby on Lunar 1.

Election bila? Do you copy Lunar 1? Election bila?

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 22:15  

amno cronies dish out crumbs to the poor citizens n kept the the GOLD n silver>> citizens are like beggars lah// how FUNNY in our LAND is there HOPE -- ll dreams are now broken n poverty n suffering abound.. arise n shine east malaysians n expose the dirt n corrupt soon in GE 13

Anonymous,  17 September 2012 at 22:43  

Dear Dato Sak

UMNO and its lackey junior partners are good at one thing --- Freudian projections of all their dark, sinister and twisted inclinations and pathological drives onto others.

The psychiatrists tell us that individuals can be afflicted by narcissism and other serious "personality disorders". Can political parties (and their collective leadership) suffer from the same in Malaysia?
I think so!

Phua Kai Lit

Mark Dean,  17 September 2012 at 23:35  

Baik lagi malaikat yang tidak dikenali. Sekurang kurangnya malaikat dan bukannya iblis. What if only goodness and greatness are hiding behind the angel mask all this while.Think about it.

Quiet Despair,  18 September 2012 at 00:26  

What Najib said is very pertinent. He is voicing the fear of the ordinary Malays and the Muslims.
We are really scared, Pak Sak.
We got some assuarances from him that UMNO's re-election is for the survival of the Malays and the Muslim ummah.
Like he said it is not about winning or losing. It is the future of our race that is at stake.
What will become of us? PAS is not as strong as the DAP. Keadilan will go down the chute.(Not that the Malays look up to Anu-War as protector).
The DAP will emerge the winner.
Everyone believes this GE will be the dirtiest ever, just like in America.
I also fear untoward happenings during the coming campaigns. Let's pray no one is hurt or maimed. God forbid deaths.
I love listening to ceramahs. But I think I will stay in and watch on U-tube and read blogs and MSM.

Anonymous,  18 September 2012 at 01:57  

Dear Sak,

Feed the mind with good idea and factual info. The mind will process and analyse , the change will come and select the best. SAK go and go untill the success reach at the of tunnel, an d the sun wiil shine.

idrisfaizal 18 September 2012 at 05:14  

I think it is appropriate to assume that those who will choose the known devil also subscribes of being a ruler in hell rather then to serve in heaven.By all means,pick your devil and rule alongside him in hell.Pity that Pudu no longer available if not it will be a perfect kingdom for them to help their devil rule.

Taikohtai 18 September 2012 at 07:47  

I can't fathom why there are Malays out there who are afraid of Dato Sak. Okay, most of us would wet our pants if a AK47 is pointed at us and many of us will go weak in the knees if a feared Muay Thai boxer is out to give us a facial.
But I believe Dato Sak is not a combo of these two but just a rakyat mouthing out his opinions. Could it be that he being a member of a certain political party suddenly conjures up a fearsome image of an adversary who totally jeopardises their posterity?

Anonymous,  18 September 2012 at 08:29  

DAP the winner ? Good, at least they are fair esp. to all malays not only the puteras.

Anonymous,  18 September 2012 at 09:26  

You are still at it, the same old despair from a privileged few now so threatened by the new reality of a public unable to accept a new UMNO that has betrayed the same Malays that it is supposed to protect. Over and over again, the lies and not so subtle threats are repeated. Q.D.we are not taken so easily by "I also fear untoward happenings during the coming campaigns. Let's pray no one is hurt or maimed. God forbid deaths." This is UMNO's warning to all Malaysians uttered by an UMNO warrior, not a statement of one with benign intentions.

Is it any wonder then that two years ago, Pak A Samad Said was pushed to the brink to nail the lie that ordinary Malays and Muslims have the most to fear,"Yang terancam bukan orang bawahan Melayu, yang terancam bangsawan Melayu".

No one can pretend that he can wish away all the financial scandals god-fathered by self-serving UMNO leaders by mere threats over cyber space. Not anymore, not when all Malays can read and write, not when Malay women can be corporate leaders, function at every level in every profession, etc.

Q.D. who are you trying to patronise?

average joe 18 September 2012 at 22:04  

idrisfaizal, pudu is still around. only pudu jail is no longer available to house hell dwellers. pudu on the other hand is in the u-bn's process of being redeveloped (of course, that's one prime land right in the heart of the city - and right in the heart and crosshairs of greedy u-bn leaders and cronies!) but for the greedy sinners, there's still pulau jerejak, i believe.

Patrick, i feel the comparison u make with soccer is spot-on. it's time of desperation, and anything goes. but dont forget that u-bn is the self-proclaimed devil. and the devil is never short of trickeries right til the very last second of its long antagonizing final days of living hell.

upon seeing the failure of all their usual nonchalant smooth-sailing kelentong, their last minute attempts at trickeries are, but not limited to, the following:
1.threat - like what qd subtly tried to sneak in for the atas pagar readers, they'd warn gullible public that pr's win would result in chaos and riots. heck, this idiotic argument had already been sent to the rubbish bin the moment pr won the 5 states!
another threat is of course, if pr wins, development will not take place. do i even have to provide counterargument to this baloney??!
and their newest threat is, if pr wins this ge13, they'd hold on to power forever and ever til doomsday. God, talk about garbage! dont all voting malaysians know that the voting process is done every 5yrs or less?? dont malaysians know govts and parties have changed hands numerous times before, although limited to state level?? terengganu for one, was bn at one time, then pas, then back to bn again. so what crap are their brains limited to churning out nowadays?!

2.bribery - this has been too rampant, the list would not fit in this comment box. instant noodle projects like schools upgrading, community clinic launches, road resurfacing, piped water projects (hello, this is already 2012, dont u know of the time??? 2012!!!) etc etc... then of course there's that kain pelikat or sarong and rm50 tradition. and not to forget, the mykad for vote destructive scheme for foreigners!

3.appeal - last but not least, this is the time when we'd see them all teary eyed and forlorn faces, asking, begging rather, that the public vote them back to power, with all sorts of sob stories, trying a pathetic last minute attempt to buy sympathies!

humans are supposed to fend off the devil because, hell, it's the devil! only those who do not mind being associated with the devil's ways would compare themselves to the devil. therefore when the not-so-smart (just like that tunnel they proudly built and named) mamak made that comparison, it should be a dead giveaway that these people should be fend off and chased far far away!

we dont want, and dont want to be associated with, the devil or its armies!


-average joe-
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