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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday 8 September 2009

The mischief makers will be charged.

Tomorrow the band of brothers in Islam will be charged under the relevant sections. Yessir! Those brave warriors who paraded with a severed cow head and kicked the head. The AG has cited the relevant acts under which these people will be charged. The AG said they will be charged under the relevant section of the Sedition Act.

4. (1) any person who—

(a) Does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do, any act which has or which would, if done, have a seditious tendency;

(b) utters any seditious words;

(c) Prints, publishes, sells, offers for sale, distributes or reproduces any seditious publication; or

(d) Imports any seditious publication,

shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable for a first offence to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both, and, for a subsequent offence, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years; and any seditious publication found in the possession of the person or used in evidence at his trial shall be forfeited and may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of as the court directs.

Some will be charged for illegal assembly.

There appears to a wave of sympathetic writings supporting these people. That's understandable but not commendable. The higher principle of the rule of law is more important. Not to mention, the amount of goodwill that will accrue to the government if they show they are resolute in upholding the law. The principle is you can't go around inciting or causing incitement. We are not doing this to appease the Hindus. We are doing this because it's the right thing to do. We must be even handed.

Who knows, what were the intentions of the ring leaders? As an afterthought, anyone can excuse his behavior. They could say, they didn't mean to insult the Hindus or Malaysian Indians. That's not material anymore. It's the effect caused on others that count here. In any case, how are we to know what's in the bosom of these people?

What should be taken into account are the behavior and utterances of the ring leaders which may be sufficient to infer intention. Maybe the video confiscated by MCMC can be adduced as evidence to infer intention.

Let's say, that we accept the argument that the outpouring of anger that day was directed at the state government. For the time being it's the PR government. What is the intention then? Was it a way to ask or force the government to do their bidding? What's stopping these people from going to the PR ADUN and presenting him with a petition list of demands? A fait acompli? Scream like many people do, at BN government- you don't do this and this, we will not vote for you in the next election. Why wasn't this done?

I tell you why. Most probably the agitators are only an insignificant number. They can't influence the outcome of an election as they claimed. The only recourse then is to display anger and resentment on an amokian scale.

Like many others, I watched the video where the man with the tall songkok was cursing and spiting venom on a sitting MB of a state. Then I quickly realized that militancy in Islam, terrorism and all those violent urges have nothing to do with the great religion itself. These are purely cultural in origins and spring from one's upbringing.

If these agitators think by doing what they did as being a precursor to a plan of action to take Selangor at all cost, then their actions can only be said to be a frolic of their own. It has nothing to do with the PM. Getting back Selangor at all costs means that UMNO people must work harder and better. Choreographed anger is not working harder. We don't want UMNO MBs to be shouted at abusively do we? Oh I forgot, we have the RELA goons to serve as security force.


Anonymous,  8 September 2009 at 20:09  

Hi Dato, you don't need to publish this, I just want to share something delightful. This girl has done all of us Malaysians proud. I don't see race in this but it is so satisfying to be recognised on merit and not because you are of a certain ethnic origin. Please highlight her achievements. as read from the star today - " Malaysian is top English student at London varsity

KUALA LUMPUR: A 21-year-old has done Malaysia proud when she was adjudged top student in English at the University of London’s Queen Mary College recently.

Adelina Raisa Sufian, who obtained a Bachelor of Arts (English) degree with first class honours, won the coveted 2009 Westfield Trust Prize for outstanding academic achievement in English at the university last month."

Dato, thanks for your very fair and objective reporting. May God bless you -

Anonymous,  8 September 2009 at 21:27  

Hi Datuk,

I salute you for your honest point of view. Your concern for the ordinary rakyat is very touching indeed.

But, you are too emotional and too loyal to the party that betray the aspiration of the majority of the population.

Loyalty is a good thing but misplacing your loyalty will not bring about any positive change. If you can't change their mindset from within then maybe you should just let them be, for the greater good of the country.

Since you are a loyal member of the party, please do not let them use your name to destroy Malaysia pitting one folk group against another using their divide and rule strategy.

Mael Hashim 8 September 2009 at 21:31  

1. If the effect is what matter, then it seems hindus are so fragile they are so easily affected by such act.

2. The non-hindus have a right to do anything with cow or cow-head. We must respect their right.

3. The hindus should not felt provoked if they recognise the no 2 fact above.

4. If carrying a cow head tantamount to insulting hindus, then what about me eating beef in public ?

5. I am afraid that this country would become a Hinduban (Hindu Taliban), where hindus will impose their values into our society.

Anonymous,  8 September 2009 at 22:50  

Dear Mae1000,

I am not a Hindu but I am aware that the way in which the demonstrators abused the poor cow's head in their demonstration, can appear particularly offensive to Hindus especially since the demo was against the relocation of a Hindu temple. This was accompanied by threats indicating 'bloodshed" etc. It was very 'kurang ajar' of this bunch of people. When you eat beef in public (which I also do) your actions do not have malice. There is a great distinction between the two. It is a shame that you cannot see the difference.


Anonymous,  8 September 2009 at 22:53  

Go ahead and do what you want to do. You know what is right and wrong but choose to justify the wrong with a contorted logic. No law against that.

Anonymous,  9 September 2009 at 00:42  

Dear Mae1000,

The question of imposing values on our society does not arise. Living in multicultural society requires advanced degree of tolerance, something malaysians in general are quite good at except a few. Judgement also play a role. So it is more of interaction of values rather than imposing of values.

As a muslim, I won't feel provoked if someone eat pork in front of me, but please don't put a pig head in front of my mosque gate.

Anyhow, desecrating any animal for that matter is unislamic to begin with. The slaughtering process is a ritual beginning with reciting the name of Allah. Then you cut the head off, treat it in undignified manner, and stomp your feet on it. How it will look in the eyes of god?

I admire Datuk stance on this issue. While personally I am concerned with the profligation of hindu temples (are they legal?), I don't think such extremist behaviour is warranted in our multicultural society. By taking action against these individuals, it will serve as stern warnings to others regardless of their leanings.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  9 September 2009 at 01:31  

I agree with Sha. It was just kurang ajar nothing more and nothing less. Not actually a religious conflict and it should not be blown out of proportion by the muslim or the hindus or anybody. It became big because it was linked to umno as the perpetrators as claimed by PKR…and they used it to the max until it backfired on them at the dewan.

Since Hindraf is championing the cause of the Hindus by repeatedly accusing the UMNO Malays of ethnic cleansing and indirectly implying that the Malays hate Hindus, some of the Malays (very few) responded by hating them back.

We all think that all of us are tolerance minded people and can think rational all the time but there will always be some opposite minded people everywhere in this world. That’s why we have Nazis, Zionist, Talibans, KKK, redneck, skinhead and of course mat rempit.

To PKR, you’re the one that brought in the demo culture. Now you have to learn to live with it…

Anonymous,  9 September 2009 at 01:41  


Gud try to justify. Apakah saudara melihat video aksi-aksi ring leaders memijak, meludah kepala lembu tersebut. Membawa kepala lembu tidak salah tetapi apa yang dibuat itu: memijak, meludah, itu yang menyentuh sensitiviti penganut ugama hindu.

Jika katakan lembu itu tiada kaitan degan sensitiviti penganut ugama hindu, tindakan memijak, meludah kepala lembu tersebut juga tidak betul disisi ugama Islam. Lembu itu juga adalah makhluk Allah yang perlu dihormati.

Dari aksi-aksi tersebut kita boleh meneka bahawa mereka itu terbawa dengan emosi yang meluap-luap dan berpikiran singkat atau cetek. Banyak lagi cara lain untuk memberi sindiran dan menyatakan pendirian kita mengenai isu ini.

Mengapa tidak dibawa sahaja seekor lembu hidup sebagaimana yang dibuat oleh AMK Selangor dalam demonstrasi di hadapan pejabat MACC tempohari? Jika AMK boleh buat, tidak ada alasan mengapa mereka tidak boleh buat.

Atau mungkin dibawa pada hari itu seekor keldai, jika ada. Ini adalah sindiran yang paling efektif. Bayangkan jika seseorang itu dibandingkan dengan seekor keldai!

Insiden demo kepala lembu ini perlu dilihat bersama-sama dengan apa yang berlaku dalam majlis dialog keesukkan hari ini. Ini adalah kerana pelaku dalam kedua-dua insiden tersebut adalah orang yang sama dan isunya adalah isu yang sama.

Yang jelas kekecohan yang ditimbulkan adalah amat memalukan kita orang melayu islam tanpa mengira parti politik. Apatah lagi berlaku di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia. Walau apapun justifikasi yang cuba diutarakan oleh mea1000, tindakan tersebut adalah biadap dan menghasut.

Sepatutnya tindakan mendakwa mereka itu dibuat tanpa kepentingan politik.


Ree,  9 September 2009 at 09:51  

The demo was not just kurang ajar, it was criminal.

Threats of bloodshed is a criminal offence. Offending another religion is a criminal offence.

I hope the ringleaders of the mob get jail sentence. While in jail they have a chance to meet the notorious Indian gangsters and explain their position.

Anonymous,  9 September 2009 at 09:52  


This line adequately sums up the current stage of the mentality in some of the power that is/was!

‘The only recourse then is to display anger and resentment on an amokian scale.’

& the ultimate tool was those runners who display hop6/bigots/self-imposed inferiority/cocoonistic outlook.

The ring-leaders will just sit back & enjoy – let the runners do the mayhem & face the music. After all this runners have been 'cultivated' to do their job for a long time!

Yrs of excesses have placed many of these sycophants in various positions of power within /without the govt administration. In time of necessity, they surface not only to protect their dole masters but also their ultimate style of livings.

Those fools/dalang r paying for their amokian foolery, but rest a sure there will be others, even more ready to raise-up for ABN!

R this – ‘.. purely cultural in origins and spring from one's upbringing.’?

Dato, word of thought! & many will be offended! Another amokian riots – but now on yr blog?


CYC,  9 September 2009 at 11:58  

I have no political affiliation but it does not take a blind man to see clearly that PM has the biggest responsibilities towards the biased attitude of those agencies like MACC, PDRM etc. In this case, the minister concern, Hisham has a big question to answer. He acted and responded with an idiotic logic. Datuk Sak, you can't try to minimise the damage just because you are loyal to your party as this will be an act of betrayal to fellow Malaysia by ignoring the hard fact and justifying by any other means you could.

Unknown 9 September 2009 at 12:29  


Unfortunately, Charging them will only make them even be more proud as they see themselves as heroes being persecuted for "their cause". Such is the perversity of the Human Mind that is out of control.....

The sad thing for UMNO is that it reinforces the public belief that the party is made up of not only corrupted individuals but also Cow Head Goons...

If DS Najib is genuinely pushing for his so called 1Malaysia, he should ensure that these people are disciplined by the Party for bringing shame to his cause...

If he fails to do so, he will only be reinforcing the public's negative perception of UMNO and "his" 1Malaysia.....

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