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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Why UMNO does what it does

A question was posed to me a week ago, why do UMNO leaders resort to inflammatory rhetoric during elections? Why must a sense of raw and uncompromising Melayuness be invoked every time an election is held?

The answer to me lies possibly in the fact that UMNO leadership is clueless as to what NOW,must be the clarion call to mobilise Malay support. Can it use economics to rally support? No because its economic policies by and large have benefited a small group- the super 30 which has since sold out to become anywhere between the super 19-20. Can it use the esoteric ideas of democracy, rule of law and so forth to win the lumpenproeltariat over? No because, what UMNO has done would contradict those ideals and because these things are of no practical value to the vast majority.

Hence they must go deep to reach the reservoir of Malay support. The only areas they know, which could rekindle that spirit of oneness is to couch their calls in a fighting mode- suggesting that Malay interests are imperilled.

This approach shouldn't be faulted because its aggressive tones are not directed at non Malays. I say this- UMNO does not have to answer to anyone what tools it uses and how it attempts to revive itself. Only UMNO can heal itself. They (the flagrant pronouncements) are directed actually to revive UMNO's internal values. They may offend the sensibilities of liberals but they are staple and comfort food for the majority of UMNO Malays and hopefully they also resonate well with the non UMNO Malays. The very raison detre of UMNO is fighting for Malay interests and that interests must be kept alive. These are the things the majority of Malays can identify with.


sunwayopal 1 September 2009 at 09:26  

I hope UMNO heeds your calls.

Lets see if 60-70 % of the Chinese vote and 50% of the Indian vote solidifies completely behind Pakatan as a result of the racist UMNO actions and calls, how much of the Malay vote can they really garner with this strategy.

Unknown 1 September 2009 at 09:33  


You said,

"The answer to me lies possibly in the fact that UMNO leadership is clueless as to what NOW,must be the clarion call to mobilise Malay support."

Before anything else, UMNO and the Malays needs a GOOD AND RESPECTED LEADER...

Without which nothing else works...

Exposed 1 September 2009 at 10:07  

Malays do not need Umno to fight for them anymore. They merely wants Umno to be more accountable and not still from the poor

Eyes Wide Open 1 September 2009 at 10:36  

"This approach shouldn't be faulted because its aggressive tones are not directed at non Malays. I say this- UMNO does not have to answer to anyone what tools it uses and how it attempts to revive itself."

I can't help but disagree more with this statement of yours!

If UMNO's aggressive tones called for Malays to rise up the fighting spirit WITHIN THEMSELVES to reclaim their inherent cultural strengths and better themselves, that's fine. That's nationalism. That's strength.

But what we hear are UMNO's calls to rise up the fighting spirit AGAINST THEIR FELLOW MALAYSIANS who are blamed for every resentment - caused by real or perceived slights - that is felt by the Malays.

Your statement that UMNO does not need to answer to anyone for the way it tries to revive itself may be true, it does not absolve it from the moral responsibility of any untoward events arising from their rhetoric, although legally they may get away with it.

Dato, don't you think it's extremely odd that Malaysia is one of the very, very few countries in the world where the ruling majority proclaims itself to be the victims of oppression by a minority?

The only other country i can remember owning such a similarly perposterous doctrine is Germany circa 1920's-40's.

Look what happened to the non-Nazis.

nightcaller 1 September 2009 at 11:09  


To me, it is clear that UMNO is falling back to its old and tried salestalk by trying to blend nationalism and religion.

However, in doing so UMNO will be exposed to the question - what has UMNO done for the past 40 years? They have misuse the power and make themselves fat and rich, leaving the masses (including the Malays) behind. So, if UMNO now comes crawling back with the same call - forget it.

On religion, look at UMNO ministers. Tell me truthfully - who amongst them hold religion close at heart and act, based on religous guidance? So, what you see is UMNO who only talks but do not instill religion in their soul (except during Maulud and raya...)

When Najib talks on breaking the barrier, he must do it first. Break his ego-wall and give Kelantan it's dues in oil royalty money. Najib will not do that because he treats Kelantan as a pariah state just because Kelantan has been ruled by PAS for the past 20 years.

That said, UMNO is currently still spiralling down and if not arrested, UMNO and BN will end up as Japan's LDP.

The only way for UMNO to revive its fortune now is to get rid of the old guards and warlords, treat PR states fairly, total shake up of judiciary -police - MACC, return Perak to PR. And even that is only the starting point...

Ree,  1 September 2009 at 11:10  

Dato Sak

Modal UMNO yang sudah basi.

Even my 60++ year old parents (who are NOT "liberal" at all) don’t buy it anymore.

As a Malay, I want to hear discoure that inspires. For example, like this one by YB Nurul Izzah.

Not basi scare tactics.

Anonymous,  1 September 2009 at 12:43  

Well, Some UMNO diehards (read extremist)still cling to their self_denial mode. Even moderates within (mostly silent majority) restrained from speaking out for fear of being labelled as traitors to the party.

Many UMNO members had left the party.

Support is slowing disappearing.

Don't they ever realise that UMNO No longer represent the Malays ?

PAS and Keadilan has also many Malay supporters.

Maybe the non_UMNO Malays outnumbered the UMNO_Malays ? Interesting if stats can be compiled.

Anonymous,  1 September 2009 at 13:25  

Only the Malays can save this nation, in that right thinking and responsible Malays must arise and speak against injustice, untruth and evil.

Do not short change yourselves by continuing to be led by leadless and clueless leaders that are stumbling and tripping over their very own ineptness, thereby wreaking havoc to the nation as a whole.

In the cultural and communal contexts, unity is important but it has to be founded upon justice, truth, equality and goodness. What good is all the wealth and prosperity if there is no more soundness to core values or that the strangers amongst you are abused, widows left destitute, and orphans left hopeless.

It is not merely about Malays or non Malays. For every pebble, stone or rock tossed into the pond of community that is our nation, the ripples affect everyone.

Live and let live, and let grace be our defining Malaysian trait.

Anonymous,  1 September 2009 at 13:55  

What a poor and pitiful excuse!

How about things that really affect the poor masses - more buses on the roads, more lrt trains, lower toll rates, cheaper low cc motor bikes, better trained teachers for rural and urban poor schools, more free clinics, etc


Anonymous,  1 September 2009 at 14:01  

A drowning man will grab the hope to keep afloat.

The government is banging on KPI >>and in desperation Idris gets roped will not work cos KPI does not float.It gets heavier and will sink just like it sank the GLCs.And idris cred will float just like rohaizat's did.

UMNO has only Melayu card to bang on cos governance is failing..their peninsular sekutus (supposedly the respective racial theme) in BN is buried.But the govt is singing a different tune i.e the 1Malaysia song.

Its the cacophonous out of tune cackling in the dark conducted by CONSULTANTS too young to remember 1963.

Greenbug 1 September 2009 at 14:43  

Dato, IMHO scare tactics do not work and not right as well. UMNO must wake up. They should resort to sound reasoning and rationale to move ahead. The question is : is their leadership suited for such massive perception change? I don't think so and it is because of that I seriously think come GE13, UMNO will perish.

Anonymous,  1 September 2009 at 15:17  


I have always read your postings and most times I agree with your views.

However, I cannot agree with your statement that UMNO does not need to answer to anyone for the way it tries to revive itself.

It is a time for bonding between races. The 'pendatang' have been here for centuries. Longer than a significant numbers of UMNO including an infamous ex-MB.

Years ago, we were either ahead or on par with countries like Korea and Taiwan. Today we are finding it difficult to compete with Vietnam and Indonesia and way behind Thailand. This is just one proof that UMNO / BN's policies have failed. And we continue to lag behind. Very soon we will be on par with Mynmar.

Rather than all the sabre-rattling, UMNO should form a new course with all inclusive policies for satu bangsa Malaysia. It is no longer about Malay's special position nor rights.

It is now about the survival of Malaysia. Our Malaysia.

Anonymous,  1 September 2009 at 15:23  

The Star reported that Khir tempe said that the PR Selangor govt is incompetent and the rakyat is sick (only BN is competent?).Nobody give him the authority to speak on behalf of the rakyat. This is an insult to the rakyat of Selangor who voted for PR. Between him and Khalid, I would choose Khalid hands down. Inilah yang di panggil bodoh sombong. It will be nice if you can write your assessement on the intellectuality of this tempe.

I know, you are an UMNO member, but you must be brave and honest, without fear or favour, to write on UMNO personalities/policies as long as you don't slander them. Will you? Otherwise, UMNO will never change as they know only to incite racial and inflammatory rhetorics to gain support. Always in a denial mode. They are clueless how to create a truly 1Malaysia. Always talking about ketuanan melayu, quota melayu, demi agama dan bangsa, pantang dicabar etc etc

I am a Malay and I want to tell the Malays this. If you really want to be the Master and a race that is respected by the others, rhetorics, quota, slogans is not the answer. The answer lies in (1)the ability to seek/gain knowledge and apply them to improve yourself,(2) be hardworking and
(3) be a person of integrity, honesty and tolerant.

The problem is UMNO breeds mediocrity. From the ministers right down to the ketua bahagians, many are just not qualified both in terms of intellectual capability and intergrity and sincerity. Many of the ketua bahagians are either govt suppliers, govt contractors or commission agents and mind you they are all quite rich. Many are just out there berjuang untuk perut sendiri, keluarga dan suku sakat masing-masing but camouflage under the slogans 'agenda melayu' and 'demi agama dan bangsa.' Plain hypocrites. Otherwise, how do you explain the fact that there are still many poor malays, both in urban and rural areas and many UMNO leaders leave in luxurios homes and dines in five star hotels??

UMNO now is not the same as UMNO before. It has degenerated to a level where medicines will not be able to cure the disease, only a transplant may save its life. Better still, let it die so that a new UMNO will emerge and this time it will be a truly UMNO Baru. Not the UMNO that stops its members from contesting by imposing all sort of restrictions and only allowing 2000 odd members the eligibility to vote. To all UMNO leaders and members, pls think and ponder, where are you taking our beloved country to? Do not just think of yourself, think also of of your children, grandchildren and all your future generations because they will all inherit this country from you.

Most who are with positions in UMNO that I know of thinks that life is just about money, wealth and positions. When they sit down and talk, 'projects' is the buzz word. They don't know that life is more or bigger than that. They don't know that life is also about honesty, integrity, being compassionate, humility, sincerity etc..etc. I also know that many UMNO leaders don't read (maybe only read Utusan Malaysia)...that is another reason they will never learn.

Matlamat menghalalkan cara bukan caranya. Our country will join the ranks of a failed nations if we are not willing to change.

Have a nice day, Datuk.

Malaysia180 1 September 2009 at 15:32  

UMNO is nothing but a minor version of the Islamic regime. Their tactics are Islamic, their strategies are Islamic. And its because of Islam that they are as unimaginative, mentally barren and backward looking as they are. And its because of Islam that the muslims of Malaysia are as docile as they are and willing to accept everything that is told them. eg the garbage about Malay superiority.

The NEP is their 56 houris, Their Day of Judgement is election day and they do everything within their power to corrupt the principles of Islam so that they appear to be judged favourably while still appearing to be ethical.

Argue as much as you like and quote the Koran at me till Judgement day but the modus operandi of Islam and the MO of UMNO is to keep the voting masses ignorant and repressed. Islam has a set of dogmatic rules that they are self policed by peers, family, the mosque, schools and UMNO itself to ensure that nobody questions Islam and nobody questions UMNO ( viz the ISA, Seditions Act)

Like Islam, UMNO's main tools of repression are fear and violence and they use those tools whenever they feel threatened. Compare the performance of the FDU and police at recent 'demonstrations' with the tactical use of circumcision to terrorise and repress potentially radical young men.

Islam hates democracy because democracy means that people are encouraged to be individuals and not mindless religious clones. UMNO has done its very best to tear down the bastions of Democracy while still maintaining a facade of Democracy... to them the right to vote means democracy..Forget the rest of your rights

Just look at that born-again hypocrite KJ... He has decided that the way the the "hearts and minds' of the malay voters is via Islam and he if Islamifying himself as fast as he can

KS Cheah 2 September 2009 at 01:41  

Dear Dato' Sak,

UMNO can continue to shiok sendiri but a true 1Malaysia must see non-Malays fight for the rights of Malays and vice versa if we are all equal as Malaysians. The sooner we all accept that our fates are inextricably tied together the faster we can get out of this race quagmire and concentrate on helping ALL needy Malaysians.

Anonymous,  2 September 2009 at 02:00  

Fella visitor to this blog,

Please do not listen to that guy "Dense"!! You can clearly see that he/she nothing more than an agent provocateur with all the bad mouthing tpeople's religion.

Race does not matter! There are good people in every race and there sure as hell are bad people in any race. It's the behaviour of how they treat their fellow mankind that really counts.

I would even venture a step further to say that there are definitely some good people in UMNo too. Problem is there are too few of them around to make a difference when it matters most.

One thing I agree with Dense though. That UMNo has given a bad name to Islam. UMNoputras are mostly a bunch of hypocrites abusing religion to gain power and accumulate ill gotten wealth at the expenses of their own race.

Kelantan oil royalty is a good example and also the neglect of Sabah and Sarawak. don't forget the money stolen from Trengganu in the form Wang Ehsan or whatever.

On the point of UMNo does not have to answer to anybody how it revive the party. Just let's we agree to disagree.

I would only agree with you if UMNo habour no ambition to rule the country as a political party, then and only then can it do as it likes. How about turning UMNO into a football club???

Anonymous,  2 September 2009 at 06:33  

Umno as a football club is a great idea...but there must be some major changes to the rules to make it work.For starters,ketua bhgn is immune from any attempts to relieve them of the ball and goal keepers forbidden to stop their shots.The PM if he choses to play can employ consultants to map out his strategy,establish a branding exercise,choreograph his moves.Rais will be heading the cheerleading team assisted by wanita n putri chieftains.DPM will be tasked to dictate the referee to award penalties.
I think this will work esp as KPI will be easier to implement...n even mr koh can manage that.Which leaves time for idris to provide the halftime entertainment with his guitar.As it will be mandatory for all businessmen who wants contracts to attend a capacity crowd is ensured.

Anonymous,  2 September 2009 at 08:51  

Sakmongkol AK47, I read your blog regularly and what you said most of the time makes good sense which one don't expect from an Umno guy. That's how low Umno have sunk. My question is this, why is it that good and sensible guys like you are not in the top echelon of Umno/BN? It would have made the party more acceptable to all. Instead we have racists, bigots and thieves at the helm.

A Malaysian

Anonymous,  2 September 2009 at 10:16  


Anon Said,
"The government is banging on KPI >>and in desperation Idris gets roped will not work cos KPI does not float.It gets heavier and will sink just like it sank the GLCs.And idris cred will float just like rohaizat's did."

Totally Agree with Anon..

Idris Jala is appointed as they need a scapegoat to be hanged when KPI for Ministers and Gov Servants' fail to satisfy the public...What a poor naive guy, Sic

That will leave Koh SK (Ah Koh) to be used for another day..

Joe Black

Raison D'etre 2 September 2009 at 16:05  

"My question is this, why is it that good and sensible guys like you are not in the top echelon of Umno/BN?"

That is a valid question, SM.

Why indeed?

Once upon a time, I understood the need for Umno.

Let's just call it the "Big Picture".

Now Umno is akin to a Big Boys Clubs (and all the corresponding negativity that comes with such a nick.)

People are beginning to see through the so-called Malay / Islam thrust as mere charade to ensure the "fun and frolic" continues.

PS: Najib looks like going the OTK route.. Hiyo Silver, Kemosabe, SM? Your thoughts, or am I seeing something that is not there and but a figment of my imagination? :)

Anonymous,  3 September 2009 at 10:18  

Dato' Sak,

During these kinds of Self-Introspections, Dato’, one usually opens up boils and warts to discuss amongst each other, intra-party wise, on how remedial actions can be made so that a party’s way forward and improvements can be made. But such revelations , when made in as public a place as the blogosphere, will not achieve this aim and instead the only thing it will open up are windows to let flies and other unwarranted and derogatory comments to come in. You also seem to be clueless as to the WHAT NOW thing on what to do with UMNO, thus taking up an action such as this article warrants. If you don’t realize the gravity of your actions, then perhaps this simpleton analogy might suffice: would Lim Kit Siang, for example, in calling up a meeting amongst the top DAPniks to admonish any of its member to “don’t get involved with underworld laa…”, be doing DAP a favour by calling up the press and blogwriters to such an event? No? Bingo.

One cannot but wonder if Dato’s seemingly self-hating views on UMNO is more the result of wanting to see a real-live action on its improvements rather than due to some vengeful sour-grape cause. There is another case presently on-going: the vigorous self-hating muslim who goes by the name Syed Akbar Ali in his SyedOutsyedtheBox blog who writes about anything under the muslim sky to be wrong except the ones conforming to his deluded ideas as to how Islam should be in line with his ulamak-hating, hadith-denying, hadhari-adoring Forrest Gump world. And the result of such ideas written both for the muslim audience that he hope to admonish as well as the non muslims? Applauds and cheers from the latter. Only.

What would the effect of a writing such as yours be, Dato’ ? Confessions of regrets from UMNO branches? UMNO members the nation over bertaubat in drones, inspired by your good writings? Nope. Most likely, derogatory condemnations like , diabolical associations like , demonizing and a general derogatory condemnation all over. When such things happen Dato’, what can we expect of you, being an UMNO member. Nod in agreement? Or you coming to the defense?

At times I couldn’t help but wonder why fluent English malay muslim writers exercise their gift of the gab by writing on self-hating topics. Is it because they perceive that their audience would more likely comprise of non-malay, non-muslim audiences who will guarantee support and praises for their writings?


Anonymous,  3 September 2009 at 10:28  

Oops! Correct Allegory, Wrong Conclusion

Eyes’ Wide Open’s purposely diabolical attempt at equating UMNO, the 100% malay party, with Nazism, I kinda tend to agree. But not for the same reason though. Let’s look at the Nazi-Jew conflict more scrutinizingly.

Firstly the major outcome of the Jew-Nazi quagmire is the Massive Sympathy with which it hopes to attract World Opinion, and ultimately of course, for this .

6 million Jews were killed, they say. Jews were exterminated in gas chambers, they say. Anne Frank was a symbol of Jewish persecution they say.

Well waddaya know. The “accepted” figure of 6 million has been revised to 4 million, then to 1.5 million in 1990, then to some lesser numbers here, all the while ignoring official numbers from World bodies .

And as far as gassing them en masse, that would be quite entertaining, had it not been for the fact that the jews had wanted the world to believe it to be true. Why? Because their existence can be proven to be untrue.

And uhh… about Anne Frank … guess I can’t say much about that now, can I?

Oh incidentally. “Malaysia is one of the very, very few countries in the world where the ruling majority proclaims itself to be the victims of oppression by a minority? ”

I don’t think so. A more correct way to view at this is as follows:

“Malaysia is one of the very, very few countries in the world where the ruling majority has been alleged to oppress the minority but at the same time let that same minority be richer and have more of the economic cake at the expense of the poor majority. Efforts must now made to publicly portray this very irresponsible behavior of the ruling government so that the majority can languish more and more in their own lands, the minority can have totally unobstructed paths to gain more riches and any attempt to correct this imbalance by the ruling government must be portrayed as racism-nazism-anti-semitism-anti-chinesism, errr... I mean anti-democracy.”

Sorry, Eyes Wide Open. Lim Kit Siang wouldn’t want you to make this chinese-minority-jewish-Nazi case association. It backfires. If you had in mind, however, that the association is in the sense of the greed involved, the mass deception of the public opinion thing, then I can’t agree with you more.

Former Gas Chamber Inductee (in Dreams)

Voice of the Oppressed, Suppressed 5 September 2009 at 21:12  

Never mind if UMNO is corrupted to the core.
Never mind if UMNO leaders are utterly immoral.
Never mind if the judiciary has gone down the drain.
Never mind the irresponsible police force and the IGP's association with the underworld. Never mind the abuse of the MACC to topple to Selangor govt.
Never mind the incendiary remarks made against the non-Malays/Muslim.
Never mind using the AG and courts to intimidate the Opposition.
Never mind if non-Malays/Muslim don't support UMNO.
Never mind murders by power holders.

All that matters is Malay unity and bingo you will have a prosperous first world nation.

Dream on sir, dream on.

Malay unity will never happen and even if it does, all you will have is a parish and uncivilized nation of the Dark Ages.

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