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Friday 4 September 2009

Japan’s late LDP- object lessons for UMNO- 1

I am very thankful to be given some material on Japan's LDP defeat, by a well respected UMNO veteran. He views with great concern at political developments in this region and their possible ramifications on our own political landscape. I am adding just a little bit in this area. This essay is a first installment of a fuller version.

The LDP which ruled Japan for 54 years is broken. It just lost massively in the recently concluded Japanese elections. LDP's politics is founded on 3 pillars:-

  1. A party that claims a natural right to rule since the end of WW2.
  2. A dominant bureaucracy
  3. Cooperation turned into Collusion with big business interests.

Japan's LDP's exit is similar to the fate of ruling parties in France, Italy and India. Japan's election on Sunday marked the end of an era that started not long after World War Two and saw Japan rise from the ashes of defeat to a global economic power. Japan's rise to economic prominence is therefore closely associated with the LDP. Given such association, almost any Japanese LDP politician can't be faulted if he claims that LDP is Japan's destiny. To us in Malaysia, LDP's eminence and its position as bedrock of Japan's destiny finds an almost surreal parallel to UMNO's role and possibly future fate. What is disturbing is that those people around PM Najib are continuing on a business as usual mode. Yet, up to a time, there's not much anyone can do or object, to any UMNO politicians' claim that UMNO is Malaysia's destiny. No one has therefore pressed the panic button.

Let me put it in street talk- hey yo! UMNO can suffer the same fate. It seems to me UMNO is led more by people who are street-smart at a time when such specialty is no longer suited to a changing battle ground. The battle ground has shifted to the winning of the mind. If PM Najib thinks he doesn't need upstairs-smart UMNO generals, he is clearly mistaken.

Just compare the election war machinery of the PKR. They are managed by intelligent generals compensating perhaps Anwar's overrated intellectualism. In all the by elections thus far (excluding that in Sarawak) we, UMNO have lost. Their election machinery with a retinue of sympathetic and supportive alternative media luminaries will be there ahead, exploiting every issue available using the almost ubiquitous electronic apparatuses. During the Kuala Terengganu by election for example, not less than 5 SMS messages were sent to ALL the Malay teachers in KT accusing UMNO of abandoning the cause of Bahasa Melayu. UMNO is always short in terms of issues. In the recent Permatang Pasir, UMNO was caught with its pants down revealing not a horse's filly but a baby carrot. Thus UMNO was preoccupied with defending a felled candidate who can't be defended. The by election made UMNO looked very silly. UMNO people achieve full KPI marks in terms of hurling personal abuses, vile languages, ill mannered characterization and name callings.

The PKR election machine is superior to UMNO in many ways. One, they are directed by respectably intelligent people. Zulkefli Ahmad the MP of Kuala Selangor is worth watching and studied. UMNO on the other hand thinks it can survive with just the hail fellow well met characters to win elections. It can be very off-putting and even revolting to have FLCE (failed LCE) people come before you and put forth arguments or trying to lecture you on the future of Malaysia. The UMNO leadership cannot afford to be filled up with below average material. PM Najib must abandon the ill-advised notion that UMNO needs the Syed Razak( former Kedah MB known for his hail fellow well met personality) personages in order to convince a thinking public.

The myopic UMNO people have NOT sighted the panic button. In terms of grey matter just compare UMNO's secgen to PKR's son of Hashim Gera, PAS's secgen, DAP's secgen. I mean no disrespect to him, but his kind is less relevant today. The UMNO information chief is a laughing stock even among UMNO members. UMNO people are just fed up about his self congratulatory recollections of how he came appointed as information chief and deputy minister. PM Najib must abandon this addiction with sub standard generals if UMNO were to stay relevant. The other side can offer better products. National politics is not a carbon copy of Pekan politics. Here, the UMNO division can still afford to have a former time taker be its secgen and office boy is permanent chairman. At national level, if the same standard is replicated, UMNO is marking time.

If UMNO is Malaysia's LDP then, DPJ is PKR led PR. It was formed some 10 years ago which is also similar to PKR. Indeed, the PKR people can even claim that relative to DPJ, PKR is more substantial that DPJ. In Malaysia DPJ- the party that humbled and devastated Koizumi's LDP is almost unknown. Its leader is no Anwar Ibrahim- our own political maverick whose overdriving political ambitions are matched by an equally overarching grab for world attention. Anwar Ibrahim seeks and needs world attention and is in turn sought out by the world which is always on the side of the perceived and victimized underdog. You see, the crafty bugger will continue to be relevant and be always in people's mind if he continues to milk the idea of being an underdog and victimized. Stupid UMNO goons are playing his game.

The usual tricks of demonizing Anwar and vilification of the man for questionable but yet unproven sexual deviances are so very passé. The people are so fed up with the nauseating pornographic debauchery dished out by UMNO apparatchiks and functionaries. The 24/7 caustic and insanely abusive language poured out by overtime working UMNO's propaganda storm troopers with the usual artillery of the vilest of language and outlandish salacious tales are alienating the people further from UMNO.

Back to Japan. Now the LDP tastes the same bitter fruit as paramount parties in other countries whose voters decided a few decades in power for one party were enough. There is not even a rat's ass of a chance the BJP can fulfill its outlandish welfare-ish ideas. How will they finance such utopian ideas? The Japanese public knows this, but the prevailing sentiment now is anything-but LDP. The same sentiment is building up in Malaysia. The sentiment is anything but UMNO.

The circumstances in each country were different, but the democratic impulse was similar and the result much the same. In 1981 Francois Mitterrand became the first leftist president of France since the Fifth Republic was created in 1957. France then trembled as this imperious socialist did the impossible by sharing power with his Gaullist rivals.

The Indian National Congress spearheaded that nation's independence movement and then became the dominant political party led by the Nehru-Gandhi family. Eventually corruption allegations caught up with Congress and it had to yield power first to Hindu nationalists, then to a coalition of upstart leftists and regional parties. The world watched sullenly at the sight of chastened ex-Congress leader P.V. Narasimha Rao standing in the dock in a Delhi court accused of corruption charges, for which he was later acquitted.

Capitalizing on Cold War tensions, Italy's Christian Democratic Party was that country's ruling party for almost 50 years until corruption allegations felled it, too, in the early 1990s.

Now Japan's voters have dealt a staggering blow to the LDP, an amalgam of factions which except for a few months has held power for more than half a century. The ruling party loss ended a three-way partnership between the LDP, big business and bureaucrats that turned Japan into an economic powerhouse after the country's defeat in World War Two. That strategy foundered when Japan's "bubble" economy burst in the late 1980s and growth has stagnated since.

Our government has recently revised our economic contraction rate from a bigger minus value to a lower minus vale. Hello- it's still a negative growth and nothing to be jumping up and down about. Just study the implications of the emboldened section of the above paragraph.


Suci Dalam Debu 4 September 2009 at 02:57  


Yes, anything but UMNO.

UMNO keeps saying that they are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but they are so blinded by their excesses that they can't tell it is that of an on-coming train.

I look forward to a New Malaysia! The sooner the better.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 06:34  

Dato', right on target and definitely Malaysia needs new leaders and let us go for change.
Looking forward to a new Malaysia with people like you to be given more space to educate the population.
I am sure you are ready and ever willing to expedite the transformation of the nation to a better future rather than continuesly supporting the party that refuse to listen and abuse of power.
Time waits no man and just do it Dato'.dh9753.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 06:51  

No need for ultra intelligent,highly qualified ppl..just clean guys in touch with the rakyat.70 % of rakyat are earning less than 3k per mnth...thats urban poor.So BN barang naik policies hurts even if its pocket money to the umno ppl.
I guess umno leaders r just too far out to see the pimples underneath the thick make up.

Ariff Sabri 4 September 2009 at 07:23  

anon at 06:34,

sir, i am going to talk about clean people in my forthcoming essay- the people's One Malaysia. thank you kindly.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 08:27  

PM hv to send a very strong message that umno is no longer a fountain of wealth..and those corrupted will not be given any protection.Throw some real big fish to the wolves.Just a simple earnings test can identify those living beyond their,just boot them out.Weed out those in umno just 4 the perks and replace them with moderates who really subscribe to the umno ethics.
Hv a new beginning..umno may lose out on members but over time will regain the trust of the ppl.Right now Najib n gang is singing n pocoing whilst the sands are shifting underneath...7 nil n counting

sunwayopal 4 September 2009 at 08:46  

The real isssue is not abt those grand old parties losing.

In Japan, Italy, India, France, in all the instances when change finally finally came, were those countries better off after the Opposition came to power?

By all the relevant metrics, were they better off? That is the key to the issue.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 09:11  

Umno spirit rosak when teachers,lecturers,snr govt servants was not allowed in became a melayu towkay melayu.Now..semua ketua cawangan up orang bisnis..70% kurang membaca,kurang berpikir except nak besarkan bisnis..biasa lah.Those yang pikir2 too much branded as not streetsmart akademia.So after 12 tahun umno mutates to current state..whilst opposition more receptive to orang2 yg pikir lebih holistic n longer term.Para intellektual umno hidup to parrot PM's words..tak berani challenge..hadhari,gemilang,temberang,boleh,1malaysia..MANA intellektual umno yang gembar gembur hadhari?sudah lari jd 1hadhari?nak cari makan boss

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 09:26  

Cadangan saya...umno buat real change>>all umno leaders surrender their datukship,tan sri ships etc etc...all umno ppl trade in their luxury cars for proton wira(no cheating with the ferrari)...all umno leaders bring back their children 2 study in local school,colleges,univ(scholarship kalo pandai ok lah)..and suruh anak naik public transport...and so on.Jadi parti led by ppl yang mencermin kehidupan orang biasa...dan lebih faham masaalah rakyat...n why rakyat bising abt issues like bus penuh,ppsmi...
Wat do u think dato?bolih pakai?

ca 4 September 2009 at 09:51  

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Brilliant, kemas dan cantik. Saya percaya nasihat Dato' yang ikhlas ini amat berguna sekali kepada orang UMNO. Nonetheless I'm of the opinion that UMNO member, especially the decision makers (the back room boys, the stategist, the implementors and even MT members) don't even bother to read blog of this nature. Perhaps this is the reason of them being ignorant, and boasting with an excessive pride of "success" (actually its a hollow acievement - look at our economy, our GLCs).

So Dato', its frustrating. Ordinary people like me is at the brink of giving up i.e to see positve changes in UMNO - Seperti anjing menyalak bukit.

Therefore why do we have to trouble ourselves on UMNO anymore, clearly they are not in the capacity to instill the positive changes. I think its time to forget about them and move forward, like the Japanese do!.

Whatever it is, the uqwah of the muslim is not to be compromised, as once we loose it, then .................


Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 10:01  

Well said it shows how much you love UMNO. To me the situation is gangerenous for UMNO let us see what the rakyat decide in the coming GE.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 10:12  

The appt of idris jala is the final curtain for BN...was there proper vetting?or are unseen 4th floor type advisories ruling the roosts?
Anyway..its goodbye BN.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 10:21  

Carmal...GLC kita hebat..CEO MAS rugi billions jd menteri.CEO bank rugi billions jd menteri..This is KPI concept..rugi billions will get promotion and big bonus.
Gaji bosses 30 to 60 times more than normal pekerja..thats GLC.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 10:40  


The great Walla has been an inspiring read on yr blog.

There is another equal, that who dont vist yr site, Neil.

(Could Walla = Neil? No - the up-front intellectual style is quite similar, but the background rumbling is not!). My sincere apology to both.

Here's Neil's alternative view that's very relevant to yr current writing;

J: What’s the solution?

X: Umno must go, PAS must modernize and PKR must replace its bad apples.

J: It’s not that easy to remove Umno. It controls the federal machinery and the national coffers.

X: And those are precisely the reasons it must go. What has it done with them all these years except ruined this country and divided all of us? GE12 showed as much how irrelevant Umno has become. It is nothing and nothing but a syndicate of the privileged holding on to their powers to serve themselves behind by subjugating the masses in front through the aggravation of race, religion and rights issues. Everything costs at least thirty to fifty percent more, breaks down or collapses faster, and is junked even before the next snake-oil project is sold to the innocent rakyat by smart-alecs who have already parceled out their commissions.

J: But its sworn motto is to defend and uphold malay rights.

X: Really? Where then are our 52,000 bumi millionaires? If RM52 Billion have been sold from the 30 percent NEP-based share allocations, where are those fifty two thousand bumi millionaires? Are they in Terengganu, Perak, Negri Sembilan or Johor? Or even Sabah and Sarawak? Are they huddled somewhere inside Bursa Malaysia, perhaps?

Umno has replaced the british colonialists. Umno has used the divide-and-control method of the past colonialists to divide and control the peoples of Malaysia. Whether they are malays or chinese or indians or penans, the peoples of this nation have been indentured as cheap voters, policy fodders and flesh victims and then turned against one another so as to create the need for Umno and BN. It’s an artificial need created to divide brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour, community against community, pious against pious.

J: But it has also done some work…paved roads, raised up a malay middle class, and made education and health more affordable.

X: Please, give me the RM400 billion that has been leaked and I will show you real goods. A modern state would have been delivered that would have surpassed even our puny neighbour which incidentally has no resources. With plenty of change to spare that can be used to support industries and businesses where it counts, cut income taxes, upgrade all facilities, modernize all systems, lighten the loads of the common man, build really high quality and relevant futures for their young and take care of their aging parents and relatives.

2b cont (1of3)

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 10:41  

cont (2of3)

Now what do you have instead? Obscene and way-past break-even tolls for those roads. The money goes to cronies and Umno-linked companies because the contracts were written to favor them over citizen motorists.

Again what do you have instead? Parents who only look to die earlier so as not to be a burden to their children whom they see are struggling to hold on to what they have had to work so hard for the past thirty years.

Yet again what do you have instead? Take an hour to work out the rest of the list. You’ll be amazed how much bile your liver has contained for so many years.

You also get bleeding GLCs and zero transparency from federal down to Umno-run states.

Billions have been squandered because people who were unequal to their jobs were put in high positions for political mileage which then resulted in weak management, excessive fat, cost overruns and indifferent implementation results.

Tell me a single project helmed by Umno interests that has not seen taxpayer’s money siphoned off. Just one will do.

Tell me a single project helmed by Umno-run ministries that has been a national success. Again, just one will do.

Let me ask you. Who was behind Ling who was behind PFKZ? Do you think it so easy for the treasury to look the other way on due diligence for sums so big?

Malay middle class? What are they doing now? How many new faces of malay entrepreneurs do you see who are really helping to make the industries and businesses of this country a success? What sort of special skills have they acquired to sustain their middle-class status? What openings have been given them to upgrade upwards? What crap are they going through today and what pain do they have to swallow every day just to keep their jobs under clueless bosses who are busier protecting their own turfs and asses?

Let me ask you back. If Penang got only 0.4 percent of the second stimulus package, what does that tell you about how Umno thinks and operates? Does it remember those Umno members there who had torn up KSK’s portrait to show how loyal they were to Umno?

Let me sum up Umno for you. It’ a RM24 million mansion. See how big that complex is. Someone insisted it is only RM3.8 million. Now, take yesterday’s Star and turn to the centrefold. There’s a RM7.8 million 7K sf mansion for sale, inclusive of RM1 million worth of furnishings. You can see the pictures for yourself. Now look at that “RM3.8 million” complex and tell me if it is not the “bargain” of the century. Even during these subprime times. I don’t want to use the word ‘bull’; enough has been done to those poor animals.

How many corruption charges so far has stuck to nail the big fishes? Name one. You get the horrible conclusion the prosecutions have either been inept or it has been a sandiwara all within the same system to create the impression of activity. But no big results. Again, name one big fish. They have all been given amnesties into their afterlives.

J: And on PAS?

2bcont (2of3)

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 10:41  

cont (3of3)

X: PAS people must wake up this country is secular and diverse. There is no loss. The tawhid imperatives sit easy with other faiths because of mutual respect and equal appreciation of the common elements. But these natural wellspring things will become tense each time there is more for us by less for others.

J: And on PKR?

X: You have no major problems with DAP. What this DAP guy has written rings true. Who can disagree with that? The problems have been with some of the bad apples. In the momentum of GE12, they got in unfiltered. Let that be a lesson learned in time. Because you still have a few more years to clean up and strengthen Pakatan as the rakyat’s alternative to a BN that practises double standards in a us-versus-you setting of its own fiendish design.

What riles is the seizure of Perak. There you can see how ruthless Umno can be. What riles are the ongoing subversions in Selangor. They are showing how low they can be.

J: Anything else to add?

X: Every institution of our democracy has been defiled beyond recognition. The rakyat have lost trust in all of them. We have become a country of gated communities, dashed hopes, broken dreams, and piling debts. How is Umno to pay for the future salaries of the civil service when we become a net oil importer which means we will have a new and additional cost seeping into everything which will then raise inflation while the rakyat cannot raise wages and income to keep pace? What industry can we be great in that will become our next high-income earner within the next dozen years when our oil deposits are all depleted? This Umno government depends almost forty five percent of its expenditure on oil income. Its costs are rising every minute. When that income disappears, half the civil service and two thirds of the services will contract. That includes the shoddy education and health services we have today. When all these come together in a un-competitive economy, how will the majority survive?

By now we should have seen Umno provide their answers. They haven’t because they don’t know. They are just spinning. And you know it. Look at your children. They are going to be bequeathed the legacy of Umno. Squander and plunder.

It has got nothing to do with race or religion. We have all been duped big time. Think about that.

J: Thanks, Tun.

C&P from Aisehman's blog & written by Neil 3 September 2009 @ 8:37

a spade is a spade,  4 September 2009 at 12:11  

In my endless argument/discussions with UMNO supporters, they like to tell the Malays to be grateful and also compare our Malays with Spore Malays.

Hello, we are not talking about Malays in Spore or Malays in Africa or Thailand etc. We are talking about how the country is being managed. Why bother about Malays elsewhere when Malays here is not being well taken care off. Ini modal lama Mamak Mahathir. Always blaming others but never himself. After so many years of affirmative action, many Malays here are still leaving in poverty both in urban and rural areas. What went wrong? Anyway, do these people know that Malays in Spore are better off than the majority Malays in Malaysia in terms of standard of living. A Malay graduate in Spore enjoys a better standard of living in terms of purchasing power parity. No Malays as chief or army? Police? Top Civil servants? important ministers? Spore.? What about Malaysia?...any non-Malays holding important positions in army/police/MACC/GLC's or ministries in Malaysia? Once you are the minority, it is expected and the same everywhere.. Spore has only 15% Malays now. But the per capita income of their Malays is maybe 5 times more than our Malays.

We know that the government says the poverty rate in Malaysia is low. Less than 3%. You know what is the measurement they use for you to be classified as poor? A household income (family of 4) of about RM600 a month if i am not mistaken. (For hard-core poor, it is about RM450/mth) Is this not ridiculous?? Tell me how a family of 4 is going to have a decent living with a RM700/mth income a month? Makan satu keluarga paling minima pun at least RM500 sebelum. Susu anak yang harga paling murah untuk 2 orang pun dah dekat RM200/mth. Ini tak masuk sewa, tambang, api, air, pakaian etc. Why not raise the threshold income to at least RM1200/mth? If they do that, it will increase the poverty level of this country to more than 15%. Now, will it not then reflect bad on the government both internally and internationaly? Of course, it will. That's the reason they have not changed the threshold income for so many years already... hoodwinking the rakyat all the time. Kadar kemiskinan kita rendah blah...blah...blah...


a spade is a spade,  4 September 2009 at 12:14  

Sigh....if manage properly and professionally, with honesty and integrity, we are now already a high income country at par if not better than Spore,Taiwan, Korea and H.Kong. And maybe you will be paying only RM140,000 for a brand new Merc 200k, or just RM70,000 for a new 2.4 Toyota Camry, RM30 for a buffet lunch/dinner at a good hotel, a five star hotel room at just abt RM180/day, fly to London on MAS for only RM1500 return, pay only RM3 for an ice blended mocha at coffee bean or starbucks etc...etc... But what to do, our currency has depreciated so much that every year we are getting poorer instead of richer. So much of imported inflation. But...wait a minute.....just blame it on the currency traders....we are never at fault.....always in denial mode. In Switzerland (no natural resouces), their average income earner needs to work only for 9 hours to be able to buy the latest Apple i-Pod. In Malaysia one month gaji pun tak boleh beli. How to become a develop and high income counntry? Rhetorics will not take us anywhere. We need concrete action plans. But the top is busy....busy making money for themselves lah...

Pilih calon haprak bekas penipu pun masih nak defend......bawak kepala lembu hina agama lain pun boleh.....orang Melayu yang sokong pembangkang tiba-tiba jadi pengkhianat bangsa Melayu.....orang yang buat kerja judi haram, vcd haram, human smuggling, buat masuk pendatang haram dan 'china dolls' semua boleh. Semua boleh sebab orang Melayu (police, immigration, customs, rela, dbkl, majlis daerah, jpj etc..etc) ambil rasuah. Kalau orang Melayu yang memegang kuasa tak ambil rasuah dan menjalankan kerja dengan jujur, you think all this illegal activities can thrive in Malaysia? You think Malaysia will not then be a better country? Spore is much more 'cleaner' than Malaysia. In China, corruption = death sentence. Let me tell you this, unless UMNO make a drastic change in many aspects (their constitution, policies, quality/integrity of office bearers etc) then the future of this country is bleak and that means the future of our children, grandchildren and all future generations. UMNO must change the mindset of the Malays. But how to change as their leaders have the same mindset. Last weekend I was at the book fest at KL Convention Centre. I notice more than 90% of the visitors are non-Malays. Where are the Malays? It is a fact that Malays don't like to read. How to gain knowledge? But was 'Iqra' (Read) not the first word reveal to our prophet?

I am not a member of any political parties yet but will definitely not join UMNO. I became disillusioned with the current administration by default (due their actions, their arrogance, their corrupt ways, their abusing of powers, their cheating ways etc...etc). What choice do I have to see a better and more prosperous Malaysia? Some people say that it is better to choose the devil that you know than the devil that you don't know but the devil that you don't know may turn out to be better than the devil that you know!! Even then, I don't think the devil that you don't know is going to be worst the the current devil. Only God knows. Any other choice?? Mahathir likes the song "My Way" and that is the reason why he will not agree with others doing the other way even if his way is not the right. Ha...ha...ha.

Hidup Malaysia! Malaysia boleh!

Unknown 4 September 2009 at 12:23  

Been keeping my eyes on your entry on daily basis. Your take on many issues here never failed to impress me.

My general takes,
How can Najib fights an evil deeds if he himself is not that clean?

"Lu bongkar pasal gua, gua bongkar pasal lu"

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 15:57  

DSN is a pseudo reformist who clamours for change ala Obama -incidentally riding on Obama's strategy and fame. DSN is trying hard to be a poor man's version of Obama. DSN is one who wears a 'clerical garb' to satisfy the Malay voting population and yet at the same time wears a 'hawaiian aloha shirt' to potray a different value to others.

Well, its not the fashion taste that Im pissed off but I ‎cannot tolerate the corrupt culture that is ruling under the name of religion.

To top it there is also the issue of lack of cerebral policies on socio and economic areas for the countries.

Oh ya, sure we can have the high powered economic experts of international standing to advise DSN on the way forward but what then? Do we really have guts to take the issues at hand and solve it as advised?

In short, UMNO (U Must Not Object) is heading like all long ruling dynasties, regimes, kings, pharaohs, parties (LDP,KMT etc) - into a slow oblivion of death. PAP will then be the last man standing in this new world. Notice how PAP is changing its election and parliamentary rules.

Nevertheless, destruction is good, it gets rid of all the dirt and rejuvenates the new body. Hope a better UMNO with a better resource is able to contribute to a new M'sia.

All is not lost.


Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 17:02  

Nice one by 'Anon 10.41' and 'a spade is a spade.' What say you Dato? Agree? Disagree? You seems to write very well but how can we change? Writing well alone will not bring any changes. You want to change UMNO from inside? I doubt you can. Many tried, including Zaid Ibrahim but the warlords are simply too powerful. You are an UMNO man Dato and you shud know better the culture of UMNO. UMNO breeds mediocrity. Like you said FLCE also tried to lecture us. UMNO now is not the same as UMNO 20yrs ago. Since you are ex-Pekan ADUN, why don't you talk to PM and ask him to offer Tengku Razaleigh a prominent position of power so that he can assist to improve this country? Will UMNO people especially the all powerful and wealthy warlords agree? Will the PM agree?

Otherwise, do we have any other choice?
Yes, we have. Abandon UMNO/BN and choose the alternative. If the alternative turns out to be a devil, at least we have the comfort that it will not be worst than the current devil. And also the comfort to change the devil after 5 years before they do more damage.

Anyway, congrats to you Dato as there are not many UMNO people who dare to openly criticise their own party. No wonder you were dropped as an ADUN. I hope your writings is sincere/honest and in done a good faith and not because of anything else.

Have a nice day.

Unknown 4 September 2009 at 17:43  


Most appropriate comment of the times.

You also said,

"Our government has recently revised our economic contraction rate from a bigger minus value to a lower minus vale. Hello- it's still a negative growth and nothing to be jumping up and down about."

Don't think that the lower minus value will stay that way in a year's time when we become a Net Importer of Oil!

And don't be surprised that DS Najib will call for early elections before that happens...

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 17:52  

At the rate UMNO/BN is ruling the country & behaving like Tuan Besar, it is inevitable that come GE13 PR will win BIG!
Not because of PR itself but the frustated voices of the RAKYAT rising in unison to defeat UMNO/BN.

Therefore UMNO/BN have only 3+years to make drastic changes amongst their leaders and to convince the Rakyat that they are sincere. As it stands it is almost zero-old habits die hard.

Only with sincere leaders like yourgoodself Dato, Tengku Li & Dato Shahrir Samad, etc who takes over the leadership, will there be a chance to retain power.

Anonymous,  4 September 2009 at 19:54  

Japan's LDP for past many decades had served the Japanese people badly. The bad side of LDP that sickened the Japanese people: The 3 Cs:

1. Cronyism
2. Corruption
3. Collusion (0f public servants and private companies to plunder the land)

The 3Cs are also the characteristics of BN and UMNO in the last 1-2 decades.

It sounds familiar, doesn't it.

Malaysians have BN and UMNO up to the ears. Just as the Japanese poeple. The next general election would have the same result. A complete and embarrassing routing of BN and UMNO.

So UMNO. Shiver in your pants.

Anonymous,  6 September 2009 at 02:03  

Dato sak

Betapa tepatnya pengamatan bagaimana tenatnya UMNO(baru) dewasa ini. Bagaimana archaic UMNO dalam serba serbi.

Saya kira Dato Sak sudah menonton klip video didalam malaysiakini tentang apa yang berlaku dalam majlis dialong mengenai isu memindahkan kuil ke seksyen 23 shah alam.

Yang jelas dari video tersebut, watak-watak yang sama yang menjadi dalang dan hero dalam demonstrasi kepala lembu tempohari beraksi lagi dengan lagak samseng hari ini.

Watak-watak ini sudah dikenalpasti dan maklumat mengenai mereka tersebar luas di internet.Mereka dikenal pasti sebagai ahli-ahli UMNO dan sebahagian mereka bukanlah penduduk seksyen 23. Inilah diantara contoh-contoh yang boleh dimasukkan dalam senarai tindakan yang menyebabkan UMNO makin tertolak.

Jelas dari video sepanjang 7 minit itu menunjukkan aksi-aksi samseng mereka. Kedatangan mereka bukan untuk mencari jalan maufakat tetapi bagi sesiapa yang menonton video tersebut akan berpendapat mereka sengaja datang untuk mengagal dan merosakkan majlis dialog tersebut.

Sekali sekala ditunjuk menteri besar selangor duduk diam tak buat apa-apa. Dan saya berpendapat mungkin juga pihak kerajaan negeri dan pakatan rakyat sudah menjangka watak-watak kepala lembu tempohari akan muncul menganggu majlis hari ini. lalu mereka biarkan kumpulan yang dikenalpasti ahli-ahli UMNO ini membuat kacau.

Pada saya ini adalah satu strategi politik masakini dan far sighted. Sama-sama kita tengok apa akan terjadi dalam seminggu dua ini ekoran dari insiden dimajlis dialog pagi ini - apa akan tercalar dan siapa yang mendapat simpati.


johnny,  6 September 2009 at 06:06  

youre spot on, Dato'!
Najib made a big blunder in appointing the stupid Maslan as UMNO Information chief. That's the guy who came up with the stupid theory abt umno's winning chances at Permatang Pasir..

Man, this guy knows nothing..the sooner he is replaced, the better it is..

Anonymous,  6 September 2009 at 22:42  

why worry, UMNO?

afterall, the police, judiciary, ACA, EC and the AG are in your pockets. and I am of the opinion these institutions will be abused to ensure UMNO remains in power regardless of the voters decision.

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