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Friday 25 September 2009

Different kinds of Equality

Equality of opportunity or equality in results?

Here is a delightful debate of the two propositions. The debate involved 3 passionate individuals who believe in their cause. Although coming from different persuasions, they can still debate in a civil and respectful atmosphere. Judging from the tone of debates here in Malaysia's blogosphere, it's difficult for me to come to the same conclusions.


Anonymous,  25 September 2009 at 11:48  


Its not a fair comparison!

First - those participants in the debate r known intellectuals of proven achievements.

Do note that known=/=proven, ok?

Second - the debate is carried out under a control environment where the participants r selected for their proven capabilities in their respective passionate fields.

In Malaysia's blogosphere, in fact in any blogosphere for that matter, such set of conditions do not arise.

Thus most of the time any debates quickly deteriorated into the chaotic, chauvinistic alley, where all civility and respectfulness not longer relevant!

In the context of M'sia, I remember my good professor used to say that the causality of the current M'sian path IS the fault of the M'sian society at large. M'sian society????

We allow too many FLCEs / pseudo-intellects / shiok-diri kakis to run the lives for us!

The current behaviour in the Malaysia's blogosphere reflects that nicely.

Someone asked why the Northern Ireland religious conflict can suddenly become a non-issue now. Part of the reason is because people like Rev Dr Ian Richard Kyle Paisley has lost his relevancy to the N Irish Protestants & N Ireland has discarded one less religious provocateur!

When can M'sia reach that stage?


Kala Jengking,  25 September 2009 at 14:14  

A very delightful and interesting debate indeed. But I fully agree with anon 11.48 that the comparison is not fair on the basis of the 2 reasons given.

It is not only in the blogsphere. It is also tough to have a civil and respectful debates in mamak stall, kedai kopi especially on politics as everyone seems to have their own opinion no matter how ridiculous it maybe.

Many would stick to their opinion like a leech event though reasoned arguments with facts were put
forward. This applies to both sides of the political divide. But sadly, through my experience, many in UMNO could not debate intelligently. Perhaps their background, education level or upbringing is the reason. Many also try to defend the indefensible!

Most of them are suffering from denial syndrome. You may be the rare breed in UMNO. You know what I mean. Just look at the quality of many of the UMNO leaders, ministers included. Sorry to say, but I think UMNO is breeding mediocrity. This is bad for the country.

Honestly, they are not the best brains available among the Malays. Many don't even read. Many also don't even listen. I can bet some of them is also computer illiterate. How to perform and move our country forward with these type of people in the corridors of power?

These people were appointed/elected not based on their ability but more for patronage and sometime as "payback time". This is the feudal system that UMNO is associated with.

Sigh....sometimes I feel it is better if we contract the management of this country to Spore for 10 years. Pay them good management fee. Set the KPI's/KRA's for them to achieve. Ask them to implement the NEP in their true spirits when it was formulated decades ago and not hijack by those in power to enrich themeselves.In 10 years we will see tangible results. Of course, it will not be done.

Other than that, just change the present government. I don't think it will be worst then now. If it is, we can change again 5 years down the road before more damage is done. No venture no gain.

We have to treat people with respect. When we treat people with respect, we help them gain confidence and reveal inner potential that otherwise might go untapped.

I always said that sometimes telling the truth hurts. But what does the actual hurting is the lie and not the truth. Believe me. So UMNO should stop lying and denying.

yb,  25 September 2009 at 15:53  

I dont' waste my time judging the blogshere's tone.

I follow real life debates, especially Parliamentary sittings.

That alone is telling enough for me to derive to a conclusion on the mentality levels of our wakil rakyat.

Foul and sign languages really spice it all up.

Wonder if they will ever grow up.

Anonymous,  26 September 2009 at 00:54  

The truth is Singapore's potential as the Promised Land for economic growth was uncovered long time ago by Stamford Raffles.

Being so strategically placed on the modern map, even without the emigrants, that red dot island can easily achieved its status as the leading hub for export and import amongst the SEA nations.


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