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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday 13 September 2009

Bagan Pinang- who for BN?

The UMNO leadership hasn't decided who the BN candidate for Bagan Pinang is. I have written articles saying that there is a high probability that it shall be Tan Sri Isa Samad. He has the qualities that can win the seat for UMNO and God knows, UMNO must bag this one. He is popular having served as MB for many years in the state. He is seen as a friendly person and is well known in Port Dickson. He has influence and is popular with voters.

A few other bloggers have also thrown in their support for Tan Sri Isa citing various reasons. His chief defect is his tainted past. He was disqualified because of money politics. His past cannot be changed. Yet despite that, his potential candidacy has rattled and spooked the Pakatan people and supporters. Anwar Ibrahim has said, Isa's past will not be an issue in this election. They shall be talking about other issues. Of course coming from Anwar, his utterances cannot be accepted as conclusive. He wants to win this as much as UMNO does. Every win for him is as important as the last one.

But what if, in keeping with UMNO's resolve to heed the people and its desire to adopt a radical transformation to create a new acceptable image, it offers another candidate to the people of Bagan Pinang? That all this shebang about Isa Samad contesting was just a red herring. We want to hear what the other side is throwing at us. The more they say, the more they reveal.

That what UMNO wants and expects is for Tan Sri Isa to play the role of elder statesman overseeing the campaign. He has all the marbles.

Who then is our Carmen Sandiego who will steal the steam from Pakatan Rakyat?

UMNO will want to select a candidate that not only will be seen as not slighting Tan Sri Isa. He is after all a former MB and former VP of UMNO. We must respect this achievement and also because it befits our custom to respect those older than us.

UMNO will also want to select a candidate that Tan Sri Isa will be absolutely supportive. UMNO will also want to select a candidate that will not disappoint the supporters who are solidly behind Tan Sri Isa. We don't want to see any acts of sabotage.

I can see no other candidate other than Najib bin Tan Sri Isa- yes he is the son of Tan Sri Isa. Isa Samad will throw his full weight behind the son if the latter is selected to stand. He will also bring with him, his supporters. Indeed the choice of Najib Tan Sri Isa is the most logical since he will be seen as the standard bearer of the feather's legacy. His selection will placate Isa Samad and if Isa Samad gives his full support, it will not disappoint Isa's supporters. That will minimize internal sabotage.

If Najib is selected, the choice will neutralize the strident objection of some within UMNO and all those from the opposition who have been drumbeating about UMNO having exhausted its talent pool and UMNO hasn't got any candidate. The sins of the father cannot be visited upon the son- no one can accuse Najib as wrongful as the father.

If Najib is selected, that will steal the thunder from Pakatan that has been harping on the tainted past of Isa, despite Anwar Ibrahim's feigned disapproval. Who wouldn't want to exploit whatever weakness the opponent has? For all you know, Anwar's declarations that they won't harp on Isa's past was just a bluff. That in reality, it was a subtle signal to the storm troopers they must exploit them to the fullest. It would be too good to pass off seeing that it can be used to accuse UMNO as rejecting the universal values of honesty, integrity and all that.

What if my writings and that of others are just testing the waters to see what make the Pakatan people tick? If Najib Tan Sri Isa is selected, UMNO will win this seat. Isa Samad can go to the field urging those who vote for his son will be like voting him- minus the taint.


Anonymous,  13 September 2009 at 09:24  

100% agree with you..

sunwayopal 13 September 2009 at 09:58  

I thought you mention if Isa himself was selected, it was a 100%sure thing?

Why the son instead?

I was kinda hoping Isa gets it!!

Much more upside for us if say earth shattering upset happens and he actually loses.

Ariff Sabri 13 September 2009 at 10:04  


i did, but only to test the waters.if the son stands, you cant say bapa borek anak rintik right? because if you do, whats stopping UMNO saying the same about Anwar's children? we dont play that game.

Anonymous,  13 September 2009 at 11:09  

Right Dato'!!!
Malaysia as an example of party anak beranak.
After bapak, anak and then cucu and so and so. Doesn't mean the father is fantastic so do the son and rest of the family. So no different just like the royalty and it will be dangerous as this is an ordinary people who wants to be like the royalty, no wonder the UMNO leaders behave like one.
Alahai rakyat Malaysia!!! Alahai tuanku sultan apa nak jadi kat rakyat Malaysia- Melayu, Cina dan Indian semua nak jadi raja. Pilih la anak Tan Sri Isa tu, we wait and see how. Matsoldadu PD.

Anonymous,  13 September 2009 at 12:09  

Please...all this kain burok should be thrown away. UMNO said transfomasi...forward not backward. In politics once you're tainted you should go, otherwise UMNO no difference with PKR, PAS or DAP


Are You Gonna Go My Way,  13 September 2009 at 13:26  

ha ha, as i always are the king of decoy.

These people are lucky, Guan Eng, Nurul Izah, Mukriz ,KJ etc and now the new Najib to have thier fathers(or FIL) to kickstart thier political career unlike the rest of us. Tainted or not will depend on which side of the fence you stand.

Yap 13 September 2009 at 13:29  

It reminded me of an incidence of a boy who was caught stealing. he was sent to the police station. The boy's father went to the station and shouted at those who caught his son..anak saya bukan pencuri.

It so happened, he was recognized by one of the man there and he shouted pun macam anak you pencuri juga. Satu kampong tahu hal you...the boys father left the station....

Like father like son...can never run away in this malaysian society.

sunwayopal 13 September 2009 at 15:04  

So which is it now?

I thot the importance of the win is so important that it over-rides whatever short term issues Isa's nomination will bring about.

Ie Isa guarantees the win, principles be damned for the time being ie short term.

Why take a risk with the son, so what if he's clean if he as a lesser chance of winning.

Remember, the winning is critical above ANYTHING else?

Or are you making the point that the son is now a more sure thing than the father?

Anonymous,  13 September 2009 at 15:56  

ur sure this najib isa does not one or two secrets...myb thats the first criteria>>clean and nothing dodgy that opposition can exploit

Only then, can one look at the merits of family lineage versus service records.

You have really discounted some early fifties candidates with the right credentials and enjoys a strong "local" (not only UMNO) support.

Anonymous,  13 September 2009 at 17:59  

You know that there are plenty of sons of or daughters of certain BN politicians lost in GE. It's a tough battle.
There is no such thing as safe seat anymore. So sung the Samy's song. So, would it be Custer's last stand?

Anonymous,  13 September 2009 at 19:26  

Oh, UMNO is about all-in-the-family affair?

No wonder Pakatan also took up this formula.

The ordinary party worker who struggles for the causes of the organisation that he supports, does not get a chance to taste such positions?

UMNO is surely setting benchmarks for others, except that its 'benchmarked' people are struggling with their 'faults', 'lapses' and 'corrupt past'.


Unknown 13 September 2009 at 20:56  


Now UMNO is looking for a candidate for Bagang Pinang.And Isa's name was the only one suggested.

I'm sure you've heard the Sufi Story about the guy who was searching for a ring that his wife lost..

His friend approached him and asked him why he was searching by the roadside when his wife said she lost the ring near some bushes just outside his house..

He said, "True but this is the only place that I can see as its next to a street light".

That just about sums up the reason for Choosing Isa or his son!!

Anonymous,  14 September 2009 at 02:08  

Are You Gonna Go My Way,
KJ won the KP race when Pak Lah had stepped down. Ask any man on the street in December 08, and they would have told you the fact that Pak Lah was going to step down was sure to mean KJs career was doomed. On the other hand the other group was on the coattails of the new team that was being swept into power. To me its still one of the most spectacular victories in any race and one should not take anything away from KJ and his team.
(I dont consider myself part of that team, I was operating a small blog called Waziboy which is a kedai runcit compared to Dato Sak's hypermarket)

Anonymous,  14 September 2009 at 02:11  

Nice point.
Very well summed up. But actually I disagree with Dato on Najib being a sure shoe in. Right now the ground is against coronation, and just as Tun was not successful in getting his son elected, it will amount to the same thing in the case of Isa. People want the real deal. Furthermore, they will think what right can somebody have to place the son on a throne.

To me, get Isa or get some retired Army general sort.

guat hoon,  15 September 2009 at 12:31  

Dear Datok Sakmongkol,

If you think Najib Isa Samad is the answer, I will conclude that we can take you out of UMNO but not the UNNO out of you.

You still don't get it. We have had enough of warlord politics and electing sons/daughters to appease the father who will ulitmately use the same old same old tactics because he knows no other.

It is different if the son or daughter has attained his position by his/her own merits which I doubt so in this case.

So back to square one for you and UMNO.

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