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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday 11 September 2009

It’s puzzling.


This is something I don't understand. The brand UMNO is already very much discredited. We know that. The PR people should welcome this misfortune. They should be elated and maybe celebrate by opening up some wine bottles (make sure you are not caught out lest you should face caning Islamic style) if UMNO acts double stupid by shooting itself in the foot. It surely does so if it accepts Tan Sri Isa Samad as candidate.

The part I don't understand is- if the selection of Isa as candidate indeed turns out true wouldn't that be a boon for PR? Hence, why do I see comments flooding in assailing the possible choice of Isa as candidate? If I were a Pakatan fellow, I would say, let UMNO drown in its own sputum. Why are you concern with UMNO making a blunder? Encourage them to make blunders. Each blunder they make, increases PR's chances exponentially. No?


Anonymous,  11 September 2009 at 00:44  

Pakatan rakyat have no strategy.
All taking heads. On a frolic of their own.
Even their leaders and reps - LKS, LGE, Karpal, Azmin, Wee, Hadi, Hassan Ali, Lip Eng ...........
They are their own worse enemy.
U guys have to sit it out - they will combust on their own.

Next by election is a given. With 5000 postal votes and Hindraf merajuk'ing, BN has the seat.
At least having Isa contest will add some colour to an otherwise boring contest.

TohkongMosjid,  11 September 2009 at 00:44  


Just a few questions:

1. What's yr take on the impact of an UMNO win to the country and S'gor?

2. In your honest heart, at what what should be the majority number you prefer to see; sufficient to wake up UMNO but not to the point of being arrogant.

3. Do u think a UMNO win here will be better for the country?

4. Malaysia or UMNO, who first in your priority?

5. The purpose of writing to ask UMNO to select Isa Samad as candidate; despite PM's statement in P.Pasir "We understand why we lost.." without elaborating much."

6. Which matters to u more, a honesty candidate, or a candidate who is not honest but capable of leading if u r voting in B.Pinang?

7. If u r not an UMNO member, and a voter for B.Pinang, what kind of results are u hoping and expecting?

Kala Jengking,  11 September 2009 at 01:54  

That's the problem with you, Datuk. You are ASSUMING those who don't agree with Isa are all PR supporters. Many UMNO/BN people that I know are also against Isa. These people put forward their comments/opinion in the hope that UMNO leadership will listen. They are sincere. It is not puzzling.

It is not a question of winning at all cost. The end cannot justify its means. Win or loose does not matter. Integrity is. The message is cannot put a tainted/convicted guy (by non other than his party's DB itself) as a candidate. You will be sending a wrong message and make a mockery of UMNO's fight against corruption and money politics.

I am sure some of the comments disagreeing with you comes from UMNO members/supporters/sympathizers with no vested interest. Kadang2 mereka sayang UMNOlah mereka bagi pendapat. Macam ni UMNO will never change. Bila tak setuju sahaja...terus di tuduh penyokong PR. No other capable and untainted people in UMNO Port Dickson?

Sorry Sir, much as I agree to many of your writings, I cannot agree with you on this one. I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Otherwise it will never end.

Anonymous,  11 September 2009 at 02:15  

You have to understand and remember always , whatever you say, do, decide, plan, think, wish as an UMNO member is wrong r most people on the web.Its UMNO bashing long season Dato.Jokes goes around , if Anwar fell on the sidewalk,he will say UMNO make the sidewalk bad for him to fall.

Accept it.But partly due some idiots in UMNO that gave them the tools to keep on hammering them.

Jamal JB

Frank,  11 September 2009 at 04:10  

Dato Sak

PR welcomes the selection of Samad Isa as the candidate for the byelection.

PR is encouraging UMNO to select Samad Isa.

If confirmed, there will be wild celebration in PR.

In the case of the Permatang Pari, PR was quite silent on Rohaizat's selection until it is confirmed after which PR opened the floodgates of hell onto UMNO.

Now PR is giving UMNO as much rope for UMNO to hang themselves.

As you said, the more threatened UMNO is, the more stupid the leaders become. Why is that?

Tanjung,  11 September 2009 at 04:16  

What benefits Isa's victory shall bring to Msian politics? It shall infuse honesty, a hardworking culture. And NTR shall parade as his cast in PRU13, men and women of the rakyat, of steel, who are backed up by amazing paper qualifications and credentials.

May be the likes of Sakmongkol as BN candidates in PRU13? I have not seen you in ages Brother Ariff, must be 20 years now. Of course you need the young talents as well. Blood them, but dont discriminate against Isasamad, Ghani Othman (former dean of Fakulti Ekonomi, Universiti Malaya), Zambry Abdul Kadir (scholar, Islamist, economic thinker), Jamaludin Jarjis, Mustapa Mohamed and Awang Adek(academic excellence, inspiring personalities). That is an awesome cast, don't you think? Ahmad Maslan? He is, well, effective but dont you think Umno need to roll out speakers who could dazzle non-Umno crowds? But Ahmad Maslan is a tireless worker, unlike the stereotype Opposition personalities. Between the Anwars of our political world and Ahmad Maslans - this Pontian MP is decidedly more truthful. Sorry Brother Anwar. Hang ni baik, spiritually formidable, and aku tak setuju the persecution of Anwar Ibrahim tapi hang cakap tak macam putar alam ka? And hang ni nampak macam you are enjoying semua lawak hang ni. Kita sama belajaq dulu. Hang ni merapu, tapi, cakap lentok punya pasai, depa duk seronok dengaq celoteh hg. Hebat, hebat..Tak pa, boleh semua boleh. Silakan, silakan. Tunjukkan kebolehan masing2.

PD however shall trigger a famous Umno-BN revival because NTR's Umno shall not be apologetic; rather it will be accommodative.

yb,  11 September 2009 at 05:06  

Most of the rakyat don't think and play the political game. We are just DYING for some credible leaders and we know what we are looking for. We're tired and extremely disgusted with all the games that is being played. Do you think that we don't know?

We just want fairplay and justice from any good leaders and from whichever party.

If you don't understand this, then you'll never understand, forever.

Unknown 11 September 2009 at 06:11  


At the end of the day, money talks and bullshit walks.

Chose ISA and if his war chest is loaded enough, the result could be satisfying in the short term. In the long run, I just don't see UMNO being viable.

Anonymous,  11 September 2009 at 06:23  

Blood them, but dont discriminate against Isasamad, Ghani Othman (former dean of Fakulti Ekonomi, Universiti Malaya), Zambry Abdul Kadir (scholar, Islamist, economic thinker), Jamaludin Jarjis, Mustapa Mohamed and Awang Adek(academic excellence, inspiring personalities). That is an awesome cast,

the above commentator really makes my day..esp the thinker MB and the academic Awang..hahahsa

Anonymous,  11 September 2009 at 07:17  

aNON 11 September 2009 06:23,

Slight dispute with you over thinking MB , Ghani Othman failed since the ASJ and Dana Johor screw up.Luckily for him UMNO members in this southern state targeted their anger directly to him not at the party as a whole for the blunder..and of course Tan Sri Ali PKENJ to share the blame.I believe in this too as there is other corporation is Johor like SAJ with state stake in it that perform well due to very minimal state interference in their operation and most importantly award tenders procuments. I cant say others like KPRJ which is Ghani's baby enjoys the same performance.Ghani thinker ... I doubt that.

Jamal JB

Pak Teh Letih,  11 September 2009 at 08:10  

Hebak Muh ni ya Sakmongkol. Ada pendapat ringkas, ada yang menjela, tapi semua nya sedap di baca. Banyak ilmu. Cuma kao ni Sakmongkol, aku minta kau kekal cara kamu, yakni elak dari bantai, hentam orang tu, orang ni. Selagi kamu bincang hal ilmu, idea, bahas dengan bernas, makin ramai lah orang dalam negeri dan orang kita di luar akan baca dan ambik pedoman tulisan kamu.

Politik kita ni nak kena ditebas semua semak samun. Satu persaingan nak membela rakyat, kenapa harus jadi kelabu kelala, parpu tak berkari?

Umno! hentikan serangan peribadi. Cari keberkatan. Pengkhianat Bangsa? Janganlah cakap macam tu. Tunjukan teladan.

Jangan buat lawak tak cerdik; jangan nak tonjol-trumpetkan keburukan orang kalaupun ianya benar sekalipun (ini secara am tau, bukan spesifik pada sapa2): tambah pula kalau tak benar.

Kita pursue reconciliation dengan molek. Orang-orang macam RPK senang kalau di ignorekan saja. Nak minta Hadi Awang tarbiahkan sikit RPK ni, sempena Ramadhan.

Ingat oi, semua kita nak Mati. Marilah kita bersihkan hati, bangun pagi dobi sanubari.

Politik lah kamu siang malam tapi dengan tujuan membela, buat kebajikan. Anwar, kamu tu orang baik, yang kamu terikut-ikut perangai Kit Siang, siapa suruh? Ikut resmi Nik Aziz lah. Kit Siang tu rajin berpolemik, tunding jari, terbawa-bawa sampai tua. Kesian. Kita harapkan dia berubah jua.

Akhirnya, Umno tu banyak kemulian. Tak payah lah nak musnahkan tradisi pembelaan Melayu, Cina, India dll.

Anonymous,  11 September 2009 at 09:42  


I want to write before I read all the following comments - just to make sure that my line of thought is not been influenced/cahooted.

So I'm writing purely from my understanding of the issue at hand - the selection of Isa Samad as the umno candidate for Bagan Pinang.

First - Dato u assume all opposing comments r from PR supporters. No! At least a few that I know of r middle-roaders! Surprise?

Second - the selection of a known tainted person for a possible 'sure-win' legislation post in the govt is VERY repulsive to many who share the sense of righteousness - regardless of whether these people r of any political party hue. supporters!

'This is something I don't understand.'??????

Dato, u sure have lost yr touch on this one!!


Siva 11 September 2009 at 09:49  

5000 postal voters will help the haram UMNO win this by-election even with tainted candidate. That is UMNO politics for you.

Unknown 11 September 2009 at 10:00  

Dear Datok Sakmongkol,

From the various comments you are getting, do you still think we are happy if UMNO fails. How wrong you are.

The demise of party be it opposition or ruling does not bode well for any nation. They may disagree but the opposition in most decent country has always been fighting for clean, incorrupt governance and they should be given their recognition and space to do so without harrasment and unfair play.

Do read "Men in White" which was published recently. There is much lesson that leaders in Malaysia (ruling and opposition) can learn and respect each other for their roles.

Ruling parties only fear when much wrong has been done and has much to cover up. But the truth will prevail. And the way forward is not to have witch hunt though many will have to be punished.

There is no other way towards a more just and righteous society than to learn from the past and resolve to work towards a better future with upright people. You, through your writings, have sincerely put forth the arguments for this. However, the test is in the taste of the pudding.

There are always some good, clean credible talents in parties. But the end does not justify the means (which has been standard procedure in UMNO Baru for a long time. UMNO has lost the soul of its founding fathers.

I am heartened by the writings of many of different creeds and races, young and old, and still think there is hope for Malaysia. That is why I comment and I believe that is why you write.

Others too. Kala Jelengkin and yb say them well in their comments. Read them again slowly.


Unknown 11 September 2009 at 10:11  

Datok Sakmongkol,

BTW, read this piece by Hussein Hamid (steadyaku47) in this link and you will understand that not every one wants to see the death of UMNO

This is a battle of pragmatic ideology for the betterment of Malaysia as a people and country. It is not a war of UMNO/BN against them.


Anonymous,  11 September 2009 at 10:18  

BN won in Manik urai,Won in Permatang Pasir...thus far they hv had a string of moral victories.

Now they are backed against the wall..BN can claim a moral victory as the incumbent ONLY by increasing the majority.>>and if they dare refute that winning is winning even by a vote..then all the ManikUrai etc moral victories is another was actually an real and actual defeat...a blow to the solar plexus..a complete rejection of PM and DPM.

And if PAS wins in BP..well,the message is clearer.

Its tough when ur the champ thus you need tough guys..u need the Bonapartes..u need the Don Corleone...u need Ahmad B...
and ONLY Tan Sri Isa..the wily,street smart ,smiling ,babyface mainman can do the job.Forget abt putting his son as a substitute...PM, you need the real man.No one else can do the job cos he by himself carries 3000 votes.

PR..if Isa is in..u best play the diplomacy game and stand down cos u wanna the country to forget politics and work on the economy instead,

Unknown 11 September 2009 at 11:46  

Dear Datok Sakmongkol,

The latest post by de minimis on MCA decoupling from PKFZ is just a microcosm of the macrocosm of Malaysian politics.

Replace the word "MCA" with "UMNO" or even "Malaysia" and "PKFZ" with the many cases manipulations of judiciary, economy, social etc... into the writing below and we can see the gigantic task we have ahead to heal Malaysia.

"It will take time...a long time...for MCA to deconstruct its PKFZ past and, to reconstruct itself. I'm sorry to say that the deconstruction process hasn't even begun and, I suspect Ong knows that.

If Ong can lead MCA past the deconstruction process - which will involve some fatricidal feuds which may get quite ugly - then, the difficult process of reconstruction can begin.

Put simply, in the political ethos post-March 8, 2008, it's about being transparent. It's about keeping as much out in the open as possible. It's about communal parties engaging in multiracial issues (something UMNO needs to understand). It's about open-ness.

Until that happens, it is wishful thinking that PKFZ, which is fast becoming a pejorative for all that is wrong with Malaysian governance, will be an abbreviated noun that the MCA can be decoupled from."

There will need to be a starting point. Restoring the judiciary is a good place to start as any.

End the partisan politics of the civil service (I doubt Sidek Hassan's assertion on this issue when it is obvious that the civil servants aided BN in takeover of Perak, so don't pull wool over our eyes when it was so obvious by their actions from day 1).

Implement the Royal Commission recommendation on PDRM.

You get the drift.....

So as CT Choo wrote in de minimis "it will take a long time...", we have waited 52 years and are willing to take as long for it to happen but with a different dynamics of politics: one of checks and balances; accountability, mutual trust of governing and governed etc....(These working principles are for both ruling and opposition)

So do away with the same old same old of UMNO politics and shennanigans. We are tired but still hopeful. For what is there but hope. Hope in God that will wield the changes through upright men and women in this country of ours.


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