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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday 17 September 2009

The Future for UMNO-1

The UMNO leadership must first establish what kind of future they want? Is the kind of future clearly articulated down the line? The field marshal may devise fantastic plans, but if the field commanders don't understand the vision, the whole vision crumbles. Field commanders don't understand what you want and even worse, they don't have the resources and capabilities to accomplish their mission.

The long term objective is to evolve UMNO into an enduring organisation serving as the backbone of an enduring government of the day. In simple terms, what must it do to stay in power? What it must do is to execute a series of tactics that support the long term objective. Empowering ketua cawangans, ketua bahagans, forming them into effective teams is surely tactical. So is re-engineering: or doing it right first time which is ultimately a function of quality people, or creating partnerships with people looking in from outside, or altering the voter offer on discovering that the customers or voters want changes in the goods( quality of people serving them) services( capabilities) they have been receiving. Accordingly, the series of tactical moves carried out must be consistent with the principal of 'what' of objectives going hand-in-hand with the 'how' of execution. That to me, simply means, the ends justify the dedication, meanness and intensity. You have objectives (which are vital) that depend on masterly execution. To execute you must have capable field commanders and resources. Kalau tidak you mati.

Actually it's worrying. Take the concept of 1 Malaysia. Generally speaking, many people don't know what it is. Past leaders such as Tun Mahathir and even Tun Daim have doubts about its true meaning. Tun Daim for example is particularly pointed asking UMNO leaders- what is it that you want?

The people around the PM like to go around saying, they are toiling day in and day out, trying to establish methods to capture loyalty to the concept. They spend hours cracking heads and brainstorming. They are baffled as to why the reception to the idea is lukewarm and distant. Certainly they have amassed a lot of knowledge and gained insights. They must, unless they are retards. But it is also shocking to hear some of the people around the PM saying, because 'we' have been cracking our heads and are not able to find the answers, what can others not in our circle accomplish?

The same mental block identified with the 4th Floor boys of the previous administration is still alive and kicking. Perhaps it comes along with the illusion of grandeur. As long as the people around the PM have this attitude of 'what's best is ONLY thought out on here'- concept loyalty can never be achieved. For one simple reason-you have exposed your basic distrust in common intelligence. Also, because you fail to understand, that the 'what of objectives' must be supported by the how of execution. You can't achieve that by intellectual inbreeding on the 4th or 5th Floors of the PM's office.

The more crucial question is in order to achieve whatever objectives you have set under the 1 Malaysia idea, UMNO must first survive and endure. The immediate step then is to ensure UMNO remains an enduring organisation. The PM should be reading-Built to Last instead of Blue Ocean Strategy. Or at the very least, people around him must do so.

Adaptation is the key word here. Failure to adapt, you suffer the fate of dinosaurs. Whether UMNO likes it not, it too is subject to the principle of natural selection. That the creature which survives is the one which adapts quickly to the changing external environment by having traits which allow it to do so. UMNO must imbibe itself with traits heritable within an enduring organisation that allow the organisation (UMNO) to survive.

UMNO is full of valiant people. Some of them highly spirited. During the UMNO Assembles some may wave krises in the air. Some gave stirring incendiary speeches- all aimed at inflaming others. The language of Old UMNO is usually couched in militaristic tones in keeping with its valiant spirit. Under the new environment, the militaristic conditioning of the UMNO mind might no longer be relevant.

Consider this. What are the parameters of the changed environment? You have UMNO members who themselves are sceptics, you have the customers who are getting critical and choosy about the products and service quality they get from UMNO, you have demolished walls allowing free flow of ideas and information. Now, if UMNO cocoons itself stubbornly to old ways of carrying out its business, it will go under.

The old UMNO way at looking at others as 'the enemy' and therefore what UMNO needs is to devise ways to annihilate the 'enemy' may no longer suitable in this age. With this development and trend, those UMNO warlords who failed to adapt and insist on clinging to the past will perish and with them, UMNO too. Hence, clear articulation of the kind of future the UMNO leadership wants must go down the line. That's needed to allow those best able to acquire the traits to adapt emerge and ensure UMNO's longevity.

In terms of military language for example, there's no point in generals plotting to outmanoeuvre the enemy unless they're sure that they have the necessary resources and that field commanders have the capacity to deploy those forces to the required purposes. The military analogy is apposite in this instance - but as we have averred, is it really appropriate to think of the competition as the 'enemy'? The results can be highly counter-productive. The new way is, you have to compete and cooperate at the same time.


Kala Jengking,  17 September 2009 at 12:43  

Good one. But honestly I don't think UMNO will change. Not with the current crop of leaders. It will be business as usual for them. Period.

Can we have your take on the 1Malaysia F1 Team announced by your Ketua Bahagian a.k.a Prime Minister? Is this one of the projects under the concept of 1 Malaysia? How will it benefit the country and the rakyat? The general population (more so the rural Malays)don't understand. The money needed for this venture is no peanuts. It will run into hundreds of million RM per year.

With so many skeptical comments and disagreement through reasoned arguments, will the the government listen? Is this part of the 60billion stimulus package? Is there a hidden agenda between politicians and some businessmen for personal gains? The guy heading Air Asia is not stupid to enter into such risky venture. Is there a trade off? Your thoughts on this, please.

Be sincere even if it may offend your Ketua Bahagian. Writing honestly without fear or favor is what we want to read. It may not get you anywhere as an UMNO politician but your conscience must be your guiding principle and nothing else.

Anonymous,  17 September 2009 at 13:02  

You can't achieve that by intellectual inbreeding on the 4th or 5th Floors of the PM's office.

You rock Dato! 1Up for the common man with the street smarts!

guat hoon,  17 September 2009 at 13:16  

Dear Datok Sakmongkol,

I like what you wrote:
"The new way is, you have to compete and cooperate at the same time."

Can UMNO work for the good of 1Malaysians even if it means recognising that the opposition is working towards the same? Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara.

UMNO viz a viz BN must work towards the restoration of Judiciary, Civil Service, PDRM etc.... to ensure fair play in every sphere for greater trust from the public. This would mean working with the opposition on this as well.

You have been highlighting the points towards a more vibrant UMNO which can connect with the greater public, but you have not given concrete ways to do it.

I don't doubt you know the method but yet you have not spelt them out clearly. It would be great to see your input on the practical ways to do this.

guat hoon,  17 September 2009 at 13:22  

Btw, having an 1Malaysia F1 team is sure not the way to do it. Not unless it is a mean to tap for cash strapped BN or would one suggest Air Asia?

Just read the report that Tony Fernandez is looking to raise cash and yet he has the guts to get into one when many others have been burnt and can't wait to get out.

If Mr Fernandez thinks F1 races is good pickings as in budget airline business, he has shown the megalomaniac side of himself. Airline business is on-going with cash coming in. F1 is a one time a year static business with money going out. Even Eccelstone is beginning to find that out as well even with so 18? races running throughout the year. Esp so in light of the GBR.

Anonymous,  17 September 2009 at 15:36  

Read in recent post about your explanation on postal votes. Do you agree with the request by Pas Youth below? It differs slightly from your explanation, especially on absent voters mailing their votes. Do you think it is a fair request? No?


(The Star) - A four-member PAS Youth delegation presented a memorandum to the Election Commission to protest several regulations on postal voting for the upcoming Bagan Pinang by-election.

Led by its information chief Suhaizan Kaiat, the wing gave the memorandum to commission principal assistant secretary for elections Abd Hamid Ali at its headquarters here after a 20-minute dialogue.

Abd Hamid said the merits of the memorandum will be discussed at another meeting on Sept 28 with Pakatan Rakyat’s top leadership where PAS vice-president Salehuddin Ayub and secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali are expected to attend.

The memorandum rejected the use of Form II provided under Regulation 12 of the Elections (Postal Voting) Regulations 2003 because it violated the secrecy of voting, said Suhaizan.

“This is because Form II would be returned in the Envelope B to the Returning Officer along with the ballot papers that requires voters to fill in their full names, IC numbers and ballot numbers.

“When these details are provided, it makes it very easy to know which candidate was elected by any given voter,” Suhaizan told reporters after handing over the memorandum to Abd Hamid.

Suhaizan said Pakatan also wanted to abolish the practice where absent voters mailed in their votes instead of going to a counter as practised in Malaysian embassies overseas because it left room for manipulation.

“This is because there is no control by the candidates’ agents where they are allowed to be at the place of voting,” he said.

He said Pakatan also wanted candidates to be able to campaign and visit postal voters especially those living in military camps, as these places were often closed off to civilians.

“Opposition parties are not given the chance to campaign in camps but Barisan Nasional through the Defence Ministry could do so,” he alleged.

Suci Dalam Debu 17 September 2009 at 17:31  


UMNO-1? Soon will be MCA-1, MIC-1, SUPP-1, Semua WANT! And will be back to square 1.

So apa dia maksud 1Malaysia?

Open up MARA to ALL, ASB for ALL and you will see 1Malaysia moving in the right direction.

Forget about the other-1s.

Anonymous,  17 September 2009 at 17:57  

I once honestly thought that DS Najib will see through the smokes and mirrors of Khazanah and its band of consultants.Sadly,he adulates the same geekspeak and is absorbing it into the fabric of the civil service.

The fact is so clear.Two of the current Ministers have each lost more then Rm 2 billion EACH as CEO of GLC prior to joining the government.

I think its so easy for PM to win back the rakyat.No need all this mumbo jumbo KPI.My 3 point plan>

1.Remove all "suspect"characters from cabinet,govt,GLCs,UMNO,MIC.MCA..the rule is "if tainted" just step down.If proven innocent later..welcome back.

2.Have genuine & honest leaders who wants to see the country grow and willing to sacrifice for the country.

3.Empower Civil Servants..bring back pride to the service>>pride in serving and not pride in the number of Boards one chairs after retirement.

Thats all you need...cos with truly honest leaders the right programs will be generated.And money will be spent judiciously without any leakages.

There will be job creations,business opportunities and a GENUINE revival of the spirit of hope and opportunity.

Now its all gobbledygook and the good stuff gets pillaged.Rakyat gets crumbs.So Mr PM..the KPI won't win you votes.

Anonymous,  17 September 2009 at 18:29  

PM tries..but its always continue to be a WIP.
His website>Initially thousands of people tried to reach communicate and interact..but sadly there is never any feedback.It would be so easy to post general replies to comments..addressing some of the more relevant comments..and giving kudos for the creative and effective comments,
To PM and his minders..producing a website and putting in content meets their KPI so why go further,

Even a lot of ppl thinks our PM twits are robot induced???Wish once or twice,there will be that burst of "personal interaction"..that makes the net such a valuable. will be ideal to generate that Net presence for our PM..he shld employ you as his net alter ego...

Anonymous,  17 September 2009 at 18:51  

Is it illusion of grandeur or delusion of grandeur? Illusion and delusion are vastly different. The term commonly used by shrinks is delusion of grandeur.

I hope this F1 team doesn't turn out to be a manifestation of psychosis in the form of delusion of grandeur. Honda had a major issues with reliability before they backed out of the sport due to financial reasons.

Anonymous,  17 September 2009 at 18:53  

Sak, Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family .

Stupid Cow Head 17 September 2009 at 20:53  

You should include idiots like Khir Toyol, Kerismuddin a home minister and lawyer who doesn't know that threatening violence is an offence, etc.

walla 17 September 2009 at 22:44  

The dynamics are interesting but a better future for Umno will require bold efforts and surgical strokes.

Unfortunately i concur with Kala Jengking that Umno will be business as usual because the current leadership is rudderless in substance although it might appear to be making some occasional ripples in form.

Frank in an earlier post on BN's race-based arrangement being in zugzwang also has a succinct point.

Right now, the only thing holding BN up are the two states across the waters. But Taib has some explanation to do on the real conditions of bumi's like the Penans aside from the wealth and businesses of his family. No less, Sabah also has many skeletons.

Going forward, the most critical thing to address is relevance. How is Umno relevant anymore to the rakyat who have stopped seeing Umno as the preeminent party but only as a jaded cheezy organization whose rot has seeped into the bone marrow in a today where government is seen as servant to be tolerated and not as master to be exalted?

Therefore, just thinking about using tactics to retain power will convince the rakyat instead that the Umno battlecry is being used all over again to protect its elites so that all the disbursements are seen as pretentious public relations exercises to curry votes.

Practising double-standards through Umno-run bodies will also make the common folks of all races indignant and cast aspersions on Umno's ability to uphold the essence of Islamic principles.

And saying Umno must unshackle its past is just implicitly asking for amnesty for all the past wrong-doers who are still major Umno members living on ill-gotten gains. That's like charging a murderer in such a way that he can be sentenced to only nine years and be released in six; that's in fact a case just tried yesterday.

walla 17 September 2009 at 22:44  

There is also Bagan Pinang. If it's Isa, people will say sore losers don't make good leaders. If it's his son, people will say like father therefore like son. And if postal votes are the leverage, any win will be seen in the same light as being as underhanded as the taking of Perak which has been seen as seizure of power against the wishes of the rakyat. In addition, there is no credible candidate for NS at the moment who can counterbalance the loss of momentum rippling from the previous accumulated losses.

Umno has punctured itself. A punctured tayar can be reinflated by plugging the leak or inserting a tiub. Nowadays tayar shops will seal the leak with the same material rather than use a tiub but in Umno's case, if you use the same material as the tayar, the leak will return because it is made of the same faulty compound, and if you use tiubs, people will see that as just hot air. Better to use the spare tayar. There are many Umno members who are moderate, principled, capable and fair. They are the spare tayars. Where are they? Chained down by layers of political feudalism. They should be activated to speak out their ideas. One suspects those won't be too far off from Sak's tenner.

Lastly, the KPIs/KRAs. The original intent remains good. Use them to create targets and so energize bureaucracy to find new ways of doing old things while removing excuses and constraints. All in, walking the talk to the rakyat. However since they are still not public, one can't be sure what statements they will encapsulate as the working manifesto's of the government to the people. And because of the way its heading has moved from one to another, it seems the first KPI of less bureaucracy has been sacrificed. Secondly, there is a wall between the pricey strategists and the rakyat who will only doubt how costly ivory-heads can deliver tangible results.

Again it boils down to transparency. Which means agencies like the MACC whose repute is now in as much doubt as the PDRM will need to be given new coats of credibility. But will Umno move to make the MACC independent of it?

There are a lot of things and cases left hanging. If you sit down and write them out, the list will be very long. There is no closure on any of them. That itself is indicative things are amiss in the way the government has been running things. Again it seems to be double-standards. So far Umno in the federal seats has not explained anything clearly or completely. Which is puzzling since it is gatekeeper to all secrets. Many will however be quick to see that as hiding things.

Which spells the end of credibility of a government.

Cruzeiro 18 September 2009 at 10:56  

Well said Dato' - what you have mentioned describes perfectly, the Umno's Denial and Anger stages of its grief after the 0308 electoral losses.

It can also be seen in Mahathir's recent statement that the System isn't at fault, but the people.

Anonymous,  18 September 2009 at 14:57  

Our PM have announced his main driver i.e Rakyat first,Performance Now.

Thus simply if he uses a balanced scorecard approach highest weightage must be placed on these 2 strategic objectives.

The next two attributes may be Financial then Others (UMNO politics).

Thus UMNO is really down the list of priority..thus only if there is a "very compelling big plus plus" can an initiative that favors UMNO be balanced out by the negatives for the Rakyat or Performance.

To analyse the "proposed change of Postal Votes"..

Rakyat .. +1 weightage 4 = +4
Performance 0 = 0
Financial 0 = 0
Politics +3 weightage 1 = +3

Overall>>> More Beneficial to change Postal Voting System rather then resist completely.

On the 1 Malaysia F1 decision

Rakyat -1 x 4 =-4
Perfmce 0 x 3 = 0
Fncials -3 x 2 =-6
Others +2 x1 =+ 2

Overall>>Overwhelming Negative and expect some form of moderation/damage limitation exercise soon

On Jala's appointment

Rakyat 0 x 4 = 0
Prfmce +1 x 3 = +3
Fncial 0 x 2 = 0
Politics -3 x 1 = -3

Very much in the balance...Illusion of using Pemandu as the Trojan horse and the Sarawak agenda probably influenced the final decision.

Thus,Dato..UMNO is no longer the main charm of the PM.If its reversed whereby its UMNO first with the 4 weightage>>the decisions would be completely reversed.

saiful 19 September 2009 at 02:24  

It is not so much as the public not understanding the 1Malaysia concept than being cynical and sceptical about it.

While no one can give the exact same answer to what is 1Malaysia, they get the drift. And it is here that many of us shake our heads in disbelief, when we are told of unity and tolerance, but still witness hatred and suspicion, especially when it comes to race and religion splashed in the mainstream media.

Who can blame them? It's like extending a hand of reconcilliation while offering a poisoned chalice in the other.

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